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THE PRESIDENT:  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Look, the idea that we’re not enforcing red-flag laws, period, just based on knowledge, not on parents saying or a loved one saying you should arrest this person now for his own sake, is ridiculous.  

We got one of the first red-flag laws in the state of Delaware, and my son Beau was the one enforcing it.  And it made a lot of difference.  It saves lives.  So that’s number one. 

Number two, the idea — the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick.  It’s just sick.  It has no, no social redeeming value.  Zero.  None.  Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.

Q    Can you do anything about gun laws during the lame duck, sir?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m going to try. 

Q    What will you try and do?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m going to try to get rid of assault weapons.

Q    During the lame duck?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m going to do it whenever I — I got to make that assessment as I get in and start counting the votes.

— President Joe Biden in Remarks by President Biden After Visiting With Local Firefighters

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      • RE: “THE PRESIDENT: I’m going to try to get rid of assault weapons.”

        Rest assured sneaky Gun Control scumbags like joe biden use the label “Assault Weapon” to denigrate and besmirch firearms just like his kkk democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control ancestors used their N-word label to denigrate and besmirch Black Americans.

        The only firearm on earth Jim Crow Gun Control joe needs to be concerned about is the firearm his son hunter and his deceased son’s wife left in a dumpster.

        • Seems like the circus got elected.

          What does that mean you get, other than a lot of elephant shit and peanuts, of course?

        • I rather doubt it, at least along this front which at this point is so routine as to be exceedingly boring.

          You, Mr. Beverly, on the other hand most assuredly are.

        • strych9, Doubt whatever your little heart desires. The Republicans are taking over the House and your days of gun restrictions are over thanks to that and the Supreme Court.

    • Hey!
      It’s way past time to get rid of the fully semi automatic revolvers with 50 clip magazines!
      No one NEEDS that much fire power!

    • Joe never had an idea of his own during his lifetime. I don’t know which of his handlers thinks they can get this past a lame duck congress but when all you have left is a hail mary, that is what you throw.

    • So everything that “..has no, no social redeeming value.” should be banned?

      I’m good with that. That list starts with “Democrats”.

      If we ban just that one thing, think of how many other problems just go away…

  1. However, per 1,000 people, this state (Delaware) actually has one of the highest crime rates in the US. The overall violent crime rate in Delaware is 4.2 per 1,000 people. The property crime rate is much higher at 22.5 per 1,000 people. from

      • D Y, you are out of our ever loving mind! Most losses due to a criminal act if not committed in the home are NOT covered by “insurance”. I would not advise you coming to my neighborhood with that in mind. You might not leave the way you came.

  2. “Number two, the idea — the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

    And, there you have it –

    They want semi-autos on the NFA.

    Lotsa luck getting the Supreme Court to agree to that one.

    (Turkey and stuffing-scented farts are the *best*… 🙂 )

    • that..”we still allow..”

      The part that everyone needs to hear. “we” are the so-called political class, not us workers. It’s this mind-set that burns me the most.

      • Forget total bans, people like Biden are not going to be happy until the 2nd Amendment is eliminated completely, and gun owners are rounded up and/or shot, and their guns and ammunition seized-period. Anyone who does not see this potentially coming is a fool. Cannot happen here? Oh yes it can, and will, if people do not wake up.

  3. I actually sorta, kinda, hope he does get it done. I don’t get enough range time these days and every little bit helps. 😉

  4. Simple: Turn on the printing press. Print lots and lots of dollars. Offer everyone one million dollars for every fully-functioning semi-automatic weapon they turn in. Then, when those folk use some of that money to purchase new semi-automatics, print some more money and offer them $1.5m for every functioning gun they turn in. Keep on repeating this process until the nation is covered coast-to-coast in firearms.

    Oh, wait……..

    • There’s a more vicious and effective way to do this based on demos and it also dovetails with the current plans already in motion.

      Simply “transition” the currency to that digital thing I keep talking about. Start with Social Security and then move to welfare.

      You’ll run the country “at the end user”, just as they desire. Guns? The vast majority will turn them in for digibux.

      • strych9, The so called move to “digital currency” would be at best foolish. They have this thing called hacking?

        • *facepalm*

          I’m not going to bother explaining blockchain tech here. The idea of hacking it is just silly until quantum computers become a thing and then putting the blockchain on quantum computer networks negates that anyway.

          The issue is, as I’ve been pointing out for a LONG time, that this gives them fine control over every aspect of your life. Only fools or tyrants argue otherwise.

          Just from what they openly tell you and most people ignore:

          Your *money* expires so there are no savings. None.

          Your *money* is programable. Only usable for certain things depending on conditions. Buy too much gasoline and you can’t buy meat, for example. You want some ammo? Too fucking bad, also trying to buy it means your account just was cut by 50%, would you like to play again?

          Your *money* is geofenceable. It only works where they want it to work. You’ve been naughty so you may shop at exactly three places within a certain range of your house. Other than that, you’re dead-ass broke. Fuck around and we’ll cut you down to one location. Also, we took half your money. Be a good doggie or it gets worse.

          There are no banks or credit card companies, they’re not just superfluous, they’re a drag on such a system. You can buy what they want you to buy when they want you to buy it. A company getting in the way of that is unacceptable.

