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Sanctuary resolutions, which originally began in Illinois in early 2018, have swept the nation.  However, no state has outdone Virginia in quickly passing these “don’t tread on me” resolutions.  And now, Virginia Democrats have decided to push back, threatening those sanctuary jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies who refuse to enforce their new gun control laws.

Yes, the same Virginia state officials that welcome illegal aliens now say police departments that refuse to enforce new gun laws aimed at law-abiding Virginians will face “consequences.”

From the Washington Examiner:

…Virginia Democratic officials, however, already say local law enforcement supporting these resolutions will face consequences if they do not carry out any law the state Legislature passes.

“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly told the Washington Examiner of local county police who may refuse to enforce future gun control measures. “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

But it’s not just threats of prosecution.  Other Dems, including one of Virginia’s Congresscritters had other, more radical ideas.  Including defunding offending agencies.

Democratic Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin suggested cutting off state funds to counties that do not comply with any gun control measures that pass in Richmond.

“They certainly risk funding, because if the sheriff’s department is not going to enforce the law, they’re going to lose money. The counties’ attorneys offices are not going to have the money to prosecute because their prosecutions are going to go down,” he said.

Congressman Donald McEachin, pictured in the center of the above group. AP Photo.

Congressman McEachin had another bright idea:  Send in the National Guard to enforce gun control and, by extension, to confiscate newly banned guns.  That will go well, right?

McEachin also noted that Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam could call the National Guard, if necessary.

“And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” he said. “That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

It’s a pretty safe bet those Virginia National Guard units don’t relish this proposal one bit.

Meanwhile, Governor “Coonman” Northam, the guy who wore a KKK hood for a yearbook photo in his younger days, sings from an entirely different hymnal when it comes to illegal alien criminals.  He protected sanctuary cities and counties for illegal aliens by vetoing two bills that would have banned them.  From The Center Square:

Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam vetoed two Republican-backed bills that would have clamped down on cities that are sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

“Local and regional correctional facilities have, and should retain, discretion to determine how they choose to engage with federal immigration agencies,” Northam said in a statement announcing the veto of House Bill 2270. “This legislation impedes decision-making by administrators of these facilities by eliminating that discretion.”

While it’s clear that the overwhelming turn out at public meetings in support of firearm sanctuary resolutions has caught the attention of Virginia’s gun control advocates in the statehouse there. However, obviously those same pols haven’t gotten the message.

About 1,800 people attended a special meeting of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors at Stuarts Draft High School in Stuarts Draft, Va., on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, to consider a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution. (Logan Bogert/The News Virginian via AP)

Americans won’t tolerate gun confiscations.

And any government entities that try to do so may well find themselves kicking off a whole new type of civil “disobedience.”

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  1. I am following your blog since a few months about guns. I think, there should be something be happen about mass shootings. Innocents are being killed! What you say?

        • @jonathan.
          My state of New Hampshire has virtually no gun laws. An 18!year old can walk down a city street with a loaded “unlicensed” AR. We have had no mass shootings and a lower Per capita murder rate than demographically similar Canada. So the facts and data show gun laws are not the issue and in fact more gun laws probably make mass murder more common.
          In the last decade Europe has has three times as many mass murders of more than 50 people than the US has had. (US had paddock, Europe had Lubitz with 150 murdered in on mass murder, Lahouaiej-Bouhlel with 86 killed and 452 wounded, and Breivik. In fact Europe biggest mass casualties were not even with firearms
          The real issue within the USA is how many criminals are on the streets. Prior criminals, most often recently released felons or multiple prior arrests predatory criminals commit 90% of US murder be it by knife, gun, beating etc.

          You can thanks the US left for criminals on the streets. US GOP run towns and cities have LOWER average murder rates than Europe, Canada or Australia. US Democrat run cities run at eight times the average murder rate. In fact US murder including gun gun homicide declined by 62%, it is just about 1/3 of the rates of a generation ago across the US except for a handful of Democrat run cities that have seen an increase due to releasing prior violent criminals.
          It isn’t just gun killings up in Democrat run Baltimore Washington DC, Chicago etc— knife murder rose too. So it isn’t guns it is criminals

          Ask yourself why Virginia with so little gun control has much lower Gun and knife murder rates than same region, extremely similar income, education, race and other demographic Maryland?

      • I’m not sure if you’ve tried to learn a foreign language or not but it is quite difficult. To reply to someone like you did only alienates them and makes them less likely to try.

        If you tried to answer his questions instead of giving a rude reply you might be able to convert someone to our side.

        • Maybe if he doesn’t, know the Language he should keep liberal opinion To himself
          Did you give trophies to the losers so you wouldn’t hurt their feelings

        • I am having a terrible time learning Spanish.
          My input into controversial subjects is restricted greatly by my language skills even when I have profound things to say.

    • Not my monkey, not my circus. “Mass shootings” are statistically irrelevant and certainly don’t justify an act of treason in violation of the US Constitution. Anybody who votes in favor of gun control needs to be shipped to GITMO and treated like the traitor they are.

    • Innocents will always get killed. Many people are killed each year in parts of Central America, as well as Venezuela and South Africa. These places don’t have an equivalent to our Second Amendment. France has stricter “gun control” laws than anywhere in the US yet innocent people got killed during the Charlie Hebso and Bataclan terrorist attacks. The terrorists were armed with fully automatic rifles, some had body armor and explosives. By definition criminals don’t follow laws, what makes you think they would be concerned whether or not a certain type of firearm is legal or not? Not a big deal when you’re about to kill people and probably die one way or another. People are the problem, not the guns or the Second Amendment. What’s your plan to control the black market?

    • Continue to fix NICS reporting, keep violent offenders in prison, harden the really soft targets like schools. Repeal gun-free zone laws. Pass Constitutional Carry law. Make it easier, not harder, for citizens to train by reforming zoning laws.

    • Those mass shootings are almost always (95+%) happening in “gun free” areas where the victims are defenseless sitting ducks killed by disgusting wastes of oxygen that ignored the laws anyway. And innocents are being killed in strict gun controlled areas because they can’t defend themselves from common crimes such as robbery, rape, assault, etc. Even people with known threats against them are being kept defenseless in these areas and are dying as a result (here’s a recent and some older examples: Guns, including the “scary assault weapons” are used many, many times more often for self defense than for crime.
      So what say us? We say stop trying to kill innocent people by taking away their tool to defend themselves, when the criminals will just ignore and bypass your “solutions” anyway.
      Look, I give you credit for leaving your “safe space” and coming here to see the other side, but if you’ve been coming here for “months” but still feel the need to ask that question, you are either ignoring what you’ve read here, or are simply dismissing it out of hand and that shows that you are either not serious about trying to see our side of it, or are too dense (biased?) for it to make a difference.
      Or you’re a troll…

    • to Jonathan

      You are dealing with very ignorant and mentally ill people on this forum who do not care how many children are slaughtered each year at school. They do not believe that their children will ever be the victim of mass murder. The are too lazy, shiftless and too cheap to be willing to go through a 10 minute background check as is already required to buy new guns and it has been the law for decades and has never taken anyone’s guns away from them. But we are dealing with many mentally ill people on this forum suffering from advanced paranoia, and delusions of persecution, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Many know they would never pass a mental test to get a gun purchasing card. There is no use reasoning with mentally ill people. What is logical to normal people seems bizarre to their disturbed minds. They are unable to think clearly and logically. To them the illogical is normal.

      This is what I think Virginia will do immediately ( I do not support the coming bans or confiscations but do support the safe storage and Universal Back Ground checks).

      A gun owners permit card to purchase ammunition which would be issued after a mental test was given and background check was done to buy ammo. This would cancel any sales of ammunition to any individual that had a criminal record or mental record or was not able to pass the mental test. This card would have to be renewed every year like a drivers license.

      Mandatory safe storage laws with severe penalties will save many lives as most of the mentally ill children that went to school with guns simply got them from home and picked them up and went to school because the guns were not locked up in a secure safe. All civilized Industrial countries already have this law. Failure to obey this law would result not only in huge fines and jail time but the right to own a firearm would be revoked for life, no exceptions, no second chance. State surprise inspections would be mandatory to see if the “approved safe” was operable and in good condition and have been in current use.

      The people in power in Virginia now are the new law of the land. There will be no successful Resistance to the new laws that they will pass and they will ignore all marches for Second Amendment Rights because they were elected by the majority of the people of the State of Virginia that support these new laws. Virginia knows the courts will never overturn any laws that control or even ban guns. This has been the history of the courts.

      The new gun laws will probably come in stages like in California. Mild laws at first and then slowly introducing more and more gun bans until all of their objectives are met. High Capacity magazines will be the first totally banned and confiscated followed by a temporary grandfather system of existing weapons which will gradually be modified to confiscate various categories of weapons one by one.

      All new sales of semi-auto rifles will be immediately banned but the gun owners who cannot ever see beyond their noses will offer no Resistance because they will be told they can “keep their guns” (at least for a while). The gun owners will say “who cares if they ban new sales because we already have our guns so screw the younger generation”. This method is called “divide and conquer” and it works like a charm on ignorant selfish gun owners every time. Their selfishness always ends up eventually screwing themselves as well. We have went through this before under President Busch and his support for gun ban laws and ditto of Pres. Reagan who banned new machine gun sales. Many gun owners said back in those days “I do not own an assault rifle or a machine gun, I am a hunter so I do not care if they ban them”. The master gun ban plan will work just as well this time as well as History has already proven it works and works well.

      Although I personally do not believe in any of the coming bans I do believe Universal Background checks and safe storage should be mandatory but what I want will not be relevant as Virginia now knows they are Lord and Master of the Gun Ban laws and no one can stop them now and they damn well know that now they are Lord and Masters of the Universe and have absolute power over the people. As in past U.S. History 2A means little or nothing.

      • “You are dealing with very ignorant and mentally ill people on this forum who do not care how many children are slaughtered each year at school.”

        Thank you for self-identifying.

        For future reference, brevity is the soul of wit.

        • Next time have your wife read my post and explain it to you. I know attention deficit disorder is tough to live with so obviously you never got past the first few lines.

        • “You are dealing with very ignorant and mentally ill people on this forum who do not care how many children are slaughtered each year at school.”

          Obviously neither do you, the people responsible for making “gun free” zones and leaving the children exposed to mentally ill people with weapons who will just walk In and start shooting because they know no ones going to shoot back, think posting a sign Is all the protection they need.
          Who’s being Ignorant?

        • We do care about people being killed.We care about the citizens who will be slaughtered by fascist police trying to seize the citizens’ guns. We fear the police state the VA Governor and others want to create. There are other ways to protect the innocent than to create a socialist regime that functions like the former Soviet Union.

      • … and I support tossing commies like you out of helicopters. Unfortunately, both of us will have to live with our disappointment. You’re not getting any federal gun control passed without a civil war. Hell, even WITH a civil war, you won’t get anything passed because you’ll lose.

      • Having to lock up our defensive weapons just makes us victims, if you can’t see that, you are in big trouble when they come for what is yours.

      • Disregarding the jab at the reasonable and logical thinking people on this site…. Your argument and reasoning is so full of logical fallacies that it’s no wonder you don’t have an inkling of the ability to actually think through a thought.

        Appeal to emotion, appeal to ridicule, ad hominem, false equivalence, just to name a few.

        Maybe if you took a second to actually reflect upon these and see where you made such logical blunders, you’ll actual understand how poorly worded and insane your stream of nonsense actually is.

      • I’m just guessing here but I’m sure you fully support abortion, unlimited on demand, without excuse up to the point of birth & beyond …

      • One day, you won’t be able to hide behind internet anonymity when you make your dumb ass rants. Hilariously enough, the party that you worship so fervantly will be the one to do it.

        And like the meek person you really are, you’ll simply disappear, because unlike a lot of people here you’ll never own what you say when there are actual consequences to face. That’s what separates a lot of people here from you: many arnt cowards like you and arnt scared to air their BS out in the open.

        But hey, til then, tl;dr and stay mad lmao

      • “mental test”…because PsychoQuackery is such an exact science that they are never wrong?

        Wow, so many Bozo the Clown ideas in just one posting.

      • Lol!! More children are murdered at ‘planned parenthood’ in a month than in a year of your mythical ‘gun violence’ screed.
        More children drown in pools than from ‘gun violence’ .
        I’d say educate yourself, but it would be wasted, as you have no intention of attempting to do so.

