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Those things are so tricksy . . . Does A Watched Gun Ever Kill People? We’re About To Find Out.

Liberals love to tell us that guns kill people and should, therefore, be regulated into extinction. To hell with the 2nd Amendment, let’s make sure law abiding citizens are unable to defend themselves against the bad guys!

One small thing, though. Guns don’t kill people. Bad people always have – and always will – find a way to harm others. Because that’s what bad people do. A gun is only as good or bad as the person handling it.

The folks over at 2ndVote, a conservative watchdog group that tracks corporate activism, have decided to find out once and for all if guns kill people.

Meet the GunCam, a livestream of a Ruger LC9. Will it or won’t it commit a crime? You’ll have to watch to find out.

You can click on the image above to help us keep an eye on that damned thing.

Officer allegedly showed up to firearms training with alcohol in system

On May 31, records show (Detective Zackery) Kowalske (not pictured above) showed up late for a firearms class at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, Ga.

Documents said an instructor asked Kowalske why he was late and noted that an odor of alcohol was coming from his breath.

The report said Kowalske admitted to drinking six beers the night before and said that he had “passed or blacked out” in his hotel room and overslept.

Some beautiful photography here . . . These Recovered Bullets Convey the Destructive Power of Guns

“Each one of these images is of a bullet—the vast majority of which were collected from a local gun range” explains Kentucky-based photographer Garret O. Hansen, discussing his series The Bullets,from a larger body of work entitled HAIL.

The US is one of the few countries recognised abroad for the normalcy of gun possession, though there are places where gun culture impacts on the everyday more than others. “Moving to Kentucky, I found myself in a place with a very strong gun culture” explains Hansen. “I grew up in New York, in a place where nobody I knew had guns, so living in a part of the country where many of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues have guns was a real change”.

OMG! A pistol! In New York City! OMG! . . . What was thought to be a Smith & Wesson handgun was found by workers in a Richmond Valley sewer.

Nikon Adds Illuminated MOA Reticle Option to BLACK X1000 6-24×50

Melville, NY (July 11, 2017) – Nikon introduces another member to the recently introduced BLACK riflescope series, a new category of dedicated optics with models engineered for both precision long-range rifle and action-shooting AR enthusiasts.

For the precision rifle shooter, Nikon’s BLACK X1000 is now offered in a 6-24x50SF Matte Illuminated X-MOA tactical-style reticle synchronized to elevated windage and elevation turrets. Accurate and repeatable, the adjustments enable precise dialing of elevation come ups and wind compensation, while the new reticle design presents the shooter with a visually clean, yet highly functional and advanced tool for estimating range or maintaining holdovers.

Hotspots for gun violence track closely with racist redlining policies of the past

But a paper published in the May edition of the journal Social Science & Medicine, titled “The enduring impact of historical and structural racism on urban violence in Philadelphia,” adds an intriguing piece of evidence to a growing body of research that links the history of racial discrimination in cities to current problems with gun violence. This research suggests that fighting systematic racism is a better solution to urban crime than the heavy-handed policing tactics prescribed by Trump and his supporters.

Somehow our old pal Amanda Marcotte fails to mention the effects on these communities of gun control laws that were rooted in racism. Bless her heart.

It’s been hours since Mike “The Gun Guy” pounded his little fists and stamped his little feet at the NRA . . . How Many Members Does The NRA Really Have?

Now before everyone in the gun violence prevention (GVP) community gets all hot and bothered about a tidal wave of gun owners out there who are endlessly surging forward to defend their ownership of guns, let me inject a bit of reality into the NRA’s membership claims. In 2015 the organization claims to have received $165 million in dues, which happens to be $10 million less than what they picked up in their biggest year, which was 2013.  At the current rate of $40 a year, this works out to slightly more than 4 million members, although there are various multi-year deals which might alter those numbers somewhat.

Forty dollars a year? The link on our front page lets you join for $30. And the NRA regularly signs people up for $25 or less. So we’d guess six million’s a pretty good number. But you keep whistling right on past that graveyard, Mike.

This is otherwise known as “Monday” in the City of Big Shoulders.

This should please Mayor de Blasio . . . Judge Releases Mentally Ill Man Accused of Assaulting NYPD Cop, Trying to Steal Her Gun

Only a few days after a deranged cop-hater ambushed and killed a female officer in New York City, another deranged cop-hater has allegedly assaulted a female officer and tried to steal her firearm. This suspect, however, is already back on the street without bail, thanks to a liberal activist judge, the New York Post reported Monday.

Kurdel Emmanuel, 29, reportedly stormed into a Brooklyn police station house on Saturday and lunged at the officer inside the 83rd Precinct. According to court papers, Emmanuel then violently grabbed her firearm belt and attempted to yank out her service weapon. Now NYPD cops are watching their backs because Emmanuel has been allowed to walk free.

