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Ladd Everitt
Courtesy Twitter

You probably know Ladd Everitt as the now-former director of communications for the unhinged fringe anti-gun group, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. They’re the crazier, even-more-hoplophobic cousins that more “respectable” anti-RKBA groups like Everytown and the fading Brady Campaign don’t talk about much.

Or that’s how the CSGV was while Everitt was there. He’s now the director of something called One Pulse For America (an anti-gun group “dedicated to closing the ‘Passion Gap’ with pro-gun activists”), founded by George Takei after the Orlando nightclub terrorist massacre, that operates without a working website. Hey, no one says bootstrapping social change is easy, amirite?

Anyway, Everitt published a recent open letter to the throngs of America’s liberal progressive gun owners, now that we’re living in an age of concentration camps, gulags and forced re-education centers here in what was once known as the US of A.

I get it. I do. Really. We are living in scary times. The Trump administration is the most authoritarian in United States history (by a long shot) and has repeatedly demonstrated its contempt for democratic institutions. We have a president who openly encourages “Second Amendment people” to engage in violence against his political opponents on the left. The federal government, which has stepped in so often in the past to vindicate the civil rights of Americans under attack by state governments, cannot be counted on in this era of corrupt, treasonous government by the Republican Party.

Woohoo! You have to consider it (at least a little), uh, progress when a dedicated gun-hater like Everitt has finally noticed that the Second Amendment applies to all Americans. That the Founders wrote the 2A as a bulwark against (left- or right-leaning) government tyranny, ensuring our rights no matter what a gun owner’s political leanings may be. Right? Didn’t they?

Well, no. Not if you’re a right-thinking progressive, according to Everitt.

And it’s not because he’s opposed to violence, either.

Oh, and don’t worry, I am not writing this to ask you to commit to nonviolence. If you believe violence can be conquered with violence, so be it. I won’t bore you with some of my favorite quotes by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ladd’s just fine with you cracking some heads at your next Antifa or Black Lives Matter rally. He’d just prefer that you commit any crimes you feel are justified using something other than a gun.

Why? Two reasons, really. First, he dutifully spouts the oft-debunked “fact” that those with guns in their homes are more likely to have them used against them than to need them to fight off any Confederate flag-waiving Trumpers who may attack them.

But that’s not really the main reason he doesn’t want his progressive brethren (and sistren…there’s no sexism up in here) from buying firearms. See, Everitt’s a big picture kinda guy. Here’s the real problem he has with lefties procuring firearms:

You cannot buy guns and ammunition without supporting the National Rifle Association and its white supremacist, homophobic agenda.

Every time you buy a firearm, ammunition, or some other product made by a gun company, you are helping the NRA’s bottom line.

He rightly points out that because of the NRA’s corporate partners program, most large firearms manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Benelli and GLOCK, to name a few, send a portion of their proceeds to support the lobbying arm of America’s Most-Hated Civil Rights Organization.

Wait…that may all be true, but he should be OK with liberals choosing to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights by buying used firearms, right? None of those dollars would find their way to Fairfax.

Nope. That won’t work, either. Progressives who buy used guns would still have to purchase ammo, holsters and cleaning supplies. And retailers like Cabelas and Midway send hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the NRA, too. D’oh!

Plus, there’s this: even lefty gun owners have to shoot their guns occasionally to keep up their skills…don’t they?

For example, do you practice at a shooting range? If so, you might want to ask the range if they are affiliated with the NRA. Many ranges give a cut of their profits to the NRA in return for free targets, a listing in the NRA’s shooting range guide, the opportunity to host regional shooting matches, etc.

It’s all just too much for a socially conscious progressive to deal with.

The NRA’s financial ties to the gun industry are so deep and symbiotic at this point, that it’s probably impossible to reverse them. If there’s a way to be a gun industry customer without feeding racism, homophobia and regressive politics in this country, I don’t know what it is.

All of which leads Ladd to one, inescapable conclusion:

You simply can’t be a racial justice advocate, or an LGBTQ rights activist, or a dye-in-the-wool progressive and say that your gun/ammo purchases do nothing to detract from the America you are trying to build.

So there you have it. No matter how progressive and woke you may think you are, if you spend so much as a single samolian on ammo or a bottle of Hoppe’s No. 9, you are — to some degree — a racist, homophobic white supremacist.

