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An FBI investigator collects evidence around the parking lot where a mass shooting took place in a King Soopers grocery store Tuesday, March 23, 2021, in Boulder, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation hasn’t exactly showered itself in glory over the years as subsequent investigations revealed that a wide range of mass shooters had been previously known to the federal law enforcement agency. Some of the shooters even had significant criminal records, but were given a pass anyway when the FBI performed NICS background checks as they were buying the firearms they later used to murder innocents.

A short list of killers who were either already on the FBI’s radar or passed a federal background check when they shouldn’t includes such illustrious names as Nidal Hassan, Omar Mateen, Elton Simpson, Nikolas Cruz, Devin Patrick Kelley and Dylann Roof.

Now it’s looking like Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the Syrian national who allegedly shot up a Boulder, Colorado grocery store murdering 10 people, may join the pantheon of Fibbie fowl-ups.

Like so many mass shooters before him, Alissa was, according to the New York Times, previously know to the FBI as part of an investigation they ran into another individual.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa
Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa (courtesy Boulder Police Department)

Alissa reportedly purchased the AR platform firearm he used only six days before the shooting. It isn’t yet known where Alissa purchased the firearm, but Colorado has a “universal” background check law, so any seller would have been required to run a background check on him.

Alissa had been convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2017, although that wouldn’t have prevented him from passing a NICS check.

Universal background checks aren’t the only “enhanced” gun control measure in effect in Colorado. In fact, the state has many of the kind of “gun safety” laws on the books that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex says America needs nationwide.

In addition to those “universal” background checks, Colorado also has a “red flag” law, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and while the Boulder “assault weapons” ban had recently been struck down, Kroger — which owns the King Sooper chain — bans the open carry of firearms in their stores.

None of that, however, seemed to make any impression on Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. Despite what his family describes as a history of violence and mental illness and a criminal record, Alissa brazenly and openly carried a couple of guns inside that supermarket on Monday and opened fire…against the express wishes of the store’s owner.

It’s almost as if all the big federal law enforcement and legal infringements on law-abiding gun ownership in the world don’t really have any effect at all on criminals who are bent on committing mass murder.





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    • Right?
      That’s pretty much the job.
      ATF shoots women and burns children alive and the FBI goads mental patients into committing crimes.
      True heroes. One and all.
      Oh, and the DEA helps smuggle drugs in and defend grow operations across the world.
      The CIA bangs prostitutes and blackmails politicians.
      America could not function without these brave men and women.

      • Actually the ATF just shoots dogs and front doors and each other. Once they have that wrapped up then the FBI comes in to shoot women and burn children alive. Sometime the US Marshalls shoot a kid in the back as he is running away.

        • Sometime the US Marshalls shoot a kid in the back

          When they’re not busy getting ambushed and murdered while serving Federal warrants… Happens way more often than one of them shooting a kid in the back…

        • Are those Federal warrants for treason, counterfeiting, or piracy? You know, the only 3 crimes the Constitution gives the Feds any authority to deal with.
          But the Marshals are paid to take the risk, shooting kids in the back after killing their dog is not supposed to be in their job description.

        • Don’t sell the CIA short

          Man, the CIA wrote the manual on drug smuggling during Iran-Contra… They brought TONS of cocaine into the U.S… Hell the Cartels got their start in Columbia under the wing of the CIA…

    • … and what an amazing ‘coincidence’, that with a current rapid legislative effort to start the landslide on the slippery slope of inevitable mass Confiscations with Universal Background Checks on all purchases including the overt violation of our private rights to sell things among ourselves, that a mass ‘domestic terrorist’ pops up to pump up the new law’s propaganda? How convenient.

    • FBI screw up….naw. Shooter’s FBI, or other alphabet soup group, handler discharged his
      assignment with effectiveness in a timely manner to support next gun control plateau. With the “Russia collusion” revelation of the embedded Deep State within the FBI and government on the whole, this quite probably wasn’t a screw up…….again.

