Virginia gun rights sanctuary
The Virginia State Capitol designed by Thomas Jefferson who was inspired by Greek and Roman Architecture in Richmond Virginia. Bigstock.
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Watching from afar as the radical wing of Virginia’s Democrat party tries to put the screws to gun owners, I can’t help but compare Virginia with Illinois. And if what we’ve learned here in Illinois remains even partially valid for the Old Dominion, all hope is not lost for gun owners there.

Yes, radicals in Virginia think they have a huge mandate to pass gun and magazine bans, and potentially even confiscate America’s favorite rifle (the AR-15) and others like it.

These same political hacks have legislation pending to terminate any cops who won’t enforce their new gun control schemes. Just as concerning, they’re proposing increased spending on prisons to handle today’s law-abiding gun owners who refuse to bend a knee to ill-considered, unconstitutional gun bans.

We have radicals in Illinois who want to sing from the same gun control hymnal. Gun bans, magazine bans, gun rationing, bans on private transfers, gun registration and crazy high fees on gun owner registration schemes all have been seriously beaten back here in the Land of Lincoln.

Generally speaking, gun grabbers tend to belong to the Democrat party here. At least after the last election when gun rights organizations (including Guns Save Life where I serve as the executive director) worked hand-in-hand with the NRA-ILA to remove a Republican who campaigned as pro-gun and voted with Michael Bloomberg on guns.

We don’t know why Peter Breen switched to the dark side on gun rights (in a very public manner at that), but we made sure we took him out in the 2018 election as a very clear warning to other Republican squishes.

Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day. Illinois gun owners and supporters participate in an Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day rally at the Illinois State Capitol. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

What’s more, Democrats hold super-majorities in the Illinois House and Senate since 2018’s election. And we have a new governor who campaigned (unsuccessfully) for Congress twenty years ago campaigning for a complete ban on handgun ownership for all Americans.

Just looking at it by party numbers, if Dems all hated guns, one might reasonably think gun rights might face extinction in Abe Lincoln’s home state.

Democrats don’t all hate guns, though.

Looking back for decades in Illinois, the divide on guns has not happened along party lines. Instead, among most Dems, it happens more along geographic lines. Big city Dems generally believe the myth that more gun control will make their big city, high-crime cesspools of violence safer for residents.

Meanwhile, other Democrats vigorously support gun rights – proudly and publicly.  They generally hail from rural parts of the state and recognize that their political lives would soon end if they voted or sounded like Chuck Schumer on guns.

We have several more who generally support gun rights privately and often vote for gun rights when the extremists over-reach in their desire for ever more gun control measures.

It may come as a surprise, but sometimes the planets align just right and even members of the Illinois Black Caucus have voted with us against gun control legislation as well.

If fact, if it weren’t for these downstate Dems and others voting with gun rights supporters on occasion, Illinois gun owners would have long ago lost America’s favorite rifle, and possibly semi-autos in general, among other gun control schemes.

Just as important as pro-gun Demcrats, keeping the Republican caucus together will require the effort of true conservatives galvanizing the “squishes” to vote the way they campaigned.

Virginia gun rights lobby day Richmond VCDL
VCDL Lobby Day in Richmond, Virginia (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Looking eastward, Virginia no doubt has rural Democrats in their state legislature. If the Illinois template holds any relevance at all in Richmond, rural Dems will hold the key to either passing radical gun control or stopping it there. Assuming, of course, Republicans hold steady to doubtlessly unrelenting pressure from demanding moms, the fake news media, and other pressure from Big Gun Control.

Obviously, gun owners have galvanized against gun control in Virginia. Between gun owners lobbying, and the work of the Virginia Citizens Defense League and NRA-ILA, gun bans and other gun control schemes are not a sure thing in Richmond. Thankfully.

That doesn’t mean the radicals won’t try really hard, though.

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  1. I earnestly believe the current gun restrictions in Virginia serve as a wag-the-dog distraction for one party. When the three senior elected officials in one state have individual issues, the party has to create a distraction.

