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Reports say a Walmart store manager in Chesapeake, Virginia went off the deep end and began shooting people inside the store last night. The shooter used a handgun to kill six and wound a number of others before being shot and killed himself. WAVY reports the incident began in the back of the store during an employee meeting.

The first calls to 911 came in at about 10:12p Tuesday evening. Customers and store staff were both present in the store at the time. As one might expect, the shots caused pandemonium in the store as families and employees scrambled to run from the store.

Police later confirmed the killer was an employee of the store.

WAVY has more details . . .

Authorities say 7 people, including the suspect, are dead following a mass shooting Tuesday night at a Walmart just off Battlefield Blvd. in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Police say there were multiple counts of both dead and injured found inside the building, where the shooting occurred. A greeter on duty at the time told WAVY the shooting started in the back of the store. One person was also found deceased outside the front entrance.

The call reporting the shooting came in at 10:12 p.m. Tuesday, when the Walmart Supercenter was still open to the public. Night shift workers had just recently checked in.

Chesapeake held an 8 a.m. news conference Wednesday with updates on the investigation.

Police Chief Mark Solesky confirmed the gunman was an employee at the store. He said the gunman used a pistol in the deadly mass shooting. The shooters’ next of kin has not been notified. They did not identify the gunman during Wednesday morning’s press conference.

Six people have died from their injuries; four remain hospitalized, Solesky said. The gunman died from a self-inflicted wound.

At least one witness believes the killer planned the murder spree, and began shooting from left to right.




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        • Hence my growing stock of tinfoil. At this point anytime I see a lot of new name posters spamming a message I assume either the opposite is true or a particular detail is being pushed aside.

        • That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve heard is weeks -no years. . Name ten and I will check. Once a thing is elfinTRUE it’s no longer a bloody conspiracy and even if it was that is no exceuse to lead the gullible astray and there seems to be an awful lot of extemely gullible people in the USA. I blame it one of the worse education systems in the world and a complete lack of logical or critical thinking. What else would secure the election to the presidency of an illiterate, mysogonistic, narcissistic fool who sup[ported and encouraged INSURRECTION and refused to recognise the political will, ofn the American people and then, to cap it all, to elect a stumbling mumbling geriatric showing every sign of early senility who cannot even remember the name of the Prime MInisterbof Americas most loyal Ally. Only in America

        • Mr. Hall, your country is about to starve and freeze in the dark. You should keep quiet and cut some firewood, if you’re still allowed to burn it.

        • @Albert LJ Hall

          “there seems to be an awful lot of extemely gullible people in the USA.”

          says the subject of the crown who worshiped a queen and now a king.

        • Albert L J Hall,

          “Once a thing is elfinTRUE it’s no longer a bloody conspiracy”

          Please familiarize yourself with the language before trying to participate. From this comment I suspect that you don’t have a very good grasp on what “conspiracy” means.

          I’m also starting to suspect this is a deliberate troll, in which case, well played, sir. Perhaps I am just being optimistic and naive for thinking nobody can be this stupid.

        • Albert, pay no attention to the posters that recommend gathering up wood to keep warm this winter… the secret is cow crap. It dries out enough to burn after about 2 weeks, stacks more compactly in your “bustle”, and probably no one else is saving it -YET. Oh, and it doesn’t leave creosote in the chimney… you DO have a fireplace I hope. Let us know from time to time how you’re dealing with frostbite, won’t you? Toodles!

        • Hall is going to be cold. The moron Johnson banned burning coal and green (not seasoned) wood about 2 yrs ago. Including rural area where any particulates emissions are totally irrelevant.

      • A WalMart manager? Probably making much more money than those he shot. And like I always say following such a tragedy…There’s another nitwit just like him out there somewhere.

        IMO…Not being armed is like not wearing a seatbelt.

        • “A WalMart manager? Probably making much more money than those he shot.”

          Down here, a Wally-World store manager makes like 80 thousand a year…

        • That must be an assistant manager. I live in a lower income, lower housing cost area. About 8 years ago, the head store manager around here was making a healthy six figure salary.

