Law enforcement at the scene of a mass shooting at a Walmart, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, in Chesapeake, Va. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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The Walmart manager who shot up an employee meeting on Tuesday evening bought the semi-automatic pistol he used legally that same day. He also left a “death note” manifesto which police have now released. The 31-year-old killer claims Satan led him to commit the terrible act.

Of course, Joe Biden’s followed the mass casualty event in Virginia with some thoughts on “gun violence.” Biden’s Thanksgiving message? The Commander in Chief declared that semi-auto firearms have “no social redeeming value.

Are Biden’s handlers completely tone-deaf or do they have no ability any more to control what slips out of his mouth? Those same semi-auto firearms with “no social redeeming value” protect Joe Biden and his family.

More on the purchase from the New York Times via MSN:

The Walmart supervisor who shot and killed six of his co-workers at a store in Chesapeake, Va., late on Tuesday purchased a pistol only hours before the massacre and left a note on his phone, in which he described how he planned to target some colleagues and spare others, according to new details released by the Chesapeake police on Friday.

As friends and relatives of the victims mourned, with a candlelight vigil planned by the city on Monday, the new details provided the first indication of what led to the eruption of workplace violence, which took place as members of what has been described as a close-knit overnight team met in a Walmart break room.

The police said an analysis of a phone belonging to the gunman, identified as Andre Bing, 31, turned up the message, in which he said employees at the store had mocked him and compared him to a serial killer. In what he called a “death note,” the gunman said he would not kill an employee who had cancer because his mother had died from the disease.

This photo provided by Virginia DMV shows Andre Bing.  (Virginia DMV/Chesapeake Police via AP)

The City of Chesapeake released the manifesto note:

Reading the note, it becomes clear that the killer harbored a lot of anger towards his peers and believed they were out to get him. The killer likely had mental issues as well, as he also wrote that he had decoded their subtle “code speech.”

Virginia has a fairly good concealed carry law. However, as employees of Walmart, the killer’s victims were prohibited by company policy from carrying guns at work. In other words, the killer’s fellow employees were nothing but fish in a barrel when the 31-year-old walked into that meeting and started shooting.


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  1. yet, according to anti-gun dogma, a magic gun forced him to do this ’cause guns exist.

    Another mass shooter with mental health issues that drove him to do this, like all other mass shooters.

    • “a magic gun forced him to do this”

      That is not what he stated in his manifesto.

      “The 31-year-old killer claims Satan led him to commit the terrible act“

      Another mentally ill person prodded by religion to commit a heinous act.

      Whether it’s slaying Asian masseuses because the individual can’t handle their own imagined religious guilt, or a mentally ill person filled with unresolved anger latching upon an imaginary deity in order to justify killing, religion often provides the basis for mayhem.
      Who can forget those wacky crusades or the Inquisition, or the Catholic Church’s treaty with Adolf Hitler? Did you know the Catholic Church never excommunicated a single Nazi concentration camp guard or crematorium operator? The only Nazi ever excommunicated was Joseph Goebbels for marrying a Protestant.

      And for justification of wholesale killing, it’s hard to do better than the fundamentalist Islamist cults. They did get a late start, but they’re doing their best to reach parity with the other religions.

      • minor49iq…RE: “Another mentally ill person prodded by religion to commit a heinous act.”

        You silly rabbit…Like the perp was a member of the 700 Club.

        Trying to make yourselves look higher than a dung pile marxists like you really have to shift your blasphemous atheist pieholes into overdrive.

      • How about all the murder done by folks whose religion is big .gov? What faith was mao? Big .gov What faith was stalin? Big .gov

        What faith is miner? Big .gov. And history shows big .gov is as intolerant and as murderous as all the other faiths.

        • “How about all the murder done by folks whose religion is big .gov?”

          The religion of Progressive-ism that preaches love and tolerance for others not like themselves, but practices murderous hatred…

        • “In fact, he said he failed God“
          So he killed six people because Satan led him to.

          And you think religion had nothing to do with this.