    I also earnestly hope they picked the wrong issue and that voters will hold them accountable.

    • The VA gov wore blackface, as did the AG. The Lt Gov is a rapist. Yet democrats support these degenerates because they will advance the radical socialist ideology that the left embraces. They put their agenda ahead of EVERYTHING else.

      The 2A sanctuaries are a slap in the faces of the Dems in power, and their egos may drive them to keep pressing the citizens into a corner… a corner citizens will fight their way out of. I think it is a toss-up at this point after all the proposed laws and citizens’ responses, whether Northam and crew simply pass their unconstitutional laws and ignore the inevitable 3-4% compliance, claiming a false win and occasionally citing someone on a traffic violation who happens to have a scary black rifle or standard capacity mag… or whether they go full monte and try raids on firing ranges, fire cops who won’t enforce their laws, and cut funding from counties that tell them to pound sand.

      If they go full monte, I fully expect violence to ensue, as citizens protect and defend their freedom and their Constitutional right to bear arms.

      • The Dems, Virginia State Police, and the Virginia National Guard are outnumbered by much greater than 10 to 1. They don’t stand a chance against Virginia gun owners.

        If they are so stupid as to insist on violating the Constitutional rights of Virginia gun owners; let ’em have it with both barrels!

        • Pretty sure a number of both the police and guard will tell the Governor to pound sand, and refuse to enforce his bans. Some have said it, on YouTube or speaking at County Sanctuary votes.

        • The Virginia Stae Police and Virginia National Guard want nothing to do with the governor’s nonsense.

          “All hope is not lost”

          That is laughable. The truth is totally the opposite. The recent happenings in Virginia have FILLED Americans with hope. Nearly every county in the state just told the Governor and Legislature that they intend to disobey them, and the IMPOTENCE of the state government has been revealed. The state is powerless, if only people realize it. People are beginning to realize it.

          The folks in New Zealand are beginning to realize it too. Maybe it will break out everywhere. 😵

      • Only the state police are employed by the state. How can the state fire city police officers, who are employed by the cities, or sheriff’s deputies, who are employed by the counties?

        • The consequence of reaching into your neighbor’s pockets to fund your things is loss of control over those things.

          This is why it is important to keep local funding and control over important things – and why State and Federal governments need to be cut down to the smallest size possible.

      • Democrat politicians are like Muslims. The extremists will hack you head off while the moderates hold your feet.

  2. it seems to me that virginia was once the forefront of another rebellion. remember all good patriots when your country calls you to give for what she has bestowed upon you it should be considered a privilege and an honor to serve her. I fought for my rights once before in 1969, I am willing as my for-bearers were to stand up again if needed. virginia was there for texas when she stood for us so will we stand for her in her hour of need.

  3. Sorry, John, if they are Dems they are anti-gun. You are describing the camouflage they use when their votes are not necessary to advance firearm prohibition, or when their votes will not advance the cause. BUT! If the day comes that a gun confiscation vote will pass only if they vote for it, their vote is assured. Republicans are sometimes a question mark, but Dems are ALWAYS anti-gun, just as they are always liars.

    • Not so. There are many Dems who support 2A, but 2A is only one issue. Both Dem and GOP deal with many issues, of which some are more important than others. They include illegal immigration, education, social security, and many more. Even within the ranks of the GOP not everyone is in agreement on such issues. There are GOP members who support 2A but see a need for some restrictions. Meanwhile, many Dems support hunting rights and such.

      In my county, some Dems helped push for rejection of sanctuary county status, and supported the county working with ICE, and not supporting CDOJ. They even helped us reelect a pro 2A Sheriff.

      • “There are GOP members who support 2A but see a need for some restrictions.”

        They “…support 2A but…” . Wow! No, they don’t support 2A. There is no “…but…” in the Second Amendment.

    • Don’t overestimate the awareness of the masses. I’ve met plenty of Democrats who are ignorant enough to tell you that the reason they vote Democrat is because they don’t want Republicans to take away their guns, and they’re going to vote Democrat again, thinking they’re preserving the American way of life.

