Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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By Jeff Hulbert

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam may have great aspirations for his radical gun control plans for 2020, but “his people” aren’t having any of it.

“Ralph Northam has stirred up a hornet’s nest,“ declared Jerry Pinkston, as he braced against the cold wind blowing across the plaza at the Accomack County Administration Building.

Outfitted in a leather jacket adorned with an NRA patch, Pinkston was visibly agitated when discussing the person who once worked the nearby farm fields, but who now occupies the Virginia Governor’s Mansion.

“Ralph Northam has stirred up the worst kind of hornet’s nest,” Pinkston repeated, shaking his head.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

A few strides away on the bricks, Jim Kaczmarek—another Accomack County resident—said he isn’t alone in wondering what led Ralph Northam to reject the God and guns traditions of an upbringing just down the road in Onancock, Virginia.

“I know a lot of people in the community who know Ralph Northam, and they say this is not the same Ralph Northam they grew up and went to high school with”,  Kaczmarek said. “It is not the same person”.

Governor Northam hails from this tightly-knit community, where the weathered bricks in the small town of Accomac (the town name is missing the ‘k’) contrast sharply with the brilliant white-washed architectural majesty of the Virginia Statehouse far to the west across the Chesapeake Bay.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Ralph Northam’s roots on the gun-friendly Eastern Shore run deep. His family here has reluctantly acknowledged a slave-owning history in the early 19th century.

Northam was raised on the family’s 75-acre bay shore farm in Accomack County, where his father—a returning World War II veteran—won election to three terms as the Commonwealth Attorney there.

The elder Northam later served as a Circuit Court judge, following in the footsteps of his own father, also a Circuit Court judge.

The crowd of gun owners who were gathered on a plaza — one crossed regularly by several generations of Northam’s family — are incensed by the Governor’s repudiation of the tradition of gun ownership on his home turf.

They have converged on the Accomack town center to demand that the Northam and his Democrat allies in Richmond be forcefully told by local officials to back off from their drastic proposed gun control propositions.

Not surprisingly, the Governor’s unexpected political “evolution” continued to be Topic A out on the sidewalk in front of the Administration Building.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Virginia Second District Congressional candidate Jarome Bell (above, right) shakes hands with a citizen outside the Accomack County Administration Building (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

There, Jim Kaczmarek said he was not finished with his assessment of Northam as dramatically out-of-step with his former neighbors, who continue to cherish hunting traditions and gun ownership.

“I have people tellin’ me that grew up with him saying that he was actually a conservative kind of guy back in the younger days. And nobody can figure out why everything changed so radically. Is he just pandering for votes? The people he grew up with want to know what in the world happened.”

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam speaks to a crowd during a Women’s Rights rally at the Capitol in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber, File)

For others willing to discuss the arc of Northam’s life from local farm boy to high-level gun-grabber in the Statehouse, most say they are mystified by the betrayal.

Kelly Ford, a safety manager at a nearby federal facility, was unsparing in his criticism of Northam.

A lot of people here don’t like him. He’s a liar, he tells lies, he tells lies about gun violence. He’s bought and paid for by Bloomberg. He’s answering his master…that’s all he’s doing there.

On this day, the pleas by the assembled gun owners before the Accomack County Board of Supervisors were part of a recent grassroots campaign by rural Virginians all across the Old Dominion to declare Second Amendment sanctuary status in every jurisdiction possible.

Proponents say it’s a tactic to blunt the momentum of gun-hating Democrats, who’ve recently seized control of the state legislature.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Virginia’s Eastern Shore folks, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and about 30 miles of bay waters separating them from the rest of the Old Dominion, have long felt either resentful or grateful about their isolation from other Virginians.

The Shore locals often express the sense that they are “the forgotten part” of the Commonwealth, and that legislators in Richmond are not mindful of their needs.

That irritation seems to be right at the surface when Shore residents hear that Richmond Democrats have finally decided to pay attention to this isolated peninsula, but only to hand down far-reaching gun control restrictions, and even possibly confiscate arms by way of a National Guard call-out.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Before filing in to testify to her county board, Crystal Zodun expressed her dismay at Governor Northam’s rejection of his roots, and the casting aside what she calls “the benefits of growing up on the Eastern Shore.”

