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“The National Rifle Association could not respond to the killing of Castile because doing so would call into question the implicit message that the NRA has propagated for years, i.e., increase weapon ownership is for protection from Blacks. It has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment but is instead based on the notion that gun ownership is actually the prerogative of whites only, a right rooted in the era of the genocide of Native Americans and that of slavery when only free white men could possess weapons.

“This is the discussion that must be held. It is not about firearms safety or, for that matter, gun control. And, to be truthful, it is not, mainly, about police accountability. What is at issue is the extent to which U.S. society continues to keep a bull’s eye on the forehead of African-Americans because of the fear that we generate, a fear rooted in their deep guilt and anxiety about the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and genocide.” – Bill Fletcher, Jr. in Are White Gun Owners Protecting the Second Amendment or Their Racial Interest? [via]

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  1. *shrug* Maybe that’s why the Democrats who have strong ties to the NRA keep passing gun control laws in largely minority communities.

    • Right, Chicago’s Emanuel loves the NRA and takes their advice on gun policy. This idiot has it backwards. The NRA is tying to fight for minorities right to self defense in democrat held cities. It is the democrats’ that don’t want poor minorities to be able to defend themselves.

    • All the violent criminals caught on the surveillance videos released daily by my city’s police department, ALL look the same. When they started moving to my neighborhood (Low income housing), the crime went through the roof. Then, they robbed my home when I was at work. They are the reason why I bought, and carry, my guns.
      Political Correctness is a deadly lie for clueless morons who deny reality and volunteer to be victimized. Not me.

    • Of course gun control has ‘target focused’ gun laws. That’s how the mother(f—ker) of all totalitarian gun laws, the ’68 GCA got momentum. The PTB Dark State under LBJ couldn’t let a young hippie and mixed ethnicities achieve any political activist status during the Viet Nam atrocity.

      So they made a gun law that forced anybody who ever committed any kind of crime over a misdemeanor, punishable by permanent disarmament AND loss of voter’s right. HAGHAGAHah! And boy did the masses of dumb asses bite the porkchop on that one! And now look how far we ass skidded down the slipper slope!

      They make specific laws, countless ones, that makes everyone a criminal and when they feel like it, they’ll enforce them enough to literally castrate the entire purpose of the 2nd amendment. To prevent and stop exactly what they are doing, Creating a tyrannical, out of control police state!

      And the suck-ass sycophant DNC EXPLETIVE DELETED compromising NRA knows this full well, but abrogates the 2nd/A to perpetuate their profit machine.

      After all, if WE the People just eliminated/Repealed/Make illegal ALL gun control laws and straighten out the corrupted criminal justice system and eliminated social cancers like ‘the war on drugs’ which pay for continuous police state proliferation, the NRA WOULD BE OUT OF A FUCKING HIGH PAYING JOB!

    • More like proud of my ancestors for fighting a bloody civil war to free the slaves.

      • Proud of mine that fought on the Union side too. Most of mine were fighting for the CSA though. Yet I do not feel that I need to atone for anything that occurred 150 years ago.

        • wrong —Slavery was on its way out. Technology had got to the point where it was cheaper to hire workers than to keep slaves. Keeping slaves on the plantation was expensive, just keeping up with othe plantation owners means you did right(at the time) for your people . These families of slaves may have been with the same owners for 5-7 generations. In a sense, they were serfs, but treated better than most of europe 2 centuries before. It was not heaven, but the plantation owners did not want their saleable slaves to go to the contract gangs or houses of prostitution, so they kept them. Many slaves could have gotten freed if they asked at retirement time, but they had a place to retire – they were still helpful and may have been bosses, but were treated reasonably well compared to what the contractors had in mind. They worked the poor men almost to death, poor food and no care for any medical issues, the slaves had some care on the plantation.

      • My Lord, where did ya’ll receive your education regarding the civil war? This isn’t even close to the truth. The Civil War was not fought to free the slaves. Not in any way, shape or form. Please do not propagate this lie.

        • I hope that was sarcasm. Slavery is listed as either a cause or the primary cause for separation in at least 5 different states’ articles of secession. If the states themselves at the time plainly said that slavery was the issue, I’m going to go ahead and believe them.
          Here’s how Mississippi lays it out simply in their Declaration of the Immediate Causes which Induce and Justify the Secession of the State of Mississippi from the Federal Union; “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery– the greatest material interest of the world. “

        • I take it you never read any of the secession statements? They don’t talk about much else other than slavery. After the rebellion was put down, the south decided to pretend it was about anything else.

        • Slavery was the proverbial last straw. It came on the tail end of decades of systematic economic abuse at the hands of “northern” states. Pretending that slavery was the critical cause is blatantly retarded. The last states in the restored union to get rid of slavery were on the NORTHERN side.