What gun for monkeys? (Not The Monkees.)

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    • Exactly. Between life members and free Taurus members, there’s no way to judge membership just by dividing the dues.

  1. Ok, I need a break from watching the Gun Cam, but someone needs to take over and keep an eye on it…. for the sake of the children.

    • Sent it out to my friends. gotta’ keep a sharp eye on those Rugers. Wile things that they are.

  2. Poor gun, somebody drowned it in effluent. That was a shitty thing to do. If it was my gun, I’d be pissed off. BTW, the phrase “New York City Sewer” is kinda redundant, no?

  3. Chicago needs to just continue and it’ll all work itself out.

    As for monkeys, .223, 45gr varmint rounds of some sort.

  4. First off, there’s already a Smith & Wesson Gun Cam page.

    Second, nice job clearing that pistol before hosing it off. Not.

    • Why do people get so upset when a gun video doesn’t show the firearm being cleared? That’s like demanding to see an oil change and window wash of every vehicle featured in a car video. If I don’t see it, I just assume he or she did it off camera.

      • I guess the saying should be “if a gun’s cleared in the forest and nobody sees it, is it really cleared?”. Like watching a car review and getting pissed they didn’t torque the lug nuts at the start.

        • Maybe its like racking the slide on TV and in movies. If you rack the slide and more than 5 minutes have passed, the gun has cleared itself.

          Why else would they rack the slide 27 times and no rounds are ejected? 😉

      • Because a lot of the members on this site are overly anal about things. Ok bro, dial it back, we get it, you’ve been around a gun or two. I’m sure they’d whip out their barrels to measure given the chance.

      • Watch some gun videos on youtube and commenters will be angry about the reviewer pointing at the unmanned camera. There’s no pleasing some people.

    • Just my opinion, but…
      If workers find a gun in the sewer, wouldn’t it be sort of ‘normal’ to assume it was dropped there because it was used in a crime? I mean, how many guns are accidentally dropped in the sewer?
      So wouldn’t it be better to call the police instead of trying to clean it, while on camera?
      What do you think?

  5. I’ll be getting my mits on one of those Nikons next week. Nikon is giving a presentation at my gun club meeting.
    Can’t wait.

  6. Speaking of drunks at a gun range. The most disturbing thing I ever saw at a gun range: several years back at an undisclosed time and place, at a public rural gun range (no range staff) near a military base, after I recently got out of the military, I ran into a first seargent, drunk, in uniform, drinking whiskey and cokes out of coke cans. The dude reeked of whiskey and looked depressed. The range was fairly populated and me and a few other vets managed to get him to put the drinks down, pack up his gun, and get him a ride home. Don’t know what happened to him after that but I hope he turned himself around.

  7. 12 gauge for monkeys… When you want to eradicate and mulch at the same time.

    Come on man what else would you use for flying monkeys. Pull!

  8. This is how Planet of the Apes got started. Next thing you know those simians will be wearing little red cowboy hats and riding pitbulls into battle.

  9. “I grew up in New York, in a place where nobody I knew had guns…”

    Or they just never told you they had one. Which, if I were living in New York and trying to be a responsible (albeit potentially illegal) gun owner, wouldn’t either.

    Speaking of NYC, if I were that Brooklyn judge I’d be hoping I never have to call 911 for anything, ever.

  10. Even if Mike is right, and the NRA “only” has four million members, how does that stack up against other civil rights organizations? Let’s compare, shall we?

    ACLU – 1.2 million members
    NAACP – 300,000 members
    NOW – 500,000 members
    Human Rights Campaign – 500,000 members

    4 million is pretty good, I’d say. Especially since the actual number, considering discounted memberships, life members, etc, is probably closer to six million than four.

    • Worth noting on that subject: Gun Owners of America (which few outside of gun and political circles have heard of) has had more than the ACLU since at least 2016, and had greater numbers than NAACP currently does since at least 2012. Can’t find recent membership numbers for other 2A organizations, but I suspect a few of those also beat the NAACP.

      Also of interest: According to the census, 24 percent of the US population of 321 million is under 18. At 6 million the NRA would have a little under 1/40th the adult population as members, which is huge (though I have no idea how much Junior Memberships account for their numbers).

    • The NRA has [as many as] 5 million PAYING members. (Even if they have already paid through lifetime or some other promotional means.)

      The U.S.A. has 16 MILLION Concealed Carry Permit holders, who PAID for those permission slips.

      The U.S.A. has (approximately) 100 MILLION gun owners (The vast majority of whom PAID for those guns).

