charles city county virginia sanctuary
(Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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By Jeff Hulbert

One of the quietest places in Virginia is sending the loudest signal yet that the radical gun control plans pushed by “progressives” in the Richmond statehouse have now split the Democrat Party in the Old Dominion.

The widening rift has been amplified by Charles City County, a sparse, serene Democrat stronghold southeast of the capital in the Virginia’s heartland which has just voted to approve a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution.

The unanimous vote by the County Board of Supervisors there to protect gun rights, brings the fracture between urban and rural Democrats out into the open.

With the vote, Charles City County (along with the addition of Fauquier County) now becomes the 87th of 95 Virginia counties to declare that further interference with Virginians’ gun rights will not be tolerated, and possibly, not enforced.

charles city county virginia sanctuary
(Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

This from a county that gave Hillary Clinton 61% of the vote in the 2016 presidential election.

While many Virginia Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have sailed through Republican-led jurisdictions since the November election, the sanctuary vote in majority-Democrat Charles City County is viewed as a stunning rejection of policies pushed by Governor Ralph Northam and his progressive Democrat allies, who will hold all the levers of power in the state beginning in January.

According to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the political divide that now separates the Bloomberg-funded urban leftists from rural Democrats across the Commonwealth can no longer be papered over.

Located on the north shore of the James River in the Tidewater region of Virginia, Charles City County is a mix of gently rolling hills, stands of majestic loblolly pines, and farm fields stretching into the distance.

For more than 100 years, county residents have historically voted Democrat. Party loyalty there has meant the county sided with the Democrat candidate in the last 15 consecutive presidential elections—a streak dating back to 1956.

charles city county virginia sanctuary
(Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

It’s one of the least populated counties in Virginia, with only about 7,000 people residing there. Incredibly, that population total is only about 1,500 more folks than lived there in 1790.

Owing to the county’s firearm tradition, it wasn’t a surprise that gunshots could be heard a few hours before the vote, coming from just beyond the trees that separate the Charles City County Government Center from nearby fields.

charles city county virginia sanctuary
Charles City County Sheriff Alan Jones, Sr. (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

The successful Second Amendment sanctuary vote has the full support of Sheriff Alan Jones, Sr.

As an African-American fulfilling the role as chief law enforcement officer in the county, Jones is continuing a tradition that dates back to 1968, when voters there installed Virginia’s first-ever African-American sheriff.

charles city county virginia sanctuary
(Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Sheriff Jones, a lifelong resident now in his 5th year in the job, was unequivocal about his support for the Second Amendment.

I feel that Americans have the right to bear arms and the right to protect themselves. I’ve had a weapon ever since I was a little kid hunting. That’s the American way I think. We need to keep that tradition going.

These days people have a right to protect themselves because there is too much violence going on now. It’s not guns that kill people. It’s people who kill people.

Sitting in the first row to witness the historic vote was Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (Chesterfield and Colonial Heights), who has become one of the most visible supporters for the Second Amendment sanctuary movement that has swept the Old Dominion.

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase
Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Sen. Chase, who is known for striding onto the Senate floor in Richmond with a gun on her hip, had this reaction to what she sees as desperate maneuvers by gun control zealots in Richmond:

Any legislation that gets passed during this 2020 General Assembly session is only going to hurt law-abiding Democrats and Republicans. And the people are rising up all across this great Commonwealth. The people want to send a message and they want their voice heard.

They feel like Northern Virginia is the tail wagging the dog.

Sen. Chase reserved her harshest criticism, though, for someone who has no vote in Richmond—Congressman Donald McEachin, who happens to represent Charles City County in Washington, DC.

Nancy Pelosi, Don McEachin charles city county virginia sanctuary
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., left, poses during a ceremonial swearing-in with Rep. Don McEachin, D-Va., right, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, during the opening session of the 116th Congress. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

McEachin has challenged the Commonwealth to cut off funding to localities that don’t comply with any new gun laws.

Rep. McEachin has also urged Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to deploy the National Guard to enforce gun laws in all the counties that have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

To Sen. Chase, that’s a clear signal that “Democrats have completely overreached, absolutely.” She added, “and we’re talking about socialist democrats, not the JFK Democrats, but the socialist Democrats—which I believe Congressman McEachin is, by his very own words.”

charles city county virginia sanctuary
The VCDL’s Philip Van Cleave, second from right (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Also among those testifying before the Charles County Board was Philip Van Cleave, a Chesterfield resident, who spoke on behalf on the 8,000 members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

charles city county virginia sanctuary
The VCDL’s Philip Van Cleave (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Van Cleave said the Second Amendment sanctuary movement is a grassroots effort that has succeeded beyond almost everyone’s expectations. He said that, as a result, Democrats are now arguing among themselves about political tactics going forward after such significant pushback from voters.

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  1. It’s almost as if they’re trying to destroy their own party! Curious. ….Don’t get me wrong, I wish em luck.

    • “The unanimous vote by the County Board of Supervisors there to protect gun rights, brings the fracture between urban and rural Democrats out into the open.”