          This comes from the exact same people who openly covet your property. You won’t own it. They will, because you can’t pay your bills because they will not let you.

          Current work being done, openly is the convertibility of dollars in your bank account to a digital FedCoin and back.

          The openly stated plan here is to move “transfer payments” (Social Security, welfare etc) to a coin and get business on board accepting that coin, then change your bank accounts over to that coin without your consent or knowledge and then make cash illegal.

          If they complete that transition your life is OVER. Post-transition you now live in an open air gulag. You will have no guns because you will have no property. Failure to comply will result in your slow death by starvation. Continued failure will expand the starvation to your friends and family until they turn on you.

          .gov will control, quite literally, every aspect of your life that matters.

          This is what your own government openly says they want for you, yet you continue to believe that they’re your friends. They are NOT your friends. They are, according to themselves, your RULERS and you are naught but a serf. Your useful energy will be harvested until you are no longer beneficial to them and then you will be put out to pasture.

          They tell you this. Openly. They want what you have and they have a scheme to take it. You will own nothing and be happy, or die screaming. You don’t matter to them any more than the rights of an individual chicken matter to Tyson Foods.

          Get it through your thick skulls. You’re, at best, chattle to the self-appointed ruling class.

    • When booze was illegal the ‘Man’ didnt have the surveillance technology that is available now. Now they could spot your still 300 miles from space and zap it with a lazer beam.

        • He certainly buys a lot of sugar, its in the data base credit card purchases. And all them fruit jars? The satellite pictures show no garden.
          Radar Love

        • in the data base credit card purchases.

          Pay cash, spread your purchases, buy your grain at a feed store and your Mason Jars can be found at yard sales and Salvation Army thrift stores, gallon milk/water jugs work well too.

  5. If you legalize drugs, “all the crime will just go away”. Then you’ll have nothing to worry about.
    So says the smartest people in the room.

    • As long as someone is not harming another person or another person’s property, they should free to do whatever the F they want.

      Freedom means ALL freedom. Not just the freedoms that you like.

        • You”ll have to rent to them, employ them, and have your tax dollars taken for the social programs to cater to them.

        • You have the right choose “Another Applicant”. Same goes to Employment. You don’t have to be an idiot and tell freakshow tattoo-multi pierce-bone thru her nose face that she scare’s the little children she is applying to care for.

          Oh, I almost forgot…….Fuck Job Biden…….now I feel better.

          Carry on!

        • Since the plan is for you not to own anything, what pray tell, will you be renting and what business will you be running?

        • Walter,

          Explaining their plan to you makes it my plan. You’re real fuckin’ sharp, huh?

          The kind of moron who just instinctively shoots the messenger.

          Honestly, I’m impressed. It really does seem that your dumbfuckery is actually boundless.

        • strych9, Yep, it is your plan, isn’t it? You are a Leftist. A proponent of the “plan”. So yeah, Lefty, I am pretty fuckin’ sharp and smart too.
          You are not just the messenger but a proponent of the “message”.
          Lefties like you think the rest of us are stupid. Now be careful. Don’t go looking in any mirrors. Aside from breaking one, you will see your true self.

      • Libertarians do not believe that property owners should be able to kill anyone who steals and or breaks into or vandalizes private property.

        Libertarians do not believe in Freedom. Because consequences and responsibilities go along with it. And they are not interested in holding criminals accountable when they violate another person or another person’s property.

        But Libertarians will support the state when the state kills criminals to protect State Property.

        No libertarian has called for the repeal of laws that stop law-abiding Property Owners from using deadly force if necessary to protect what they own.

        So if you’re an off-duty, in plain clothes, representative of the state. It’s okay for you to kill to protect your property. Instead of just letting the criminals take what they want from you. And you allow them to go free. This according to the smartest people in the room, using violence to stop a property theft is not worth it. That’s immoral according to the smartest people in the room.

        “Off-duty Chicago police officer involved in shoot-out during Calumet Heights robbery attempt: CPD”

        • “Libertarians” v2020 have only ONE issue. More pot/more stoners. Real “libertarian” sailed decades ago.

      • When the State of Oregon decriminalized marijuana, they adopted administrative rules, policies and procedures that enabled the OMMP and OLCC to issue ADDRESS SPECIFIC grow site permits and Cannabinoid extraction licenses to tenants or anyone else without the knowledge or consent of the property owner. The judges who are too abysmally stupid to read then misinterpreted the alleged existence of such permits or licenses as prima facia evidence that a landlord consented to a grow Oregon also revised residential tenancy laws to preclude eviction for utilizing a property for marijuana trafficking. Landlords are then obliged to document damages to justify eviction, but since the judges presume that the landlord consented, that is ineffective.

        In one particularly outrageous case, Judge Ladd Wiles of Yamhill County gave a marijuana bootlegger a free pass for shooting at his landlords’children with a 12 gauge shotgun in retaliation for efforts to evict. Observations by the victims of singular projectiles impacting only a few yards away from a shooting distance of almost two hundred yards reveal that the psychopath was shooting slugs. Judge Wiles ‘ repeated refrain was “I don’t want to hear about the marijuana! It’s legal now!”. Judge Wiles seemed to forget that his famously philandering, perjuring wife, Amanda S Marshall, was invoking civil forfeiture of properties used for marijuana trafficking when she wasn’t to busy having sex with her subordinates at the US Attorney’s Office.

