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Three Dead, Shooter Dead in Horrific Shooting at Fifth Third Bank Headquarters Downtown

An update on the active shooter in Cincinnati . . .

A usually busy Fountain Square was empty Thursday afternoon, except for a single piece of yellow tape. Down the street, a woman screamed and sobbed into the arms of a Cincinnati police officer.

About an hour earlier, a Fifth Third Bank employee said he saw a gunman dressed in business attire walk into the lobby and spray bullets at innocent people. The employee saw the gunman as he exited a lobby elevator. He jumped back inside, narrowly avoiding a hail of bullets — he heard them strike the elevator door when it closed.

courtesy Reason

A Second Look at the Controversial Study About Defensive Gun Use

A revision to Kleck’s previous findings about how often gun owners use their guns in self-defense…

In April, criminologist Gary Kleck reported that he had uncovered evidence supporting his contention that Americans use firearms in self defense over 2 million a times a year. The survey he discovered had not been previously analyzed, but he reported that it matched what he found in the 1993 survey he conducted with Marc Gertz and published in 1995, known as the National Self-Defense Survey (NSDS).

His new report was based on surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in its Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey in the years 1996-98. This finding was touted by many outlets—including Reason—as evidence in support of the utility of private gun ownership.

courtesy Daily Wire

Feinstein Tries to Nail Kavanaugh On Guns

Nice try, though…

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) tried to trip up Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Wednesday over the Second Amendment.

“I’ve been very interested in your thinking on assault weapons,” Feinstein told Kavanaugh. “You specifically argued that the D.C. assault weapons ban was unconstitutional and I think because you said these weapons were in common use. What did you base your conclusion that assault weapons are in common use and what evidence or study did you use to do that?”

National Review’s David French explains that “a number of Democrats are well aware that if an assault-weapons-ban case is heard by the Supreme Court, then the ‘common use for lawful purpose’ standard is likely going to dictate the case. If it does, most assault-weapons bans will likely fall. After all, the AR-15 and its variants are the most popular rifles in America today, owned by millions of Americans yet rarely used in crime.”

Feinstein continued by claiming that “assault weapons are not in common use.”

courtesy Liberty Home Concealment

Study Shows Firearm Storage Among Veterans Doesn’t Relate to Suicide as They Believed

So…the correlation between storage and 22 a day isn’t quite what they thought…

Interventions that reduce access to highly lethal and commonly used methods of suicide, such as limiting access to firearms during high-risk periods, are considered an essential element of effective suicide prevention programs. These efforts are particularly relevant for Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces because nearly one in two Veterans own firearms and two of every three Veteran suicides are firearm-related.

In 2014, when Veterans accounted for nearly one in five adult suicides and rates among Veterans were approximately 20% higher than among age- and sex-matched U.S. adults, 68% of male Veteran and 41% of female Veteran suicides were firearm-related (whereas 56% and 32% of male and female suicides overall among all U.S. adults, which includes Veterans, involved firearms).

As part of its continued focus on addressing suicide risk among Veterans, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is expanding its efforts to promote firearm safety by developing materials to support lethal means safety counseling by VHA providers and by distributing firearm locking mechanisms to at-risk patients.

courtesy Alabama Today

School Installs Gunshot Detectors

Because this makes so much more sense than armed, qualified teachers…

It’s back to school for students across northern Michigan.

And one school district is taking an extra step to keep your child safe.

Glen Lake Community Schools installed new security systems over the summer, which will help protect students in the event of an active shooter.

“One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is whatever it takes to keep kids safe,” said Superintendent Sander Scott.

Starting this year, their school is now equipped with a new system, one their team came up with themselves by combining systems from multiple companies.

courtesy CBS News

TV Writer Hopes Kavanaugh’s Daughters ‘Go to School Without Being Shot’

Stay classy, liberals…

After several interruptions from protesters, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s young daughters were ushered out of his confirmation hearing on Sept. 4. Hollywood screenwriter and producer Randi Mayem Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire) took to Twitter to “hope” for gun safety and “reproductive rights” (aka abortion) for 13-year-old Margaret and 10-year-old Liza.

Singer, who dislikes both President Trump and Kavanaugh, began by quoting Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) telling Kavanaugh, “I hope your daughters still get the day off from school.”

“This process has to stink,” Sen. Sasse told Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley. “I’m glad your daughters could get out of the room and I hope they still get the free day from school.”

In response, Singer zeroed in on Kavanaugh’s daughters – in regards to issues like gun safety and “reproductive rights.”


13 News Now Reports NRA Really is in Financial Trouble

Are they or aren’t they? . . .

