Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings
Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings (AP Photo/Adrian Sainz)
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Memphis Police Department director Michael Rallings, would really like to ban handguns from cars in the crime-ridden city. But Tennessee has a robust state preemption law, so he’s appealing to Shelby County’s state legislators for help.

The legislative delegation members are the folks who could make changes. But they also know the gun lobby is powerful in the state capital and it’s not likely that many lawmakers from other parts of Tennessee care about what Shelby County wants.

“It’s going to be a tough road to hoe,” says Shelby County State Representative Dwayne Thompson (D-Cordova) “… because there’s the NRA and the Tennessee Firearms Association. I’m assuming they will push back if we submit this.”

They probably will, says State Representative Antonio Parkinson (D-Raleigh), but it won’t stop them from trying.

“We’re going to go in and shoot our shot – no pun intended,” Representative Parkinson said. “We’re going to go in there and try to make the best of it and see what we can change.”

– Mike Matthews in Law enforcement wants to ban handguns in cars. State legislators say don’t hold your breath


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    • Would like to see Top Cop doing a foot chase on gangbangers. More likely to be seen weeping over an overturned donut truck.

      Memphis is a dysfunctional third world cr@phole, but he wants the rest of the state to suffer for it. Why are so many big city police chiefs such roaring fascists?

      • He doesn’t necessarily want the rest of the state to suffer for it, but there is no other way around the state pre-emption law. Then again, there may be no way around a) the state’s CCW law and b) the anticipated decision in NYRPA v. NYC invalidating restrictions on the transport of firearms in vehicles that are unloaded and in a locked container. And when it comes right down to it, the use of firearms carried in vehicles in Memphis is more likely related to gang activity and stolen firearms, bot of which, law I check3ed, are illegal.

        • Here in Wisconsin, unless you have a concealed carry permit, all guns must be unloaded, cased and kept in the vehicle’s trunk. In vehicles without a trunk, the firearm must not be within easy reach of the occupants of said vehicle. I’m paraphrasing this law. To completely ban handguns from cars is ridiculous. If you left your premises or a gun shop with a handgun, you would have to walk to your destination?

        • So what are you saying? Cops should be allowed to search the cars of gangbangers?
          While I dont disagree, what then stops cops from naming YOU as a gangbanger, Mark?
          I hereby withdraw consent under the 4th Amendment.

      • And I thought Art ‘the FART’ Assholevedo was bad…

        Well he is, but this assclown puts him to shame.

    • I know right? Did he award himself all 5 of those stars? Who does he think he is MacArthur? He’s got a bad case of ‘Respect ma authoritah!”

      • Wow! Didn’t notice that, four star rank is usually SOP for police chiefs nowadays. Wonder what Hap Arnold or Omar Bradley would think.

        We love our sheriffs and regard them as a bulwark against tyranny, but every elected sheriff now wears four stars (eight, actually), no matter how small the county. Used to be a sheriff wore one star with five, six, or seven points, & that was sufficient.

        Favorite John Wayne line: “I’m looking at a tin star with a drunk pinned on it!”

      • American police uniforms tend to look like something out of a Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera. They were obviously meant to be impressive, loaded up with all kinds of faux-military symbols of high rank, but they generally fail miserably to be impressive and instead tend to make middle aged slightly overweight men look stupid. When you look at this guy’s photo you see a bureaucrat doing his damnedest to look impressive—and failing.

    • No problem. As soon as you anti-gun nuts provide the general public with “you bet YOUR life” assurances that all criminal acts will cease when that becomes effective and will serve 30 years in prison for each innocent citizen murdered or wounded by a criminal. One doesn’t control crime by making criminals out of the public wanting to protect them selves!!! I don’t know which is worse, the actual criminals or those presumptious asses that beleive that disarming their citizens will make things better!!!

  1. “But they also know the gun lobby is powerful in the state capital…”

    Ah, the good old gun lobby. If it did not exist, the left would have to create it.

    “…and it’s not likely that many lawmakers from other parts of Tennessee care about what Shelby County wants.”

    Not should they; their responsibilities are to the parts of the state they represent, not a place that didn’t elect them.

    • Yeh, with the leftist turds it’s always about the ” gun lobby”, never about the Constituion and your rights.

    • Let me get this straight. It’s only the gun lobby that they’re concerned about? If they eliminate them they’ll have no resistance to any of their new laws? Don’t they understand that the “gun lobby” is really just a bunch of regular people who own guns? They can’t be that stupid. They know that the gang members will still have guns in their cars. The gang members in Illinois don’t have FOID cards or CCL’s. Nothing new here.