    • Larry, most Democrat voters have the political sensibilities of a bunch of ducks. They aren’t particularly interested in politics at all and, if they vote, tend to vote Democrat mainly because they always voted Democrat. Especially Democrats in rural and less-than-suburban SMSA’s are—if for no other reason than most of their close relatives are owners of multiple firearms and avid hunters —-at the very least more than a little leery about the ideas of gun-control urban comsomopolites. You can just bet that the gun-control leftists are looking long and hard at all those VA gun-supporting counties. My guess is that it’s about to get very difficult to be a Democrat politician in those gun-supporting counties.

      • Hate to say it but many of the people I talk to are stuck in the old political classifications. I speak with people who sound conservative as all get out and, when I mention that, they get offended. I speak with “conservatives” who love giving away free stuff but voted for Trump.

        Most people don’t have a clue what is going on behind the scenes with either party and, even when you tell ’em, they don’t really care (present forum excluded of course). Minds, just like physical bodies, seem to want to take the path of least resistance and, well, learning takes effort…

  4. The problem is that as you go up the political ladder the Democrats get more extreme, with statewide officeholders only listening to the leftists in the major cities. That is why once a state has the majority of the population concentrated in the large cities the city control of the state drops to the Socialists who mostly control the Democrat party. Nobody hates guns like a Socialist.

  5. Wouldn’t it be nice if S.C.O.T.U.S. finally did it’s Constitutionally sworn duty and enforced our rights on every square inch of American soil? You know, LIKE IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED. Just ask this famous Virginian that was a very respected legal authority:

    . . . Judge [St. George] Tucker’s Lectures on the Judiciary of the United States, as delivered by him as Professor of Law at this University [William & Mary] . . .

    . . . And here we cannot but observe, that the judiciary power cannot of itself oppress the citizen: The executive must lend its aid in every case where oppression can ensue from its decisions: but its decisions in favor of the citizen are carried into instantaneous effect by delivering him from the coercion of the executive officer the moment that judgment of acquittal is pronounced; and herein consists the excellence of our constitution, that no individual can be oppressed, whilst this branch of the government remains uncorrupted: it being a necessary check upon the encroachments of power by either of the other. Thus, if the legislature should pass a law dangerous to the liberties of the people, the judiciary are to pronounce, not only whether the party accused be guilty of a violation thereof, but whether such law be permitted by the constitution. If, for example, a law were passed prohibiting the free exercise of religion; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to assemble peaceably, or to keep and bear arms, it would be the province of the judiciary to decide that the power of the legislature did not extend to the making of such law, and consequently to acquit the prisoner from any penalty which might be annexed to the breach of such an unconstitutional law. . . .

    [The National Intelligencer And Washington Advertiser. Washington City, Vol. II. No. CCI. Friday, February 19th, 1802, Pg. 2]

    (Mr. Tucker was a Lawyer and Professor of law at the College of William and Mary. He was appointed one of the committee to revise the laws of Virginia, and he served with James Madison and Edmund Randolph as Virginia commissioners to the Annapolis Convention. In 1803 Tucker became a judge of the highest court in Virginia. In 1813 he was appointed by President James Madison to be the United States District Court Judge for Virginia. Tucker also, as District Court Judge, sat with Chief Justice John Marshall on the U.S. Circuit Court in Richmond.)

    • The SCOTUS stopped doing its proper Constitutional job a long time ago and likely will never again properly do that job as it should be done. It makes up new rights that cannot be found in the Constitution and ignores those that are explicitly found there. It allows government to trample multiple rights (2A, 4A, etc.) and has for some time now.

      And unfortunately there is almost no chance the SCOTUS will properly uphold and defend the 2A anytime soon if ever.

      • sparkyinWI – “The SCOTUS stopped doing its proper Constitutional job a long time ago and likely will never again properly do that job as it should be done. It makes up new rights that cannot be found in the Constitution and ignores those that are explicitly found there. It allows government to trample multiple rights (2A, 4A, etc.) and has for some time now.