        • Sure, slavery wasn’t the ONLY reason that the Civil War was fought, but it was the primary reason. Much of the economic and political reasons given as causes for the Civil War can invariably be traced back to slavery. Did every single Confederate fight to keep slavery? No. Did every Federal fight to end slavery? No. However, in the grand scheme of things, slavery was the overarching and underlying issue.

        • So JWT and others, if slavery was the main issue at stake in secession, what’s your response to the Corwin amendment? It was an effort to prevent states from seceding. It protected absolutely, from further legislation or any other act of congress (including by future amendments to the constitution), the institution of slavery. President Buchanan took the unprecedented steps of pre-signing it to show his enthusiastic support, and incoming president Lincoln said in his inaugural address: ” I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.” Yet the state’s legislatures rejected it, including most from the south. So if the south only seceded due to slavery, and the north only intervened because of slavery…. why then did the war even happen in the first place, when before all that the federal gov’t offered to guarantee slavery’s existence in perpetuity? Your alleged cassus belli was completely removed, yet the war still happened… its almost like maybe there was more to it than just slavery?

        • Then there’s Alexander Stephens “Corner-stone” speech.
          “Our new government is founded upon exactly [this] idea; its foundations are laid, its corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth…The new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions—African slavery as it exists among us—the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution.”
          Schott, Thomas E. Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia: A Biography.
          1996, p. 334.

          The Vice-president of the confederacy speaking after 6 states had seceded and fighting had broken out
          Slavery was the abortion issue of the day. People held to their views and nobody was willing to compromise. Given, the Civil War has been termed “a conservative revolution” as the South saw its influence and balance of power in Congress failing. People were trying to hold n to a way of life and institutions.

        • In the words of our greatest president
          “We meet again upon this hallowed ground to commemorate those who played their part in a particular outbreak of an age-old conflict. Many men have many theories about the struggle that went on from 1861 to 1865. Some say it had for its purpose the abolition of slavery. President Lincoln did not so consider it. There were those in the South who would have been willing to wage war for its continuation, but I very much doubt if the South as a whole could have been persuaded to take up arms for that purpose. There were those in the North who would have been willing to wage war for its abolition, but the North as a whole could not have been persuaded to take up arms for that purpose. President Lincoln made it perfectly clear that his effort was to save the Union — with slavery if he could save it that way; without slavery if he could save it that way. But he would save the Union. The South stood for the principle of the sovereignty of the States. The North stood for the principle of the supremacy of the Union.”

        • Rocketscientist- The Corwin Amendment wasn’t adopted by Congress until seven states had already seceded from the Union, so it was too late by then. It was an attempt to entice those states back from secession and prevent further states from seceding. As I have stated, slavery was not the only issue that contributed to the Civil War, but it was the primary reason.

      • The North most certainly did not invade the Southern States in the beginning over slavery. It was to stop Secession period.

        Around the two year mark, slavery was added to the narrative.

        Not unlike the Iraqi invasion because of WMDs which morphed into “Iraqi Freedom” and I was there for that.

        • While you are correct that the initial reason for invading the South was to stop secession, let’s not forget to dive deeper into the reason why the South was seceding. Sure slavery was not the ONLY reason for Southern secession, but it was the primary reason. A few years into the war, eradication of slavery became the stated objective of the Federal government because it was one politically convenient way to give the USA moral high ground to prevent European countries recognizing the CSA.

          Initially, some major European powers could be said to slightly favor the South, partly because the South could claim they were seceding from an overreaching, tyrannical government…something that Europe, still influenced by Enlightenment ideals could get behind. However, many of these European countries no longer practiced slavery, at least not in their home countries. Lincoln was astute to cast the slavery issue in more of a moral crusade against an immoral institution. But that does not mean that slavery was not a cause from the beginning. Abolition was initially a fringe position held by the most extreme Republicans before the War, but leading up to it, became more and more mainstream.

        • The union (North) had slave states that fought on its side – Maryland, Missouri, Delaware, and Kentucky. Slavery was a ongoing conflict in America since the revolution (Import of slaves ended at the end of the revolution) and many founding fathers wanted to do away with slavery at that time, but did not have enough support and conceded. This basically just postponed the inevitable civil war, which was more about states rights vs federal rights and not just slavery, but slavery was finally ended after the war.

      • Proud of mine for resisting northern aggression and oppression.

        Can’t win them all I guess.

      • Which war would this be?

        The 1861-1865 Kerfuffle here in the US was most assuredly not about freeing anyone. Quite the contrary, it ensured that everyone would be enslaved equally, and that states were no longer the autonomous entities they had been intended.

        Lincoln was perhaps the biggest racist, mass-murdering megalomaniac that has ever sat in the White House. A few quotes:

        ” My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.”

        “I have no purpose directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”

        “I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is physical difference between the two which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.”

        “Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life. Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.”

        Had he wanted to free the slaves, the North could have purchased and freed every single one for about ten percent of what the war cost, without the deaths of well over HALF A MILLION AMERICANS.