      • The gun lobby is always their excuse, as if there are zero concerned constituents in TN that would raise Cain over this.

      • They very well know ‘who’ the gun lobby is. However, it serves their purpose, more, to portray them as a bunch of mustache-twisting fat cats for their LIV constituents.

  2. A positive potential solution would be to eradicate these fantasy “gun free” zones so people are not compelled to leave their guns in their cars.

    Increase liberty? That’s crazy talk!

    • Shire-man,

      I believe it is helpful if we look at it a slightly different way.

      If you take a step back, what gun-grabbers are saying is that the real problem is firearm owners WHO ARE FOLLOWING THE LAW.

      Heaven forbid that gun-grabbers acknowledge the actual root of the problem: urban Hell-holes full of dysfunctional families (can we even call them families?) which breed and raise children into violent criminals.

      Pro-tip: physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy families raise wonderful children who do not commit violent crimes. Restore healthy families and violent crime will reduce to the absolute minimum.

      • Destroy the family unit. DONE. Thanks to Johnson Administration welfare to mothers. Must be no father figure in family unit to qualify.. Good-bye Daddy; Hello Baby Daddy.
        Destroy traditional morals.
        Two of the 45 point plan to take over America without firing a shot. As read into the Congressional Record about January 10, 1961 by Florida Congressman Hurlong.
        Other points include:
        Take over one or both of the major political parties.
        Take over the media.
        Take over the educational system.
        America has been over run. The enemy is sitting in the Command Post.
        and, that is why the Leftys want to take your guns.

      • “Pro-tip: physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy families raise wonderful children who do not commit violent crimes.”

        Caveat : Rarely. Ugly surprises have happend, but they tend to be rare.

        (Nothing personal, uncommon. but it *has* happened…)

        • Agreed and I take no offense Geoff PR.

          I keep asking, what does the PR stand for in your moniker?

  3. Just one more example, entitlement and arrogance know no bounds!!! Another example of insanity is, when you keep losing, you dig in further.

    • This is an example of all cultures not being equal, and then trying to punish Whites based on the actions of low income minorites. They have to blame the gun because the solution to the thefts would be to segregate young black males, and keep them in their communities, where people don’t possess nice things like morals or property.

      The reason for the ban is to stop 12 year old armed robbers, kind of like how around minority communities stores ban the sale of bb guns.

  4. The gun “lobby”??

    You mean the incorporated gun manufacturers, or the gun owners themselves who support rights advocacy groups such as GOA, SAF, FPC, (NRA only gets an honorable mention, but gets mentioned last).

    Do these Leftists really think that POTG would disappear overnight if all gun companies were suddenly shut down? That the advocacy groups wouldn’t kick into overdrive and We The People wouldn’t be doing anything?

    • Did you notice that the new budget has money for “gun violence research” for the first time in a long time (I’ve forgotten the number, but at least 30 years), while I see NRA fund raising at an increasingly frantic rate? I would say this is direct fallout from the departure of Chris Cox and this new ILA guy not measuring up, but I imagine if he is good at sucking up he will stay.

      • The CDC never lost money for “gun violence research.” The Dickey Ammendment prevented them from advocating for gun control. So the CDC spent the money else where. Imagine, telling a .gov entity they could not advocate for limiting constitutional rights.

        The current play, in the political theater, is earmarking specific money for this research. The question is it a real budget increase or just telling them where to spend it.

        • The CDC was conducting gun violence research but didn’t publicize the results because they did not suit political agendas.

        • Kinda like the CDC MMR vaccine and autism studies that showed strong correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism? According to one the lead statisticians on that study, they were ordered to destroy the data showing the link…. And the head of the CDC at that time left her job at the CDC and became the head of Merck’s vaccine division. Incredible coincidence.

        • Absolutely fucking *NOTHING*, Haz, but that’s all that fuckwit does. Never has actual conversations about guns, just his anti-science shit no one wants to hear.

          Told repeatedly by TTAG management that shit isn’t welcome here, and he does it anyways. Hey, PeeeGee, how about knocking that shit off?

          “That’s What he does – That’s all he does!”

  5. Isn’t the expression a ‘tough ROW to hoe’? Who hoes a road a anyway? You can plow a road but I’ve never heard of hoeing a road. Maybe he meant a tough ho to plow?

    • Maybe he should just do his job and enforce the laws already on the books instead of trying to be a legislator and or hoeing up the roads.

    • I’ve done the road plowing gig. But it was in a blizzard that blasted us for a solid day and I was on the road for 18 hours straight. Too heavy a snow for the plow, got out the front end loader and just kept going up and down the access road dumping snow over the side of the mountain.