Rumors circulate about a powerful lobby who built its reputation on defending the second amendment.

Viewer James Owens said he heard the NRA was suffering financial distress and asked us to verify whether that’s true.

First, we looked at the non-profit’s most recent financial documents.

In 2016, the NRA took in $366,889,703 but spent $412,737,440. The NRA overspent by more than 45 million dollars during the election year.

courtesy Washington Times

Levi Strauss Goes Gun Control: Have Corporations Gone Mad?

When the mainstream media thinks you’ve lost it . . .

Levi Strauss, the famous jeans maker and clothing manufacturer, has jumped into the gun control bed with none other than the king of anti-Second Amendment himself, Michael Bloomberg.

Do corporations these days have a death wish? Seriously, are they even in business to make money any more?

Or are they simply existing to serve as political arms of politicians’ political designs?

First came Nike, throwing in with Colin Kaepernick and banking on fake social justice campaigns — the ones that say police in America purposely target blacks for persecution, prosecution and killing — to carry forth its marketing.

courtesy Wheelchairs Against Guns

Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

And the beat goes on . . .

On Sunday, Sept. 23 at 3 p.m., St Anne’s Episcopal Church and Moms Demand Action will co-host a free Concert Across America to End Gun Violence event at Green Street United Methodist Church, 639 S. Green St.

The event is open to the public and donations are welcomed.  Diana Tuffin, a local jazz vocalist, will be the featured act.

This event is one of dozens to be held around the country between Sept. 20 and Sept. 30 to help raise awareness about gun violence.  The anchor event will take place in Parkland, Florida, where 17 were killed and 14 wounded during the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  Performers at all events across the country will sing “Shine,” a song written by Andrea Pena and Sawyer Garrity, two shooting survivors from Parkland.


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  1. “13 News Now Reports NRA Really is in Financial Trouble”

    Hey Wayne! Sic Semper Proditores!

    Too bad this report is likely inaccurate and even if it was accurate useful idiots would be lining up to line this guy’s pocket.

  2. YES…Levi,Dick’s(sux) and Nike have gone quite insane. Just sell your crap and stfu about your leftard views. No one who matters care…I’m not sending a dime extra NRA. Yeah I’m a member. I don’t care if I get their magazine either…

    • “YES…Levi,Dick’s(sux) and Nike have gone quite insane.”

      Nah, they are just following the “Get Woke and Go Broke Financial Plan”

    • Seriously, are [corporations] even in business to make money any more?

      The people at the top of those corporations, whose compensation has been in excess of 10+ million dollars for several years, don’t really care what happens to their corporation since they have already amassed a mountain of cash to last them, their children, and their grandchildren for their lifetimes.

      Countless people with 50+ million dollar personal fortunes lose touch with reality and begin to pursue fantasies. What we are seeing with large corporations is the result of that dynamic.

    • Really. As it is, it would seem that all or almost all persons on campus come pre-equipped with two shot detectors. But knowing there is a shooter and being able to do something about it are two different things entirely.

      • If they think it’s such a big problem, and if they value children as they claim, you’d think they’d be motivated to actually do something useful. But no…

        One more surveillance system to record the murders but not stop them…

        This goes beyond not wanting to fix the problem. I’m starting to think these people secretly (some not so secretly) WANT children to die.

    • I think all shot detectors should be double sensitive and graphing with permanent ink and double thick paper, as well as time stamping and location identifying. Then, after a shooter kills everyone in the building, we still would be able to discover precisely how many shots were fired, along with where and when. Once we get that done in all schools in the world, we could set up a database comparing number of shots per body, speed of action, and many other esoteric bits of silliness for each and every instance where everybody in the building is murdered. Conversely, maybe we could try to STOP the shootings, rather than simply providing assistance in hearing a gunshot. Did anyone who assisted in approving actual money to pay for such stupidity ever hear a gun go off?

      • Think of the prog doctoral students you could employ “analyzing” all your “data” and the “insights” they could develop. Makes a tingle run up my leg.

  3. Leftists. The Derp. It *hurts*… 🙁

    (Watching a torrent of ‘Boogie Nights’ tonight as a tribute to the late Burt Reynolds…)

  4. “Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) tried to trip up Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Wednesday over the Second Amendment.”

    The woman is clueless when it comes to the 2 nd. and firearms other than Mr. and Mrs. Americans turn them all in.

    • Yes, and we should be using her own logic against her:

      If AR-15s (and variants) are the most popular rifle in the U.S. (and I’m guessing they are), and that (by any “reasonable” person’s opinion) means that they are “in common use”.
      By Difi’s own statement, “assault weapons” are not in common use…therefore, the AR-15 and it’s variants are not “assault weapons”.