        “And unfortunately there is almost no chance the SCOTUS will properly uphold and defend the 2A anytime soon if ever.”

        While I agree to a certain extent, I’d have to state that our right has advanced under the more recent SCOTUS. Take Miller for instance. Did anyone ever think they would overturn that treasonous decision? And yet after almost 70 years it was overturned. And there have been other minor advancements with our right in the courts after Heller.

        We had two states at the turn of the century that were Constitutional Carry, we now have 16. If We The People are loud enough for long enough, then things will change. But we must keep up the pressure, especially in light of the current situation in Virginia. They had stolen our rights because We The People were slumbering. And we must not make that same mistake again. Or we will have to fight a revolution in order to get our rights back.

  6. Seems to me that the issue here boils down to 2 considerations, things, points.

    1. Defense of rights is a year round proposition, something that has to be worked on and at continuously.
    2. Elected officials get one chance, no “do overs”. Those who are “flexible” on questions involving basic civil and constitutional rights are untrustworthy, and must be defeated. Elected representatives get and should have one chance.If they blow that, they must be defeated come election day.

    • Trouble is that even if bad politicians are voted out, their bad laws stay on books. It takes much more effort to get rid of unconstitutional legislation than to prevent unconstitutional bill from becoming a law.

  7. It’s past time to use the 2nd amendment to restore the 2nd amendment. It was a good idea, it just didn’t work out. Like flu vaccines. HL Mencken was right, freedom is too hot for our hands and the State knows it.

      • Why are you even here? You don’t ever talk guns, all you do is push your nutball-conspiracy theories that no one is interested in hearing.

        How many times did your mother drop you on your head as a baby? On concrete?

        No one’s interested in your crap, peeeegee, knock it the fvck off.

        Dance, troll. I order you to respond… 🙂

        • Well, yeah, but it’s FAR better to die horribly in the throes of a febrile seizure, or to drown slowly in your own body fluids, or to suffer complete and terminal systemic collapse from sepsis, than to possibly run the vague, shadowy, illusory, unverified, and infinitesimal chance of being able to memorize a phone book alphabetically or get away with almost anything in public from time to time.

          Of course, some victims of vaccinations develop only one mental defect; These poor sufferers have what we call ‘monomania,’ a complete and irreversible fixation on just one bizarre subject to the exclusion of all others. Pitiable, really.

      • I had a mudslide in my pants after all the vodka I drank last night. That mudslide had more intelligence then you.

        • Someone who cannot differentiate between “then” and “than” shouldn’t be lecturing others on the English language.

  8. I disagree. The Virginia Democrats believe they have a almost divine mandate to ram through as much gun control as fast as possible to make Virginia look worse than California. Why? Because that’s where the NRA is headquartered. It’s a matter of principle to destroy Second Amendment rights in that state. To hit the NRA hard where they live. Virginia Democrats are like all Democrats: they hate guns, hate gun owners And want to exterminate the entire gun owning population of the United States and if they have families and children that oppose that kill them too.

    And everyone here knows deep down what I say is true. Though many are not willing to admit it. In fact everyone will say I’m a troll or crazy. What a subconscious part of you agrees with me because that’s how our political environment is now. That should scare you. The Democrats and far left and liberals at large want us all to be exterminated. You can tell a far left liberal progressive that there are over 100 million gun owners. They openly now state that all gun owners should be killed. They hate guns and gun owners and want all gun owners dead. There are over 100 million gun owners. They want over 100 million people dead because they own guns. And when you tell them how many people that is they view that as a good thing. I don’t know if this kind of mental illness has ever been studied.

    • “…Virginia Democrats believe they have a almost divine mandate…”

      Actually they do. Bloomberg said so.

  9. “Joe Morrissey, a Democrat who was jailed for having sex with his 17-year-old secretary and lost his law license for “episodes of unethical, contumacious, or otherwise inappropriate conduct,” according to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, has won a Senate seat in Virginia.”

    Way to go Virginia! Just keep electing this idiot.

    • It sounds like he could be the finest US Senate candidate since Teddy Kennedy!

