Stafford County Virginia sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert
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By Jeff Hulbert

In a unanimous vote, Stafford County, Virginia — a richly historical region that was once the boyhood home of George Washington — has voted overwhelmingly to become the latest Second Amendment sanctuary in the Old Dominion.


The 7-0 vote announcement was met with thunderous applause in the packed Board of Supervisors meeting, and was amplified with loud cheers and shouts coming from the three standing-room-only overflow rooms nearby.

Stafford County citizens are celebrating the adoption of a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution that adds their county to expanding map of Virginia counties and incorporated towns that have embraced a striking pushback against the scheming of anti-gun Democrats at the State Capitol in Richmond.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Hints as to the outcome of last night’s vote came even before “testimony time” got underway.

Those who had come to speak saw Board Chairman Gary F. Snellings, along with all of his fellow Supervisors, take their seats wearing “Guns Save Lives” lapel stickers just as the session was gaveled to order.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

That gesture electrified the pro-gun crowd that had assembled, and may have taken the wind out of anti-gun folks mixed in with the group.  At the close of the proceedings, only a handful of gun control proponents took the opportunity to step up to the podium to declare their support for more infringements.

It was a turnout that by most estimates topped 1,500 people.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Among them were dozens of 2A folks—some open-carrying firearms—who arrived more than four hours before the proceedings to assure themselves of getting a seat.

The pro-gun citizens ignored chilly temperatures and sporadic showers, standing in clusters outside the Stafford Government Center to talk about what message they would deliver when their time at the podium arrived.

Just 40 miles from Washington, D.C., this mostly rural and very historic region did see a very heavy law enforcement presence for this BOS meeting, but there was nothing requiring a police response.

While nearly all those addressing the Supervisors spoke only for themselves, a few spoke for their organizations. One of the most galvanizing presentations came from Ken Kirk of the Virginia Hunters Coalition.

“We have more than 11,000 members.  If called to a conflict, we would represent the largest standing army in Virginia”, Kirk told the Stafford board members.

Adela Bertoldi, speaking on behalf of the Stafford Republican Party, did not hold back her frustration. “We should not have to be here tonight!”, she said. “Tell the Governor and the legislators that they cannot take our rights!”

Nearly all who came to make a short speech said that Stafford must join the more than 100 counties and towns that now officially stand in opposition to the radical gun control and confiscation proposals taking shape in Richmond.

“While I am proud of Stafford County, I am sickened and disgusted at my home state!”. —-Crystal Venuch, incoming 2020 Board Member

“The politicians in Richmond are the domestic enemy that the Founders warned up about! —John Edgar, Stafford voter

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The consensus in the hallways of Government Center was that every identifiable bill proposal put up by the new Democrat majority is unconstitutional on its face.

The Virginia legislature will not come into session for another month, but gun grabbing zealots have been energized by the Democrat takeover of both the Commonwealth’s Senate and House following the November elections.

virginia gun control
Virginia state Sen. Richard Saslaw, D-Fairfax (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

In the Old Dominion, the Bloomberg-financed gun control faction is led by longtime anti-gun Democrat Dick Saslaw of Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County.

He was elevated last month to Majority Leader of the Senate when his party wrested the gavel from the Republicans.

The Stafford County region is a short trip south from the crowded northern-most Virginia counties that historically embrace more gun control. Bordering the Nation’s Capitol, these counties have experienced rapid expansion, creating a necklace of liberal counties just to the southwest of DC.

The voters there now represent a solid block of Democrat gun control supporters, and appear on a political map as a blue island in a sea of conservative red.

Back in Stafford, the Sanctuary vote represents the aspiration for undisturbed gun rights by citizens who are proud of the local heritage, which dates back to the arrival of the first English settlers in 1647.

Stafford also proudly claims that it was the home for a young George Mason—who went on to author Virginia’s Declaration of Rights in 1776.

With place names in the county like Colonial Ridge and Colonial Forge, the residents who testified tonight at the Supervisors meeting insist that the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution is a strong step in the direction of preserving their way of life.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

Their fervor to speak out coincides with the inevitable political friction that arises as more voters with more “urban” values relocate to the area.