      The first hour was kinda’ fun.

    • It is definitely row. I hear people say road every once in awhile, and they are people who have clearly never worked a day in the field.

      • I fight for my meals.
        I put my back into my living.

        But that’s just me.

        And Roger.

  6. I wonder if the police director had to step over used needles to make his speech, as he would have had to if he had spoken in my city. Or if the area was screened and cleaned before he set up….but it’s the gun lobby that’s the problem……

  7. Ultimately preemption laws are to protect ordinary citizens from inadvertently being subject to capricious laws of municipalities, not to make some Chief of Police, Police Department Director, or whatever’s job easier. In the beginning the state was the primary government entity and should be in control. I will be watching this as I have regarded Tennessee as a firearms friendly state where I would consider living, but I will reconsider if the Tennessee legislature buckles. If they do this will set up a slippery slope scenario.

    • I’ve lived in Tennessee for 40 years now. Yes, we’re definitely a “firearms-friendly” state, so you will be welcomed here. But avoid living in the blue dots (Memphis or Nashville). Memphis especially is more like a third world country unto itself. Socialist Rep Steve Cohen represents that district in the House of Reps. ‘Nuff said.

    • Tennessee is a gun friendly state, at least from what I see living in East Tennessee. Memphis has city problems which are not representative of the state as a whole. Having said that, I doubt this proposal will get any traction.

  8. This is the game dem’s play, let criminals plea-bargan (sic)? felony firearms, drug, and violence offenses to misdemeanors, criminals return to the streets to recommit violent crimes then blame the guns, racism, and lack of funding for ” midnight basketball programs” for the fellas; rinse, lather, repeat…..
    “We’re not going to arrest our way out of this”
    “End the cradle to prison pipeline”

    • Dem’s create chaos by their policys, the answer is always “MOAR” laws, “MOAR” taxes, “MOAR” handouts, “MOAR” big govt intrusion in to our lives because dem’s have to justify their jobs.

  9. Reading the full article they (includes the county Sheriff) are complaining that too many gun owners are leaving guns in their vehicles, those guns are getting stolen and turning up at crime scenes. So, they want a law to keep guns out of vehicles, no details on what exactly they mean by that. As in no unattended guns? Have to be in a locked box? What?

    While I’m all for keeping my guns locked and hidden from thieving scum, I do not need a law to tell me that. If there was such a law it wouldn’t work anyway. Laws work very poorly on behavioral problems. I keep guns (yeah, more than one) in a vehicle, always. For my own reasons, and I consider them well secured in there. Also out of sight, no NRA or similar stickers on the car, nothing to show I am worth the time of thieving scum looking for a gun owner’s car to bust into.

    The Police Director and the Sheriff would do a whole lot better to concentrate efforts on thieving scum breaking into cars. That’s what would work.

    • Yes. Require a metal lock box in the vehicle. The box just needs to be harder to break into that the vehicle itself, assuming folks are locking their car doors with all windows rolled up. Simple and cheap suggestion: 30 cal ammo can, heavy duty padlock, truckers chain (no cables), tuck it all under a the car seat so it’s out of sight.

      • SoCalJack,

        You do realize that bolt cutters enable someone to cut the hasp of a lock — or the chain which anchors the storage box to the vehicle — in about five seconds, correct? And the bonus feature: those very same bolt cutters enable the enterprising criminal to bust out a window in about two seconds.

        Thus, a criminal with a large set of bolt cutters could break into a car and remove the box (or the firearm from the box) in a total time of about 20 seconds.

        The solution is not trying to secure a firearm in a vehicle. The solution is ensuring that people can take their firearms with them when they leave their vehicle.

        • And before anyone whines about people freaking-out about someone having a firearm outside their car, that is a people-perception problem. Case in point: I walked around with a shotgun in a case and no one cared — at a gun range. Thus, it is possible for people to not be alarmed.

        • uncommon_sense, great points. I go to the post office a few times a month and sometime have to go into school campus. For one of my trucks, I lock my CCW gun an 30 cal ammo can locked with a heavy duty padlock where it’s design makes difficult to get a bolt cutter to bite on, then a 70 grade chain wrapped in a used bike inner tube. A thief would need greater than a 36″ bolt cutters to cut that chain. Just offering a suggestion that will slow down a thief. I personally prefer on body carry where its legal to do so.

        • SoCalJack,

          I applaud your ingenuity and resourcefulness. Please note that large and bolt-cutter-resistant padlocks and chains are not practical for many/most people and their vehicles.