        Having relatives that fought to facilitate destruction of the Constitution is not praiseworthy. Regarding Lincoln with anything but revulsion is the sign of a deluded mind.

        • There ya’ go, truthifying. That sorta talk will get you slammed by traffic going both directions. Those quotes from Lincoln? They were just politics, trying to keep unionists in line, but the words did not really reflect Lincoln’s secret thoughts. Right?

    • Feeling guilty that by whatever means a person came to this country, whether in the holds of a slave ship, or in steerage; their ancestors are now in the freest and most prosperous country in the world, where they can KABA, a right denied to over 6 billion around the world, and still the land of opportunity for those willing to work hard and get a good education?

      Mmmm, no.

  2. If I were him and I actually believed that tripe I’d be tooling up right now. Which, providing he’s not a convicted felon, is his constitutionally protected right. Which proves he’s full of shit.

    • I must have missed the clause in the 2A that says it doesn’t apply to convicted felons. Felons can be disenfranchised under the 14th Amendment, but unless the 2A is repealed or an amendment is passed weakening it, banning convicts who are not currently on parole (i.e. ex-cons) from owning firearms is still an unconstitutional infringement.

      • No argument here. But unless all blacks are convicted felons, the 2A, to the extent it’s recognized by our modern federal bureaucratic government, applies to them just as much as it does to whites.

        • The argument is that the NRA could have taken a more active stance in the Castile case & did not.

      • This. Of course, people can only justify this denial of a basic human right by the creation of a hated subservient sub- class called “felon”. People always have the ability of dehumanizing other human beings to justify the grossest violations of their basic civil rights. Abortion being another gross example of this dehumanizing process to justify the mass murder of the unborn.

      • The fact that the president who signed the GCA (who was absolutely and utterly nuts himself) waged a campaign falsely accusing his opponent of mental illness is all the reason anyone should need to oppose the GCA’s (or any other) ban on guns for the mentally ill. Despotic governments have repeatedly abused claims of mental illness against opponents. That the founders were all people to be summarily executed under English law is why it’s provisions on criminal ownership are equally bad. That the same president was OK with drafting 19 year olds, handing them actual “military style assault weapons” and sending them to die in a foreign country but not letting them buy a handgun if they made it back alive is also pretty bad.

    • I have been looking for the historical source of felons being denied 2A protection for years.

      I’m sorry but I can’t find it. Thomas Jefferson said “No FREEMAN shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

      Since I am not in prison, jail, on house arrest or in the looney bin after a full court adjudication and the 13th Amendment is not been subjected to any “reasonable regulations” or “balancing tests” by the sainted Judge Scalia I am good to go.

  3. The NRA didn’t comment on the case because they aren’t idiots. The whole thing was a shitshow from incident to verdict, and nobody wins when it gets brought up.

    Furthermore, Fletcher’s sense of freedom is as pale as his skin.

    • I have to agree. Nothing is gained by taking sides in this tragedy. The evidence was hotly disputed, and the jury found the officer not guilty. That should be the end of it. It is not for the NRA to comment on the outcome. the commentator is simply trying to draw the NRA into the debate, trying to force it to take a position. For the NRA that would be a lose-lose scenario.

  4. I’ve been to a number of different gun shops, at a number of different sizes and scales, in a number of different states.

    I don’t recall ever seeing a “whites only” sign or a “no colored” notice anywhere in any of them.

    How weird is that? I mean they have to have been there, right?

  5. Because the NRA is the side backing the people who wish to strip minority majority communities of their right to armed self defense, they’re racist…Oh wait…Gun control was born of racist roots and hasn’t seemed to change much since it’s inception either. The irony now is there is a section of the minority population actively campaigning to have the govt take away their rights. The mind boggles.

    • True. But this a case of What have you done Lately. The Record while notable, has not made it to the masses.

  6. Please explain Colion Noir and SomeBlackGuy then. I as a lily-white American would gladly gear up and defend my black neighbors as fast as my own home. I serve alongside black and hispanic men and women, many of which I consider friends and would go to war alongside tomorrow without any hesitation or fear. Interestingly, most of my friends that are afraid of firearms are whiter than me. Long story short- I call shenanigans.

    • Reverend Kenn Blanchard, “BLACK MAN WITH A GUN” was complaining just a week or two ago about missing his hush money check from the NRA.

      I wonder how much NRA is paying Maj Toure to keep quiet about BLACK GUNS MATTER thing?

    • >most of my friends that are afraid of firearms are whiter than me.

      Good point. If one wanted to make a “whites are racist” argument, it would be much easier to use that argument to explain support for gun control. If whites are privileged, then they can get protection from the state easier than blacks, so they don’t need guns, so by making it harder for people to get guns — purchase permits, taxes, etc — they selectively disarm the blacks while maintaining their own level of protection. Which is of course exactly what happened with the Jim Crow gun laws.