Michael “Moses” Berry took his turn at the podium to say that his Fredericksburg political action group saw what he says is “a 5000% jump” in the number of people logging into the group’s Facebook page.

The traditions in Virginia include the freedom for anyone in the Old Dominion—whether a resident or a visitor—to “open carry” lawfully-owned firearms in public.  Many, however, are highly agitated by the escalating money drops into Virginia from the gun-hating Michael Bloomberg, the New York Mayor turned presidential candidate.

“Virginia is not for sale!” — Heather Luke, a Stafford voter.

“They want to organize a domestic army and go door to door to take people’s guns away” —Phillip Cole, Stafford voter

One discussion point that the testifying citizens returned to frequently is the fact that Virginians want legislators in Richmond to remember that politicians are not only constrained by the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights, but by Virginia’s strong language protecting firearms ownership in the state constitution as well.

The wife of a county gun store owner told the Supervisors, “The largest demographic of new gun owners in Stafford now…is women. You don’t see the Governor’s security detail carrying rape whistles, do you?”

And despite the citizen input lasting for four hours, there was a key figure there who never provided testimony. He stood quietly in the back of the meeting room, listening intently.

Stafford County Sheriff David P. Decatur
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

It was Stafford County Sheriff David P. Decatur.

He did however, talk to TTAG. “I took an oath to the Constitution of the United States and to the Commonwealth of Virginia, said the sheriff.  “I work for the citizens and I am pro-Second Amendment.”

The Sheriff added, “I want to alleviate any concerns that the law enforcement establishment is going to come and take firearms away from people who haven’t violated the law.  It’s not going to happen”.

Asked if he’d vote for sanctuary status if were a Board member and had a vote, Sheriff Decatur did not hesitate: “Absolutely, I would have voted for it”.

Much of the credit for the evening’s success on behalf of 2A was the masterful organizing done by two groups, The Second Amendment Alliance and the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

It was the Second Amendment Alliance that staged several food trucks plus dining shelters, in the Government Center parking lot so that folks could grab a bite to eat during the long hours waiting to testify.  The SAA’s hospitality efforts created a festive atmosphere while folks compared notes on how they would use their three minutes at the witness podium.

Then there is the success of the VCDL political juggernaut that has played out over the past month—the likes of which has never been seen in American politics.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The speed that Virginia Citizen Defense League organizers have moved to lock in so many places as Second Amendment Sanctuaries has left many in awe.

The deployment of more than 100,000 gun owners wearing “Guns Saves Lives” in gatherings across the Commonwealth is staggering achievement to many.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

In a matter of weeks, the ensuing Democrat gun-grabber back-pedaling has shifted between offers of “grandfathering” for currently owned arms, to ludicrous threats to deploy the National Guard.

In response, the VCDL has ramped up their efforts to have their leaders and members at every town and county meeting possible—all the while making themselves highly visible with “Gun Saves Lives” stickers on every shirt and sign post.

Stafford County Virginia 2A Sanctuary
Courtesy VCDL

The VCDL is now using green on its political map to indicate all counties that have given a green light to Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

As December winds to a close, the Green Wave now appears poised to overtake the very few infringer regions left.


Jeff Hulbert is the founder of Patriot Picket

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  1. This kind of support is very encouraging. It really sends a unified message back to the dimwits that signed this into law. I can only hope that if my state of WA passes something similar, that we would have similar support from local sheriffs and the county governments. Keep fighting the good fight, VA.

    • I moved away from WA about three years ago – I’m not saying it’s ONLY because of I-594, but it’s MOSTLY because of what I-594 represented, which was the leftists in Seattle realizing they could pass any law they felt like and apply it to the whole state, whatever the backwards yokels wanted.

      I know a number of locals who have never even crossed the Cascades to the bigger part of the state, but they sure were vocal about voting against all those evil gun owners.

      • If only WA were more like VA. There is an effort afoot to repeal the egregious i1639 law (if you thought 549 was bad…), but there are 10,000 signatures to go and only 10 days left to get them.

