Image via Facebook. City of Bolder, CO.
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Don’t pity the bigots in Boulder, Colorado who like to portray themselves as open to diversity. To the contrary, just like the bigots and racists who passed Army-Navy Laws after the Civil War to disarm recently freed African-American slaves, Boulder’s present-day bigots hate black guns and the people who own them.

However, their make-believe utopian gun ban of police patrol-type rifles suffered a humiliating defeat this week as a judge threw the ban out. Ditto for the ban of standard capacity magazines.

It seems that the rule of law still prevails in Colorado, where state preemption precludes lefty bastions of bigotry from enacting their own brands of local gun control.

The Washington Free Beacon has the tale of the tape:

A judge struck down Boulder, Colorado’s ban on the possession of AR-15s and magazines holding more than 10 rounds on Monday. 

Colorado state judge Andrew Hartman ruled the city’s gun ban violated the state’s preemption law, which prevents localities from imposing gun regulations above and beyond state law. Judge Hartman’s ruling declares the ordinance invalid and immediately bars the city from enforcing the ban.

“The Court has determined that only Colorado state (or federal) law can prohibit the possession, sale, and transfer of assault weapons and large capacity magazines,” Hartman wrote in the ruling. 

The ruling is the latest in a string of victories for gun advocates who have used state preemption laws to overturn strict local gun regulations. A Washington court struck down a local ordinance on gun storage in February 2021, and a Pennsylvania court struck down Pittsburgh’s attempt to regulate the use of AR-15s inside city limits in October 2019.

These municipalities pass these local ordinances — in clear violate of the preemption laws on the books — because they figure nobody will challenge them. And even if they do, it’ll take years for the courts to reject the unlawful local lawmaking. Not only that, but the cities use taxpayer money to defend the faulty laws.

I’ll tell you though, they make it difficult for plaintiffs in these cases. Someday, I’ll be able to write about some the nastiness I’ve experienced first-hand as a plaintiff in Guns Save Life’s lawsuit in Illinois challenging the state’s Firearm Owner ID Act.

The Free Beacon story continues, covering the experiences of a plaintiff in the Colorado suit.

Jon Caldara, a longtime Boulder resident who openly flouted the AR-15 ban, said he was “thrilled” by the ruling. The former Denver Post columnist and Independence Institute president publicly announced he would not comply with the order to turn over his AR-15 or ammunition magazines when the ban was instituted in 2019. He filed a separate federal suit against the ordinance and said his family has received backlash from supporters ever since. 

“I was probably the most publicly known criminal in Boulder,” he told the Washington Free Beacon. “That made us social outcasts. And it was really bad. My daughter got bullied at school for our position.” 

Caldara said the ruling will force the city to live up to its stated ideals. 

“Boulder prides itself on tolerance and diversity and inclusion when, in fact, Boulder is by far the most bigoted city in in Colorado,” he said. “And they particularly hate people who have guns. So, what I love about this ruling is it forces Boulder to live up to its stated pride of inclusivity and tolerance.” 

Indeed. But Jon Caldera certainly gets the “Gun Hero of the Day” award from TTAG for his work helping to deep six this bigoted gun and magazine ban.  Nice job, Jon.

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  1. Need lots more and lots bigger victories!! Good job folks. Drive em back into their holes!

    • Funny how Progressives preach tolerance and diversity but practice hate and division.

      A classic example of doublethink.

      • That’s why we must use Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’.

        Force the enemy to live by their own rules.

        That’s how to deal with them…

        (Psssst! Little troll – “Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you have on… 😉 )

        • Mock Man,

          Not that I care that you beclown yourself (it’s actually kinda fun to watch!), but I am naturally a caring person, so, for you, a Pro Tip:

          If you want to smash someone on a social media platform, you should EITHER be witty, or factually accurate (preferably both). You are never either. You think you are a wit (and you are half right), and I have NEVER seen you cite a SINGLE fact.

          Bluntly, you’re kinda pathetic. Which makes mocking you both easy and fun. How’s it feel to be Geoff’s b****???????

        • I prefer to refuse to acknowledge the presence of cowardly typists who masturbate while anonymously attempt to insult others on the interweb. They feed off the responses and rub harder and longer getting positive reinforcement from the comments.

  2. Other than the law being overturned, any penalties for the city and officials? Do they have to pay legal fees? City council should be run out of town over it, but of course they will live to tyrant again another day.

    Good news for Boulder though!

  3. Firearm ownership is a God-given right. I was to start a gun drive to get more guns into the hands of Palestinians.

    • So you are proud of getting weapons tonterrorist who will use them on innocent people worldwide?
      That kind of bs is pitiful!

      • Are you pissed because common sense was used in this decision or because some punk leftist/liberal agenda was finally denied?

