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Fortunately it was him . . . Mom who killed home invader: ‘It was either him or me, and I wasn’t going’

The woman was identified as Shaquita Green. She said she doesn’t know who barged into her home in the middle of the night, but she said he was armed and threatened to kill her three children.

“It was either him or me and I wasn’t going. My kids weren’t going to get hurt and they weren’t going to see me get hurt,” she said.

Green said the man, who police later identified as Keandre Funches, 27, kept asking for her husband, who wasn’t home. After forcing the family to the back of the house, she was able to get her gun and open fire.

And civilian disarmament advocates would rather she be prey . . . Campus rape survivor: Carrying gun would have prevented attack

Shayna Lopez-Rivas began advocating in favor of campus carry after she was sexually assaulted on Florida State University’s campus in 2014.

“He had a knife. I had pepper spray. And even though I ran for blue lights that are scattered all around, [he was] faster, stronger, and I did not win,” Lopez-Rivas said.

Lopez-Rivas said if she had a gun with her, she may have been able to stop her attacker.

Every party needs a pooper that why they didn’t invite Aaron . . . Student used rifle in bid to clear Louth home after 200 youths gathered for ‘Project X’-style party

A student who returned home from a night out to find more than 200 young people invading his house for a party then carried his father’s rifle downstairs in an effort to clear them out, a court heard.

Aaron Nordon from Blackrock, Dundalk, Co Louth admitted a summons for unauthorised possession of a licensed firearm at his home on February 27, 2016 but a conviction was not recorded against him.

The Argus reports that Nordon’s parents were away at the time of the incident and he had been at the pub with his friends.

Right, it was the guns’ fault . . . Guns Killed 420 People In Vermont From 2011-2016

From Jan. 1, 2011 to the end of December, 2016, 420 people died in Vermont from gunshot wounds. The majority of those people died by suicide. For the Gunshots project, VPR created a database of all 420 of those deaths in an effort to better understand the issue of gun deaths in Vermont.

Your local gun store is thinking about it. Are you?

Gun control inherently impacts the poor and vulnerable the most . . . How Democrats keep guns in the hands of the rich

When it comes to voting rights, any obstacles outrage liberals; even free government-issued IDs are viewed as disenfranchising poor and disproportionately black people. But when it comes to the right to own a gun for self-defense, liberals don’t hesitate to pile on fees, ID requirements, expensive training and onerous background checks.

That’s too bad, because many law-abiding citizens in crime-ridden neighborhoods really do need a gun for self-defense. Since poor, urban blacks are the most likely victims of violent crime, there is little doubt that they stand to benefit the most from owning guns. Research, including my own, has demonstrated this.

Starting with the basics . . . Episode 1 of Going Tactical with Mike Seeklander

Mike Seeklander breaks down tips and techniques to help improve your concealed carry draw in this month’s video on Going Tactical.

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    • “Shahquita”. The usual suspects LOVE creating fake names for their illegitimate welfare kids. Shaking my head. The only good thing about the violent crime from these thugs is when one of them ends up off the street, and in the ground.

      • I can’t say I care for the name, but according to the article, she and her husband both have full time jobs. So the kids are legitimate, it’s unlikely she’s in a gang, and even less likely she’s on welfare.


      • “Made up” names? Seriously? As opposed to names that were what… derived from mathematical principles? All language is “made up”. Every name that anyone has ever had started out, at some point, as a “made up” series of sounds used to identify a person.

        • Assimilation is at GOOD thing. Get back to joining the American Dream which is a WASP template of success. IF you prefer the model of Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Mexico or some other 3rd world cesspool GTF and go live there.

      • Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion; (assuming you don’t work for Google.) Or the pseudo-opinion Bloomie is paying to plant, to dirty up the gunny-people. Doubtless, as soon as it posted that comment got linked to the oppo-research file to drag out whenever it’s time to demonstrate how deplorable — irredeemable, even — the gunny folk are. When you can’t win on the facts or the law … you argue character. When you can’t win on that, it’s time to plant stuff.

        To inoculate against the preceding Bloomie-turf — The good thing about this DGU, is the only thing that’s ever good about any DGU: peaceful, responsible people didn’t end up dead, when that was where this was heading til they stopped it. When it’s a choice between it-doesn’t-matter-what-her-name-is and her kids, vs. a thug stalking them in their own home we’re with the mother and kids. Bloom-bots can accuse us of that one all day, every day.