        And I, a reasonably engaged and informed gun owner and 2A supporter, only heard about it TODAY.

        They…we…will never make it.

        I don’t know if I should blame myself for somehow not finding the news sources that talked about it (there were some) or blame this state’s totally disorganized gun community.

        • The repeal measure, I-1094, got my petition signature a couple weeks ago.
          Heh, I moved *to* WA about three years ago just in time to vote NO on I-1639. I was in disbelief that it passed.

        • I’ll be curious on the final numbers. Yesterday I turned in 4 complete signature forms and a 5th that was 1/3 filled out. I had brought them to my range so members could fill them out.

          Regardless, yes, WA’s gun owners are woefully unorganized in this state and we’re seeing the results. I’ve been trying to reach out to neighbors and have discovered a lot more gun owners around me. But sharing a common interest and getting them motivated to contact legislators are different things.

          Last year I met with 2 out of my three state reps in person. At one of the meetings I brough along a couple of my neighbors. It didn’t affect how they voted but I think it’s still important our reps know we’re out here.

    • I somehow think miscreants like these (myself included, from the opposite side of the country) are going to seriously deny Daddy Bloomberg the love in 2020. Perhaps this is going to light the fire in the many servants of other states, too. Maybe this will even bring about a serious dent in Shannon’s marketing magic with her other mom friends.

      Also, kinda make one wonder how VA Gov and Legislature was able to garner majority votes when the map shows something much different (while acknowledging it is single issue map)… but, I think we all know the whys and hows. Just follow the $$.

      • I’d bet those legislators and other government types who do whatever they’re told and vote to suppress freedom are all going to end up mysteriously “earning” a whole lot of money very quickly.

    • There are just proposed bills, they don’t convene till 03 Jan 20, there are number of stupid bills that have been prefiled. A underage girl would have the right to have an abortion even if her parents and a JUDGE said NO, 14yo could refuse immunization shots if they can convince a doctor they understand the medical reasons they should. A state senator is updating a law that most likely is a left over after the civil war that banned militia activities, also prefiled a bill to allow casinos in her city Ptown, Portsmouth and Norfolk, Richmond, Danville and Bristol, Norfolk and Ptown being separated by a river. I think she might even own the land of the proposed casino, shocker right?

      Here is a link to some of the fine examples of “full retard” they have filed so far.

      Bloomy gave Gov Shoe polish over $2.4 million and dropped $2.5 million to punk the NRA this election cycle. They barely invested in the election, strange for a organization that is based in VA.

    • I’m hoping ILLinois will get the kind of high 5’s and thumbs up y’all are giving the cradle of the confederacy. Amazing the # of confederate flags I see on facebook. Mostly what I hear is “move” or “put a wall around Cook co”. And I hear the same BS about Commiefornia,NYC,Hawaii and now Washington(among others!). Is Virginia a “special” case? Nope.Same chit-different daze. Show up, get involved and vote. Rant over…

      • Hey, we got the idea from you, we just implemented it faster. The biggest reason is that our largest city has a population of 450k while Chicago has almost 3 million, so our voices aren’t completely drowned out. You also have to deal with Obama. He has conflated liberalism with Illinois in the minds of many, so that the draconian infringement of the constitution in your state didn’t come as quite a shock, it seemed like business as usual.
        The media spun the situation in Illinois as “progress in Chicago will be a guiding light to backwards rural yokels,” while in Virginia it’s “hillbillies are dusting off their confederate flags to defy the just and correct government and drag us back to the 1860’s.” Think about how that reads to people who are standing outside of the local fight.
        Some of us are standing with you, brother, along with our brothers fighting in NY, CA, MA, NJ, CO, HI, and everywhere else.

    • Seems the tide is turning against you CTD, and your Merry band of dimwitted basement dwellers.
      Try harder, come up with more sign on names and post stupid shit that adds nothing toward the topic.
      You can do it troll.

