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NPR looked long and hard and found one . . . How An NRA Ad Led A Member To Quit

(JOE) PLENZLER: Yeah, I mean, my initial take was what the everlasting [expletive], you know? I mean, I’m looking at this and, you know, just thinking that this isn’t me, this organization which I belonged to for a number years coming out in such a dark, hostile and fear-provoking way. I was just, like, I’m done. You know, it was kind of, like, the tipping point that just pushed me off the edge.

What NPR doesn’t mention is that Mr. Plenzler identifies himself as an “activist” and is the Director of Media Relations for the American Legion.

Would orange painted muzzles have made a difference? . . . Vancouver Island brothers ‘just having fun’ draw Mountie tactical team, helicopter

Reports of two men in camouflage gear carrying what looked to be high-powered rifles led an RCMP helicopter, a tactical team, a canine team and several Mounties to surround a rural property south of Nanaimo on Wednesday night.

Once two brothers realized they might have attracted the heavy police presence, they walked over to the police blockade — without their guns — and told the officers they were playing an army game with non-lethal airsoft guns.

It started when Karl and Tylor Lofstrom went into the forest across from their home in Cassidy to enjoy an activity they’ve done for years: shooting each other with airsoft guns while dressed in full camouflage gear.

OMG! She’s wearing pants! And holding a gun! OMG! . . . Jinger Duggar Wears Pants While Shooting a Gun and the Internet Is Freaking Out

Jinger Duggar has been slowly been becoming her own person ever since she tied the knot to former soccer star Jeremy Vuolo last November. She made headlines back in March when she was spotted breaking a major Duggar rule — wearing shorts — and now she’s stirring up controversy again by wearing pants while shooting a gun!

The 23-year-old shared photos on her Instagram from her fun day date with Jeremy to a local shooting range in Laredo, Texas and many of her followers were shocked because she not only was she breaking her family’s modesty dress rule but she was also holding a weapon.

US Army soldier, 32, ‘shoots his wife dead and then kills the New York state trooper who responded to the 911 call’

He was brought into court in the Town of LeRay around 4am where he was charged with the first and second degree murders of his wife and Davis.

When asked by the judge if he knew why he was in court – he answered that he did not according to Fox 28.

A second woman who lived in a shed on the property with a man and a child was also allegedly shot by Walters, police told WWNY. She suffered non-life threatening injuries to the upper torso.  

No day of rest for ducks . . . Delta Waterfowl Celebrates Passage of North Carolina Sunday Hunting Bill

Following five years of intense advocacy by Delta Waterfowl and coalition partners, the North Carolina House and Senate on June 29 passed a bill to expand Sunday hunting to include migratory birds and allow hunting on public lands and waters. The bill now heads to Gov. Roy Cooper, who is expected to sign it into law.

“Establishing Sunday hunting in North Carolina has been at the very top of our legislative priorities,” said John Devney, vice president of U.S. policy for Delta Waterfowl. “Our members in the Tar Heel State strongly declared they wanted the prohibition lifted, and The Duck Hunters Organization is thrilled to have delivered for them.”

Huh. Wonder where it went . . . Audit concludes ammunition in excess, some missing at DES

About 60,000 rounds of ammunition were purchased in violation of state procurement laws, a misdemeanor offense. About 4,000 rounds are also missing from the “excessive” stockpile of more than 88,000 rounds. And Jeffries, along with two of his top staffers, were not in compliance with (Department of Economic Security) policies when they carried firearms at state facilities, the audit found.

Fifty-five handguns were purchased for 28 armed security officers and 23 sworn law enforcement personnel, the audit found. Jeffries, his former Chief of Staff Clark Collier and former Chief Accountability Officer Jay Arcellana carried three of those firearms while on duty even though their “assignments did not require them to be armed,” according to the audit.

Your Arizona tax dollars at work.

Yeah, well it’s from, so no real surprise there . . . Florida Alert! Finally a news article that is fair and balanced on Florida’s SYG law

Hirsch ruled Monday that the state legislature erred when it passed a law this May shifting the burden of proof onto state prosecutors to disprove self-defense claims during pretrial immunity hearings.