        The State of Oregon created two corrupt bureaucracies that entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Oregon Marijuana Mafia to expropriate the private property of innocent victims for the purposes of committing Federal felonies.

        • Burn the house down and collect the insurance, you’ve been bitching about this for 3 years now at least.

      • You are wasting your breath, Chris is a hard-core statist. Not to mention he thinks Trump is progun, nevermind Trump made all semi autos into machine guns, since changing the stock makes them one according to the BATF. Mark my words, Republicans will get all semi autos banned, just like machines guns were under their watch. And people like Chris will applaud it.

        • I have to disagree with that completely. There is this thing we call morality. Some of it is faith based, some not. Trump is “pro-gun”. I don’t know where you got “Trump made all semi-autos into machine guns”, but that is bunk. “Bump stocks” pretty damn close to a “machine gun”. Republicans have no intention of banning semi-autos. That is propaganda spread by ill-informed.

    • Have you noticed that beer companies no longer have shooting wars? If the market in banned drugs becomes transparent, the cartels wither and die.

      Do you have a problem with that?

      • I have news for you. Marijuana has been effectively made legal. Laws against it are rarely being enforced. And the cartels are still raping and murdering people. The cartels are still chopping people up into pieces and spreading their body parts all over cities. And if you don’t know that, it doesn’t surprise me. Because of drug legalization crowd never pays attention to the facts.

        What is amazing to me and perhaps this is a Christian/ Atheist thing. The drug legalization crowd believes that by making a product legal it will change the morality of the people involved in that business. Christians understand that that does not work. But the atheist who only think in terms of perhaps making money think otherwise.

        How else to explain that if you believe by making a product legal, that somehow the people who were involved in the production and distribution of this product, will stop murdering people??? They will no longer extort money, or extort property from the law-abiding???

        The avocado industry in Mexico has been completely corrupted by what is effectively a legalized marijuana industry. A marijuana industry run by extremely violent people.

      • Well, speaking for myself, I have a problem when a simple trip to the grocery store involves wading through a reeking cloud of weed about 25,000 square feet large.

        I suppose in time as idiots realize it its no longer edgy, cool or alt to be a pot head that should subside and only the true mentally ill self medicators will remain stoned 24/7 everywhere they go. At least I hope it does.

        • ” idiots realize it its no longer edgy, cool or alt” – yea about 10min after they figure out idiot tattoos, purple hair and alternative piercing. And Harley moron owners figure out their POS doesn’t make them EasyRider/Rebel without a clue.

        • And Harley moron owners figure out their POS doesn’t make them EasyRider/Rebel without a clue.

          And who the fuck are YOU to make the determination that just because someone chooses to ride an AMERICAN icon instead of some cheap ass disposable Japanese POS that they are automatically MORONS trying to emulate some fictional movie character? I’ve owned and ridden Harley Davidsons LONG before Brando or Fonda started making movies about “Bab Boy” bikers. If you’re jealous because you can’t afford a Harley, or you’re scared to try to ride one that’s not my fault. If some “Bad Boy” biker stole your Ol Lady THAT’S not my problem either. Get a life or go fuck yourself either way I give zero fucks about you or your problems.

        • It’s easy if you can afford to buy the right shit, guessing you’ve got your mommy proofreading yours…

        • You must be copying down the stuff in the stores where the Dentist and Accountants shop for Tee shirts.

          Yep a wannabe hardly rider. Is it still a quarter for the one in front of the local Dollar General . I heard you won’t ride the horse though because it bucked you off.

          Your momma’s teeth are so yellow, when she smiles, cars slow down.

        • Yep a wannabe hardly rider. Your momma’s teeth are so yellow, when she smiles, cars slow down.
          What are you, five? This “wannabe” hardly rider owns seven and two of them are worth more than everything you could possibly hope to own in your miserable life. My momma died in 1972 her teeth are probably in worse condition than that. It’s actually “Hardly Ableson” if you are going to be a dumbass at least be the best dumbass you can be. Were those words small enough for you?

          OBTW: Beverly WTF are YOU talking about? I haven’t touched a joint in over 40 years, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs other than a couple of heart related meds prescribed by my Cardiologist, so perhaps you should try knowing what you are talking about before you jump in with your moronic bullshit.

        • My my we have us a real live keyboard warrior here.
          As for money since that seems to be one of your attempts at putting people down. You do not know me but I suspect I might be worth more than you.

          In stock investments alone I am low 8 figures. If Hardly was a good investment I could probably buy more stock than you could afford in hardlys.

          But that would be a foolish investment since global sales are down over 14% this year alone and have been on the decline for years. Even here sales are down over 5% and with 47 as the average age of a hardly rider things do not look good for longevity.

          Face it, the only reason hardly still exist is because the government made the foreign bikes more expensive through tariffs. Before than they were circling the drain. Then boomers in an effort to recapture their youth or maybe the image of being a rebel gave hardly a bump in sales. But that is fading. The younger generations does not give a hoot about the image.