      • What’s wrong CTD? You and the Merry band of trolls get bitch slapped like the soyboys you are a few too many times on TTAG today?
        Don’t worry, after mommies makes you some warm milk and cookies, then tucks you into beddie bye, you’ll have tomorrows TTAG stories to post your BS comments on.
        And I’ll still be here to stomp on your hairless nutsacks when you do. Nighty night widdle twolls.

    • Why are you so butthurt about this James man. Did he hurt your feminine feelings? Did he make you cry like wee dog? Everyday you here crying about James like he haunts your dreams. Maybe you should consider some time in uranium mine. Uranium make you strong like Cossack. Not weak like Obama voting democrat. Get strong like Rock, not weak like barrack.

      • I posted some content that really worked up the Blumburg, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action people. The trolls were released to disrupt the TTAG comment sections, and give those who speak ill of the above groups a hard time.
        I’m ok with it, no keep off sign on me.

        • Their boos mean nothing to me, because based on the groups I offended to get this attention, I know what makes them cheer.
          Nothing more then a bunch of human trash.

  2. This is democracy in action. This must stop!!! 🙂

    Seriously, though, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Constitutional provision that allowed 3/4 of the counties to nullify any law?

  3. Train and get prepared. But stay away from hotheads. Everyone needs to register to vote. I know many gun owners did not vote in the last election. Even the VCDL admits this to be true. We all vote again in a year.

    I know Atheists don’t care for Thoughts and Prayers. But I will give them to the families of police and Guardsmen who come to take the guns of law abiding people. Hopefully my prayers will not be needed because the gov klansman will change his mind.

  4. Another pipe dream totally divorced from reality. The courts will bless the anti-gun laws and the Jack Booted Storm Troopers will enforce the law its as simple as that. Fat middle aged men are no match for them even if equally armed which of course they are not. Where would their tanks, helicopter gun ships and fully automatic weapons come from? Get real people the Dems are now your lord and masters. End of Story and a lot of Republican voters agree with the Dems on things like Universal Back Ground Checks. As a matter of fact 90 Per Cent of Republican Voters do agree. With that kind of political clout gun owners are soon to become largely an extinct species people will read about in history books along with Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley.

    • “Where would their tanks, helicopter gun ships and fully automatic weapons come from?”

      Where will the .gov get it’s capital, food, fuel, electricity, water, spare parts, ammunition and other hardware from?

      This is not Afghanistan where the military only has to secure a few supply routes and airfields, this time the battlefield would be everywhere in and among the supply line.

      Literally every anarchist with a few tools like a chainsaw, oxy-acetylene torch and a rifle can cause millions of dollars of economic damage before taking a break for lunch. It is impossible to guard every mile of road and rail, power and pipe line, production and communication centers, and all the other myriad of infrastructure both citizens and the military rely on.

      The upcoming unrest is nothing either side should be looking forward to as both sides have a lot to lose.

      • “Literally every anarchist with a few tools like a chainsaw, oxy-acetylene torch and a rifle can cause millions of dollars of economic damage before taking a break for lunch. It is impossible to guard every mile of road and rail, power and pipe line, production and communication centers, and all the other myriad of infrastructure both citizens and the military rely on”

        Very good, comrade! Your Civil War will cause much more damage than our troops could ever hope to achieve.

        You know, when Putin set the plan in motion several years ago, many of us at the politburo didn’t think it had much chance of success. Who would believe that patriotic Americans would attack their own infrastructure, and vilify their fellow citizens for their political views.

        But Vladimir was right, a rich kid from NYC was the key to convincing the poorly educated Americans to attack their own government.

        As he himself said “I love the poorly educated!”

        • You really don’t understand the nuances of guerilla warfare and once again I’m not calling for it but I will spell it out for you.

          .gov loses no matter the outcome. When people expect the elected to provide security and let them keep their standard of living.

          Hardly anyone blamed hurricane Katrina for the mayhem in LA after it blew through. Instead, it was local police couldn’t police, national gaurd didn’t come fast enough to rescue them, FEMA didn’t provide them 3 hots and a cot in an air conditioned trailer, local and state government hadn’t planned, and George Bush wasn’t doing it right. Of course, the people that took responsibility for their own safety or prepared a little weathered the storm just fine, but I digress.

