Illinois Senator Elgie SIms with his family. He sponsored a bill to eliminate cash bail in Illinois, yet he's upset a man who threatened him with a gun was released on a mere $1500 bail under Illinois' existing 'affordable bail' law (that he voted for).
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Imagine the delicious irony of a man who sponsored legislation to eliminate cash bail being upset because someone who attacked him was later released after posting only $1500 in cash bail. That just happened to gun-hating Illinois Democrat State Senator Elgie Sims of Chicago.

The incident took place in Springfield days ago where Sims owns a home he uses during the state’s legislative session. According to the now-offended Sen. Sims, the suspect threatened him with a gun during an apparent road rage incident after Sims told him he’d called 9-1-1. If true, Sims is lucky the man didn’t do more than threaten him.

But the truly delicious irony remains the Senator’s righteous indignation that his (alleged) attacker only had to post $1500 to get himself back out of jail and on the streets again. This righteous indignation coming from the very Senator who sponsored a new law to eliminate cash bail entirely.

From CWB Chicago:

An Illinois state senator who sponsored recently-signed legislation that will eliminate cash bail in the state by 2023 is outraged that a man who allegedly flashed a gun at him while driving only had to post $1,500 to get out of jail.

“By him being released on bail, he’s free to do this again,” Sen. Elgie Sims of Chicago told the State-Journal Register.

Yet just last month Sims tweeted, “money bond doesn’t guarantee public safety or someone’s appearance in court, it supports a system where freedom is based on the size of someone’s bank account. We’ve tried the failed tough on crime polices [sic] of the past.”

The legislation Sims sponsored in January will soon prohibit Illinois judges from setting any cash bail except when the defendant “poses a real and present threat” to safety.

Not only that, but the bill Sims sponsored to eliminate cash bail — which is now law in the Land of Lincoln — for all but the most heinous crimes replaced the Land of Lincoln’s “Affordable Bail” law that released those arrested and charged with crimes on bail not based on the seriousness of the charge, but on the defendant’s ability to pay.

So just to be clear, Senator Sims was perfectly happy to turn accused criminals loose and let them back on the streets to prey on average citizens. But when someone attacks him and gets out after posting relative chump change, that’s suddenly evidence of a real problem with the Illinois criminal justice system.

It’s funny how when the shoe is on the other foot, these high and mighty legislators, the people who crafter the laws under which we have to live, have a very different take on public safety when they’re personally affected.

“By him being released on bail, he’s free to do this again,” said Democrat Sen. Elgie Sims.

No kidding, Sherlock. Why do you think Illinois has added so many new gun owners in the last year?

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    • “Ohhh the irony.”

      Delicious, isn’t it?

      *snicker*… 😉

    • What an egghead and I mean literally, check out that shell of cranium he’s sporting!

    • Per Darwin and RAH, more often fatal than painful. I wish stupidity were fatal more often, preferably before the stupid in question breeds. As a friend of mine used to say, “I think the gene pool needs chlorine!”

  1. and yet these idiots keep getting re-elected!! has this “politician” ever lived in the real world that the rest of us peons have to navigate?

  2. It should also be said that one of the victims in the Charleston church shooting was the pastor of that church. He was also the legislator in the SC State House that authored the bill banning guns in churches.

  3. He was outraged, well join us serfs that put up with this every day in America. You are not special and you are no better than your constitutes.

  4. My shocked face… These clowns NEVER consider the consequences of their actions/inactions as long as they’re held up as SJW heroes… Shut the fuk up bitch, never imagined some criminal could get to you? How does it feel to be in the “peoples” shoes? The ones who live with the results of your “I KNOW what’s good for you BETTER than you do” bullshit… Too bad the asshole didn’t just shoot your dumbass…

    Oh, there is the explanation…….Democrat = Hypocrite…….synonyms….fully interchangeable.
    “…..gun-hating Illinois HYPOCRITE State Senator Elgie Sims of Chicago….” See… difference.

  6. It was city councilwoman Dianne Feinstein. Who wrote the law banning guns in the San Francisco city hall building. Soon afterwards her fellow councilmen Harvey Milk and the city mayor George Moscone were murdered. By a former city council member.