Ruh roh. That still leaves the problem of liberals needing to defend themselves. If their Second Amendment freedoms have been so thoroughly coopted by the hated NRA that any use of firearms is out, how is a lefty supposed to protect his or her life and that of their family?

No worries. Ladd has that all figured out.

Home safety can be ensured by installing deadbolt locks on doors, purchasing a home alarm system, adopting a dog, securing sliding doors and windows, participating in a Neighborhood Watch Program, or getting a free home security evaluation from your local police department, to name just a few options. Safety in public can be ensured by carrying a cell phone with you at all times, parking only in well-lit areas, avoiding ATMs at night, eschewing the use of headphones, taking a self-defense class in martial arts, etc.

The thing is, armed criminals are seldom deterred by Neighborhood Watch signs or the knowledge that the headphone-free woman they’re about to attack is carrying a cell phone.

Come to think of it, Everitt probably should have advised his progressive readers to scrape those ‘Feel The Bern’ and ‘I’m With Her’ stickers off the bumpers of their Subarus. Because if enough lefties follow his advice and the bad guys read his open letter too, all of that conspicuous virtue signaling will only serve as convenient “HEY, ROB ME!” invitations for the criminal element.

Think about it. Your life, and the lives of those you care about, could be at stake.

We “Second Amendment people” couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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  1. As a Subaru enthusiast I am deeply offended with your broad brush remarks aimed at law abiding and peaceful Fuji-Americans such as myself.


    • I’ve got an NRA sticker and a Vietnam Veteran license tag on my Outback. Not quite as good as the Prius I saw in an Academy Sports parking lot with a USMC decal on the back window and a “gun control means hitting your target” bumper sticker.

      • There used to be retired Ranger at work that drove a Prius that had a “Give war a chance” sticker on it. Every time I rode with him he had to give the #1 salute to a mouthy hippie.

      • My favorite is “Yes this is my Subaru, No I didn’t vote for Obama”

        Oh, and BTW, yes I do own a subie.

        • Even then, there’s a technique to it. Not that I recommend anyone else try it. I’m probably lucky I got over the learning curve with no problems.

        • “…there’s a technique to it.”

          Yeah: steer into the skid, and have a towing service on speed dial.

        • I’ve driven rear wheel drive cars in midwest winters for decades, just get some snow tires and drive like you know wtf you’re doing and you’re fine.

        • I leared to drive in a 2WD Ford pickup, on an icy parking lot. in 37 years of driving in Colorado winters, I’ve left the road once, and that was avoiding someone who spun into my lane. It’s a skill.

          But I do appreciate FWD, don’t get me wrong!

        • I drive an unmodified Ford focus in heavy blizzards with ice in Colorado, mountains /cities /whatever. I go to work late at night before the plows are out…. I’m not saying that I enjoy the experience all the time, but I don’t crash, or necessarily go incredibly slow. Low center of gravity means a fairly minimal chance of flipping and you learn how to look a block ahead and plan your easy swerve. I just slide right into place.

      • My first 4 cars were 70s Skodas. RWD and engine behind the rear axle. Even with anemic 1-1.2 L four bangers they oversteered like crazy. In my young and wild days I considered every curve wasted if I couldn’t hear the rear tires squeal. Yes, there was couple of times I overshot it when I hit sand or mud. But steering with rear is so much fun my AWD Traverse feels like it’s missing something.
        When I got cought in blizzard with Chevy Express 3500 van couple years ago, I easily kept my slipping rear wheels in check while much slower cars have been sliding into ditches left and right.
        There just might be something to that “technique” thing. Most important thing is not to jump on the brakes scared when the vehicle suddenly doesn’t go where the steering wheel points it.

  2. You know your adversaries are in bad shape when the arguments they make become super shrill and also ooze out the seams with bullshit a 3rd grader could spot. Keep it up guys….I’m enjoying this.

    • After nearly choking on my coffee reading his screeds (and nearly spraying said hot beverage on my monitor) all I could think was:

      That guy should lay off the quad espresso shot lattes and cocaine so early in the morning.

      Geez. He manages to pack so much wrong into so little space (meaning his brain) I’m surprised his head hasn’t gone all ‘splody.

  3. well shit, I’m gonna go buy a box of ammo and support the NRA, instead of handloading, oh wait, Winchester primers…..