  1. ” Was the Boulder shooting the result of yet another FBI screw up”
    The FBI shoots rocks.
    A smaller target then the NYPD that uses the ocean .
    So I’d say No.

  2. Just maybe, if they hadn’t been using all their resources and manpower persecuting the hell out of Capitol demonstrators, they might have seen the “red flags” on this miscreant! But….priorities!

  3. Why is this guy here in the first place? America is a white Christian nation.

  4. People are dying because we didn’t enforce the Trump 2016 campaign platform Muslim ban.

    To all the people who “Never trump”, including Trump himself who did nothing once he got into office- the blood is on your hands.

    This was an anti-white hate crime. White lives matter. Muslims should not be here in America.

    Did we learn nothing from 9/11? Shoe bomber? Batclan? Trucks of peace? San Bernardino? This?

    Muslims need to be deported now. Boomers- if you wonder why everything sucks now, it’s because you grew up in a majority white country. Muslims weren’t here. Now White people in California are a minority. The land of Reagan. Now it’s a shit hole third word country.

    You can keep trying to “own the libtards” and say Democrats are the real racists… people will keep dying.

      • What I don’t understand is why they spend so much time and energy to “escape” the terrible conditions in their home countries and once they settle here then do their best to turn this country into the same shit hole that they left. If it was so bad then why do they want the same here?

      • America is dying because of diversity. Hopefully Traditional Americans will be able to salvage a new nation from the rubble. The Constitution was written for British Protestants and their descendants. All immigration has been bad for America and Americans.

    • This guy moved here with his family as a young child all of two years old 19 years ago, long before Trump was even on the political horizon. You want to try again? Moreover, there is nothing to suggest that this obviously mentally ill person is a jihadi, or that the attack had any religious significance. Instead his acts appear the direct result of paranoid ideation.

      • Mark, there’s plenty of posts from him that are pro ISIS. Islam absolutely played a part in this, but it’s hard to say how much.

        • there’s plenty of posts from him that are pro ISIS.

          His Daddy HATES ISIS (called Baghdadi a mongrel) and America and Israel and Trump and Hillary and Obama and Biden…. Just call him MIKEY he hates everything… The boy idolized ISIS probably rebelling against the father, but he hates Trump and ALL the rest…

  5. Let’s get something straight people:

    “John Doe was/is on the FBI’s radar.”

    All that means is that the FBI has a dossier on someone, nothing more and nothing less.

    What that expression most certainly does not mean, I repeat DOES NOT MEAN, is that the FBI is following someone around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — ready to immediately take down said “someone” when he/she suddenly whips out a firearm for a mass-murder event.

    You would be wise to stop counting on law enforcement for your personal safety and take care of that yourself.

    • Why don’t we just start reporting Muslims?

      The fact is- if he wasn’t here, this wouldn’t have happened.

      How do you feel about that?

        • Ok, we can deport them because they are Syrians and will always be Syrians. Nations are built on blood and culture, not magic dirt and paperwork. You JW don’t understand what it means to be an American.

        • Preach JWT! Seeing way too much of guys like this lately, it’s a pretty big turn-off.

        • Chris, what other parts of the Constitution would you like to get rid of? Why do you hate America?

        • So “we” could have denied entry/immigration into the US for ANY reason whatsoever. So because some moron in the Whitehouse had a BIGTENT complex “we” are saddled with the fraud FOREVER? “We” can’t repair the destructive mistakes of the past? Not very woke of you.

          See also illegal alien “amnesty”.

      • “Why don’t we just start deporting Muslims?”

        The ones who legally immigrate are rarely a problem. These are folks who come to America to assimilate.

        You want folks like those to be your neighbors.

        The problems tend to arise with their children, growing up in America wondering about their heritage. Those kids are easy targets to get radicalized, and the end result is like that guy…

        • Any practicing muslim is a danger to America/Americans however they got here.

          Islam is not compatible with the Constitution and American culture. It is the antithesis.

          The Koran instructs muslims to conquer the world, and gives them permission to lie in order to further Islamic goals. They may not be friends with infidels but may pretend to be.