        Maybe somebody will name their kid after this woman one day, and tell them why. “You have to learn how to spell it. You are named for a woman who loved her kids and her life enough to do the hard thing when that was the last option left. Be brave like your namesake.”

        What I really want to say is: FLAME DELETED

      • So, it was PROVEN this was GANG RELATED activity and not an “innocent family victimized by a break-in”. Typical.
        I was 100% CORRECT about SHAQUITA and the rest of the usual suspects with imaginary names.

        In response to the “troll” accusations. I am new gun owner who was forced to arm himself after my home was invaded and robbed by the usual suspects.
        There is no political correctness or bliss of ignorance after your once great neighborhood is destroyed by the cultural enrichment of Section 8 housing.

  1. 420 deaths in 6 years? Most are suicides!?! WINNING…good on that gal protecting herself and her kids!

        • He’s probably just a gun-control troll trying to make gun owners look like the cross-burning inbreds the left pretends we are.

        • I’ve been losing my mind for the past day or so because no one needs to pretend to be anything on this site. Just go look at the comments for the little girl with the gun and taser video. People are calling her a chimpanzee and a product of “minority entitlement.” This is why it’s a struggle for our rights, because these dick-holes are our equivalent of the Black Lives Matter people.

        • BLM is a racist terrorist organization that has been murdering cops solely for being white.
          Only a complete moron would compare those that speak the TRUTH about the REAL racists and what is the cancer in our society,
          to racist terrorists like BLM.
          You’re a disgrace.

      • You need Jesus in your life. Why with all the vitriol? She was protecting her 3 kids, which thankfully she did, so she and her 3 kids came out unscathed. You’re either a racist or a troll, either way I’ll pray for you.

        • Police returned to the house with a search warrant.
          “Police said witnesses identified that man as Javarian Mitchell. Investigators said Mitchell was the person that let Funches into the home.

          Officers said the suspects were at the home to meet another person who lived there. ”
          It wasn’t a break in. Police stated this was a gang related incident.

        • So, it was proven this was GANG RELATED activity and not a “innocent family victimized by a break-in”. Typical.
          I was 100% CORRECT about SHAQUITA and the rest of the usual suspects with imaginary names.

          In response to the “troll” accusations. I am new gun owner who was forced to arm himself after my home was invaded and robbed by the usual suspects.
          There is no political correctness or bliss of ignorance after your once great neighborhood is destroyed by the cultural enrichment of Section 8 housing.

    • Yep. They suppress disssent and physically attack anyone who disagrees with them, all in the name of fighting fascism! It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. I’d love to see one of those mobs get ventilated by a guy who managed to retrieve a semi automatic rifle from his car

      • I seem to recall that in Seattle a short while ago a group of these fascists was intimidating the crowd waiting to go in to hear Milo Yianoppolis. When a group of them advanced and threatened violence one man pulled his pistol and fired, hitting their ringleader, who was subsequently transported to the ER. I do not recall the final outcome for the guy who was shot but I do seem to recall that local LEOs considered it a justified Self defense shoot.

        Note to “antifas” – do not bring baseball bats to a gunfight.

        • Charged for shooting the antifa. Not sure when the trial date is.

          Seattle used to be a terrific city. Its population has skyrocketed with the tech boom and an unbridled love of homeless populations. The quality of life here truly sucks. I’m tired of being stuck in traffic with millenial Californians in their Teslas and Beemers trying to steer around pools of vomit and feces throughout the city.

          But it’s all ok! We have a “Gun violence” tax.

      • This is how Antifa will end, and is what happened at the “Death to the KIan” rally in Greensboro, NC in 1979. Google it. Many articles. First lesson, don’t threaten violence against those who are likely to be armed, no matter how bad either of your causes. Second lesson, handguns are no match for massed shotguns and rifles from cover. Third lesson, the police will always be standing on the sidelines.

        • May 17, 1924, Notre Dame. “When the first Klansmen stepped off their train on the 17th, a crowd of angry students descended upon them, beating them and shredding their robes and regalia before forcibly putting them back on the train. South Bend police arrived soon thereafter and allowed the successive trainloads of Klansmen to detrain.

