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“I guarantee you there are Republicans, independents, Democrats, people who aren’t politically active but want to protect their families and their property, and that is why they are here and you are seeing this across the commonwealth,” [GOP Congressman Scott] Taylor said, according to WTKR.

[University of Mary Washington professor Stephen] Farnsworth, however, says the polls aren’t with Republicans. “20 years ago, Democrats said almost nothing about guns because it was a political loser for a Democrat to talk about gun control. In today’s Virginia, polls show that talking about gun control is an asset to a Democratic candidate, not a detriment.”

One GOP consultant said on the condition of anonymity that the sanctuary push will be the end of the gun movement in Virginia. “This is why Republicans continue to lose middle class and suburban voters.”

The Wason for Public Policy released a poll earlier this month showing that 86% of Virginians support background checks on all gun sales while 73% supports red-flag laws. However, the numbers did drop significantly to 54% in support of an assault weapon ban.

“Republicans tried to make the state elections in 2019 a referendum on gun control, at least in some key swing districts,” said Farnsworth. “By shutting down the special session in less than two hours, they created at least as much of a target on their backs as the did on the backs of Democrats.”

– Brandon Jarvis in Some Republicans see momentum in gun sanctuary movement. Will it work?

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  1. Guaranteed it’ll resonate! I believe they’ll finally realize just how many we are and how passionate we are about the constitution and bill of rights. Can’t say they weren’t warned either!

  2. In reality not some fantasy daydream some on here seem to have we are a minority in most of the country.
    So the GOP consultant is right that it will probably end the gun movement there.
    We in Florida are fighting our own battle, we might win this time but I see gun control winning here too eventually. Hopefully without the patchwork system of each city or county determining what is permitted that is being attempted via lawsuit at the moment.
    It will end up the same in most parts of the country, have a big city that that has more voters than the surrounding areas? Prepare for the tail to wag the dog.

    • This article is a load of left wing crap. The end of the gun movement? Ha! Republicans lose voters because they are dem-lite, and they consistently campaign on conservative ideals and then sellout and cave to the left.

      You claim the left will win on guns? And who will enforce their new rules? One side has HUNDREDS of millions of guns & retired vets. The other side can’t decide which bathroom to use. I like our chances.

      • I see the inevitability of Florida turning blue. The Palm Beach/Broward/Dade county megacity population dwarfs most of the rest of the state. Which has a steady migration of the same type voters moving down from up north. I left the Miami area years ago when I no longer felt it was part of America and moved over to the Sarasota area. While it is still mostly a Republican area the numbers of registered Democrats are rising thanks too the same folks also moving too this area and within a few years if the trend continues they will be the majority.

        Same thing is slowly happening in Texas and other southern states as people flee California and other tax and high price hellholes for cheaper areas to live. And bring their politics with them. I hear all the time how a house up north is worth an easy $500,000 and they can come down here and buy twice the house for less. And pay less taxes and so on. And never stop to think what made that so expensive to live was the politicians they voted in. Humans are among the few mammals who will shit in their own nest.

        So when the times comes I guess I’ll move again if I am not too old.

        • I think the next census will be a disaster for conservatism. There were a couple of people that posted some demographic info here on this site a few days ago and I don’t think it looks good. The Dem strategy of importing votes has likely worked for them. Turning the tide now in Virginia and then some follow up in the courts are the only chances we have left.

    • “So the GOP consultant is right that it will probably end the gun movement there.” It’s worth remembering that the “received wisdom” of the GOP consultants and establishment politicians was that the party was doomed in the ’16 election unless it embraced open borders and cultivated a supposed related Hispanic vote. They completely ignored the emerging insurgent conservative demographic that elected Trump in an electoral college landslide (and it was that). An interesting characteristic of this conservative insurgency is that they/we don’t much like consultants and generally refuse to answer opinion polls. Most opinion polls are, as a result, not much use for predicting much of anything except talking-head blather. Rather than this being the end of the gun movement it is, instead, a rather overt manifestation of the insurgent demographic that elected Trump. Don’t. Trust. Polls.

      • “Most opinion polls are, as a result, not much use for predicting much of anything except talking-head blather.”

        That can work both ways.

        An interesting tidbit, Micheal Moore was being interviewed recently, and he’s concerned Trump may be be re-elected. He stated Trump’s base is even more committed to him than they were in 2016, and I have reason to believe him on that.

        But we cannot dismiss the hatred that has stewed in the Leftists over the last 3 year years. It was amusing at first, still amusing a few years later, but it is now a genuine psychosis (kinda like the nutball anti-‘V’ folks) and they are now running on autopilot.

        The danger is, we are kinda satisfied how things are going. We’re complacent. That breeds laziness. They’re not. they are pissed. And pissed-off people show up to vote.

        That’s why a solid ruling in our favor is needed with the NY Pistol SCOTUS case, or at the very least, a rapid follow-up of cert. being granted in other 2A cases. Because in no way am I convinced Trump will breeze to re-election. If he loses, I hope the Senate can show a spine and hold off seating a replacement for RBG, as I expect her to be gone in the next 2 years. Give Justice Thomas the time he needs to inject some much-needed respect into the 2A…

  3. I wish the population was this motivated BEFORE we had to rely on measures such as 2A “sanctuaries.”
    Every goddamned square inch of this planet blanketed by our Constitution should be considered a sanctuary of freedom, and not parcels of land.

  4. “This is why Republicans continue to lose middle class and suburban voters.”