          Of course, that’s why he name checked both God and Satan in his “Death Note”.

          But you keep thinking you’re the smart one.

        • MajorStupidity,

          And of course, since the murderer was a flaming nutcase, his flaming nuttiness had nothing to do with his act, amirite???

          MajorStupidity, you remain, as always, too stupid to insult. Go roger yourself. You know nothing of firearms, public policy, religion, history, science, statistics, the scientific method, logic or rhetoric . . . hell, you know nothing. But you just keep on being a totally programmed Leftist/fascist robot. After all, it is apparently all you are capable of.

          I’d call you a tool, but tools are useful.

      • If you read the note, which you clearly did not, you’d have seen that it was not religion that drove him to do this. In fact, he said he failed God.

        But you keep thinking you’re the smart one.

      • If there was any Miner49er is a paid propagandist, this should dispel it. He cannot find any angle to attack firearms ownership on from this article, but he needs to continue the attack on anything considered conservative belief, so he shifts the conversation to an anti-Christian angle by putting forth the idea that religion is bad, spends an entire paragraph equating the Catholic Church with the Nazi Party, and then throws in a brief note about Islam at the end so he can claim to be unbiased.

        Like how the ACLU will take up genuine free speech case once a decade and claim to be unbiased in who they support. Look at how long they’ve milked that case they prevailed in about the neo-Nazis right to march through a Jewish community from decades ago.

      • “The 31-year-old killer claims Satan led him to commit the terrible act“

        “Another mentally ill person prodded by religion to commit a heinous act.”

        What religion prodded the shooter to act. Saying that Satan caused one to commit an awful deed is not a creed of any religion. Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim religions all have Satan as the evil villain.
        Saying that Satan is the cause is not the same as saying some tenant of a given religion told you to commit the act! Me thinks you are obsessed with
        blaming religion with all the earths faults. Maybe you should stop listening to Satan when he whispers in your ear to hate so much

      • @Miner49er

        “That is not what he stated in his manifesto.”

        you took it out of context which was specifically stated with this…

        “yet, according to anti-gun dogma, a magic gun forced him to do this ’cause guns exist.”

        Which part of the term ‘anti-gun’ said I was talking about his note?

        I wasn’t stating what he said in his note you moron. CAN’T YOU FRIGGIN READ?

        Do you even have a small idea of what context means? It was so obvious but you want to take a small potion out of its context so you can launch into a confirmation bias rant about religion once again and a motivator when its wasn’t religion at all but instead obviously something mental illness seeking to blame ‘Satan’ as the reason.

        Yet here you are, an atheist, trying to justify the existence of Satan and therefore there must be a God. You need some serious mental health evaluation.

        No knowledge of context, severely confirmation biased, obsessed with religion and Trump being the cause of everything bad. Denies the existence of God while at the same time confirming Gods existence indirectly by trying to justify Satan’s existence in a religious motivator context where no such real context exists. Miner49er, these are but small examples of the delusional thinking you exhibit in your writings, these are concepts you routinely exhibit. You need some serious help, you are on the path to becoming the next mass murderer … you exhibit the same type of delusional thinking all mass shooters have exhibited – severe confirmation bias, no meaning of context considered, creating a self-satisfying reason and then everything else feeds that self-satisfying reason, in other words delusional adverse mental health. You are sick Miner49er, get some help.

        • “Yet here you are, an atheist, trying to justify the existence of Satan“

          They ain’t no ‘Satan’, that’s just more propaganda to manipulate the masses.

          Those who blame Satan are using religion to absolve themselves of responsibility for their own actions.

          Imaginary beings cannot force anyone to do anything, but weak minds use these delusions to authorize their crimes.

        • You mean like you use your weak mind to remain stupid trying to blame everything on religion or Trump.

    • And if it were not for the gangster criminal republicans we would have had paid for mental health care decades ago when Teddy Kennedy tried to get national health care passed.

      • Yeah, dacian the demented dips***, because nationalized health care works SO WELL.

