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Hope he isn’t counting on the endorsement of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis any time soon  . . . Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn proposes disarming police of guns

State Representative and Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn is calling for major policing changes, proposing to take away guns from the majority of officers.

Dehn is one of several candidates running to beat current Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges in the fall.

He recently won the support of voters at the Democratic Farmer Labor convention and now his call to disarm police of their side guns is garnering major attention.

“I’m not saying they don’t have access to that, just like they have access to more lethal weapons in their cars, I would believe they would still have access to their guns in their cars,” said Dehn.

The fat lady has yet to actually sing, but she’s warming up . . . Chance for Constitutional Carry in Texas

Texas has been getting a bit of press lately for a new law that allows any resident over the age of 18 to openly carry knives with blades longer than 5.5 inches in public, but one lawmaker is pushing a new bill during a special session that offers a glimmer of hope for constitutional firearms carry in the Lone Star State. . . .

During the regular session, a similar bill, also backed by Stickland, failed to make it to the floor before Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss called for a close.

Oops . . . Secret Service special officer accidentally shoots himself while on duty

A Secret Service special officer on Tuesday afternoon accidentally shot himself and is hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, according to the agency.

A news release from the Secret Service said a special officer assigned to the Washington field office accidentally discharged his weapon while on duty.

The incident has been referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility for further review.

Is it us, or do they sound almost sad that there haven’t been any incidents? . . .  Campus carry: No problems so far at UT-Austin. What does that prove?

University of Texas police responded to four gun-related incidents in the past 12 months, but only one — involving a photo shoot for a newspaper — can be tied to the controversial state law permitting students to carry concealed handguns in most campus buildings.

Campus carry went into effect Aug. 1, about two weeks before the fall semester opened at UT. Opponents of Senate Bill 11 feared there would be a rise in gun-related violence at the campus.

But as the one-year anniversary approaches, those concerns have been unfounded.

Told ya so, say pro-gun activists.

Here comes the PETA patrol . . . Anti-Hunting Group Sues for Right to Harass Hunters

Joseph Brown, a documentarian and assistant professor of digital media and performing arts at Marquette University, has been documenting the work of Wolf Patrol, a conservation movement to support the recovery of gray wolves and promote co-existence with wolves and other predators, according to the suit.

Brown wants to continue filming Wolf Patrol’s work and has a continued interest in documenting hunter activity on public land. Wolf Patrol searches for hunters violating hunting laws and documents hunting activity. Now he says he chooses not to because of his fear of civil and criminal liability under the statute.

The new law imposes criminal and civil penalties against anyone found “interfer[ing] or attempt[ing] to interfere with lawful hunting, fishing or trapping,” according to the complaint. The activists say the law suppresses the speech and expression of ideas of those opposed to hunting.

There’s a lot more dividing us than just an ocean . . . Brits Vs. Guns

When a soft target is hit (by terrorists in the US), the numbers of gun sales and carry permit applications soar. This is a country in which self-reliance is still cherished.

Is it cherished in Britain, a nation that has been on the front lines of late? In this area, no, it is not. I traveled back to my home country just after the latest terror attack to cover the recent elections. While there, I put Noble’s idea to my family and friends, and was met with the sort of incredulous, mouth-agape reaction that I’d expect if I had suggested invading Norway with just a pocket square for protection. “If these attacks become quotidian,” I asked, “do you think that the British will need to rethink guns?” The answers: No, no, no, no and no. Indeed, my interlocutors could scarcely have been more emphatic if I’d advised them to buy a fighter jet.

And along those lines . . . London police given 1,000 acid response kits after surge in attacks

Acting Det Supt Mike West, the Met’s lead officer for corrosive-based crime, told the Evening Standard: “These are life-changing injuries. While the volumes in comparison with knife and gun crime are small, the injuries are a life sentence for victims.

“I am confident that we are stepping up our response to this crime and we are looking for a safer way to identify some of the substances on the streets. So you might be walking down the street with what appears to be a bottle of Lucozade, but officers will now be testing you to establish what is in that bottle.”