      • There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed. U.S. population 328,735,259 as of Monday, May 6, 2019. Do the math: 0.0000912588% of the population dies from gun related actions each year. Statistically speaking, this is insignificant! What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 deaths, to put them in perspective as compared to other causes of death:
        • 65% of those deaths are by suicide which would never be prevented by gun laws
        • 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty
        • 17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons – gun violence
        • 3% are accidental discharge deaths
        So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100. Still too many, Right? Well, first, how are those deaths spanned across the nation?
        • 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago
        • 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore
        • 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit
        • 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years)
        So, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.
        This leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation, or about 75 deaths per state. That is an average because some States have much higher rates than others. For example, California had 1,169 and Alabama had 1.
        Now, who has the strictest gun laws by far? California, of course, but understand; This is not guns causing this, it’s a crime rate spawned by the number of criminal persons residing in those cities and states. So if all cities and states are not created equally, then there must be something other than the tool causing the gun deaths.
        Sure, 5,100 deaths per year is horrific…How about in comparison to other deaths? All death is sad and especially so when it is in the commission of a crime, but that is the nature of crime. Robbery, death, rape, assault all is done by criminals and thinking that criminals will obey laws is ludicrous. Hence the reason they are labeled criminals.
        Gun homicides are overwhelmingly tied to gang violence. In fact, a staggering 80% of gun homicides are gang-related. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gang homicides accounted for roughly 8,900 of 11,100 gun murders in both 2010 and 2011. That means that there were just 2,200 non gang-related firearm murders in both years
        But what about other deaths each year?
        • 638,169 legal induced abortions in the US (CDC – 2015, nothing more current)
        • 40,000+ die from a drug overdose–THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!
        • 36,000 people die per year from the flu, far exceeding the criminal gun deaths
        • 34,000 people die per year in traffic fatalities (exceeding gun deaths even if you include suicide)
        • For the last 19 years, from 1999 to 2017, there were 2,467 children killed in fatal accidents involving bicycles, versus 1,994 children killed in fatal accidents involving a firearm. Are we ready to ban bicycles?
        Now it gets good:
        • 200,000+ people die each year (and growing) from preventable medical errors. You are safer in the Chicago streets than in Cook County hospital!
        • 600,000-plus die each year from cancer.
        • 710,000 people die per year from heart disease.
        It’s time to stop the double cheeseburgers, and any other ‘bad-for societal good food’! So what’s the point? If our lawmakers and the anti-gun movement focused their attention on heart disease, even a 10% decrease in cardiac deaths would save twice the number of lives annually of all gun-related deaths (including suicide, law enforcement, etc.). A 10% reduction in medical errors would be 66% of the total gun deaths or 4 times the number of criminal homicides……Simple, easily preventable 10% reductions!
        So you have to ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, why the focus on guns? It’s pretty simple:
        Taking away guns gives control to governments.
        The founders of this nation knew that regardless of the form of government, those in power may become corrupt and seek to rule as the British did by trying to disarm the populace of the colonies. It is not difficult to understand that a disarmed populace is a controlled populace. Thus, the second amendment was proudly and boldly included in the U.S. Constitution. It must be preserved at all costs.
        Remember, when it comes to “gun control,” the important word is “control,” not “gun.”
        “In his paper titled “How the British Gun Control Program Precipitated the American Revolution,” Kopel claims that various gun control policies by the British following the Boston Tea Party, including a ban on firearm and gunpowder importation, tells us not only the purpose of the Second Amendment, but its relevance within the context of today’s gun control debate.
        “The ideology underlying all forms of American resistance to British usurpations and infringements was explicitly premised on the right of self-defense of all inalienable rights,” Kopel writes. “From the self-defense foundation was constructed a political theory in which the people were the masters and government the servant, so that the people have the right to remove a disobedient servant. The philosophy was not novel, but was directly derived from political and legal philosophers such as John Locke, Hugo Grotius, and Edward Coke.”
        Kopel writes that two important things underlined the American response to the British policies. One was the practical concept of self-defense, which British disarmament measures was making more difficult. The other, and more relevant concept, was that “Americans made no distinction between self-defense against a lone criminal or against a criminal government.”
        Further reductions in violence in America can be attributed to the sheer numbers of citizens exercising their right to bear arms. In October 2019, FBI 2018 Crime in the United States report revealed that Concealed Carry Permit Holders increased again, now 304% more CCWs than in 2007. That means 18.66 MILLION citizens now have a concealed carry permit and represent the largest cross-section of Americans imaginable —- aain, violent crimes continue to go down, almost as if criminals know they just might be on the wrong end of ‘a good guy with a gun’.
        ANY politician or bureaucrat, including judges who would infringe upon our inalienable rights as described under the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be denied public office, and removed from office if serving for abdicating their oath to office –
        *** Stats were gathered from the FBI’s Crime Database, the CDC’s fatal-injury database, and various search engines….

        credit: America Loving Patriot-on another forum

        • OMG
          Summarize next time plz
          Most of us don’t come to TTAG to scroll through reams of cut-and-paste

        • “• 710,000 people die per year from heart disease.
          It’s time to stop the double cheeseburgers,”

          btw- The saturated-fats-cause-heart-disease thing is another falsehood.

        • TL;DR. Almost. Paragraphs would help a lot.

          One of the things that keeps me coming back to TTAG is that the long comments frequently *are* worth reading (certain progressive nutjobs notwithstanding). Thanks for the interesting numbers.

      • By entering a discussion with personal attacks you are bound to fail at any objective, unless you are a Russian troll. In that case, you are highly effective.

      • You talk to much but I’ll risk a question. Explain in 100 word or less, how what you support does not violate the 2cnd amendment? Please

        • I normally don’t make a practice of copying and reposting long text blocks, although I have been known to write original posts nearly this long myself. I considered it this one outstanding, carefully researched, effectively argued, and worth repeating. It comes from a disqus forum attached to one of AWR Hawkins’s articles about either the governor or a representative threatening to use the National Guard somehow against 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties.

          Some with modern day short attention spans use forums to blow off steam, display their lack of writing ability and English skills, then move on. Some wander off topic and never return. But there is also some very good, well thought out original text. This was one that has merit.

      • US murder has fallen to 1/3 of rates of 25 years ago in 93% of US municipalities, towns and cities. It had fallen the most where gun laws were relaxed/reduced.the only places where gun murder did not fall at least 50% are places that substantially reduced Time served for violent criminals.

        If you cared about innocents you would advocate less gun control and longer sentences for violent criminals

      • “Gun control” laws have not controlled violence committed with guns. That should be obvious even to you, if for no other reason that you call for more “gun control” laws to solve a problem you’ve already tried to control with other “gun control” laws.
        IOW: “gun control” laws haven’t worked, and there’s no reason to believe you can fix the problem with more of the same.
        IOW: the deluded ones are those like you who think you can control criminals by restricting the rights of the law abiding people.
        IOW: you’re a proven idiot.

      • I actually kind of read some of this just now, after scrolling past it several times.

        So, Sir Moreadventures, you say you don’t believe in any of the gun control laws Virginia’s Democrats are planning to ram through. This is good. It seems you recognize at some level that the anti-gun agenda can’t work — or at least that it will only work if *everyone* is treated like a criminal, which would be a very ugly turn of events.

        Yet you also say universal background checks and safe storage laws are necessary. Why? Do you believe the anti-gun crowd will quit trying to ban and take our stuff if we make these concessions? Or do you believe that these measures actually will fix the problem the anti-gun crowd is blaming on us (and therefore they’ll quit coming after us)?

        Serious questions. I would like to hear your reasoning.

      • Well well well if it isn’t billionaire shit tard Michael Bloomberg hisself doing a little late night drunk trolling on TTAG 🤣👍 Mayor, does Beto O’Rourke give you a reach around during sex?

        400 million guns and one trillion rounds of ammo. Growing daily. Come take em, motherfuckers.

      • That’s a rather long diatribe you wrote there. I wonder that since you are so quick to diagnose mental illness over the internet, if you are a licensed mental health professional. If not please stop practicing pop psychology. If you are, then you should know you could be censured for misconduct. However, the real issue is that you felt quite free to post your shall we say salt opinion. And in fact, you were quite free to do so. That comes under the heading of the first amendment. But you may not always be so free to opine so prolifically if the first amendment goes the same way the second amendment is headed. See, once a freedom is lost it is very, very easy to lose others. Especially if you don’t have the second to defend the first. Enjoy your freedom of speech, for now.

    • @ Jonathan
      Second hand cigarette smoke kills as many people or more than guns do each year, not just mass shootings and innocent people but ALL GUN DEATHS. Guns kill around 35k-39k in the USA. That’s not homicide, that’s all guns, police killing bad people, gangs, accidental and suicides which account for 60% of all gun deaths.
      Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure.
      How about politicians do something that REALLY MATTERS and do something about an actual significant killer that dwarfs what guns do.

        • Agreed. What I disagree with is any attempt to make ME pay for someone else’s poor health decisions by taxing me extra.

        • Yes Dan, but that stinky second hand smoke kills more than guns do! If a person wants to jump off something high, FINE but make sure they don’t land on others and kill them also.

        • “ Exposure to secondhand smoke has immediate adverse effects on the cardiovascular system and can cause coronary heart disease and stroke.2,4,5

          Secondhand smoke causes nearly 34,000 premature deaths from heart disease each year in the United States among nonsmokers.4
          Nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home or at work increase their risk of developing heart disease by 25–30%.1
          Secondhand smoke increases the risk for stroke by 20−30%.4
          Secondhand smoke exposure causes more than 8,000 deaths from stroke annually.4
          Breathing secondhand smoke can have immediate adverse effects on your blood and blood vessels, increasing the risk of having a heart attack.2,3,4

          Breathing secondhand smoke interferes with the normal functioning of the heart, blood, and vascular systems in ways that increase the risk of having a heart attack.
          Even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can damage the lining of blood vessels and cause your blood platelets to become stickier. These changes can cause a deadly heart attack.
          People who already have heart disease are at especially high risk of suffering adverse effects from breathing secondhand smoke and should take special precautions to avoid even brief exposures.1”

    • When you can write a post in something that even closely resembles English sentence structure…give us a call and then we might care about you or what you think…..till then just go away!

      ohh and do note, if your note from the USA….we don’t care about you at all


    • I say ALL members of OUR government took and take the same oath, to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and THE VIRGINIA CONSTITUTION. So if any law enforcement officer goes to jail for not enforcing a unlawful law, so should the law makers.

    • Mass shooting are up a bit but still overall homicide is still trending down dramatically so. A life is a life and less loss of life is better no matter what side you are on. Plus none of these laws are directed at reducing mass shootings. They only address legal gun ownership

    • You are absolutely correct….Since most all mass shooters are liberal democraps I say ban all liberals & ship they to Iran for a safer Country!!!


    • As you can see, this is a pretty hot topic. While mass shootings are very high-profile in the news, they do make a negligible fraction of U.S. deaths by firearm, which is itself a small fraction of deaths in the U.S., at least based on F.B.I. statistics. Unfortunately, liberal Democrats insist that firearms themselves are the problem, instead of trying to discern the root of the problem, which is: why would anyone want to murder several people?

      If you wonder why conservatives/libertarians/Republicans resist gun control, take a look at Hong Kong these days.

    • Assuming you want to do something to ‘stop’ mass murders (not killings, let’s use the correct term), I agree that particular ‘something’ should be done. Trying to limit or eliminate legal ownership of firearms will not accomplish or aid in doing that ‘something’. The murderers must be stopped. Those people who commit heinous crimes must be eliminated.
      Concentrate on how to accomplish that. There lies the solution. Peace.

    • You’re obviously an idiot and a degenerate sodomite. Train and arm school teachers and staff so that if a leftist incid decides to open fire the little sissy is dropped in its tracks by a well-trained staff member.

    • I’m in Texas, and we plan for days like this, me and hundreds of thousands of Texans are locked loaded and ready for this dirty government to pull a gun grab, we will bring war to them un-heard of.