  4. Lost me when “democratic institutions” is misconstrued to mean democracy when it really means Democrat Party Institutions.

  5. Why are leftists so desperate to be oppressed? They have to make up this fascist totalitarian fantasy land when they don’t get their way politically…it’s really pathetic. In an unhinged, divorced from reality sort of way.

    • Despite sounding like something you might buy at your local adult toy store, I’m presuming he means the difference in activity you get from people who are actively fighting laws that will personally harm them vs. people with the mentality that they would really like some laws that make some people go and interfere with other people they don’t know over a topic that isn’t actually affecting them because it is rare.

      It’s kind of hard to prime a gorup to be engaged when they at their root insist on on other people doing things on their behalf. Combine that passive mind set with the fact they are trying to whip them up over something that really isn’t affecting most people, and they have a hard time being anything more than passively outraged with no clear details as to why.

  6. I guess he forgot about the part of history where a Democrat President interred a whole bunch of people in camps because they were Japanese. Thats pretty authoritative.

      • George Takei is also a racist, who gleefully flung a few epithets toward Justice Clarence Thomas because he (ze?) didn’t like the man’s legal writings.

    • I was thinking about that too, also there was a lot of oppression going on during WWI by the Wilson administration and Lincoln had politicians and journalists who were critical of his administration arrested and imprisoned, and then there was the whole reconstruction period where an entire portion on the union was occupied by the military. Sounds way more oppressive then anything Trump is doing.

      • And he seemed to have learned nothing from the experience, either, what with wanting to disarm people and all. Or, maybe he just wants revenge.

    • There’s that other Democrat who became the president of a rebellious “nation-state” whose sole economic model was state sanctioned slavery.

  7. The best way to shut these people up is to take away what they like. The 1st Amendment. Just ask them to give up the 1st Amendment if we give up the 2nd Amendment. Tried it a couple of times and got a stunned look and a No Fn Way. It’s easy to defeat an unarmed opponent. Doesn’t matter if it’s without a gun or without a brain.

    • Things are changing. A lot of antifa are anti first amendment because ending it would showallow them to punish “hate speech”

  8. “Home safety can be ensured . . . Safety in public can be ensured . . .”

    Well shit, why didn’t he say so earlier? All this time I was so sure that nothing was for certain, but if he says so, great!

  9. Is “authoritarian” some progspeak translation of “enforcing existing laws?”

    This guy is starting to blur the line into self-parody. Did anyone else notice that he specified “adopt a dog?” Not buy a dog, not get a dog, “adopt a dog.” Because he is THAT socially conscious, that he has to specify the “only responsible way” to acquire a dog.

  10. Fine by me. Anyone who listens to that nitwit can stay disarmed for all I care. Probably better for the rest of us.

  11. I heartily endorse leftards following his ”advice”? Don’t wanna’buy guns and ammo? Go shooting? Fine with me. Yep Taurus sent me a new NRA membership last month…free. Got another one to send in. Pepper spray,rape whistles and dead bolts-good luck losers!

  12. Huh, interesting. I try for pacifism. If LE and foreign policy is a reflection of popular views (big ‘if’) I’m in about the top 5% of pacifist tendencies. But far be it from me to judge, maybe Ladd and the Antifas have been pushed harder, longer, haven’t the advantages I’ve had.

    • Most antifa are university kids. If your parents didn’t pay for you to go to college, or you had to pick a practical degree so you could pay back the loans, then you’ve had fewer advantages than most antifa. And I don’t see that they’ve been pushed at all, except into radical zealotry by their professors.

      They literally call peaceful speech “violence” if it’s not progressive enough, and their own actual violence “speech”.

      They believe believe that it is ok to enact unprovoked violence against Nazis, but then define “Nazi” to be anyone who says it’s wrong to use violence to silence others.

      They claim Dave Rubin is a radical right wing white supremacist. Milo yiannopolis is a white supremacist homophobe (he’s a gay man who only sleeps with black men…as a bottom).

      Antifa are unhinged lunatics quite literally engaging in fascism in the name of anti fascism.

      Sorry if you know all this and were we’re doing something I didn’t pick up on.

      If not, I think you’ll find I am not exaggerating even slightly.

      • Thanks, yeah I kindof knew but it’s good to hear it, my degree isn’t in basket weaving, put it that way.