      Wait, no… he’s still got to work on his “drowning girlfriends” technique…

  10. ILLinois has a boatload of at least lukewarm gun dims. Down state,west & NW of Chiraq. And we won court cases giving handguns to Chicago & later shall-issue CCL. AND a huge hunting culture to those unaware. We even had a RINO fudd as an inept governor recently. Virginian’s need to step up. And stop flying rebel flags-it doesn’t help!

    • We’re dealing with leftists that ALWAYS choose feelings over facts. Do you really think a few rebel flags will hurt our image?

      • Yes Rebel flags hurt our image and flown next to the Gladstone flag it associates that flag with the racist background as well. I know many minorities in Northern Virginia that would love to go to the capital on the lobbying day. However they won’t for fear that the rebel flags people will turn any event into another Charlottesville. If you don’t think it is racist just watch the Prager video on the subject. Lack of education destroys our cause. Please no open carry of long guns at the lobbying day it hurts our cause and dilutes our message.

        • Yeah…by no means should we freely exercise our right to assemble and speak our minds. By no means should we exercise our right to bear arms. Because appearances. Because feelz.


        • This is exactly the attitude that brought us where we are. Hiding, huddled in shadows, afraid to even admit that we are gun owners. It might scare livestock and cause miscarriages to womenfolk.

          If gays and trans people went this way with their movement, do you think they would get same sex marriage laws or would homosexuality be still illegal?

  11. “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty”.
    Or something to that effect. I Believe by former President Thomas Jefferson.
    I think we’ve all heard of this quote. But we forgot what it actually requires us to do.

    Show up at County and City Hall meetings. Voice our concerns. Wear your “I will not comply” shirt. And vote at every election.

    That is how the founders wanted it. That is the system they created for us. So we could keep our rights. And not have to kill and be killed in order to keep them.

  12. The coverage this is receiving, so close to Washington, could well end up working in our favor. it highlights the disrespect the 2A is suffering, and very may well be the domino that gets us the 2A being declared strict scrutiny.

    Or, providing the ‘juice’ to get other 2A cases granted cert. in the near future…

    • You Honestly think the courts will EVER throw out gun control? Especially sweeping gun control? Most if not all judges in the country are vehemently anti gun to the point if the government decided all gun owners should be executed without trial for having guns they would side with the government. And that includes SCOTUS. Judges hate guns, hate gun owners, want all guns banned, confiscated by force and WANTS the government to execute and exterminate the entire gun owning population, there families and supporters. Ecen if that mean 2/3rds of the entire country is genocide via nuclear carpet bombing. However they are not as bad as the far left which wants the complete and total extermination of the population of the United States except themselves and illegals. They ONLY reason that judges EVER strike down gun control is because preexisting conditions forced them to. Otherwise EVERY court case the judge would have the gun right people and there lawyers immediately arrested, lined up against a wall and shot.

      The courts will be the ones that allow the government t to start mass killing the people. Always have always will.

        • Roland Freisler is more fair and impartial than the majority of judges around now when it comes to gun rights.

      • “You Honestly think the courts will EVER throw out gun control? Especially sweeping gun control?”

        They already have, with the landmark ‘Heller’ and ‘McDonald’ cases.

        Before Heller, it was legal to forbid people living in NYC to posses a handgun in their own homes. Thanks to the Heller decision, people nationwide now keep handguns at home.

        The current SCOTUS case on handgun transport out of NYC will be handed down in about 5 months. At the least, it will likely rule that people have the right to carry on their persons guns outside the home.

        Where have you been living, under a rock? Gun rights are ascendant…

      • “The courts will be the ones that allow the government t to start mass killing the people. Always have always will.”

        I fully concur. The judiciary is the most corrupt branch of the government. They have already legalized killings by SWAT, cops and other groups, even if these killings are not justified.

        I would like someone to explain the meaning of these words: THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Anyone who understands English knows EXACTLY what these words mean. There are NO other possible interpretations.

        Why are appointed and elected people trampling on the Bill of Rights?