          I lived in the Middle East for over six years, dealing with citizens of many different countries, all muslim. I saw how they can act without warning.

          They kill each other all the time, and infidels don’t count.

          Be Aware and Be Prepared !

        • The ones who legally immigrate are rarely a problem.

          Ahmad Asshole and his entire America/Israel hating family ARE legal immigrants../

      • Krayshawn,

        Gordon in MO highlights the problem: practicing Muslims are a danger to our nation.

        The corollary to that fact is that non-practicing Muslims are not a danger to our nation.

        The really sticky wicket is this: how can we ever know who is a practicing devout Muslim? Some people may be Muslim in name only, just like there are people who are “Jews” or “Christians” in name only and are not true believers/practitioners of their purported faith. People who are Muslim in name only should not be any more dangerous than anyone else. And we cannot determine whether someone is a devout believer based on who attends (regularly or irregularly) their mosques because some Muslims in name only may attend on a fairly regular basis. Others who are devout Muslims may not attend a mosque hardly at all.

        Now add into the mix people are who are Muslim in name only who are genuinely fleeing the destructive consequences of Islam in the Middle East and want to come to the United States and be productive, supportive members of our society. How do we vet such people and let them in while rejecting ardent, devout supporters of Islam (which includes their propensity to murder anyone who rejects Islam)?

        I honestly do not have an answer.

        • That’s because you’re asking the wrong questions. The answers to the right questions are much simpler.

          Does anyone have a right to settle in someone else’s country? No, no more than anyone has a “right” to settle in someone else’s house – ever, for any reason, under any circumstances.

          Did the US become a great nation by filling its vast empty spaces with people who came to be Americans? Sure. Did the US become a great nation by admitting handout-applicants with sob stories? Never. Is the 2021 US an unpopulated frontier with too many natural resources lying fallow due to a lack of people? No, the exact opposite.

          Does that mean that we cannot benefit from any immigration at all? Not necessarily, BUT . . .

          How do we figure out whom to let in? The exact same way we let people into our homes: those few whom members of our family identify as having unique skillsets that directly benefit someone inside, with the critical caveats that:
          A. Doing without X service for a while is infinitely preferable to letting in a potential threat.
          B. There is an abundant backlog of applicants from non-threat areas.
          C. Even a “trustworthy looking” stranger is not a member of the family and not to be treated as one for a very long time.
          D. In truly exceptional circumstances – the type you’re describing, where someone leaves a shithole because he knows it’s shitty, has no desire to remake our home into a shithole, and demonstrates complete and undivided loyalty to our family – adoption may be possible.

        • Umm,

          I understand what you are saying and I definitely see the utility in it.

          Here’s the thing: under your standard, my mom’s family would never have been able to emigrate to the United States several decades ago. They were an extremely poor family without any skills and did not even speak English. And yet my mom and all of her siblings became model citizens and extremely productive with significant accomplishments in work and business — and their children (me and my cousins) run the gambit with all sorts of impressive and productive skilled-trades and white-collar work histories.

          Simply stated: my mom’s poor and unskilled family who did not speak English made our nation a MUCH better and stronger nation — especially when you consider the contributions of their children and grand children. We are talking about executives at major corporations; chemical, industrial, and electrical engineers; school principals; electricians; Information Systems managers; decorated officers in the U.S. military; and the list goes on and on.

          That is why I do not have a pat answer for the immigration debate.

        • Uncommon,
          I’m much more stringent about individual responsibility and undivided loyalty than any particular skillset. To continue my earlier “home” analogy, I invite Pizza Hut to my house every week, and they aren’t neurosurgeons.😉

          At the same time, while I completely respect you, and would rather have a family like yours on my team than many native-born clowns, I agree with your avatar and hesitate to extrapolate policy from personal anecdotes. Most objective observers wouldn’t categorize more than a handful of people in the whole history of our (very large and populous) country as having made it “a MUCH better and stronger nation”.