        • Awwwww, did I hurt your feeeelz, guess I picked on the only “multi-millionaire” in the world who has time to engage in a pissin’ contest on a gun blog, what are the odds? I could not care less about your imaginary stock portfolio OR your opinion of Harley Davidson (the motorcycle). I am not a fan of the company, but I will not own a POS “Rice” Rocket. You are the so called “keyboard warrior” that inserted YOUR totally useless opinion into something that did not concern you. As for the “YOUNGER” generation? Who the fuck cares, they don’t “give a hoot” about much of anything, many of them can’t find their way out of mommys basement and those that do are lost in the real world, YOUR younger generation is responsible for a braindead president, an out of control economy, and nearly ALL of the mass school shootings since Columbine so, yeah thanks for that. So much for the “wisdom” of that group. Good luck with that 8 figure portfolio…

        • Didn’t know they sold anti millennial and gen Z tee shirts in the hardly boutiques.

          Those young people will be running the nursing home your carcass will be parked at one day. Or maybe they will be rousting you from wherever you set up your cardboard box hovel. After they get done removing the giveaways used to get boomer votes you will be on your own. They will be the majority of the voting age population in 2024.

          So maybe since most do not vote you will be safe a few more years. But the clock is ticking. When they do start to vote you can kiss SS and medicare and other boomer goodies goodbye.

          Me I’ll just start selling some of the land and properties purchased over the years as needed if other investments go south.

      • That ship has sailed. Deal with the world that it is now.
        Vicious criminals run the legal marijuana business.
        Also the drug legalization crowd said making it legal you could tax marijuana just like tobacco. And in their words “so the government could make more money.”

        The drug legalization crowd has always been s0ci@list pr0gressive in their political orientation.

        • Ooooh wait…. How can you tell if a machine is made by Hoover or by Harley ??
          The dirt bag rides in front on the Hoover !!
          … okay, don’t make me explain it to you –
          just read it slower next time.

      • Cocaine was first banned by Georgia in 1902 and finally became federally prohibited in 1914. The oldest known “Cartel” is the Gulf Cartel in Mexico, started in 30s smuggling alcohol into the US.

    • Chris T in KY
      The Portuguese found that to be true. They legalized nearly everything in the way of street drugs. For about 6 months they had a major increase in overdose deaths, then nearly nothing. The problem sorted itself out and solved itself.
      Allow people unfettered access and use with firearms, the crime and violence will end as soon as the criminals realize their prospective victims can and will fight back with deadly force.
      What few seem to realize is during the “Wild West” era, you had a greater risk of being shot, robbed, or otherwise being a victim of a violent crime in places like NYC or Boston, than in places like Dodge City or Deadwood.

  6. Ultimately, China’s puppet Biden wants to get rid of all weapons. And since Joe lives a sheltered life with Secret Service protection, he’s blissfully unaware that the criminals are traveling in packs now, like hyenas. That is why you need a semi-auto.

    • @ChrisT & Shire-Man:
      The real problems have been snowed-over into obscurity: The reason people are stoners in the first place is often that they cannot seem to handle reality. Namely, their day to day existence is just too much for them. Add to that the very painful attempt that quitting becomes…even if you were NOT addicted before, the visage of reality coming back to you must be like a freight train coming out of a tunnel. With you standing in it’s way on the tracks.
      In the RVN we had a kid named Tassi. Big time Stoner. One day, I saw him walking around the company area (a rear area) talking, with a half dozen stoners hanging on his every word. I asked a friend what was happening and he said “Tassi came down”.
      I queried “What, he was up on the roof?”
      His reply was “No, he stopped smoking, and is telling all the other guys what it is like”.
      Truth, guys.
      So please, all you stoner folks out there, don’t ever try to tell us marijuana is safe…ever.

      • I’ve know plenty of recreational smokers. I have one particular acquaintance who is pretty much a daily consumer. He told me he has tried to quit multiple times, but he can’t make it more than a couple of weeks. If you want to quit something, but you can’t, you have an addiction.

        • The legalized drug users who are urinating and defecating in public. And stealing and assaulting people taking their property, to pay for their drugs are causing the problems. And how many of them are there compared to recreational users???
          I actually don’t care.

          I’m concerned with the huge numbers Of public drug attics who are disrupting society. Libertarians Liberals and the Left demand everyone else except the Marijuana and urine smelling world they have created.

          Well I have news for you. The rest of use don’t.
          Shoot the stealing drug addicts dead on sight.

      • The THC levels in today’s marijuana are so high, it is causing people to literally go nuts, which in turn causes physical injury. Whoever is selling the lie that this stuff is “healthy” and “therapeutic” should be in prison. As usual, the truth will come out, and the courts will be clogged with lawsuits, and the companies that pushed the big lie about marijuana will be on the hook for billions. See the fallout from the opioid epidemic.

        But if I say this I’m a bigot, prejudiced against dope smokers.

        Emergency care and hospitalizations higher among cannabis users, study finds
        Serious physical injury and respiratory-reasons the two leading causes of ED visits and hospitalizations among cannabis users

    • colson…It is a toss-up between bigoted toilet mouths like you and Jim Crow Gun Control biden for who is the biggest threat to freedom. Can’t save biden but a trip behind a woodshed and a bar of soap to wash out your filthy piehole would be a pleasure to see and would do you a lot of good.