        Anyone who has ever voted for one of these traitors is fully complicit and is also a traitor and should get the same fate as prescribed by law for these offences. As Ebenezer Scrooge said: We need to removed the excess population, and a traitor is definitely in that group.

        Is it time for Soylent Green?

  13. Eileen Filler-Corn Virginia’s New State speaker of the House wants to make the Grounds & Buildings around the Virginia Capitol a Gun Free Zone!
    (@EFillerCorn) Twitter ([email protected])
    In 2019, one of Filler-Corn’s top priorities has been preventing fake gun violence. She and other Democrats formed a “UNSafe Virginia Initiative” task force,
    which she co-chairs, to examine the issue.

    Let them here you on this Unconstitutional Action!

    Support VCDL.ORG

    • We are already gun-free zones at our state government sites. No one thinks is a big deal…at least in the northeast part of the state.

    • The newly elected democratic General Assembly is attempting to ram this through ahead of the 2A rally on Jan. 20th in an effort to suppress the citizens of Virginia.
      Virginians will show up to exercise their RIGHT to assemble, their RIGHT to free speech, their RIGHT to petition their own government, their RIGHT to keep and bear arms!


  14. I’m so sick of this type of drivel. “Not all democrats support gun control.” Bullshit. Yes they damn sure do.

  15. Here comes the nra trying to take credit when they have done nothing, i joined the VCDL and i don’t even live in Virginia, the VCDL is doing all the heavy lifting outside of the people of Virginia themselves. The nra can go eat a fat dik until they get the laws overturned they supported.

    • Absolutely right. I’ve been to many of the county votes on 2nd amendment sanctuary resolutions and there hasnt been one representative from NRA make themselves known. As a lifemember of the NRA I say Fuck the NRA. They were no where to be seen when needed and we dont need them now.

  16. Really, it’s the people of VA who are making things happen. VCDL may have gotten the msg out and provided guidelines but the people are showing up and showing their power. All power of government rests with the people and now Virginians are showing it! May all other people of the individual states do the same!

  17. As I said before the polls are telling the Dems gun control is popular with the people and the Republicans read the polls as well. Three per cent of all gun owners own 50 per cent of all the guns. That leaves 50 per cent of gun owners that only own one or two guns. The odds are stacked against gun owners at the polls.

    From an NPR interview.

    SIEGEL: As I mentioned, this survey found that gun ownership in America is highly concentrated among people you’ve called super-owners. How big is that group? And how many guns do they own?

    BECKETT: So that’s 7.7 million people. And they own an average of 17 guns each.

    SIEGEL: Which accounts for a large number of the guns in the country.

    BECKETT: Yeah. People usually say, well, there’s about a gun in the United States for every single person here. So you’d think that every American has a gun. But it turns out that, no, only about a quarter of Americans own guns. And a lot of them just own one or two. And there’s just this one small group. And they own a whole bunch.

    • ” That leaves 50 per cent of gun owners that only own one or two guns ”

      So what? That’s 50,000,000 people, and each one has a gun. Tell me, smart boy, how many guns does each militiaman need? I think one will do just nicely. Might be more useful to find out how much ammo they’ve.

      It’s a bullshit statistic, and I know how much you love to quote it, and you probably think it means something significant. You’re kind of desperate that way. But here’s what it really boils down to:

      There are 100,000,000+ gun owners in the US. Each of them has at least one gun. So, what’s your point?

      • The point was there are only roughly 7 million hard core gun owners owning most of the guns. There are almost 82 million American who do not own guns. The balance own maybe one or two guns and they are not against Universal Background Checks and most do not own assault rifles rather they own a shotgun for hunting and maybe a pistol for home protection. All this does not put a whole lot of votes on the pro-gun side.

        • @Vlad, @maoop,
          You make valid points…as far as they go. (Yes, I gave you credit for something. Don’t get carried away with it.)

          What you don’t take into account is our rich history of fights for freedom. It doesn’t matter that we may be outnumbered by your math. We have, and will continue, to stand for our rights. Odds be damned, hurt feelings be damned, overreaching government be damned. We will prevail.