          As the other commenter stated, if your firearm is not visible and your car is locked, you have taken reasonable precautions against firearm theft.

        • The guy walking around an area looking for cars to rob usually isn’t carrying a long pair of bolt cutters. They are looking for an easy opportunity, so a 2-cell maglight for breaking glass is about the most they will usually carry…

      • A Californian has absolutely nothing to offer us American Citizens on how to exercise our rights. You all value lowering White culture to be equal with lesser cultures, at the expense of the White cultural construct known as the Constitution.
        How about making it legal to use deadly force over property crimes instead of increasing government authority.
        A cop in cali is what a rifle round is meant to defend Liberty from, and you all drop to your knees for corrupt authority like you were a homosexual in a public park restroom.

        • Not all Californians feel that way, that is mostly people that moved to California, they were not born here. I think California has more immigrants every year than New York ever got, and more Americans from out of state. These people have ruined our fair state, please stop sending your trash out west so our state can take care of them.

      • No. If the car is locked and the gun is out of sight then that is fine.

        If someone breaks the law to get in my car, it’s on them not me.

        Lockbox requirement is a placebo.

        • Thanks for that comment. I’d delete my comment on suggesting a lock box being a requiremwnt if I could. I’m open to learn from you folks. Enuf ask what were the circumstance of these car break ins. I’d like to know too. Many/most car break ins happen to folks that dont lock their doors. If they want to curb car break ins, maybe the Memphis PD can send a reminder to lock the doors? More simple than banning guns in cars.

        • In Memphis, the break-ins are organized and rarely one car. Last time I was there, they hit 15 near the Peabody. Less than 3 minutes and gone before 5-0 shows up.

          That takes a crew that has done it before. Usually glovebox and console and anything in sight in the seats rarely have time to look under and behind seats.

          The podunk place I live had a string 12 car thefts a couple of days ago. They target rural “sub divisios” where many leave their car unlocked and several had their keys in them. The Mayberry bubble just burst for those folks.

          I always lock my car even if at home. My father was a locksmith and always said locks only keep honest people honest. Lock dont stop thieves .

  10. You have to be suffering from some kind of special stupidity to screw up a cliche like “a tough row to hoe.”

  11. Why does it always have to be “The NRA won’t allow it”?

    It isn’t the NRA! It’s the 2nd Amendment!

  12. This “Top Cop” is a just a talking bobble head. Memphis, Really! have you ever been to Memphis. It’s a slum shithole and that’s a nice description. The rest of the state is nice. So let’s not judge the whole state just because some retard in Memphis makes stupid comments. Just another idiot chief cop playing his race card because of liberal feel good policies that keep failing.

  13. And just how many criminals would obey this law? Is there a rash of law – abiding citizens in Memphis going around shooting people from their cars?


  14. “The powerful gun lobby” again they always talk like the NRA is as big as the Bilderbergs or the Rothchilds in finances and power but they fail to see the NRA is regular US citizens that value the 2nd amendment and are willing to put a few hard earned after tax dollars towards the cause. I remember back when sarah brady’s hangun inc was pulling in 24 million yearly and the NRA pulled barely 3 million (around 1991) yet the NRA was always villanized as the ” behemoth Gun Lobby”

    I have no doubt the anti gun donations today still dwarf the NRA but you’ll never hear a word about it in the MSM = Left wing paid political operatives

  15. “Memphis Police Department director Michael Rallings, would really like to ban handguns from cars in the crime-ridden city. ”

    Here’s a thought, how enforcing the law and punishing the law breakers instead of punishing the law abiding…

    • That would be considered racist, and it is easier to force Whites to lower our culture, than it is for Africans to rise up to us.

    • They would rather police camera trailer (complete with flashing blue light) that are supposed to be moved-around to deter crime. Certainly cant afford to hire cops to patrol.

      In reality, they are continually parked around businesses and hotels that want to feel safe. There is always one at the Doubletree off Poplar Ave.

      The last time i was there, two people with my company meeting had their cars robbed. When asked about using the surveillance footage to catch them, the cops told them not to count on it. Not enough clarity and limited range.

      Pretty funny unless it’s you being robbed.

      Avoid Memphis when possible and keep your powder dry when you do go.

      • I’ve heard from a retired Memphis police officer that the parking lot cameras aren’t even used to record. Just a deturant . Thinking of all the crime that happens around local malls there is never any videos released to the media. I saw a squad car today as a matter of fact in a mall parking lot. It was covered with frost. Hell there’s police cameras on every street corner in certain neighborhoods. High crime, zero footage.

