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In the first Aussie turn in since Port Arthur . . . Thousands of guns handed over in Australia amnesty

More than 6,000 guns have been surrendered in Australia’s most populous state in just one month, police said Tuesday, after fears of terrorism and an influx of illegal firearms sparked a national amnesty.

The government said in June it believed there were as many as 260,000 illicit weapons on the streets, and with the threat of extremist attacks and a spate of gangland shootings, it wanted to minimise the danger.

Among the weapons handed over in New South Wales were four SKS assault rifles, a 9mm homemade sub-machine gun, a Colt AR-15 rifle, M1 carbine and a .44 calibre magnum revolver, state police said.

In total, some 1,700 rifles, 460 shotguns and nearly 200 handguns were surrendered to police and dealers, while thousands of others were handed in for registration.

NYC considers this a feature, not a bug . . . Stossel: NYC Government Traumatizes Gun Owners

If you have a gun, don’t fly out of New York with it! Almost every week, New York City arrests someone who brings a gun to the airport–even when the person has a gun license from their state, notifies authorities about the gun and follows TSA procedures for flying with it. John Stossel interviews people who were arrested and confronts the assistant district attorney who prosecutes them.

Another stolen fed’s gun used in a crime . . . Family Of Slain Muralist Sues ICE Over Stolen Gun

The July 2015 killing of Kate Steinle with a federal agent’s stolen gun grabbed national headlines, as is often the case when the victim is an attractive white woman. Far less attention was paid to another murder two months later, when 27-year-old Antonio Ramos was shot while working on a mural under the 580 overpass in West Oakland and the assailant’s gun turned out to be stolen from an ICE agent’s car. That case quickly faded from public attention, but the family won’t let tragedy pass without a fight. This week they sued the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for wrongful death in a San Francisco federal district court, KQED reports.

The Ramos family has previously filed an administrative claim against ICE in 2016 for “fail[ing] to train their employees” to “follow mandatory regulations, policies and/or procedures for securing and storing a firearm,” but ICE rejected that claim in February. Alleged assailant Marquise Holloway had prior felonies and was not eligible for a gun permit, but happened upon this particular firearm sitting in plain view in an ICE agent’s rental car in San Francisco.


The whole “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” thing as internet commentary got old ages ago, but was it ever more apropos? . . . Woman shot in vagina in sex game gone wrong

David Jeffers, 47, fled from a Manchester hotel leaving his partner dying on a bed after a loaded shotgun, which was inserted into her vagina, was mistakenly fired.

The 46 year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had informed her partner of her sexual desires via text message a few days prior to the incident, which left her with life changing injuries to her bladder and female reproductive organs, with one message saying: “I can’t sleep, so excited.”

The victim, who worked as a manager in Stockport, Greater Manchester, had arranged and paid for Jeffers to stay with her at the Britannia Hotel on the evening of January 30 where the couple consumed drink and drugs before engaging in sexual activity.

Sometime after, Jeffers, who lives in Harehills, Leeds, inserted the loaded shotgun, which he claims to have found in the toilet of the Wetherspoon’s pub at Leeds train station, into her genital area where it is agreed his hand was on the trigger at the time it went off.


Survival of the Fittest—Riflescope durability and performance testing

Riflescope failure is not an option for serious hunters and shooters which is why at Nikon, we Build for it. We Test for it. To make sure that we Surpass all performance expectations. Watch this video to see how.

This is on the graphic side . . . Man Gets Fatally Shot by Police After Using Woman as Human Shield

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis on Friday released dash camera video of a deadly shootout that happened in front of a White Horse Road funeral home last month. During a news conference, Lewis said deputies fired shots after responding to a 911 call on July 14 of an armed man chasing a woman and firing shots at her, Lewis said. Authorities said the suspect, identified as Ramiro Bravo Ramirez, 34, shot Candy Rosario, 25, as she ran across White Horse Road. According to Lewis, Ramirez began firing at deputies as soon as they arrived on scene at the parking lot of the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home on 6710 White Horse Road in the Berea community. Lewis described the incident as a “domestic violence case” and said he didn’t think the shooting could have been prevented. He said the two may have been in a relationship.