The decision is not binding on other courts, and it will almost certainly be appealed. Gun control advocates and state prosecutors who argue the laws make it too easy for defendants to avoid being tried for violent crime will once again face off against a coalition of Second Amendment groups, defense attorneys, and criminal justice reform organizations, who say the intent of the law clearly puts the burden on the government to disprove self-defense claims.

The bill had the support not only of the National Rifle Association (NRA), but also of public defenders, criminal defense attorneys, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), a nonprofit advocacy group that opposes mandatory minimum sentences.

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  1. Wearing pants and shooting a gun. It’s bad enough she’s wearing shoes and leaving the kitchen.

    • <sarc And why isn't she pregnant!? </sarc

      I guess lefties are afraid of women that are actually empowered, unlike the shrieking misandrist harpies that clothe themselves in the label of “feminist.”

      • Not sure the Duggars consider themselves Lefties. The pants are a big deal for her and the media because of the apparent control the parents wield. At least that’s what Google and the story suggest.

        • He’s referring to leftists who hate actually empowered women, not the Duggars themselves.

  2. Seriously excited by a Dugger girl wearin’ pants…and shooting? Once you tie the knot(twain shall be one flesh) your former child is now tied to her husband ’till death. Those wacky canucks…glad the kids are OK.

    • FWW “Once you tie the knot…your former child is tied to her husband ’till death.”

      That’s laughable as millions of Christians across the US have made divorce lawyers massively rich by dumping their spouse regardless of scripture.

      BTW, Hal Lindsey is married to his fourth wife and Dennis Prager ( Jewish ) is married to his third wife.

      • When you have a website called PDW-topia and get 400+M views a year to listen to what you say then get back with us.

        BTW, Judaism doesn’t have a big issue with dovorce.

        • Not sure what a fancy website with a bunch of visitors has to do with the quality of a comment. I hear nothing worthwhile ever came out of Nazareth until some bastard woodworker in 30-ish AD. Still, he had some good ideas.

          The truth is that Christians, in particular, covenant with both God and their spouse that they will honor both the marriage and the partner. No such marriage should ever need to end in divorce. For it to happen either one (or both) of the partners failed in honoring their two promises or the couple was lazy (those “no fault” divorces). When you get to three and fours marriages, either you better be an unlucky widow(er) or you need to take a good look to see if you are the common point of failure.

        • My post wasn’t predicated on popular appeal or having hits on a website so your first comment is just meaningless gibberish.

          Prager constantly expounds upon “judeo-christian” virtues on his radio show ( I listen ) so his approval of it’s particular tenants is assumed.
          Lastly, Judaism is no more monolithic than Christianity or Islam and there are conservative and liberal sects among all three of these garbage religions.
          There is no one Jewish view.

          • Yeah, that one garbage religion that’s the basis for Western Civilization from the Middle Ages onward, the Enlightenment, the modern law systems of all Western nations, the United States of America, etc. Total garbage!

        • Yes PDW. all understand that you were just being a troll demonstrating your stupidity and disrespect.

    • FWW said “Once you tie the knot…your former child is tied to her husband ’till death.”

      That’s laughable as millions of Christians across the US have made divorce lawyers massively rich by dumping their spouse regardless of scripture.

      BTW, Hal Lindsey is married to his fourth wife and Dennis Prager ( Jewish ) is married to his third wife.

      • Guardiano:
        …the glory days of Christian Europe are long gone. Charles Martel’s been dead more than a 1000 years and France has the largest muslim population in all of Europe.

        If Islam is defeated in Europe it won’t be accomplished by the current crop of Jesus followers. They’re too passive.

        Stop living in the past. It accomplishes nothing.

  3. I was praying for something to come out of that airsoft gun when the korean kids were “shooting” themselves and looking down the barrel.

  4. I say, “Good for Jinger! You go girl!”

    Left the NRA over an ad? How lame! I think if someone wants to interpret something as good or bad they can do so with ease. But where is his disgust with regard to all the false ads, claims, etc, put forth by the anti-gun people? They have lied in the media about everything from claimed data to what constitutes a so called “assault” weapon. There is nothing they will not stoop too. And it does not need to be said where NPR stands on the gun issue. (I’d like to know why conservative tax dollars are used to support the opposition! Let them raise their own funding!)