“This is a loving community, but, you know, I don’t think we are thrilled with what he is doing now.”,  Zodun says.  “I just think he’s misled”.

“I’m horrified at what he’s turned into and what he believes, and I pray for him.”

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Donald Hart, Jr., Chairman of the Supervisors Board, says it has now become the entire board’s obligation to make the three-hour trek to Richmond—via the 18-mile Bay Bridge/Tunnel span linking them to the Virginia mainland— to demand that Accomack County gun owners be left alone.

“We have to stick up for ourselves more than anybody else because if we don’t we will be left out.  We know how to fight”.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Virginia Second Congressional District candidate Ben Loyola (above, left) shakes hands with a citizen (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Ben Loyola, a Virginia Beach resident, says he has become so incensed by Ralph Northam’s betrayal of Second Amendment rights—and of his own community—that he made the 90-minute trip up Eastern Shore peninsula to stand in solidarity in Accomack with his fellow gun owners.

But before taking his testimony turn before the Board, Loyola—who is running in the race for the Republican nomination to Virginia’s Second Congressional District seat—issued his blunt sidewalk assessment of the Governor:

I’d say Ralph Northam has betrayed the people and abandoned the folks here. He’s embraced his hard left socialist agenda, vilifying gun owners and basically throwing the Second Amendment away. He wants to make legal gun owners into felons, and we just got to stop that.

Accomack County Virginia Sanctuary vote
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

By day’s end, 25 supporters of the Second Amendment had stepped to the podium in Accomack County to insist that their county leaders stand with them against the infringers across the Bay.  By a unanimous vote of the Board, the Supervisors pledged to do just that.

Curiously, there was no outbreak of applause in the board room when the Supervisors committed to stand up for Eastern Shore ways in Richmond.

Not a single clap was heard. It was as if church had let out—with folks leaving, heads bowed.

It seems there is no joy in a mission to confront a “Shore boy” who seems to have forgotten where he came from.


Jeff Hulbert is the founder of Patriot Picket

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  1. As I’ve stated before, the 28K+ LEOs we have here in L.A. County (LAPD + LASD, not including all other municipal police) will not behave the same reserved way as the Virginia police are. Our Governor (Newsom), L.A. Mayor (Garcetti), Sheriff (Villanueva) and Police Chief (Michel Moore – yes, you read that correctly) are all rabidly anti-2A. It would take quite a high number of protesters to make them think twice about stomping us.

    • I Haz a Question,

      The situation in Los Angeles County as you described it simply proves the rationale of the Second Amendment: a geo-political unit can institute tyranny when the people cannot own and possess effective firearms.

      The sad reality of our fallen world: might makes “right”.

      • Oh, believe me, LE is still outgunned 10-to-1 or more by lawful gun owners (not even counting illegal situations such as criminals and gang bangers, which ups the number even more). But it would take an enormous effort to muster enough people to match Virginia’s slogan of “we have more Patriots than you have handcuffs”. Even at the Bundy Ranch incident, the ranchers had to outnumber the LEOs before the LEOs decided to back down.

        ** If 1 person shows up to protest, he’ll be promptly arrested.
        ** If 10 people show up, they’ll be promptly arrested, and the media will say LE kept our community safe.
        ** If 100 people show up, LE will go into SWAT mode, depict the protesters as criminal instigators, and the media will spin it as a major news story, saying LE is attempting to keep our community safe.
        ** Only if 1000+ people show up will it ever appear as “We The People” conducting a lawful protest again an encroaching government. Only then will LE stand down, and a media firestorm will commence with all the talking heads wondering how to proceed, such as is happening in VA now.

        It will take a lot of people to make any difference here.

        • And that is why california is lost. Despite ever increasing gun laws, no one showed up. I wrote, called and visited my local state elected officials. I attended numerous rallies at the state capital with 100 or so of my fellow gun owners. Everyone else was “too busy” to be bothered. Yes, it was a pain to use my vacation time and money to travel, yes it was a pain to be up late writing letters, but its clear to me that the gun owners in California are far too busy with other things to really care about their rights.