      I’ll openly admit I’m much more familiar with CA Dems than VA Dems, but I take this statement from the article with a grain of salt. Anyone else notice that this “Democrat stronghold” is only now publishing a resolution on gun rights? Seems more likely to me that they’ve chosen to act only because the “Red Wave” happening around them has forced them to do something in order to save face. At this point, with the national media showing nearly the entire state supporting the Constitution in this matter, they’re in a tight spot and don’t want to be seen doing “nothing”.

      Otherwise, if only 10% of the state (instead of 90%) had acted, this particular “Democrat stronghold” would never have resolved to “protect their community’s rights”.

      Democrat dilemma, indeed.

      • I was of the opinion that compliance for the “ban and register“ bill in VA would hover around 4%, just like CT, and that Northam would ignore it and call it a win, while not even trying to enforce it. But these sanctuary votes, national press, and now some counties raising militias and passing ordinances refusing funds to enforce unconstitutional laws is a direct slap in his face and a public challenge to his ego.

        He might just be dumb enough to try to force the issue, and either fire police who publicly refuse to cite anyone, or have state police raid gun ranges to try to catch people with the “scary black rifles”. The only reason they are grandfathering them is because they don’t know who has them, and registration will give him a list of who to send letters and fines to down the road (the smart move for him would be to fine and demand surrender of arms, not actively raiding houses).

        But like I said, this challenge to his ego might result in attempts to actively enforce it. That, or red flag enforcement could quickly devolve into shoot-outs. Will VA be the start of civil war 2.0? Or the second American Revolution?

        • The State doesn’t have the manpower or support of the people necessary to enforce any gun law or fight a civil war.

          If the State chooses to fight, they’ll be quickly defeated by the people and certainly won’t get any help from the Trump Administration.

          Virginia only has 2118 State Troopers and 7500 National Gusrdsmen. Not a formidable force.

      • “Anyone else notice that this “Democrat stronghold” is only now publishing a resolution on gun rights?”

        Yep. But the difference is that until now, they’ve never had to. Republican majorities in one or both houses for nearly a generation have defeated these kinds of bills (which HAVE been introduced nearly every year for decades), in essence, running interference for these less-socialist Democrats. So they had a choice, sell out and complete their journey to the dark side, or stand up and say something. Thank God, at least some of them have chosen to stand up and say something.

        See here a summary of how successful the VCDL has been over the years. These rural Democrats have had lots of cover:

      • Until this election cycle purchased by a certain rich sugar daddy from NYC did local city/county governments feel the need to restate what is in the Virginia constitution. Gerrymandering redrew the areas to change the balance of elections in favor of liberals around DC in northern VA. Eastern Shore DELMARVA (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia is east of the Chesapeake Bay, it’s connected to the rest of VA via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, US 13 runs up though it to return “yankees” back to NY/NJ from Outer Banks NC or Va Beach VA. The area is mostly farms, chicken raising/processing plants and NASA/US Navy have Wallops Island. Here is what the Virginia constitution states for firearm rights:
        “Section 13. Militia; standing armies; military subordinate to civil power.

        That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.”

        I would be willing to bet most of the county citizens can trace their family roots back close to 200 years. VA Gov grew up on the Eastern Shore, sure the black face picture went over like flatulence in church there. This whole gun grab has been a wake up call to VA and hopefully to everyone in our nation as to what the insanely rich think of us minions who own firearms.

      • Eh, not entirely. I’ve voted for mostly democrats for years. But I am having a hard time stomaching their gun grabber stances. Just that I find most Republican politicians stances on the environment, education, social programs, etc. repugnant. So what do I do, vote for the guy who I see eye to eye with on maybe 70% of issues, can live with another 20-25% and 5% I find odious? Because the other party I can live with about 20-25% of their stances, strongly support about 5% and find odious the other 70%.

        I do my best to talk to the dem politicians I know, write my state and federal legislators, etc. Try to educate and sway them.

        My rural Maryland neighbors about 60% are Republican and 40% Democrat. Probably 80% of them own guns and at least 70% of them don’t see eye-to-eye with the Maryland legislature on their gun grabbing politics.

        I’d say it is much more about culture/location on gun politics than it is on actual political party. It is just that the majority of republican politicians represent rural districts and the majority of democratic politicians represent urban and suburban districts. So some of their politics reflects that. I know suburban Republicans who strongly support gun control and would never touch a gun. I and many rural Dems I know strongly oppose gun control.

    • Dennis,

      “Never interrupt your enemy in the middle of a mistake.” — Sun Tzu from The Art of War (or possibly Napolean Bonaparte depending on who you believe)

    • Agreed. I heard someone suggest a program to help people who dont have a firearm to get one.

      Then they would be less likely to be anti-gun.
      Just another idea…perhaps such a program can be aimed (no pun intended) at arming urban families.

      • “We need to fully bring back urban gun culture. ”

        Hey- Whatcha talking ’bout?!! Places like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, LA- they all have an “urban gun culture”… What really is needed is a resurgence in the 2nd Amendment exercise by those who can legally own firearms there, not the hoodlums that drive them out.