      How many Americans belong to ANY pro gun control/Anti Second Amendment organization, whether they are paid shills or just volunteers, Much less were concerned enough to pay for a membership in such an organization?

      I’m thinking significantly fewer than even the smallest statistic noted above (NRA memberships).

    • My thinking as well; 4 million is a lot of people who reportedly only represent the gun manufacturers and dealers.

    • With a suppressor so it takes ’em a while to figure out why their buddies have decided to lie down for a nap.

  11. I’m surprised the guy in NY who tried to get a cops gun in the middle of the precinct office wasn’t ventilated with 17 hits out of 137 shots fired.

    • You missed a decimal place. 1.7 hits out of 137 shots. I’m counting the .7 as a big toe shot.

      • That big toe shot doesn’t count, it was a ricochet from a ND as one of the officers tried to draw their weapon.

  12. … or perhaps redlining occurs because certain communities want to protect themselves from their violent and dysfunctional neighbors.

    • Redlining is economic. It doesn’t protect anything but a bank’s money.
      The areas redlined were those which were already in severe economic straits, where the large majority of people couldn’t service a medium to large loan. At all.
      While poverty doesn’t cause crime, the two are linked, so it’s not surprising that areas of high poverty will have high crime rates.
      But redlining doesn’t have much to do with that except that they coincide in some cases; communities already knew about the connection between poverty-stricken areas and higher crime.

    • …..because each group already in place had to protect themselves against the Irish, Poles, Italians, Germans, Jews, Catholics, Protestants…because you know, bad character.

  13. Ten minutes of research indicates that feral Rhesus Macaque monkeys number over 1,000 in Florida. Most disturbing: many/most of them have Herpes B virus which is apparently fairly easy to transmit to humans and is often fatal.

    According to Wikipedia, adult Rhesus Macaques weigh less than 20 pounds on average. I would think a semi-automatic rifle in .22 LR would be more than adequate to promptly dispatch them. And a 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun would work nicely as well … probably loaded with something between BB and #4 buckshot???

    • Oh, now that is awesome!

      Normally, I wouldn’t like the idea of blasting animals. In this case those monkeys are aggressive and carrying a deadly virus that they can transmit to humans rather easily. For that reason, I put those monkeys in the same category as rats carrying bubonic plague. Kill them as fast as possible.

  14. Again female cops don’t have what it takes to do the job. Neither do some cream puff males cops. Size and mind set matter in hand to hand combat

  15. MikeTheGunGuy’s main source of income(since he lost his FFL) just happens to be the National Medical Council on Gun Violence. He’s kind of shy about admitting to it. But he’s got a website and hosts annual meetings and seminars around his need to remind us that guns are dangerous. He founded and owns that organization just after his FFL was discontinued. Odd.

    • Or, not odd at all, but making perfect sense. Can’t hack it as a dealer? No worries, Mate. Just sell your soul(assuming that he has one) to the Devil… ahh, I mean the antis…

    • Gotta counter Mike “The Gun Guy” strategy with your own. I’m tempted to start the Tim “The Gun Hater”.

      For Example
      “Gun Restraining Violence Orders will spread people’s problems around court making it public record which will cause suicidal people to shut down communication and make them feel like they’re not in control. That will increase the likelihood of suicide.”

      “Look, I want to disarm the civilian population just as much as anyone you’ll ever meet, but even I can tell that using suicidal people and pushing them closer to the edge is the wrong way to achieve our goals.”

      Tim “The Gun Hater”

      Name a gun control tactic being supported by mainstream leftists and I can use that persona to shut down every argument every time.

  16. “Meet the GunCam, a livestream of a Ruger LC9. Will it or won’t it commit a crime? You’ll have to watch to find out.”

    This is genius. I already sent them a note saying so. Also suggested:

    — Add a counter: “This has been a violence-free gun for #### days.”

    — And a tag line / push: “Day ####, of our watched gun just sitting there…”

    I’m considering signing my TTAG comments with that “no shootings counter” from now on.

  17. The public spaces of NYC, where even the sewer alligators are more likely to be armed than the law-abiding.

  18. My 1931/36 Izhevsk Mosin Nagant, 1917 Reminton Mosin Nagant, and Tula SKS have been under surveillance for years now. I don’t trust the two Ruskies, but have total faith in the Remington. Funny thing is, I’m pretty confident that the Remington has seen a lot of action, the two commies not so much. But since I adopted them, they have all behaved quite well.

  19. According to Pew Research, there are 14 million NRA members. According to the NRA, about 5 million. According to Mike, they have over 4 million.

    If I get on google and try to find out how many members some random civil rights group has, I can’t easily find that information. For the NRA, I get at least a page of relevant results. I think other orgs are embarrassed.

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