        • I agree to your numbers

          but all you have to do is get the illegal aliens to protest with ya for 2nd amd and become untouchable!!!

          Cali is a funny place where Non citizen criminals have more rights than those born there for generations!
          the states last sane gasp was in 1994!

        • The Govt will back down.

          And then when its over, Government will use video footage to find the people who resisted and arrest them one by one.

        • The Bundy situation was only called off when the sheriff was getting too much heat from the voters. He wanted to get elected again. He had to tell the government to stand down. If he didn’t do that law enforcement would have opened fire on all those people and had a fun time doing so. They were all ready and willing to shoot dead those Americans. They even had snipers from afar pointing their guns at the armed protesters that thought they would return fire if the government started shooting. The government would have won that fight easily.

    • California has a very serious problem. Unfortunately the voters are easily distracted by “Bread and Circuses”.

      1. I wonder where all the missed bullets went????

      2. Cops fire over 100 rounds at a pick up truck with two women delivering newspapers. The Officers made an “innocent” mistake.

      3. cop murders his fellow officers and family members

      4. Cops selling guns to felons.

      5. Your $$$$ to get a carry permit.

      I was born and raised there. So I know about california in great detail.

      • Chris T in KY,

        Don’t forget the Stockton bank robbery where police fired several hundred rounds into the bank robber’s car killing the bank robber’s hostage in the car in the process.

    • Christopher Jordan Dorner. If one guy can tie them in knots like that, what would a dozen do? A hundred? A thousand would stifle them. Their tactics aren’t prepared for that.I believe the best first tactic though is for people by the hundreds or thousands to show up in defiance of tyrannical laws and demand to be taken into custody. They can’t handle that either.

      If the people won’t stand up in large numbers….we lose.

      I think Virginians are ready to show up and this Texan will make every effort to join them. So far I’m quite proud of them.

  2. Why are these people so mystified? He’s just doing what Democrats do and have always done. Home town boy or not, if they voted for that a-hole they are part of the problem.

    • not with guns. not the shore. Accomack County’s BOS are either Dem or Independent and they voted unanimously for a 2A sanctuary.

      nope. this whole gun control madness started with Northam’s blackface scandal, Fairfax’s sex assault scandal, and Herring’s blackface scandal. this was the deal they cut to keep the progs in their camp instead of calling for their scalps.

      • my mistake. Accomack County is not yet a 2A sanctuary. then what did they vote on in the story? VCDL still has them listed as “hearing pending”.

        my point on Northam’s “deal” still stands.

        • The board unanimously voted NO to being a sanctuary county. Instead they voted for a watered down resolution that is two steps below being a sanctuary county, because they’re cowards. They failed us and they failed our forefathers.
          Only two of them wanted to vote yes but after bullies by our former sheriff that no resolution would be passed if any of them voted yes.

    • The anti-gun laws have done more to empower criminals and nut jobs in our country than solve anything. Anti-gun laws handcuff the law abiding and kill the defenseless. Criminals and nut jobs don’t follow the law. Passing more and more anti-gun laws and expecting different results is insanity. It’s just that simple. Gun free zones are killing fields. Too many people these days don’t want to take responsibility for their own and their loved ones safety. They want BIG BROTHER to protect them. The first time they are in a serious deadly situation involving firearms, they are in for a big surprise.

    • No kidding – not sure they want to talk about how ‘conservative’ the young good ol’ boy Northam was – based of photographic evidence he was a jackass then, and based on his recent quotes he is a jackass now.

  3. Accomack failed to declare itself a sanctuary though, just passed a resolution in support of the 2A. Pain in the butt.

    • They can’t legally create a 2A sanctuary, it would have no lawful authority. They can only write a letter of their personal stance and call it a “resolution.” Like AOC wanted to do with her friend’s Green Deal.

      Law enforcement will still enforce gun control in these so called sanctuary counties. Some law enforcement don’t want to go door to door to confiscate guns, but they said they will continue to enforce other gun control laws.