      • She tried to argue that ownership doesn’t equate to use and actually suggested that tons of people own AR’s but don’t actually “use them” which means they can be banned.

        She’s persistent. I’ll give her that.

        • She’s a despicable and disgusting human being. Calling her a human being is also a bit of a stretch. When you have to lie to advance your fascistic and broken agenda, then, it’s not worth supporting in the first place. Labeling things something other than what they truly are is the first sign of mental deficiency. Abortion equates reproductive rights. How exactly? Jesus, this shit makes my head hurt.

        • I have first aid supplies that have never been used, does that mean she wants to take them away? When is someone going to throw a bucket of water on her so she can melt away?

        • She knows she’s losing so she does what all libs (especially California libs) do: she doubles down on the rhetoric to the point where she’s intellectually dishonest and obviously incompetent. Fortunately for her, she has an army of useful idiots to parrot her stupid notions, and a willing media cabal to cover up her unseemly faux-pas.

      • I own a shotgun and I barely get the time to shoot it. Does this mean it’s not in common use if I can find enough people in a similar situation?

    • My rebuttal to Ms. Feinstein is that “in common use” phrase is not of constitutional derivation, since those words do not appear in the Second Amendment. It is an argument arising out of the highly suspect Miller v. U.S. decision from the 1930s, which wasn’t even a gun ban case, it was as to the validity of the NFA, a tax and registration act. The sawed-off shotgun was not banned, it was illegal only if unregistered. A ban is another kettle of fish all together.

      • Everyone should read Miller, or at least a good summation.

        Had Miller lived, or if he had a lawyer worth AF, the sawed-off shottie in question would have been discovered to have ‘common military utility’ as a trench gun. In WWI.

        • He had a lawyer worth AF, the lawyer just didn’t feel like going to the expense of getting a license to practice before SCOTUS and trying a case (your briefs have to be filed with the court as typeset and bound books, for example) to defend a client who couldn’t even be found, let alone be expected to pay. (and in the middle of the Great Depression)

          Now if the NRA didn’t ‘fully support the NFA’, they could have paid for Miller’s defense before the SCOTUS.
          Today’s NRA would, fortunately.

          And remember, the whole ‘common use’ thing originated with the Miller court saying that only weapons used in military action were protected, not weapons in use by civilians. With Miller being a no-show, feral persecutors argued that the military never used shotguns. Fortunately for the persecution, nobody on the court had ever fought in a trench in WWI.

        • Just playing devils advocate here, but at the start of the war (before we got into it) the pike was in common military use.

        • It was worse than that, FedUp. Not only was the lawyer not getting paid, the Supreme Court required him to file his brief a mere two weeks after the government filed its brief. I don’t think that he could have gotten it published in that period of time, much less have time to write it. The whole thing was a set up from the very beginning. Apparently the trial court judge was very much in favor of the law, so he wrote an opinion finding it unconstitutional to assure a fast track to SCOTUS. Moreover, it appears that not only had Mr. Miller “disappeared,” he had been killed by his compatriots in the bank robbery for which he was arrested to assure that he would not rat them out. His death should have mooted the prosecution and the appeal; you can’t convict a person of a crime after they are dead.

        • FedUp, it was even worse than that. The court was restricted from considering their own beliefs or experiences, they could only consider those items entered into the court record. Since there was no defense, only the prosecutor’s case was considered, and the prosecutors deliberately lied. IOW, the court knew the sawed off shotgun was commonly used in WWI, but could not use that knowledge in their deliberations, and the prosecutors testified that they were not.

        • Totally agree FedUp, everyone has the right to ride their horse through town with their pikes held high. Just so long as they don’t plant them in the ground with human heads impaled on them…

        • FedUp you and Nanishithetroll could get a test case together tonight.

          I’ll kick in the $300 I was going to send to the NRA to upgrade to Patron Life. Let us know how it’s going, I’m still going to send the $ to the NRA.

        • Hmm, not sure why I’m being lumped in with Nanishi and called a troll here, but:

          Back in the 1970s, a relative gave me a big pile of American Rifleman back issues.
          And when Kennedy was president, before the 1960s gun control efforts, there was an editorial in which the NRA took credit for the passage of the wonderful beautiful NFA.

          In my youth, reading that when Harlon Carter was EVP (and writing a gun rights column in Guns&Ammo), was a real WTF moment.
          Unfortunately I don’t have the 1968 American Riflemans, or the 1934 versions.