    • Apart from the reporting that is done on this website about every high profile mass shooting?
      Not that I speak for the editors, but I say: innocents being killed is nothing new. That’s humanity. Every nation on this planet was born out of killing innocent people. Nearly every major advancement in science and technology- from the bow and arrow to the space race- was rooted in a motivation to kill people. There’s not going to be an end to it while there are still homo sapiens.
      The problem is that a person without the inhibition to kill people has no shortage of options, and will gather no shortage of experience. Bombs, poison, arson, all of these if used correctly can- and have been- used to greater ends of destuction than just using a gun. A person who only wants to defend themselves and their loved ones has far fewer options because they must not surpass an acceptable level of collateral damage. It makes no sense to defend my home with a flamethrower. A person who has no reason to care about collateral damage can make one with a trip to the hardware store.
      A person acting defensively must use a tool that meets very specific criteria. It must be ranged. It must be lethal. It must have sufficient continuity of fire. It must be monodirectional. And it must not require years of training to use effectively. While some of those qualities mak a gun one of many desirable options to mass killers, the gun- more specifically, in my humble opinion- the cased cartridge- is the only reasonable option for honorable people. And frankly, the very fact that over the last hunderd and eighty years or so, physically weaker people have for the first time had the means to resist those who might otherwise subjugate them may have done more for human rights than any other factor in history.

    • First of all, welcome to this blog. Excuse some of the poster’s language, they got sick and tired of gun grabber’s unending efforts to use every tragedy to disarm us.

      We have to do something? Like, anything? Or something that might actually help? Murder is already illegal, not much to achieve here by more bans.

      You don’t want to see innocent people get murdered? Me neither. Okay, how about this: stop denying them a chance to effectively defend themselves. Vast majority of mass shootings happened in a “gun free zone”. Wannabe mass murderers who picked a location where people bear arms got often stopped before they could rack up a “high score” and therefore don’t show on the “mass shootings hitparade”.

      You will never hear about those cases on mainstream media, because it doesn’t help the public disarmament propaganda, unlike “successful” mass murders that get months of 24-7 coverage every time.

      • Demons dont care about facts or stats. They dont care about protecting anyone. They only care about full & total control of the people & by doing so be awarded a seat at the table of elites.

    • hey yo yo how about the mass slaughter of babies PPH kill more humans in one hour them all the guns in mass shootings and you do not stick up for the unborn

    • They’re being killed because they REFUSE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES and because of “GUN FREE ZONES”

      Now, go home. And for gods sake, learn the language before using it, you damned troll.

    • Every human life is precious! Taking away our rights and our guns is a corrupted government wanting more power to meet a political agenda.

      If protecting everyone from being killed then having a more sincere message may be the answer. Over 10,000 human lives are killed and slaughtered very year in the US and none of these same anti guns politicians or advocates are even addressing the most enormous mass killing on a daily average.

      Holding Beer and Liquor companies and possibly even car companies liable for creating the monster and road terrorist that takes the lives of of hundred everyday. Not just so many innocent lives being ended without warning but, in many sad stories entire families being wiped out by one drunk being the wheel of a deadly weapon!

      Banning those spirits and vehicles just like the guns should be the words from those same politicians and advocates.

    • It isn’t the law abiding citizens who do any harm and sometimes stop a bad guy with a gun.
      The shooters usually have a history, like the shooter in Florida.

    • the law is not the law if its unconstitutional and sworn officers take an oath to defend the constitution of the united states over everything else so this democrat is jerkoff. STOP VOTING FOR THESE IDIOTS!

    • You don’t find it rather suspicious that the same group executing these gun confiscation RITUALS, is squealing for ‘SOMETHING’ to be done?

      Most, if not ALL of the recent school, church and sinagog murders line up perfectly with a Masonic Qabala ritual; even the PERPS!

      See for yourself:
      This will give you those proverbial ‘eyes to see’:

      Here’s a vast pot of evidence proving same:

    • What’s behind all the wicked insanity in the last 6 years?
      God has turned America over to Satan.

      Why? To snap people out of their collective coma.

      Then one last ‘awakening’. An out pouring of His Spirit.

      Turn from your sin. Call upon Christ.

      He’s about to return.

      If you have a better explanation for the mass evil going on, let’s hear it!

        • Maybe Notham can make Eric Swalwell a General in the Va National Guard and lead the troops in the confiscation efforts. That should be fun to watch from 4000 miles away. That, and it gets Eric Swalwell out of our (California’s) ass for a minute.

        • Correct Eric”Nuke Em Swalwell a General in the Va National Guard and lead the troops in the confiscation efforts,as his threat to nuke non compliant Americans is on record.

      • Civil War is inevitable.

        I was told I’m low hanging fruit when I post it. IMO it’s inevitable. Free speech. I’m not giving up the 2nd or 1st Amendment.

        I’ve also posted it looks like it starts in Virginia.

        National Guard is that were you really want go?

        I’m not registering or surrendering firearms. I will not COMPLY.

        • “I will not comply.”…. you and 95% of New Yorkers and Californians. Civil War? That’s still way down the road from non-compliance.

        • These idiots think that the Militia mentioned in the Constitution is the national guard, they will see who the Milita is when they try to defy the constitution with the poorly trained guard. Didn’t the British try something similar ? Those that do not learn from history……..

        • I suspect a good portion of the National Guard members will disobey orders to fire on their brothers and sisters.

        • “If the VA National Guard would be called up, what percent would refuse because that are pro-gun?”

          I’m sure there’s more than one that will SHOOT any commanders ordering them to shoot patriots!

          Virginians too will be have BACKUP, and not only by neighboring states, you’ll have legions coming in from Texas and Arizona.

          We’re far past “Pitch forks and Torches”; it’s Gallows and Guillotines time!

          Arrest, try and HANG the traitor ‘communists’ that think we cannot read or know our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, and then use their heads in bowling matches so the other ‘commies’ get the point!

          The 2nd amendment is superfluous and only evidences the existing RIGHT to defend your family from so-called ‘communists’, now calling themselves ‘neo-liberals’.

    • “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.”

  2. Democrats: get someone else to do it!
    Seriously, somebody else should pay for this project.
    Somebody else should put these people to work.
    Somebody else should implement all our great ideas.
    Somebody else should raise my kids.
    Somebody else should plan my retirement.
    Somebody else should catch bullets in the face enforcing our bullshit laws.
    For many it goes as as as “somebody else should sleep with my wife.”
    It’s you bright ideas, Dems, so don a vest and stack up.

    • Yup. Socialists/communists/fascists need a socialized and militarized police force to enforce their rules. Without a socialized force they cannot and will not enforce rules you don’t want to follow. This is especially the case in the United States because the average citizen can buy (or owns) a modern rifle.

      I explained the other day in a comment here that socialists want a nationalized and militarized standing law enforcement. This is what eventually happens in a socialist country. The police become the local military that wages war on life, liberty and property.

      Unfortunately many 2A personalities say you should comply with all laws and wait until the supreme court saves America.

  3. If those on the Moderate-Conservative, Conservative, and Libertarian side of the aisles still don’t see who these Maoist f***-up pigshits in the Democrat Party are as they show themselves to be, then we will be living under a Maoist Dictatorship within 10 years.

    These same Maoist f***-up pigshits will violate immigration laws to give Sanctuary to Illegal Alien 3rd World Scum.

    The Democrat Party is now openly admitting they will use the full force of the police and military to impose their Ideology.

    There is no “compromise” with the Left.

    • ” Maoist f***-up pigsh*ts in the Democrat Party”

      They’re not Maoists, they’re marxist/satanic/masonic juice, just like your governor!
      (They’re in ALL religions!)

      Curiously, the same tribe as most of our ‘lone nut’ shooters; that’s correct, most have been Jews!
      Katz, the LV shooter and many more!

      It’s their Hegelian dialectic killing our children in schools so they can harvest the rest after the parents cannot protect them!

    • The National Guard will get crushed. Low intensity conflict in a rural environment with no secure base of operations? Yeah… there’s a reason the 2nd amendment exists. It makes the use of military force against civilians a suicide mission.

      • Hum, the NG has armored vehicles, as well as explosives, machine guns, and I would assume probably access to helicopters. Sure it’s not like you’re getting hammered by the Navy, USAF and the Marines all at once but still, I doubt they would get crushed. I don’t think most of them want to do that to begin with.

        • Yeah… How well did the weekend warriors do in Iraq? Oh, yeah, they got their asses kicked. Why? Because their training, doctrine, and chain of command suck. As for all their fancy gear, that doesn’t help you when you pull over to gas up your Bradley and six rednecks start sniping at you. Nobody is going to be forming fancy battle lines. What’s going to happen is the occasional raid on a FOB, IEDs, and cutting off their supply routes. I wonder how well all that gear works without gas?

        • If it came to the NG actually trying to enforce these constitutional violations it would get really ugly really quickly. The weak link isn’t them or their equipment. It’s the fact that they are part of the community that they would betray. Do you think they are going to run off to enforce these egregious violations if their families are at home surrounded by the same type of people they are supposed to be rounding up?

        • Overseas we had constant air, artillery, and a mostly disarmed population of low tech exposure. Given the choice of domestic operation and going back to Afghanistan I would be brushing up on Pashto immediately. Especially since the domestic guard “armored vehicles” are mostly uparmored hmmvs so have fun testing how bullet resistant those are.

        • I have relatives in the National Guard, and I know they would refuse to mobilize for something like this.

          For those who wouldn’t refuse, well, as an informed resident of my town, county, and state, I know where many National Guardsmen — and more importantly, the people who would tell them to come after me — eat, sleep, and work. In this scenario, I’m not fighting helicopters, Bradleys, or armored humvees.

          You do NOT want to see how ugly that would get. I don’t either.

        • I actually take a very different view of upcoming hostilities in that I actually think the American people, CAN “stand toe to toe” with its own government in pitched battles. That May sound a bit nuts, but consider the following:

          1. I don’t discount 4th generation warfare or guerrilla war. That type of warfare is certainly going to take place and likely be most of the type of fighting taking place, because this era in history, that’s the type of war being fought.

          2. Having said that, I do believe there will come open battles that becomes a war of attrition. I believe this because like with any real civil war, the rebellion is not simply a few thousand people uprising. There are core elements of the current establishment that will side with the “rebels”. This is a fact of many civil wars past and present. We are already seeing this take place right now, as local LE is defying the state.

          3. As the conflict intensifies, the powers that be, will be unable to really use the key asset that keeps the US so dominant overseas. And that’s air power. Air power will be extremely limited. Imagine the PR nightmare of a government air strike in a Virginia suburb or small town. It would prove the government is out of control and damage their legitimacy. Your not going to see Iraq and Vietnam levels of ordinance being dropped on the American homeland, at least until they really start losing. Once they do that it will be a death throw move. Surgical drone or smart bomb strikes will have their place, but as proven in countless wars, that will not be effective enough to actually win, and keep in mind drones can be snd have been shot down and hacked.

          4. The US or a state government probably can’t fight a conventional war very well, because they haven’t done it since Korea. An actual large, trained force with the real ability aim and make kill shots would cause panic in the leadership of said force. I believe this because this sentiment is actually shared by none other then Pentagon, when they wargame for the real possibility of having to fight Russia in Baltic states. The information on this topic is out there to see, but to sum it up, both America and NATO have been fighting A symmetrical war for so long they’ve forgotten how to fight a large organized force, particularly one that can dish out accurate rifle fire. It’s in fact so bad, more then one American and British General has stated the West would outright lose in short order, in a sudden Russian attack. Now, understand I’m not saying that even a combination of LE, military and civilians won’t equal the abilities of the Russian army from the outset, but it does show a serious weakness and unpreparedness on behalf of the federal government.

        • You do realize, political assassinations, ambushes, bombings, snipers…….

          “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight it’s because your tactics suck. “, LTC Allen West.

          Seriously, the Democrats better step back. It’s on them.

        • Please remember the NG is made up of citizen soldiers, they are the same citizens that were at the sanctuary meetings. In the audience and behind the desk. Also the military oath includes upholding the Constitution.

        • You’re assuming that the National Guard and other active DOD branches will actually obey those orders. Part of the UCMJ is to obey LAWFUL orders and support the Constitution of the United States.

        • Merle

          Come on dude give us some credit.

          “4) The US or a state government probably can’t fight a conventional war very well, because they haven’t done it since Korea.”

          You’ve never been in the military have you?