        I was kind of kidding that they mighta had ot harder, but there’s a kernel of sincerity; a pacifist must lead from the front, if one waits for others to settle down, it’ll never happen. And if they’re highly priviledged and go violent, like the bike lock attacker maybe, they’ll likely ruin they’re lives and feel quite sheepish for a while. So it works out mostly, except for to the bike lock victims, maybe they can sue or something.

  13. Buy a couple of pieces of iron pipe at a local hardware store. Lowes and Home Depot probably are part of the NRA conspiracy so don’t do big box hardware. Don’t they support air and noise polluting tree killing fossil fuel burning NASCAR? Steal a 12 gauge shotgun shell because the old 60s radicals said it was okay to rip off the man. make your own gunpowder from the elements of Mother Earth if it makes you feel better. Then hope that you don’t blow your hand off or shoot yourself in the foot while doing violence. I’m not really knocking iron pipe slam bang shotguns here because history teaches us that the people of the Philippines did some good work with them until they got hold of a Japanese army rifle or a Tommy gun from the US. The people who resisted real tyranny in the form of the Nazis or Japanese knew what it was like to fight with anything they could steal or improvise because that was the only choice they had. Idiots like Ladd Everett don’t have a clue.

    • The back cover is actually two pieces of paper glued together, if you peel them apart just right you can read the Ammofesto. But be careful, it’s real easy to do it wrong and destroy the evidence.

      Or at least that’s where it’s have to be, based on some of the rantings.

      And they call us paranoid… mutter mumble mumble mutter…

      • I heard that all the racist stuff is invisible ink. You have to wet American Rifleman down with lemon juice and then heat it over a candle to get to the really good stuff.

    • It’s the part where the NRA opposes the radical leftist agenda. Anyone who disagrees with their ideas is automatically a racist, a sexist and a fascist. Goodthink is rewarded. Badthink is double-plus ungood and must be stamped out.

        • Shit, Orwell was a fucking optimist. If people like this Everitt chump ever really got the kind of unfettered power they want, the world they would create would make 1984 seem like a blissful utopia.

        • Orwell didn’t foresee the tech that would make everything in his works possible and so much more.

  14. Well, the more that the delusional, deluded, self hating , victim blaming, homicidally inclined lefties refuse to arm up, the better it is for the rest of us.

    Thank G-d for it.

  15. As a gun shop owner I watch for Democrat bumper stickers. If you have one on your car an additional $50 for firearms and $5 for ammunition is added to your bill as the “violence” tax that they want/vote for. More like a hippocrite (stupidity) tax voting for those who want to take our firearms then buying one. This then gets sent to the NRA on their behalf. Don’t like it shop somewhere else I didn’t want your business anyway.

    • Nice! I’ll be happy to buy something if I ever happen into your shop. I’ll toss in an extra fiver for the NRA.

    • Be careful of that. I have a guitar rifle case covered in pro Bernie and Make Love Not War stickers. Thing holds both of my ARs, two pistols and a bunch of spare magazines

  16. “You simply can’t be a racial justice advocate, or an LGBTQ rights activist, or a dye-in-the-wool progressive and say that your gun/ammo purchases do nothing to detract from the America you are trying to build.”

    Now this is worth exploring.

    We need to put that bug in the ear of Leftists and hammer home the idea that they cannot be a gun owner and be a ‘Good Progressive’ at the same time…

    • The proper phrase is “dyed-in-the-wool.”

      But I wouldn’t expect a leftard like “Laddy” to know this.

    • The proper phrase is “dyed-in-the-wool.”

      But I wouldn’t expect a leftard like “Laddy” to know this.

    • Don’t worry. None of those on the left who would listen to this guy have guns in the first place, or would be interested in getting them, so the only practical effect of this is to reinforce their self-righteousness. And those of us who are armed, because we believe that it is a reasonable and adequate safeguard against all the “let’s throw leftists out of helicopters” assholes, are not going to pay any attention to this drivel.

  17. Yeah, sure, whatever Laddy.

    He still stalked and harassed a ten-year-old girl on Twitter, got his former organizations’ Twitter account suspended for two weeks because of it, and made yourself look like a pedophile in the process for all the cringe-inducing demands for ‘alone time’ with her.

    In fact, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if he is a pedophile. Fucking creep.


    • As has been said: There are over 100 million gun owners in the USA and we have more than 300 million guns. If we were violent, you’d know it.