        Actual free speech, rights to be safe in one’s properties and the rest of the Bill of Rights are under similar assaults, even by some SCOTUS justices. It’s ironic that good people now have to band together to break new laws to retain their God-given rights and liberties. I pray that this continues and more light is able to shine on the idiocy being levied against us.

        • He’s talking about allowing everyone to own and carry a gun. Even urban areas would quickly become more polite once the criminals and rabblerousers realized that the innocent citizens around them now have the ability to shoot them.

    • The problem is that most law abiding urban dwellers, especially in low income areas have a very negative view on guns, due to the current urban gun “culture”, caused by gangbangers and the criminal element…. it’s going to be very difficult to get that group of society to buy in to “guns are good” when they have spent their whole lives thinking otherwise….

      • That could not have happened overnight. I’m sure city people had guns since the founders’ time. We need to counteract the current cultural programming.

    • It was once not a big deal to live in many Democratic run area as a Republican as we both had mostly common ideas. Where we differed was usually on social programs. Now, 30-40 years later the social programs have taken hold, and the Democrats have people like this guy that utterly reject American ideals. The first amendment is about freedom of association. I think part of that is living in the neighborhood of your choice (economics also come into play). Forcing people to live in a way they do not wish is authoritarian. This guys sounds like he wants to punish the middle class for not being poor. The communists have really made their foothold into the U.S. Government and it is disgusting. It only took 20 years to go from communism is the enemy of the American way, to our legislators openly embracing it.

    • This is Bloomberg. Gun Control is also a cover for his real estate interests. Follow his gun control initiatives and you’ll see massive rent increases, homelessness and drug use increase in the areas shortly after. New York, San Francico and Seattle.

      Private equity groups move in and buy up all of the starter homes in working class neighborhoods in the area then drive up rents while bringing in homeless and addicts to increase crime in those area to keep prices low in areas people will rent but don’t want to be saddled buying in. A couple years later they rezone the areas for micro condos as they continue to buy up the neighborhoods and then laugh all the way to the bank selling 300 square foot condos for $300k.

  2. The Demonrats are lawless revolutionaries. After whatever they pass becomes “law”, it is important that these sanctuary movements have enforcement teeth.

  3. It is still puzzling. How a person who votes Democrat, thus accepting the entire agenda, can be a 2A supporter, much less a strong 2A supporter. Seeing to your own self-defense, defense of the Constitution, maintaining a barrier between the people and tyrannical government is counter to everything the Democrat party stands for. How can a person accept personal responsibility for their own safety, and still vote for ever increasing government interference in individual lives? How can a person who claims to be capable of taking care of themselves vote for government programs designed to create and sustain a society of victimhood?

    • Because it’s a lie. Voting Democrat precludes being a hardcore gun guy or gal, otherwise they’d know they’re sabotaging the 2a. Just some rural Fudds with a hunting license and concealed carry gun.

    • I don’t know why, but for some reason they just don’t see it that way.

      They still believe that government is the more effective counterpart of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”: a giant, benevolent entity that dispenses justice, prosperity, and compassion with velvet-gloved service and, unlike that other one, can be seen and told what to do.

      Maybe a few of them are starting to wake up.

    • In truth, neither party’s elected representatives from Dog Catcher to POTUS adhere to much of their platform. Only when it’s a personal benefit to themselves or those paying for their reelection. Seriously, other than Trump, I can’t think of a President who has actually done what he stated he would do if elected 4 years earlier.

    • “It is still puzzling. How a person who votes Republican, thus accepting the entire agenda, can be a Small Government supporter, much less a strong Small Government supporter…. “

      …insert, “balanced budget supporter”, “conservative values supporter”, “build a border fence supporter”. Insert whatever brand of Republican, or any de jour of identity politics!

      Although the media, and the vocal minority, may have you believe that ALL Democrats are progressive leftists or “democratic socialists”, that’s not the reality, and the party is splintering as a result. Similarly, not all Republicans are conservatives or “right wingers”, etc. GASP, not all Republicans believe absolutely in the 2A… not even our beloved President (e.g., ban on bump stocks).

      Ironic that you ask, “How can a person accept personal responsibility for their own safety, and still vote for ever increasing government interference in individual lives?”

      What you are really talking about when you say, “personal responsibility for their own safety”, is “personal freedom”. Yet, if I’m a Republican, then I must support the war on drugs (and no-knock raids), the Patriot Act (and spying on Americans), Anti-abortion (forcing a woman to full-term pregnancy), Anti-LBGTQ (oh wait… Republicans are on board with that now).

      Democrats and Republicans are largely a distinction without a difference.

      • Correct.

        “How a person who votes Democrat, thus accepting the entire agenda,”

        Um, no.

        Unlike most Republicans, I think my freedoms extend to deciding exactly who I want to marry, no matter what they’ve got between their legs. I think it’s too much government intrusion to tell me what I can grow in my garden or what I can smoke in my living room.