    No, painted barrels would not have changed a thing. Long ago I felt that this painting of barrels was a stupid idea. If I was a criminal, the first thing I would do is paint the barrel of my Bushmaster AR in order to cause cops to hesitate long enough to die. If I was a kid, I’d take off the orange cap so I could impress my gangsta homies… or give ’em something to laugh about, like how we fooled the cops into “acting stupidly” as Barak Hussein put it.

    Meanwhile, the left is trying every which way to get rid of Trump, even though they gave Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Bernie, and so many others passes on all the evil, anti-American things they have done. What has happened to this country?

    • Orange tips would likely over time save more lives than they cost, but it’s unlikely to have any impact that would even register.

      Inside a specific instance, you might get some advantage over someone if your weapon and costume were convincingly fake enough.
      I’m not sure though that in a man’s hands and held/pointed aggressively, that anyone who was willing to shoot would hesitate o the orange tip. Seems like it might work better for a youthful offender, or one with the size to pass for a child…

      • Agree about in the hands of an adult, but a great many bangers are kids. So there is a serious question of hesitation.

  5. “Once two brothers realized they might have attracted the heavy police presence, they walked over to the police blockade — without their guns — and told the officers they were playing an army game with non-lethal airsoft guns…”

    They may not have good trigger discipline but at least they had enough sense to end the situation safely.

    • Absolutely right Zeke! The NRA is not a mandatory organization (if you own a gun). If you don’t like what’s going on and you’re too pussy to try to change it, just quit. Door – ass – hit!

  6. She wore pants and people are outraged? Good god people, mind your own damn business. The problem with social media on the grandest scale, is people being able to stick their faces where their faces don’t belong. Mind your own damn business unless it affects you.

    • I agree. People should just keep their noses out of her pants.

      Wait. That didn’t come out right.

    • I don’t get it. Does she usually walk around bottomless or something? (I don’t really follow these people or know who they are)

      • I had never heard of the duggers either but apparently it’s a “reality tv show” family. Extremely conservative. I don’t understand why people are shocked that they cling to guns AND religion. 🙂

    • I would be upset except I have no idea who she is or why I care. I have heard of the name, I guess… is this like the Kardashians of the political right?

      • From a family of some 20kids(?). Tarnished because the older brother abused his sisters. “Reality” or an unreasonable facsimile…

  7. Sounds like that judge needs a remedial lesson regarding who calls the plays and who writes the rules.

  8. Read the idiot interview with the idiot PR wizard who quit the NRA. He only joined because ranges he went to demanded NRA membership.

    He’s whining about pandering to fear…. HEY AHOLE, did you ever look at the tweets and videos put out by the people who are trying to revoke the 2nd Amendment?

    How about the comments of those who defend the Scales shooting?

    You think we beat them by HIRING SOME HI-PRICED PR WANKER who doesn’t even belong to the NRA to DEFEND THE SECOND?

    F – you, pal. With members like you in the NRA, who needs Bloomberg?

    • multiple times NRP points out he is a “20yr combat vet” then in the body of the piece – 16yr as a Public Affairs Officer (PAO). So a harpy/shill (see also Shannon).

  9. Ironic that the Florida Judge has no concept of innocent until proven guilty, which is essentially what the new law upholds. His decision shifts the burden of proof on the accused to argue his innocence, when it should be the prosecutors who have to prove guilty. Up is down and down is up.
    And as for the clown whonquit the NRA- good riddance. After reviewing his twitter feed, I can tell he’s a middle of the road kind of guy who would probably advocate for “reasonable gun control” in the spirit of “bipartisanship”. The NRA should be more proactive and poll the membership and purge guys like this and the last few remaining FUDDS. The new NRA doesn’t give an inch and doesn’t negotiate with Liberal Terrorists™

    • DRAIN THE SWAMP…. not just in DC, but all across the land!!!

      How can it be that there are so many who have not a wit of an idea of how this nation came to be? So many judges who do not understand their place. So many elected representatives who violate their oaths of office faster than they can speak the words. So many who are eager to give away what our Founders created and that for which so many have sacrificed their limbs and lives? We need first to rebuild our educational system in order to bring back pride and patriotism, morals and ethics, honor and respect.

      Was Nikita Khrushchev right when he said, ‘I once said that we would bury you and got in trouble for it. We will not bury you, for your own workers will bury you with the shovels they have made in your factories.’