    • There’s no difference. Municipalities can eliminate their local laws against guns but can negate neither state nor federal prohibitions. They could instruct their police to not cooperate in gun investigations (though this would likely impose no legal obligation) but that would likely have lots of unintended and unwanted consequences.

    • No, they don’t have him by the balls. What exactly do you think is going to happen? He’s never going to resign over that photo, because Democrats get to operate by a privileged set of rules.

      • That’s the hypocritical left.
        A Republican does some racially insensitive act in their college years, it’s conclusive proof they’re racist.
        A Dumbocrat does some racially insensitive act in their college years, they’ve grown and matured since then, and are a better person now.
        The MSM give the hypocrites all the air time they need to spin this BS line too.
        That may be why The Food Network can pull higher ratings with a pot of water coming to a boil at 1am then CNN and MSNBC can muster in prime time.
        They’ve proven who they carry water for, and have beaten the outrage drum so hard and long, it’s now broken.
        I wonder what my fan club thinks, it’s always so nice to get their input.

      • Depends on who you mean by “they.”

        Northam absolutely is being held by the short hairs, especially since the blackface thing. Before, he only needed Bloomberg’s money. But now that literally everyone knows he’s a two-faced, racist, lying piece of shit, he needs the full-on progressive propaganda treatment.

        If he says one word Nanny Bloomberg and the champagne-socialist overlords of the Democratic party don’t approve, he’ll never never taste their privileged nectar again. If they didn’t own him before, they sure do now.

  4. This is the naivete of Conservatives on full display. The man is a DEMOCRAT – What in Hell do you think that party stands for on the gun rights issue??

    Look at the man’s previous statements on the issue, why are any of you so mystified that he’d behave this way?

    Or did you all simply vote for him because he was the “local boy made good”??

    It won’t be the Left that gets us; it’ll be our own lazy stupidity. Maybe the Left is right about us, maybe we all are just as dense as they say we are.

  5. Seems to me this would be the ideal time to launch a recall effort, turn ol’ Blackface out of office, and “put him against a wall.” – Swedishly speaking, of course.

  6. When the dust settles, there will only be a handful of counties in Virginia that deny Second Amendment sanctuary status. (I personally believe that at least 85 of Virginia’s 95 counties will declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.)

    The fun question is whether or not Virginia voters will punish (at the next election cycle) incoming Democrats for touching the third rail of politics.

    Personally, I will be utterly and totally shocked if Virginia keeps Governor Blackface — between him advocating for civilian disarmament and “keeping babies comfortable until they die” after birth (e.g. murdering babies) — I don’t see how he stands a chance at re-election. In fact I am even surprised that Virginian’s have not started the recall process.

      • Wrong! Virginia’s governor can serve only one non-consecutive 4-year term. Northam’s term ends in 2022.

        • The governor can serve more than one term but not back to back. We had one governor that ran and won both as a democrat and a republican with another governor between his two terms.

      • Va. governors get ONE 4 year term. They can’t run for consecutive terms, but can take a 4 year or more break, and run again. Only one Virginia governor in my 74 years has done that, and that was Mills Godwin.

  7. Mystified by by his betrayal…of his upbringing, of his violation of his oath of office, of his violation of his oath upon taking a commission in the Army, of his lies about not promoting and signing unconstitutional laws, and on, and on…

    It’s not a mystery. It’s business as usual for the left.

    Don’ tread on me!

    • Blackface is now the bought-and-paid-for puppet of the deep-pocket$ $ugar Daddie$ of the extreme gun-hating and freedom-killing left, i.e., Michael Bloomberg, George $oro$, and Tom $teyer, KA-CHIIINNNNGGG! They pull Blackface’s strings, and he dances their jig and sings their songs.

  8. The fact that a guy who used to be known as coonman is the Virginian darling of the leftists is really hilarious. Ends always justify the means and as long as you tow the line all will be forgiven.

  9. If you vote for a Democrat, and then are surprised by what they do in office, you are not paying attention. It makes me wish people like this would either do their due diligence before they vote, or just sit out elections until they are willing to put forth the work to understand the people they are voting for. All Dems at this point are for disarmament with only a very few exception. This isn’t 2010 when there was a bit more of a mix.