          Any bugaloo That comes has absolutely nothing to do with Russia or any other country and everything to do with our government officials. They work for us and if they like what they have, they would do well to remember don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit regardless the issue. It’s a special kind of stupid to antagonize an armed populace.

        • You guys loved the Russians back when they were communists. You sure are scared of this Putin guy. That or you bought that narrative hook line and sinker. Nobody but raging leftists even give Putin a single thought. You have bought into this because you just can’t accept just hw many Americans disagree with you.

        • So the poor are to be hated?Well,no elitist drivel in that statement.How liberal and enlightened of you.

    • You’re kidding right? U.S. civilians own 400+ million guns and it is estimated
      that 40+% (roughly 52 million) households have those guns(approx 7 or 8 guns per household). then you have a total of 1.3 million active duty military and more than 800,000 reserve forces as of September 2017, according to Defense Department personnel data. American civilians own nearly 100 times as many firearms as the U.S. military and nearly 400 times as many as law enforcement.” Go ahead and add “There are over 18,000 Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the United States, and it is estimated that there are between 750,000 and 850,000 sworn officers.” That’s about 3 million Jack Booted Thugs that have to share guns with each other against more than 100 million folks with 4 guns each.
      You are an idiot, but I don’t think you’re smart enough to realize you are.

    • If anything you say was true,the British would have overrun the rebels of the Revolution.The Soviet Union would be running Afghanistan,and Vietnam would be democratic.Fancy equipment doesn’t beat or intimidate a determined resistance protecting their homes and families.If you’d ever read history instead of histronic liberal websites,you might figure that out.

  5. It should come as no surprise that this is starting in VA. Remember how VA actually throw an interracial married couple in jail around 50 years ago? That BS actually lead to a SCOTUS decision in 1967.
    How about the laws against things like oral sex between consenting adults? This is why the JCFanClub never holds it’s annual conventions in VA, they would all be arrested after the first nights circular salad toss.

    • Come on trolls, dig your holes deeper.
      However hard you want to roll, I’m ready to roll HARDER.
      Don’t run crying to your mommies (or your overlords, like Blumturd and MDA) when I drop so many bombs on your heads you think you’re on deck at Pearl Harbor.

    • Mikey B left the victims of the Sandy Hook lawsuits (against the firearm manufacturers), on the hook for all the defenses legal fees. This freed up 10s of millions of dollars to buy elections.
      Blumturd really is a quality guy, convince the victims families to sue, then leave them holding the bag when the case is lost.
      Made sure the SH victims were victimized TWICE.

  6. @ TTAG are y’all seriously honing to allow these vulgar trolls to stay active? This nonsense drives people away from the site in disgust. You should get after some house cleaning.

    • used to have an “open” comment section just like here. They don’t anymore. Its final days weren’t so much truck discussions but trolling and poop throwing.

      This place could at least require commenters to register an account and make users go through a probationary period where they can only post a limited amount until they can demonstrate that they can post in a mature, civil manner. Others could still view the discussions people have and learn from that, but without having to sift through all the garbage and off-topic nonsense that i see so frequently here. I cant see any benefit to an open comment section like this, and in my opinion it has been going downhill since about 2013 or so when i started frequenting this website.

      • ” it has been going downhill since about 2013 or so when i started frequenting this website. ”

        You might want to re-word that. 🙂

    • to Wood

      Yeah I am sure you would love the typical gun political web site that specializes in trashing the 1st Amendment while they scream about the 2nd. People are banned if you do not tow the party line and scream Sieg Heil 3 times. You learn nothing from that kind of web site but that makes the Far Right cream their Hitlerite jeans.

      • No, I’m just sick of the personal insults and attacks so prevalent here. I’m good with OT, but clean up the discourse and get rid of the people who only contribute hate and filth. Disagree? Great, discuss like adults.

        • Yes, let’s talk about dildos would be good.

          It may be less attacks on women’s appearance or their speech would be a more mature route to follow.

          But that’s not likely, the POTG seem incapable of a reasonable discourse.