  5. When someone fires a gun, and the shot is detected, there is likely a victim. So how does shot detection equipment prevent a shooting? Who thinks this crap will prove effective?

    • Nothing the gun grabbers propose does anything to protect victims or prevent shootings. Everything they do propose helps the perpetrators.

    • If the cops in Michigan went to the “Boward County Sherriffs active shooter training program”, then the system will let the first responders know what areas to avoid…. If its like any other shot spotter system, and the kids at that school are like any other kids, they will find ways to false trigger the system like clapping shoes together or slapping rulers on desk tops. After years of false reports, the cops will ignore the shot spotter system, and only respond to shot spotter activations where there is also a 911 call.

  6. Levi Strauss products are made outside the USA. Nike is a Germany company. Shoes made in Asia. I don’t expect the socialist progressive to be loyal to the American culture, the constitution. They are Internationalists. They are rich enemies of the citizenry. They are the kind of people who try and make weapons as expensive as possible. Of course as the rich they will always have arms.

  7. “..“One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is whatever it takes to keep kids safe,” said Superintendent Sander Scott.”

    Except, you know, allow adults to carry firearms on campus. Can’t have that because gunsRbad…Mmmkay

      • That translates into what, besides ‘Nanashi’?

        Edit – “nameless; anonymous; unknown”

        • Nooo…
          “Nanashi” is an obscure Tibetan word meaning, “Crap, not again!”
          It can be paired with various secular terms for demonstrative or comedic effect.

          Adepto a tenaci…

        • Like what was said above: it means “anonymous”… The irony is that the word is so unique and that “scowling guy” picture is so distinctive, that it is anything but anonymous.

          Kinda reminds me of “La Cosa Nostra” (this thing of ours). The Italian mob doesn’t want to give itself a name, but by calling it “La cosa nostra” they give themselves a name.

    • It’s a Japanese term that describes an ailment, it translates roughly to “NRA Derangement”, or as it’s being used here, “Deranged by and obsessed with the NRA”.

  8. Great, they can detect shots fired if it works, and if there aren’t so many false positives that they don’t shut it down. If the cops aren’t cowards, like at Parkland, that might buy them an extra 30 seconds, maybe.

  9. Gunshot detectors in schools now! The money being grifted from public coffers into private (connected) hands is just unimaginable. The gunshot detector thing in urban areas is a scam, and this is just more of the same.

    Here’s the Stein’s quote: “You’re saying the numbers determine common use?” Feinstein replied. “Common use is an activity. It’s not common storage or possession, it’s use. So what you said is that these weapons are commonly used. They’re not.”

    But I thought assault rifles were being used everywhere to kill children 24\7? One look at gun-control stats will show that! So which is it?

    • DiFi’s brain is not in common use. All she has to do is a quick search on the number of rounds of 5.56/.223 sold in the past 5 years, then try to argue they are not in common use. It’s a good thing for her she works for the gubt, she’s too stupid to live without a staff.

  10. Okay, so a school has the option of allowing teachers to take their guns with them into the classrooms so they have immediate access to them, should someone try to shoot the place up, but instead they say “Mmm, nah, let’s install a Shot Spotter system, even though it’s a complete waste of money and time for every city that’s installed them. However, it should prove really good at thwarting someone who has a gun intent on murder and mayhem.” Are they even thinking anymore? First off, the ShotSpotter system barely worked in the first place, but even assuming it has a perfect track record, (which it doesn’t) how would a shot detection system stop someone from pulling the trigger? It doesn’t make sense, even in the farthest stretch of the imagination! Even the buckets filled with rocks was a better idea, because that at least did something! What does this system do that our own ears can’t!?

    I will predict that this system will only serve to entertain students who will take turns trying to trigger it with loud noises, and even then, that will likely wear thin after a while. Why?! Why in God’s name would someone think that would deter someone with a gun?! It’s a waste of money and resources at best!

  11. on “Fifth third bank” alleged “shooting”…It didn’t happen!

    If it happened, then where are the videos?

    Just another Staged farce, to Try and create the call for more gun control. We all have to Demand the videos of these alleged “Shootings”!

    • It’s a little early to make those conclusions, but we sure can expect some videos eventually, we all know there are hundreds of security cameras in that bank, every square inch is double covered. If it happened, then videos exist.

  12. The NRA compromised and have ALWAYS BEEN compromised. I moved to Gun Owners of America where compromise isn’t even in their dictionary. What part of the Second Amendment doesn’t the NRA get where they went along with the “assault weapon ban” in the Clinton era?


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