          I had a student working for me several years ago that also worked for Walmart. He said if he ever had money, he would never go in another Walmart again.

    • What a joke. The democrats can’t even figure out what bathroom to use or how to make the post office run, but you think they’re smart enough to orchestrate a bunch of random shootings? There will be no gun control passed by the time they lose the house. The reality is that a bunch of whack jobs walk among us. Train hard and carry every day. It’s that simple. To think the democrats have some how orchestrated these shootings just shows how much faith you have in them. Additionally if they were going to the trouble of staging this stuff I’d expect them to all be Vegas style in terms of impact. Some dude shooting his co workers doesn’t scream sophisticated government plot to me.

      • Here’s a post from the 1911 forum that I think is on point:

        “Emotional IQ has a lot to do with it too. We have entire generations who are emotionally retarded. Pretty easy to spot.

        Need to always be “right.”
        Are oblivious to others feelings.
        They behave insensitively.
        They blame others.
        They have lousy coping skills.”

        What an excellent description of Donald Trump, plot the rise of violence over the past 5–6 years to Donald Trump ramping up his political rhetoric, from the Russian birth certificate claims to his “Mexico is sending rapists and murderers” rhetoric.

  1. And the shooter at Cub Q turns out to be a Tranny whose preferred pronouns are “they/them.”. So much for demonizing the Mormon church.

    • Word on the interwebs his absentee father was a meth addict and gay porn actor. I guess that would screw anyone up.

    • Anderson Aldrich Non-Binary Revelation Leaves Internet Divided >

      Gasp! Oh No…the internet is divided! Doom is upon us!

      Non-binary (AKA ‘genderqueer’) is an umbrella term for gender identities that are not solely male or female‍ – identities that are outside the gender binary.

      LGBTQ rights activists are upset, basically, because if he identifies as Non-binary its not a hate crime. The ‘internet’ part, well, the internet part is always upset over something so business as usual there but they have their doubts.

      “Blaire White, a right-wing trans YouTuber and political commentator who’s long been critical of leftist movements, commented on the reports saying that: ‘The entire Left just pulled an Alex Jones, falsely blaming a shooting on someone else. I won’t hold my breath on the fines, though.’ “

      • So the twit is insane deviant? No sh_it.

        But because is insane deviant the murders are not a “hate crime”? Only in progworld!

      • “if he identifies as Non-binary its not a hate crime“

        I certainly don’t agree with your claim, in fact, self-loathing is the basis of most homophobia.

        The notion someone can’t hate their own ‘race’ or externalize their self-loathing over their feminine feelings is unsustainable in the face of reality.

        An excellent example is Donald Trump’s Adviser Stephen Miller, himself from a family of immigrants driven from their homes by violence and war.

        Yet his family history of fleeing oppression did not stop him from waging a war of rhetoric against other immigrants fleeing violence and war.

      • Yeah if that’s really the case you’d think they’d give it up or step it up as no legislation has made it through the house and senate since just trump ordering the atf to declare bumpstocks machine guns. You people really do give the lame liberals too much credit. They can’t even figure out how to pick up the garbage without losing money.

  2. I expect as the economy continues to tank and the poly ticks get worse we will see more low hanging fruits and loose nuts like this shake loose.

    • Exactly. Our society has a sickness. People thinking the dems are smart enough to secret orchestrate all this are just too scared admit evil walks among us and they must prepare accordingly.

      • This is total bullshlt. I’m not scared to admit anything. I’m very hesitant to accept any and all theories about anything until I’ve watched for certain trends to occur regarding certain issues and others. You’ve got too short a memory of key events of the past 10 years at least. The recent riots and highly questionnable shootings are key examples.

        You have nothing to disprove any theories contrary to what has become an increasingly accepted accusation that certain Democrats are directly behind many of the heinous crimes they’re being suspected of. Some of these suspicions are downright accurate. If they would stop using communist deception and fraud to achieve their goals they would have a better reputation but they’er stuck with their bad rep for decades now and deservingly so. Their fraud views of global warming are enough for me alone but their disastrous push for a new world order and global control by the UN tops it all and is absolutely convincing.