  16. Hey Mikey, we can compromise. Get rid of all those laws that force people to disarm in gfz’s, and allow open and concealed permitless carry everywhere, and folks wouldn’t have to leave their gun in the damn car to start with. Wonder how he’d feel about that?

  17. Typical progressive….hey Rallings, why don’t you ask your cops that work the streets what THEY think? How is disarming potential victims going to make the citizenry safer? It won’t and you obviously have reached your level of incompetency…

  18. So a public official who supposedly represents the people wants to publicly go against a large group of his constituents and he refers to them as the NRA, instead of constituents and voters. Weird; these things called democrats…

  19. Guns in cars scare cops, but it’s criminals they need to fear, the average citizen has same misgivings about criminals, hence the guns in cars. In Texas anyone who is not prohibited may carry a fully loaded pistol, shotgun or rifle in their vehicle without a permit. This cop is another gun control jerk who has no reason for a badge and gun.

  20. I believe there are US codes to our Constitution that place legal sanctions against rogue tyrannical police officials from surpression of rights…(Re: Prison/Fines…) Maybe THEY should be Enforced and police should go after “REAL” criminals…And NOT violate the Rights of the PEOPLE! They know who the “REAL” hardened crimes are…Including those in THEIR ranks and the politicians that provide special political privileges…A Nationwide “BAN” on Police Unions would help with accountability to the general public….

  21. The Memphis Cracker Barrel (off the south side of the 240 loop) had armed guards in the parking lot in the early 90s.

    They finally closed it as business kept dropping from so many people being attacked and robbed.

    Guns in cars are not the problem in Memphis. Memphis has been built into a socialist utopia and they are enjoying their fruits. They have not annexed most of Shelby county and will now need to annex another county or two ( and maybe Mississippi) for fresh blood.

  22. The out of control crime in Memphis is an embarrassment to the great state of Tennessee. I just heard that Memphis is second in the country only to Detroit for violent crime. That’s right, it’s worse than Chicago on a per capita basis.

    So what’s the solution for this? To punish the law abiding citizens of course! How about you guys come up with a strategy to deal with the actual criminals?

  23. The JCFanClub thinks this is a step in the right direction for America
    Hey, wait a minute, the fan club members called me Charles Manson, and they’re my fan club?
    Hmmm, I may need to call this Fan Club of mine in, before they go on a psychic, drug impaired spree.

  24. Just get rid of gun free zones, and allow unpermitted carry, and nobody will be forced to leave handguns behind in their cars where they can be easily stolen anymore.

  25. In the near future a sadistic Cop will stop you with no reasons and simply bark “Papers Please” and even if you are unarmed you go into the slammer with no identification. It will be part of the no guns in cars ban. Their excuse will be “for public safety” ( mostly theirs)

    One of my Boss’s brothers was thrown into a Chicago jail some decades ago. When the Boss called the Chicago cops they could not initially find his brothers name on the inmates roster. They said they would get back with the brother. Sometime later they did call back and said that they did indeed have his brother locked up but still were not sure why and had only that morning discovered this partial information.

    It turned out the brother was guilty of nothing and had been mistaken for a man with an identical name. No apology was given. The brother was suddenly booted out onto the Chicago street in the snow with no coat and no shoes and no money. He was told he was one of the lucky ones. The Brother wondered what happened to the “unlucky ones”

    When the Boss finally picked up his brother he asked his brother where his shoes were? The brother said last time he saw them a cop was wearing them.

    Moral of story, never drive through the City State of Czechcago and above all never wear a new pair of shoes it could be hazardous to your health.

    Welcome to 21st Century America, home of big brother and the deep state. And remember Big Brother is watching you especially if you are wearing a new pair of shoes.

    Postscript. In Czechoslovakia you have to pay 1/2 of what your shoes are worth to get them back off the cops while in the U.S. you have to pay double the worth, its called successful Capitalism.

    • That’s your dream, the future you expect. You’ll just call the cops to report any citizen who may be a detractor of the motherland and the supreme leader. In the meantime, a cop needs a legit reason to stop a car (stop sign violation, red light, improper change of lanes, no tail light…) and surely cannot throw you out of your vehicle then search it just because.

      • Body cams have cut down on a lot of police brutality but body cams can and often are still turned off. I could tell you plenty of stories about past police brutality but that was way before your time.

        And if you were not an inexperience young punk and had to live in the real world you would know how foolish your statement is. Cops can and do pull people over for a variety of manufactured reasons.

    • 1. There is no such thing as Czechoslovakia to be found on the map. Has not been for over a quarter of a century. Czechs and Slovaks divorced peacefully 1st of January 1993.