          Nonetheless, clashes between Notre Dame students and Klansmen occurred throughout the weekend near the convention hall housing the Klan’s rally. The students’ fury reached a fever pitch on May 19, when rumors (false it turned out) flew about that Klansmen had killed a Notre Dame student. Thousands of students massed downtown intent on tearing the Klavern to shreds.”

          Many cite this as the beginning of the end for the Klan.

    • The problem with that article, IMHO, is that it’s pretty darn biased.

      A guy stabbed three people. OK, he’s a racist asshole and will end up back in prison. Some racist said some things. That doesn’t justify what Antifa is doing. You don’t see a bunch of white conservatives beating the shit out of people because of what Farrakhan says do you? No, they simply ignore his dumb ass.

      Nor does the article go to practically any lengths to point out that Antifa routinely targets people who are not Nazis, White Supremacists, White Nationalists or any other stripe of disgusting retard. Antifa hurls those terms at regular people who, as it happens, disagree with Antifa politically and then use that label, which they created and affixed, as an excuse for violence against the people they’ve labeled.

      Mostly Antifa is just a bunch of anarchist jerkoffs which is demonstrated by their penchant for smashing the storefronts of businesses that have sweet fuck-all to do with any of this. Something they’ve been doing since the WTO meeting in Seattle like, what, 25 years ago? They’re the same “black bloc” retards as back then now they just have something else to blather about. I mean seriously, even as stupid as your average hard Lefty is they’re not actually stupid enough to believe that smashing up a Starbucks has anything to do with Trump being a Nazi or a racist. They just wanted to break some windows and this is an excuse to do it.

      Further Antifa isn’t growing because there’s a lot of racism or “white nationalism” going on. Trump is just an excuse to act they way they always have and he’s a reasonably good foil for them to recruit from a bunch of dipshits that don’t really know what’s going on and are easily moved to actions by words like “nazi” and “racist” when they don’t generally have the first clue WTAF that means. They listen to some Dead Kennedy’s to act like they’re all retro and deep into punk, they hear Nazi Punks Fuck Off get wound up and are then easy to point at anyone a guy in a leather jacket declares to be a Nazi. Yeah, it really is that dumb in many cases.

      The reason they’re getting support from the mainstream left and the media is simple: those people are butthurt that they lost an election they thought they had in the bag and that Trump threatens to reverse a lot of what they thought they were surely going to finish/accomplish under HRC. Now they just want revenge on the “deplorables”. They spent the last century on a 99 yard march down the field to be stopped inches from the end zone and they’re pissed.

      That said, the “mainstream” folks are pretty fucked too. You don’t have to spend much time looking around on the internet to find a lot of “mainstream” lefties like Piers Morgan talking about how they’d love to engage in violence against those they disagree with (In Mr. Morgan’s case machine gunning gun owners because they won’t accept gun control. Ironic, eh?)

      I spent part of my life (and still do from time to time) in the punk scene. I even had a multi-colored liberty spike mohawk at one point. (that was epic btw). I assure you that most of the people in the punk scene are not anywhere near as worldly, knowledgeable, intelligent or well educated as they believe themselves to be. Some of what you get in the punk scene is rational and borderline Libertarian but a lot of it is very well described by the move SLC Punk.

      • My friend in Dallas has a girlfriend that wanted to attend a recent anti-Trump rally. She wanted to attend because that’s where her friends were going. Her friends were going because their friends were all going. It was a social gathering, not really an idealistic gathering. After about a mile of the protest march, she stopped to rest, asked him how long they were going to march, then they both ducked out to go to a bar. I think that pretty well sums up that movement.

        • Your friend and his significant other were not “Antifa” in any regard then.

          Antifa riots and attacks people. That’s what they do. Based on your description here I don’t think your friends are going to go whack someone in the dome with a bike lock for having the wrong opinion. They were interested in the social aspect rather than the political and regardless of interest they don’t sound like they’re very committed. That is exactly the polar opposite of your average Antifa fucktard.

          Trust me. Antifa types are not going to “get tired” and dip out to a bar. Their goal is to cause chaos and they love doing it. You don’t end up throwing Molotov cocktails at cops because you’re lazy and what to hit the local watering hole.

          It sounds to me like you’ve chosen your friends reasonably well. These two strayed but quickly realized it wasn’t for them. Good on them and good for you picking friends that aren’t retarded.