        • you’re talking proof what proof do you have? I’d bet none other than some links to zero or infowars.

        • I’m tired of you Q people making gun owning conservatives look insane. If it’s so easy to prove why hasn’t anyone come out with it?

        • “You have nothing to disprove any theories contrary to what has become an increasingly accepted accusation that certain Democrats are directly behind many of the heinous crimes they’re being suspected of“

          Sadly, your comment betrays your inability to understand reason.

          It is not up to anyone to “disprove any theories”, those who make these claims have the burden of proof.

          Hitchen’s Rule, “claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”.

          And your extraordinary claims (such as suggesting Democrats are involved in a decades long double secret conspiracy) require extraordinary proof.

      • Montana,

        I agree that there is widespread “sickness” in our society. (Exactly how widespread is another kettle of fish.)

        I am also absolutely convinced that some very devious and/or evil people are exploiting this widespread “sickness” for their personal gain. And who are these devious and/or evil people? They are at all levels of our populace. From the “mean girl” in 10th grade high school all the way up to the highest level of the Ruling Class.

        In the case of the “mean girl”, she gets off on needling her “friends” and “others” in her neighborhood/school. In terms of the highest level of the Ruling Class: some of them act to consolidate their wealth and power without any regard to “collateral damage”, others get off on seeing how far they can push other people around, and still others simply enjoy causing destruction and death. That last category is the equivalent of an arsonist: they enjoy watching society figuratively burn.

  3. Walmart makes gazillions of dollars…No excuses why they can’t hire armed security officers to protect their customers…its time to sue these businesses that does not have armed security because they decide to save a buck..Their cheapness kills..

    • “No excuses why they can’t hire armed security officers to protect their customers”

      can’t, they’d then have to pay for liability issues.

    • WalMart of a simple and free policy change to make: simply REMOVE all signs even hinting that normal folks cannot go about their daily business inside their facilitis armed for self-and-other protection.

      That pesky Second Article clearly explains this. It names ine thing that is “necessary for the security of a free state (state here meaning simoly civilised society). That ONE THING is an armed, skilled, trained citizenry. (which is simply the word “militia” defined)

      • “of a free state (state here meaning simoly civilised society)“

        That’s quite a claim, unfortunately history shows otherwise.

        “Free state” has always meant states where slavery was not permitted.
        There were many ‘free states’ during the revolution, and in these states the 2nd amendment was indeed in effect, unlike the ‘slave states’ where bearing arms was not permitted by a large portion of the population (enslaved peoples).

        “By 1789, five of the Northern states had policies that started to gradually abolish slavery: Pennsylvania (1780), New Hampshire and Massachusetts (1783), Connecticut and Rhode Island (1784). Vermont abolished slavery in 1777, while it was still independent.“

      • Nope… they can hire well trained security, Retired/ off duty police and retired military to protect against these bloodbaths… I can fully protect myself but many people don’t choose to…walmart is on the cheap…they can do more..attackers and terrorist need to be dead quickly…

  4. Always been FREAKS at Wal-Marts. Not really surprising. I’m sure as controlling as Wal-Mart is they have some sort of prohibition against being armed while on duty. Very likely somebody was pissed they had to work the holiday, didn’t get a raise or bonus, was being written up, love triangle, dope deal, or who-knows-what-else? These Biden-Soetoro false flags are getting more and more obvious.

    • I don’t care how cheap people say it is; I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. The last time I walked into a Wally World was to buy ammunition, but they quit carrying it, so I don’t shop there.

    • The fact that there is, or is not, a prohibition on ‘Guns’ in the WALMART workplace’ is totally irrelevant. With so many available, and so easily available at that, how the hell do you expect them to be checked. It could equally have been any of a dozen retail outlets and there is nothing special about Wal-Mart. Once again it really is all about ease of purchase and availability. There is no way that this kind of thing can be prevented I repeat NO WAY. An inelligent operator will always find a way if determined to do so and they will always find a way to shoot up schools, clubs, pubs, Churches and any other meeting place. Perhaps you can make things more difficult but you cannot stop it. It’s all very well for you lot to keep on pushing the possession of fire armes by members ofm the public will have an effect on crime incluingb the stopping of this kind of shooting but fact is that by the time anybody can react the incident is already over and all you are doing is acting as a bloody FIREMAN.