    Every single real political researcher vastly disagrees. If you look at the real data and research, the Democrats are the ones losing middle class and suburban voters. And, they are losing them in former democrat strongholds like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, and even Minnesota.

    Democrats would be wise to study Brexit, actually, if they were smart. Brexit and Trump have a lot in common, and labour’s absolute shellacking in the election is a sign of what’s to come here in the US. And in turn, Labour’s response has been the exact same as the Democrats. To turn on their own former base and declare them “racist” and “Nazis”.

    Fortunately for us, Democrats are too arrogant to do any real in depth research into brexit or the Trump election. They’ll never know why those things happened to them and why they keep losing, other then to scream “racist”. Democrats are overplaying their hand not only on gun control but socialism. That makes them real popular in places like NY or London, but you don’t win the country with just those places. Just look at TTAG’s own resident liberal trolls. The upper echelons in the democrat elite actually believe that crap.

    • It smacks of the same hard-left push for socialism and communism, frankly. “We’re smarter than those who came before us, we’ll do it right where they failed” is the mantra.

      • Yep. They also ignore the fact that the most ardent Trump supporters are actually former democrats who abandoned a party that turned its back on its own base in persist of SJW causes and socialism. But they’ll never understand.

        • I’m a former democrat voter myself, Ron Paul convinced me of the foolishness of that path. I see President Trump as a continuation of the rejection of the democrat party.

        • They are true Democrats of the old school, as is Trump. Many of the things Trump is doing is for the working class, not the rich elite(of either party). The Republican Party doesn’t really want him, but are glad to take what they can get. We need to dismantle both major parties and start over.

          The Libertarian Party is the closest to a constitutional party that we have, maybe if we went back to allowing people to be free(without allowing huge corporations to run things), we, the people, might just get our country back.

        • The libertarian party is nothing of the such, and has come and gone after showing their true colors.

          Libertarians are nothing but Democrat drug users who are mad at the government for telling them no to their drugs. They are terrible on social issues and worse, incredibly squishy on gun rights.

        • “Many of the things Trump is doing is for the working class”

          I would love to learn more about this, could you please cite some specifics, thank you!

    • The only demographic the Democrats are losing is whites. But it won’t matter, millions of foreigners coming in every year will make up the losses.

        • Kind of strange statement, that. The dems top slots are mostly filled by white males of wealth and they are the party of institutionalized racism. They back the margeret sanger plan for genocide of poc. They proudly spit on human and civil rights.

          Maybe they’re losing whites cause fewer whites consider themselves to be racist?

        • This morning I was getting my car smogged in prep for upcoming registration renewal. As I was sitting in the shop, the TV on the wall had The View on. The two guests at the table were none other than Chelsea *and* Hillary Clinton. In the ten minutes I sat on the couch and subjected my eyes to the burning sensation the sight of those two women gives, they specifically mentioned that “hetero white men” are the cause of whatever topic they were cackling about. Chelsea in particular made her comment in a derogatory, matter-of-fact manner as the other women nodded their heads, as if even mentioning “hetero white men” is now a requisite for Democrat-related discussions.

          Funny thing, tho…the show’s makeup staff had Hillary gussied up (for the stage lighting, as is always done) in such a way that her face looked orange(!). So perhaps “Orange Woman Bad”?? 🙂

        • Chelsea in particular made her comment in a derogatory, matter-of-fact manner as the other women nodded their heads, as if even mentioning “hetero white men” is now a requisite for Democrat-related discussions.

          It seems that “hetero white men” voting for Democrats is like Jews voting for Nazis.

      • Contrary to the usual bizarre rantings of JWM Republicans not Democrats are the Party of Racism.

        Trumps current point man Herr Hauptman Steven Miller on immigration now has been caught with racist emails ranting against immigrants that is no different than Hitlers Nazi Germany. He has reduced the amount of “legal” immigration to obscene levels and the lowest in recorded history. He was behind the Muslim travel ban and he was behind the separation of children from parents.

        And no the Dems are not losing whites they are gaining them in astounding numbers. College kids are predominately Liberal and they will all be voting this time in record numbers because the Republicans have lowered the amount of Government money for college loans and grants and refused to even talk about debt forgiveness or State paid for education that is standard in all other civilized Industrialized countries.

        Surveys show if it were not for the corrupt practice of voter suppression, gerrymandering and the Electoral College the Republican party would soon cease to exist in any meaningful way. As more and more States reject the Electoral College it is beginning to look more and more ominous for the Republicans. And when the Dems get control of both houses in the various State legislatures look for more laws that will make Republican voter suppression in working class districts and poor districts illegal.

        • It has been a purple state for the last 30 years or so. Nothing like MN and IL though.

        • Wow pwrserge, that’s weird, I had a third line in my comment that was a sarcastic quib about the 19th. You followed the logic to it’s correct conclusion.

          The Dems, the party of “feels before reals” is because at its core is feminism. The Dems, in their current iteration could not exist without feminism.

    • ” If you look at the real data and research, the Democrats are the ones losing middle class and suburban voters.”

      Democrats are now the party of the rich. Leftists tend to congregate with their own in major urban areas, where salaries are substantially higher. On average, Democrats now earn more than the average conservative does.

      It is imperative we pound that drum as loud as we can. Democrats for years have claimed they were the ones in the corner for the middle-class and poor, and now conservatives are those people…

  5. I dont know if it will matter or not. If Virginia is like most NorthEastern shithole states. 3 or 4 large areas of population control the state. I know if you toss out NYC and LI. The rest of NY is a very conservative normal bunch of people. Virginia might be the same way.