          There are so many parts of this issue: the fact that so much of our society is built around a[n inverting] pyramid scheme; the finite resources (like Lake Mead with its “bathtub ring” dozens of feet above the waterline) that set inescapable limits on schemes to keep expanding the base of the pyramid; the fact that “jobs Americans won’t do” exist solely because Democrats pay them to do nothing, etc. Every objective factor seems to stack on one side of the balance.

    • Why in the hell would you want to be an apologist for the FBI? They sure have enough time to go around the country and harass people out of nowhere if they happened to be in DC on Jan. 6 (which they know from phone records- they shouldn’t be pulling phone data from that day to find folks who were in town), but they can’t do anything about a Christian-hating mentally ill man who buys a gun six days before his rampage?

      Give me a break. Disgusting to see anyone standing up in any way for our “intelligence” agencies, which have gone corrupt and run rampant with no accountability, decades ago.

      • Stephanie,

        If you were replying to me, I suggest that you read my comment again.

        (Hint: I was not defending the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On the contrary I was declaring that we cannot count on them to protect us from sudden attacks.)

      • Are you alleging that the FBI has sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance? Careful now, that might be viewed as sedition.

    • Whatever the Bureau had on him, it wasn’t enough to get a NICS denial.

      Background checks are not a Minority Report style predictor of a person’s intentions. It is a check of their past. If there are no “red flags”, there is no reason to reject a NICS check.

    • Except that we know of one case where an FBI agent did follow the shooters to the target, and did nothing to stop it. Then fled like a co-conspirator when it was foiled by a local acting as private security. How many more are there were the agent slipped away unnoticed?

  6. If they spent more time investigating this man than wasting resources on finding people from that fiasco on Jan. 6 this wouldn’t have happened.

  7. The FBI ignored him because they were too busy hunting down hundreds of people far and wide across the land for standing in the Capitol rotunda and taking selfies.

  8. Well the FBI did burn the only copy of the After Action Review, the official report of the Ruby Ridge case.
    The FBI had many failures reguarding all the prior times they could have stopped the 911 attacks. Also the charleston SC church shooting. The Sutherland Springs (air force failure) church TX shooting.
    So Yes, the federal government fails to protect you all the time.

    • Chris…..Every time one of these crimes happens, the tyrannical government in the District of Criminals uses it to try another power grab. With this in mind, why would they want to stop any crime that might result in them gaining more power ?

      • This is why I don’t care what names I’m called. They, the Deep State, will do anything and everything to get our guns. And end our way of life. Most gun owners are really clueless, as to the great danger our republic is really in. Trump was not perfect. But he was better than Biden.

        And colorado has a gay, married with children govenor. Who is anti civil rights. And many Libertarians liberals and Leftists are very happy with him. And many of them are gun owners.

        • You have to wonder why. Slave labor is inefficient. A productive economy is far more effective.

          Soviet style only led to inefficiencies which resulted in shortages and spoilage.

  9. I’m reminded of a meme I saw floating around online somewhere.

    Private vs Public:
    4Chan can track down the location of a flag in a photo using air-line con trails and the positions of the stars

    The FBI can’t find a school shooter posting threats under his own legal name on YouTube.

    • I think the image has been washed out from the camera flash. That, or whoever posted the image just washed the colors our to protect their evil white man narrative. Beyond that, islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion. There’s plenty of muslims of all races out there.

      • Not all muslims are terriorist. But all, or nearly all, terriorsts are muslims. 99.9%. And they come in many different colors.

      • islam isn’t a race.

        But Arab is, dude is Middle Eastern, Syrian, Arabic, Muslim… NOT a “white” guy… Technically since Syria is on the ASIAN continent he is “ASIAN” so would this not be a hate crime aimed at Europeans

        • Russia is part of Asia. I don’t recall anyone referring to Russians as Asians??? They are however referred to as white people. And not all Arabs are Muslims. There are many Arabs who practice Christianity and Judaism.