    This is the current era of IMPEACH!!!!11111!!!!!!! All because Trump won the 2016 instead of the chosen one. The calls for impeachment started before he was even in office and have finally reached the culmination point. While the impeachment proceedings will see that he is most likely reelected, it’s still an abuse of the process for ideological reasons.

    • I think that there should be no names on the ballots. Voters should have to write in the name of the candidate they are voting for. This would assure that our leaders aren’t elected by the empty headed dolts who vote now. You would have to be well informed to vote.

  10. That’s the reason if there is democrat with their name vote against them because they will try to take your guns away from you

  11. Lol, okay, I’ll bite (and probably regret it, but hey). What exactly *is* a muppet fart, Derp?

    (…somehow, I just know you’re going to respond with “why, it’s a puff of stale wind going by the name ‘James’, donchaknow”…)

  12. You certainly have quite the sensitivities. He hurt your feelings weeks ago and you’re still upset about it. You are more upset about some guy online you’ve never met then most people get over real life tragedies.

    • I’m laughing here.
      I consider the source of a comment directed toward me before considering the possibility of getting butt hurt.
      Seeing the lower case trolls (AKA; JCFanClub) are little more then disorganized, grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit, “Muppet fart” is a status they someday hope to achieve.
      Stay grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit, JCFanClub.

  13. We conservatives are becoming the minority , or so it would seem . Our schools are indoctrinating our children with socialist beliefs. A few old billionaires are buying up our representatives. They know what’s best for our well being & guns aren’t part of the equation. It’s getting to the point where they just make it up as they go along. Northam , Cuomo, Newsome .they’re all Bloomberg’s. We need to defeat them at the voting booth , if not we’re screwed . Just look at the democrats at the impeachment last night . Our constitutional rights mean squat to them .

  14. “Mystified”…??? Please, he knew exactly what the reaction was going to be, and now it’s on, who has more willpower, him or the people, he’s going to find out real quick who wields the power when the recall petition goes around and he’s recalled…

  15. It isn’t a mystery. People discovered he was a racist, and he’s willing to do anything to distract from that. I didn’t even know his family had owned slaves. Not that he’s responsible for what his ancestors did, but public office was a family tradition; maybe there were other traditions passed down. When you have no convictions or morals to begin with, you do whatever it takes.

  16. “To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the law abiding that their rights depend not on their own conduct but, on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless.” -Lysander Spooner

  17. So they voted for coonman. Did they understand he supported the murder of LIVE BABIES?!? Didn’t think so…if you vote D you’re part of the problem. He!! an R is too😩

  18. Seriously?!?!? Jim K the disgraced former Vice Chair of the Second District GOP. Who supported Democrats in the last cycle. He has no credibility, or honor. This article is cheapened by using a turn coats statement.
    Do more with Jarome Bell!!! Do not associate him with a turn coat!!!

    • This Bankrupt Dean with the go fund me page begging for a handout like a Democrat?
      The Gimp with a Limp?

    • Must suck to be a nobody who is a broken soul and a broken bank account and no moral compass with no future but disability and welfare…
      I pity you for your false sense worth… You are a Parasite on the tax payer and a scam to go fund me page….
      Scott Taylor our former Navy Seal Congressman will win this June Primary!
      Bet me! Oh wait you are BROKE!

  19. Was he that good as a scam artist or were they just gullible? I mean I knew he should be in the office so why did they vote for him.

  20. The only way to stop the proposed draconian gun bans would be if Democrats refused to go along with Comrade Northam’s Stalinist agenda which is highly unlikely. Politicians watch polls closely and the latest poll showed 90 per cent of Republican Voters want Universal Background Checks. And a higher percentage of Dems want them.

    Banning assault rifles is another matter altogether with the Dems against them but a surprising number of Republican voters also do not like them either. After all they have kids in school too.

    It must be remembered that only 3 per cent of gun owners own 90 per cent of all the weapons in the U.S. the balance are owned by people who are not “gun people” and usually own only 1 or 2 guns. Maybe a shotgun for hunting and 1 handgun for protection. This larger group of people do not support ownership of assault weapons and it is they that carry the true political clout. And every politician is well aware of this.