    • Jay in Florida,

      Virginia might be? There is no doubt about it. Most of the population which is an extension of Washington D.C. (into Virginia) will enthusiastically support the Progressive agenda.

      The real question that we should be asking is what, if anything, we can do to win the hearts and minds of all those urban and suburban voters who support the Progressive agenda. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that we can win their hearts and minds because the human condition is rife with depraved standards and thinking (if we can even call the brain process which passes for “thinking” as thinking).

      • Well we went through a progressive stage with Teddy Roosevelt a 100+ years ago and survived it.
        Wont next time if it happens again.
        I have no real sense of the makeup of Viginy. Never was important to me before.

      • The urban and suburban voters in Virginia are part of the D.C. swamp critters, they directly benefit from the muck, like some new form of bacteria.

    • My father has a great saying; “You can take someone out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of someone”.

      Tell me how you’re not racist.

      • I’m sure your cowardly daddy had lots of things to say from the comfort of his little house. But he didn’t dare go to the ‘ghetto’ and spout that nonsense ‘cause he knew he’d get his bitch made behind kicked up and down the road.

        • I would be willing to bet that many of the older folk in the ghetto feel the same as his “cowardly daddy”. It is the gang bangers and hood rats that have ruined your town, the older people wish this wasn’t so. Even many of the older people that spent time in a penitentiary agree that the ghetto rats need to do something constructive, like going to school and getting a job. Yes, jobs are out there, but a piece of paper(showing you have some education), is needed.

        • My old man grew up in Northeast NJ in the 70s and 80s there home-boy. He’d fuck up your posse pretty fucking quick too. Myself too; as Ghetto-Pigs fall like tooth-pick towers pretty fucking quick.

          Spent the first 12 years of my life in that same area. Living in Southeast Ohio now; married to a Brazilian Woman whom is now a Naturalized Citizen.

          Our children will never be scum like you. Wallowing in your shit-pit of muck and squalor on the Democrat Party Plantation of Dependencey and ENSLAVEMENT.

    • Funny how I’m not a “honkie” and I love firearms and the 2nd amendment. Keep being a mind servant to the leftist tyrants.

  6. “This is why Republicans continue to lose middle class and suburban voters.”

    Lol. NO! You’re the reason, as well as others like you. Just ‘go along to get along’ with those Democrats.

    How’s that working out in NJ, CT, CA?……Yeah, I thought so.

  7. This may turn out to be the one issue that the last 4 Presidents overlooked that will unite the American people. The second amendment resurrected and restored loudly and prominently through the first.

  8. “This is why Republicans continue to lose middle class and suburban voters.”

    Because Republican politicians are stupid enough to believe polls that say that 73% of Virginians believe we should suspend the Constitution and abolish the Bill of Rights.

  9. The state of Virginia’s anti gun politicians was created largely by George soros.Like mini Mike bloomberg he snuck in and dumped a ton of money to elect anti gun politicians.They took advantage of gun owners being complacent and relying on the other guy to go out and vote.This should serve as a wake-up call to all responsible gun owners that their vote still counts.Our SECOND AMENDMENT hangs in the balance.

  10. Facts, truth, and immemorial standards of right-and-wrong are wholly irrelevant to about half of our nation’s population. The masses and politicians would support legalizing rape if it became “fashionable”.

    This situation in Virginia is representative of the condition throughout the entire Untied States of America and demonstrates that we are behaviorally and righteously bankrupt.

    • The masses and politicians would support legalizing rape if it became “fashionable”

      It is becoming fashionable.

      Just look at the comments section on news articles about teachers who have sex with underage students, all claiming how lucky such underage students are.

    • Remember how the United States used to allow child rape for most of its history? Yet the European males in America say the U.S. was created as a Christian nation and Islam’s prophet was a pedophile.

      What kind of Christian nation allows stealing, murder and rape through law?

      • Chief Sensor,

        Remember how the United States used to allow child rape for most of its history?

        Uh, no.

        What are your credible sources for such an outlandish claim?

        • Look up the history of age of consent laws in the U.S.

          In Europe nations the age of consent is under 18.

        • I just did, most EU nations 14 to 16 only the Vatican ,Malta and Turkey have it at 18, Cyprus (17), Ireland (17). Try again with something that is not so easy to check.

        • Sorry Chief Censor, that’s what I get for reading on a cell phone screen.
          I took yours to be a defense of EU laws.

        • “Look up the history of age of consent laws in the U.S.”

          Young girls weren’t actually being banged. Their parents were going ahead and marrying off to “good catches” i.e. some man with money and maybe some position in society at a young age. The girls were not actually living with their husbands until they were older.

        • @Mister Fleas

          Marrying off a 9 year old girl to a grown man? Sounds like the story of the prophet from Islam.

        • Chief Sensor,

          When I said, “rape,” I was referring to an emotionally (and sometimes even physically) devastating violent act where an attacker forces sex acts with an unwilling victim.

          And what I am saying is that a huge portion of our population — probably on the order of 50% — would support legalizing rape (as I just defined it above) if it became “fashionable” to support it. That is how depraved many of our society are.

      • “What kind of Christian nation allows stealing, murder and rape through law?”

        It beats the alternative, a kleptocracy run by the likes of your type who are convinced they “know what’s best for us, the little people, and can make all the right decisions.”

        Fuck that noise, and you, and every one of your little buddies that think like you do.

        (Spreading the love and good will, this holiday season… 😉 )

        • Umm… I advocate liberty and justice for all without a centralized state with supreme power over the people. I don’t condone a nanny police state and a country owned by bankers/corporations. I won’t support socialist schooling and religious law.