      2. Shoes were not in short supply in Czechoslovakia, not even under communist regime. They were a big exporter of shoes.

      3. How does it feel to be always wrong?

      • 1. There is no such thing as Czechoslovakia to be found on the map. Has not been for over a quarter of a century. Czechs and Slovaks divorced peacefully 1st of January 1993.

        2. Shoes were not in short supply in Czechoslovakia, not even under communist regime. They were a big exporter of shoes.

        3. How does it feel to be always wrong?

        Ha this is funny. You just gave away your age punk. The world existed before 1993. Your too much.

        And tell me how many pairs of shoes there were after the war Moron.

        And lastly how does it feel to be stupid.

  26. The New York, Comyfornia desease adapts in many forms.
    Common sense should prevail and pass a law that makes it illegal to leave your handgun unsecured, and only in solid approved pistol box properly secured and out of sight when no one is in the vehicle. This only make sense. It probly won’t completely slow them down but would make alot harder and take longer to steal. The same for homes too. Im sure the insurance companies would back this to save them money, and might offer discounts. Plus if the city offered some kinda of real anonymous tax insintive the people might be more willing to do this. These lock boxes can be used to keep other valuables safe also. It could also save the lives of many small children in the long run.
    In Joplin Missouri it’s been illegal to display your long guns in racks in the back window of pickups for a very long time do to theft and the fact the city is a stones throw for 3 other state lines. Police could not persue over state lines.
    These things make sense to avoid bad days and loss of property, and would help the 2nd admendment fight. Police just can’t be every where all the time.
    Be active in your own security and quit blameing everyone else for your being lax and unaware or to lazy to be active in your own situations. This is why you say you want to have your handguns. So prove it. Be active and vigalent.

    • D.J.U., where should I begin to respond. The proposed law would only apply in Memphis and thus people from other areas of Tennessee visiting Memphis might not be aware of it when visiting Memphis and inadvertently violate the law. That is why Tennessee has a preemption law so there is only one set of firearm related laws in the state. Otherwise there could be a different set of firearm laws for every city and county in the state and no one could keep track of the laws that pertain to the area where they were traveling through.

      You talk about a “real anonymous tax insintive” from the city to help pay for your proposed “solid approved pistol box”. How does an anonymous tax incentive work? Can say gun registry maintained by the government agency giving you that incentive. By the way who approves the pistol box?

      You say “the same for homes too”, does that mean you want it to be mandated that your elderly mother who has no children in the home has to lock up her only means of self defense when she tries to sleep?

      You seem very willing to surrender your rights to the government. I agree that your proposals are common sense in most cases if people voluntarily decide to follow them but not everyone’s situation is the same and you don’t want the government to decide your actions.

    • DJU. Stay in school. Read more. Do your own research. These ideas are only halfway thought. If you’re in H.S. , then you’re forgiven.
      If, however, you are an adult then there is little excuse for the many logical, grammatic, and spelling errors. I give a solid D grade.

  27. “It’s going to be a tough road to hoe,” says Shelby County State Representative Dwayne Thompson (D-Cordova) “. I never tried hoeing a road, I usually just hoe a row because roads are normally made from asphalt or concrete and are very difficult to hoe. These morons can’t even use a cliche correctly and want to regulate our constitutional rights.

  28. Many PD chiefs and Sheriffs are politicians and administrators, they go with the flow in term of politics and money (elections for Sheriffs). It’s usually worse with chiefs (police) than Sheriffs, because chiefs are appointed by the mayor and/or city commissioner while sheriffs are usually elected. I can imagine most Memphis PD cops shaking their heads upon this announcement, knowing this will have zero positive impact on crime. Unfortunately this only hurts relations between normal citizen and law enforcement. Anyway I wouldn’t want to be a cop in Memphis for any amount of money, the city looks bad already for “civilians” I can only imagine the nightmare it must be when you have to work there as a cop.

  29. Memphis TN is a Socialist/Libertarian utopia. That is your future for those who live in major west coast cities. Unfortunately for Memphis they don’t have a local Press that is willing to cover up the crime rate. As they have in west coast cities.

    • True dat.

      When I kicked near Memphis the local new new had “ptomaine tuesday” where they covered all the local restaurants that failed their health inspections.

      It was eye opening and entertaining. Lots of high dollar restaurants felt the pain.


    • I’m not sure how you put socialist and libertarian in the same sentence. Suggesting that they are equivalents shows a serious ignorance of what each political movement means.

