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“I would have preferred a guy who ‘probably’ pushed through legislation so that not one more person since that massacre was ever shot in the United States. Let’s work toward that — keeping everyone safe and preventing any danger of anyone being shot ever again. We need gun control.” – David Fallick, Letter to the Editor [via]

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    • Isn’t that where we all live? Bozo…I mean Bezos is now the richest man in the world, and yet his little online store hasn’t made any real profit. Ironically, thanks to that no-profit business he was able to buy himself a newspaper that allows him to print all the fake news he wants. If that’s not some bizarro world, I don’t know what is.

    • strych9,

      It must be interesting to live in la-la land.

      You are not kidding. Just look at the key sentence of the quote:

      Let’s work toward … keeping everyone safe and preventing any danger of anyone being shot ever again.

      Keeping everyone safe from violent attacks is NOT POSSIBLE if we eliminate firearms because smaller, slower, weaker people who cannot have self-defense firearms will have no way to fend-off attacks from bigger, faster, stronger people.

      Saying it another way, eliminating firearms makes it far, far easier for bigger, faster, stronger people to brutally assault others. That does NOT make us safe.

  1. …Yeah, they did that in Not So Great Britain, and people are still being shot. And stabbed. And getting acid thrown on them. You can’t legislate away evil.

    • And it’s been getting worse there year over year with no end in sight.
      Compare that to here where it has gotten better year over year despite firearm availability.
      The last thing we need is euro-trash style gun control.

    • ..No, but You can allow Globalism to gain a greater foothold in the USA. Which its prime motive is to eliminate all American Liberty and Freedom ! The US Constitutional-Bill of Rights would be out the door! Just head straight to full scale civil war !

  2. Prevent anyone from ever being shot again????
    This guy has been huffing too many unicorn farts. Please let me know how that works out for you.
    Its like listening to a broken record. Gun control doesnt work.
    Apparently snowflakes are not unique after all.

      • barnbwt,

        “He’s like a little boy screaming “just make it go away mommy government!”

        There, fixed that for you.

  3. Well, what a good idea. While we are at it, let’s just nullify the entire constitution, include Congress, President and Supreme Court! That way we could all live in the paradise that is North Korea ?

    • Can’t be, you say…….remember this is the US of A, where close to ten percent believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows……because………brown.

      • Oh come on, everyone knows the color of the cow doesn’t matter. You make chocolate milk by supplementing the diet of any color cow with cocoa nibs.

    • ..NOPE! Unfortunately, there are still quite a few “biscuit brains”! I’ve worked with a few. An elderly lady , who suddenly spouts off that no one needs to own ANY weapons for any reason ! Demands action NOW from anyone who will listen to her personal, and political bias! A father of 2 kids, LibTARD PRO aggressive, tells his kids to go over to there friends homes and find out if any of the adult family members own guns, or other weapons in the household…Tells his kids to report back to him! A real winner, secret police informant! A loud mouth jack@$$ who likes to spout off about his left-wing globalist leanings…Of course demands all weapons control, or Whatever imagined slight, or personal distaste of another fellow co worker, or citizen! And so on ! There out there! 50% idiots!

  4. “Let’s work toward that — keeping everyone safe and preventing any danger of anyone being shot ever again. We need gun control.” – David Fallick, Letter to the Editor”

    The Derp.

    It hurts worse than a ride on the Ohio State Fair’s ‘Fireball’…

  5. There are two problems here, Robert likes to hit us with antagonizing stories first thing in the morning and I don’t have the self control not to read them first thing;-)

    • Robert knows his business in training readers to both click AND comment, upping engagement and making the ads more valuable.

      Shrewd businessman.

      OTOH, it’s not like TTAG is bad product.

      I read it daily; so it certainly worked on me.

      Bravo Robert.

  6. I will never understand why these people think that violence is the exclusive result of guns. I have yet to see how being shot to death is worse than being beat or stabbed to death.

  7. Pushing through such legislation would have resulted in many thousands of people getting shot. The last time we had a civil war 650,000 people died.

    • And that was with muskets, breech-loaders and revolvers…think about what the toll would be today! Of course disease and infection played the biggest role.

  8. While I generally approve of a Jackass as the symbol for the Democrat Party, I am beginning to move more towards replacing it with a unicorn.

    If you cross-breed a Unicorn with a regular horse will you wind up with a unimule? That would be even better, a mythical creature symbolizing sweetness and good things for all that is at the same time too stubborn to look at the real world.

  9. If all guns were to magically disappear today
    Tomorrow some Fellows With axes would come to your house and Steal all your stuff
    Unless you and your neighbors built a wall and defended it with bows and arrows
    Now we are back in the dark ages where might makes right

    • Before firearms, Europe had an intentional homicide rate of 41 per 100,000. By the 1700s that dropped to 2.5.

  10. Sheesh…
    We need “criminal control”.

    Oh wait…we have Laws already on the books that make doing certain acts illegal.

    Gun control advocates are fools or tools or tyrants.

    There. I said it. And I’m not taking it back.