          Sorry, I am not a fascist nor a white supremacist. You can stop self projecting now.

  11. The Virginia General Assembly can’t completely ignore the overwhelming grassroots opposition to their impending tyranny. But some of their stupid crap will pass, get signed into law by Bloomberg…er, Northam, and then it will immediately run into massive non-compliance. And lawsuits and injunctions. It will take time and money…lots of time…lots of money, yes I know. But it WILL all be brought down.

    And we WILL enact our revenge in Nov. 2020 and Nov. 2021!

  12. Looked up the Virginia Mercury – no address, as it is an online journal (begun in 2018) covering state politics, etc. Seems to be a strong whiff of leftism in its writings, based on who they interviewed to get their point across and who they gave the last word to in the news article. These over-educated political wonks always seem to favor the collective power of the state over individual rights and freedom, so take what they have to say with five or six grains of salt – it’s subtle political propaganda (just like Pravda-on-the-Potomac, aka WAPO). 2020 will tell the tale and we’ll know which side was speaking true after we see how the Second Amendment movement fares in Virginia.

  13. “I guarantee you there are Republicans, independents, Democrats, people who aren’t politically active but want to protect their families and their property, and that is why they are here and you are seeing this across the commonwealth,” [GOP Congressman Scott] Taylor said, according to WTKR.

    Not to mention young, inner-city black men who want a pistol to protect themselves in the ghetto from street thugs, but are unable to get a permit because the local police judged them to “fail” the paperbag test.

  14. You can vote yourself into socialism but You will have to shoot your way out of it. In this case the same holds true for Anti 2A policies. The question becomes fight now or fight later. Many have already chosen the comfort and perceived security of the State. Because it is easier to be a Subject: (a person under one’s control or jurisdiction. Typically by using force). As apposed to a Patriot: (a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors). I find it odd in today’s society. That people still rail against slavery and yet are willing to kneel to the Master State in order to get their daily pittance. Of perceived Safety and economic Security. All the while screaming that neither is enough to survive on. Subject-hood and Victim-hood have become the mantra of the weak in OUR Society and if allowed to continue will be the Death of Freedom and liberty. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  15. Sounds like lefty/gun control advocate trying to spin the recent developments in Virginia.
    Considering African American Dems in a Dem county are on board with the sanctuary movement I think Governor White Hood and his cohorts have opened Pandora’s safe.

    • Considering African American Dems in a Dem county are on board with the sanctuary movement I think Governor White Hood and his cohorts have opened Pandora’s safe.

      I am not surprised.

      Black people in the ‘hood, much more so than the general population of Virginia, know what it is like to apply for a pistol permit, meeting all statutory qualifications and demonstrating a need for a pistol (due to being more likely to be murdered than the general population) only for their application to be denied by the police because the police judged them to fail the paperbag test.

      • This has been the case with the preponderance of gun control laws in the US. They were contrivances of law to keep guns out of the hands of red, brown and black people, and the occasional low social class white person. Gun control has always been about those with power lording over those without.

        Those in power have already decided that not being part of their circle is bad enough, so “driving while black” is an additional affront to their ideology. Why would they grant the power of carrying a gun to any underling? While all gun control has clear threads and undertones of racism, the overarching theme is control over the masses by the power elite. Whether it’s gun control or the welfare state, it’s their calculations on the price to be paid for what they see as a civilized society. This isn’t made up conspiracy theory ranting – it’s easily documented if you want to do the scholarship.

        The majority of decisions are influenced by relatively small group of wealthy and powerful individuals controlling America’s dominant institutions (political, economic and military). More specifically, the governing elite in the U.S. are comprised of the highest political leaders, including the president and a few key cabinet members and advisors, major corporate owners and directors, and the highest-ranking military officers. They attend the same private schools and universities, join the same clubs and fraternities, belong to the same churches and charities, and live in the same neighborhoods. They work and play together, and they employ one another.

        There is no grand conspiracy here because there doesn’t have to be – they already have control. The elites do not have to win our moral consent to do what they want. Instead, a passive society simply trusts that the elites will act on behalf of the so-called public interest. They are bound by their ideology, and their decisions are always designed to perpetuate their power and preserve their control over society. This is what we must defeat.

  16. “This is why Republicans continue to lose middle class and suburban voters.”*

    *Depending on location. Not available in all areas. Void where prohibited.

    Joking aside though, it really is location dependent. VA is, in some regards, similar to TX and Colorado in the way demographics are changing. The “middle class” folks moving into the suburbs of places like DC, Austin or Denver are certainly not in the GOP’s corner on guns or much of anything else.

    However, they never were in the GOP’s corner. Yes, they’re changing the suburban voter landscape in these areas but they’re transplants out of places like California, Connecticut and New York. They’re moving from urban to suburban areas but not changing their voting patterns. The result is that they’re changing the voting patterns of the places they move to.

    So, does that mean the the GOP will “lose the ‘burbs”? That remains to be seen but it’s a possibility. Not because the ‘burbs turned against the GOP but because the people who make up the ‘burbs are changing.

    It should be noted that this has less impact on Senate and Presidential elections, at least up front, that it does on State and House politics.

    • **

      That should read “They’re moving from urban to or traditionally deep blue suburban areas to more moderate, red or purple suburban areas”.

    • Most urban socialists move to other cities. Young people don’t really move out to a place with less convenience, they move to a place with less cost of living and “gentrify” the area. Then the minorities are pushed further out of the cities because they can’t afford the new cost of living the millennials created.