Hey, it can’t hurt . . . Kansas City Is Looking Toward Its Barbershops to Curb Gun Violence and Give Youth Guidance

While there certainly is no magic formula to ending a multifaceted problem like gun violence, the Kansas City community has decided it’s time to give grassroots action a try.

As part of Operation Ceasefire, eight barbershops in the area remained open for 24 hours over the weekend. Their goal? Give kids free hair cuts and more importantly, free advice.

This is the second annual Operation Ceasefire, and organizer Ronell Bailey told NBC News affiliate KSHB that he got the idea to use barbershops to curb the murderous “epidemic” from the film “Barbershop: The Next Cut.”

Nice shooting, kid (just don’t get cocky) . . . Bamberg’s Ahlin makes U.S. National Open men’s shotgun team

There was a time when Alexander “Alex” Ahlin of Bamberg carried a shotgun and it looked too big for him to handle.

But that was seven years and a few thousand shattered skeet shooting targets ago. Now Ahlin has grown up quite a bit and, as of this month, has a medal from national competition to prove he knows how to handle a shotgun quite well.

As of last week’s USA Shooting National Championships for Shotgun in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the 15-year-old has qualified for a spot on the U.S. National Open men’s shotgun team.

Ahlin broke 244 of 250 targets in the qualification rounds of the national championships through the weekend of July 16, which advanced him to the men’s open finals in men’s skeet. Then to finish the four days of competition, it took a shootoff in the final round on Monday, July 17, in which Ahlin edged out Robert Johnson of Phoenix, Arizona, by a 10-9 score.

Seriously though, congrats and good luck.

Yeah, we can be funny that way . . . Gun owners up in arms over possible restrictions

Princeton residents Brian Cristman and Phoebe Moore of Bigelow Road were concerned after hearing gunfire close to their homes.

“I’m a hunter and not interested in taking anyone’s guns away, but I’m not interested in living next door to automatic gunfire,” said Cristman, adding that he was concerned about whether the activity was being done 500 feet away from dwellings and roads. “There are small children and horse farms in the neighborhood.”

Moore said she also respects the neighbor’s rights to own guns “but neighbors should be protected from noise and danger,” she said, adding that the sounds were “extremely loud and alarming.”

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  1. They want the right to interfere with a legal activity? Wow. let’s play by their rules. It’s legal for them to drive on public roads to get to the hunting areas. I want the right to shoot their tires out and strand them in the woods.

    Intefering with a legal activity. Ain’t that sorta like a crime?

  2. Dehn truly has a mental disorder. Disarm the police and open them up to being murdered and ambushed to the nth degree. Nobody will listen to or respect the police since they have no means to stop them from their crimes. I can see it now, “please stop raping and murdering that nice lady until I can go to my car and ask permission to take my gun out to stop you” or “please don’t kidnap that child until my supervisor authorizes my getting my gun to get you to release the poor child”. Yup, that will work just awesome, won’t it.

    • 1) The police owe respect to the citizens. We do not owe respect to the police.
      2) The police write reports, they don’t stop crimes.
      3) Citizens should be armed, not government employees.
      4) Better 1000 cops die than one innocent citizen be harmed by a cop.

      Citizen’s lives matter, cop’s lives don’t.

      • You are so wrong, I’m betting you can’t offer a cogent argument to a single one of those ludicrous assertions.

      • Exactly this. The amount of cop worship in this country is incredible. A cops life is not more valuable then the citizens they serve. They knew the risks when they took the job.

        • You must be referencing “Better 1000 cops die than one innocent citizen be harmed by a cop” your argument is about 999 short. Accounting for 1/10 of 1 percent of a comparison is not a cogent argument.

          You don’t like cop worshippers, me neither, but most cop bashers make me wanna puke. Every time a cop does something wrong or makes a mistake, or even if some half-ass wanna be INSINUATES that a cop screwed up, a bunch of opinion ninjas and tactical easy chair experts come outta the wood work slamming ALL cops for the behavior of a few; USUALLY without sufficient facts to reach a reasonable conclusion. They are no better informed and probably even less intelligent than the libitards who claim that all gun owners are violent lunatics because a few people commit violence with guns.