      It’s very difficult to make a “whites are racist” argument to explain an organization that works against these laws.

      At the end of the day, it’s weak-minded, self-serving, and anti-intellectual to pick a single aspect of humanity (race), and then try to use it to explain the entire world, and then to do so in a way which makes you the blameless victim who is nothing but good and the other guy the evil oppressor who is nothing but bad. We all have good and bad within us, and when we identify ourselves as perfectly good and the other side as perfectly evil, we allow ourselves to dehumanize the other side. We know EXACTLY where that takes us…from Armenia to Ukraine to Poland to China to Rwanda, we spent the last century doing the experiment. It takes us to death and destruction and genocide. When we view ourselves as perfectly good, we open ourselves to becoming perfectly evil. Whether he knows it or not, that is where Bill Fletcher and legions of his fellow pseudo-intellectuals and their SJW minions would have us go. It’s our job to see that it doesn’t happen.

      • Well said. Any person who looks at and expounds upon virtually everything viewed solely through the prism of race is perforce a racist.

  7. ‘What did they think was going to happen when they entered law enforcement? Did they think they would be protecting Mayberry, N.C., the fictitious town in “The Andy Griffith Show”? Should the actions of unarmed or legally armed African-Americans automatically evoke fear in white people?’

    Perhaps if those black neighborhoods those white cops patrol were a little more Mayberryish that would solve the problem. Strong nuclear families and close knit communities weren’t always exclusively white.

  8. all right already, let’s do it: we’ll go with dorothy tillman’s forty thousand and a lexus.
    as a member of u.s. society, it’s great to finally know where to place the laser dot.
    sorry to disappoint this final call subscriber, but mine will not be mutually exclusive. i am an equal opportunity self defender.

  9. It is amazing to me, after almost fifty years of so called fight for civil rights, blacks continue to create fantasies to keep themselves at the back of the bus.

    I guess the psychological plantation still strong. Pathetic!

    This is useless racist propaganda by blacks, not the NRA.

  10. Y’know, I don’t actually recall the NRA defending the Castile shooting. I’m not even sure where the NRA commenting on the shooting would have been relevant.

    • It didn’t. The claim made is that its silence is deafening, and an implicit approval of the police officer’s (racist) actions.

  11. There is some truth there. There are many blacks that are scared of guns, scared that whitey will come on thier horses with white hoods and take them away and leave all the boys hanging in the breeze.

    But, if they would take a minute to think about it, they might realize sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander and that they can empower themselves against that sort of thing.

    If, they believe that the white hoods have been exchanged for LEO uniforms, nightsticks, tasers and guns, with the horses exchanged for squad cars and SWAT tanks, they may never see the America that so many enjoy. It is beckoning them, all they have to do is learn, baby, learn, stay in school and crawl out of those ghettos – but that is hard work.

    • lots of lights and darks are scared of guns. that can be remedied in all but the most irrational phobia cases.
      while this goofy louis chaka khan spouts verbal diarrhea because someone gave him a microphone, i’ll bet you a de- beaked prairie squid that he and his cohorts are armed to the teeth and know how to shoot.
      some folks (and people) aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.

    • Better to just raise their kids as “eqaul” (to themselves, let others decide if they want to be equated with them, that’s how equality works). Either way, stop yourself and others from raising your kids with the notion that they “need equality”.

      Fastest way to “equality” is to stop asking for it, as no one can ‘give’ it to you, and the request is a demand that “equal” people don’t make. (loosely paraphrased J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012)

      But “The Second Amendment is For Whites Only” Yep, and all other ‘equal’ people.

    • Read “Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms” by Nicholas Johnson. Many non-violent civil rights protests stayed non violent because the cowardly racists feared being shot by the Deacons of Defense and other armed blacks.

      • Read fiction if you have to, but escape your past. Yes, history will be repeated by those who forget it, and it’s too soon to walk away from it, but at some point, you have to reach escape velocity and make orbit.

  12. Willful self-ignorance of what you attack…hallmark of the Left.

    They don’t bother to actually research how and why the NRA was established, do they?
    (simple google shows: )

    No wonder the Left loses more credibility…if that’s even possible anymore…each day.

  13. “the genocide of Native Americans”

    You mean when they were killing each other, before the “white” man came on the scene and Native American populations actual increased?

      • Ha, that reminded me of Muppet Treasure Island…

        “Mmm, me see you have boom boom sticks…bye bye!”

        • Not quite. Smallpox came to the new world from the old, but syphilis came to the old world from the new.

        • Well, that’s what happens when you hit the 16th century with no domesticated animals and no wheel.

        • My understanding is that it was the lack of cities. Cities had all the conditions that are favorable to generate plagues.

          Europe had cities and therefore plagues, the Americas didn’t.

          Cities in Europe (and probably Asia) only grew because people from the country kept moving there. Otherwise they would have had negative population growth.