    As I have said before Comrade Northam will use the “divide and conquer” technique promising to grandfather (at least for now) previously owned guns knowing full well human nature will say “I got to keep mine and fk everyone else that did not buy one”. It worked beautifully under the Busch and Clinton Regimes and will work just as well this time. Confiscation or very high regulatory fees will come later. They tighten the noose around gun owners necks a little at a time before the hapless gun owner becomes an extinct species.

    Like many other 2A graveyard states Virginia is just another fallen victim in the extinction of the Second Amendment. The corrupt gun hating Courts have rescinded no gun ban laws.

    Gun ownership was fun while it lasted but this is the 21st Century not the 18th Century and Big Brother is watching you 24 hours around the clock and 365 days a week. He knows what you spend your money on,

    what magazines you subscribe too,

    how much ammo you buy,

    you car is tracked by its black box,

    you are photographed 300 times a day on security cameras

    and more and more by facial technology,

    your computer foot print is public knowledge,

    your cell phone calls are monitored by the use of trip words using the system called “Carnivore”. Its been around for at least 25 years.

    The great patriot Edward Snowden exposed it all and then had to flee for his life from the Deep State. Sadly he found the Police State of Russia no different than that the U.S. police state he once lived in. There is no difference.

    All the above is totally Unconstitutional but when did the courts or the Feds ever respect the Constitution. Only the proletariat must obey laws not the ruling power elite.

    And remember Big Brother has a fat Hillbilly Lady stuffing her fat face with cheesburgers and coke-a-cola and in between rectum gas with her fat finger on the button that will launch a drone missile right up your ass if you do not comply to the laws passed by the Oligarchy elected for life in Congress and known as the Prostitutes of the Rich and Powerful.

    National Banner now plays loudly and slowly fades out to the cheers of the brain washed glazed eyed MAGA flag wavers. Ignorance is always bliss to this crowd of cliff and tree dwellers.

    • My nephew Vlad is convinced I am his true biological father responsible for his defective genetic makeup. A preposterous idea.

      • Your not supposed to have your cell phone on in school. Maybe that is why you keep flunking out in school Junior.

      • Vlad is your nephew? Alexander I Aldea, where have you been?

    • Oh look, more lengthy words I’ll never read.


      Vlad, when are you going to learn to summarize your flak down to a manageable few sentences? I’ll bet I’m not the only one who looks at one of your comments, thinks “oh geez, so many aimless words here” and skips it entirely…

      • Reading comprehension and attention deficit disorder are not the public’s problems they are yours that obvious.

        Try again genius.

        • You see, as a boy, ol’ Vladimir Jr. used to see the psychologist at school, who said he had ADHD and put him on a massive dose of Vyvanse (basically the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! of meth, and it just got worse after that, which probably contributes to these rants). He would engage in weird tweaker like outbursts due to the medication, and he was kind of known as the class freak.

    • ” only 3 per cent of gun owners own 90 per cent of all the weapons in the U.S. ”

      This “statistic” keeps popping up, and I can’t find out where it came from. Nobody seems to know.

      Sounds like total BS to me. Nobody really knows how many guns are in civilian hands in the US. Nobody really knows who owns what or where. So how is it even possible to guess that 3% owns 90% of the guns? Total bullshit, unless someone comes up with some solid sources.

    • It was a trifecta post that dropped a huge turd on Moms Demand Action (sounds like a bad ’70s porno video), Everyclown for Gun Safety, and the Antifa soyboys (who cover their faces and hit defenseless people with bike locks when faced with facts and empirical evidence why).
      I turned up my responses after their butthurt snowflake assault started.
      I find it enjoyable stomping on their little hairless nutsacks actually.
      Well, back to the Christmas card list, oh, and Merry Christmas JCFanClub, hahahaha.

      • Hard to recall Void, it was over a month ago. The gist of the Blumturd ETFGS and Demanding Mommies comment was that they need to be rounded up and formally charged/jailed/post bail before release/prosecuted for interfering with those enjoying their 2nd A rights.
        If I interfere with someones Constitutionally protected rights, that’s what I would face.