        I think the wealthy should pay higher taxes then middle and lower income, because those who make the most from this society should be paying the most in taxes.

        All throughout both West Virginia and Virginia, we have liberal, pro gun, freedom lovers.
        You need to get out more and talk with your neighbors, there are many Democrats and progressives who believe in all the civil rights, including gun ownership. It’s just a matter of finding a balance of safety and freedom.

        And I can tell you, RWNJs spouting about a new Civil War will not help the POTG cause whatsoever. In fact, it will set back our efforts to preserve these liberties.

        Come on guys, can’t you even appear reasonable?

        • “I think the wealthy should pay higher taxes then middle and lower income…”,

          A. “The wealthy” already pay higher taxes than the others
          B. Why should they? Under what scheme of human, natural and civil rights?
          C. ~50% of wage earners do not pay federal income taxes
          D. How much, or what, is “higher”? What is the proper percentage of: wealth, income, national debt, national budget, income tax “the wealthy” must surrender in order to be paying a “fair share”
          D. If percentage is not sufficient (at a lower tax percentage, “the wealthy” will still pay more than the others…bashing the Buffet myth”)

          BTW, the concept of “fair” is tortured beyond meaning. “Fair” is a one-way street. It is how one treats others (because of who one is – character), not a result of coercion by the beneficiary. No one, however, should be mandated to be “fair” to you.

        • In 2016, the top 50 percent of all taxpayers paid 97 percent of all individual income taxes, while the bottom 50 percent paid the remaining 3 percent.

          The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (37.3 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (30.5 percent).

          “I think the wealthy should pay higher taxes then middle and lower income”
          I’m sorry you believe the lies Miner, but they already do, by quite a bit. You have to pull your weight as well.

          “I think my freedoms extend to deciding exactly who I want to marry, no matter what they’ve got between their legs.”

          Did you just step out of a time machine or are you just smoking too much of that illegal stuff in your living room? Welcome to the present. You can marry another man if you want to.

          • “You can marry another man if you want to.”

            Not good enough; discriminates against animals, rocks, wood items, plants and imaginary friends, not to mention multiples or combinations of these potential mates.

        • Interesting about how you only site income tax rate, ignoring all the other taxes paid by Americans. Are you not familiar with payroll taxes? Are you not aware of property and real estate taxes?

          By purposefully focusing only on income tax and ignoring the other taxes, you are misrepresenting the truth.

          “The overall tax rate on the richest 400 households last year was only 23 percent, meaning that their combined tax payments equaled less than one quarter of their total income. This overall rate was 70 percent in 1950 and 47 percent in 1980.

          For middle-class and poor families, the picture is different. Federal income taxes have also declined modestly for these families, but they haven’t benefited much if at all from the decline in the corporate tax or estate tax. And they now pay more in payroll taxes (which finance Medicare and Social Security) than in the past. Over all, their taxes have remained fairly flat.

          The combined result is that over the last 75 years the United States tax system has become radically less progressive.

          [Sign up for David Leonhardt’s daily newsletter with commentary on the news and reading suggestions from around the web.]

          The data here come from the most important book on government policy that I’ve read in a long time — called “The Triumph of Injustice,” to be released next week. The authors are Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, both professors at the University of California, Berkeley, who have done pathbreaking work on taxes. Saez has won the award that goes to the top academic economist under age 40, and Zucman was recently profiled on the cover of Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine as “the wealth detective.”

        • “Are you not familiar with payroll taxes? Are you not aware of property and real estate taxes?”

          I’m very familiar with it. Just because you are a business owner instead of an employee doesn’t mean you don’t get taxed for social security and medicare. Instead of it being conveniently deducting from your regular paycheck, you have to come up with it quarterly. Additionally, employers have to contribute EXTRA taxes out of their pocket for the benefit of the employee. They have to MATCH the FICA withholding.

          As far as real estate taxes go, do you think poor people, first of all are likely to be property owners, and secondly, pay more than rich people? It’s a straight up percentage on the value of your real estate. The more your real estate is worth, the more taxes you pay.

          In the recent tax changes they limited the SALT deductions to $10,000. This affected upper class folks in high tax states, not poor people who have less than $10,000 in state and local taxes anyway. This was previously a way for rich people to get around paying more federal income tax because they already paid state tax. Interestingly enough, law makers in high tax states like CA, NY, NJ want this reform repealed in order to protect the wealthy. Really, it also protects the lawmakers because once their constituents have to pay the high state AND federal taxes, they will begin to complain about the unreasonably high state tax and will force the lawmakers to change or just move out of state.

    • Not puzzling at all. Very few people accept the total package of their political party. This is one reason why there are always factions pulling the party in different directions on different issues.

      One example is a man I’ve known near to forty years. He’s a card carrying Democrat for all the social programs. But on guns? Well he keeps a shotgun by the bed and taught his wife to use it. More than that he’s the only person I know who owns a machine gun (legally, went thru the hoops, it was an inheritance). A retired Marine, each year he takes a refresher course in carbine, shotgun and pistol combat shooting.