      • Good for you! Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

        Since Progressivism is a, well, progressive disease, better start your recovery before it’s too late.

      • Then I’d be interested in your opinion of Everitt’s post. Do you agree with him? Believe he has a point, but don’t care? Think he should mind his own damn business?

        What’s your take?

  18. Dear antifa, you can make your own explosives by mixing nitric acid and glycerine. Don’t worry about cooling it as you mix, that’s an old wives tale to scare kids off of making it. Just dump it right in and you’re good to go.

  19. “Home safety can be ensured by installing deadbolt locks on doors, purchasing a home alarm system,”

    I would imagine that their homes would be plenty safe in the “authoritarian government” controlled camps he fantasizes about.

    A progressive co-worker that has discovered guns is all for supporting Springfield Armory, since they pissed of the “2nd Amendment People”,

  20. LMAO. Yeah whatever Mr. Everitt. I’ll keep carrying all day, every day and I’ll keep quoting Dr. King while I’m at it.

  21. Oh how I wish Trump was all those terrible things the Liberal Terrorists™ claim he is. I’d welcome internment/re-education/concentration camps for all registered democrats. And I hope every one of them head his warnings. It’ll just be that much easier when the next Civil War actually begins. It’s nearly impossible to harness the excitement and sheer joy I feel when I allow myself the opportunity to entertain such Righteous thoughts.

  22. Serious question: Can anyone point to anything the NRA has said or done that is even remotely homophobic or white supremacist? I’ve never seen anything of the sort, but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough…

    • No no, you’re looking at it the wrong way. They don’t need evidence of anything. The NRA is right-wing, therefore white-supremacist and homophobic and racist and sexist and islamophobic and fascist and hates children and puppies and wants to drown the globe in crude oil. Kind of like how the sky is blue.

      Jeez, some people need everything explained to them…

  23. Here’s the one part where he’s not wrong (gotta give through the man a bone on something right?): the NRA, or at least some of its most influential leaders, are openly hostile to LGBTQ people. I’ve listened to Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA whine and fear monger about trans people to rooms full of people while he was supposed to be talking about supporting gun rights on at least two occasions. It was really off putting aside from the fact that I have trans and gay/bi family members because it was irrelevant to what many of us are paying him to do: protect our rights.

    • “NRA Institute for Legislative Action executive director Chris Cox attacked acceptance of Olympic athlete and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, calling her “Bruce” and “he.” Following Cox’s speech, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said the Obama administration was “in the toilet” because of efforts by the administration to prevent schools from discriminating against transgender students.

      Just moments into his speech, Cox lamented that “the America we know is becoming unrecognizable. Everything we believe in, everything we’ve always known to be good, and right, and true has been twisted, perverted and repackaged to our kids as wrong, backwards and abnormal.”

      Citing examples of America’s supposed downfall, Cox went on to claim, “Who are our kids supposed to respect and admire? The media tells them Bruce Jenner is a national hero for transforming his body, while our wounded warriors, whose bodies were transformed by IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades, can’t even get basic healthcare from the VA.”

      In a speech following Cox’s, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre railed against the Obama administration’s recent guidance explaining that public schools must allow transgender students to use facilities, like bathrooms and locker rooms, that correspond to their gender identity.

      LaPierre claimed the Obama administration has not done enough to combat gang violence “in places like Chicago and Detroit” to argue that “a Clinton White House would be a dangerous extension of the Obama White House. And where has this White House put its full weight? In the toilet. In bathrooms in North Carolina, in school districts all over our country.””

      • Yeah but Bruce Jenner’s name is Bruce, and he’s a dude. Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.

        I have a brother who suffers from schizophrenia among other things, and you don’t see me crying when someone rightfully refers to a schizophrenic as “crazy.” Crazy is as crazy does, and trannies are crazy. There’s a reason “gender identity dysphoria” is on the DSM-V. It’s not because they’re normal.

        • Her name can be whatever she has it listed as legally. Gender and physical sex are two different characteristics that are generally correlated but are not black and white. So sure most men are males and most women are females, but that isn’t always the case. There are also reasons why mental health professionals and doctors treat trans people as the gender they identify with and classify it as gender dysphoria not a disorder or mental illness. Our understanding of the science behind transgender issues is still rapidly evolving, especially now that they are being treated with more compassion. Regardless, there is no reason to attack someone publically for their gender. What’s the point exactly? To bolster your own sense of self-worth?