          Gulf war ’91 800,000 troops, OIF I ’03 150,000 troops, Fallujah 2 11/ ’04, Fallujah 1 4/ ’04 false start, Mosul 2015 -17 (granted it took two full years but we were only assisting.) No other entity on the planet even comes close to the U.S. Military’s ability to wage large scale combined arms war-fare or manage a global logistics train, not even close. We are in fact the only ones that have actually done it in the last 80 years. We’re not that great, but every other military in the world sucks and sucks hard comparatively; especially in the realm of special operations / counter insurgency with twenty continuous years of institutional learning behind us. Your other points are theoretical but quite possibly valid though.

        • F-Troop, I don’t often state my personal credentials because I think it’s irrelevant to do so online. I get annoyed with the “I’m a vet/cop/black/gay” announcement one feels they have to make before stating any opinion these days. But I’ve been there myself. What I was stating wasn’t a dig towards fellow vets or our recent history. The US military has absolutely stomped its enemies into the ground in recent wars. The difference here is this hypothetical war wouldn’t be against a fledgling Iraq or overseas. It’ll be here and the opposition would consist of many veterans and LE, to likely include even some air and naval assets. This is what I mean when I state the military isn’t prepared for a real conventional conflict, and I didn’t invent this opinion, I learned this from reports from our very own pentagon and NATO. For instance, in a real conventional war you don’t have guaranteed total air or naval supremacy, you don’t have guaranteed numerical superiority, you don’t have the exclusive right armor or artillery support, which would also be the case in a hypothetical fight with Russia in Baltics. Imagine an A symmetric war like Iraq but with an enemy that also has strategic depth and it’s own ability to conduct air strikes, sink supply ships and shoot down troop transports. This is getting to be long winded and off topic so I’m going to stop, but I’ll recommend reading the reports and judging for yourself.

        • Merle

          I see what your saying but I think your still thinking and speaking in academic abstractions and likely not from personal experience or authoritative research. The U.S. military absolutely is guaranteed air and naval superiority over both of our two nearest peer rivals. Russia barely has a functioning carrier group, china only has 1 or two, we have thirteen none of that is abstract theoretical or debatable. Again its as close to a literal guarantee as 20 percent of GDP can buy. There is next to no viable scenario in which the U.S. navy when fully deployed couldn’t annihilate both the Russian and Chines navy’s simultaneously. So 50 percent of our military would have to desert to make it even a contest, but more importantly those deserters would have to be entire cohesive units taking heavy equipment and fixed infrastructure with them upon desertion. if you’ve been in the military then you must know there is just no way that is even possible.

        • This is a nightmare scenario in asymmetrical warfare. I wish the elitist control freaks would stop and actually think about where they’re marching to, and what this would be like. Any military actions in civil disturbances here will not be like past domestic conflicts. Anything heavy handed by state or federal forces only exacerbates the problems, and among the very people they would be trying to control exists a significant number of veterans willing to act or train others. Why do you think the elite oligarchy of this country distrusts veterans so much? Because they have the potential to challenge their control of anything important or strategic, and force the terms of engagement into that of a guerrilla force. Remember – one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. This would probably be worse than having a peer threat setting up camp in your backyard. Nearly every former SF guy will start training forces, and many of them have said so publicly. Imagine if a few former Marines or Soldiers decided to take a page out of Hathcock’s or Simo Häyhä’s book and use their marksmanship skills as a random solo act from time to time, as they blend into their natural home environment – hard to control the battle space when people keep dropping at random. I’m thinking the National Guard would be way out of their depth. In all honesty, I absolutely hope and pray that it never comes to that – I don’t think most people have considered what this would really mean.

      • To say nothing of the National Guard members serve their communities. Neighbors know who they are, where they live, where their kids go to school and where their spouses work.

        No, the National Guard isn’t going to be confiscating guns and magazines.

        • Not to mention many of the junior enlisted would be the ones getting deputized in the relevant counties to begin with. Would have been bad with my old unit that was mostly Philly kids don’t want to think about how crazy Virginia could get.

        • “To say nothing of the National Guard members serve their communities.”

          That is what makes the entire ill-conceived ‘idea’ of the National Guard kicking down doors to grab guns so *LAUGHABLE* – They have people they love in the community, and *all* is fair in love and war, and that is exactly what it will be.

          moreadventuresonotherplanets, you need to have a sit-down with the members of the National Guard and have a heart-to-heart discussion on your little ‘plan’.

          What are you going to do when the Guard refuses to confiscate guns? Call in the Marines, USAF, and Army? I assure you, they will be even less willing to do what you don’t *personally* have the balls to do… 😉

        • In a nationwide conflagration they wouldn’t be serving / occupying in their own community’s. They would be federalized and moved out of state and replaced with other states’ NG. If Bush can move your states National Guard 12,000 miles he can damn sure move it 1200.

      • Ha what a laugh. Tell me pwerserge do you really believe the bizarre and grandiose fantasies you post or are you just a troll? We live in the 21St century not the 18th. Big Brother sees and hears everything you do 24 hours around the clock. You are recorded on cameras at least 300 times every day. Your every movement is already tracked via cell phone, computer, and vehicle installed black boxes. A fat Military Lady eating a hamburger and sipping a coke just has to push a button and obliterate you as she has already done to Middle East People while they attended an innocent wedding party. Its come home to roost here now pwrserge, I mean the killer drone monsters and some will now be operated by artificial intelligence pre-programmed to obliterate you and put the fat lady out of a job.

        Remember the famous movie line “I’ll be Back” well now its for real pwrserge and your ass is grassed. And remember you were one of these goons at one time so you know how futile it is to fantasize about resistance. Your former slave masters are now your executioners. You picked a great group of people to hang around with.

        • No one in the world is stopping you from just bending over and asking for it gently champ. Why the insistence on getting everyone else to give up? Go cuck on your own time.

        • Yeah… Unlike you, I actually know what I’m talking about. Drones need parts, fuel, and operators.

          Those parts are made in factories with no real security.
          That gas gets shipped to central depots with no real security.
          Those operators have families that have no real security.

          Welcome to asymetric warfare. FYI: Trump isn’t going to support any move in Virginia and he’s far more likely to order every member of the DNC stood up against a wall and shot.

        • “..A fat Military Lady eating a hamburger and sipping a coke..”

          Why oh why Vladie, my sweet boy, would you bring ME, your mama, into your playground conversation?

          Don’t I bring you Kool-Aid and Hot Dogs down to your ‘hideout’ in the basement?

          Oh my little Vladie boy your mama just likes to eat.

        • “We live in the 21St century not the 18th. Big Brother sees and hears everything you do 24 hours around the clock. You are recorded on cameras at least 300 times every day. Your every movement is already tracked via cell phone, computer, and vehicle installed black boxes. A fat Military Lady eating a hamburger and sipping a coke just has to push a button and obliterate you…”

          Dude, this ain’t The Return of the Archons. You’re getting reality confused with tv programming.

        • The use of low tech tradecraft is a very effective means to conduct low intensity conflicts and asymmetrical warfare – our opponents have been using these TTP’s against us for decades, and quite effectively I might add. No matter what, boots will need to be on the ground, and that’s where the whole thing turns into a stinky bucket of poo.

    • National guard won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole (or tank cannon). Every national guard general knows that most of these kids signed up because they are gun guys. They aren’t going to risk having to court martial half their troops for not complying. All they will say is “we will station troops to defend public buildings from destruction but we will not be going door to door”. I mean they sat back and watched Ferguson, Missouri burn a couple years ago but the humvees never left police station property.

        • 99% Black lives matter and antifa for more present day. Will give you New Orleans but that was more out of state LE than guard issues.

        • Would that include Ludlow, Colorado in 1914, or Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1892, or Seattle in 1934, or Tacoma in 1935, or the IWA in 1937, or the CWFLU in 1939…

      • @IN Dave: I pray it never gets out of hand, if it does, I hope you are correct that the N.G. go in protection mode of infrastructure only The N.G may have armored vehicles, but motivation is a dangerous thing. Virginians motivated to repel an invasion or occupying army would be a serious force to contend with, and they could receive support from citizens in other states. I’ll leave it at that. But I would expect Virginia would need a whole lot of new public servants when it was over… Let’s hope reason and common send take hold and be grateful Eric “Duke Nuke’m” Swalwell isn’t in charge.

    • What the scumbag Democrat/Commies in Virginia fail to consider is the fact that Patriots from all over the United States will be pouring into the State to “git some” of this action and assist their brothers and sisters in Arms in defending their Rights. Battle cry of “Kill a Commie for Mommy!!”

      • Have you ever considered that might be exactly what they want? Why go out and collect the guns, when they will bring them to us. And just so you know Ar-15’s don’t even scratch the paint on an Abram

        • You are right. ‘Arms’ mean more than just rifles and pistols. We, the people need anti tank and anti aircraft weapons. 2A covers them too.

          How long can you stay inside that Abrams before you need to get out? How do you fuel, maintain and rearm it from inside?
          How’s your family doing while you are cruising around in that tank?

          What do you eat and drink inside of your safe perimeter when farmers, food producers, truckers and basically everyone else outside large cities see you as their enemy?

  4. Democrats: “We can’t enforce illegal immigration because there are just too many of them (by the way please keep coming!). What are we supposed to do? Go door to door? We can’t do that.”

    Also democrats: “We need to enforce our new gun laws on otherwise law abiding citizens so let’s call in the National Guard!”

    Commenter enuf: “Rightards are just as bad!”

    • The DEMS know all to well that they are helpless at our Southwestern Border. The problem with those who presume to have power but are frustrated by their helplessness is that they tend to strike out at some other frustration in order to prove that they have power.

  5. This is not really a problem for the Demonrat hordes. It just slows it down. They know that they just have to incrementally restrict the right and no one will go to war. Sure, they’ll bitch but in the end people will accept bans on new purchases of black rifles and magazines. California and the other slave states have shown them the path.

    • I don’t think they realize that the second they roll in the troops, every single DNC politician and their families become valid military targets for reprisals.

      • If it becomes legal for force to be used by Citizens, then both parties will be removed, and anything darker than a sunburn will have to leave the White cultural construct known as the Constitutional Republic.

        • Oh, please. This isn’t about melatonin content. It never was, except in the bleatings of the Democrats.

        • Yes, it is all about skin color. The right wing has been hoodwinked by the wealthy into believing that the minorities are there enemy.

          The fact is, it’s the rich against the poor, as it has always been. And now we have king Trump and his daughter princess Ivanka, and Sonderkommando Steven Miller says the presidents powers will not be questioned!

        • You’ve got it backwards kiddo. Minorities have been hoodwinked into thinking the majority is the enemy. There is no more egalitarian nation on the planet than the US. Unlike you, I’ve been to most of them.

      • This^^ Why would gun owners ever get into a direct conflict with US military forces? Unlike the goat humpers on the other side of the world, US citizens live in the same towns and cities as the politicians directing the military.

        • They won’t. They love their government and respect their enforcers. Only a few would commit terror attacks.

          Most gun owners are not ready physically, materially and mentally for armed combat in their neighborhood, but the police are. The police chiefs are so excited to be upgraded to military status.

        • Incorrect. Political leaders and their immediate families are legitimate military targets under the laws and customs of war. Try to keep up kiddo.

        • Well, war is not a nice thing. Once it starts, it’s hard to keep everyone to the rules. Civil war is anything but civilized.

        • Like they say, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter – it becomes a matter of perspective and justifying one’s moral position. I’m almost sure that history is replete with examples of this. We committed a genocide against the natives living all over the North American continent, and then rewrote the narrative so we felt better about it. Mankind can rationalize just about anything when he wants to.

      • Killing non combatants is a war crime.

        The holocaust is not considered a legitimate German military operation against the enemy. Maybe some Communist Russian animals/humans would think it to be so.

        • What difference would that make? Demons already made you a criminal when you were being a nice quiet polite citizen. Demons fired the first shot.

  6. now these bastards can pay the piper cant you see a city boy going out in the woods for a rednecks guns, Haw Haw Hee Hee most of them won’t make ER

  7. Yet these traitors entirely dismiss the “supreme law of the land”. Choosing instead to enact and enforce laws that are clearly in violation of the supreme law. Is there any further evidence necessary that the democratic party is a treasonous organization?