    Before the gun ban councilman Harvey Milk used to carry a gun.

  7. So I’m guessing Mr. Sims is upset that the defendant had to pay $1,500 instead of $0? If I was championing for stuff to be free and then found out people were instead paying for it, I’d be outraged too. A local restaurant used to offer a free taco on Tuesdays with any order…then they eventually stopped it. You wouldn’t have believed my outrage over that! 🙂

    (…and the dog’s face is blurred out too…!)

  8. Even sellouts have to occasionally live with the consequences of their harmful actions, but they never expect to.

  9. Too bad he didn’t get lead poisoning,
    One less Democrat to worry about. &
    There’s no doubt it was a Homie of his.

  10. Dang you blotted out his family’s faces😄 A quick Google reveals them. Just another reason we’re planning to move to Indiana someday. Homie’s an idiot…

  11. Now if criminals released on no, or very low bail, will just start pointing guns at Libertarians. Ya, I said it. But sadly that will not happen. Because the Libertarians who support emptying the jails do not live in the most dangerous, and violent prone cities, and or neighborhoods. They live far away off the main roads.
    They want everyone else to live by their crazy philosophy. Where they will not be subject to the consequences of that crazy philosophy.

    There is no difference between Dianne Feinstein who promotes gun control. And Libertarians Liberals and Leftists, who believe that the jails and prisons should be empty. All of them are causing destruction in the United States. She lives far away surrounded by armed guards. Just as the three L’s live far away. And I’m sure they still have their guns.

    And no, I don’t want Libertarians shot. But Libertarians do support the same “bail reform” that this Illinois politician, wrote into the law.

  12. Boohoo! That was only suppose to apply to bad guys who threaten other people, not us the special ones!

    Not even this will educate this idiot because he has adopted leftist dogma as his religion! Much like the trolls we see here and the Socilaist Left who have taken over most of the large cities, they will refuse to see that which refutes their beliefs.

  13. I take great comfort in knowing the left always eats itself.
    Sure, they’ll probably destroy the nation but in the end it’ll be leftist devouring leftists.
    The real shame of it is the cognitive dissonance is so strong they won’t even recognize that’s what they’re doing.

  14. It’s unbelievable that they let idiots like that out on the street. I mean the senator not the thug. Or is the senator the thug? Things that make you go hmmm.


    Amends the Criminal Code of 2012. Provides that any person who, prior to the effective date of the amendatory Act, lawfully possessed an assault weapon shall register the assault weapon with the Illinois State Police within 90 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act and any person who acquired an assault weapon on or after the effective date of the amendatory Act shall register the assault weapon with the Illinois State Police within 90 days after he or she purchased or was given the weapon. Provides that the registration shall contain a description of the assault weapon that identifies it uniquely, including all identification marks, the full name, address, date of birth, and thumbprint of the owner, and any other information that the Director of the Illinois State Police deems appropriate. Provides that the Illinois State Police may charge a fee for registration not to exceed the reasonable processing costs of the Illinois State Police. Provides that the fees shall be deposited into the State Police Firearm Services Fund. Provides that a violation of these provisions is a Class A misdemeanor. Defines various terms.

  16. I’ve bailed out a bunch of times, the papers say you cant have a gunm, maybe he didn’t read that part? Ignorance of the law is no excuse but I think the gunm wielder deserves a second chance.

  17. That Illinois senator is obviously born with a birth defect.. too bad the bad guy didn’t get rid of the anti-American liberaltard Illinois idiot.


    Sims is not upset, he’s scared. And I don’t think they’re trying to cover up a pit bull, either.

  19. “The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.”

    ― Mark Twain

    • Chicago stopped being “my kind of town” decades ago and I finally escaped in ’88, never looking back.

  20. “We’ve tried the failed tough on crime polices of the past”

    He’s a liar. Crime was going DOWN because we WERE keeping the criminals locked up longer.

    Best solution is to deliver MORE criminals to his and every house of every “decarceral” marxist loser trying to destroy America

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