  14. OK, I really haven’t been paying too much attention to this case and there’s one little detail that I failed to notice – Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who shot Castile, is Hispanic. There is no white person involved here, so how does that translate in to the 2A being a ‘white privilege’ thing?

    • If you recall the case of Trayvon Martin, the media chose to describe George Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic,” but of course this was only after describing him as just plain old “white” for a few days.

      • Yep, just like the Trayvon case, they’re not about to let the facts get in the way of the narrative.

        • The darkness of the victim, lightens the complexion of the perp, and vice versa.

          It sells magazines, newspapers, t.v. news commercial time (the finger points back eventually).

    • The NRA did not comment because the victim was black and blacks should not have guns.

      Who cares who killed him?

  15. Yep. Leftists, like this guy, keep proving that the vast majority are delusional, in denial, promoting a belief in victimhood and a self-imposed feeling of powerlessness, helplessness and dependency.

    Since this is all created by their own efforts and is self imposed, this leads to a homicidal rage of inward directed loathing and self hatred that is then naturally directed outward towards those they blame for their pathetic condition.

    So out of this twisted and perverted hurricane of homicidal rage, is the human tendency to create a scape goat for this inward directed rage, and once the blame has been directed onto this object, or people, the next step is to kill this scape goat. So we get the lefty mass shooter.

    But since at some subconscious level, they know that they have created this whole construct of soul destroying self hatred and self loathing; once the act of murdering helpless men, women and children has been completed; the last act is to complete the destruction of their nightmare universe of self-loathing and blood and death and so they put a bullet into their own head. This is the final act of fulfillment of an ideology that has proven itself to be one of societal destruction and cultural suicide.

  16. “…when only free white men could possess weapons.”

    Almost seems like an acknowledgement that weapons possession is a hallmark of being a free man, a citizen.

  17. Wow another liberal racist imagine that. I cannot believe every time you turn around these days is another African American holding up a race card LOL. Can we remind them that slavery was outlawed some 225 plus years ago anyone can they do that for us. Yeah the oldest civil rights organization in the world that marched with Martin Luther King is only out to protect the Second Amendment rights of whites only. Give me a break I like his Muslim hat. We don’t hate black people in this country we hate stupid people in this country and this guy is Towing the line with stupidity. God I’m awful sick of hearing about this kind of crap. I’m Scotch-Irish when my family came to this country from the Potato Famine in Ireland they signed up for 10 years of an injured servitude legalize slavery. And I have never once try to play a race card because of my past that is per week loser type people to blame the past on your present situation. Use your mind your education and make something out of your own life and don’t blame people for you’re not becoming what you set out to be because of the color of your skin that is ridiculous.

    • Um, what? Slavery was outlawed in 1868, less than 150 years ago, not 225. And do you remember Cruckshank, one of the only 4 pre Heller decisions that mention the 2nd? That was states successfully disarming black people (pre incorporation doctrine), yes, they can and did bar free blacks from being disarmed, and it was held to be constitutional.

      You, and so many people on this site, are going to be shocked when this shit gets turned on you. I fight because I’m a privileged old fat white guy, I want to stop the police abuses before they get around to fucking with me (after all, they can now, they are just less likely to).

      • What you see as “police abuses” I see as acceptable collateral damage for keeping a community that has surrendered to criminals in line. Basically, the cops do what they need to do to maintain order. It’s hilarious how seldom you see this garbage in communities whose crime rates don’t resemble Mogadishu.

      • “… they can and did bar free blacks from being disarmed…”

        well then, that settles it.

  18. Hmm second amendment is for whites only. Right of the ‘people’ to keep and bear arms. Don’t remember people being defined as only whites, unless you sir are now classifying those of your skin color as less than people similar to many of the local democrats who passed Jim Crowe laws. Do you agree then, with the policies of the southern democrats in the reconstruction and early 20th century?

    How do you explain the huge increase in African Americans arming and training themselves for personal defense?

    As a born and raised southern white male I have no deep seeded guilt about the actions of misguided ancestors. I am not responsible for the actions of another man or society and I gladly welcome anyone interested in becoming a gun owner (only if you are willing to let me shoot your guns and vice versa, though).

    And I have no fear of a man because of their skin color, just their behavior. Does he fear white people because they are white? Wouldn’t want someone to be a hypocrite

    • Mostly because it feels good to vent. It also directs us toward the source material to politely, gently, and kindly educate them in their own comment sections.

    • I do appreciate these articles about what the other side thinks about the constitution or white people. But not enough to dig through all the newspapers to find them so TTAG provides a service. Fletcher is stumbling upon a truth, that is an effort to prevent black people to have guns, but he still doesn’t how this country works. The NRA cannot pass laws so blaming them is ridiculous. I would suggest he look at the actual history of anti-gun right legislation in the U.S. Congress. Who proposed and passed the “super-predator” bills and Jim Crow laws. What group went beyond the law and created paramilitary groups to suppressing the rights of black people? He will find his culprit. Hint, look for the donkey.