  8. “the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”
    Law enforcement officers when sworn in give the promise to uphold the constitution. What is the supreme law of the land? The constitution of course. You’re right liberal crook, the law is the law, therefore these cops are 100% right to not enforce your tyrannical anti 2A sub-laws.

  9. Looks like Virginia just might be the match that lights the tinderbox of the C W 2,,, & no real U S military would or should help politicians go against the Constitution of said U S …

    • My sentiments as well. The strength of their resolve in committing to sanctuary status in the name of the supreme law of the land is a signal to the rest of united states. However, i don’t believe politicians will get the message. Democrats always seem rather foolhardy, and as someone else commented, past their own noses they have a much harder time convincing other people to do their dirty work against their own. Its like they never learned how chess works, only checkers.

  10. Not that I want to defend the Nasty Girls but they do instill the duty to defy unlawful orders. I think shooting armed or unarmed US Citizens is kinda towards unlawful side.

    • The levels of E4 sandbagging would be epic and likely embarrassing for whoever ordered them do do something stupid.

  11. Wish they would settle on the the definition of “Mass” shooting. 4 is a mass shooting? But I guess like “Assault Rifle” will never be defined, and “Automatic” is the same as semi-automatic, I’m dreaming.

    • If everything we own is automatic, then the NFA is invalid, and we’ve been able to have, own, and register them. Hughes be dammed.

      Granted, I wouldn’t want to be the one to challenge it under those grounds.

  12. “From my cold dead hands” will this happen, back in the day they called it a civil war, but not from the north and the south, but the whole 2nd amendment supporters.” guns don’t kill people do” without people are useless except for a wall ornament or a symbol of our countries history, again people kill people ,gun’s are not the only item to be used to do it and these past ten years has proven just that where there’s a way there is the will.

  13. What NG do they think is going to do the deed? Telling a bunch of native VA farmboys to go confiscate their paw-paws rifle? Yeah, that’ll be the day!

  14. The first battle will take place at Manassas Junction. State forces will advance arrogantly on local LE and militia believing them to be ignorant hillbillies. They will talk of this all being over by Christmas. They may even erect stands so that local well to do’s can view the routing of such peasants. Then the fighting will start, and the state forces will flee and their superiors will panic….

    • Except that this time, we have our guy in the White House who will then order the Governor and Legislature detained for treason at GITMO until the end of hostilities.

        • You need to properly interrogate them first. How else are we going to dig out the commie traitors if we don’t waterboard and apply a few car batteries to the commie traitors we already have our hands on?

      • You mean like “Hillary for prison, drain the swamp….?” Keep dreaming, Trump doesn’t give a **** 10 years ago he was a democrat, him and his loved ones have armed secret services agent to protect them, they don’t care.

    • A word to the democrats ” don’t count your chicks before they’re hatched, your race until its won, remember yes, remember long the Battle of Bull Run” – Johnny Horton The Battle of Bull Run.

    • Hey Merle I will be watching all this on state run Fox TV when they praise Herr Drumpf for giving the orders to obliterate the hillbillies with drones. It will make great 6 pm entertainment.

      • So now you worship Trump? A man you consider “literally hitler” and you want him to take minorities guns away?


        • Merle you do not realize I was just pulling your chain but I am sane enough to realize it but you really believe some of the wild comments that are being posted today in regards to last stands and heroic minute man resistance.. I find it hilarious while you are serious. I guess that is he difference between sanity and insanity. Of course it is the result of a sense of impending doom and utter helplessness. I guess it helps people to fantasize. As I said before if you think Virginia is now the 2A Apocalypse wait until the 2020 elections are over. As they say “You ain’t seen nothin yet”. And that is not fantasy, its sober reality.

          I have seen a lot of wild posts on TTAG but most of the posts today are an all time bizzaro trip. It even beats zoning out on LSD. Even the movie Terminator was more believable than anything I have read here today.

        • So the guy who takes LSD is criticizing everyone else’s mental state. Seems like that’s about par for the course these days.

      • I’ll be watching on from the stands when they put your commie ass against a wall and execute you like the traitor you are. If I’m lucky, they’ll allow the audience to draw lots to be in the firing squad.

        • You do realize that your already on the governments list as a potential nut case. I am surprised with all these threats the Red Flag Boys have not already been at your door. I think the next Red Flag Law should be named after you. Your one of the prime reasons for the passage of Red Flag Laws.

        • Hey dumb ass moreadventuresonotherplanets,moreadventuresonotherplanets

          That’s the point. It’s a big Damn list.

          Say when.

      • They work just fine against the people driving said hardware, the people giving them their marching orders and the families of all of the above. Welcome to asymmetric warfare kiddo.

      • Please share from your wealth of actual experience here. Helicopters can be brought down by small arms, so drones are clearly vulnerable. Without power, a helo or drone flies as well as a brick. Tanks aren’t rolling anywhere without infantry support, so that presents opportunities for near peer engagements on your rival combatants terms. They don’t want to risk the tanks and there are places where you’re exposed with limited cover if you don’t have them. One thing is certain – having more people or stuff has never been, nor every will be, the deciding factor for success in a military engagement. Does it help? Sure. Does it mean you’ll win? Nope. Plenty of examples when viewed objectively. Understanding your enemy, outhinking them, outmaneuvering them, and winning the logistical support battles are usually the difference. War is naturally chaotic so whomever can flourish in those conditions is sporting a significant advantage.

        • A drone is how big compared to a helicopter! A small on is less than 1/100th the size of a helicopter and a Predator type drone flies at altitudes exceeding 20,000 feet. The likelihood of hitting either one with an AR is between Nil and None…

        • @Leslie: I will absolutely concede that a UCAV would present problems in a conventional engagement but the reality of use in urban and suburban environments is severely diminished with non-combatants everywhere. You can’t be everywhere all the time, and the home field advantage matters. Small drones are a double edged sword in many ways – think about what a creative guerrilla force could do with them on their home field.

          This will not be anything similar to conventional engagements. It would be in neighborhoods and downtown. Assassinations would be commonplace. The adversary is nearly invisible. There are challenges to deploying US federal troops on US soil. I’m certainly not advocating this but there is an avalanche of real world history illustrating the limitations and challenges of conventional doctrine versus an indigenous force conducting an irregular conflict.

          It’s a war conducted by guerrillas, subversives, insurgents, assassins, war by ambush instead of by combat; by infiltration, instead of aggression. It seeks victory by eroding and exhausting the enemy instead of engaging him. Despite the technological advantages, guerrilla forces have proven their resilience in the face of conventional campaigns because defeat has existential consequences. The military innovation curve is rapid by necessity. They have the advantage of being the home team AND knowing the entire playbook of their adversary. This isn’t a video game, and that matters more than tech.

          Inside every strategic or tactical problem is a much bigger problem trying to get out. Don’t look at it conventionally – see the organic chaos inside this – it’s an integral element of the whole.

    • “Okay, but who’s going to carry them out?”

      …and Ralph shows the gun-grabbing emperor has no clothes.

      The population is going to very upset at the stench of decomposing soldiers, moreadventuresonotherplanets. So upset, they will demand the troops leave the area, and never come back… 😉

  15. When Katrina did New Orleans the local police were confiscating weapons. Individual groups of guard troops each decided this wasn’t for them.

  16. Allow me to fisk Virginia Democrat notions:

    Virginia Democratic officials … already say local law enforcement supporting these resolutions will face consequences if they do not carry out any law the state Legislature passes. (Emphasis mine.)

    So, if the Virginia Legislature passed a law which requires the summary execution of people wearing pink sweatshirts, should law enforcement dutifully carry out that law and summarily execute anyone that they find wearing a pink sweatshirt? Of course not. Neither should law enforcement carry out laws to disarm the good people of Virginia.
    – – –

    “I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold …”

    And two of the laws which law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold are the constitutions of Virginia and the United States, both of which are the Supreme Law of the land. Being the Supreme Law of the land, those laws prevail when they conflict with laws which the Virginia Legislature passes.
    – – –

    “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

    Law enforcement officers have no duty whatsoever to enforce the whims of any legislature which violates our inalienable rights. Rather, the only righteous and duly authorized function of law enforcement is to capture evil-doers who harm others. And since mere possession/ownership of a semi-automatic rifle with a 30-round magazine is not inherently evil and does not harm anyone, law enforcement has no righteous or duly authorized function to confiscate that rifle and magazine.
    – – –

    • If they suddenly become all hot-to-trot on enforcing laws, they need to demonstrate their ardor by enforcing Federal immigration laws.

      What? They don’t agree with those laws? They are morally in the right to violate them? Then they must respect 2A sanctuary status…

  17. I read all the comments above about these new bills comming up, and what the people are saying. But what I really do not understand is if all the people yelling no way, we stand by the 2nd and these new gun controll dems are not going to intrude on my rights, is how these commy dems got into a position of power if those yelling exercised their right to vote. You ctizens have the power of the vote, how many of you actually exercised it. How many of you got out and stomped the ground door to door or person to person to put a brake on this communist action. Bet not as many yelling, not even close. Let this be a civics leson to all of you. Get out and vote. Get out and talk to the people. They can’t get into office if your vote doesn’t let them. Wake the f#@k up !! Vote!!

    • Helps when there are opposing candidates on the ballot. Oh and when you were not just unfavorably gerrymandered. You know little things.

    • The evil Democrats got into office because gun rights are not very high on the list of priorities, even for a lot of gun owners. For all the talk about how much money the Bloomer spent on the VA elections, it’s worth noting that environmental groups out-spent the pro- and anti-gun groups combined.

      Now, if services get cut for lack of funding and the Guard moves in, I suspect that gun rights might rocket to the top of the list for a lot people, and not just gun owners.

  18. I say the United states constitution is the only law that I will follow. We have the 2nd Amendment to fight this type of tyranny.

  19. I believe that if ordered go do so, the vast majority of the VA National Guard Wil refuse the orders as unconstitutional. A sit-down strike by the VNG would send “a strike heard round the world” in favor of the 2A and scare Lib/Prog/Socialist/Dem/Communists in an underwear change and an about-face on registration/confiscation. I doubt seriously that if the V G refuses to move, that Trump would back the Dems by nationalizing the Guard. It could be a watershed of history for 2A freedom. Let’s wait and see.

    • Gregolas,

      What would be off-the-charts outstanding is if Governor Coonman called-up the National Guard, the National Guard dutifully assembled, and then the National Guard marched into Richmond and arrested all the Virginia Legislature members who voted for this nonsense. (And they would be obligated to arrest Governor Coonman as well if he failed to attempt to veto the legislation.)

  20. If that were the case, they will be breaking the enlistment oath.

    National guard oath.

    I, (state name of enlistee), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (So help me God).”

    • But the uniform code of military justice clearly states that the orders must be lawful. It is reasonable and proper to question an order as unlawful if it violates the Constitution. And who believes that an order to shoot American citizens would be lawful? Not I.

    • But somebody is going to tell the NG what is and isn’t constitutional. Or do you think each will decide for themselves and be sent to the brig for disobeying orders. How do you see that going?

    • “It was, he said, a chimerical idea to suppose that a country like this could ever be enslaved. How is an army for that purpose to be obtained from the freemen of the United States? They certainly, said he, will know to what object it is to be applied. Is it possible, he asked, that an army could be raised for the purpose of enslaving themselves and their brethren? or, if raised, whether they could subdue a nation of freemen, who know how to prize liberty, and who have arms in their hands?”–Theodore Sedgwick, Jan. 24, 1788. [The Debates in the Several State Conventions, (Massachusetts), on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution. Elliot’s Debates, Volume 2]

  21. Well ladies and gentlemen,

    It is time to make sure that:
    (1) Your rifles are sighted-in
    (2) You can reliably hit targets out to 400 yards
    (3) You have at least 500 rounds of ammunition on hand
    (4) You can leave within two hours of notification
    (5) Your vehicle is ready for length of trip to drive to Virginia
    (6) You have enough gasoline and/or cash to buy gasoline to drive to Virginia
    (7) You have detailed paper maps of Virginia
    (8) You have two-weeks of food and water ready to go
    (9) You have season-appropriate clothing ready to go

      • Thank you. I figure that my “paper maps” item is an especially nice touch.

        (If the situation went seriously sideways, there would be a very good chance that cell phone carriers would shut-off cellular voice and data which means that we would not be able to use our cell phones for navigation. Then there is the fact that paper maps do not require you to recharge any batteries, they can take way more abuse than sensitive electronic devices, and paper maps weigh a fraction of cell phones and GPS devices.)