  4. Stuck down? Jesus Christ, when you can’t even get the headline correct it doesn’t instill much confidence. Is your editor on heroin?

    • ” Is your editor on heroin?”

      Man, I hope not, it’s rude not to share… 🙂

      If I were you, I’d demand a refund for what you paid to read TTAG…

  5. This is just the first step. It will now go to the Democratic state Supreme Court, which will rule the preemption law is unconstitutional. If that somehow doesn’t happen, the Dems will just repeal the law since the GOP has no say anymore.

  6. I don’t know why people are celebrating blindly, did you not read the following;

    “The Court has determined that only Colorado state (or federal) law can prohibit the possession, sale, and transfer of assault weapons and large capacity magazines”.

    That Judge is a Leftist Anti-Gunner as can be. He just told the Colorado State and Federal US Legislature to go ahead and pass an AWB and HCMB, and the ruling even said that the Colorado State Legislature would need to repeal the State Preemption Law.

    Colorado has a 3/5 Democrat Majority Legislature, Democrat Governor, and Democrat Majority Court-System; Anti-Gun Californication through and through.

    Again. Celebrating like drunken sailors while the Antigunners are looking for other avenues to get their agenda through.

    • Umm, it doesn’t work that way. some while back, the court declined to address the 2A issues, and was only ruling upon the effect of the state pre-emption law. Applying that law, only the state or the Feds under the Supremacy law can outlaw particular weapons–but whether any such law would be constitutional is not addressed by the ruling.

    • The judge clipped the wings of the city so they are out of the picture and that is something to celebrate.

      No one said the war was won or the fight was over. It isn’t over until the day comes when Gun Control is seen for what it is and goes down the toilet with slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics and other race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party.

      Unfortunately I see a lot of people who talk a lot but never stand against racism. It’s like they do not want to say something that might offend those who go around cracking N-jokes or go around wagering on whether the perp in the next publicized shooting came from a stereotyped race, etc.

      For those who may be afraid to say something to the good ol’ boys just keep it in mind…Gun Control rode into town on bigotry.

  7. Well said John…After reading your article I left knowing more than when I arrived.

    It’s just something about Black that brings the slave master out in Gun Control zealots and obviously the Black Rifle is no exception.

    Someone jumped me the other day for speaking too much about Jim Crow Gun Control, etc. Well being as America’s law abiding Gun Owners are for no reason called nazis and racists by politically inept history illiterates 24/7 it is indeed necessary never to cease fighting fire with fire. As fire applies to Gun Control nothing and I mean nothing puts a Gun Control zealot on the hot seat better than The Embarrassing Truth About Gun Control.

  8. The problem is that there is no penalty for creating unconstitutional laws. We need penally of treason for anyone promoting unconstitutional laws

  9. I’m actually very interested to hear about what the state and individuals did to make life difficult for you when you were the plaintiff in said cases Mr.Boch. I no longer live in Illinois but I have family that still live there, and even in the same city you do, so it would be nice to know what they might end up dealing with.

  10. Boulder is by far the most bigoted city in in Colorado,

    REALLY?.. I’d put them in at least the top 10 Nationwide… Hearts and Flowers for the losers? But, who really is going to be the ultimate loser in this one…

  11. The same Boulder who rounded up and executed family pets en masse?
    Fuck Boulder and everyone living there.

    • “The same Boulder who rounded up and executed family pets en masse?”

      Got a link?

  12. It’s Boulder, they’ll waste no time in wasting money on every possible appeal and losing them all.

    This is slightly larger than guns. It’s Boulder trying to flex its muscles by declaring it can have all the benefits of Home Rule but without the downsides.

    My wife does some work with a city in Boulder County and has to attend certain of their meetings which she now does from home on Zoom. So an afternoon a week I basically have to listen to the meeting where the city manager talks about all sorts of things. The things the City and County of Boulder obsess over, and impose on other municipalities in the County, are often entirely insane and centered around buzzwords like “equity”.

    We’re talking about a city that tries to order around UC Boulder, the literal reason the city exists and which is a State institution like it’s the city’s plaything. They abuse CU students in ways that boggle the mind too.

    You will not get rational behavior from them in most cases because the majority of voters in Boulder are just as, if not more, crazy as/than the average city counsel member.

    • Sounds like Whitefish city where I live in the Flathead Valley. Rich snobs. Zero accountability when they fuck up, it’s never their fault and they keep doing it. There is a store defying the cities emergency mask mandate and they are literally met with hate crimes for it. People flood the reviews online, false reports of employee abuse, and they even went so far as to put up hazmat signs and tape off the entrance one night. This same city has a “covid taskforce”. They also allowed BLM idiots to flood their streets. Meanwhile, in Kalispell people are left alone and BLM wannabes stayed on the sidewalks. They said they felt intimidated by the normal folks. Totally different worlds only miles apart.

