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The EDC du jour of a systems architect in Georgia includes a Ruger LCR in .357 Magnum and a CRKT M16-13T. It always warms my heart to see a revolver as part of someone’s EDC.




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    • 9mm can be problematic in a revolver with some ammo because the bullets aren’t made to take the direct recoil that a revolver gives, and the bullets can creep out or jump the crimp. So you have to be careful with ammo selection and test thoroughly.

  1. Have any of you ever fired an LCR with .357 magnum loads? My wife has one and we never use anything but .38 special ammunition. Try it. You won’t like it. Even with custom rubber grips.

    • .38 +p in an LCR is unpleasant enough. .357 is just torture, and even then, it only really brings the bullet performance up to about on par with a baby Glock or other small 9mm pistol.

      If you want a .357, you really need a 4″ barrel or longer. Otherwise you’re getting mediocre performance combined with punishing recoil and meager capacity. Not a great combination.

      • You’ll get ~600ft/lbs out of a 3″ barrel with the full power (not +p) stuff (Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, etc) and 475-500ft/lbs out of most of the neutered factory stuff. 1-7/8″ barrels are a bit short, but I’m thinking even the 2-1/4″ barrels on the SP101s will produce significantly more ME than a typical 3″ 9 mm semi. Definitely becomes an exercise in how much recoil you’re willing to withstand though.

        • No surprise there, the 9 mm round is about twice as powerful as .38 special. And the .357 is about twice as powerful as 9 mm if you’re using the full power stuff. But you’re going to lose a lot of that power in a 1-7/8″ barrel. It fairs much better in a 3″.

    • As a matter of fact yes I like training with .357 because the way I figure if I can group well with .357 then I can with .38 depending on my mood I’ll carry with one or the other calibers loaded with a speed loader with the opposite caliber on my person. I get a rush shooting 357 out of that snubby.

    • I own a Ruger LCR in .357 and shoot .357 out of it every time I go to the range.
      Its not so bad if you practice often with it.
      I do enjoy shooting .38 special but if you got it in .357 might as well use it,or not. Shoot what’s comfortable for you and your wife so y’all want to come back and shoot more.

  2. I love me my old(60s) Smith “J” frame in .38 spec. That said I’m soon going to try a Ruger LCR in .327 federal. Same size and one more round. I’m not a capacity guy, or I wouldn’t be going wheelgun in the first place. But the difference between 5 and 6 is a hell of a lot more significant than going from 15 to 16.

    • “Needs a holster.”

      The LCR is plenty safe without a holster for carry.

      The very long, heavy, yet smooth trigger are its safety. In a pocket is just fine.

      No striker-fired weapon is safe when carried without a holster…

      • No weapon is safe carried without a holster. You carry the LCR in your man’s purse? Carrying a gun inside the pocket is begging for Murphy’s law to kick you in the butt when you need it the less.

      • This is wrong on so many levels.

        No handgun is safe to carry without a full trigger guard… ie… a holster.

        Please take your terrible advice back to reddit.

        • Wow. Look at how many here can’t even tell the difference between a striker fired and a double-action only trigger system! Only able to repeat that which they heard somewhere that doesn’t even apply, Like: “always carry in a holster”, without the slightest idea about WHY. And this is TTAG, which is so much better about gun knowledgeable comments than the average.
          Its like the old George Carlin routine: to really get the picture, imagine how ignorant the average Joe is, and then realize that half of them are even worse than that.

  3. Kinda makes sense that someone who carries an SRT red key would have a gun that loads something ending in ‘magnum.’

    • What are you comparing the LCR trigger with? A Glock or MP trigger? If you think it’s a nice nice trigger I can think of many revolvers you would probably come in your underwear when pulling the trigger.

  4. A .357 revolver loaded with hollowpoint .38’s will be plenty effective.
    .38 was the standard law enforcement caliber for many years and killed lots of criminals.
    We don’t see many revolvers here and even fewer with lasers.
    A laser is a great idea as it extends the range you can make hits over typical revolver iron sights.

    • I make regular hits with revolvers and iron sights at 50 yards, in any caliber from my “J” frame .38 to a model 29. Are you cocking your hammer and firing SA when at a decent distance, say 25 yards and out? At those distances you can’t even see a laser dot, much the less use it to aim with.

    • Me neither. Up close where you can see the dot, you don’t even need sights. Just point. Get far enough away to make them useful, and now you can’t even see the dot. Unless you’re in the dark and then it gives away your position.
      I can’t see how they’re useful. With one exception: If someone refuses to learn how to line up iron sights and also refuses to install a red dot sight. Then a laser might be the only possible option. But I’ve always taken the position that knowledge is better than gimmicks and gadgets. Gimmicks and gadgets fail, but knowledge never does.

  5. I like revolvers and .357 magnum, but this thing must not be fun to shoot. And if it’s not fun to shoot, most people will lose interest in practicing with it. I hope the person using this EDC is not “most person”, as you need to practice with what you intend to defend lives with.

  6. The idea is not about”foot pounds,what I carry,have you ever” duh it is about EDC
    It is agreat idea to have any weapon in the correct persons possesion.

  7. I carry a smith performance center 642 you might not be aware of 200gr 38 special they pack a wallpaper for both shooter and extended target. My personal favorite is 125gr half jacket +plus 38 special and 2 extra moon rings of same. After 5 rounds most people seem to behave better till the real police arrive .lol

  8. My wife and I both carry LCR 357’s loaded with Speer or Buffalo Bore short barrel designed ammo. Great handguns and ammo! Soft recoil and not much muzzle flash. Killed a beaver with mine on one of our irrigation ditches and he nearly “evaporated”.

    If you shoot “full house” 357 ammo like Federal C357B or Remington R357M1 in any short barreled handgun, you don’t need to worry about bullet choice or design—the muzzle flash and sound will get’um.

    • I never see these “evaporations.” Put down a sick possum a while back with Golden Saber .38 +P in an LCR-X 3″ — hole in, hole out. Deer with 7.62 x 39 — hole in, hole out. Put down horse with 9mm Golden Saber — hole in, hole out. Numerous groundhogs with .22 magnum — hole in, hole out. Coyotes with .22 magnum — hole in, hole out.

      I feel like I’m missing out.

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