      Point is there are Democrats who own guns but want the social programs. So they figure to vote for Democratic candidates and then to resist those candidates on the few things they do not like, such as gun control.

      I know Democrats who stated they voted for Obama only after the SCOTUS ruling on Heller.

      • “vote for Democratic candidates and then to resist those candidates on the few things they do not like, such as gun control.”

        That’s exactly the strategy I and my family, friends and neighbors follow.

        I’ve seen the militaristic law and order Republican politicians erode my liberties, play patriot card to increase illegal surveillance and spend our tax dollars on fraudulent wars, ignoring the real terrorist enemies.

        Remember when George W. Bush said “I don’t know where Osama bin lot in is and I don’t care”?

        It took a ‘Kenyan-born, Muslim socialist Demokkkommie’ Barack Hussein Obama to actually give the order to take out Osama bin Laden.

        That was after the Republican administration had allowed the bin Laden family to be the only planes in the air on 9/12, fleeing the USA before they could be interrogated.

        That situation right there is one big reason why I always vote Democrat. I don’t want to support the worldwide Muslim fundamentalist terrorists like the Republicans do. And who can forget Ronald Reagan selling hundreds of millions of dollars of high tech weaponry to the Iranian fundamentalists?

        • “Republican politicians erode my liberties, play patriot card to increase illegal surveillance and spend our tax dollars on fraudulent wars”

          Spoken like a true partisan. Everything that’s bad is because of republicans. I hate to break it to you, but democrats vote for this crap as well. I’ll let you in on another secret that you’re oblivious to. Not everyone that votes republican approves of the above either. Don’t look now, but the Trump campaign and administration was illegally surveilled by folks that the DEMOCRATS (you) are DEFENDING. He’s also making it a point to get us out of and keep us out of fraudulent wars.

        • Dude says:
          ” … Spoken like a true partisan.”

          Partisanship is the Mental Illness that is damaging this country so badly right now. If you favor one party whole-hog over another you are part of what has gone terribly wrong in our USofA.

        • “Nope, the inspector general report shows there was no political bias whatsoever involved in the investigation.the Trump campaign and administration was illegally surveilled”

          Nope, the inspector general’s report shows there was no political bias whatsoever involved in the investigation.

          Yet the Trump supporters don’t see any of this as a problem, even considering the foreign government was an adversarial enemy of the United States that has been working for 80 years to undermine the USA.

          So much for personal responsibility.

          Trump and his family are guilty of multiple treasonous acts, let’s just look at Don Junior’s actions.

          Donald Trump Junior intentionally scheduled and took meetings with Russian government representatives to negotiate receiving stolen electronica documents, Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

          This is a violation of the electronic documents and computer records act, conspiring to traffic in stolen electronica documents is a federal felony.
          It is also a federal felony to solicit a thing of value from a foreign government to affect the outcome of an election.
          Donald Trump Junior’s multiple lies about the subject of the meeting are evidence of obstruction of justice, another set of federal felonies.

        • “Nope, the inspector general’s report shows there was no political bias whatsoever involved in the investigation.”

          The report actually does not show that. I know that’s what he concluded and the media doesn’t want to talk about anything else, but let’s look at it ourselves instead of just listening to the information gatekeepers. Horowitz shows 17 “mistakes” that only go in one direction. This would be an incredible statistical anomaly without any bias. It doesn’t mean it can be proven, but maybe we should at least be suspicious? Should we blindly trust law enforcement when they make that many “mistakes” in what is perhaps their most sensitive case ever, managed by the very top of the organization?

          I suggest you look at each of those 17 mistakes laid out in the report and draw you own conclusions. Also check out the text messages of the lead investigator, Peter Strzok. As far as Horowitz vindicating the FBI or Comey as the media has been reporting, let’s take it right from the horses mouth in his Congressional testimony:

          “The activities we found don’t vindicate anyone who touched this”
          “The actions of FBI agents were not up to the standard of the FBI.”

        • ‘High tech weaponry?The ‘weapons’ the Reagan administration sold to Iran were things like tires for aircraft(a lot of high tech there,right?).It was a previous administration that sold F-14’s to Iran.At the time that was a top line aircraft.At that time,the loons weren’t running the loony bin Iran became.As I recall,Obama was most reluctant to remove his fellow traveler Osama from his hideout,and had to be pulled from a golf course and convinced that if he let the terror leader slide,he would be identified as doing so,as Clinton was,and letting him run free.I can’t anyone I know,democrat or republican,outside of governmental types,who supported the Patriot Act excesses.You really pick and choose your facts,and offer very little to support them.You don’t seem to be a very reliable source.

      • Good lord look at this liberal jerk off fest in here. Y’all so cocky and proud. Keep it up, because we’re fixin to have a repeat of 2016 and y’all can keep screaming at the sky.

      • “Not puzzling at all. Very few people accept the total package of their political party.”

        Amen. Well said. Then there are the bitter partisans that don’t view anything beyond democrat vs. republican instead of looking at the issues at hand.