      It’s not a lot of good when Joe Public ‘with a gun’ takes down a perp who’s already got muliple victims is it. It’s like motorcyclists creaming ‘it was my right of way’ on the way to the City Morgue

      • Yes I firmly agree with you. I’m against employer prohibitions against employees wearing firearms at work. Wal-Mart had banned them via policy years ago which is one of the many reasons I don’t shop there. I’m also an advocate of wearing a firearm in clubs and bars by folks whom aren’t drinking.

        • There’re a couple of troll types who come here under different user names, sock puppets more or less.

        • Madam Lash’s spanking sessions are getting too expensive. He has to seek his self abuse from other sources.

      • “An inelligent operator will always find a way if determined to do so and they will always find a way to shoot up schools, clubs, pubs, Churches”

        mass shooters are not intelligent operators. they’re just acting out some frustration or other.

      • “fact is that by the time anybody can react the incident is already over”

        lots of real-world incidents illustrate otherwise.

      • you claim: it really is all about ease of purchase and availability.

        EASE of purchase? You’ve gone right barmy. Let me tell you what I have to do to acquire a new firearm in MY state one of the easier systems to navigate:
        First, I have a Mother May I Card issued by my state (sognficant cost and grief to obtain) which “allows” me to carry a handgun concealed upon my person in certain areas where others mayn’t. That card, in theory , vets me as law abiding, skilled, responsible, safe, and priviledged.
        Now having THAT ticket in hand, I must prsent myself in person, that Card along with my Driving License, once having selected my purchase, to the agent at the gun selling agency. He hands me a four page form, which I MUST fill out under severe threats if I make ne small error, or appear to misrepresent anything on that form. Multiple employes would then indepently verify that the serial number on the tool itself matched what is n the carton fr that weapon and in every place on the paperwork calling fir that numbr to be recorded
        He then takes that, enters all the infirmation together with complete description of my intended purchase(s), into the computer database, waits for the response (PROCEED, DENY, HOLD). If the response is PROCEED, then it progresses to the next step. I have to PAY for the item, after signing the form under oenalty of perjury. NOW the store staff package up the firearm I just “bought” thn take it into the back room, where it MUST remain for TEN business days. Once that time has passed THEN I may be allowed to return ahd collect what has been rightfully mine for the better part of two weeks. Bear in mind I may ONLY follow out this protocol IN MY IWN STATE. I mayn’t go into any other state to purchase any firearm.
        Compare this ti how it was some years back. I live in one state, hopped into my car, drove accross state lines into another state, walked into a store, identified the firearm I wished to buy. He punched some keys on a mechanoical cash register, took the small paper ticket whcih showed ONLY the fact that SOMEIONE had purchased SOMETHING for the price of $79.95, paid $80 in cash and got five cents in change,. Ni mention of WHAT I had bought, nor the slightest hint of WHO bought it ir where that person lived. DId nit even open the pasteboard carton to verify serial number. He never even knew my given name.
        That system was in place in nearly every state of the union. Infact I could even order from a paper catalogue mail a cheque and the postman would deliver that firearm to my address.

        The proceedure outli3d above takes from one to three hours t complete up to the point in the process where our government nannies grant their permission for me to attempt to make this purchase. Then there will be from another one to three hours to return after the statutory “waiting period” to actually take possssion of what has supposedly been MY property for a fortnight.
        The second process took well under one hour from my door with no gun to back inside my door with my new gun.

        Easy to get? I cannot imagine what “difficult to obtain” might look like.

