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This effort is sure to make a big impact in the Empire State . . . Tracing Data to Reduce Gun Trafficking

A new data initiative undertaken by the New York State Office of Attorney General (NYAG) examines the Iron Pipeline’s impact on gun trafficking. The NYAG created the first-of-its-kind project, Target on Trafficking: New York Crime Gun Analysis, and an accompanying online interactive Tracing Analytics Platform to better understand gun trafficking patterns and to assess the efficacy of laws combating illegal guns in New York State. The NYAG report, informed by an analysis of gun trace data, highlights how guns flow into New York from states with weaker gun laws. The platform not only provides data to inform local law enforcement about gun crimes in their own areas, but also carries substantial implications for the future of state and federal gun laws. The data-driven confirmation of the Iron Pipeline’s existence and impact can be used to encourage policy decisions concerning future gun laws in New York and other states, and it showcases the power of data to analyze complex problems.

Another newbie comes into the fold . . . I Went Shooting With A Former ATF Officer, And Here’s What Happened

I spent a day learning techniques to use a handgun to defend myself with Rick Vasquez, a retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms officer and professional firearm instructor at a state-of-the-art outdoor gun range in rural West Virginia.

In recent years, a growing number of women in America, particularly black women, are choosing to arm themselves. But when it comes to defending yourself with a firearm, I learned there’s more to it than just being able to shoot a piece of paper well at close range.

Before joining the ATF, Rick trained security forces to keep diplomats safe and embassies secure with the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service. During his time at the ATF, he trained other officers and agents how to shoot and to crack down on illegal weapons-dealing and shady import practices.

What caliber for hammerhead? . . . Jerk fisherman shoots helpless shark to death (click image above to view video)

Disturbing video has emerged of a callous Florida fisherman laughing after shooting a hammerhead shark to death as it dangles helplessly from a fishing rod.

The sickening footage, which is now being investigated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, shows a man in sunglasses and a red cap pointing a small pistol at the helpless shark that was just caught, according to the Miami Herald.

He pumps two bullets into its gills, and chuckles.

From Tactical Fitness: Start with the basic speed magazine change, continue to positional change, and then go on to movement.

Yes. Next question . . . Would Gun-Banners Rather Nicole Carney Had Been Murdered?

What would the gun control advocates, who are really advocates of total firearms prohibition, have wanted to happen in Nicole’s case? What do they think would have happened if Michael had reached the top of the stairs in the snowstorm, with no police on the way to save the day like in the movies? She and her daughter would have only been two more cold, detached numbers to add to the statistics, right?

It is truly disturbing to consider, but many firearms prohibitionists would argue that it would be okay if those “few,” like Nicole, who acted aggressively in self-defense were sacrificed if many others who are killed by abusers who use firearms were “saved.” In their fantasy land, the savage, deranged abusers would magically choose not to kill by all the other means available to them, if only civilian gun possession were permanently prohibited. This is disgusting and ignorant thinking, and it’s getting good women killed.

Some movies should never be re-made. Some cry out for it. Which is this? . . . Death Wish | Official Trailer

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures presents director Eli Roth’s reimagining of the classic 1974 revenge thriller DEATH WISH. Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of Chicago violence when it is rushed into his ER – until his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and college-age daughter (Camila Morrone) are viciously attacked in their suburban home. With the police overloaded with crimes, Paul, burning for revenge, hunts his family’s assailants to deliver justice. As the anonymous slayings of criminals grabs the media’s attention, the city wonders if this deadly vigilante is a guardian angel or a grim reaper. Fury and fate collide in the intense, action-thriller DEATH WISH.

Because it needs doing . . . Why the NRA is going after the media

But then Clinton lost. This was ostensibly good news for the organization, since it meant that even that minor threat to new gun controls was gone. But it also meant that there was no one to push back against.

Or did it? At the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, NRA head Wayne LaPierre gave a remarkable speech during which he offered up a vast, loosely aggregated opposition that was the new threat for gun owners to fear: “leftists,” anarchists, criminals and, of course, “national media machine.”

“For the first time, we also face an enemy utterly dedicated to destroy not just our country, but also Western civilization,” he said — not of foreign invasion, but of liberals and the media.

For those of you trapped in gun-free workplaces:

And yes, this is an actual product.

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  1. Let’s see if a comment actually sticks…

    When it comes to the NRA bit I tend to agree with branching out to other issues. We only have two real parties in this country and one of them truly hates civilian firearms ownership.

    What agenda the Democrats win on is immaterial. If they win they will actively attack the 2A at every level. So yes, fighting them wherever they choose to do battle is a requirement.

    • Every comment I’ve left over the past several days has vaporized. Every one.

      I’m trying under a different name and email account to see if for whatever reason my posts are being auto-deleted for some reason.

      Either way … This is rapidly making me not want to bother with TTAG any more.

      • Your frustration with the TTAG website is understandable. However, TTAG has much more to offer than reader comments.

        • Most of the articles are interesting and / or useful. However, many of the “regulars” in the comments have additional knowledge or insight that I find highly valuable. This may be technical or otherwise specialized knowledge, local insight, sense of humor, etc.. People such as Dyspeptic Gunsmith, Tom in Oregon, and strych9 (whose thread I hijacked) come to mind immediately.

          Part of my concern is that if I’m being deleted, I’d like to know why, as I enjoy the interaction. But others’ comments tell me that other posts are disappearing, and if I find it frustrating, then perhaps so do other regulars whose contributions I value.