      • We post fax, with sources and explanations of the data.

        You post profane personal attacks, with no evidence to back up your wild claims.

        Obamas administration was investigated 21 times by Congress, zero indictments or convictions for any corruption.

        Six of trumps associates have been sent to federal prison, including his campaign manager and national security advisor, the ladder for lying about his communications with the Russians.

        You decide who the corrupt traitors are.


  4. One of the best things to happen for the Republicans was for the SCOTUS to essentially nullify the marriage crusading.

    Perhaps the court can do the same for the Democrats and their asinine obsession with guns.

  5. Everyone should join the Virginia citizens defense league. 25 bucks and tell em your state is behind them !

  6. Owe my old team leader $5 and haven’t been this happy to lose a bet in a while. Be interesting to see if other rural Democrat areas get on board.

  7. The elitist of both parties despise us all. These Democrats are insane Marxist totalitarians. The Neocons are insane warmongers. The Wall Street fatcats and banksters are insane globalist money worshippers. The Democrats seem a bit worse, but the Republicans are horrible as well.

    Left, Right, Left, goes the march toward destruction. Democrats race toward madness and tyranny, while Republicans at best jog toward madness and tyranny. Pathetic conservatives couldn’t even conserve the women’s bathroom!

    Clinton gave us the first “assault weapon” ban. Bush gave us the “Patriot Act” and unending nonsense wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama continued the nonsense wars, gave us Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Bengazi, spread racial strife and more. Trump promised a lot, but favors “redflag” laws, and signs executive orders taking away our freedom of speech.

    The debt always grows. The border is never secured. They never stop trying to take away our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and our right to bear arms.

    I see a pattern. These folks aren’t working for the American people.

    • There is for sure a pattern in who makes up the Marxists, globalists, neocons and Wall Street fatcats. I will leave figuring out the common factor as an exercise for the reader.

      • We also know that the same folks control Hollywood, the music industry, and the news media. Throw the military industrial complex, and the pharmaceutical industry in there as well.

        They don’t have our interests in mind.

        Political Left Right is somewhat of a false dichotomy. The true divide is Good vs Evil. The One true God, vs the god of this fallen world. The Democrats and Republicans both lean evil.

    • I completely agree with ART OUT WEST government would have us shut our mouths, faithless , and unarmed. Virginia is looking better by the day . And I’ll say a prayer for the good people ‘fighting the good fight ‘

  8. Unfortunately governments have been known to do lots of stupid things in the past. I’d encourage people to look at the history of America’s great “social experiment” of the last century – namely the Volstead Act and the prohibition of alcohol. This movement was originated by upper middle class women “for the children” and had major anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant themes. As you read prohibitionist literature from that era you see not so subtle references to “drunken Irishmen” and “wine drinking Papists” as if no Protestant ever took a drink.

    The Prohibition movement drove alcohol consumption underground and created a generation of people who for the most part ignored the laws against drink. I would submit that many Americans have a culture of simply ignoring or actively opposing laws that they disagree with.

    The prohibition of alcohol simply didn’t work despite the efforts of nice church ladies who wanted to bring in the millennial Kingdom where the lion laid down with the lamb.
    We’ve got the equivalent of the church ladies who don’t have anything better to do with their time proposing to cure all of the ills of society with one magic pill. A hundred years ago the pill was to do away with strong drink, despite the fact that lots of people were thirsty. Today the pill is to do away with guns, despite the fact that there are major constitutional and cultural problems with such a proposal.

    When I was in the military – to give you a hint as to when, John Paul Jones was my first captain – I remember the good advice of a CPO that I worked for. He said “Never give an order that you know won’t be obeyed.” When they actually taught US government and political science in school I learned that our system is supposed to operate on the consent of the governed.

    Those who think that they’re better than us because of their education or money or title need to remember that laws people do not consent to obey are pretty much useless. The people of the 1920’s wanted to drink and they found plenty of ways to do so despite the law.

    The idiots who propose to kick doors and call out the national guard should remember that the people who oppose them are the cultural or literal descendants of the “over mountain men” who were fiercely against government of any sort on general principles. They’re the people who have a history of making whiskey and shooting at the tax man. They have a long history of disrespect, impertinence, and independence – and they have most of the guns.

    One can only hope that the leaders of Virginia will stop and think just a bit before they stir things up, but I don’t have a lot of faith in that given the track record of government bodies to do incredibly stupid things in the name of the public good.

    • Dave Lewis – “but I don’t have a lot of faith in that given the track record of government bodies to do incredibly stupid things in the name of the public good.”

      And hence the reason that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” was secured in the “SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND”. It is the right of ALL American citizens, regardless of what semi-communistic state they live in. The states are specifically Constitutionally FORBIDDEN from enacting any law that is contrary to the SUPREME.

  9. A sad day when a constitutional right must find sanctuary in the country the Constitution represents

    • Careful what you wish for, there are treasonous types on the Republican side to. Mostly among Trump supporters.

      • enuf – “Careful what you wish for, there are treasonous types on the Republican side to. Mostly among Trump supporters.”