        You clearly are as clueless as they come, but then anyone advocating for near-universal denial of the right to arms is by definition living in an alternative universe. You prove yourself the fool you are everytime you rant so about that of which you know next to nothing. My advice is to educate yourself, as opposed to propagandising yourself. Rememberm those in power in the Boston area some 240 years back ad your self-same frame of mind. One fine April morn they awoke to the delusion they were in full power. They retired that evening very much disabused of that false notion. It took another ten or so years to make the new reality sufficiently obvious to all, at which point we boarded your warships with your defeated countrymen and returned them to your king. Some thirty years on he sent them back in a doomed attempt to reverse his defeat only to be roundly trounced once again. Some people are slow to accept reality. You are one of them

        • “Let me tell you what I have to do to acquire a new firearm in MY state one of the easier systems to navigate:“

          OK, I’ll play!

          Just drive over to the Chesapeake flea market at the old Drive in on Tuesday mornings with a pocket full of cash.

          Stroll through the parking lot looking for open trunks and tailgates down with topper lids up, individuals there who are eager to sell you just about any type of firearms and ammo with no qualifications but cash.

          The same goes for most gun shows, the real action is always in the parking lot.

      • Albert L J Hall, Let me clue you in. In states that have Constitutional Carry, crime is DOWN. Wonder why? Well, you see, when the criminal element is confronted with an armed populace, they decide to go where there are “gun free zones” i.e.: Target Rich Environments.
        You see, here in the US we are CITIZENS not subjects. We have certain inalienable rights which are GUARANTEED by our Constitution. One of those rights in to bare arms and that right shall not be infringed.

    • From what I’ve heard of Walmart (and it’s employees and shoppers) why am I not surprised a manager cracked.

      It is said Walmart is next training centre for China’s gulag camp commanders after a stint in Amazon.

      • I have no information contrary to your statement. Nothing surprises me anymore regardless. There’s no telling what War-Mart is actually up to nor what their elite class owner(s) discuss with the guvmint and globalists.

  5. I will not comply. I accept the consequences if I’m caught. But I will not give up my rights to just keep a job.
    Those of you who sit at a desk job can carry a 6 inch revolver. Or a full size semi auto. But those of us who work on our feet all day, don’t carry a big gun. Especially if we work for a big company.

    I practice with my Pug, kel tec 32, and my beretta 21a, all the time. If shooting to stop the threat means forcing the shooter to break contact, and he is still breathing, I’m happy with that.

    • Chris,

      When on-site at a client, I carry an LCP 2 in a pocket holster IF AND ONLY IF I can legally carry in that jurisdiction. I have not gotten to the point where I will carry while on business in places like NJ or NY. I accept the risk of losing my job, but not of incarceration.

      I am always assessing the risk of getting caught against the risk of neeing a gun to defend myself. I am not sure that I am making the right decision, so I reassess every time I have to travel. Your thoughts?

      • I agree with you. I am also constantly reassessing what I’m gonna carry. On any given day. And based on what I’m doing and where I’m going.

        The gun industry is constantly pushing people to buy guns they probably don’t need. I knew right away that I was not going to be carrying a full size gun all the time.

        These professionals talk about guns from a perspective of someone, who can carry a big gun with them all the time. But that is not 90% of the population. Most of us really need a smaller gun. But we also need to practice more because it’s a smaller gun.

        I try to do 15 minutes of dry fire practice every day.

        And I’ve noticed that the gun training industry is not really interested in trained people to shoot small guns.

        Chuck haggard is the 1st person I have found who has actually tailored a class for small handgun owners. I took his class it was great.

        I had to go to the courthouse building one day. I unloaded my firearm and left it in the car. and took the ammunition with me. And I got a compliment from the security staff for doing this.

        • My state mandates courthouses to be disarm zones for all but LE. BUT they also mandate the courthouse provide private lockboxes for my persnal weapons. I get the key, can return when I am done with my business rearm, hand them their key back and thank them for their accomdation. Never once have I ever been treated with anything but what I considerd to be deep respect. Almost as if they are thankful some citizens are taking “the security of a free state” personally.

      • My solution to the state denials of my rights such as in NY, NJ, MD, IL, etc is that I simply refuse to enter those jurisdictions. Problem solved.