      The suburbs are definitely becoming blue because the generations have changed. The old are dying off and leaving the millennials the house.

      Old white people don’t live forever and socialists schools are bigger than ever. America has changed since 2001.

      • It depends on where you’re talking about.

        Denver is being “gentrified” by Gen X out of Cali. Millennials by and large can’t afford to live in Denver where your minimum rent is gonna be on the order of $2000/month by the time you pay for all the stuff that’s consider “extra” now, like being allowed to use the trash dumpsters.

  17. Virginia is the epicenter huh? NO it ain’t. You good ole boy’s could have won the last election. You didn’t bother to show up. I’m a helluva lot more concerned about my own ILLinois hood. We are vastly outnumbered. And we started the so-called “sanctuary movement”.

    • A lot of the Virginia Republicans will not admit they lost the state because they did not vote and did not put up candidates to oppose the Democrats. They literally willfully forfeited the state to the Democrats. Now they want to act like they are going to do something after they refused to show up for the peaceful and easy process of electing a representative that better reflects their will.

      I don’t even know what to call that. You can’t call them sore losers because they willfully gave up.

    • The VA GOP failed the state. They failed to run candidates in 22 districts so there was no choice but a Democrat on the ballot. They had candidates fail to register on time and had to be write ins. That’s not a winning strategy. Then due to it being a non presidential election, Republicans and Republican leaning voters sat at home on their ass rather than get out and vote. There were quite a few close elections. Also the NRA was MIA. It was like everyone was asleep up here. I live in NOVA, but even so, I saw zero Republican candidate signs anywhere. You have to actually get onto the battlefield to win and the Republicans didn’t even step foot on the green.

      When my assignment is up in 2021, I am out of here. VA is scratched off of future retirement locations for me. Even before this, the taxes here are pretty bad. It’s expensive and it will only get worse from here on out.

  18. That “anonymous GOP strategist” who offered that comment needs to be identified and run right the hell outta the party. He/she is the very reason we’ve been saddled with republicans who are content to do nothing except enjoy the perks of office while slowly compromising our rights away.

  19. The VA GOP strategist is probably the same person behind the decision to leave over 20 seats uncontested last election.

  20. The dems are not even pretending anymore. They are the party that is proud to announce they will trample human and civil rights in this country.

    They learned nothing from their first defeat by Trump and they will learn nothing from their second. Hopefully Trump will have had enough by his second swearing in and he will go to war against the fascists trying to destroy freedom in this country.

    • Did you forget that Trump ordered the ATF to reclassify firearms and parts into illegal guns under federal law and is sending the feds into the states to enforce gun control? Also him saying he doesn’t think young people should be allowed to own guns, stop and frisk is a great thing, rapid due process without probable cause, maximum sentences for gun control violations, federal gun registration, he totally dislikes suppressors and want to reclassify them, he doesn’t want reciprocity, he wants to increase the list of prohibited persons and so on.

        • I suggest America removes the powers the executive branch was never designed to have. That’s a start. Giving power to the presidency works for both sides. Unfortunately, the government segregates themselves from the people in the belief they are the rulers and the people are the chattel.

          How about Pence becomes the president since no Republicans want to step up to the party and run on principle? I don’t support Pence but America can’t go another four years with Trump because he will have nothing to lose.

          Trump already has served his role in exposing the corporate media. He is now a liability in protecting the Bill of Rights. He empowers the socialists beyond their dream days of Obama. All while putting Republicans to sleep on the important issues and distracting them from making actual change like Obama did to Democrats.

          There are numerous reasons to impeach Trump. None of those legitimate reasons were brought up by Democrats because they support Trump on those things. Which Democrat would want to impeach a president that advocates violating the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments? Which Democrat would impeach those that call for other elected representatives to violate their oath of office?

          Under Trump the Democrats have been gaining victories with gun control, record level illegal immigration, free speech suppression, corporate benefits, increased military and police funds, early prisoner release for violent criminals, etc. Yet Trump lies to his supporters directly to their face saying he is doing the opposite.

          If Trump gets another 4 years it’s likely half the country will have gun confiscation powers [red flag laws]. It has already almost reached 20 states in less than 3 years under Trump. But Republicans think this all started with the Democrats and it’s only their fault even when the NRA supported the push from Trump. Virginia is only following what other states have done and some of their proposed laws came out of Trump’s mouth.

        • how about reelecting trump….THEN impeaching him?…I’ll take my chances with the other guy…..

        • bernie sanders? That old white millioniare is a socialist for every one? He’s just another fascist parading as a champion of the people. Another phoney.

    • Without the Russian Interference Trump would never have been elected. That is the consensus of every political discussion group since the election. And even with Russian interference Hillary won the popular vote by over 3 million people. That is why the corrupt Electoral College must go and more and more states have been passing laws to nullify it without a Constitutional Amendment. Its only a matter of time before its done away with and then the Republicans will be in deep shit during the elections in the future.

      • Tyranny of the majority is what you fascists are asking for. Your plan would leave the constitution in tatters and any given election 51% of folks could have anything they wish. Remove the vote from women. Re instate slavery. No individual rights.

        That’s what your fascist plans lead too.

        • Sorry JWM you just made a laughing stock of yourself. It was the Liberals who gave women the right to vote, and who wanted slavery abolished and passed Social Security and Medicare. Your pals the Conservatives fought all that tooth nail and claw. Yes I believe you when you said you were born in West Virginia, it all makes perfect sense now,

      • What exactly was ‘the russian interference’ that got him elected? What is it that you think they did? EXACTLY?