          Anyone who believes they could do a better job than even half of police officers currently on duty should quit their whining,put their money where their mouth is and sack-up, ruck-up, pin on a shield and PROVE IT.

      • 1) Citizenship is a requirement to become an LEO
        2) Citizens need guns.
        3) Therefore, cops need guns.

        Does “hoist by your own petard” mean anything to you? No? What about “own goal?”

        • I’d just say that cops should be subject to the same requirements as other citizens.

          • “I’d just say that cops should be subject to the same requirements as other citizens.”

            And the same liabilities.
            If/when they shoot someone, there should be a (supposedly) unbiased investigation. If that means by the next higher department to minimize favoritism, so be it.

    • The number of people that will disregard a cops “authority” simply because he doesn’t have a gun is pretty small. How about you, are you going to tell an unarmed cop that pulled you over to take a flying leap simply because he doesn’t have a sidearm on him?

      Not really sure how I feel about this. My sister lives there, in a pretty shady neighborhood (and she’s not big on guns, not quite the hoplophobe my mother is but at least she’s with a former Army Ranger so that makes me feel slightly better) and she’s cavalier as fuck about it. “It’s just the gangs that are shooting each other, I’m not in a gang so I don’t have to worry about it” she tells me.

      • If police, armed or not, were doing their supposed job, why are there gangs shooting the place up? Why would any citizen not be completely safe under the protection of governmental employees? The police are a panacea for the masses to make them feel safe in a world that is inherently unsafe, police or not. Since a oppressive government doesn’t want an armed populace, so there can be no percussion to their tyranny, they created the fallacy of police to protect the public. Originally the military handled such activity. Disarming the police and arming the public would be a much better solution, not perfect, but better.

    • Hmmmm…. I’m trying to think of any case where the police show up in time to prevent a rape or a kidnapping. Not coming up with much at all.

      The person responsible for defending their lives and children are the individuals involved, not the police. In fact, the police have no obligation to protect anyone, or to stop any crime in progress, though they might of course – armed or otherwise.

      Armed peace officers would be the responsibility of the community that hired them, for whatever good might be done, but nothing can replace the necessary responsibility of the individual.

  3. They need to conduct a grand experiment and disarm the police in very blue states and see what happens.

    • This dingleberry and folk like comrade more dead soldiers would love to see the local cops removed. They know that in just a short time the soccer moms and other folk will be crying for the police.

      At which point some left leaning looney pol in DC will push for a national paramilitary style police force. To save all those citizens crying out for salvation.

      And they would get it to. “Local policing has proven to be a disaster. We in Washington know what’s best. Meat the new, national trooper.”

      • Okay, I know it’s probably a typo that passes the smell checker, but that last line is a great image!

        • Yeah, I fucked up. But in my defense, I fuck up quite a bit when it comes to spelling and grammar.

          Is that really a defense?

      • Awww, you felt the need to name drop. 🙂

        I do find it amusing that you defend local police criminality by citing the specter of federal police criminality. It is as if asking local police to behave properly is just too darn hard. Then you further assume that critics of local police have some ulterior motive to federalize local police. Just because you are incapable of holding intellectually coherent beliefs (i.e. American police and government agents at all levels have systemic problems regarding the use of force), doesn’t mean other people are as mentally crippled as you.

        Anyways, many first world police do not issue handguns to all cops and they do just fine. I know the bootlicker crowd will bring up the unique existence of armed American criminals operating in big cities, but then bootlickers are also ignorant on the uniquely American legal/political system which has a knack of creating violent black markets. Dialectic and historical analysis is far too difficult for bootlickers.

        • Please feel free to apply for the unarmed law enforcement officer position. I can almost guarantee you that you will be hired as there won’t be a lot of applicants.

        • Unique existence of armed criminals? Are you retarded? Criminals across the world are armed. With various weapons to include guns. Even in Britain and Japan. Remember the daesh bags you cheered on as they executed unarmed cops in France?

        • comrade more dead soldiers is on record as claiming communist soldiers are freedom fighters. And then he talks of American police being criminal and brutal.

          Priceless. We need better trolls here.

