Top 5 Wild West Guns

Whether you were looking across the table over a pair of aces or riding shotgun delivering the payroll, if you moved west, conquering the continent and fulfilling America’s manifest destiny, you were armed. Or you should have been. While are plenty of gats that laid claim to the title of the gun that “won the […]

Wild West Guns: Super-Lightweight .300 WSM

‘Simplify and add lightness’ is an engineer’s motto. Wild West Guns adds a whole lot of lightness to this stainless Remington 700 SPS in .300 WSM: almost two pounds’ worth. Two pounds of ‘lightness’ doesn’t come cheap, but neither do fully custom hunting rifles…

New from Wild West Guns: .460 Rowland Springfield XD conversion

If your interpretation of ‘tactical’ means engaging in extended firefights with Kodiak island brown bears, Wild West Guns has just the secondary weapon system you need. Their drop-in .460 Rowland conversion kits will turn your .45 ACP 1911, M&P or XD-45 (pictured) into a bruin-blasting beast spitting out 230-grain punishment at 1250 fps. Suck that, […]

New from Wild West Guns: BLR Takedown Combo Rifle

We don’t want to leave objectivity completely at the door, but TTAG hearts Wild West Guns. Last year they sprinkled some pixie dust and transformed my deplorable Marlin 1894 into a cowboy race gun, and now they’ve opened a new shop in Nevada and turned their attention to Browning’s top-shelf BLR.