  7. red flag laws — he’s not wrong. these are “known wolf” shooters. stop letting them go or bargaining down their sentences. enforce laws already on the books. then we can talk.

      • The other recent shootings prove also the NIICS check doesn’t work neither. It’s all fraud programs to get more tax money from us.

        • That’s not true at all, it stopped Neil Steinberg from buying an AR15 and provided a lot of hilarious drama in the press afterwards.

          The recent shootings are more of an issue with terrible DAs not pressing felony charges because they might have to work for it.

    • “stop letting them go“

      Even the grandsons of prominent Republican politicians?

      “The shooting is proof red flag laws don’t work.“

      No, it is proof that prominent politician grandpas can pull strings for their ‘troubled’ grandsons.

      • You are a Master of B/S! Where in the article or anywhere did you get that “prominent political grandpas can pull strings”? Here is a FACT. Red Flag Laws are a bust! You wan to know why? 1) These “laws” require a plaintiff. If there is no plaintiff there is no way to enforce these laws. 2) Many people are RELUCTANT to go on the record about anything that they “saw”.
        You are perverting the situations to fit your anti-gun agenda. In other words, you are outright lying.

      • The “grandson of Republican politicians” is a “non-binary” by his own admission, hence he was mentally ill. He should have been banned from owning handguns by that metric alone.

      • Factually incorrect. Mom clammed up, no bomb found, so they had no criminal case on the nonbinary. No complainant with standing, therefore no red flag.

        Family connections irrelevant, but maybe someday, huh…

      • “it is proof that prominent politician grandpas can pull strings for their ‘troubled’ grandsons.”

        Is this supposed to be shocking news? Were you not aware of the way the world works? Now do Hunter.

      • care to prove that politician in California helped his grandson in Colorado?
        provide documented evidence to back that up.
        unlike the atf agents who did nothing about crack hunter Biden lying on his 4475 about his drug use or his wife illegally dumping the gun in the trash.

        • Are you saying this is another one of those crazy left wing conspiracy theories like Russian collusion and stealing the election (2016) or “classic” Russian disinformation like in 2020?

  8. They have the Senate in the new Congress. They just need to abolish the filibuster and recruit seven or eight squish Republicans in the House. They see this as very possible. Unfortunately, I must agree with them.

    “But it’s unconstitutional!” you say.

    Well, they use the same tricks to pack the courts.

    Hold your breath.

    • “They have the Senate in the new Congress. They just need to abolish the filibuster…”

      Do you you read the news?

      They can’t kill the filibuster without 50 votes, and Manchin and Sienna will not vote to kill the filibuster. That means they will still be short one vote.

      *Exactly* the same as it has been for the last 2 years.

      Take a Valium or a double-shot of bourbon and chill the fvck out…

        • They might or might not

          But they don’t have lifetime positions, nonetheless. And if the dems get two more senators, it might not matter

          Now, the only way they could do that is if the GOP completely screws the pig on the elections, but I put that in the ‘definitely possible’ category

      • They can’t kill the filibuster without 50 votes,

        when did they change that rule? it was 60 votes to kill the filibuster.

        • That was judicial appointments, they are talking about abolishing the filibuster which (last I read about it) takes 60 votes, used to be 2/3rds (67 votes) but was changed.

      • “lame cuck”

        That would be Donald Trump‘s Bromance partner, Roger Stone.

        “An ad paid for using Stone’s credit card, read: ‘Hot, insatiable lady and her handsome body builder husband, experienced swingers, seek similar couples or exceptional muscular well-hung single men’
        Erotic photos showed Stone naked from the waist up and Nydia in thigh high stockings, with one leg up, and a top revealing her ample breasts
        The suggestive photos first appeared in The National Enquirer in a September 1996 issue with the headline, ‘Top Dole Aide Caught in Group-Sex Ring’
        The political confidant and longtime friend of Donald Trump is facing seven charges brought by Mueller including making false statements to Congress”

        • You’re sure do spend a lot of time in other people’s bedrooms. For someone who says the government should stay out of people’s bedrooms. And they’re all adult consensual activities.

        • MINOR Miner49er. you are so predicable. The Daily Mail? Could you come up with a further Left rag? Oh yeah, you can, the Guardian. I don’t see you complaining about George Soros buying elections for his WOKE DA’s.

  9. GRACE STEVENS this is much better article here than the one the other day; THANK YOU !!!

    “My son Beau enforced it”. This is interesting proof the propensity to be a tyrant runs in the genes. Red flag laws have already been adjudicated in one jurisdiction (don’t recall which one but it was only a short while ago) as unconstitutional and I’m sure one will follow. I’d like to see POTUS CORNPOP PEDO react to something being done to him that he feels is unconstitutional. Yet again he has to work hard at fronting for Soetoro’s third communist term.

  10. Joe Biden doesn’t know what the hell he wants. He’s been the party yes-man for decades, hence his nickname, “Establishment Joe”. Joe only wants whatever that sibilant whisper in his senile ear tells him to want.

    Joe doesn’t even know how to use a gun more complicated than a double barrel shotgun. Break it down, and stuff two penises into the receptacles, but no more than 8 bullets per penis. Walk out on the balcony, and pull both triggers while aiming up into the air, and hope none of those sixteen bullets lands on anything you care about. It would be a shame to kill the nanny walking from the servant’s quarters up to the mansion!