“Mr. Ramirez was going to shoot the victim,” Lewis said. “Nothing was going to stop him from doing that. He came to do battle that day.” Lewis said Ramirez had two magazines and reloaded his gun during the course of the gun fight. Ramirez also used Rosario’s body as a barricade to prevent from being shot, Lewis said. “‘He came with the intention to kill that woman,” the sheriff said. A total of nine deputies exchanged fire with Ramirez, Lewis said. The deputies were placed on administrative leave and were reinstated to full duty July 25. “After an internal investigation was completed through our the Office of Professional Responsibility, it was determined protocols of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office were met, and there were no policy violations,” Lewis said.

It will cost you if you take your mohaska to Canuckistan . . . Americans crossing into Canada carrying guns with ‘alarming frequency’

Six Americans have been charged with bringing handguns across the New Brunswick border so far this summer, as a Canadian prosecutor says it’s proving difficult to let otherwise law-abiding people know they can’t bring firearms on vacation.

“The offences continue to occur with alarming frequency during the summer months,” federal prosecutor Peter Thorn said from Hampton, N.B.

Five men — three from Florida, two from New England — pleaded guilty and were fined between $1,500 and $2,000, he said.

Doctor tried buying rifle before fatally jumping from parking garage at Bronx hospital where he once worked

A doctor suffering from depression tried to buy a shotgun and then drove to a Bronx hospital where he used to work. Then he leaped to his death in a case eerily reminiscent of a fatal shooting last month at another hospital in the borough.

After Dr. Gabriel Goodwin killed himself at Montefiore Medical Center on Friday, police found in his car a large knife, a trench coat and a receipt that indicates he tried to buy a shotgun earlier that day, police sources said.

Detectives are trying to figure out whether Goodwin, 35, was going to storm Montefiore, but have yet to find evidence that was his intent, sources said.

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  1. If you do want to visit Canada with your firearms, you’ll want to check up on this page- the RCMP has a guide on how to do it:

    The only really tricky part is what makes a revolver prohib vs a semi-auto pistol in terms of barrel length and how it is measured (a semi includes the chamber for the purposes of the measurement). Also, be careful with your magazine capacity (there’s a reason 1911s are popular).

    • But you MUST have a specific reason to bring into Canada, actually talked to them. Going to a shooting competition, a gun smith and other very specific reasons. Quote: You may not carry a handgun in Canada for personal protection. I thought that you just had to declare and fill out form, NOT so. Call their toll free number for clarification.

  2. I’m amazed the poor woman wasn’t killed. Seeing a LOT of skipping rounds. I know firefights are dicey as hell, and none more so than when the attacker has a human shield. But it doesn’t look like all of them were good enough marksman to even be shooting at him. Clearly at least one of them was, because that bastard got aced. But holy shit… know your limits, guys. Wow.

    Also, in that picture up top, some of those “turned in” firearms looks suspiciously like airsoft guns… which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Unscrupulous individuals trying to pad their bust and make it look like they took some really scary looking (to gun muggles, as in most of Australia at this point) guns off the street. Plus, it would serve the additional benefit of making things like this look necessary, because, “Oh my God! Look at the kind of hardware just floating around out there! Almighty and benevolent State, please save us from the horror of inanimate pieces of metal, polymer, and/or wood!”

    • I think that was just a display they set up to make things look more impressive.

      There’s a Lewis, a MG34, Browning .30 and .50, etc.. that’s a display of military arms from WWII forward and has exactly nothing to do with the turn-in.

      • Even in the case, we have a Vietnam era M16 with an M203 launcher an MP5 and another M16 with some sort of FLIR/nightvision optic…not exactly things you see from your average gangbanger.

  3. ” A doctor suffering from depression tried to buy a shotgun and then drove to a Bronx hospital where he used to work. Then he leaped to his death…”

    See how gun control, I mean, “common sense gun laws”, prevented a gun violence fatality?
    So what if he’s still dead and there’s nothing left worth sticking in a casket for a funeral, we prevented gun violence, and that’s all that matters…right? …right?

  4. And I thought nobody would ever find a way to top the idiot here in the USA who shoved a sawsall blade into a silicone phallus before shoving both into his wife…congrats, Jeffers, you’re officially the dumbest F*** on the planet…

    • What, no perjury charges for the woman who reported it as attempted murder before eventually admitting she asked him to do it, after he produced proof of it?

      • If it makes you feel better she had a shotgun go off INSIDE of her. I wonder what gauge we’re talking here.

        • Sounds like a sawed-off, or some sort of muzzleloading pistol…but he made sure that piece of evidence disappeared.
          The fact that she was alive and talking suggests that it had low muzzle velocity, low pellet payload, or more likely both…
          Maybe a sawed off .410 or 28 gauge? But even an 8″ barrel would do massive damage, one would think.