        • “I can almost guarantee you that you will be hired as there won’t be a lot of applicants.”

          And this is a problem how? Maybe if politicians have problem hiring cops they might actually re-evaluate their social engineering projects which have created the violent black markets to begin with.

          “Okay well feel free to eliminate those black markets first.”

          Tell that to the politicians, whom the cops willfully and voluntarily dispense violence for.

          “Unique existence of armed criminals? Are you retarded? Criminals across the world are armed. With various weapons to include guns. Even in Britain and Japan.”

          No, you are retarded. The armed criminal (armed being firearm, as per the topic at hand, stop moving goalposts) is still a rarity in the first world. Even in the US a significant number of crimes are committed without guns, hence the bootlicker argument of police needing guns to deal with the wild west is questionable to begin with.

          “Remember the daesh bags you cheered on as they executed unarmed cops in France?”

          Quote me. Pro-tip: you can’t.

          “comrade more dead soldiers is on record as claiming communist soldiers are freedom fighters. And then he talks of American police being criminal and brutal.”

          Yes, they can be. Just like how American police can be criminal and brutal. Ramparts, anyone? Just as I said earlier, the bootlicker is mentally incapable of any sort of logical dialectic or analysis. Thank you for illustrating that point yet again. 🙂

        • “Tell that to the politicians, whom the cops willfully and voluntarily dispense violence for.”

          I’m assuming you’re talking about the drug war and I’m not a particularly strong advocate for or against it. But you would think that you would be out there ‘telling’ it to politicians instead of on the internet railing against the downstream effects of it.

        • No it is not about the drug war. The tactics used in the persecution of the drug war is merely a consequence of a decades long effort by police lobbying for things like: a two-tier legal system for use of force, special legal privileges for investigations into cops (police bills of rights), advocating for an incestuous review system for use of force between themselves and district attorneys (no external civilian review), and using code enforcement for revenue extraction.

          Libertarians have been at the forefront of advocating against everything I mentioned above, in all forums (including the internet). Guess who are the richest political lobbyists fighting for those things? That’s right, cops and their cheerleaders. Maybe you ought to get out there and resist the police unions instead of licking their boots.

    • They need to leave high crime areas to rot. Let these people enjoy the utopia they created or tacitly allowed. Gotta flush the toilet bowl every now and then.

      Set up a containment perimeter to keep them from infecting surrounding areas, and the entire problem solves itself for far less money and man hours.

      • Sounds like a movie I saw years ago–but as I recall, the residents seemed to have flourished in their law-free utopia, seemingly well fed and well armed.

      • That’s what Europe has done with it’s immigrant muslim communities.
        Except the containment isn’t very rigorous.
        Most folks posting here will live to see Sharia Law rule Europe.

    • I do like the idea of law enforcement having to submit to the same firearms laws as the locale they’re in. LE in very blue areas would probably flip red real quick.

      • I agree!!! …and the men in blue should have to follow the same safety rules we are required to follow: no pointing a loaded weapon at someone unless you intend to shoot them. Why are the police allowed to point guns at us, as a method of intimidation, when their lives are not at stake and they have no real intention of shooting? But if a citizen points a gun at a LEO, even unloaded, it is a crime. Look at situations like the Bundy Ranch standoff, the Ferguson riots, the Boston Marathon lock-down, etc, etc, and etc. They should also be responsible for their stray bullets…again, just like civilians are. Maybe then they might put a little time into target practice and stop the semi-auto version of “spray and pray”. They should be responsible for when they kick down the wrong door and kill innocent people, which has happened way too many times. Sometimes they even get a medal for doing it. And then there is the issue of shooting and killing people’s pets…like dangerous Corgi’s (I “feared for my life” due to a Corgi ?…please, it’s just sanctioned cruelty). “Qualified immunity” and police unions both need some reining in.
        But, then, I forgot, … “some animals are more equal than others.”
        (Sorry for the bad attitude and definite lack of respect for most LEOs and LEO departments. Note I’m old and it didn’t start out this way. I know society can’t live without LE, but some accountability and reform are needed.)