    • Back when Joe was still able to think for himself, he used to wake up every morning and check to see which way the political winds were blowing. There’s a reason he’s been around forever.

  11. My answer to Senile Joe, the serial pedophile, and his inane, ignorant obsession with modern semiautomatic firearms is simple: “Hey, Joe, if you can focus yourself long enough, watch a video of Jerry Miculek shooting a lever-action rifle.”

    The nature of the action of the weapon is NOT the problem. Stupid legislators pursuing even more stupid policies IS the problem.

    “Banning guns” will work exactly as well as “banning drugs” or “banning booze”.

    If more stupid laws were the answer, just pass laws making murder, burglary, rape, assault, etc. illegal and solve the WHOLE problem. What? What do you mean we have laws against those things, already??? Why don’t they work, then???

    I find it amusing that the ONE trait universal in all Leftist/fascists is the combination of absolute ignorance with absolute certainty that they are “right”. It would be hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic. Cf., MajorStupidity, dacian the demented, Ponce Albert the Fake-Limey.

  12. “Number two, the idea — the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

    the idea — the idea we still allow porn depicting violent sexual acts and simulated rape of characters pretending to be ‘children’ to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the porn producers and suppliers.

    But hey, first amendment.

    the idea — the idea we still allow drug companies to greatly over price needed basic life saving prescription drugs is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the drug companies.

    But hey, the right to free enterprise.

    the idea — the idea we still allow cigarettes to be sold and it results in over 400,000 deaths annually in the U.S., that we allow this to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the tobacco product manufacturers.

    But hey, the right to free enterprise

    the idea — the idea we still allow cars that cause over 2,000,000 annually to be (collectively) killed or injured and/or permanently disabled including over 90,000 kids annually, to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the car manufacturers.

    But hey, the right to free enterprise

    the idea — the idea we still allow thousands of non-firearm related products that (collectively) kill or injure multi-millions annually, to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the manufacturers.

    But hey, the right to free enterprise

    Wait a second… there is no specific enumerated right to ‘free enterprise’ although it is constitutionally protected in a collective sense. There isn’t even an specific enumerated right to have porn, it had to be given such protection under the first amendment by court decision.

    Firearms (and their associated items, e.g. ammo, parts, materials etc…) are the only product on the market that have a protected right to sell, purchase, and own and posses under a specific enumerated right. Yep, the only thing there is.

    But hey Joe, while you are on the war path for banning the least likely danger to society that firearms represent then consider banning these non-firearm things that actually represent the most dangerous things in society aside from those things I mentioned above…

    An average of 168,000 children are treated in the emergency department each year for toy-related injuries (

    Each year, an average of 29.5 million injuries and deaths are caused by defective products ( Consumer Product Safety Commission).

    Defective products kill more than 22,000 people every year in the United States (Consumer Product Safety Commission ).

    Over 2,000,000 (collectively) seriously injured or killed annually in car accidents and over 90,000 of them are kids under the age of 12. (CDC) (a combined total of about 1.2 million will die later as a result of complications from car accident injury – these are not included in car accident deaths stats)

    Stairs, Ramps, Landings, Floors result (collectively) in serious injury or death to over 2,700,000 million annually. (NSC)

    Beds, Pillows, Mattresses result in (collectively) serious injury or death to over 824,000 annually. (NSC)

    Chairs, Sofas, Sofa Beds result in (collectively) serious injury or death to over 558,000 annually. (NSC)

    Faulty glass table tops result in millions of (collective) injuries and deaths annually – about 2.5 million. Mostly kids under age 7 and young adults in their early 20’s. Injuries range from minor abrasions and damage to major organs and vessels, to death. 50% of the injured suffer injuries to their deep organs, upper torso, abdomen or joint cavities and require surgery; 8% of the injured die within a month of injury (about 100,000, deaths from complications due to injury).

    Just injury alone, normal household non-firearm consumer product injuries totaled ~12,000,000 in 2021.

    Drug overdoses result in over 100,000 suicide deaths annually (CDC)

    More than 250,000 people in the U.S. die annually due to medical errors (AKA malpractice). ~27% of hospital deaths attributed to gun shot are actually a result of medical errors (AKA malpractice).

    Nationwide; 1 out of 4 educational institution staff members (public or private schools k-12 and universities) have a history of sexual molestation or grooming of students and conducting sexual violence either against students or other school staff members.

    Annually, over 22,000 people in educational institutions are intentionally assaulted and injured by use of a #2 pencil.

    … and the list goes on and on for thousands of things…

    Considering daily life non-firearm ‘things’ that can result in injury or death – society is literally over 1,500 times safer around firearms than any other thing.

    But hey Joe, you do you and then the republicans in the house are going to do you and then SCOTUS is going to continue doing you.

      • What? ok, Give us some facts that show it is not a “free enterprise market”? Please leave the rhetoric out of it and show us some facts. And please, no statistics. There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.

        • The confusion is all yours. The drug industry, legal and illegal, is highly regulated by civil and criminal law, and administrative code. Therefore, not free enterprise, by definiton…

          And market pricing is greatly affected throughout the entire industry by said lack of free enterprise.