      I’m a libertarian. In short, I’m in favor of less Government. That means fewer wars, less gun control, marriage equity, fewer regulations on businesses, lgbt rights, and the legalization of most drugs.

      Socialism – government ownership of the means of production, free medicine, free college, etc. Government EVERYWHERE!!

      • The libertarian movement has come and gone after showing their true colors.

        Libertarians are nothing but Democrat drug users who are mad at the government for telling them no to their drugs. They are terrible on social issues and worse, incredibly squishy on gun rights.

        • Jay, I must disagree. I’m an independent, myself. I feel woefully under-represented in Congress. May they all be damned.
          Neither will I call myself a “libertarian,” though I do agree with the principles of personal liberty and limited government.
          I am FORCED, it would seem, to vote (R) in the general to, at best, avoid the tyranny to come.
          Rand Paul sounded completely insane as a new candidate here in KY. That was 20 years ago. He now seems the most reasonable of the bunch.
          BTW, I need more ammo.

        • AD,

          My post was about Libertarians, you call yourself an Independent and not a Libertarian, so I don’t know what you’re disagreeing about.

          However, I will add this; Supporting ‘personal liberty’ to gain access to drugs is a canard. Over 69,000 people died from OD’s last year alone, mostly from the heartland, and mostly (7 of 10) from China sourced Opiates. Once again over 69,000 Americans…..dead…..from drugs. So F them making drug use about personal liberty.

        • For any so-called Libertarian:
          Name any legislation proposed by a Libertarian elected congress person that is 2A related.
          Did Sen Jeff Flake submit the Hearing Protection Act in the Senate? I already know you guys hate Trump. Fine. So what have your Libertarian representatives done to pass pro 2A laws?
          Justin Amash??? What has he proposed for 2A civil rights???

      • “I’m a libertarian. In short, I’m in favor of less Government. That means fewer wars, less gun control, marriage equity, fewer regulations on businesses, lgbt rights, and the legalization of most drugs”

        One thing I have noticed that “Libertarians” NEVER call for the Welfare Industrial Complex to be reduced in size or completely dismantled. I think Libertarians really do like the government welfare system.

        And Libertarians are really big supporters of sexual promiscuity. But they are and have always been very weak on gun civil rights.

        “Tennessee’s deadbeat dads: The three men who have fathered 78 children with 46 different women… and they’re not paying child support to any of them”–theyre-paying-child-support-them.html

      • Doing drugs in public is a dream on true for Libertarians. But not the open or concealed carry of legal firearms. They have also support the repeal of public urination penalty laws. They also support defecating in public. The B.A.R.T. system was great in the 1970s when I road it as a kid. Not anymore.

        [CHAPTER 1] BART ‘DERAILED’: All Aboard 9 minutes long

  30. Lets be clear. He’s against storing guns in cars. Not against people carrying guns in cars.

    Half the comments here suggest people don’t know that.

    • Now you can say this police chief supports the 2A.
      Go ahead and just say it. It should be really easy for you.

      • Don is from CT. Infringements are tolerated in that neighborhood. That is intolerable!
        I would guess that he has NO idea that people would prefer to carry rather than “store” firearms in their vehicle.
        Is there some way we could have a range day? I’m quite sure that we live within a two hour drive. Louisville is heavily armed despite local politics.

    • Which means the average person could not carry a gun at all as there are many places in Memphis where you cant carry a gun. (With force of law).

      Additionally, most people must conduct business in some government facilities which means they’d have to store their gun in their car.

      If a vehicle is legally mine or under my control, i should be able to keep anything legal I want in it.

      They are trying to limit rights by passing a “reasonable” law. To hell with them.

      Just another sycophant trying to appease his overlords.

  31. Police agencies in my area are now asking people who have the Ring or personal cameras to give them access. They pinky swear that Big Brother will not be watching.
    Between police chiefs who want to defy state laws and Sheriffs who want to defy state laws…. I’m definitely of the belief that ALL politics are local. Isn’t “neighborhood watch” just a precursor of a small militia?

  32. Good luck with that….
    remember…do NOT allow cops to search your vehicle without a warrant..,.EVER
    you may be absolutely sure there is nothing to be found…but you never know
    better safe than sorry

    • “I do not consent to searches.”
      Remember that.
      Then they’ll threaten dogs. Dogs! Dogs do whatever it takes to please their master. Their testimony is BS. They also do not have consent. They cannot testify in court.
      Read up on the Reid Technique. It’s stupidly simple.