        Not even close to the amount in the demonRat party. For it is the historical party of treason here in this country. And despite that fact, all traitors are worthy of death – regardless of party. They are in fact nothing more than domestic enemies, and deserve to be treated accordingly.

        • Bullshit, and of the loosest, most odorous type. That bovine must be suffering from a serious intestinal bug to output cowpies more disgusting than the usual. America’s two main political parties are the “Loyal Opposition” to each other.Only the extremist wing of each party uses stupid language like “treason”.

      • The republican snakes in the grass have already revealed themselves. They’re called “never Trumpers”. They’re a very loud tiny faction full of ego and hate.

        • “full of ego and hate.”

          Yes, that would be Donald Trump.
          He is also a compulsive liar, and a hypocrite.

  10. Wow!!! They really do exist! Deep in the back wood forests of Virginia lives the Pro Gun, Pro Civil rights Democrat.

    • Most of these people are just “moderates” that lean democrat. Just like plenty of people who voted for Gore and Obama decided to vote for Trump. For these people, it’s about the issues at hand and what’s being done. It isn’t really about party loyalty.

  11. There’s more Democrat Majority Countries that have declared 2nd Amendment Sanctuary than what’s being given credit for.

    Look at Virginia’s Central Atlantic Coastal Counties; Most were Democrat Majority before 2019, and those Reelected Democrats on the County Boards voted for the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions as well.

    I’m not up to date on recall rules in VA, but if Recalling 6 to 8 Dems in the HOD, and those 2 in the State Senate can be done?,……then I hope it happens, and that the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement kicks it off.

    Take away Coonman Fuck-Up’s Legislature and the Democrats in VA lose their Gerrymander for 2021. Keep that momentum going for the 2021 Governor Race too.

    Make these Maoist Pigshits on the left pay!! Grassroots Coalitions can defeat any Statist out there.

  12. … Charles City County … now becomes the 87th of 95 Virginia counties to declare that further interference with Virginians’ gun rights will not be tolerated …

    And there you have it: over 90% of Virginia’s counties declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries just as I predicted several days ago.

    Link to the TTaG article with my prediction

  13. I can’t tell you how many “pro-gun” Dumbocrats I’ve met(note: a lot!). Most black folks anywhere near Chicago vote D. Pro-baby murder,pro-perversion,pro-whitey is raciss and ” Obama won’t take muh gun”. Unless you get perks from the City or county it’s insane.Gimme gimme gimme. I really don’t care if democrats in Virginia are idiot’s. Part of the D plan. The dims are WORSE now than Jim Crow was…

  14. Maybe this will end up being the place where the revolution that these bast@$# have been begging for starts. Too many years people of freedom have set back and watched the show. All I have to say is Virginia is a beautiful state and before this communist crap is over I might get to see a lot more of it.

  15. it wont be long after the rural democrats split with the urban democrats over guns that they will split with them on abortion and lgbtq and climate change and immigration and taxes and spending and russians and ukrainians and impeachment and every other damn crazy thing that are planks in the democrat party platform
    2020 will be the beginning of the end of this democrat party

  16. They deserve exactly what they voted for. I can only hope in the next year New York and California look up to Virginia as a symbol of what to do next for more gun control. If your stupid enough to vote Democrats into office, knowing how they stand in guns I have no sympathy for ya.

  17. This move—-and determination—by Democrats to push the anti-gun agenda on Virginians is stark evidence of how out of touch with the electorate Democrats are. Maybe this will compel the voters to oust these damned Democrats.

    • “This move—-and determination—by Democrats to push the anti-gun agenda on Virginians is stark evidence of how out of touch with the electorate Democrats are.”

      How can that be? The Dems were elected by the electorate, at least the majority of those voting. Politicians make decisions based on votes, not deep analysis of the meaning of those who opposed, or didn’t bother to vote.

      The Dems are doing what they were elected to do. How is that being “out of touch”?

  18. Quote: “It is still puzzling. How a person who votes Republican, thus accepting the entire agenda, can be a Small Government supporter, much less a strong Small Government supporter…. “ That is a good one! How anyone can fall for the lie that the Republican party is in favor of small government is beyond me. Ever hear of the War of Secession? History books refer to it as the Civil War because the winner gets to write the history. The slave owning states had peacefully seceded from the Union and the GOP went to war and forced them back into it. Increasing government’s size by 11 states is not what a small government party does, especially going to war to do so..

    • The War of Southern Aggression was started by the South.

      But let’s try more recent history. Trump plans to add $5.088 trillion to the debt in his first term. That’s a 30% increase from the $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama’s last budget for FY 2017. If he remains in office for a second term, he plans to add $9.1 trillion. Trump had promised to eliminate the debt during his campaign.

      • “Trump had promised to eliminate the debt during his campaign.”

        Yeah, well, get over it is Mick Mulvainy says. At least he never wore a tan suit!

        And now that we’ve cut the tax rate on wealthy folks, that means that national deficit will be paid by the wage earning taxpayers.