        • Paper maps — yes.

          If you are on the cellular network or wired interwebz, the network knows where u are. So, the people who run the network know if they want to. (How do u think 911 location svcs works?)

          A navigation or mapping device that “auto-updates” is on the general – cell or internet – network. Yr vehicle’s navigation, support, and telematics are on the net. Yr ballistic calculator / range finder may be on the general net(s). Fitbit n similar… (BTW, yr digital camera includes location in the metadata of each image, unless u prevent it.) Wifi, bluetooth, n consumer NFC all radiate, w/ device ID signatures. (Wifi & etc are limited range in part from crappy antennas. If u can make it work better w/ a Pringles can…)

          There are some “quiet” mapping apps that work from downloaded data local to device. Find through “privacy” oriented app reviews n inventories. Techcrunch is a decent, general-user entry point.

  22. This is what the Founders had in mind when they passed the 2nd Amendment. Just because the National Guard is nominally controlled by the various States doesn’t mean the Founders wouldn’t consider it a “standing army”, and anathema to the people’s freedom.

    It’s not hyperbole to say that the modern Democrat Party is an evil, authoritarian, anti-American enterprise. They think they have the absolute right to use the unchecked power of the government to force people to live according to their dictates. One would think that the idiot governor of Virginia, along with his House of Delegates henchmen (henchpersons?) would reconsider passing laws when faced with the prospect of widespread disobedience.

    Government is only legitimate insofar as it has the consent of the governed. Democrats don’t give a damn about consent. They only believe in the use of force – raw, unbridled power.

  23. And that’s a sure way to start a revolution…I guess nobody remembers Kent State, and those were unarmed students, imagine the carnage and fallout against armed and trained civilians…

    So yeah, go ahead, send in the national guard to enforce unjust/un-Constitutional laws, see what that gets you, but you’d better be prepared to pay the piper for that decision, because payment will be coming in blood…

  24. The Military & National Guard are not going to shoot & kill Americans & their Families,Citizens,Law Enforcement over Criminal illegal laws Against the Constitution they swore to uphold! If they do they are Criminals!

    Another empty threat from extremely retarded people elected by retarded people who should never be in this country & should all hang for treason!

    • And if they did I guarantee the conflict would turn into exactly what happened in Northern Ireland. While the soldiers are out rounding up the “law breakers” they would have to worry about their fellow soldiers at home and their families would be killed and/or kidnapped from their homes

  25. deploy the national guard to crush a group defending the right to keep and bear arms.

    …. are they TRYING to prove they are the “enemy domestic” that the right keeps saying that they are?


  26. So as an Officer in the National Guard not Virginia I would not participate I any sort of confiscation or attack on civilians as what is being eluded to…

    Heck I would be on the other side most people I know in my state are gun guys and believe in the constitution and swore and oath to protect and follow it then the president and governor.

    I would be willing to give the governor the big middle finger.

    • What happens to you when you announce that you will not obey orders? Seriously, what do expect the scenario to play like? How would you handle it?

  27. Maybe the National Gaurd should move their families on to military bases…scorched earth for all traitors and their spawn..nowhere safe!

  28. I guess all those counties and municipalities can breathe easy knowing there will be no more federal or state taxes being collected to support the failing dystopias. It’s a long drive to Virginia for me. But I’d be willing to show up should things go hot.

  29. Does this mean Glock will be releasing yet another subtly different yet more expensive variant of their cookie cutter 9mm pistols?

  30. THAT, you dumbasses, is WHY we have the Second Amendment!!! But if the people are deputized or part of permanent posses comitatus you’ll have a real problem. And I will bet that at least 25-30% of your Guard will be part of your problem. At least!

  31. If the state starts using their military (National Guard) against their citizenry to violate the Constitution, isn’t that the definition of a tyrannical government? Isn’t that one of the reasons why we are armed?

  32. Isn’t it against the Constitution to turn the military on the civilians? Of course, this continues to show that Democrats want a dictatorship and have completely thrown out the Constitution to force it on us. Doing it now with military force. Virginia might very well be the start of the next defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I do not cherish the thought of this but it is rapidly coming.

  33. Ohhh, the National Guard! I’m getting wet now. Maybe when that band comes marching down the street to get guns they’ll play When Johnny Comes Marching Home. That would be so patriotic! Surely everyone would run out their front doors and hand over their firearms then! It’s like WBYCEIYDBO form Car Max. **It’s the right thing to do.**

  34. RE: ““I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,”

    Sorry, but that isn’t how it works. They have no obligation to enforce unjust laws.

  35. “Another source of power in government is a military force. But this, to be efficient, must be superior to any force that exists among the people, or which they can command: for otherwise this force would be annihilated, on the first exercise of acts of oppression. Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.”–Noah Webster to Benjamin Franklin, Oct. 10, 1787, [An Examination into the leading principles of the Federal Constitution, (Written under the pseudonym “By a Citizen of America”).]

  36. Laws are NOT valid laws unless they conform to the dictates of the Constitution. The so called “supremacy clause” of the Constitution upon which the federal government relies on for their authority to declare U.S. law to be supreme and above all other law is in fact a conditional statement with that condition being that the laws made by the Congress must be made “in pursuance thereof” with respect to the Constitution. A simple review of Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution reads as follows: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” – Now also please note the use of the command word ‘shall’ in “which shall be made in Pursuance thereof” and also the capitalization of “Pursuance”. This is a very precise and very explicit directive to the government on how it must proceed in enacting any new legislation, meaning that laws must be made “in Pursuance thereof” with respect to the Constitution. In addition, we too easily forget that the Constitution is a compact (an agreement or contract) and that under well recognized and accepted contract law, an amendment to the original document overrides the terms and conditions of the original document as the new terms of the amendment always “supersedes” those of the original document. And that therefore, it really does not matter what argument is made by government based on their perceived “constitutional authority” given to them in the original document because the commandment phrase contained within the Second Amendment overrides everything that came before it and so “the right of the people to keep and bear arms Shall Not be infringed” is the supreme law of the land and this can only be changed via the constitutional amendment process such as what took place when the 21st Amendment was passed in order to put an end to the era of Prohibition that had been created by the 18th Amendment.

    The Rule of Law is very clear on how things must be done in our Constitutional Republic and government has not been, and is still NOT today, obeying the Rule of Law as was put forth in the Constitution… and we are at fault and must share the blame for allowing them to get away with it!

  37. All this commentary concerning the locals (and possibly supporters from out of state) vs. the VA National Guard is interesting. My view (from N. Virginia) is that many in the NG and the LEO community might refuse to serve against their fellow citizens. Some (mostly from anti-gun parts of the state – NoVA, Richmond, Hampton-Norfolk, Roanoke) might go try to confiscate weapons IF sent to other parts of the state, where their dependents wouldn’t be endangered. And, as some have said, it would end up being petite guerre, making it too dangerous for the NG to leave their safe bases in hostile parts of the state. Having seen that type of war fought in Vietnam, I am certain it would get real nasty, real quick. Since an effective small war spread over an extended territory takes considerable planning, coordination and logistical support (not just showing up with two weeks of rations and 200 rounds of ammo), who is out there putting this together? Or will it be a disjointed effort with the leaders learning as they go along? Innocent non-participants would be affected by a hot civil war. But my question is: What would the federal military forces (and there are a lot of them, active and reserve, along with a lot of Executive Branch offices) in Virginia do? Especially if the conflict between Virginians got a little too close to their base boundaries, or hurt federal service people living off-base out in town. Or if Reserve armories got raided by anti-NG forces to get small arms and other ordnance. Or if recruiting centers out in small-town Virginia were targeted on the mistaken belief that they were not neutral? Or if the governor called for federal aid to put down insurrection and the President (who might be a democrat by then) agreed and the 2nd Marine Division and/or the 101st Airborne showed up with all their resources. Would federal forces get involved if a pro/anti-gun civil war in Virginia disrupted national utility lines, or national commerce, or the flow of food/medicines/etc as one side tried to blockade the other? A lot of different scenarios could play out and, like I said, it would get nasty, very nasty in unexpected ways. And would a civil war in Virginia spread outside its borders? How would that work out? Anyway, lots of questions, not many answers. You keyboard commandos out there with all the answers may now go to work on this problem (and me).

  38. Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 – Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

    This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S.

    This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.

    Acts under “color of any law” >>>>>include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority<<<<<, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under “color of any law,” the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.

    Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    And according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice the above is enforced.

      • You are missing the whole point, as it was posted to show that We The People have RIGHT on our side. Or, to go back even further:

        “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness….”

        We The People established our governments to “SECURE” our rights for us – not to take them away. If government works to take them away, then we have not only a right but a duty to put that government down.

  39. Power Play and Monster, Steppenwolff as it was then as it is now. Ironic it fits both eras

  40. Well it would seem only fitting that any overthrow of a corrupt government would start in Virginia.
    I have a feeling the National Guard member, least a majority of them either would not show up to flatly refuse to comply. Military folks tend to value the 2nd, and lean conservative in general.
    Imagine if you will the Sheriff deputizes thousands, and half the National Guard joins their ranks to say no.
    What then?
    They might push the bad eggs out of office. By force if necessary which of course is their right.
    Lesson to learn. The New Zealand gun ban has been a disaster. Magazine bans have been a disaster. The great CA gun ban has been a disaster. We are talking only a tiny percentage of people complied.

  41. “I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law…”

    This is point and laugh level stupidity. How the actual fuck do these people get elected to any office? Jesus Tittyfucking Christ Esq. this guy is a poster child for the “OK, Boomer” meme.

    Brah, you’re a fucking Congressman. A goddamn elected official with a law degree from UV but you can’t pass a basic middle school civics class? A law degree, seriously, what kind of law did you study? Bird law?

    And what does all this say about the morons who voted for this clown?

    • Something-something “…against all enemies, foreign and *domestic*.”

      It seems they always forget the last part of that… 😉

      • I was looking more at the language.

        First, it’s federalize. Nationalization is the government taking over an industry as Venezuela did with oil.

        Secondly, the Governor can certainly call out the National Guard but in doing so he’s not federalizing them. If they were federalized then they’d immediately be under federal control from DC, not the governor.

        Third, there’s the fact that if the POTUS doesn’t like what the Governor is trying to do with the National Guard then he can order them to stop doing whatever it is that they’re doing.

        The National Guard isn’t some plaything for wannabe tinpot dictators at the gubernatorial level. It’s a serious military organization that, ultimately, answers to the federal government and assists the state when doing so pleases said federal government.

        Which, by the by, is part of why it’s not the “militia” that the Left wants it to be.

  42. Man, even Cuomo and the downstate tyrants in NYC didn’t have the stones to make such a threat after most of the upstate NY Sheriffs refused enforcement of the SAFE Act.

    • Cuomo may be shifty and horrible at budgeting but he isn’t crazy. He would make sure he had enough loyal troops and something to gain first.

      • NY Democrats have been in power a lot longer than VA Democrats, and as a result, they unfortunately know how to win. You pass the law at all costs, then wait. It gets ignored, but 10 years later everyone cools down and the next generation of cops and gun owners either don’t remember or have outrage fatigue. It then becomes the new norm. Rinse and repeat. The VA Democrats are drunk on their new majority and lack the tact and skill that decades of experience has taught the NYC extremists. If they go forward with their threats, then VA is going to have a good old hootenanny. Too much too fast.

        • Sucks to be partially right for the wrong reasons. I should have connected Sullivan act up till now.

  43. The 1971 Constitution of the State of Virginia states:
    “Article I. Bill of Rights
    Section 13. Militia; standing armies; military subordinate to civil power
    That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.”

    I believe most State’s National Guards are pledged to uphold their State Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution. What part of this is the Demorat Party of Virginia missing?

  44. 2012 Pentagon study. 60% active Army with us, 80% National Guard with us, Marines 90% with us, Navy goes to sea and stands down, Air Force 75% with the establishment. No problem we overrun the Air bases.

    My guess the number have changed since then. I think they are higher for us.

    Say when

        • DJ,

          Yes, please keep searching. I will check back from time to time to see if you found it.

          Assuming that those numbers are correct, I find it interesting that 90% of marines would be with us and that the Navy would simply withdraw and stand down. I am also surprised to see that 75% of the Air Force would side with the Establishment.