        Trump did not need Russia.

        I really don’t believe there is any kind of understanding that there are those that vote based on something that ISN’T on Facebook or Twitter. Putin did not influence my vote at all. There was nothing about any Russian desire or activity that made me feel that Clinton was the way to go. She was not going to get my vote regardless. Even if Trump never got into this. Russia had nothing to do with that. Hillary Clinton did that.

  21. The vast majority of political polls are garbage intended to influence and shape opinion, not sample it (and most people know it). The committed on both sides are going to vote their side in the next election, with the middle up for grabs. The Democrat presidential candidates are unelectable and so have no coattails. The real contest will be trying to get the middle to vote for the Republican with a real effort to motivate the less dedicated voters. The vast majority of the effort will be highly negative motivational ads aimed at scaring people to the polls and people are far more frightened of the crazy of the Socialist left that has taken over the Democrat Party. What is happening in Virginia is motivational for the conservatives and the center and acts as a cautionary tale against voting Democrat.

    In short, I am predicting losses for the Democrats all up and down the ballot and the loss of the US House.

    • I believe that is fairly certain, and I am hoping for a few additional Senators as well. People keep theorizing about 31 House seats, I think if the economy keeps pumping and is presented correctly, GOP could pick up 131 seats. The Dems are being proven to be idiots and are bragging about how they’re going to undo all the gains of the past 3 years.

    • Democrats did win elections and stopped Trump more than they didn’t.

      Hillary won the popular vote but didn’t win the electoral college as she didn’t campaign strategically because arrogance and bad health. Don’t think the opposite of Democrats believing Trump is going to win and no one has a chance.

      Trump won because Democrats hated Hillary and Bernie supporters voted Trump. Maybe you haven’t notice that the passion for Trump has decreased with the most important voters. Only the Trump fans are rooting for a second term because they are invested in the personality over results. A large portion of people that voted for Trump didn’t like him but their dislike for Hillary was much stronger.

  22. Politicians keep track of the polls and right now its running 90 to 95 per cent against all gun owners. That is a fact. The majority of Republican voters polled recently want Universal Back Ground checks so that is coming sometime in 2020 and it will be a bi-partisan bill backed by both parties no matter who is President and if Trump is still in his deep down anti-gun views will back it 100 per cent because he knows he will not be up for reelection.

    Other more draconian bills will probably come at the Federal level and definitively at the State level if other States lose their Republican majority in both houses as happened in Virginia. The Virginia gun bans and restrictions are coming and frankly the Dems could not care less how many sanctuary cities or districts blow out a lot of rectum gas because its just that, nothing more than rectum gas.

    The NRA, the sole bastion of gun owners rights is now in disarray, and bankrupt and has been castrated by a power mad corrupt leader Wayne Lapeepee. Worse yet gun owners being the retarded Neanderthals that they all are have abandoned the NRA at the worst possible time in history with cheers from the Dems shouting victory, victory, victory and it is now certain because the NRA is now dead. Save a penny today and lose all your gun rights tomorrow. Brilliant! But when did the average gun owner have any grey matter between his ears. They deserve the Apocalypse now upon them.

    The Dems now Rule with an iron Socialist Stalinist hand in Virginia and the people will obey “or else” and the sanctuary movement will blow away like a lost child’s air balloon filled with farts. The State House has received numerous calls from frightened gun owners wanting to know their fate under the jack boot of Democratic Socialistic Rule. You can join the brotherhood of the “Komarades” or receive a rifle butt knock on the door in the middle of the “fog and night” with storm troopers screaming Raus! Raus! Can you hear the clatter of Jack Boots marching across cobble stone streets in your neighborhood yet.

    Time grows short, the Apocalypse is now upon all gun owners. It is the end of an era.

    • Vlad, did you notice the polls in 2016? The polls are LYING, in deliberate attempt to sway an election which is going to be disastrous for them. I am actually beginning to hope the Democratic Party will not even survive. Particularly if they do not reverse course pretty quick. Look back at the “polls” in 1994, and at the actual results.

      • Democrats believe they can win the political battle over health care, especially in Senate races. At least a half-dozen GOP senators are up for reelection, and Democrats need to net three seats to win back control of the chamber if they also win back the presidency. Democratic strategists and candidates are eager to run a health care playbook that mirrors that of the party’s House takeover in 2018, and say Republicans are uniquely vulnerable after admitting this year that they have no real plan for dealing with the potential fallout of courts striking down Obamacare.

        • Good ‘ole “Healthcare”. Looks like the Tea Party was vindicated all along in that Obamacare was designed to sabotage our Healthcare system to usher in the rationing lines of Single-Payer.

    • vlad. We both know you’re a poorly educated drop out. But if 90+ % of the gop wanted UBC’s we would already have them.

      Either you are flat out lying, not an impossibility considering the whoppers that you’ve told around here in the past. Or your lack of education is truly showing.

      • Your ignorance totally amazes me. The 90 per cent figure has been all over the news in the last few weeks. Get off of State Run News (Foxy News) for a change and enter the real world of news.

        Ever hear of MEET THE PRESS the longest political news program in television history. You would have heard it there last week.

        • You mean the “data” published by the same people that claimed Hillary was going to win in a land slide?

          Here’s a simple solution. Find the people tho manufactured that poll and throw them out of a helicopter one by one until they fess up to who paid for their treason.

  23. Resonate? Yes, that’s obvious. Resonate for the election? I hope so.

    I think too many people are so wrapped up in ‘polls’ that it’s all getting mis-read. Washington and the political left in general live in their own little world.

