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We’ve been wondering when something like this would happen. Possibly taking their cue from California’s determination to flout federal immigration laws, Effingham County, Illinois, a downstate area of about 35,000 people an hour east of St. Louis, has declared that they won’t cooperate with the Chicago-dominated state legislature’s moves to restrict Second Amendment Rights.

Declaring Effingham County a sanctuary for gun owners, the county board on Monday directed its employees not to enforce any new Illinois law that would “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.”

The action is largely symbolic, according to Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler. He said the resolution, adopted by an 8-1 vote, will not control the decision making in the sheriff’s office.

For his part, the Sheriff said he’d consult and an attorney before going against state law.

Sheriff Dave Mahon agreed that it was a county board decision and would not control his office.

Mahon said that if such a potentially unconstitutional law were to be passed by the state, he would consult with the state’s attorney and the legal counsel of the Illinois Sheriff’s Association before deciding what actions to take.

Not everyone was on board with the move.

The meeting was one of the most attended for the board this term, with about 70 people present. Five people spoke to the board on the issue, three of them opposed in particular to the sanctuary county provision.

Dan Niebrugge, a pediatric physician, said his pride in Effingham’s contributions turned to embarrassment when he heard the county was considering “sanctuary” status for gun owners.

Mike Sehy said he was concerned that this would encourage people with assault-style weapons to move to the area.

We’d guess there are already a lot of AR owners in Effingham county. And probably a few that are Mr. Sehy’s neighbors.

You can read a rundown of gun control bills that are currently moving through the Illinois legislature or already on Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk here. No wonder they’re riled up in Effingham County.

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  1. Ef, IL

    GOD Bless You,

    May ““The Lord bless you and keep you;
    The Lord make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”
    – – Numbers 6:24-26

    • The Lord blesses those with faith in Him (and now, post Incarnation, in His Son specifically), not those on the right side of the gun debate (though I certainly appreciate your sentiment). 😀

      Isn’t the FOID itself a violation of the constitution? I think so.

  2. When is somewhere going to declare itself a bump stock sanctuary city?
    I would immediately move there!
    I very much enjoy shooting with my bumpstocks
    As of October, I will be a felon if I stay in Florida
    When I voted Republican for Governor,
    I had no idea Rick Scott would sign an anti gun bill
    Now he is running for the US senate
    We have to punish him and all RINO’s who voted for the anti gun bill here in Florida

  3. Wake me up when a city/jurisdiction allows citizens protection from federal 2A infringements such as NFA….

    • Didn’t Kentucky, or Kansas – or some other flyover state pass just such a bill a few years ago?

      • Montana Firearms Freedom Act. Even though it was signed into law I am not aware of anything actually coming from it. Like are Montanans running around with un-stamped machineguns and supressors? I don’t know.

        • The point of the law was by making machine guns in Montana, owned by Montana residents, and never leaving the state of Montana, no longer subject to federal law since those items are not interstate commerce. 10th amendment/state issue type of thing. That was the underlying focus. Whether or not it’s being used, enforced, or violated, is beyond my knowledge.

        • Idaho and Alaska (at least) have both passed the same thing. As far as I know at least one of them has already failed a test in federal court.

  4. Good luck Effingham!!! Yes downstate ILLinois is much different than Chiraq. More in common with Missouri or Kentucky. Loads of hunter’s and great hatred for Chicago which ruins Illinois for everyone who doesn’t live there. I bet the county Mounties won’t enforce BS laws-everyone KNOW where you live😄

    • Eastern Oregon, and Washington know how it feels. They aren’t Seattle/Portland. They are more like Idaho or Utah.

        • If eastern Snohomish County were truly that way, then how is it that King, Pierce, & Snohomish Counties are the voice of Washington State? 3 counties (out of 39) dictate the whole state & the policies within.

      • Absolutely……I used to live in both Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon and the west sides of the States are FULL OF LIBTARDS who actually RUN THESE STATES, DAMMIT!!!

  5. Okay. You guys have to do a better job of proof-reading.

    You are the professionals, we are the hacks.

    Smoothening instead of something? I mean….cmon!

  6. Two things:
    1 – Yeah right, as if any sheriff ever saw an unconstitutional law!
    2 – Does new management mean proofreading is no longer a thing?

    • Most of Colorado refuses to enforce 15 round mag limits. Only Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs enforce the law, maybe 1-2 others. You can buy 60 round drums, just not from big box stores. The Sheriffs refuse to enforce the laws.

  7. Hell ya
    I live in Effingham county . Now we need to make sure we get the sheriff straightened out.

  8. Down state Illinois is completely different than Chiraq and its suburbs. Like litterally night and day.

  9. Sheriff can play the “I’m elected and don’t report to the Board of Supervisors” card but pretty sure they control his budget.

  10. Glad to hear this about Effingham. Yes outside of Crook County and a few other counties Illinois is for the most part pro gun.

    I would also like to see some red states create a state militia that would include every law abiding citizen the age of 18 and over. Some day soon that may be important if there are efforts to over ride the Heller decision and may also encourage more firearm owners to move to them and maybe help keep blue state locusts away due to being repulsive to their liberal beliefs.

  11. im so glad i moved from illinois to wisconsin 6 years ago

    because rauner is not likely to win reelection

    pritzger is likely to win and when he does he will sign any gun ban that madigan and cullerton send to his desk

    rauners only chance is that the democrats overplay their hand on gun control and it energizes both republicans who cant stand him anymore and democrats who wouldnt ever vote for him except for his 2nd amendment stance to vote for him in enough numbers to override want chicago wants

    gun owners in illinois are doomed if pritzger gets elected

    especially if the gun ban that happened in deerfield is upheld

    because that will be the template for whatever anti gun legislation comes out of springfield:


    the wise people in effingham county see the likelihood of just such a scenario happening and are getting prepared

    • Oh please. Pat Quinn was as anti gun as they come. The fact is The Machine wants Democrats to remain in power. You start truly curtailing gun rights in Illinois and you are going to piss off a lot of Blue Dogs. Then things are going to get very interesting in Illinois.
      I would be more concern about MM retiring than who is in the governor seat. Once old Mike is out of the picture, who knows what will happen. John Cullerton might try and cut some deals with the City boys to consolidate power and let a bunch of anti gun crap through. Of course they know it will blow up in their faces come election time, but John still has not been about to outwit Mike, and look at the mess the state is in (and EVERYONE blames Mike for it)
      But then, I’m not planning on staying in the state much longer. I’m sick on the weather and the state is going to fiscally implode anyway. And I hate to tell you this, but it will likely take down southern Wisconsin with it. I hope you moved up north.

  12. I always thought Effingham was spelled F’ingham, as in… Guess they’re on the right page, and I agree with getting their sheriff straightened out. He’s elected. Good luck!

  13. It sounds like the sheriff’s office won’t have any trouble sailing past the county board’s delusions:

    1. No, the state legislature is not about to pass a law confiscating guns. I know many people wish that would happen, so they can have their Armaggedon showdown (cold dead hands, etc), , but sorry, that is not in the cards.

    2. The sheriff is not going to go against state law. The county board can start a lawsuit (and double property taxes to pay for it), but that is as far as it goes.

    • San Francisco doesn’t have to follow the law, California doesn’t have to follow the law, politicians don’t have to follow the law, I see no reason why anyone of this county has to follow the law.

      Either all men follow the law, being neither above or below it, or we have no law at all, but rather men with opinions and force.

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