        • Indeed. High time for vagina caliber wars. I can’t see how this was 12 gauge buck or slug. Even light bird shot. Meanwhile, what’s the best caliber for vagina?

        • Vagina caliber wars? 12 ga will get the girls talking about the (lack thereof) size of your manhood.

          Definitely calls for a punt gun….

        • I mean most girls would be dead from even a .410 but maybe this lady was sorta ‘accustomed’ to it and can survive 12ga…

  5. I see the spineless Aussies were allowed by their gracious goverment to turn in some more evil guns…what a bunch of pussies.

    • Doesn’t it make perfect sense?
      Criminality rates are rising, terrorist threats are rising, illegal immigrants flowing in and endangering our culture!
      What to do, what to do?
      I know! Let’s give up our firearms and get ourselves even more defenseless. That will help for sure.

  6. So you’re officially “safer” against Moose-lim thugs by turning your guns in or “registration”? Makes sense😜😜😜😜😜😜 Dunno’ what to say about shotgun cooter…I’m somewhat surprised she’s alive.

    • The thought process in that Australian news article absolutely boggles my mind. The people who used the amnesty are not the ones whose guns anyone needed to worry about.

      Well, wait a minute, I think I see how this works. Terror is a subjective emotional state, so if you’re terrified of guns, then seeing people get rid of them could lessen your sense of terror. Doesn’t make it any less likely that a terrorist will do violence to the Aussies (or any less terrifying to the defenseless people they’re going to kill), but hey, at least the sheeple will feel better about themselves in the meantime…

      • I kinda liked the observation that 260,000 were on the loose, 6,000 were turned in, we’re all so safe now!

  7. What’s that on the tripod in the Australian turn-in pic?

    An M-60?

    What a moron for turning it in.

    That’s *exactly* what you want around if the grabbers start a-grabbin’

    • On the right of the picture on tri pods are 2 brownings. One .30 cal and the other .50 cal. On the left of the picture on a tripod is a Bren Gun. On bi pods behind him are a Lewis gun, and at least 2 more Brens.

      One gun looks like an mg34 but I can’t see it well enough to be sure.

    • I’m gonna go with publicity stunt guns, merely there to show the sheeple ‘how dangerous it is out there’, or some such bullshit.

      I can’t see anyone who actually has one turning it in.

  8. Did Greenville police actually shoot both the man and the woman, killing them both? Looks like the woman was alive and covering her ears when they let loose on her and the man. Didn’t appear they gave a shit about the woman or even noticed her reaching out.

    Did they blur the video so you can’t see the officers’ bullets impacting the women? She died of a head shot, but it doesn’t appear she was shot in the head before the police started shooting. Seems like the part of the shooting that would show the shot to her head was edited to obfuscate it. To put it simply, looks like the cops are the ones who actually fired the kill shot.

    • The news reports say that it was a domestic violence case and that the perp shot the woman (his partner) who died soon after at the hospital. Apparently then he shot himself. That’s what the news is reporting so whether that’s true or not, I’ll leave that up to you.

  9. This “guns on the streets” BS really irks me. The guns are not “on the streets”. They are locked in safes or other secure storage containers.

  10. There comes a time when voters must be held accountable for their lack of vision. Stick a fork in NYC and Australia.

  11. As a former resident of NY, I can fully empathize with those two in the Stossel video. But, it also sounds like they both just flat-out failed to look into the gun laws of the state they were traveling to, and that’s on them. Still though, NY does suck hard.

    • I would think that compliance with FOPA should protect them, but apparently no one in NYC has heard of it. (Same is true, so I’ve heard., for NJ and Maryland). The way NYC plays this game is that no one can check a firearm at a NYC airport unless they have a NYC license to possess that firearm, and that is entirely bogus. AAnd no matter what the prosecutor says, this is not a NY STATE game, this is a special exemption demanded and received by NYC representatives that allow it “home rule.” But home rule does not trump federal law.

      • She was not “just passing through” so she was not protected by FOPA. She stayed in NYC with the handgun. I support her right to do so, and we need mandatory national reciprocity to enforce that right, but under the current rules she was screwed. I don’t know what to think about the guy. Who travels with an empty AR magazine in his suitcase, to NYC no less? I can think of a lot of reasons he might, like in fact he was dropping off some 30 rounders to friends and relatives who live in NYC (a good thing in my mind, but illegal there), and thought that he could take the 10 rounder (?) back to Atlanta. I guarantee you that is what the NYPD thought was going on.