        And if your “solution” was to FINALLY pass the execrable “Affordable Care Act” (three lies in three words), howzat workin’ out for ya???

        You are too f***ing stupid to breathe. Do the world a favor and go expire in an excavation. You will NOT be missed. By anyone.

      • @dacian

        “And if it were not for the gangster criminal republicans we would have had paid for mental health care decades ago when Teddy Kennedy tried to get national health care passed.”


        Throughout his Senate career, Senator Kennedy championed the cause of quality health care for all Americans. Among the many landmark laws enacted under his leadership and sponsorship are the Protection and Advocacy for Mentally Ill Individuals Act of 1986, the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act of 1990, the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act of 1993, the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997, the creation of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in 1997 (HIPAA), the Children’s Health Act of 2000, the Project BioShield Act of 2003, the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act of 2005, the FDA Amendments Act of 2007, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008.

        He didn’t try, he did and the ‘republicans’ didn’t stop it either. However, in each and every case democrats diverted funding from those for other ‘social programs’, most notably to aid ‘racial minorities’ with government benefits, and effectively neutered those things Ted Kennedy bought forward.

  2. “…victims were prohibited by company policy from carrying guns at work…”

    I’d bet a dollar a few good-guy employees are carrying. Heck, I’ve been carrying at my own job for years, despite our Employee Handbook prohibiting “weapons of any kind”. My employer’s building has no security whatsoever, and all doors may be entered without any resistance (and nobody’s stopped the occasional confused visitor when they’ve come in and walked around looking for someone). Any agitator would have free reign to do whatever he wanted in a “fish in a barrel” environment, despite my multiple conversations with HR and Executives over the years to improve the situation. No way I’ll ever be one of those fish.

    If you lose your job, you can typically find another one. If you lose your life…not so much.

    • ” My employer’s building has no security whatsoever, and all doors may be entered without any resistance …”

      There will be an incident one day, as sure as the sun rises in the east. Everyone will be “shocked! Shocked, I tell you!”

      Just hope you’re not there when it happens.

      • “Just hope you’re not there when it happens.”

        Has will most likely be the one stopping the murderer, if he’s there that day… 🙂

  3. Well, at least one of these crazies admitted that Satan made him do it. There’s some truth in advertising for you. If only all the other killers would do the same!

    • I wish they would get the help that they need first. Short of that please kill yourself before harming anyone else.

    • Nope. NO ONE is totally under statn’s authority unless we yield to it. Satan cannot MAKE anyone do anything. Each of us is fully responsible for our own actions. “the devil made me do it” is a lie. Don’t swallow it.

  4. You mean to tell me two generations of non-stop anti-bullying, everyone is special, HR up everybodys asses 24/7 and cancelling anyone who says anything less than praiseful of anyone else and we still have adults bullying adults in the workplace?

    Walmart must have an entire corporate building with thousands of employees dedicated to preventing harassment lawsuits. Didn’t work, huh?

    • Golly I’ve been the boss. How do you bully the tard in charge? Satan indeed. Or just a poof…

  5. Joe is right for once. The semi auto firesarms that his Secret Service carry, have no redeeming social value………

    because they protect an anti constitution/Anti 2nd A, grifting, corrupt, money stealing, money laundering and traitor to his country POTUS.
    FJB, Let’s Go Brandon.

    • Do you really think that the Secret Service uses semi-auto firearms to protect a President?

    • His phone was hacked? Let me just ask this: How many TTAG readers entrusts his important information to his phone?

      If you carry a cell phone, you are hacked. All of your data belongs to the telco, to Google, to Apple, to Facebook, and to every “developer” who has enticed you to install an app.

      If there is embarrassing stuff on your phone, you’re as big a chump as what’s-his-name.

    • He was a weak, manipulative manchild. I’ve seen a suicide letter before with similar manipulations. They try to put a spin on the bad things they’ve done by trying to present something about themselves in a noble, sympathetic light. It’s their last chance to try to control the situation which is what the shooting was about. He thought everyone was “talking in code” because of his low self-esteem. So other people had to pay for his shortcomings, like wanting a wife but not being able to have one.