        And on the “Hairy Nutsacks You enjoy licking their ’hairless nutsacks’? Wow, you really are a weirdo.”
        Learn to read.
        FYI, I scrape them off the soles of my boots with a stick. Similar to dog crap, only slimier and smelling MUCH worse.
        Glad to clear that up for you HN, dingdingdingding and welcome to the JCFanClub, your the 50th member!
        With that comes the honor of choosing if Chocolate Syrup or Maple Syrup get used to flavor bunghole at the next JCFanClub member meeting salad toss.
        Let the other troll farm/basement dwellers know what you choose by 5pm Friday now.

  21. It’s common knowledge that former New York City mayor Mike Blumberg give funds to politicians in power positions in hopes of gaining momentum for his gun-free America agenda and run for US president.

    The mayor of Pittsburgh, PA recently received $500,000 to enact strict gun control laws in his city. Thankfully, the PA governor reminded the mayor that only the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can make laws regarding gun issues.

  22. I’m neither passionate about the Demorats or the Repugnents, but I am curious about how much money Northam is getting from Bloomberg! It would be very interesting to see if there is a significant increase in income from ambiguous sources!

    • He was given a lot of money for his election. Now he has the power he wanted. So he has to scratch his buddies’ back like they scratched his. That’s how America works. Gangsters helping gangsters. You refer to them as your elected representatives or officials.

      • Yeah, that’s the way it’s always been! But seriously, if an impeachment investigation found improprieties in acquisition of personal wealth, it could lead to revocation of his unconstitutional laws (both State of Va. and Federal).

  23. Just gotta follow the money. Bought and paid for by Bloomberg.
    People are surprised by this? The promise of money and power will do bad things to people.

    • I think Bloomberg is smart enough not buy him directly, but there could be the promise of a lucrative post-term consultancy.

  24. No big mystery! He obviously believes the nutbags on the left are gonna be victorious, he just wants to be on what he thinks is the winning side. He’s already proven he’s not that smart!

    • He is the governor and his party won the state in a legal and fair election. The Republicans thought they could win by staying home instead of voting and putting up conservative candidates. Now those Republicans are creating powerless “resolutions” like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

      So which group are the dumb ones? The people pretending they made a legal sanctuary for the second amendment in the same manner Democrats created a sanctuary state via immigration enforcement laws or the group that took over the state by using the bad optics of the right against them?

      The Republicans are delusional about law enforcement being on their side after law enforcement stated they have no will to risk their lives going door to door confiscating guns. Sounds more like self preservation than siding with the people and the constitution. This militia thing is also not genuine when you look into the details.

      Why do you need to be honest and straightforward with Republicans when they are gullible enough to fall for the most simple tricks? The same tricks that have been used for generations on the same people.

      Even the NRA has done a great job fooling Republicans for decades whilst writing their version of gun control and pushing for licenses to exercise your 2nd Amendment (of which they provide the training for after you pay them a fee). The man who runs the NRA now was a Democrat aid prior to taking over the NRA.

      Republicans get triggered when you point out their failures and weaknesses. They attack you personally with a sentence or two and have no retort for the facts presented. They will simply call you a lefty or a government hater. Worse than that, they will call you a troll or a paid worker of the Jews.

  25. I don’t care if anyone had slaves in their family 200 years ago. Unless its in 2019. Saudi Arabia? Vietnam? Haiti? Libya? India? Yes there is still slavery in the 21st century.

    The klansman Governor Northam is just like the re-elected Delegate white Tranny Dancia Roem. Both are socialist progressive in their political orientation. Both are racist white people and both want blacks disarmed.
    If they need to disarm the whites to get the blacks they will do it. But their selected white friends will always have guns.

    “African Americans Aren’t The Only People Democrats Want To Disarm”

    Don’t call me African American. I don’t like the term. American or black gun owner works just l fine.

    • “Don’t call me African American. I don’t like the term. American or black gun owner works just l fine.”

      I prefer to just call you Chris.