    • I recently noticed that our local Wally World removed its small “No Firearms” signage that was previously posted at the entrance. Under CA law, if a business open to the public wishes to prohibit weapons on its property, it must conspicuously post such signage at every entrance. I’ve been looking for signage I’ve seen in the past at several places I go, such as Walmart, the supermarket, the movie theater, etc, but none of them have anything posted anymore. I would have thought the opposite to materialize, and that I’d be seeing copious amounts of prohibitions. But…nope.

      Except the local mall. They still have their vague “Nothing allowed that may be used as a weapon” at the main entrance, but not at the secondary entrance, so it’s not valid because it doesn’t meet the posting requirement to be used against anyone. Heck, after the Dickens incident, I’m always going to be carrying in our mall regardless. I’ve been in my area since I was a wee lad decades ago, and this past year, for the very first time ever, Mrs Haz and I have noticed a considerable increase in the presence of…um…what I suppose could be termed “the Valley element” moving in to our area. For as long as I can remember, locals have joked about Palmdale or San Fernando Valley and their ills. Now they’re moving here and roving in packs.

      So I pack.

      • You mare a self justifying Dick Head. So I have to ask How many times have you had the need to even consider blowing somebodies brains out. By the time you have come to any descision in the real world you are either dead or you are not. Go for your GAT and you will be dead anyway. iF somebody starts out with the intention of killing you they do not waste time seeking you compliance they just elfin SHOOT YOU in the head. If you however try to shoot them you are turning a situation where YOUR death is probably NOT the Prime Intention into one where it most certainly 100% IS. If you put your wallet in front of your life then it only confirms my first sentence above.

        • “So I have to ask How many times have you had the need to even consider blowing somebodies brains out.”

          The intention is not to blow someone’s brains out, but to stop the threat. That’s usually two shots to the torso, but would involve anything necessary, if the threat persists. I therefore consider the possibility of firing my weapon in a defensive measure every single morning as I strap up and head out. A person who blithely carries a weapon without being mentally prepared is a danger himself.

          “By the time you have come to any descision [sic] in the real world you are either dead or you are not.”

          I prefer the “not” option.

          “Go for your GAT and you will be dead anyway.”

          Spoken like a person who has never held a real gun and has never trained to draw and present. I can draw from AIWB concealed and place a shot at center mass in less than 1.5 seconds. I’ve also trained to draw and fire with a single hand, in case the attacker is danger close and I need to use my support hand/arm to deflect a knife or fist.

        • @Albert LJ Hall

          ““By the time you have come to any descision [sic] in the real world you are either dead or you are not.”

          it doesn’t work that way.

          “You mare a self justifying Dick Head. So I have to ask How many times have you had the need to even consider blowing somebodies brains out.”

          it doesn’t work that way.

          you are the only one being a duck head here.

          why don’t you stay out of discussions for which you have zero knowledge and a lot of stupid.

        • I try not to blow the brains out. I like sitting the head on a table and cracking the skull open with a spoon.
          Eat hardy mates

        • Albert L J HAll. It is not a question of when how often have one of our citizens needed a gun, but if you don’t have one when you need one you are a VICTIM.
          In the real world we live in (not your fantasy) a good guy with a gun is allowed to confront the bad guy with a gun and do what we have to do to stop the bad guy. For your edification we don’t carry a “GAT: but we are allowed to carry a firearm adequate for self defense which is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT!

      • And in your life exactly how many times have you used your firearm for your own self defence or that of others? OR are like so many gun owner walking around tooled up just waiting for the chance to slot somebody? I hope the chance does not arrive because the ‘law l of likely outcomes] tell us that very likely YOU will become just another victim.

        • How many times in the last few years have you worn your seat belt ? if you did, were you planning on having an accident or was it because you might ? Do you carry a spare tire in your vehicle ? If so, are you planning on having a flat ? Maybe you do these things just in case you need them and hope that you never do !

        • @Albert LJ Hall

          “And in your life exactly how many times have you used your firearm for your own self defence or that of others?”