        • A news story from today, no less — Thursday, Jul 27th 2017, story: “Mississippi police shoot dead 41-year-old mechanic ‘while serving a warrant at the WRONG address'”

        • Why do you think that “society” couldn’t live without police? What is your definition of “society” anyway? 🙂

          I have lived for 71 years without need of any police, coming or going. I suspect lots of us do the same.

          And as for corgis… I have one that would tear your hand off if you reached into my car when I wasn’t there. For some strange reason, he seldom even barks if people come to the door. I wonder if he figures that home defense is my job, since I’m the one who carries a gun. 🙂

  4. Persons caught with a bottle of acid disguised as a drink should be given the choice of drinking it or having a enema with it. Convicted acidizers should get the same punishment option.
    In Britain, eventually, throwing acid on a person will end up being treated as a cherished cultural expression.

    • Acid attacks already are a cherished cultural expression in Arabic Muslim society. They’ve had a tradition of throwing acid at women’s faces since the middle ages. Burkas are a form of self-defense.

    • Why do that when the option of stopping and hassling everyone is on the table? After all, you can’t just stop the usual suspects, that would be stereotyping and profiling lol.

      Give a government the option to solve a problem, or use it as an excuse to oppress everyone, and they’ll take the second option ten times out of ten.

    • Hmmm… Acid enema, there’s one I hadn’t thought of as a just desserts punishment for that kind of cowardice.
      *slow clap*

  5. So, was this “Special” officer one who got to work by riding on the short-bus? “Cuz it kinda sounds that way to me.

    • “Specials” are usually people who are technically police but only have the jurisdiction of a particular (often federal) property as opposed to federal agents or regular officers who have nation-wide jurisdiction over federal crimes.

      In essence, they’re security guards.

  6. Will the Brits need to rethink guns? Yes. They absolutely will, and already do need to (see: acid attacks, Islam). But they won’t.

    • My only hope is that, the next time Great Britain faces an existential threat, the United States (finally) has the wisdom to let that pathetic island perish.

      Good riddance to a sick, suicidal culture.

  7. I know plenty of Brits who like firearms. Their the ones who left!

    Duck hunters get harassed every opening day by the same few idiots. If we were as violent as they claim the would have been shot years ago.

    • Yeah, I’m acquainted with a couple here in DFW. Great guys. They were smart enough and skilled enough to see the writing on the wall and GTFO.

  8. How about just firing and prosecuting the officers who do abuse their power? No paid leave, no special treatment. Of course that involves fellow officers stopping the bad ones in their ranks, which I’m not holding my breath for.

    That makes too much sense though, doesn’t it. Instead, we’ll take their guns away, because, as we all know a gun turns a normal, peaceful person into a violent anti-social. Same ‘ole same ‘ole from the anti-gun crowd, blame the gun and ignore the real problem

  9. You have to be a special kind of retardo to harass guys with guns. I mean they could SHOOT you and claim it was because you didn’t have orange on…don’t be surprised if Minnesota goes full idiot. They elected Stuart Smalley as senator and and Jesse The Azzwhole Ventura. Oh and Trump is President-ANYTHING can happen!

  10. That shotgun competitor could save himself some chiropractor bills if he put the buttstock up in his shoulder pocket. Then he wouldn’t need to turtleneck to get his eyes where they need to be.

    That posture looks darned uncomfortable to me.

  11. I actually kind of like his idea of disarming the police. Maybe that will finally get through peoples minds that they are responsible for their own safety.

    • Yes lets disarm citizens and deprive them of their rights to teach others a lesson

  12. That’s some darned good shooting for a 15 year old. If he makes the Olympic team he has a “shot” at besting Kim Rhode!

  13. Considering the swiftly growing sharia influences in MN, disarming the police is suicide… unless he plans to activate the Guard.

    England is facing a serious problem. For the 8th year in a row, there are fewer cops than the year before. Meanwhile, crime is on the rise, and the criminals are using GUNS! Guns which originate in Europe where they want us to join them in a UN Small Arms Treaty.

    Hello, Texas! I wonder if they will be the first to allow MMA fighters to use swords, tridents and fishnets, etc. I’m not knocking TX. They are far better than the people where I live who want to give my ancestral state to Mexico.