          I can live without commenting myself, and am trending towards that out of frustration. If other people stop commenting out of frustration, as well, then the site – to me – loses a major part of its appeal.

      • Michael in GA:



        You’re not being singled out, it’s happened to everyone. You’ll also note that your name and email no longer stay in the fields where they used to. Technical issue.

  2. “Iron Pipeline” is as carefully chosen a term as is “Assault Weapon”. It’s ominous. It’s meant to convey to the reader that the activity is nefart, illegal, immoral and unqcceptable.
    Because guns.
    Compare this chouce of terminology to issues which we see as moral and just – like the “Underground Railroad”

  3. “Some movies should never be re-made. Some cry out for it. Which is this? . . . Death Wish”

    I lived in NYC at the time that Death Wish was set, and crime wasn’t as bad as the movie depicted — it was worse. In 1974, the greater New York area had over 1900 murders that year — and a hundred forcible rapes per week.

    Crime was everywhere, and it was brutal. And it got worse from there. No place was safe, unlike Chicago where the crime is localized. There’s simply no comparison.

    People cheered in the theater when Paul Kersey took his revenge. I don’t think the new movie will have the same effect.

    • The Moms Demand Action version would have Kersey unarmed but passively calling the police and the perps being rounded up within minutes of their criminal behavior.

    • Punisher went over real well. Same basic plot. He was a cop that goes after the cartel after cartel kills family. How many movies are made every year like this? Plenty. So people like them.

      Considering adults seem to watch comic book movies remade a half dozen times my guess is people will like it. Except for progressive that have all ready called it an alt right wet dream. Salon even critized high capacity firearms whatever that is. Like no other movies use guns and high cap mags.

  4. If the dude eats the shark no problem no judgement. If he doesn’t eat the shark, he should be charged with waste of game.

  5. Yes, guns are political–but I am not particularly enamored of the NRA going all conservative mouthpiece. Stick to guns, man. There is plenty of work to be done.

    • I agree. I believe in individual rights which includes abortion and gay rights. The NRA is made up of people with diverse policy views. Our one uniting view is a strong belief in the 2nd amendment. They should stick to that. I’ve been a member for a decade and a life member for a few more. I even dontate several hundred dollars a year to the NRA along with a local Florida group. They risk isolating people like me that have moderate or libertarian views. They could fight for all constitutional rights and usurp the fraudulent liberal ACLU.

        • SCOTUS says you are wrong, unless an amendment has been passed. Has anyone even suggested that during the past 40 years? No, because everyone knows it would not pass. Get over yourself.

        • And that is your opinion and your entitled too it…..

          I don’t share it, and that’s ok.

          I believe in abortion and support “Late Term” abortions all the way into the 300th trimester and later…..

      • “I believe in individual rights which includes abortion and gay rights.”
        Conflating these two isn’t quite right.
        Gay rights? No one is actually hurt.
        Abortion? Someone dies.

        • No no, don’t you see? If a woman wants a baby, it’s a human life and killing her is a double homicide. If she DOESN’T want it, well, then it’s just a bundle of cells!

          The scientific left.

      • (I made a longer version of this comment before but it got nuked)
        I’d advise you to look at exactly what the fight is over these days.

        It’s not about the right to hire a doctor for an abortion, it’s about forcing pro-life people to pay for it with their tax dollars.
        It’s not about the right to have sex or live with someone of the same gender, it’s about forcing people to say nice things about it and/or force them involuntarily into service contracts because there’s a universal right to wedding cakes and professional photography.

        I, too, am pro-choice and pro-gay-marriage, but those fights have been won, and my stomach turns at the new frontiers the modern left is pushing towards.

  6. Wayne is right…oh golly I want a Bullet Board ?MAYBE someone will see my remarks…

  7. Hollywood out of original scripts? How many times can you redo King Kong , Godzilla, and now Death Wish? What is next? We start remaking Elvis films? There are some films that could use a retry: this is not one of them.

  8. Anyone else notice the “black rifle” was automatic in the preview? How much you want to bet they call it an AR?

  9. Iron Pipeline
    Making something scarce raises the price.
    Arbitrage is the mechanism that makes things flow from low cost abundance to high price scarcity.
    Make it difficult to buy guns even legally and WTF direction do you expect the iron pipeline to flow.

  10. Old comment got nuked: Interesting the Bladetech and Concealable Walls product placement in the new Deathwish. I wonder if they had to sign off on that, and, if so, if they were provided with some evidence that their products and banners wouldn’t show up in an anti-2a hit piece.

  11. In regards the “abortion” issue:
    So I have always believed that an abortion or termination or whatever phrase is used to describe a pregnancy—should be the choice of the gestating parent. If the mother wishes to eliminate the foreign-body, then that should be HER decision. Not a decision made by morally-deficient persons in a court or a state or national legislature.

    I really wish there were a convenient medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy, yet transfer the fetus to another gestating methodology. This would eliminate all the BS hype about “killing”, and allow the fetus to be “carried-to-term” in a healthy manner.

    On the other hand, abortion has been a useful method of eliminating from the overall gene-pool, of precisely the genetic strains that promote rape, incest, discrimination and other abuses. No child?—no promotion of an anti-societal gene line. Pretty simple.

  12. If you go get data to “prove” something you’ve picked ahead of time, the data usually “proves” that, proving nothing.

  13. “Would Gun-Banners Rather Nicole Carney Had Been Murdered?”

    Is this a real question? Of course they would. Better she be murdered than some poor criminal be denied his or her day in court.


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