        • @Bootaire
          you misunderstand the meaning of free enterprise. it does not always mean no constraints.

          by definition a free enterprise system is..

          “free en·ter·prise

          [ˌfrē ˈen(t)ərˌprīz]


          an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.”

          notice the “largely free of state control” …. free enterprise does not mean completely free of state control.

          our businesses are largely free of state control overall. they are largely free to produce what ever products they wish and charge what they wish and market what they wish as long as its not illegal. our companies are in a free enterprise system.

        • Bootie, the drug industry should be REGULATED. It seems the effectiveness and purity of the drugs which are legal are of paramount importance, but that has nothing to do with the free market.

        • The free market is a myth. We have a monopolistic market aided and abetted by the government. Ask Parlor. They were the number one app, and their powerful competitors shut them down.

          “Build your own twitter!”


          “Nope sorry, actually you can’t do that.”

        • It’s coming but not in a direct way. Road use taxes, registration taxes, gas taxes ect.
          The idea to force everyone into public transportation and “greener” modes of transportation is here. A Ford Lightning that can’t tow much? Who would want it? An all electric HD? Didn’t they try that once already and no one wanted it? So you are left with fewer and fewer choices.
          HD’s, if maintained, can last decades with no issues….except a tank fill-up might cost more than you can justify. Then it just takes up space in the garage.
          I’ve seen the future, it pretty much sucks.

        • It’s coming but not in a direct way. Road use taxes, registration taxes, gas taxes ec

          You forgot about Buttjuggs tax by the mile (that would be a fun one). At 40 miles per gallon, I’m okay with gas prices and everything I own requires premium gas or diesel, but the current prices won’t last forever. As far as taking up space, I have plenty of room in my “garage” (not your typical attached two car affair) I have Harleys that are nearly a century old, and they still run and ride just fine.

          The idea to force everyone into public transportation and “greener” modes of transportation is here.
          This too will pass… Sanity WILL prevail, we are not within 30/50 years of being able to support Braindeads vision of Utopia.

  13. FU Xiden. You just made yourself and the entire party un-relectable. I hope more people wake up to the crap that these morons and rings have in mind for this country.

    • Recent elections would seem to indicate the dems are anything but unelectable. Folks over at Reload have some interesting ideas about the midterms and gun control and they are much less hysterical than some posters here.

  14. Dooooooooo iiiiiiiiiit.
    Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

    Do it. C’mon. Do it.

    • “Do it. C’mon. Do it.”

      “Do it ’till you’re satisfied. Whatever it is…”

  15. Six million Americans carried guns daily in 2019, twice as many as in 2015 >

    “While recent surveys show that nearly a third of American adults say they personally own a gun, the percentage who choose to regularly carry a firearm in public is smaller, with about a third of handgun owners, or an estimated 16 million adults, saying they carried a loaded handgun in public at least once a month, and an estimated 6 million saying they did so daily, the study found.”

    they under estimated some.

  16. I only have a few weapons. I’ll lay them all on a table, then he needs correctly identify the semi automatic guns and knives(snicker).

  17. “the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. ”

    Oh, it has value Sleepy Time Joe.
    To prevent a Mao like take over of the country.

    • Do you know how they got that surprised look on his face when they shot that scene?

      “Die Hard’s ending was made even better by an on-set prank”

  18. How did Joe’s son Beau enforce red flag laws when he died over 7 yrs ago?
    The only ‘red flag” Joe Biden’s ever enforced was communism .

  19. anyone not appreciating my commentary, start getting excited about the guy that showered with his daughter & sniffs little girls @ every opportunity, along with humper the video-star, cocaine -fugitive from the navy, & chicom-grifter. also the countless reparation grifters like jeffries, sharpton, waters. & omar, the famous “some people did something” commentator. i’m insulted daily by every piece of written/verbal defecation from the rat-mofos in the obiden gubmint.

  20. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.

    THAT is Brandon’s attempt at “smoke and mirrors”. Braindead is taking his orders from Herr Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the rest of the WEF, they can’t move forward with their World Control agenda as long as there are so many well-armed Americans set to oppose them.

  21. “….the idea we still allow me, the brain dead vegetable to play president is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the new world order, my bro’s Klaus and Bill and, uh… and…. anyway….”

  22. “ Sensible Chuckle November 25, 2022 At 13:40
    That’s not true at all, it stopped Neil Steinberg from buying an AR15 and provided a lot of hilarious drama in the press afterwards.

    The recent shootings are more of an issue with terrible DAs not pressing felony charges because they might have to work for it.”

    BLAH … BLAH … BLAH …

    The NIICS checks have failed and caused far more problems than it’s ever been worth. It’s a wasteful expense and never should’ve been passed and put in to place and I don’t care what your argument is. Any system devised to keep Americans from the freedoms of their Constitutional rights that requires govt. agencies to place the appropriate information in the database but cannot enforce the laws when these agencies fail to comply is proof they very system’s existence in unconstitutional thus unlawfully in existence. This is in addition to the wrongful denials of firearms purchases due to the sloppy inaccuracies and operation of the NIICS system itself. AND EVERYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT NIICS HAS KNOWN THIS SINCE IT’s INCEPTION.