        • This is the result of years of Christian indoctrination led by the FarRight Trump MAGA true believers. It will only end when we make organized religion illegal.

        • This sort of thing is only allowed and encouraged in Capitalvania. Thankfully, they lock up hilljacks like this in more enlightened european and middle east paradises. I hope The Biden, the greatest president that this country has ever known, is able to illegalize fully semiautomatic weapons of war before we sink into our coming irreversible economic crash.

        • Very good Miner irritant! But way too short on the blather! The real Miner’s are full of mind numbing diatribes along the lines of dacian and Albert’s formally known as All Hail.

        • But I AM the all powerful OZ of all the Miners, daciaii, and lime flavored Albert… you will
          all bow down and revel in my greatness, for I AM the true TRINITY !!

        • umm, look at the timestamps – this was posted almost 3 hours before miner woke up and posted at the top. This site is kinda effed up that way and strings become very hard to follow

      • Just look around, muckraker, he’s already been there . . . stupidly, as usual.

        That boy is just a pathetic ‘one-note horn’, isn’t he?? What’s really amusing is that he keeps beating the hell out of a strawman he knows nothing about. His “knowledge” of religion is as pathetic as his “knowledge” of history or politics.

        If Ignorance ever became an Olympic event, MajorStupidity would be a shoo-in Gold Medalist.

  6. That note is telling. The guy was a loony tune.

    Employees should be allowed to carry. Full stop. No discussion.

  7. Clearly we just need a law making it illegal to be crazy. Close the crazy loophole! Problem solved! Hey it’s no less stupid than all the idiotic gun laws on the books.

    Do I actually need to put a sarcasm tag on this?

    • If craziness were illegal, who would the Left run for office ?? And also, who would vote for them ??
      Maybe they can use the lame duck session to pass some laws making murder a punishable offense.

  8. If the government would just outlaw white supremacists, our violence problems would be solved!

    Oh, wait. That dude don’t look like a white supremacist to me . . . .

    • … that dude don’t look like a white supremist to me.
      So, what to do when (yet again) the perp doesn’t fit the narrative?
      Well duh !!… CHANGE the narrative.

  9. AND he “legally” bought the firearm that same day.

    I am all for a waiting period, (hear me out) not that it would have stopped this guy if he was hell bent on doing harm. However the waiting period should only be on your first firearm purchase. Subsequent purchases should NOT be held up. CCW holder should not hold up a new purchase. When you already own firearms, there is no such thing as a cooling off period.

    • And the women that have a restraining order out that’s being ignored by a homicidal ex? Collateral damage? Absolutely not! However there is something to be said for keen eyed sales people.

      • Good point, an angle I hadn’t thought of. Can’t there be a balance rather than we are always giving up our rights in the name of compromise?

        • To be fair Rick according to your post you wanted us to give up our rights in the name of compromise. And to be honest I would love for there to be a way to stop crazies from purchasing a firearm, I just don’t know what it is without infringement on our rights. Infringement of our rights is a non starter for me.

        • the right to arms is not on the choppong block. The “right” to use one unlawfully and immorally is.
          The right to arms, had it been “allowed” by WalMart, would almost certainly have reduced the death toll, just like it did in that mall shooting where one plain citizen ended a killing spree at what is considered a “you can’t do it” range. forty yards in an active shooting scenario? Square up benchrest fixed target shooters think that range is challenging. This guy “just did it”. I’m certain that mall had “pretty please don;t bring your gins in here thank yuo very much” signs that are NOT compliant with state laws, thus are meanigless. KNOW your state’s requirements for “no gins in here makes us feel good” signs, and check for them. If they are not in compliance with state requirements ignore them.

        • “the right to arms is not on the choppong block.”

          You really need to stop gaslighting because that is the end-goal of gun control. If you really wanted to save lives you’d demand an immediate end to the over-prescription of SSRIs all of which have varying forms of psychotic depression as a side-effect.

    • The waiting period should be the time it takes them to find the box it came in and to count my change.