        • “…that means that national deficit will be paid by the wage earning taxpayers.”

          1. Distortion. Taxes on the wealthy were not eliminated. That group will still pay near 97% of all federal taxes.

          2. The deficit/debt are related, but entirely different. Neither will ever be paid. After 60yrs of ever increasing budgets with great unfunded giveaways, one would think we would be living in utter destitution by trying to “pay off the debt”. Yet, the US is still the world’s strongest economy, largest trading partner in the world. And the US dollar still the world standard.

          3. With no control over the demand side of the equation (budget v. income), the current condition will continue. With a GDP of ~$20 trillion, and a “debt” of approximately the same, paying the debt would require converting the entire economy to debt service.

          The latest figures show that the feds take about $3.6 trillion from the taxpayers, while the budget is around $4.6 trillion. No single politician sets that imbalance in place. That is, no single president creates deficits and debt. It is we, the insatiable junkies of government benefit who drive the deficits, fashioned by the politicians we vote into office. If we were not satisfied with the fiscal imbalance, we would have turned-out the facilitators, and put in generations of budget Scrooge’s. We have not. What we have done is demand our booty, then blame the imbalance on the successful, the achievers who resist feeding our addictions.

          The fault, Horatio, is in ourselves.

      • I don’t care who does it. It’s disgraceful. A big chunk of it is funneled to the donor class and special interest.

  19. Yes Virginia, there is a S.C., (Sanctuary County, or City). Actually, there are many in the state. They are areas where people are committed to upholding our U.S. Constitution, not just the ill-advised edicts of politicians that are trying to tear down the Bill of Rights and put us in danger. Who is leading the 2nd Ammendment Sanctuary movement? Sherriffs and other Law Enforcement professionals, people that see crime and handle weapons daily. They know, first hand, that the best defence against bad guys with guns, are good guys (& girls) with guns. They also read the facts, published studies from Federal Government agencies and respected researchers. And contrary to inaccurate, misleading information and outright lies by many politicians and media, those studies show:
    1. Although violence is certainly a problem, “gun violence” rates are decreasing in the U.S.
    2. Areas with the worst violent crime are areas where the strictest gun control has been in place for years. Those policies have made things worse, not better.
    3. Citizens licensed for concealed carry of firearms are much less likely to commit violent crime than the general population and even police.
    4. The U.S. is not the only country in the world to have mass shootings; we’re not even in the top 10. Nations with high mass attacks are, again, those with strict gun control.
    5. “Weapons of War”, such as fully automatic machine guns are already illegal, and are different from the kinds of guns your leaders want to confiscate. We don’t need to fear some guns because they “look scary.” Modern firearms have features that actually make them safer to use, and more ergonomic. That means older people, women, and people with disabilities can protect themselves better (unless our leaders take their guns away).
    6. A key problem with this issue is not that there are guns out there, but that they are in the wrong hands. Too many criminals have them, and too few good citizens have guns of their own. And if we’re unable or unwilling to deal with our criminals, taking guns from the rest of us will only make this gun imbalance worse.

    Virginia, at this time while we’re longing for “Peace on Earth,” perhaps it’s time your leaders take these S.C.s as a sign that they need to take a step back, listen to their people and the facts, and look for other solutions for all of you. Their threatening of additional force is a step in the wrong direction, and I pray they will soon realize that.

    Virginia, I hope and pray this Christmas, that Peace on Earth will come to you, and that those men and women you’ve chosen as your leaders will help that Peace to happen.
    God Bless!

  20. if you don’t want your guns taken away, DON’T vote for the people who say they want to do that. simple. now you have them in, and now you find out they are just communist, but all along they said this is what they wanted to do, so why did you vote for them. were you high? in a cave? when will people wake up and see what is happening?

  21. This all is a result of the majority of Democrats’ unable to face reality because they are unable to accept reality. This is mostly the younger ones but there are some older ones who have tried to believe in two opposing ideas at the same time and it’s finally affected their brain so that they cannot see reality. This makes them officially insane.

    All their actions and claims support this and the leadership is as insane as their base for the most part. They have lost touch with the average American even those of their base and if this continues they will lose even tho they’ve set up everything up with immigration and redistricting and Democrat Secretaries of state to have a lock on being reelected. Maybe this is why they’ve gone over the edge; they can’t believe they can lose now so they will bring up every insane idea they’ve ever heard of or had.

    But it will not go over with the everyday citizen and certainly not with 63 million of us and we are gathering more and more to our side every day.

  22. How appropiate during this holy season incontrovertible evidence of a ‘ great schism ‘ in the Democratic Party is so publicly visible in a state once called ” a cradle of liberty” . The emerging Virgina Democratic schism is greater than the Reformation . It is also the perfect allegory of DNP internal conflicts spanning the nation . The “new” DNP has obviously cast aside its traditional base to chase the shinny toys of progressivism, social justice and identity politics incomprehensible and immaterial to its rural base’s needs and concerns. And theres every reason to expect the rebellioon to spread .

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