          I have several times. over 1.6 million people in the U.S. do annually.

          why don’t you stay out of discussions for which you have zero knowledge and a lot of stupid.

        • @Albert,

          Once. A group of three men approached me and made it clear they were going to do whatever it took to take my wallet and possessions. While my material things don’t matter and I would have opted to part with them, a friend of mine had been mugged the previous year, and was beaten so badly in the process his nose was split open and required emergency medical care. I was not going to go quietly into the night under the same fate.

          I presented my gun. The men stopped. The men turned and left. I survived and returned home to my family.

          If I never have to do that again, it will be a good life. But I cannot control the decisions of others, and if anyone chooses to attack me, I’m prepared. I will not risk Mrs Haz’s future without her husband to grow old with her.

          Oh, and your English is horrible and outs you as a second-rate troll, so nobody really cares too much about what you say.

        • “And in your life exactly how many times have you used your firearm for your own self defence or that of others?”


          Both times, as the person rapidly advancing towards me saw me reaching for my gun, they *immediately* stopped advancing and got the hell out of there as fast as they could.

          Twice, just the act of proving I had a weapon stopped an attack on me, you insufferable fuckwit.

          Sod off, moron… 🙂

        • Pastor, just think his parents spent all that money on a public school (private school) education. They should have sent him to the local comprehensive school instead.

        • How many times have I used,,,,, 4 so far, two attempted car jackings, one break in robbery attempt and another on false information. That’s not counting the shootout between two rival gangs, that was mutual combat.

        • “How many times have I used,,,,, 4 so far, two attempted car jackings,…”

          One of my two times was an attempted carjacking, Possum. As soon as as he saw my gun, he backed out of my car as fast as he could… 🙂

        • my nswer is zero. And I hope and pray it remains at that score for the rest of my days. BUT, for the same raasin I fasten my safety belt when in a moving car, I will continue also carrying my weapon. I’ve never needed either.

          On the other hand I have been “in th right place at the right time” taken decisive and effective action and have extinguished some eight housefires and at least four automobile fires that all but certainly would have led to total destruction of the structures/vehicles had I not intervened. In every case I had the fire out long before the “designated government responders” managed to appear. . Who can say the same might not play out in the use of my handgun? Not me. I was a good Boy Scout and a firm practitioner of the Scout Motto: BE PREPARED.

        • It is not a question of how many time we have used our guns in self defense, it is a question of what would you do if you own a gun but were not carrying and were confronted with a bad guy with a gun.

      • I think the local managers are a lot smarter than the corporate types. Who sit high in an air conditioned office far above the troubles.

        There is a local Walmart here whose manager specifically posted “please Do not open carry but conceal carry only”.
        So I think the local managers are starting to wise up.

        This is gun country. I’ve seen restaurant managers open carry.

        • “please Do not open carry but conceal carry only”.

          actually, that’s a Walmart corporate policy for its stores. they phrase it as ‘no open carry’ type of thing but don’t prohibit concealed carry but don’t have a ‘no firearms’ policy.

        • “I think the local managers are a lot smarter than the corporate types.”

          Down here, it’s common to to see the store manager on the sales floor…

      • Been eyeing one of those for a while, any chance you went with a 357 in the 3inch and if so how does it do with relevant ammo?

        • Good to know thanks, figuring out the best pocket options that would be easier to draw than the 365L (best belt inner or outer concealed I have worked with) for grab and go convenience.

        • My primary carry is the Ruger LCR in .357, and like Mr. LeBlanc, load it with .38 spl +P.

          Oh, pocket carry in a ‘Sneaky Pete’-type holster. It prints, but not too badly. Others who carry can notice it, I’ve gotten a number of nods on it… 🙂

        • Probably going to need a bit of weight to comfortably relearn how to shoot a revolver (especially shorter barrel) but the lcr is a neat design. Either way looking like a Ruger and if I lose good sense could always just do a 3″ gp100

        • You can get the SP-101 with a shaved hammer, on the LCR it’s completely shrouded.