  19. Neat hat Bill. In Liberia you could probably own all the firearms you desire. GO.

    The “Atlanta Black Star”??? I assume there is also a White Star (other than the ancient shipping line)?

  20. NRA says nothing about one black man shot by Hispanic police officer = the NRA is for white people.
    Bill Fletcher, Jr. says nothing about the 90% murder rate blacks commit upon blacks = Bill Fletcher, Jr. is for black on black murder.

    • dole1
      noun: the dole
      benefit paid by the government to the unemployed.
      “she is drawing on the dole”

      that certainly is precious.

  21. This is not only about race but class and appearances. If Mr. Castile was wearing a suit and driving a BMW instead of an old car I am absolutely confident that he would be alive today as I doubt that officer Yanez would have fired seven rounds into his car, especially when there was a woman in the passenger seat and a small child in the back seat.

    Bottom line – if you are in law enforcement and the fear of someone that does not look like you may possess a firearm and it causes you to lose control, you should not be in law enforcement. Same applies to conceal carry holders.

    The second ammendmenr applies to everyone, regardless of skin color, if they wear their hair in dreadlocks, have a shaved head with a neck full of tattoos or are flying a confederate flag off the back of their pick-up truck.

  22. Race baiting bigots like Bill Fletcher use their hate whitey/blame whitey rhetoric to obsolve themselves of any responsibility for rampant black on black homicides in Chicago, St Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, or any other “chocolate city” across the U.S.

    Fletcher and his fellow bigots simply ingnore the inconvenient truth that their dysfunctionally violent culture has no difficulty accessing the firearms used to kill each other at rates disproportionate to any other demographic of American society.

  23. The NRA responded yesterday via Dana Loesch:

    Personally, I think the NRA should have responded sooner, like right after Officer Yanez was acquitted. The eventual response was was milquetoast at best.

    Fletcher’s remarks reference “Unicorn History”. He scores parrot-points of approval for echoing the Race Discrimination Industry and Democratic Party Official Propaganda memes, but contributes nothing insightful or useful to the discussion of this unbelievable tragedy.

    • Unfortunately, the race card is not tired of you. I have come to the painful realization than identity politics are rising not falling. A sub-section of white people cling to a dream of civic nationalism, but its about to snuffed out by all the other factions that have embraced identity politics. Maybe the dream will live on for a few more decades, and it won’t be my problem.

    • Back in the long long ago, when I was in college, we were on a road trip. A girl called me racist. Instead of arguing the point, I just said “yep!” She didn’t know how to respond.

      It’s gotten to the point where I reflexively side with the person accused of racism because racist now means conservative. And the person who said it is probably the actual racist.

      • I would like to know exactly when the Demoncrat party stopped being the official home of racism, and became the party of integrationists.

        The racism of the Demoncrats and leftists is blatant and all-consuming. Their mantra is that all non-whites are incapable of getting anywhere without the beneficence of the white race, and never will. Growing up in the deep south, in a cracker community, among hardened segregationists, I can tell you that the very words used today to blame conservatives and Repubs for racism are the exact words used in talking about the Negro (Spanish word; look it up), back then. In those days (and the decades before), the Repubs (and all the integrationists) claimed that if racists would just get out of the way of black people, black people would do just fine. The people surrounding me uniformly declared that black people were no more than ignorant children who would always need whites to look after them.

        Demoncrats and leftists keep “minorities” in bondage.

        • When Republicans in Congress and Democrats in the executive pushed and passed the Civil Right Act. Good or bad, the president usually gets all the credit.

          Progressive policies usually harm the people they claim to help; at best they just don’t do anything (for that group). Progressives claim many a policy to “help” blacks and other minorities. I don’t care what their motivation is. Their result looks pretty racist.

            • Huh? I don’t know what fish and fishing mean in this context.

              I’m saying they “became” the party “for” African Americans in the 60’s because of public perception of the Civil Rights Act. The quotation marks are because they were mostly segregationists when they supposedly made the switch and they have never actually been pro black. Before that blacks knew that the Republicans freed the slaves and that everyone in the KKK was a Democrat.

              • “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life”.

                The welfare pimps refuse to teach fishing.

              • I prefer “build a man a fire, keep him warm for a night; set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.”

                Yours fits the context better.

              • It’s a Terry Pratchett quote from Jingo, a novel from the Discworld series. For years I thought my brother made it up. Neither one of us have ever read any Pratchett books.

  24. Race baiting bigots like Bill Fletcher use their hate whitey/blame whitey rhetoric to obsolve themselves of any responsibility for rampant black on black homicides in Chicago, St Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans or any other “chocolate city” across the U.S.

    Fletcher and his fellow bigots simply ingnore the inconvenient truth that their dysfunctionally violent culture has no difficulty accessing the firearms used to kill each other at rates disproportionate to any other demographic of American society.