          I have never said Islam is a race. Anyone who says that is just silly. However Islam has been in Europe for thousands of years. In fact in the former Yugoslavia, Muslims have lived there for centuries. And their skin is white.

          And those European white Muslims fought on the side of Nazi Germany in World War II.

        • “Russia is part of Asia.”

          Much of Russia’s land area is in Asia, but most Russians (including those who run things, and most immigrants to the US) come from the European portion.

          “not all Arabs are Muslims.”

          There is a tendency in the West to refer to all non-Jewish Middle Easterners as “Arabs”, including many non-Muslim residents of Muslim-conquered nations, but the Arabian conquerors themselves were all Muslims (with the death penalty for “apostasy”).

        • to Umm . . .
          Non muslims who live in a muslim country, normally have to pay a special tax. For not being a muslum. This is allowed in the islamic holy book.
          Both non-muslims and especially black people have rather derogatory names used to describe them in Islamic societies.

        • Chris T,
          I agree completely, as I agree with your Open Carry comment on the other article, and most of what you write in general.

          The “prophet” converted the people of Arabia, except for a few Jews (who weren’t considered “Arabs” any more than the Nazis considered them Germans).

          He, and they, then conquered the neighboring countries. Sometimes, as you wrote, conquered people born Christian could stay Christian and pay the jizya. There are Coptic, Syrian, Lebanese, Berber, Israelite, etc. Christians; I had a friend (interpreter in Iraq) whose Catholic family had been brought back from Spain. The actual Arabs in those countries are descended from people born (or converted) Muslim, who could not have become Christian or Jewish on penalty of death.

        • to Umm . . .
          I’m glad we agree on a few things.
          But I’m not surprised the american atheist/socialists have formed an alliance with some in the muslim world. They agree with eachother on many of the same things too. Like the these you mention above.

        • Chris,
          Agreed. And yes, I have the utmost respect for your courage to take a stand even when it seems like you’re alone (you aren’t), and your recognition of the inseparable connection of our freedoms with responsibility, morality, and culture.

  10. If the FBI passed this shooter they could have been trying Fast & Furious AGAIN that did not work the first time!!!

  11. Meh…it doesn’t matter if fbi effed up. They hate you and anyone not a gubmint goon who has a gat. As far as jihad boy being “white” that’s all opinion. My uncle married a Lebanese gal a long time ago(from a wealthy family)and she got put in a “colored” hospital in the south! Pissed off & freaked out as he was a sergeant in the army. My cousins were “ethnic” looking too. Jihadi boy should get death…

    • Jihadi boy should get death…

      Won’t happen in Colorado they abolished the death penalty last year, unless the Feds throw the “Hate Crime, Domestic Terrorist” thing at him… Still a maybe..

      • “Hate Crime, Domestic Terrorist”

        Were all of the victims white? How long before Biden’s puppet masters lecture the country about ending anti-white violence? I’m sure Nancy will want the House to interview people about violence against white people. Right? Any day now?

        • The identities of all 10 victims police say were shot and killed by Ahmad Al-Issa, the Syrian-born Muslim suspect in the Boulder, Colorado shooting have been released, revealing that all 10 were white.

  12. It’s easy to see how the FIB (FBI) missed this guy. The day he was to be checked was the same day the agents were diverted to a NASCAR race track to investigate the threat to a black driver with a noose pull-down rope on his teams garage stall door. Old noose wallace should be proud.

  13. Makes me wonder if we ought to privatize NICS.

    Could we imagine what might be accomplished if we simply turned NICS over to the NSSF?

    Give them access to the FBI databases, access to the whole of internet resources and privately maintained databases, then let them develop AI algorithms.

    They would do, essentially, the same job DENYing genuine Prohibited-Persons as the FBI contractor does. (No change here).

    They would probably do a much better job at minimizing FALSE-Positives. (Positive change here.)

    They might discover the indicia that eventually result in homicide incidents. That would NOT save any of lives that were already lost in making the discoveries. However, it could lead to discoveries that might inform how to refine the Prohibited-Person laws. Or, develop a cost-effective psychological screen for doubtful cases.