    PETA? Perhaps we should pass bills allowing the hunting of PETA advocates?

    • There is no “swiftly growing sharia influence” in MN, unless you count a few blocks in minneapolis.

  14. But as the one-year anniversary approaches, those concerns have been unfounded.

    Au contraire mon frère their worst fears have all come true. Their argument has been invalidated.

    • Their argument was invalidated long before that, by other states having had campus carry for years with zero problems.

  15. Disarm the police and you won’t have any officers left. If they disarmed my department, I would quit and move to another department immediately. There are certainly issues with policing in some areas of the US, but any sane person realizes that police officers ought to be armed. By the same token, I’m wholeheartedly in favor of law abiding citizens being armed as well.

  16. Let the cops have the same rules as everyone else how come they get full auto but I can only have pre 86 full auto that’s pure bullshit….

    • As far as I’ve been told, Police departments still have to follow NFA regulations and get stamps for their full auto and SBR weapons. The process is quick and easy, but they don’t just have cart Blanche on military weapons.

      Also, while a lot of police chiefs might be left leaning, most officers (especially in free states) are pretty conservative, a lot are veterans, and many are pro gun.

      • They do not. Law enforcement is free to test and purchase any full auto or other NFA items they would like as a department. Only as an individual are LEOs subject to the same NFA rules as the rest of us. The majority of oddball post samples were aquired on law enforcement demo letters.

        • The statute specifically exempts governments, so technically, your local school district could purchase some M-4s.

          “(a) Transfer

          A firearm may be transferred without the payment of the transfer tax imposed by section 5811 to any State, possession of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, or any official police organization of such a government entity engaged in criminal investigations.

          (b) Making

          A firearm may be made without payment of the making tax imposed by section 5821 by, or on behalf of, any State, or possession of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, or any official police organization of such a government entity engaged in criminal investigations.

          (c) Right to exemption

          No firearm may be transferred or made exempt from tax under this section unless the transfer or making is performed pursuant to an application in such form and manner as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe.”

          I don’t know anything about the application process.

    • I’ve worked with various law enforcement agencies across 3 states over the past few years and NONE of them had anything full auto. All their ARs were the exact same that you buy at your local gun store. One agency infact had some pretty arcane rules regarding their firearms too, that would shock most of y’all. Any weapon they had that wasn’t their pistol, had to be unloaded, in a case, in the trunk. Also, they had ammo restrictions and mag limits. They could only have 3 20 round AR mags and no more than 20 shot gun shells. This department was in Georgia of all places too, where civilians have no such restrictions.

      • That may be, but I can say that both our County SWAT team and the neighboring city’s SWAT have select fire weapons, both MP5s and HK416s. There’s also some older “leftover” full autos they can’t sell off because they were never registered for civilian sale.

  17. “I’m not saying they don’t have access to that, just like they have access to more lethal weapons in their cars, I would believe they would still have access to their guns in their cars,” said Dehn…”

    Okay… but didn’t a woman in your city just get killed under bizarre circumstances by a cop firing from a car?

    So, liberalism: finding the one path that will screw things up the most by causing more problems but not solving the one they claim to worry about.

    • “So, liberalism: finding the one path that will screw things up the most by causing more problems but not solving the one they claim to worry about.”

      I like it.

      There is a sort of snake eating tail irony at work here. Cops are granted good intentions excuse their sins/errors. Liberal politicians pretend to solve problems with good intentions.

  18. Can someone please point out in the link for the Minneapolis mayoral candidate where he proposes disarming police? I have read this 3 times and did a word search for “Disarm” and “gun” and cannot find anywhere in the article he states this.

    Unless the article was updated to remove this info, this is piss-poor journalism on TTAG. It may have said it in another article somewhere else, and if it did, why didn’t they link to that one. We talk about Fake news on the left, this is fake news on the right.


      • Thanks.

        I figured they changed the article. But I have seen posts on this site (I.e. Quote of the Day) where when you read the actual article the quote was taken from, the quote was taken completely out of context from what the article was getting at all in an effort to make someone anti-gun.