    Following polls will mislead you. The 2016 election is a perfect example.

  24. Recent Administrations with the MOST indictments.

    Trump (Republican) 215
    Nixon (Republican) 76
    Reagan (Republican) 26

    Recent Administrations with the LEAST indictments.

    Obama (Democrat) 0
    Carter (Democrte) 1
    Clinton (Democrat) 2


    • What I saw was that when Obama was president, no one would dare oppose him. The federal government essentially shut down for 8 years. Nothing from the left and barely anything from the right. He threw everyone off so bad, no one could do anything.

      His pallets of cash was worthy of impeachment as lending aid and comfort to the enemy.

      • Believe me if there had been grounds for impeachment the Republicans would have done it in a heart beat. There was none. History proved it.

        • and while the left does everything they can to remove guns from law abiding people that need them, the Obama admin. sent untold numbers of them to mexican drug lords, gangs, and thugs.

        • We’ll see about that. Obama may well be the first president executed for treason after his term in office.

      • Hilarious, pallets of cash for impeachment?

        Not even close, the money was part of a settlement because Ronald Reagan and Ollie north had been selling hundreds of millions of dollars of sophisticated high tech weaponry to the ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. When Reagan got caught, he suspended the arm shipments but still owed the money to Iran who sued us in the international court.

        Not even close, the money was part of a settlement because Ronald Reagan and Ollie north had been selling hundreds of millions of dollars of sophisticated high-tech weaponry to the ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. When Reagan got caught, he suspended the arm shipments but still owed the money to Iran who sued us in the international court.

        The real problem was your boy Ronald Reagan selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weaponry to the Muslim fundamentalists in Iran so they could kill more Israelis and Americans.

        Like the Republican recession in 2008, Obama was just cleaning up another Republican mess.

        Ronald Reagan should’ve been impeached for selling arms, giving aid and comfort to our enemy in Iran. But no way that’s happening, the billionaires love what Reagan did for their bottom line, screwing over American workers while enriching the already wealthy is just fine by them.

  25. I have to wonder if all this “anti-gun, anti-rights” attitudes we see to be increasing today is a result of our liberal take over of the school system. Ask you children what the Holocaust was. Go even further, ask about the Holomodor, Armenian Genocide, the killing fields of Cambodia or even The Great Leap Forward of China in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I bet you will get a glassy eyed stare.

    Even more recently, the Azidies of Iraq, the “Ethnic Cleansing” in the Balkans or what is presently happening in Venezuela. Almost all of these atrocities were conducted on UNARMED populations! If the kids are not taught history, they will repeat it.

    Assign them some “homework” and have them research one of these incidents and writ a paper for you. I suspect it would be an eye opening experience for both of you!

    • Government schools have always been a socialist programming venture. In the end, they created a system that produces socialists and kicks out free thinkers. They convinced America that college is a requirement to become a worker, which leads to a solidifying of the socialist mindset and the ownership of the worker via debt.

  26. According to the logic in this article, blacks did not gain any of their civil rights by sit-ins, refusing to move to the back of the bus, or marches. Yes the Democrats opposed them at every step. Fire hoses, batons, and attack dogs–but rights won out over the suppression. Why will this not work for other rights?

  27. Many of you won’t like this, but the reason both the useless McCauliffe and the worse than useless Northam won is that the VA GOP was so doctrinaire that it nominated rabid anti abortion candidates in both elections. As Lt Gov against the McCauliffe candidacy and as Gov against Blackface Northam. Rabid anti abortion candidates are a guarantee of losing the suburbs because of the overwhelming number of working women voters. Were it not for the zeal of certain elements in the conservative movement to make women’s health substandard, the GOP would win many of these suburbs and thereby win the elections. Except for the President, all elections require just 50%+1 vote. 2A supporters who choose to ignore the one issue that galvanizes suburban women, or who sit out the elections because a GOP candidate is not “conservative enough” do so at their own peril. And you imperil all the 2A rights of all the rest of us by so doing. Sorry if some don’t like this opinion. But if you argue on abortion that “it’s about the babies” you are making the same argument as the SJW anti’s when they whine “it’s for the children”.

    • My wife is a working woman, and I’ll echo something she has been telling me since we were engaged;

      “The Abortion Issue is the aura of hypocrisy when it comes to women voters. Stay out of my body, but subsidize my sex habits and their consequences”.

      If the majority of women in this Country are willing to turn it into a 3rd World Shit-show because the Democrat Party is promising them “free” (Tax Subsidized) birth control, then this Country is truly fucked, because those women will never vote any way other than Democrat.

      • How about men stop putting it in women who don’t want a baby? How about men marry their sex partner instead of hit it then quit it? How about parents raise their kids to not install an APP that leads to STI exchanges and abortion experiences?

        Maybe if men had a higher standard women wouldn’t have a low one?

        • “How about women stop being dirty dirty hos? The problem here is not and has never been the men.”

          For your consideration middle American independent voters, here’s a perfect example of your typical POTG, there are many more like him.

          Remember, when you join the pro2A movement, you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with incels just like these, holding tiki torches and chanting ”Jews will not replace us!”

    • To ATTAGREADER: Murder of babies is always wrong and always has been wrong. Just because it’s “legal” doesn’t make it moral or right. I’d rather have pro-life candidates than not. It’s a shame that freedom and life have to be taught to people nowadays because they are indoctrinated into slavery and death instead at every turn. I bet those candidates lost more because they didn’t get their message out in a way that would cause the voters
      to respond positively.