    • They just pop back in with a new username.
      It’s all good, I’m one of their prime targets and have no issues putting them in their place.
      These losers are like little white fluffy clouds on an otherwise blue sky day.

  7. It certainly is wonderful seeing so many counties in Virginia declare themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries.

    Now we need an additional, monumentally important step: the Sheriffs in those counties must pledge to actively defend everyone in their county from any state police or national guard attempts to interfere with the rights of good people to keep and possess effective self-defense firearms.

    • ” Now we need an additional, monumentally important step: the Sheriffs in those counties must pledge to actively defend everyone in their county from any state police or national guard attempts to interfere with the rights of good people to keep and possess effective self-defense firearms. ”

      Why is this monumentally important? For that matter why do we even need it? The whole point of the 2A is that we don’t need the Sheriff. We can take care of matters ourselves.

      • UpInArms,

        Various limited functions of County Sheriff departments are very beneficial to our society. The key there is the word “limited”.

        The best example that comes to mind is when County Sheriff departments investigate and help prosecute actual crimes where someone actually harmed a victim, such as burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, rape, and murder. A militia is ill-suited to investigate such crimes. (How many people know how to collect DNA evidence, without contaminating it, and ensuring that it is preserved? How many people know how to maintain custody of that evidence so that it is admissible in court? How many people know how to discover and record finger prints? How many people can stop working or operating their business for several days/weeks every year investigating such crimes?)

        County Sheriff departments who do that sort of thing are not a problem. The problem is law enforcement agencies (whether county Sheriffs or otherwise) who perpetrate the atrocities that countless people have brought to light, not the least of which is enforcing laws which interfere with the right of good people to have and possess effective self-defense firearms.

      • UpInArms,

        There are two important reasons why it would be extremely helpful if County Sheriff departments actively opposed state police or national guard units attempting to enforce bogus laws which violate our rights.

        Reason Number 1:
        Superior optics. We the People will garner far more sympathy and support from the masses if the local Sheriff department is at the forefront of active resistance. Without the Sheriff department participating, mainstream media can portray the militia as a bunch of defiant backward rednecks who refuse to participate in a peaceful society. And many of the masses will swallow that narrative hook, line, and sinker. With the Sheriff at the forefront, however, the media cannot successfully advance such a narrative. Instead, the masses would wonder what was so bad and so broken that the County Sheriff was at odds with the State Police or National Guard.

        Reason Number 2:
        Minimal casualties. National Guard and especially State Police will have minimal reservation going “hands on” with a bunch of people who are actively defying state law and actively defying their efforts to enforce state law. On the other hand, National Guard and especially State Police will be extremely reluctant to go “hands on” with an entire County Sheriff department. Instead, I can imagine a lot of posturing and maybe even heated verbal exchanges. But I cannot imagine the State Police attempting to gun-down 200 Sheriff deputies. The net result would be turning away State Police and/or National Guard enforcement with minimal (or best case) no deaths.

        Defending our rights without having to kill anyone in the process is a fantastic outcome. Having the entire County Sheriff department at the forefront of active resistance to infringement of our rights absolutely maximizes the chance that we preserve our rights without having to kill anyone.

  8. I’m not from Virginia but I’m so dang proud of these great hard working Americans who give me hope for the future of this country.

  9. This level of noncompliance is good. It shows that there are still Americans refusing to tolerate oppression.

  10. HI, I am James Campbell and I desperately need attention. I am bored and I have no friends.

    • Wow, such a witty username.
      FYI, I established all the friendships I need in my life decades ago, and they’re not a number on a Fakebook profile like yours are.
      Run along now “lower case” troll, and let an “upper case” Troll deal with me.
      Take care now, and thanks for playing.