  23. So sleepy Joe and his Dem cronies are engaging in a criminal conspiracy to deprive citizens of their 2nd amendment rights. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the FBI to investigate. This idiot in charge does not seem to realize he may be on the brink of starting a second civil war.

  24. The playbook is not let a bad thing go to waste. They are all sitting on their hands waiting for the next tragedy to unfold so they can jump on the “common Sense” band wagon.

    It’s not going to work, there aren’t the votes. We’re going into the holidays and nobody cares. It wasn’t a classroom full of kids.

    Hell, not far from me four college kids in Moscow, ID were knifed to death. The place had blood dripping out of the walls on the outside of the house.

    The gay nightclub killers meth-head porn-star dad is glad there’s no Colorado death penalty.
    I got news for that freak-a-zoid, there is for federal hate crimes involving a death! His son is very likely to get the needle federally because he targeted a group based on their sexual orientation. That’s a hate crime.

  25. Ok, I’ll go along with any gun ban Biden wants to push. With 2 provisions.
    1) No government, police, or civil organization or agency are exempt. Meaning no one, including the military has any semi auto or full auto weapons.
    2) the confiscations begin in the inner city gang controlled areas. With Biden himself leading the charge.

      • Tell me again, Walter, regale me if you will, with haughty and daring tales of the US government enforcing foreign laws for the benefit of US citizens.

        And please, make sure to concentrate as you did before, on how those laws were especially crafted by foreign legislatures with the express purpose of keeping US citizens safe from those most dangerous of things, such as *improperly* packaged lobsters or paperwork errors related to *clutches pearls* the importation of certain hardwood products for the manufacture of guitars!

        It’s such an entertaining story. Not really for the crafting of the plot or the immaculate detail of the description nor the roundness of the characters nor the arc of the plot, but in how the mind of the reader wanders so unerringly into a considering the ponderance of the unfathomable depths of idiocy and mental decrepitude that could have produced such a narrative.

        The emotion elicited is just to die for. Never before have I experienced such a deep and wide, quite bittersweet actually, mixture of pity and contempt for someone who might actually believe such utter hokum. It is absolutely fascinating to consider the ignorance and lack of critical thinking that could produce such belief.

        Dare I say it? That these missives might be worthy of a Nobel in Literature? Without a doubt, they stand at, or near, the pinnacle of English fiction. Surely they are deserving of accolades that ring far and wide, accolades that will preserve the memory of their author for generations to come, for he has done what many have attempted, and surpassed Shakespeare!

        • Gee, I’d be glad to, strych9, it seems you anti-gun radicals want to impose the UN’s Anti gun agenda on the American citizens in spite of the 2nd A. How about Hochul’s draconian anti-gun laws in NY which have already been blocked by TRO’s. I guess that is “emotion”?
          Here is a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. A gun is an inanimate object incapable of being “dangerous”. For your further edification, it is people who are either unsafe or criminals. But I am sure you already know that. You just want to continue the Left’s attack on LEGAL gun owning citizens in your typical control freak manner.

  26. Tyranny will be met with extreme prejudice.

    I’m old, and a bullet offers a cleaner end, so don’t f**king push the issue McSniffy.

  27. C’mon Joe, where’s that “Murder-Suicide” you’ve been secretly planning to take out your wife and family? Still lost in that syphilis addled brain fog?

  28. he’s senile and doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. to hell with him. wish he had burned up in those cars that caught fire this morning.

  29. FJB is just saying the quiet part out loud. Make no mistake that the Communists who have taken over the Democrat Party are on the march to eventually outlaw the private ownership of ALL firearms. This is the ‘one-step-at-a-time’ strategy that Communists have practiced since their founding in the early 20th century to accomplish their goal of total domination and control. This tactic was used in the UK, Australia and Canada to disarm their populations. Using ‘crime’, ‘public safety’, ‘the children’ and other ‘good intentions’ masks their true agenda. Don’t let them fool you into going along with ‘reasonable gun control’. Gun control is people control. As Chairman Mao once stated — ‘A march of a thousand miles begins with the first step’. With each step, they are getting closer to reaching total power in America. Look what they did with their power during the COVID pandemic? Feel safe?

  30. It’s funny how Joe can’t find a “single, solitary rationale” foe selling semi auto firearms to the public-except gun company profit, but he doesn’t seem to mind gun companies profiting from supplying government orgs like military and police. – Can’t have it both ways, Brandon.

    • If Slo Joe Brandon is going down this road of making all producers liable, he should first start with the vaccine industry. Repeal the 1986 act that gave vaccine makers immunity from getting their asses sued, and let parents of vaccine-injured children sue Big Pharma for damages done to their children. And make it retroactive back to 1986 while we are at it. Link the two together, and I bet Slo Joe shuts up, seeing is how he and most of Congress get their pockets lined quite nicely by the likes of Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies. For if gun makers are now going to be liable for what happens to guns made, then so should vaccine makers for their products, as well.

  31. we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it

    Especially the ones carried by the Secret Service that guards his braindead ass…

  32. Hey, Slo Joe. Here’s a great reason for citizens owning semi-autos…..and, full autos.
    “This is the government our Founders warned about….and, for which they penned the Second Amendment.”


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