  12. In light of fears of terrorism Australia offers amnesty? AMNESTY???

    What were the terrorists offering?

    F Australia.

    When your down, beaten and bleeding, your men are wounded and out of ammo and water and the enemy offers peaceable surrender, there’s only one thing to do.

    The evil (D) needs a little LESS amnesty, Trump’s DOJ is running cover for the past POS Ohole admin holdovers that HAVE TO FING GO. We need the POS Hillary sh_t broken back open, drag in Loretta Lynch, Comey, Server Scandal. We gotta get Lynch, Podesta, Panetta, and Hillary’s bitch Bill to answer for the FBI hide and fing seek meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix.

    No more fing amnesty.

    President Trump said we needed to drain the swamp and the rest of D.C. proved him right. Get that sh_t hole drained all fing ready.

    • Unfortunately for Trump, the swamp is fighting back. And like most swamps, it is filled with dangerous creatures with sharp teeth and venomous fangs. The latest ploy is really cute. First they asked Pence if he was thinking about a run in 2020 against Trump, which he denied, which was quickly followed up with “nameless sources” suggesting that he is doing just that. The purpose is to drive a wedge between Pence and Trump, and to try to discredit Pence long before he even thinks about making such a move.

      • Ya, Mueller (should have recused himself for his ties to Comey, but instead) raided Manafort’s residence. It’s all bullshit, plus the fake poll numbers out there claiming Trump is less popular than when he was elected and that’s not the case but the broke d1<k (R) are going to try to use his fake slumping numbers to explain why everybody hates them and could care Fing less if they get elected because their worse than the evil (D)head at the moment.

        Don't get buoyed by my comments evil POS (D) if I hate our guys, just think how little I think of you.

        D R A I N

        T H E

        S W A M P

        M A G A

      • I keep asking myself, if I was worth $10 billion, and was trying to do the right thing making the country better, and catching all the shit that Trump is for all his effort, why in the flaming hell would I even run for a second term? If he comes to his senses, I hope Pence is ready to step in.

        • Trump seems to have plans that won’t fit in to 4 years and maybe not even be contained with a capping 2nd term. Let’s just hope his term(s) outlive a lot of the leftover POS (D) Woodstock generation and they retire first.

  13. the one line that got me from the Aussie gun grabber story is this one!

    “We’ve also received more than 110 prohibited weapons including samurai swords, knives, and other edged weapons,” Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Hoffman said.””

    Who want to make a book that there is a maybe, that one of the blades turned in is a classic Samurai blade and worth thousands or millions to the right buyer???

    But toss it into the :BLAST furnace with all the butter knives we got off the street!

  14. just as Rosa explained I am alarmed that anyone can earn $5494 in a few weeks on the internet . try thisᴵᴵᴵᴵᴵᴵᴵᴵ

  15. We like to mock federales who lose their sidearms, but this suit needs to fail and needs to be declared frivolous.
    It would set a bad precedent for all gun owners who had a weapon stolen then used to murder someone.

  16. Michael in Georgia,
    I disagree with you.
    He left his gun in plain sight in a car
    Anything left in a car is one broken window away from being stolen
    As a government employee, the requirements should be that the government should supply him with a lock box locked to the floor of his car to put the gun in when he’s forced to leave the gun in the car (Private citizens would be well advised to lock their firearm in a lock box chained to the car or attached to it when they leave a gun in the car as well )
    For government employees with a government issued gun this should be a requirement

    • No no no, “plain sight” doesn’t mean the cops could look through the window and see it, it just means they didn’t have to move anything.

      If you had total solar eclipse viewing window tint on your windows but your weapon was under the lip of your front seat, that would be plain sight.

      Regardless of any other charges, this is a POS gun-grab and the cops are becoming the enemy, by doing the dirty work.

      If they think they are protecting us from anything, just know that we ramp up our own protections against them every time this occurs.

  17. “Sometime after, Jeffers, who lives in Harehills, Leeds, inserted the loaded shotgun, which he claims to have found in the toilet of the Wetherspoon’s pub at Leeds train station, into her genital area where it is agreed his hand was on the trigger at the time it went off.”

    This paragraph has about 6 levels of escalating WTF.

  18. “Doctor tried buying rifle before fatally jumping from parking garage at Bronx hospital”

    Quick fix — limit all parking structures to a single story in height. If it saves one doctor . . . .


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