    • Below I wrote about gun control allowing white liberals to vent their fear of black people without admitting to it. I might add that it also allows black supporters of gun control, through a similar mechanism of projection, to avoid confronting cultural problems in their own communities.

      • And their goal is to disarm the people they’ve been taught from birth to despise; for obvious reasons.

    • Race Baiting Bigot? The man made a honest complaint. No need to go to the next level in response.

      • Fletcher is absolutely a race baiting bigot reciting black nationalist movement hate whitey/blame whitey propaganda.

        While there has always been a disturbingly large percentage of black America that teaches their children from birth to despise all things white, it only became politically correct in mainstream liberal circles to publicly profess that seething bigotry and hatred during the eight long years of the Barack Hussein Obama administration.

  25. No comment from Mr. Fletcher about the unspoken message of the gun control lobby, i.e. that gun control is for protection from black people. Gun control allows urbane, socially-conscious liberals to vent their fear of black people without mentioning race, through the simple expedient of projecting their fear towards rural whites and inanimate objects.

    Despite that attempt at concealment, the racist message of gun control reveals itself amply through its historic antecedents, as well as their favored methods and their manipulation of statistics. It was no coincidence that the Gun Control Act was enacted near the zenith of the Civil Rights Movement. It was no coincidence that disqualification based on felony record or drug use matched up with a massive expansion of felony drug laws, with corresponding enforcement emphasis in black communities. It wasn’t an accident that California’s open-carry ban matches up with the Black Panthers’ open-carry protests. It was no mere happenstance that Michigan’s handgun registry came close on the heels of Dr. Ossian Sweet defending his new home from a white mob. Need I go on?

    • Well, put. There are NO coincidences when it comes to totalitarianism.

      I’m waiting to see if the NRA ‘deals’ and compromises away our rights to own a simple firearm accessory that’s NOT a firearm with this new SHUSH bill being put forth by the Senator from Utah to replace the ‘hearing protection act’?

  26. I wish that white supremacist Jeronimo Yanez didn’t oppress that black guy Philando Castile.

    The names in this case really screw up the narrative.

    I pine for the future when all humans look middling-Asian by default or, if we so choose, can pick any color we want. Maybe another dozen generations.

    • If people could configure their offspring online like they can a new car, then most current minorities would vanish from existence about as quickly as you can say “Add to cart.”

  27. I wanted the NRA to come out and say that ownership of a firearm does not equal direct and immediate death to an officer. Regardless of what some lower courts think (4th District?) and we [NRA] support all good officers that know and work to this rule daily. We [NRA] support Castile in his right to bear arms and in fact all his rights. This unfortunate incident is now in the hands of the Judicial system and we trust in a judicious outcome for all involved.

    Bill Fletcher, Jr otherwise is an idiot. Check NRA’s history of support for black firearm ownership and even if NRA values have changed in 2017, let him put a number to all the non-white memberships that are denied and put a number to all the non-white members NRA as kicked out. Let’s put Mr. Bill and Mr. Colion Noir on a video to set the story straight.

  28. Meh…the gunshops/ranges are crowded with red,yellow,black and white folks. This dude is an idiot. GERONIMO! is a mighty poor example of the evil white man…

  29. Nothing quite like clamping chains onto yourself.
    This is the race equivalent of drama queens who run around making up their own troubles just so they can say they have troubles.

    Be an individual and embrace your liberty. Why is this so hard?

  30. Ah good, more hypocritical “you lose” double-speak.

    Want more gun laws? You’re a racist. Want less gun laws? You’re a racist.

    It’s almost like they understand that people are the problem and not the guns.

    • ..and the rest are much browner than I am. I’m the whitest member of my gun collection, so clearly I’m not racist at all

  31. I’m ok with the NRA not responding immediately, or even at all, after every single gun-related media event. That does more harm than good by perpetually putting the NRA on the defensive, by constantly pairing them up with whatever the latest evildoer has done. NRA as defender of civil rights then degenerates into NRA as apologist for criminal violence.

    It isn’t the NRA’s duty to speak out after every school shooting or police shooting any more than it is AAA’s job to defend automobiles after every highway pile-up or NOW’s job to defend womanhood after some mother commits infanticide.

    The fact that some people commit crimes in the same sphere of life as, or using the same means as, countless millions of others who go about their lives peacefully, only does the antis’ bidding: it conflates firearms with criminal gun violence to the point that the public considers the two synonymous. That undermines the message that firearms have many other uses, including defending against this very same kind of criminal violence.

  32. Hmmmm….

    The terrorists who attacked the people in France…. Individuals and not a representation of all Muslims.

    The shooter in Virginia at the ballgame…. Individual and not a representation of all Democrats.

    Some white dude with a gun shouting racial slurs…. Somehow he represents all whites and all gun owners and all NRA members.

    I think instead of listening to anything he has to say on the matter I will instead laugh in his face and walk away.