          I was just thinking and I believe I know why those numbers work out that way. Marines are a tough bunch and love our nation — meaning our people. They are not going to be in a rush to start killing the people of our nation. Furthermore, marines have to exercise discretion and adapt to conditions on the ground which are always changing and always different than predicted in military intelligence. That means they are much more likely to alter or even refuse their mission. Finally, marines would be up-close-and-personal and it is a lot harder to look a fellow countryman in the eye and kill him/her than it is from afar. Oh, and marines would be operating locally and travelling locally which makes them fairly vulnerable to reprisals.

          Air Force personnel are quite far removed from the people and hostilities — and they are tightly integrated in their command-and-control structure with no room for judgement or discretion. Quite simply, when they receive a mission, they carry it out and don’t have to worry about external considerations thanks to our air superiority. Releasing a smart-bomb which will hit at specified coordinates, and not having to watch what happens, is a LOT easier than looking your fellow countryman in the eye and killing him/her and/or his/her entire family. Finally, Air Force personnel operate from hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away and they face little if any risk of reprisals.

          Combine those factors and I can see how marines would overwhelming side with us and how Air Force would stick with the establishment.

  45. not so fast there…that would probably get a lot killed on both sides…
    and some would not participate in harassment of legal gun owners…

  46. Personally, I hope they do both — cut funding and send in the National Guard. Finally, the mask will be off and the whole country gets to see actual tyranny at work, up close and personal and all over the media. Even CNN couldn’t pass this one up.

    The Democrats are even more stupid and more psychotic that I ever figured. They are grossly miscalculating on this one, and I’m completely gobsmacked they can’t see it. Cutting funding and sending the guard is not just an affront to the gun owners. It’s an affront to everybody — a move like this would even piss off the Demanding Moms. I can’t imagine any but the most die-hard, foaming-at-the-mouth liberal supporting either of these strategies.

    So, yeah, go for it, Democrats. Prove to everyone that what us POTG have been saying for years is really true. I can pretty much guarantee the response would be a whole lot more lively that just “I told ya so!”

  47. Going to county supervisors special meeting in Isle of Wight this evening. Starts at 7:30. Not going to guess which way it will go, there are always some Quislings who’ll sell out their people, especially if they feel threatened i.e Coonman and his NG threats.

  48. I’m very concerned that what Virginia is about to do could easily result in the Second Civil War. We must follow the Second Amendment as written instead of going to war with ourselves.

    • What are you suggesting? Be specific.

      The STALINIST better back off. Yes I said STALINIST. Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime, Lavrentiy Beria.

      I’m not registering or surrendering firearms voluntarily. I will not COMPLY!

      EVERYONE should be concerned. I am also. I’m not backing down. I fought the Communist and re-enlisted and spent four and a half years guarding the Iron Curtain. I’m not living under Marxists Tyranny.

      Registration, Confiscation, Genocide the Marxists history of the Twentieth. University of Hawaii 1994 study on Democide; death by government.

      The 2nd Amendment is the remedy for government TYRANNY.

  49. You see now that the Democrats aren’t “against” guns. They fully favor guns in the hands of their cronies and stooges. They want “their” people to use “their” guns to take everyone else’s guns thereby realizing their dream.

    They will have a set of first-class citizens, namely themselves, who can do whatever they want. And they will have a second set of serfs, namely you to serve their every whim.

  50. The problem in using the Guard is that they will be confiscating their own guns. Who do you think joins the National Guard in States like Virginia.

    • Or pretty much anywhere for the ones that aren’t just looking for college money…… actually quite a few of those too.

  51. A SHERIFF is the sovereign authority of the county in any state. His stature exceeds any law enforcement and any troops , federal or state that enters his county. He could tell TRUMP and the Secret Service to get the hell out of his county. So if that sheriff decides that he will not enforce a law. You bet your sweet a** that’s it.

    • Where do you get this stuff?

      The sheriff has no powers other than those granted under the state constitution, which is subservient to the US Constitution.

      And the word sheriff does not appear anywhere in the US Constitution.

      • “When we look at the Office of the Sheriff, combined with the historical powers held by that office, he stands as the upholder, defender, protector and servant to the liberties of the people within the county.

        “In addition to upholding the law, the sheriff is also charged with upholding the supreme law, the Constitution. The law enforcement powers held by the sheriff supersede those of any agent, officer, elected official or employee from any level of government when in the jurisdiction of the county. The vertical separation of powers in the Constitution makes it clear that the power of the sheriff even supersedes the powers of the President. Furthermore, it is this responsibility that grants a Sheriff the Constitutional authority to check and balance all levels of government within the jurisdiction of the County.”–Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

        • Only one problem! The “CSPOA” exists on paper only, and isn’t a legally recognized by any known law enforcement department and/or agency. Much like the “Oath Keepers”, which believe whatever they want to believe was written into the Constitution that supports their views…

        • The “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is a [political] association of local police officials in the United States who [believe] in [an interpretation] of the United States Constitution wherein federal and state government authorities are subordinate to local government authority. In this regard, the CSPOA is a outgrowth of the “Patriot Movement” and has some ideological similarities with the “Sovereign Citizens Movement”, although they are no means identical…

  52. “The counties’ attorneys offices are not going to have the money to prosecute because their prosecutions are going to go down..”

    That sentence is nonsense so maybe I’m reading it wrong but… because a county is not enforcing a ridiculous law against those who have not hurt anyone they’re going to try and stop prosecuting cases against those that HAVE hurt someone?

    That’s brilliant!

  53. Conservatives have many more guns than Liberals. Liberals don’t buy guns. They only inherit them. That’s why they support a heavily armed police force. Conservatives on the other hand buy guns by the truck load, as well as inherit them from family.

  54. Why does TTAG allow these trolls to comment here? I thought back this past summer TTAG posted guidelines for comments. If, they were not followed the person or thing got banned. Ban these trolls from TTAG.

    • “Why does TTAG allow these trolls to comment here?”

      There’s a very good reason for that –

      First, we’re a better class of people than they are, by a longshot. We don’t delete the gun-grabber’s comments, unlike they do to us on their political blogs.

      Next, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn how to debate them. Learn from other commentators what works, and what doesn’t…

  55. Democrats:

    OK, I get it. I feel your pain. You have this pain low in your back. Your knees hurt like hell. You have blisters on your hands, you have sweat running down into your eyes. Matter of fact, there’s sweat rolling off your head, down the nape of your neck, down the back of your shirt and into your ass crack.

    You’re goddamn pissed off, and I don’t mean just annoyed. You’re really pissed off. And you’ve been pissed off for years – decades even – but now you’re boiling mad.

    Ever since we Republicans freed your slaves, you’ve been having to mow your own lawn, and you’re fed up with this “do your own work” bullshit. You want to go back to wearing linen suits, sipping on mint juleps and sauntering around your grounds, having a positively exhausting day of supervising the help.

    But there’s an obstacle: Those infernal gun nuts. Dammit, those guys keep quoting the Constitution and all sorts of Yankee bullshit. You’re so close to success you can taste it: you’ve got a guy in the Virginia governor’s seat who wants to put the slaves back on the plantations – a real upstanding Klan sympathizer! – and those pesky gun nuts are standing in your way.

    So you’re going to get all pissy and call up the National Guard.

    Just a tip from someone who has been mowing his own lawn since I was like 10 years old: This might not work out quite the way you’re planning.

  56. By the year 2025, the second civil war will begin with atrocities such as rapes, lynchings, genocide, disease, wounded and killed men women AND children. Schools, hospitals and places of worship burned. And the best thing that has ever been made in God’s name and nature. Will be only a memory, talked about around campfires. Well it was a good run.

  57. I like all the idiots fantasizing about a new civil war and how they will win it. Are you expecting the army, navy, air force to be ordered to sit and watch? Or do you know for sure they will have your back? Air strikes, drones, armored vehicles, explosives….yeah, it’s going to be alright Ricky Bobby, keep dreaming with your AR15 and go watch Red Dawn one more time.

    • The CW2 is an interesting topic. But going off topic, and staying a way from feeding the new troll above, grid down is the senario I try to prep for. The US power grid and DoD (worked for the former and now the latter) are not up-to-date on cyber security. Guns are just part of the continginces we are preparing for our own neck of the woods.

      • This says nothing of it being far different for a person to go fight in a country where they are the person doing it. As horrible as it sounds they have families here too. They get supplies here as well in many cases. Although wars are fought in a military sense they are won and lost in the field of politics.

        The US has a horrible history winning asymmetric wars past WW-II and I think that needs to be kept in mind as well.

        It’s still a terrible idea and the notion that things would improve is likely insane in its own right.

    • Skeptical

      You are obviously ignorant of human nature. Do you actually think our brothers, sisters, and other family members are going to turn on us? Especially considering that they take a solemn oath to not obey unconstitutional orders?

      You freaks on the other hand are traitors. And you can be sure that we’re going to remember how that you traitors worked in order to betray us. You will pay for your evil, both in this life and the next.

    • Plenty of people think the military will just goose-step to the DNC”s marching orders.

      Well, there’s some problems with that. But there’s a larger problem in the CW2 scenario:

      We’re on very tenuous financial footing. When CW2 goes ‘hot’, watch the financial markets. There will be some instability at first, and then as the situation escalates, and has economic ramifications, watch the financial markets start to panic.

      Because the phrase “full faith and credit of the US government” rings hollow when the tax revenue streams into the US Treasury start to slow. Lots of people might not get into a shooting match with Uncle Sugar, but plenty will start to confound Uncle Sugar by denying him that sweet tax revenue. There’s lots of ways to do it, and more are being created every day.

      Troops want to be paid – and when they’re not, they get cranky and walk off. This is one of the oldest problem in history for governments during civil wars and revolutions.

      Then there’s logistics. Why get into a shooting situation when it’s foolishly easy to go after logistics? Example: Thermite-weld a train to the rails. Heck, do it with a locomotive. Do it someplace nice and tight and Hulcher Services will struggle with that one. Weld up some switches into some sidings – that’ll cause some amusement. Derail a train on a bridge or overpass. More fun than a barrel of lunatic monkeys right there. Power transmission lines, water aqueducts, natural gas pipelines, you name it.

      All that goes to the financial bottom line. Start picking that apart and no one will want to be the last sucker holding onto Uncle’s Treasury paper. Not even the clown show at the Federal Reserve can paper over that problem.

      There’s lots of fun to be had without picking up a firearm. Most city slickers have utterly no clue how tenuous their existence is, nor how easily it could be disrupted.

      • The people elect representatives who then make law. When they make laws the people dont want the people have right to resist, vote them out, not comply etc regardless of circumstances. All Obama’s military might did not stop Isis. I dont want war. I dont want to die. But ill be damned if i dont resist losing freedoms ive had all my 60 plus years. If you are willing to be a pawn. Be it so. But not me. First they take my gun. Then my speech. Then my money and property. Then we will be like Cuba all broke except for the elite.

  58. FUCK all of you politicians that want to destroy our 2nd amendment & 1st amendment rights nation wide. The dems. want to start a 2nd Civil War in this country in hopes of taking full control of it. It is time for ALL PATRIOTS to RISE UP IN ARMS & if need be to USE OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS to STOP the BULLSHIT. Our Fore Fathers would have acted long ago. We the People should not let the blood that they spilled to form this great country to be in vane. So you Virginia politicians push your luck, be the blame for the destruction of America in the 2nd Civil War. You politicians are nothing more than domestic terrorist & need to be treated as such. You talk about the Virginia law enforcement people need to fulfill the oath that they took or be punished, well I say the same about all of you that think you will rule over the people in a tyrannical fashion. You will be punished for it all when WE the PEOPLE get through with your ass’s. I am an old fucker & don’t give a rats ass about your BULLSHIT thoughts on guns. I have always been a law abiding citizen but you want to make me an outlaw. Go for it if you have the balls. We all will leave this world 1 day 1 way. I would rather die fighting standing on my feet than be a slave on my knees. I will never comply so come & take them.

  59. Will Virginians please tell the idiot who said ” nationalize” the guard that only the president can “nationalize them”

  60. As a born and raised former Virginian these Demorats don’t recall the state’s history of taking threats seriously and dealing with them. What did Yamamoto say after their diplomatic fiasco prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, something about fear and awakening a terrible rage?