          Antifa are the most recent incarnation of the “Black Bloc”. They are not a group you should assume lacks commitment, intelligence or the will to do some seriously fucked up shit. They have all that in spades.

        • Red, Yellows, Greens.
          Carrucan’s friends were, perhaps unwittingly, Greens, useful bodies for the crowd scenes in this play.
          The Reds are the perpetrators of criminal violence, the Yellows are criminal conspirators.
          A Red rushes forward, strikes a victim with a weapon.
          In a coordinated strike, the Yellows rush in right behind the Red, who hits and retreats into the crowd of Yellows, making sure that even somebody watching a video frame by frame won’t be able to follow the Red. This is why those thugs wear masks, they NEED the masks as part of the conspiracy to commit crime without arrest.

          I am quite convinced that Moldylocks was a mask wearing Yellow, and the only sad part about her thumping is that the guy only hit her once to knock her out of the way and she wasn’t injured at all.
          They deserve jail time. Failing that, I’d settle for an ambulance ride to take them out of the fight for the day.

      • nazi punks came and went in the early ’80’s. they weren’t tolerated around here and the dk’s song was about forcing them out of the venues (obviously), and that mostly meant frisco or whatever bay jello got his ass kicked in.
        punk as politics? snore. beyond wanting some cheap shows i can’t even imagine any kind of doctrine attributable to the cigarette burn brigade. maybe “life is bland.”
        that rainbow spike mohawk sounds awesome. put it up and we’ll tell you if it’s epic.

      • Strych9 and FedUp, you guys know what’s really going on. Like Fezzik said in the Princess Bride, people in masks cannot be trusted.

  2. “It was either him or me and I wasn’t going. My kids weren’t going to get hurt and they weren’t going to see me get hurt,”

    Spot on.

  3. Interesting how just simply moving one sentence to the end of a paragraph answers the question posed in the paragraph….

    “… For the Gunshots project, VPR created a database of all 420 of those deaths in an effort to better understand the issue of gun deaths in Vermont…. The majority of those people died by suicide.”

    Seems simple enough to me. Focus on what is driving people to take their own lives and you could reduce the amount of deaths. I can give you a head start on the search…. it isn’t the guns.

  4. Let’s FISK this party story a bit more:

    So this teenager comes back to find hundreds of people… around? in? his house (the story doesn’t make clear). Were they invited? Also not clear, though it IMPLIES not. Somehow I suspect he maybe invited some people who brought some people who brought some people and he had no clue how to deal with them. So instead of calling the cops he waves around a rifle. Not smart, especially over there. Here’s some quotes in the story that weren’t here:

    “The court heard there had been a burglary in the house a short time prior to the impromptu party and a thief had stolen the gun case which left the rifle “out”.”
    (It’s like I always say, steal the gun case, leave the gun!)

    “…Judge Coughlan queried whether there were any proceedings against Nordon’s father but found there was not.
    He said: “I think the father was wrong to have the gun out of the case”. He added that he would “take a grand off the father” by way of a donation to the court poor box.”

    Well, far be it from me to tell another country how to Freedom, but wow.

    • It’s possible the guy had nothing to do with the party.

      “Project X” parties have happened in the US with foreclosed homes and even those of people on vacation being utterly trashed. It’s actually not that uncommon.

      Basically you find a house with no one home, kick in a door and throw a party. Sounds crazy but people do it figuring that if/when the cops show up there are too many people for them to deal with and most party goers will manage to get away.

  5. That young lady’s man is starting up s**t in the neighborhood and has his lady handle it like a champ she doesn’t look shaken up hope the kids are alright . The article with the party makes you take a test so didn’t read looks interesting

  6. That party thing sounds like a “flash mob” scenario to me. Couple of people over, they text how great the party is, next thing you’ve got 200 people trashing your parent’s house. Sucks to be popular.

    However, doesn’t he know where the circuit breaker box is in the house? Call 911, cut the electricity, and that party folds up real damn quick.

    Oh well, he was coming back from a pub. Could be he didn’t have all his wits about him. At least he didn’t actually shoot anybody.

  7. Is it sad that I was reasonably sure that the “How Democrats keep guns in the hands of the rich” article was written by Lott just by reading the excerpt.


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