    Any time someone wants to take your weapon away from you it is so that they gain power over you they wouldn’t have otherwise.
    Be it criminal or crazy, terrorist or tyrant, their desire is the same. You, subject to their demands at the point of their weapons.

    • “Any time someone wants to take your weapon away from you it is so that they gain power over you they wouldn’t have otherwise.
      Be it criminal or crazy, terrorist or tyrant, their desire is the same. You, subject to their demands at the point of their weapons.

      Absolutely brilliant!

    • If this country wants to reduce homicides from firearms; it doesnt need more “Gun Control”; its needs more “Democrat Control” …. A reduction in other violent crime will decrease as well. These fart-sniffers are trying to treat the symptoms, not the problem…

  11. So…. I am a “Science Denier” if I don’t support conclusions on far from settled science. But, if a person refuses to accept math and statistical data that support more guns and not less…. Is he not a “Math Denier”?

  12. And I want a pony…bizzarely enough we have a pack of Dumbocrat idiots running for governor of Illinois. Including a Kennedy carpetbagger. And he along with others is running on-you guessed it!?-gun control! Not anti-crime but anti 2A…

  13. “Let’s work toward that —”

    — the EVIL POS (d)

  14. If it was really our god-given right to bear arms, we should pop out of the womb with m-16s or the government should hand them out to us at birth. If every idiot on this planet owned a gun, it would be utter chaos. It should be hard to get a gun for certain people, it’s a privilege not a right. I don’t care about what some asshole rich white dude wrote down in the constitution. It’s like believing everything the Bible says.

      • No Mr. Woodcock (ps Mr. Wood or Mr. Cock would have sufficed). I’m dumping my pretty little girl brain insights on you. Many men are irresponsible and need to be controlled. Guns are dangerous. People in the US respond to laws, sorry that’s a fact.

        • I’m betting your idea of controlling men involves whips, restraints, and tight leather costumes. Some dudes would totally dig that. As far as guns go however, not interested in whatever retarded form of control your feeble little mind may conjure.

        • So, I’m guessing you don’t see the constitution as the supreme law of the land.
          What do you see as the supreme law of the land?

        • My idea of control would be laws just like your constitutionally blazoned beer guzzling wet brain would tell me. And my IQ tells me I’m a genius but if you want to sit here and have a petty feeble-minded discussion I find that entertaining as well.

        • If guns are dangerous, then knives, swords, bows and arrows, baseball bats, clubs, steel pipes, fire place pokers, fire, gasoline, TNT, arsenic, radiator fluid, carbon monoxide, sulfur, chlorine, hands and feet, and and and are dangerous too. Should they all be banned too?
          If you take a few seconds to think about it, none of these inanimate objects are dangerous in and of themselves unless used nefariously. Thus, guns are not the dangerous part, people are. History teaches us that people were dangerous for tens of thousands of years without guns, and common sense tells us they will still be dangerous if all the guns go away. The Second Amendment to the Constitution (which applies to “arms,” not just guns) is an implicit recognition that people–and worse, governments–are prone to acting badly. The Second amendment does not grant a right, it is, rather, a guarantee that the government is prohibited from interfering with one’s pre-existing human right of defense of self, family, community, and country.

        • First of all, I’ve noticed the phrase gun control and gun ban being used interchangeably on this site. I never said I wanted to ban guns. That would be like banning chocolate! But wait.. Slave trade and improper agricultural use taxing the environment, hm maybe I should be for banning chocolate. But, no they can just make it in a lab right? I loooooove chocolate. Of course I know all those things are dangerous, we live in a dangerous world! You forgot to mention penises! Ban penises!! In a world where a teenager who’s savvy enough can mine his own uranium ore in Nevada and build a small nuclear reactor in his garage to simulate a star system, forging a new universe, I’m not sure gun control is the top of my worries. However, you gun nuts are obsessed and live in constant fear of your gun privileges being evoked. It calls me to wonder the misguided nature of life as we know it! Gracias muchachos.

        • You should go back to troll school. I give your attempt here today a D at best. Maybe stick to Mother Jones.

        • K-man (can I call you K-Man? Good! I will.)

          Your satire is hilarious!

          It’s obvious satire, because nobody (not even a libtard pearl-clutching sociopath aspiring mass-murderer-redundant I know), would vomit forth such verbal diarrhea.

          If it isn’t satire, here’s a little clue for you- everything in nature has a means to defend itself. We humans have been steadily using our brains (which is what differentiates us from the other animals) to find more efficient means of protecting ourselves. Guns are currently the best option. When lasers, or telekinesis, become practical, I fully expect them to supplant bangsticks.

          The notion that guns are somehow bad is unnatural, and besides being a symptom of retarded sexual and emotional growth, fear of guns is usually projection of one’s own latent sociopathic and violent tendencies.

          Take your bigoted, chauvanistic bloviation elsewhere. We are not interested in your intolerant, hate-filled rhetoric. Go back to the terrorism-supporting echo-chambers from whence you came, and know that history, if it remembers you and your ilk at all, will not remember you kindly.