          If you’re a bit recoil sensitive, the heavier the revolver, the softer it will shoot…

    • “Sounds like it was personal.”


      A new category of mass-shooter, the disgruntled boss, perhaps? 🙁

      • So, check this out…

        Just two days ago, I went to our local Wally World to exchange some propane tanks. I could go to Home Depot, but Walmart is $5 cheaper per tank, so that’s been my place of choice for years. Go to the register, pay in advance for the exchange, and a supervisor will unlock the cage and facilitate the physical swap. Pretty straightforward.

        Our local store recently relocated the cage from their outdoor garden area to the front entrance, facing the parking lot. The instructions say you can pay with a credit/debit card or cash. If cash, you go inside and prepay as always, then come back out and enter a passcode printed on your receipt to manage the swap yourself. The new cage is a “locker” style structure with an automated lock.

        I pay for three tanks and come back outside. Locker prompts me for the passcode, and I can’t find one on the receipt. I get an employee…he doesn’t know how to do it either. We get another employee…same. I ask for the manager on shift…she can’t figure it out either. She finally admits Walmart no longer handles propane, and the entire project is now outsourced to a 3rd party, so she has no way to open the cabinet or override. She gets frustrated at the fact that she has had the power to help me taken away from her. She also gets a little frustrated that the two other entry level employees are acting so dumb. She’s just plain frustrated now.

        She has to choice but to refund my money, which I graciously accept (I’ll just go to Home Depot from now on). But as I leave, I think about the frustration I witnessed.

        Then I read about another Walmart shooting today. This time from an alleged employee.

        • Haz,

          Yup. And do not underestimate the power of the clot-shots to impair cognitive ability, critical thinking, and emotional durability.

        • Find a retailer that fills from a bulk tank (many local lumberyards). Will cost you 1/2 of the cylinder exchange price.

        • @neiowa,

          Not here, unfortunately. It’s actually a little more. I used to patronize a local Camping World that performs refills from a large bulk tank. No straight cash sales…they required customers to fill out a form and provide your name, address, contact number, and vehicle LPN. I softly protested the first time I was there, but the manager confirmed it was their policy. No anonymous cash sales. I never went back. It was about $30 to refill a typical tank, and that was a dozen years ago. Walmart is under $20, and I believe Home Depot is still under $25. Cash.

        • “Find a retailer that fills from a bulk tank (many local lumberyards).”

          Local hay and feed stores sell that way…

    • I have shopped at Wally World exactly once. I took a homeless man shopping for winter clothing. He had never been in a Walmart and said that is where he would like to go. I told him I had never been in one either, so it would be an adventure for both of us.

  6. Sounds like they should give potential Walmart management an MMPI for a better grasp on their personality traits.

    Walmart better hope to hell there wasn’t a bunch of complaints on the guy warning of bizarre, unusual, concerning or unpredictable behavior that went unheeded or otherwise ignored and brushed aside by corporate because it will cost them.

    It wonder if there’s a Wallyworld bimbo in an office somewhere stuffing papers into a shredder?

  7. Well that’s to bad the perpetrator was killed, the courts just cant play their games with a dead guy.
    Shoot to wound.
    Lawyers Guns and Money


  9. You would think a manager would be aware of the WalMart corporate policy that employees may not bring firearms into the workplace.

  10. Again, my condolences to the families and friends of those needlessly killed.
    Seems way too many resort to shooting instead of dealing with a problem rationally. With a couple exceptions, I see suicide as a permanent solution to temporary problems. At 1 time such workplace violence was called going postal. Since the shooter ended his life as well as those of his coworkers, we will never know exactly what triggered this shooting.
    Just as an aside, 1 of the things I can’t forgive or excuse from Reagan. the closure of the mental hospitals and the privatizing of the mental health industry. Sure the state hospitals were a mess, but could have been fixed. The current lack of facilities, and cost of private treatment has put more people who need help in a position of not being able to get the help they need. Add in the idiocy of current government policies and the victim politics from the left wing and it’s a wonder we don’t have even more needless death in the country.


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