        • A nutcase of any stripe can self-mutilate and dress however they like and I won’t bother them. It is, after all, a free country. But that stops when they tell me I have to acknowledge their delusion as if it’s fact. And especially when, like in NYC, refusing to acknowledge their delusion results in a fine. When trannies used to mind their own business, nobody cared. Now that they’ve decided they need more attention, people care. Good job, trannies. And I hate that you guys conflate them with gays and lesbians. Sure, they’re all abnormal in some sexual sense, but gays and lesbians are just people who are attracted to the same sex. However or whenever that happened is arguable, but the point is that they have that attraction. They’re not looking me in the face and saying “I’m a woman” wen I know for a cast-iron fact they have a Y chromosome. Sorry, I refuse to participate in the delusions of crazy people. Kind of like when my brother starts raving, I don’t humor him either.

        • Physical sex IS black-and-white. Sometimes things get blurred at the boundary between the two, but that’s anomalous. It’s as binary as any biological thing can be. Gender may not be binary to the extent that it includes cultural mores and social roles, but to the extent that it refers to biological sex, it’s still binary.

          Gender dysphoria is definitely a disorder — a mismatch between the innate mental sense of identity and the actual physical identity. The real question is what to do about it. What’s the best solution for the individuals who have the disorder? How can they fit into a society that’s traditionally based on a very real binary construct of sex and gender?

          I also know some trans people, and they’ve gone through a lot of anguish trying to establish their identity and a place in the world. I feel for them. But whatever the answers may be (and there are no easy ones), we’re not likely to find any good ones if we insist on calling the issue something it’s not.

    • Those aren’t the quotes from the events I was at. Cox was a lot more pointed at the other two events about his opinions on the bathroom bills and what not.

      I know elsewhere he has said the NRA stands for the gun rights for lesbians and gays.

  24. So Where does an American hating progressive terrorist go to buy firearms without supporting “the Man”?

    • Probably have to get something straight out of Canada, England shipped directly to the Liberal Gun Club. Oh or maybe straight from the ATF down in Mexico? [/sarc]

  25. George Takayuki is his boss…..yup, it’s always a good thing to take a political stand based on the ramblings of someone who has spent their entire life playing dress up and make believe…

  26. ” the America you are trying to build”
    Because the one we have is flawed and we must change it. Fundamentally transform it, maybe?

    There are people in this country who believe this and always will.
    We are a nation irreversibly divided.

    • “We are a nation irreversibly divided.”
      We always have been even well before we split off from the U.K. That’s called democracy my friend. I’m glad there is a difference of opinion here, but we could use a lot more independently minded people rather than all the group think on both sides of the aisle.

  27. This is why I don’t go in for ideologically based boycotts. It’s impossible to prevent the profits of commerce from eventually flowing into the coffers of someone who disagrees with me.

    I will shun a particular place or organization if they’ve really pissed me off, but trying to tease out all the potential connections to some nexus of evil in every action…that way lies the madness of Ladd Everitt’s tortured ratiocinations.

  28. This idiot needs to be brought up to date on the often quoted statistic that knives and hammers kill more people than rifles. Since he condones violence, he needs to know what aggressive people are using to follow his suggestions of violence.

  29. Well this is bad news. As an avid gun nut right wing extremist I’ve avoided joining the NRA as the anti gun organization they are. They have supported every major piece of gun control ever to pass. In 2006 they backed turning PA into NJ, as far as gun laws. Local grassroots organizations stopped it, and then who swooped in in for the photo Op? The NRselloutA. In 2010 they backed federal campaign finance legislation that would have shut down every other pro gun organization because it exempted the NRAselloutA.

    I guess I’ll just have to buy all my guns used and buy my accessories and sundries at garage sells or used at gun shows. Maybe he could suggest that to his lefty associates who want to exercise their rights.

    Nah. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. If a portion of my tax dollars go to abortion and a portion of my insurance premiums go to support birth control I suppose I can live with a portion going to the NRA. At least whenever something good is going on regarding gun laws they get on the band wagon at the last minute. Usually.

  30. Oh . . . I just feel SO VULNERABLE when I realize that I left my personal defense cell phone at home . . . OHHHH CRAP AND MY WHISTLE!!!!

    Oh . . . wait . . . I got my .45 . . . never mind . . . I’m OK.


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