      • SHorter than that. Just enough to slip it back into your holster, which you have already proven fits it well prior to making the decision to buy THAT one.

    • For a gun buyer to establish that the waiting period does not apply to him, he would have to refer to some record of a prior purchase. In other words, a first purchase only waiting period would depend on a de facto gun registry. Hard pass.

  10. You state in your opening comment that the perp said that the SATAN directed him so that mean’s he was a SCHIZOPHRENIC with aural delusions.
    Is there any medical resord of his schizophrenia mentioned anywhere and there is would he still have been allowed to purchase a handgun and would there have been any way for who ever sold it too him to check on this guys mental status.?
    Just asking because in most of the world Schizophrenia, [except perhaps for TELEVISION PROPHETS who converse with GOD on regular basis who,then tells them what to say and when topocketbthe Collection Plate,] he’d have no chance of getting a license for any kind of firearm

  11. Pray for the victims and their families. And never forget it was the boss. The store shift manager. Who was carrying the gun and shot people. Not some low-level employee on the floor. And what did his fellow management staff think of his behavior prior to the shooting?

    We have a serious mental illness problem in this country. And most people are trying to avoid talking about. Because it involves forcing people into treatment. Either their family forces their loved ones into treatment. Or the government forces people into treatment.

    • Years ago Geraldo Rivera uncovered horrific abuses of the mentally ill and the pendulum swung so far to the left that the bleeding hearts all but eliminated forced incarceration. We need to find a happy(?) medium to protect the mentally ill and the people around them. I don’t know what that is and how to go about it but the time has come. Too many victims of mental illness including the mentally ill.

    • Mentally ill people have the right to be ill and live that way. We have a niece who lost it while in college and became homeless. We give her money once in awhile but are not to even hint she should get help. If you do prepare to be cussed at and hung up on. Since she now lives in the NYC area she is untouchable. Two or 3 times a year she will call and have some thing she needs money for that her mind thinks is the thing that will make her rich. We listen and try to find out how she is doing and if needed for expenses some money.

      Then we call her mom and let her know her daughter is still alive and any news we could get out of her. She has not spoken to her mom in over 30 years, Blames her and her dad for how her life turned out and all the imagined things they did.

      • I’m sorry for your niece Ken. I should have been more clear. I was talking about those with a propensity for causing harm to others. If you openly threaten friends or family there needs to be consequences. Just like the Colorado Springs shooter should have been in prison.

  12. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Walmarts answer to this is to pull 223 ammo off the shelves. This company will do the stupidest things to deal with issues. They think they can stop selling AR15’s to fix things like this. “Fish in a barrel” is exactly right.

  13. More proof that if there had been a waiting period the tragedy might not have occured. People often commit violent acts on the spur of the moment

    • a waiting period has never prevented even one mental health illness driven killer from killing. There may have been a delay in killing for short period, or they may simply use another weapon, but it was going to happen eventually because that’s what they are driven to do by their mental illness.

      This guy could have used a common kitchen knife from the housewares section, and just picked off employees one at a time as they went on break or to the rest room or into the non-public areas of the store, when they were alone. He certainly had the run of the whole place in his position, no one would have questioned where he was just like they didn’t question being in this room with him despite likening him to Dhalmer. But he was going to do it, gun or not, and had already reached the decision to do it he just chose a quicker method that’s all. A waiting period would not have prevented him from killing one of more, all he needed to do was select something else to kill with.

      You still don’t get it dacian.

    • Possible. More likely, IMO, he left the note on the chance that if he survived, he could claim insanity.

  14. This young black man scum who shot up these innocent people is a perfect example of a person getting promoted to manager over people who despise him. This could have been prevented like so many other mass shootings but no one ever acts on all the warning signs until the killing is over.

  15. One of the survivors is suing Walmart. Evidently this guy had a history of issues with his co-workers with many complaints filed against him. According to the suit upper managers liked him and kept him, ignoring the workers complaints. If the accusations are founded, Walmart could be in for a lot of trouble

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