        I have learned to take when someone quotes or says something on the internet, I do not take it at face value and I do my own research.

  19. Yeah, i really think we should disarm the police. This way we could reduce the number of people shot by police to 0.
    It works great. Just look at the UK. 20 cops with pepper spray trying to avoid a man with a knife, no chance to protect bystanders, we have all seen that video.
    Or in Spain, where they have guns but if they use them they fet 10 years in prison. Just yesterday they had to beat up a dangerous criminal with a few chairs because they were more afraid of using their guns than they were afraid of getting killed.
    Works 11/10 times. Every police officer would disarm again.

  20. Apparently Raymond Dehn crosses the line between idiot and fucking big ass idiot.

    Maybe we should propose disarming his security detail and see what he says…

  21. Re disarming the police in Minneapolis: Good chance it will happen, as Dehn probably has a good chance of winning the mayoral race. Should be entertaining to watch, so get your popcorn ready.

    On Texas Constitutional carry, Stickland is the man. We need more people like him, and less people like Strauss in the Texas House.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have much of a chance of getting constitutional carry during a special session.

      “During a regular session, lawmakers can consider bills on any topic; during a special, if a bill is not on the governor’s agenda, it’s out of bounds.During a regular session, lawmakers can consider bills on any topic; during a special, if a bill is not on the governor’s agenda, it’s out of bounds.” Guns aren’t on the Governor’s agenda.

      “Lawmakers can file all the bills they want, but the Legislature can only consider bills the governor has put on the call. Other issues may be added by the governor during a session.”

      Both quotes are from “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just called a special session. What should you expect?” in the Texas Tribune.

  22. Seriously, if everyone were able to carry anytime and anyplace like the Second Amendment intended, then would we really need armed police? Would we even need police period?For me thats the ideal state to aim for, no pun intended. Having police activity wither away until its just Detectives solving major crimes or taking down the report of an armed citizen who just stopped a major crime in progress.

  23. “Anti-Hunting Group Sues for Right to Harass Hunters”

    If they win, can we follow them into public restrooms and video them to make sure they don’t break the law by vandalizing the area?

  24. More fruit cakes and fruit loopers from the Demon-crats of Southern Minnesota, gotta be the Weather! they have more kinks than the twisted sisters! of course the DFL has ingratiated themselves to Bloomberg, Soros and ilk! Bet this new Yahoo. gets a lot of support from the BLM’ers! etc

  25. “Gun owners up in arms over possible restrictions”
    So no one even did a rudimentary investigation, and some just jumped to the automatic fire and “assault weapon” conclusion?
    Sounds like normal hoplophobe reaction to me.

  26. Secret Service officer shoots self: Another victim of Glock leg?

    Brits want tougher penalties for acid attack? Back when they had the death penalty, throwing acid was a capital offense.

  27. It seems to be a common thing to address police incompetence. Panicked officer shoots unarmed woman in pajamas? Take their guns. NYPD cops have ND’s with normal weapons? Make them use guns with extra heavy triggers. Apparently better training and stricter psych evaluation for our officers never occur to the people making these decisions.

  28. Brits vs Guns: “In the aforementioned interview, Interpol’s Noble adumbrated another option for those societies that do not wish to loosen restrictions on the private ownership of arms: The imposition of “extraordinary security” at places of everyday congregation.”

    “Extraordinary security”: My business takes me weekly to a location with a “No Weapons” sign and an armed guard. After the first time I went in I realized I could ignore the sign and the ineffective guard and carry at will.
    This week, I had to take my wife to the ER. This hospital, as the local trauma center, gets the gangbangers from the Saturday Night Knife and Gun Club, so it has a guard and a metal detector. First time, I realize I have a pocketknife. Go back to the car. Get back in line, remember my lighter. Back to the car. Empty the pockets, step through the detector. It beeps. The “guard” asked if I had a metal belt buckle (in fact, I have a metal strip running the length of my gunbelt) and I said “yes.” He waved me through. Again, I could have had a pistol. Security ignored me, probably because I do not fit his STEREOTYPE as an armed person.

    Extraordinary security, relying on human frailties, is not extraordinary at all.

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