      One need only look at once great empires like England, Spain, and France, as well as modern nations such as Mexico and Venezuela to see where the progressive socialist road leads. Or the Soviet Union which never came near achieving it’s great dream. It sure looks like the liberal progressive Democrats are pushing us to the brink of a Russian Revolution which can only enslave us all.

      Keep your powder dry for I believe another bubble is near to bursting.

    • I don’t know what Duggars are, either, but judging from that target, they have pretty decent aim.

  10. The ex-NRA member is also a former Marine…why are they always former Marines? In polls I’ve seen from Military Times, Marines tend to be the most conservative overall. They even beat out us in the Army. Are these “former Marines” such limp-wristed leftists because they are reacting to the bullying they rightfully received while in the Corps? Or are they just full of sh*t?

    And on the Joel Davis (the NYS Trooper) shooting: It’s always tragic when a police officer is killed in the line of duty. But the fact that one of my other brothers did the killing just makes this even worse. I really have to wonder what was going through SSG mind during this whole incident. The fact that he surrendered to the backup team makes the whole thing more strange. If he was suffering from some kind of PTSD break, you’d think he’d want to go down in a blaze of glory. Personally, I’m not inclined to be that charitable. I just think he was a murderous piece of sh*t who slipped through the cracks his entire career and finally showed his true colors. I hope they fry him.

    • Not sure how he got into the army in the first place. According to the news article he was truly a POS before he joined.

  11. I’m having a hard time with Plenzler being a professional spokesman for anything you know, like, really, you know?

    • I read the transcript and thought the same thing. Between the “yeah’s” and “you know’s” I figured he was a 15-yr old high school girl being interviewed about what she was going to do while on summer vacation.

      • He was a Public Affairs Officer

        No surprise he talks like that and is a limp-wristed leftard

  12. Looks like Lil’ Dugar can shoot too. That obviously wasn’t her first time putting a few down-range.

    • Actually I’m happy that she’s wearing pants at the range, hopefully closed toed shoes too. And if she would wear a high-neck shirt she wouldn’t have to worry about hot brass falling into a highly sensitive area either…..

      I usually try to stay close to the women that wear low-cut tops at our range so that I can control the muzzle in a safe direction WHEN they get a piece of hot brass down their shirt and start dancing around.

  13. I’m, you know, really glad that, you know, the Marines sent Plenzler to, you know, school to be, you know, a good, you know, communicator, right? He got his, you know, idea across so, you know, really well, right?

    “She made headlines back in March when she was spotted breaking a major Duggar rule — wearing shorts — and now she’s stirring up controversy again by wearing pants while shooting a gun!”
    Wait until she goes outside wearing yoga pants carrying a frying pan!

    How do you say, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” in Japanese?

  14. A PC Ex-Jarhead, Politics must be in his future, just cause you were Politically correct Jar head ex-Officer makes you an authority how? He actually believes he’s more special than the rest of us! American Legion will get a complaint from me

  15. i still don’t know what a duggar is. at first it seemed like maybe some kind of weird canadian amish thing.
    in any case pants, guns.

  16. I don’t blame the Marine Joe Plenzer and others for following quitting the NRA which is full of crap! I am a Cold War vet I came in 1984. I never heard of the NRA then in 1988 when I came off active duty these morons send me their junk mail! I read it then I deftly throw this garbage in the garbage can. The NRA are totally out of flipping control. I am glad more vets are standing up to them. It’s not about protecting America like the lie they spread to the masses fomented by Wayne lapier and his ilk it’s about money and the gun companies puting money in its pocket and making money off of all the gun deaths and tragedies because of their nonsensical propaganda! The President needs to stand up against them before it is too late instead of them playing him like a puppet!!!

  17. Btw how in the world does the NRA get your name? I hope Uncle SAM or anybody else is not selling our information on the mass market. Back in 1984 we did not have the internet or the web and I never ever contacted the NRA so didn’t hey violate my RIGHTS and break some kind of law maybe they should be investigated for this by the DOJ or the US Attorney General!

    • I can promise that no one is actually “standing up” to the NRA so much as they’re actually taking a stand against our rights. The NRA is far from the perfect vehicle, but waiting for one that is is completely futile. It’s gun control groups that are really about the money and their little whores in Congress making money off these tragedies. The President needs to stand up to them instead.

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