      • @Montana Actual

        Don’t forget the gun show down at the Majestic Arena the weekend of March 26, 27, 28. Admission $5/day or $10 for all three days.

        The same guys who lineup at Murdoch’s on Wednesday’s and Thursdays (ammo delivery days) to get their two boxes of whatever at reasonable prices should be making guest appearances as ammo whoreders [sic] looking to score a profit. Attendance statistics for the show ought to be interesting in light of the Harris / Pelosi / Schumer Administration’s continuing efforts to curtail the Second Amendment.

        C’ya there.

    • “…are often entirely insane and centered around buzzwords like “equity”. ”

      Yup, that’s the new one, and a very good one to hang them on.

      It sounds *just* enough like ‘Equality’ to hook them with warm-and-fuzzy ‘feels’, but actually means equality of outcome.

      …as in, straight-up Communism. This is the natural extension of ‘Everybody wins and gets a participation trophy’ crapola so popular today in suburbia. Everybody actually loses being cut down to the lowest common denominator. Except the ‘elites’, of course.

      San Fransisco can cure their homeless problem overnight by doing one, simple thing – every homeowner with a yard must open them to homeless tents, along with every public park. The people in San Fran fed up with the bullshit going on need to file class-action lawsuits forcing that kind of ‘equity’ on the rich there. If they want ‘equity’ that bad, rub their noses in it with a boot on their neck, for good measure…

  13. Congrats to residents of Boulder !!!

    Proponents of the ban(s) can go to hell and burn for all eternity.

    • Only if forced there at bayonet point. These types of people are Evil and Evil cannot be negotiated with or away. If Freedom and Liberty is to survive. Evil must be destroyed at every opportunity and by all means necessary. They are truly Tyrants to the very Ideals and documents from which Our Nation was founded. They present the same dangers as was faced by the Founding Patriots from the Tories. The only difference is the power of these Tyrants is based within the leadership of the Democrat Party and holds Court in Washington D.C. instead of London England as was the case 246 years ago. “We the People” are but 1 month away from the anniversary of the beginning of the fight for Our 2nd A rights. From which came the Freedoms and Liberties bestowed upon Our generation to Protect and Defend from All Enemies Foreign and Domestic. It is by Our actions or the lack of them that will decide the fate of those Freedoms and Liberties. The intent of the Enemy is not only well known, but well versed by their own tongue. The only question is the intent of those who have been left with the responsibility of Preserving Freedom and Liberty. Courageous Sacrifice or Complacent Cowardice. History will be the Judge. Our Descendants will suffer the Fate. Freedom or Tyranny. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • Darkman…… Have you noticed that the rewritten history shows the revolution only about ” no taxation with representation” and leaving out gun confiscation being the trigger event.

    • “Proponents of the ban(s) can go to hell and burn for all eternity.”

      They want you to burn with them…

  14. Congrats to residents of Boulder !!!

    The “residents” of Boulder were probably also the “proponents” of the ban…

  15. Boulder should just take it to SCOTUS since there is a 100% chance they would rule all there bans as constitutional.

  16. So why is there no punitive damage assesments for council members who intentionally subvert the Constitution? Things will only change If these cities got spanked hard financially for personal and official unlawful decisions. Right now, there are no consequences, so they just keep at it. isn’t it a federal crime while acting in a official capacity to violate a persons rights?

  17. They will just ignore the Judges ruling. They will just rewrite their unlawful ordinance, pass it, and begin enforcing it claiming they have abided by the Judges decision.

  18. I’ve lived in Southern Colorado for most of my adult life (I’m 60 now). I’ve had a front row seat, as I’ve watched my State turn Blue. Denver, and its surrounding communities (which includes Boulder) effectively control the State. Rural and urban areas further away, have no voice anymore. We lost our majority, and we’ll never be permitted to have a majority ever again.
    Our State is ran by an Arse Spelunker, who bought his way into office. I’m sickened by what goes on in our capitol.
    There is no Colorado anymore, we’ve become Commierado.

    If I could afford to move, I’d be gone tomorrow.

  19. I moved out of Boulder in 1977 and saw how the 60’s hippies made a killing in the Boulder area real estate & construction market. The money puffed them up into the “we are too good for the rest of you” mentality. I much prefer the arrogant, racist and bigoted label of the place now. Moved to Flagstaff AZ in 1980 and was told by more than a few locals “you wait and see, Flag will get like Boulder in a few years. They were right. I still live in the free, great state of AZ just avoid that liberal blemish on the San Francisco peaks as much as possible.

    • That’s just sad, Flagstaff in the 70s/early 80s was always on my must stop list on my travels across country…

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