  33. For what reason would he have too ban hand guns from the city, is he that stupid, any law pasted on gun control is a step in banning all guns, if this officer hasn’t got the common sense to understand that it’s the person not the guns, then he has the wrong job,America needs less laws, and the ones we have enforced, and the government to mind their on business, and do their job to benefit America and it’s people, there are to many people in our grovnment offices that wants for themselves, not for what’s good for this country, if someone gets into office that willing to help America the unfit, roots them out, just like trump, he was threatening to get America back on it’s feet, and doing a great job, but they couldn’t let that happen, say what u might but he is the best we have had scents Reagan.

  34. I’m sure he’d also like:
    * legal torture
    * preventive detention
    * internal passports
    * no 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendment protections
    * taking of hostages

    Hey if it worked for Stalin…

    • Hey now……the chief of po lice wants to keeps guns out of the cars…….Oh rite. I live in Philli but me and my home boys going to heading on west to memphis where the guns in cars may be gone and we can do our thing with a less chance of getting capped. Thank you chief .

    • And we have a winner!
      I wonder which party he belongs to:

      The party of:
      * slavery
      * secession
      * Jim Crow
      * lynching
      * racial concentration camps

      or the Republicans

      • I also recall that you once wrote that this impeachment is a farce perpetrated to negate a lawful election.

        They are also the party of double standards. They only care about the rule of law when it hurts those that they oppose. they sure did not care about the rule of law when President Clinton committed perjury to defeat a sexual harassment lawsuit.

        If I were in the Senate, I would vote to summarily dismiss the impeachment. And I would say this.
        “Let’s assume arguendo that President Trump threatened to withhold military aid to the Ukraine unless they smeared Joe Biden.

        So what? It is not wrong. Threats to withhold aid is how we do foreign diplomacy. Smearing people is how politics is done! Working with others to smear political opponents is how politics is done! How can this be wrong just because they are done together?

        If you want to talk about abuse of power, how about Obama? He threatened to withhold funding from universities unless those universities violated the due process rights of male students. And he did that to gain extra political support from feminists and anti-rape activists in the upcoming election! The Democrats sure did not have a problem with that, but they sure had a problem with Trump and Education Secretary DeVos in undoing that egregious abuse of power, an abuse that threatened civil rights, an abuse done solely for Obama’s political benefit.

        So fuck Nancy Pelosi, fuck Jerrold Nadler, fuck Adam Schiff, and most of all, fuck the Woketarian Left that corrupted an entire political party!”

    • Ralph, I thought that you would bring your usual humor.
      Driving while Black extends to the entire population of Memphis. Unless, of course, youre white. In that case… Why are you driving in a “drug area?” That is “reasonable suspicion” to search the car, right?

  35. About the most stupid thing. Disarm all the American Citizens and do you think the bad guys are going to come up to you and give their guns to you,,,,stupid. Amazing,,,one person wants to infringe on the rights of thousands of citizens,,,,what an idiot. These people are dangerous.

  36. Hmm, before he does that maybe he should abolish all gun free zones (including congress to eliminate them from federal property like USPS) so that people have less reason to leave guns in their cars.

  37. Would this police chief include the handguns in police patrol vehicles in his expressed desires? By the way, how did he happen to get the job he holds? Civil Service, a mayoral or political appointment, which.

  38. how about us bicycle riding looser Methheads and DUI victims .Can we still have a handgunm in the glove box ? I sure don’t wanna break no laws

  39. Quite apparent that intelligence is NOT a requirement for the position of po lice chief in Memphis. Who would that law be “aimed” chiefy? The legal guns owners don’t do the crimes or the shootings……….the people who vote like YOU …do.

  40. If you guys (and the author didn’t use a click bait title) read the original article you’d find out that he just wants to disallow leaving a gun in the car so that it won’t get stolen and used in a crime. “The truth about guns” hardly. This site has gone down hill.

  41. The article doesn’t specify clearly, but it sounds like Sheriff Bonner simply wants to prohibit storing firearms in cars when a person isn’t in the vicinity of the vehicle. Sounds reasonable, though nearly impossible to enforce except after-the-fact. ANd a law that can’t be enforced is simply bad law.

    I really can’t tell exactly what Rallings wants, the article doesn’t give enough detail, or he didn’t specify.

    The reporter should be beaten with whiffleball bats until they acheive competence.

  42. The state still has too many corrupt democrat trying to eliminate your constitutional rights!
    Vote them out in November!

  43. Well this Police director is one sorry excuse for a Tennessean. I realize the proposal he is making is limited, but it still infringes on 2nd Amendment rights. Depending on the circumstances many need the option of storing a gun in a car. It also does not address cracking down on auto theft and breaking into cars.

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