      • Pathetic. Saying it doesn’t make it real idiot.
        Sorry, but your little “red flag” attempt is feeble to sub moronic at best.
        If you believe the BS you spew, it’s your duty as a responsible citizen to forward this “Charlie M ‘man'” to the authorities for investigation, the BATFE will have no problem establishing my identity, due to the details of the Steyr AUG GB purchase for my son (see gun gift buying tips TTAG story), the 4473 will be filed by Saturday.
        Having worked in the Aerospace Industry as a Manufacturing Engineer, I’ve had REGULAR and EXTENSIVE background and psycological examinations to maintain the clearance levels required to work on the projects I’ve been involved with. The first SecClear was executed and approved in the mid’80s, so they will have all my details (of around 35 years) on file.
        This line of employment has afforded me the ability to raise two son (both finishing HS in three years, WITH Associates Degrees at graduation), both are well employed and living in a comfortable manner.
        I live in a home that’s paid for (on a double size corner lot, overlooking a lake, also have one of the largest pools in the area), in an upper-middle class bedroom community between Dallas and Ft Worth. The garage contains a BMW X5M and MB E55 AMG , also paid for. Also have a Honda Accord for hauling the dog.
        Funny, hardly sounds like the murdering, drug and alcohol existence lead by C Manson, but, roll those dice moron, call me in.
        Oh on the murder/drug/alcohol tip, never killed or seriously injured anyone in my life (no assault/ battery charges, ever), no drugs (life is too short to go thru it with a head full of reality altering chemicals), I can count the number of alcoholic drinks consumed annually on my fingers (a few on the Holidays is it, see the “no drugs” detail for reason). Oh, NO prescription drugs too, just some Advil every now and then (I maintain my own home, property and pool/fenced in entertaining area).
        I get out with a local cycling group a minimum of four days a week (with century (100mi) rides every month or so), also get out to the handgun rifle ranges and a friend’s shooting land every few weeks.
        Jeez, again, not too Charlie M’ish now, is it.
        Again, thanks for play JCFanClub members. Now, go lay down by your water dishes.

      • Well Cames Jampbell, you sure don’t believe the BS you spread on GB.
        The AUG was picked up from the FFL this evening, also two 5.56/.223 Magpul M-60rd drum mags arrived via FedEx on the doorstep.
        With your “Charlie M” statement directed toward me, that means only TWO conclusions can POSSIBLY be reached…….
        1) You’re a huge lying POS, who doesn’t believe for a second the BS you spew on TTAG, or……….
        2) You’re a HORRIBLE human being, who couldn’t care less about a firearm becoming accessible to a person you’re SURE is on the level of a deranged psycho like CManson. That would also mean you have a blatant disregard of the horrors gun violence victims and their families actually endure after a tragic event.
        I provided all the details of the GB transaction, the ATF could have easily questioned the transfer had you called and provided data/message screenshots to support your claim.
        So which are you, #1 or #2?
        Well, poor phrasing, we all known you’re a massive pile of #2!
        Are you the 1st or the 2nd. That’s better phrasing.
        We are still doing phrasing, right?

  11. The average Republican is very dumb. They get triggered and react emotionally rather than strategically.

    Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries: Rhetoric vs Reality

      • You may attack him personally as some incarnation of Vlad, but the video he posted is accurate.

        The sanctuary counties have only passed a resolution, a non-binding political statement. Yes, it’s a positive statement for POTG, but it does not have the force of law or the authority to interpose between citizens and actual laws passed by the state legislature.

        In other words, it’s empty speech with no real effect on citizens’ rights.

  12. Just curious, has there been any talk of any of these counties seceding from Virginia and re-joining with West Virginia? I was thinking that may be the end-run before the shooting starts. I can almost guarantee the Marxo-Fascists will double down and get even more Bloomberg money to attempt to counter the now awakened masses…

    • No, Virginians traditionally don’t have a very high opinion of West Virginia. They abandoned us. There has been talk, on the ground floor level, of just cutting our losses and giving Loudon and Fairfax to DC.

  13. This isn’t going to end in violence. It going to end State preemption of firearms laws either in practice or law. So Northern Virginia and Richmond will ban gun and carry to the fullest extent possible while the rest of the will carry on as always. Retailers will be constrained by the law since the State will be able to action against manufactures who try to sell in sanctuary counties.

    • Hahaha, yes.
      And the voters who put Ralphie “you’ll shoot your eye out” Northam in office can take ALL the credit.

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