  61. Sic Semper Tyrannis! Lock and Load Virginians. Such a ploy would and should be met with Armed resistance. The very reason the 2nd exists, is for situations the DimWitocrats are threatening.
    Nec Misericordiea Proelio Caedibus Temperatum (No Mercy, No Quarter).

  62. There are 1.3 million active duty and 800,00 reserve. There are 63 million gun owners. Also consider those in the 1.3 and 800k who wont participate. This is why we are a free nation. We should ALWAYS outnumber and outgun the government.

    • My understanding there are 120 million gun owners with 400-660 million firearms.

      63 million voted for Trump. I’m one who did. He was my 17th choice. NEVER Hillary!

      In many cases Democrat gun owners won’t stand for this either. In 2016 it was Democrats (Union Plumbers) in Colorado who organized and lead the recall of three in the State House and one forced resignation.

      It was Senator Joe Manchin D-WV who said you tell Beto you’re not taking my guns.

      In some parts of the country gun ownership among Democrats is high. We may actually have many on our side when it comes to confiscation. It maybe the only thing we agree on.

      If you have noticed the surge (again) in gun sales these citizens aren’t buying guns to just surrender them to the government.

      I think to send in the National Guard in Virginia will turn into an embarrassment as it is with local Law Enforcement. I hope by calling the bluff the Stalinist will back down. If not?

      SAY WHEN

      • “In many cases Democrat gun owners won’t stand for this either. In 2016 it was Democrats (Union Plumbers) in Colorado who organized and lead the recall of three in the State House and one forced resignation.”

        I’m calling a big warm pile of bullshit on this. Do you have a source? This is the same Union that welcomed Polis. The recall effort here in CO was largely led and organized at a grassroots level and with the help of groups like RMGO.

  63. Send in the National Guard.
    Do you want to go full boogaloo? I don’t want to go full boogaloo. That’s how you go full boogaloo.
    And whatever you think of that, whatever side you’re on: you are not fucking ready for it. Tell your family you love them, and pray you never live long enough to see that nightmare.

    • Very true. If this kicks off I’m not sure if most folks are ready to lose their lives, jobs, comfortable way of life, family, and warm bed to become in the eyes of those that control and consume the narrative: rebel insurgents.

  64. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves. This and in Virginia of all places. They criticize the police for not fulfilling their oath, wrong it is those that govern that are not fulfilling their oath to uphold the constitution.

  65. Having lived in Virginia for eight years. And interacted with the rural people there. I can say with personal knowledge that the big city Libertarians Liberals and the Left have kicked over a “hornets nest”.

    I will be looking at Libertarian media sites to see if they really do support a small government.

    Or do they support the “military industrial complex”????

    Judge Napolitano formerly of the Fox Business and now Reason Magazine has removed his “Libertarian Mask”.
    What a disapointment he has become.

  66. “I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly told the Washington Examiner of local county police who may refuse to enforce future gun control measures. “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

    So, what does that say about sanctuary cities that refuse to follow FEDERAL immigration laws? Hey, the law is the law.

    • These so called laws are in direct violation of the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers and the United States constitution, in which every law enforcement and military organization in the United States are sworn to uphold.
      Because we are a country governed by the laws of the United States Constitution, everyone involved in creating or enforcing these unconstitutional laws should be tried for treason against the United States of America for creating dissention amongst the population.

  67. Amongst all this talk about citizen vs. NG vs. State. City, township police forces: What about the large force of armed violent types? I’m talking about the thug army. Criminals not interested in freedom, liberty, and a peaceful society. Seems to me their ‘job’ will be a lot easier in that environment. Chaos breeds foul play. Just a thought.

  68. Go ahead, send in the National Guard. Didn’t learn anything from Kent State, did you? Yes send in the Guard, once they take the first gun from a citizen, the dead will pile up like cord wood. Yes this idiot you voting idiots in VA voted into office will ruin your state. The next time you vote, pull your head out of your ass and know who the hell the people are and their platform. Yes, I can see where and when the next “Civil War” will start, but it will not end there. Anyone who votes for those ignorant progressive/socialistic/communistic/libtards is as bad as those they voted into office. Yeah Mr. Gov’nor, keep going in that direction.

  69. July 8th 1775, Continental Congress sent an open letter to the people of Great Britain warning that “men trained to arms from their Infancy, and animated by the Love of Liberty, will afford neither a cheap or easy conquest.”

  70. How many folks here have taken classes, received training or hell, even read books on tactics, strategy, logistics, communication, leadership, supply chain management, transportation, pyscological operations etc. within the context of guerilla/asymmetrical warfare? How many folks are physically conditioned for this type of event?

    Be honest with the self-assessment. Not trying to discourage but motivate. If shit gets real, simply owning a lot of guns and ammo won’t cut it…gotta a lot to work on myself.

  71. I have 3 thoughts about this entire issue.
    1. The Virginia legislature had better learn the law. It is illegal in the USA for the military to be used against the citizens, which is exactly what would be happening if they were called up.
    2. If the VA National Guard would be called up, what percent would refuse because that are pro-gun?
    3. In regards to anti-gun laws keeping us safe. There is a town in GA, I forget the name, but some years ago they passed a ordinance requiring every household to own at least 1 firearm. After doing so, the crime rate plummeted, even though the community does not enforce it. The reason, criminals don’t know who has a gun and who doesn’t.

  72. Although it’s surely not easy, it’s never necessary to actually announce what you will or will not do. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a passive/aggressive individual (or group!) will immediately know the difficulty of getting ANYTHING accomplished through this form of obstruction. None of the LEs, NGs, troops, troopers, deputies, or anyone else for that matter has to be vocal about any of it. Remember Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes: “I see NOTHING! I hear NOTHING!” It’s been said well in the thread here: just IGNORE the ludicrous and unlawful dictates of the Neo-Stalinists and go on about your life as usual.

    Much is being made of supposed suggestions about somehow mobilizing the National Guard to somehow “enforce the laws”. It should be kept in mind that these asinine comments have been the flatulence of a very few challenged (in all respects) political hacks, They have not, to my knowledge, originated in any of the statewide offices. In fact, at this point it appears that both the Governor and Senator Saslaw (sponsor of the notorious SB16), are back-pedaling significantly from earlier positions. At this point the Governor avers that all he really wants to do is just to “register” your “assault weapons”. Uh-huh.

    It comes down to boiling the frog slowly, once again. All the hot air was for political show, to see how well the polity would “bite”. They sure have chomped down, haven’t they? Now the Stalinists can just ease up a little bit; let the “Patriots” think they’ve carried the day; get the registration law on the books; and then forget about it until things have cooled back down for a year or two.

    And then: phase two.

    • Harry you sound like the Paul Harvey of Gun Rights!
      I am a great believer that the Constitution is the ONLY thing holding back the Communist Progressive Liberal Deep State, for NOW!
      That is WHY they so desperately want to get rid of the whole Document and install a Bolshevik style Communist Oligarchy!

  73. When I was in high school, we NEVER had any mad shootings, while there were dozens of loaded 30-30’s, 30-06, 35 calibers and other hunting rifles in the trucks of cars, on gun racks in pick up trucks and everyone in the school from the principal all the way down knew they were there… Yet not a single one every left the vehicle… Coming in during hunting season students and faculty members often talked in the parking lot about the hunting from the previous afternoon and what was planned for that afternoon… The problems are not with the guns but are from other sources… Shootings since the first one in little Rock can all be traced back to guns owned by liberals, progressives, progressive liberals, Democrats where the showers stole the families guns and went on rampages .. NONE of the shooters were members or supporters of the NRA… Look at Sandy Hook, the shorter stole his mother’s LEGALLY OWNED GUNS AND she was the first victim so the people always coming down on guns and gun owners need to put the blame where they belong and quit screaming for more anti gun laws as well as encourage and support the enforcement of all the laws currently on the books that are being ignored… I’ve been safely handling guns since I was 7 years old and now I’m instructions my granddaughter the proper and safe handling of all weapons I own to include her favorite, my ar-15… And NO, AR does NOT stand for again rifle like the idiots think but it is ARMALITE RIFLE…2A forever

    • Soros and the dems pushing their open border communist agenda. Gun confiscation, control all the money, citizen slaves. But I dont trust none of the feds. Since9/11 its been surreal. The patriot act , ndaa, obama care. Right now it seems like the good cop, bad cop con. Poising for moving global communism in quickly. Once trumps gone we already know what we’re gonna get. This politician does not have American values. Saying if law enforcement does not uphold the constitution. As citizens, it’s our duty to remove him from office for treason of the constitution. They have laws at the moment that not all is even revealed. Its coming , keep your guns and be prepared to defend our country

  74. I don’t see the law as being ‘lawful’.

    The ‘government’ (both state and federal) thoroughly enjoys making ‘laws’ and their enforcers (police) thoroughly enjoy enforcing them. They are, however, constrained by the courts (especially our Supreme Court) in their application of their “laws” . While government doesn’t like to admit there are limits on their authority to create “laws” and their enforcers claim that they enjoy legal immunity as long as they’re “just following orders” (Adolf Eichmann claimed the same excuse before he was hung in Israel) our Supreme Court warned them quite clearly in Schick v. United States, (1904) 195 US 65, 49 L.Ed. 99, 24 S.Ct. 826 that: “If there is any conflict between the provisions of the Constitution {enumerated powers to make law} and the provisions of the Amendments {Bill of Rights}. Amendments MUST control.”

    Government ignores this directive from our highest court and would have you believe they have lawful power and authority to regulate, license and, as it sees fit, – deprive by legislation – the Right of the people to “keep and bear arms” in spite of the fact the our Supreme Court reminded them in Miranda v. Arizona:  “Where rights, secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Thus, the legislature (state or federal) can not simply ‘pass a law’ that strips the Rights from Citizens and have it be lawful or Constitutional. Read and think very carefully about their directive: ”there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.”  Decisions of the Supreme Court and Rights protected by our Constitution can only be overturned by constitutional amendment.

    Indeed, the only way government can “infringe” upon the Right of the People to keep and bear arms is to Amend our Constitution using Article V of our Constitution to acquire the ‘authority’ to “infringe” before they ‘legislate’ any limitations, restrictions, rules or regulations. Until they have the lawful authority as a result of a Constitutional Amendment, our Supreme Court has said (Norton v Shelby) that: “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no right; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed” What that means is merely passing ‘laws’ doesn’t make them ‘lawful’ or binding on the public.  A ‘law’ needs to be Constitutional to be “lawful” and effective.

    The court has said quite clearly (in Miller v. U.S.) that: “The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot thus be converted into a crime.” They’ve said quite clearly (in Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham) that:  “If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity.” and gone on (in Sherer v. Cullen) that: “There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of the exercise of constitutional rights.“  

    Ask yourself, if your legislature passed a law making it a felony for anyone in Moscow to drink Vodka would such a law have any real “lawful” effect? The legislature has no authority/power to write laws effecting Moscow or prohibiting their residents from having a drink. Likewise, the legislative branches have no authority to rewrite or Amend our Constitution using mere legislation. As the court said in Miranda ~ “Where rights, secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Without an Article V amendment, ratified/adopted by three fourths of the States, giving the legislatures the power/authority to “infringe” on the Right that the 2nd Amendment precluded the government the authority to “infringe” upon, any ‘gun law’ they pass “imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed”.

  75. Amid dozens of Virginia counties declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries in case the state enacts strict gun-control measures next year, Tazewell County joined in — and took a big extra step.
    In addition to passing a resolution declaring the county a Second Amendment sanctuary, the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 3 also passed a resolution underscoring the right to a well-funded and regulated militia as described in the U.S. Constitution and the commonwealth’s constitution, WJHL-TV reported.
    And even though Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-2 on the board, both resolutions passed unanimously,

  76. Patriots I stand with you and agree with your meeting in Roanoke. I will make one precautionary statement to you for consideration. The deep state would like nothing better than to create an event and try to blame you and change the narrative for fake news to blame gun owners and I told you so rederick. If you proceed make sure you know who’s in the crowd and have cameras rolling at every angle. Be suspicious of everyone and thing. I wish you the best. WWG1WGA may God bless you all.

  77. Recently I am following your website since a two months about guns. I think, there should be something be happen about mass shootings. Innocents are being killed! What you say?

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