      If I was raggin’ on you, I might call you Christopher. Like when you were a kid and your mom caught your hand in the cookie jar… 😉

  26. I am one of those Accomack Co residents. I’m in that pic at the top of the article.
    Our Board did NOT make us a sanctuary, and is a strong reason why there was no applause after the vote. The resolution passed was only to tell Richmond that the Board and the residents want the Second Amendment and the US and Virginia Constitutions respected. That’s all. The primary problems with that are that Richmond/Northam doesn’t care and that they also “believe” that the bills they have/are proposing are constitutional.
    The board is hiding behind “we took an oath and have to enforce the laws they pass” BS. One of the Board members is our retired Sheriff. He specifically said during the hearing that he had to enforce all laws. We all know this is crap, that LE and prosecutors have discretion, as Dems have used (including here in VA and Coonman himself). Part of the problem is that the Shore is a huge retirement community for Northerners as well as a tourist trap (look up the Chincoteague Ponies and the pony penning and auction, plus Wallops Flight Facility). Like the D.C. area, we have been inundated by liberals, just on a smaller scale. To put it in perspective, our Delegate Rob Bloxom beat the Dem by only 2%, and he was the incumbent and born and bred Shore and the Dem was from California.
    As for Northam’s liberal flip, yeah, like pretty much everyone here years ago, he was conservative. But as the state started leaning more towards liberal, so did he. He has become the definition of political sell out and aspiring tyrant. His actions during and after the blackface/KKK scandal proved it. Suck the teet, kiss ass, divert attention, and disarm the populace.
    Friends and I are working on a “phase two” response. Letters to our local papers and another petition (there was petitions for sanctuary status that had about 6k signatures), things like that.

  27. “…he isn’t alone in wondering what led Ralph Northam to reject the God and guns traditions…”

    Tipper Gore and the PMRC know! Northam listened to way, way too much satanistic music.

    KMFDM explains, and takes credit, below. More at 9.

    *for those with sensitive ears when it comes to industrial music*
    “Our records have stickers
    With a warning from Tipper
    Cause they’re no good for kids
    If we’d get her, we’d strip her

    KMFDM forward
    The ultimate sound
    And a message from Satan
    If you turn it around”

  28. This is Jim Kaczmarek , quoted in this story. I am a former Trump RNC Delegate to Ohio and also past Vice Chairman of the 2nd congressional district for Dennis Free’s first term as Chairman.
    I have left the party! I have left the Local do nothing Accomack unit!
    I am working for President Trump with Vets for Trump and also grass roots for Republican Congressman Scott Taylors run for his old seat in 2nd dist.
    Republican party leadership statewide caused this mess! I URGE EVERYONE in Accomack & 6th senate district to Call & Email Senator Lynwood Lewis and respectfully ask to protect our rights!
    Also reach out to our former Navy Seal Congressman Scott Taylor and pledge your support.

  29. The only reason that Bloomberg bought Northam is because all the expensive Virginia politicians were already bought by George Soros.

  30. Whut happened to the home boy? Easiest question in the world. Answer is even easier. MONEY period. He sold out. As do all politicians. When they say they didn’t, they’re lying, as do all politicians. No one knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but everyone knows evil lurks in the hearts of politicians. Don’t take no shadow.

  31. Unfortunately, when it comes to guns, no one who puts a “D” next to their name can be trusted not to sell out their alleged blue dog beliefs five minutes after election. No one should be surprised anymore. At some point the democratic parties in rural areas might wonder why it is that they can’t convince anyone to vote for them like they used to and I hope someone lets them know why no one will trust their candidates.

  32. Regarding the referenced changes in Gov. Northam, I was unaware of his small town background, the following question might serve as at least a partial explanation.Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

  33. It’s all okay, I can guarangoddamntee you Northam’s not bulletproof and someday heere soon, a fed up Patriot will give him a 30.06 lobotomy.
    Talk of lobotomies aside, what the hell went wrong in Virginia that got a blue-dog democrat elected to the governor’s mansion?
    When I moved to Virginia, it was a solid red state, I guess all the Yankee and yuppie trash moving here from points north have changed the voter rolls enough to get democrat trash elected.
    Same thing that’s going on with moslems, they plan on getting enough of their people legally elected to small positions to legally win a federal election.

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