    We simply don’t know whether or not DV misdemeanants convicted of yelling at their SOs go on to commit gun crimes. Nor do we know whether check-bouncers go on to commit gun crimes. We COULD know the answers to these questions. The industry, its customers, and the public at large would benefit from knowing these answers. But Government is not going to do the job.

    Why not transfer the function to the private sector – such as the NSSF – where the real interest in reducing gun violence is concentrated.

  14. Colorado has Universal Background Checks and magazine capacity limit of 15 rounds. They had the very laws that the dems are pushing for, yet the laws did absolutely nothing.

    I also like how Biden glossed right over the fact that the Columbine Shooting was literally right in the middle of the 1994 assault weapon ban. The ban lasted from 1994 to 2004, and Columbine happened in 1999.


  16. I still believe it’s morally acceptable an American to just deport all Muslims to prevent terrorism. We invaded Iraq, who did nothing to us, to prevent another 9/11. We killed how many people? 200,000? And JWT – who participated in the slaughter of Iraqis and Afghans, has the Gaul to call me “un-American trash”.

    All of my other comments get deleted. I wonder why…

  17. HEY NOW cut the FBI pinheads some slack, they have been working overtime running the Jan 6 Capital photos thru the drivers license database, scouring social media files, etc. When they get all those dangerous folks locked up, THEN they have to see if they can find the Fed Courthouse in Portland. Something might have happened there to some mostly peaceful protesters that must be looked at. Or in Minneapolis or… nevermind. Need more money.

  18. You people need to spend a couple of days and read the Koran. In the Muslin world, it is totally acceptable to lie, cheat and steal when doing business or any interaction with anyone who is not Muslin. There is only one way to deal with Islam. A first nuclear strike on Mecca. Nothing else will have any effect. In the middle east these children are not subjected to any schooling or rational thought. It is the Koran preached daily and any information source, news, internet or any information from the real world is restricted. It becomes obvious why they hate freedom and the rest of the world. FBI is rediculous, I had to work with these clowns, One agent I knew never closed a case. I’ll bet at the time of retirement he never closed a case. don’t get me started on the DEA, we would joke that DEA stood for “Don’t Expect Anything”. They would drag cases out for years, even after having prosecutible evidence against large distribution networks. What it comes down to is that when SHTF, no one is coming to help you, you had better have the resources and plan to take care of yourself and your family. Think about this, over 700 LAPD Officers have retired and moved to Northern Idaho. So what do they know that you don’t. Right. Wake up and smell the B.S.

  19. Why is nobody talking about the fact that this guy is a Syrian muslim that shot up a Jewish grocery store?
    I mean, this and many other outlets make mention of his nationality, but nobody is highlighting the nature of the store. Seems obviously hate motivated.

    • These weren’t Jews who died. They were white people:

      Which is EXATCLY why they aren’t talking about race.

      With the Asian massage brothel shooting- we were told race had to play a role, there can’t be any other motives. Why not here?

      I mean- I can see how you would get confused. DZ had to work overtime deleting comments pointing this out. Make you think 🤔

  20. Another one, caught strapping up in the restroom.

    “Two days after 10 people were murdered at a grocery store in Colorado, a man was arrested at an Atlanta supermarket with a semiautomatic rifle, a shotgun and four handguns. The man also was wearing body armor and had a cache of ammunition, according to police.

    Atlanta police identified the suspect as Rico Marley, 22, and said he’d been charged with reckless conduct.“

  21. Another one, caught after murdering to obtain more firearms.

    “Upon searching Eckenrode’s house after detaining him, the court records say that detectives found a cache of weapons at Eckenrode’s house and “evidence was consistent with Eckenrode possibly intending on committing a mass shooting and/or mass casualty event.”

    During the search, detectives located possible bomb-making materials, including fuses, the broken off tips of matches, gunpowder and Tannerite. There were also two explosive devices located along with a note addressed to Eckenrode’s family apologizing for “having to go out this way.”


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