      US has around 250,000,000 adults, and around 450,000,000 guns.

      Math,according to the libtards:
      25% are gun owners, (63,000,000).
      7% (4,410,000) own 50% (225,000,000) of the guns.
      This comes to 56 guns per person.
      93% (58,600,000) own 50% (225,000,000) of the guns.
      This comes to around 4 guns per person.

      Libtards are idiots and morons.
      Everything said in the NPR interview is either a lie,
      or a lack of math study in grade school….

  18. A pro-gun Democrat is just one career move away from being an rabid anti-gun screwball. Case in point: Kirsten Gillibrand. A rated until she wasn’t.

    • Gillibrand stands for nothing but herself. She was pro-gun only because it was useful to her career at the moment.

      • Gilli’brand is a great example of hypergamy.

        Recently feminist panties were in a twist when a study revealed, even in 2019, the number one way (by far) women increase their wealth and standing is by…surprise… marriage.

  19. You think Illinois FOID cards are ok? Fully acceptable? Not infringements on an absolute Constitutional right?

    Did you have to get a license to spout such drivel? Did you have to get a license to pray that you wouldn’t be called out on it? Maybe you’re going to volunteer to house government soldiers or police in your home where they have direct access to your spouse or children too.

    You think it is ok for Virginia to sink into that abyss?


  20. The only people listening to the singing are the choir.
    The points of view here needs to be heard by the very people who have the authority and power and for them to understand this isn’t a video game. No do over. No redeeming action. I’m from GA. But I will stand with VA 2cnd amendment rights. If driving there is necessary I can be across the line in 16 hours or less.

  21. As hopefull as this article is, I am stuck with this nagging notion that we may be out numbered. If 51 percent of the voting public is okay with our rights being trampled, we are screwed.
    What I wonder is that the reason that they vote for the Democratic party? Or is it something else.

    • “If 51 percent of the voting public is okay with our rights being trampled, we are screwed.”
      We don’t live in pure democracy. The Constitution and Bill Of Rights in particular was enacted to protect rights of the minority. Maybe it’s time to remind everyone that some things are not for vote.

  22. Richmond is 110+- miles from DC and surrounded by pro 2A citizens. Why is Ralph Northam still in Richmond?

  23. NEWS FLASH!!! Virginia Gun Owners Increase Ammo Budget and Invest In Rope to Overthrow Tyrannical State Government!!

  24. They have, quite properly, told the so called powers that be, to relieve their collective bladder up a length of twisted cordage, and rightly so.

  25. When all the Guns have been banned
    When all the Words have been censured
    When all the History has been erased
    When all the Freedom has been taken
    Only then will you discover why our
    Right to bear arms is so high on the list

  26. Looking at that picture of Governor Northam, I wonder how his mother figured out which end to put the diaper on?

  27. I have spoken to LEO’s in 4 cities, and numerous National Guardspersons, none I have spoken too intend to enforce these unconstitutional laws if passed.

  28. This is a good article, but when it comes time to redraw the election maps in Virginia by the newly elected Dommycrats (Democrats) more people will wake up differently after this 2020 Census is taken starting April 1, 2020. For all of 2nd supporters across the United States, the 2020 Census will have real impacts on our lives where ever Dommycrats have control at the local, state, and federal levels. The big power will be the election maps at the local, state, and federal levels are redrawn. Large groups of 2nd supporters will find it harder to find representation when their old election district is chopped up to support the Dommycrats idea of what the new election maps should look like by dividing us into small pieces on the election map in each district. Just look at a district election map for a representative or senator at the state level in Illinois to see this effect over that last 50 years and other states also. Republican leaning and 2nd supporting areas are chopped up to not form a major voting block. This will happen in Virginia by early 2021 when the 2020 Census is realized in new election maps by the Dommycrats. We win battles for the 2nd, but they the Dommycrats are winning the war by remaking the election maps one state at a time, CA, NJ, RI, NY, IL, and etc…..

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