      • How do you get a people to value life when their everyday entertainment is death? How do you stop them from supporting death when they have an active military killing and police that shoot everything that scares them? How can a people support life when they have the death penalty and celebrate death every year as a holiday?

        • “How do you get a people to value life when their everyday entertainment is death?”


          “How do you stop them from supporting death when they have an active military killing and police that shoot everything that scares them?”
          The police are not, stop listening to BLM propaganda.
          The military is incredibly hamstrung by their R.O.E.s.

          “How can a people support life when they have the death penalty…”
          Not asking people to support life, asking them to support INNOCENT life. The life of a baby is to be protected, the life of a condemned criminal is to be terminated.

          “…celebrate death every year as a holiday?”

          Again, WUT???

        • @Mister Fleas

          Look at American TV, movies and video games.

          Officer safety. Police do fire on people because they “feared for their life.” There are dozens of videos you can watch a week. Recently they have been shooting innocent gun owners in illegal raids because they feared for their life when the resident presented a firearm. They even choke people to death because the person resisted. They also beat people for fleeing. They are trained to shoot to kill and to use pain compliance.

          America has a standing army invading countries illegally and are killing the local population to “save Americans” from the terrorists before they become a threat to America in the future.

          Every October Americans dress up as the dead and celebrate it as a good time. They also turned that holiday into a day to be over sexualized and do drugs.

        • Chief, you are correct in these particular posts.

          America has a culture of death, just look at how many of these fine patriotic Americans posting on this forum advocate for the violent death of their political opponents. Many of these posters wish a terrible, bloody death upon people they have never met and who have never harmed them, just expressed an opinion at odds with their particular fantasies.

          One of the columbine killers‘ father was B-52 crew that rained death down on hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens. The USA exports weapons and war to every country on the globe, we have troops stationed everywhere protecting the corporate interests of Americas billionaires, all at the taxpayers’ expense.

          Your tax dollars guaranteeing multinational corporation’s profits, it’s the American way!

        • Here’s a perfect example from today’s news. Honest, patriotic American service members telling the truth about the killers in their midst. But when the UCMJ is enforced and the out of control individuals are properly punished, we see Donald Trump step in and pardon the toxic, evil member of Americas arm services.

          If murder is pardoned and condoned by the chief executive of America, why should any American citizen refrain from violence against those they don’t like?

          “They offer the first opportunity outside the courtroom to hear directly from the men of Alpha platoon, SEAL Team 7, whose blistering testimony about their platoon chief was dismissed by President Trump when he upended the military code of justice to protect Chief Gallagher from the punishment.
          “The guy is freaking evil,” Special Operator Miller told investigators. “The guy was toxic,” Special Operator First Class Joshua Vriens, a sniper, said in a separate interview. “You could tell he was perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving,” Special Operator First Class Corey Scott, a medic in the platoon, told the investigators.
          Such dire descriptions of Chief Gallagher, who had eight combat deployments and sometimes went by the nickname Blade, are in marked contrast to Mr. Trump’s portrayal of him at a recent political rally in Florida as one of “our great fighters.”

  28. Republicans need to harden the hell up. We haven’t forgotten that they had absolute control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency for two years before this debacle. They failed to pass the Hearing Protection Act or any other legislation to protect the POTG or the Second Amendment. They were trying to play footsie with the Dems, to appease them and get them to go away.

    They won’t go away. Ever. You can’t make deals with them. They keep coming back to renegotiate. They take and take and take. We never get anything back.

    This is why the NRA is slowly starving for lack of donations. This is why Republicans who try to kowtow to the Dems get little support.

    Stand up straight, take a deep breath and say it with me: “We believe in the Constitution of the United States. All of it.”

    There now. Doesn’t that feel better. Now go act like it.

  29. ” polls show that talking about gun control is an asset to a Democratic candidate ”

    Yeah. And in 2016, the polls showed we’d all be saying President Clinton. So, take that for what it’s worth.

  30. A Major,Major Storm is brewing! The taking of our right to keep and bear arms just may push our country into a REVOLUTION! Don’t think for one moment that Americans will greet those that knock on our doors for the purpose of confiscating our GUNS will be offered coffee and cake. Law abiding Americans that served our military and have lead a life that that has been exemplary will be forced to take a stand against tyranny …..THIS WILL NOT END WELL!


  31. My fiancee’s husband is a libtard, I cannot stand him! “Ban this, control that, loophole there, gun lobby….” and everything that is “scary” looking or “tactical” is an “assault” rifle for him lol, if you have one you’re crazy and must be sent to the reeducation camp.

  32. When it comes time to redraw the election maps in Virginia by the newly elected Dommycrats (Democrats) more people will wake up differently after this 2020 Census is taken starting April 1, 2020. For all of 2nd supporters across the United States, the 2020 Census will have real impacts on our lives where ever Dommycrats have control at the local, state, and federal levels. The big power will be the election maps at the local, state, and federal levels are redrawn. Large groups of 2nd supporters will find it harder to find representation when their old election district is chopped up to support the Dommycrats idea of what the new election maps should look like by dividing us into small pieces on the election map in each district. Just look at a district election map for a representative or senator at the state level in Illinois to see this effect over that last 50 years and other states also. Republican leaning and 2nd supporting areas are chopped up to not form a major voting block. This will happen in Virginia by early 2021 when the 2020 Census is realized in new election maps by the Dommycrats. We win battles for the 2nd, but they the Dommycrats are winning the war by remaking the election maps one state at a time, CA, NJ, RI, NY, IL, and etc…..VA.


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