  33. He’s right. See Act, Mulford. NRA doesn’t care if blacks get in trouble or even shot when lawfully possessing a firearm. They’ve made that clear by their inaction when it occurs. Whether that bothers y’all or not, that’s different.

  34. One day Hunter McGuire, Stonewall Jackson’s medical officer, was riding along with him when he heard Jackson suddenly say, ‘“How horrible is war.’
    ‘“Horrible, yes,’ McGuire replied. ‘But we have been invaded. What can we do?’
    “‘Kill them, sir,’ Jackson said. ‘Kill every man.’”

  35. @Bill Fletcher, Jr.

    OK. Gun control laws are designed to keep guns out of the hands of Black folks, uuuhh, I mean non-Whites. Second amendment keeps guns in the hands of the alt-right, KKK, bigots, uuuhhh I mean White folks. Sounds like slavery to me.

    Maybe only a good Black guy with a gun can stop a bad White guy with a gun. But that would mean a good Black guy taking advantage of the Second amendment, which you can’t have now, can you?


    Your move.

  36. “a fear rooted in their deep guilt and anxiety about the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and genocide”

    Says the dude wearing a kufi. Muhammad not only owned slaves he was a slaver. He enslaved men who were once free. His way of life is supposed to the example for all of mankind to follow as per Surah 33:21. Slavery is acceptable (Halal) to mainstream Islam.

    • Ask a question about a political stance of a organization and you knock the man’s freedom of religion choice? The posts today are just nuts.

  37. Robert Williams who wrote “Negroes with Guns” said he applied for and got his gun club registered with the NRA in 1960, I believe. Its been a while since I read his book. This allowed black people in 1960 North Carolina to get discounted guns and ammunition through the mail, since having a black person walking into a white owned gun store in the south, and buying a gun was not going to happen.

    The NRA range in the District of Columbia was always desegregated. Blacks were shooting in that range, I think back in 1910.

    From 2013

    NRA membership has its privileges when you can get discounts of 30.06 ammunition in bulk, for your civilian owned military surplus rifle, the M1, used to fight government tyranny in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
    Some people even had Tommy Guns to fight the tyrannical government with.

    Further reading can be found in “Negroes and the Gun: the black tradition of Arms, by Nicholas Johnson. published in 2014. I wonder if any of these “pro-blacks” have even heard or read this book.

    The liberal white man who hates guns, and hates blacks having guns, Adam Winkler said it was the NRA support of the Mulford Act, that motivated white people in the NRA who were against that law, to revolt and kick out the leadership in the “Cincinnati Revolt”.

    There are a lot of black and white people who are just ignorant of history.

    • Rattling off history does not answer the very clear and simple question about current events. All this dancing and huffing makes it worse.

      • They are some people who lack a back bone.
        Bill Fletcher, Jr is an uneducated bully using race to frighten people. As I said before there are a lot of ignorant whites who don’t know this guy supports disarming black people because he supports the politically black elite, who want lower class blacks disarmed.

        If this loud mouth really supported the second amendment then he would not vote for a single black person in the state of Georgia. Its sad but true, only elected white democrats and republicans support gun civil rights.

        Mr. Castile was shot because he made furtive movements while being intoxicated on marijuana. This made him lose self control. As a black gun owner who has been stop by a white cop while carrying a gun, I made sure I wasn’t moving around while I spoke to the officer. I told him I had a gun. He didn’t want to see my permit. In the end he let me off with just a warning.

        Bill Fletcher, Jr is using his minority status to disarm everyone in the end because in his racist mind “we would all be equal then”.

        There are others who use their minority status to take away gun civil rights from law abiding people.

        • Further reading can be found in “Negroes and the Gun: the black tradition of Arms, by Nicholas Johnson. published in 2014. I wonder if any of these “pro-blacks” have even heard or read this book.

          • Chris, I was responding to tiger. I don’t know where any of his comments on this article are coming from.

  38. How can an African-American like this be a target when no one could possibly identify him as black? Just like Robert Farago, he’d have to tell you of his African heritage for you to know about it. It’s ignorant, stupid, and immoral to pretend that hexadecaroons/mustefinos are being shot on sight by police. “Stop the genocide of Colorless People of Color like Rachel Dolezal, Elizabeth Warren, and Shaun King!”

  39. He should visit my local range here in MD. Plenty of variety. We all get along just fine and I don’t see anyone with targets on thier forehead… not sure the range officer would allow that…

  40. We took an instance where a very unknowing person carrying a gun puts his hands into his clothing and announces to a police officer at a traffic stop that he has a gun. He does not follow the directions of the police officer who is standing with his had on his weapon and shouting do not pull anything out. The police officer is a Latino working in a black neighborhood for the previous 4 years. The victim had been stopped over 50 times for MV violations in the previous time driving, I would say first that the victim was stupid and a slow learner and if anyone can get something racist out of that good luck honkey.

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