        • You, on the other hand, should stay far away from schools Mr. Woodcock. We do make murder illegal and I’m sure that does prevent some weirdos from committing the heinous act.

        • Brainfree-
          You truly are brain free! You can call me K-woman you grotesque pig monster. I know I’m an excellent writer and full of neuron-blasting rectitude for this whitewashed website. I did shit my pants the other day but I wouldn’t consider myself a total sociopath. “Everything in nature has a means to defend itself.” Hm, where should I start with this one? What about all the trees that can’t protect themselves from being cut down? Yes, we as humans have incredible brains. But we can’t seem to get past blowing each other up and wreaking havoc on our environment. I never said I was anti-gun either so I’m not sure where this argument is coming from. I said I believe there should be regulations and some people probably shouldn’t be allowed to own one (maybe you). I also never said guns are bad or that I fear them, so you are pulling arguments from past experiences instead of listening to my point. I think it is the intention of this blog to seek the “truth about guns” which of course implies the nature of gun violence, that I don’t think you can argue is not a problem. In fact that is what causes all of the pushback to your precious second amendment so you should seek a solution. You can’t continue to brush all of the dead bodies under the rug and call people names for thinking guns cause violence. That’s an incredulous claim.

    • Also M-16’s could not be handed out at birth. Since they are select fire, they would fall under jurisdiction of the NFA of 1934. Only pre-May 1986 transferable machine guns would be eligible for transfer. Even then however an infant wouldn’t be eligible to purchase an NFA item due to age restrictions.

      Thanks for playing. Have a nice day.

    • The gun-genie is out-of-the-bottle; she won’t go back inside and stay there. This is certainly so in America; and substantially so in most other cultures.

      People using guns CAN be controlled to some extent. Ratchet-up the penalties and make them stick; some reduction in crime-with-guns can be achieved. It’s a matter of political will – and, right now, America has no more will to enforce the prohibited-person law then it has to enforce the pot law. (Please get back to us if and when you are interested in enforcing the prohibited-person law.)

      In the mean time, there is insufficient consequence to using a gun while committing a violent crime. Therefore, why not acquire a gun and use it? We have more guns than citizens now; how can these be made to disappear? Until that miracle occurs, guns will be stolen. If not stolen, they will be acquired legally and transferred illegally. If that could be stopped then we would have stopped it. There is no appetite to pursue and incarcerate straw-buyers. If, by some miracle, theft and illegal transfer were effectively controlled, guns will be made in clandestine factories or smuggled.

      All the effort wasted on gun-control (in the face of adamant opposition by a very substantial minority of tax-paying citizens) is a diversion from alternative efforts with more potential for success; criminal control and cultural reformation.

      Explain how criminalizing peaceful people buying, sharing and using guns can succeed while incarcerating gun-using criminals is futile. Until you can articulate a coherent argument along these lines, why do you expect we will take your “common sense” seriously.

  15. How, exactly, are we to avoid ad-hominem attacks and arguments in this forum when you post such target rich fodder?

    About the most polite thing I can say about this is to question just how low the editorial bar has been set at The Bezos Blog. (To paraphrase Paul Harvey, the answer to that question is to obvious as to require elaboration.)

  16. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    — H. L. Mencken

    Mission accomplished.

    • “… by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

      That’s *exactly* how they work. Perpetual crisis mode.

      That Must! Be! Dealt with! NOW!

      Only one *tiny* problem with crying wolf…

  17. These people remind me of the utopians who supported Adolf Hitler Joseph Stalin and General Tojo. They are as dangerous to the republic as those three external enemies.

  18. Has there been an instance in which there was an incident followed by proposed legislation that could have even hypothetically stopped said instance?

    This guy is talking about Sandy Hook. The one where a guy murdered his mother and used her guns to kill people. I’m pretty sure “universal” background checks wouldn’t have been in play here. Especially if it’s like the “universal” background checks that exclude inter-family transfers from the background check requirement.

    In every mass shooting I can thing of, the guns were either obtained illegally, or the shooters did or could have obtained them legally.

  19. This guy is a “pie-in-the-sky” Liberal hack who thinks Utopia is just a stones throw away—if he could just get rid of evil guns! Ask Canada and Australia what happened when they banned handguns. Their worlds blew up!

  20. “…Let’s work toward that — keeping everyone safe and preventing any danger of anyone being shot ever again.”

    Some cliche about wishes being horses….

    In unrelated news; if you use any kind of privacy tools or ad-blocking software don’t bother to click on the link, you aren’t getting onto their system without allowing them to not only violate your brain with the inane comments of someone like Mrs Fallick you have to allow them to violate your internet-connected-media device as well.

  21. I’d prefer my wife had bigger t*ts and be ok with threesomes with supermodels. Does that mean I can make that happen too?

  22. Why do you keep quoting people like this and giving their words new life? Let them be ignored and their words die in the darkness of their own ignorance.

  23. We need WaPo (and other mass media) control.

    We need evil (D) control.

    We need liberal, progressive, communist, globalist, control.


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