Joe Manchin
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. (Leigh Vogel/Pool via AP, File)
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Joe Manchin owns the U.S. Senate now…everyone else just works there.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat from West Virginia, said Tuesday that he does not support the two gun safety bills the House passed earlier this month and instead is still pushing to pass the more narrow Manchin-Toomey compromise bill that he developed with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey — but failed to pass — after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.

“No, I don’t support what the House passed,” Manchin told CNN as he left the Senate floor. “Not at all.”

Manchin’s opposition underscores a major divide among Democrats over how to tackle gun control — a key priority for their voters — even as the party now controls Congress and the White House and faces intense pressure to take action in the wake of a massacre at a Colorado supermarket that left 10 dead, including a store manager and a police officer.

The chances the Senate could pass any gun legislation remain highly unlikely given that would require significant Republican support to overcome a filibuster. But Manchin’s stance shows that Democratic leaders would not even be able to count on votes from their entire caucus for gun legislation passed by the Democratic-controlled House, making any effort to pass the bills even more challenging and divisive for their party.

— Ted Barrett and Clare Foran in Manchin opposes House gun safety bills, underscoring Democratic divide over gun control

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  1. Shows how little party labels mean. Mr. Manchin has fought harder for 2A rights than a long list of Republicans.

    • We will see what happens, mildly encouraged but not enough to trust most (if any) in office. Long term I fear it will just end up becoming another incremental infringement that never gets repealed.

    • Joe Machin publicly opposed constitutional carry in his home state. In fact he worked to defeat it. He encouraged the then WV governor to veto the bill. I believe it passed with a veto override vote by the WV legislature. Or it took a new govenor to sign the bill into law. Machin was no help, to advancing, 2A civil rights. At least in his home state.

      He got a great deal of hate mail. And was challenged for his seat. Now perhaps he really wants to say in the senate. That 2A vote can really make a difference.

      • Yes indeed… the democRat Party goes around everyday talking like they are so non racist while labeling everyone who does not agree with them a RACIST. Well nothing shouts RACIST like Gun Control. You want racism and genocide look no further than Gun Control. Why the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party was the KKK. Too many people think the KKK went around burning crosses and lynching and terrorizing Black Americans but to continue strong arming they needed no gun in the hands of a N-Word.

        So Gun Control is an age old democRat Party Tradition. Now before those democRats think they can run around calling everyone they see a RACIST they need to clean up their long, long despicable racist history. A good place to start is the democRat Party making Monetary Reparations payable to all effected directly or indirectly by Jim Crow, etc. If anything is left over it includes all of those little white kids who witnessed Jim Crow…Talk about child abuse. Look nor further than the democRat Party. Now stfu and PAY UP Rat Party.

    • Jim from LI,
      That makes about as much sense as the article’s “major divide among Democrats” (one guy voted against one bill) nonsense. Manchin sponsors his OWN gun-control bill and is quoted about it in this very article.

    • I wouldn’t get so hard up about manchin just yet. The Democratic Party has ways of making you toe the line and even making you vote dem when you aren’t one.

      When push comes to shoved they’ll threaten him, threaten his family, and if that fails they’ll oust him. And even if that somehow fails, they’ll get a on the fence republican like Romney to fill in the vote they need.

      Make no mistake. Democrats have the slimmest of majorities and they’re going all out on every leftist wet dream to stay in power.

  2. The Leftist scum must really hate Manchin, he’s spoiling their plans.

    I really hope he’s being well-protected…

    • This could easily be a CYA Hail Mary from Manchin and be “allowed” by the dems with little mention, particularly if he already knows his no vote would be cancelled by the likes of Romney, Murkowsky, Collins, Burr, or a number of republicrats who could easily be persuaded to vote for such bills. High drama in the Senate… should only one republicrat vote with the dems they can claim the move had “bi-partisan” support.

      • Correct. We all still need to keep up the pressure on the R senators.

        There will be no time for complacency.

    • If the D’s piss him off too much, he might just switch parties, and then the R’s will be a majority.

      However, RINOs still pose a threat.

    • The last thing the lefties want is for something to happen to Manchin. If some nutter takes him out, either WV elects a Republican, or the Republican governor appoints a Republican, and the Senate goes 51-49.

  3. I won’t hold to much faith in him yet. He has been bought off many times before and has flip flopped on his stands many times. It all depends which way benefits him and that is all.

    • I hope he’s genuinely frightened as to the hard-left turn the Leftist scum are taking…

    • “Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat”

      Heheheh, good one.

      He’s just negotiating his price with Schumer…

  4. 21 million background checks in a year might have something to do with it.
    Funny what kinds of deaths humans accept or disprove of.
    120,860 estimated fatalities from motor vehicles 2018-2020. That’s not even counting possums ( blah blump blah blump)

  5. I’m more concerned about registration & taxation. As someone who “may” have skirted the law way back when(1970’s)the gubmint knowing(& taxing) yer bizness is everything…any Dim(or R)who votes for this bs needs to be targeted!

  6. I could see someone like Collins, Murkowski, or some other Republican looking to curry favor with the Democrats easily take Manchin’s place to vote ‘Yes’ on said legislation…

    • I fully expect them to continue to be RINOs. I expect they will vote for whatever gun control the democrats bring up.

    • Doesnt matter if they flip, bill needs 60 to advance, and Manchin is the key holdout against removing the filibuster. As long as he stays strong on that we are ok… for now.

    • Yep, never under estimate the power of Republican cucks to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  7. “Gun safety” bills. A “key priority for their voters”. Keep selling it, CNN.

  8. Want less violence? Take an honest look at the differences between the good guys and the bad guys. Promote good guy behavior. Lock up bad guys. The Democrats have been doing the opposite of this.

  9. My opinion on this is rather cynical also. Once burned, twice shy. Fool me once, shame on you–fool me twice, shame on me. Anybody have other aphorisms like these to add to the list?

    • They fool you once, don’t give ’em a second chance!
      Ask yourself, does the left give anyone a second chance?

    • “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.'”
      George W. Bush

  10. Banning guns is wrong, however putting in Checks and balances to protect the people in the whole is fine. The People investigating potential crimes need to increase their efforts. Background checks, mental health screenings, interventions that might signal violence is key to prevent more death. if anyone argues then whomever is reading this is an idiot. Things have to change, making it tougher to get a firearm will have to be.

    • You stupidly assume we have no regulations. Already have TOO many so called “checks and balances” as it is. Exactly how these “background checks, mental health screenings, interventions” are conducted is the question, no. Enforce the CURRENT laws while streamlining. End of story. Now wise up.

  11. For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly….”Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.” Quit farmin’ out one’s personal safety to others that SCOTUS has, at least three times, told us they have no duty to protect. That’s the 2A in a nut shell.

    America needs to return to “takin’ care of one’s own business.” Problem with coyotes on the farm? Hang a couple “seen the light” repentant coyotes along the fence line, and the rest soon get the idea that it’s not safe here.

    • There’s a near endless list of anti-2A statements from O’Reilly’s pie hole.
      Him getting booted was great. Being replaced by Tucker was the double bonue.

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