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As you may recall, Marlin sent us a pair of .357 Magnum lever-action carbines, and to describe the aftermath as a PR failure would be a polite understatement. Wild West Guns worked their magic on one of them, and did their best to fix most of what Marlin got wrong. Do I like the results so far? Yes, I do.

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  1. Marlin is screwed because they have no quality control and even Wild Wests quality work can’t save them.

  2. You’re making me speculate on sending my .45-70 to them. But what if the zombies come before they finish?

  3. Cujo, if the Zombie Apocalypse is only three weeks away, we’re all human happy meals anyway.

    • Aw, but I already have my official Zombie Hunter patch velcro-ed onto my base ball cap with the retractable ear plugs. Now to just train harder on the new “bleeding zombie” torso targets I discovered today! I’ll train my dogs to attack while I reload. Ever notice that the average non running zombie always shuffles? I figure a couple of 4X4’s stacked on the ground will keep them from the doorways! I will send you the site selling the targets to will write for ammo.

  4. You’ll see they are the same targets FPS Russia is using in #6. Minus the tannerite in the heads. I’m thinking one would be cool for Jeet Kune Do with a machete, albeit messy. I’m getting better control of my migraines, time for some fun!

  5. So good to hear about these guys… looks like they do excellent work! I have been following your journey with the 1894c for selfish reasons… in case anything similar happens to mine. I was really surprised to hear this about Marlin, but stranger things have happened! I honestly haven’t run across the issues you have with mine, but time will tell for me, I am sure. Congrats on an awesome overhaul!


  6. It’s sad because Marlin used to produce some excellent firearms.
    I have a few 1960’s vintage Marlins in the gun safe, and they are all well made
    with good workmanship and finish, reliable, and accurate.

  7. Hope they work well for you. I really want to take a .357 lever action (Marlin type gun) and modify it a bit into being somewhat more ‘tactical’. However, I do not want to spend another $500+ onto the retail price just to bring it up to where it should be coming out of the factory. Then spend more money having it modified for semi-tactical use. Currently, I have no faith in Marlin. I wish Ruger would produce a .357 lever action carbine based on the Marlin 1894C model.

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