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As you’d expect, Shannon’s totally on board with House of Blues shutting down that Jamey Johnson gig . . . Moms Demand Action, Everytown Applaud Live Nation for Enforcing Gun Policy That Keeps Artists and Concertgoers Safe

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of Everytown for Gun Safety, today applauded Live Nation for holding fast to a no-weapons policy that applies to audience members and performers alike after South Carolina’s House of Blues, a Live Nation venue, cancelled Sunday night’s Jamey Johnson concert. The cancellation occurred after the country singer’s team said it would not abide by a weapons policy that prohibited them from bringing firearms into the venue’s backstage area.

It’s never to late to get started . . . She Needed a Hobby. She Tried Guns – And Now This Nampa Woman is a Renowned Shooter

Aimee Williams never would have imagined her late 40s would involve being a magazine cover model. Even less likely was the fact that it would be the cover of a shooting magazine.

Williams, 48, was featured on the cover of American Shooting Journal in June. The Nampa resident picked up shooting as a hobby in 2012 after going target shooting with her children for Mother’s Day. Wanting to learn more about proper safety, Williams said she began taking classes and eventually purchased her own pistol. In 2013, she began competitive shooting.

This all seemed rather unlikely from the credentialed trainer at St. Luke’s Medical Center who banned her children from brandishing finger pistols. sends an expedition across the Bay Bridge and discovers…America . . . Packing heat in Kansas, part 1: “I always had a love for firearms”

Walking into a gun range in Kansas is a bit like walking into an underground community meeting. The people in charge have a strict regard for the rules, the regulars seem to all know each other’s names, and each member has a unique reason for joining. This club meeting features display cases filled with handguns and rifles and areas to shoot those weapons.

Kansas has been an epicenter of debate around guns, but there has been little conversation around why someone might choose to own a firearm.

The gun laws have gotten less restrictive in Kansas in recent years. Kansas now allows concealed carry on the campuses of all public universities and colleges. The Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act (KPFPA) law enables Kansans to carry concealed weapons in public buildings. Kansas also removed the requirement that individuals have a permit in order to conceal and carry a handgun in 2015.

Drool-worthy EDC . . . Hogue Knives Announces the X1-Microflip

Henderson, NV – Hogue Knives is pleased to introduce the newest addition to their quality line of knives, the X1-Microflip button lock flipper. “The X1-Microflip is an amazing piece of precision manufacturing” said Hogue lead knife engineer Scott Bruhns. “Our customers have been demanding a streamlined sub 3.0 inch Allen Elishewitz designed knife and we have seriously knocked this one out of the park. This knife is so full of features it honestly has to be held to fully appreciate the cohesive design and execution by Allen and the Hogue team.”

The Microflip features Hogue’s robust button lock mechanism along with their patent-pending blade retention device. This unique instrument retains the blade in the closed position allowing the user to create stored up kinetic energy culminating in the firing of the blade. With an intuitive press of the lock button the knife can be easily closed with one-hand without placing fingers in the path of the closing blade like standard liner lock flippers. “This knife contains no springs. It is a manual flipper yet acts surprisingly like an automatic,” exclaims Bruhns.

Don’t bring a hammer to a gunfight . . . Woman shoots at prowler in midtown after hammer thrown at resident

A woman shot at a prowler who reportedly broke a window of her home and threw a hammer at her Monday night, police said.

The intruder, identified only as a black female, was confronted about 11:30 p.m. at a home in the 6900 block of East 18th Street, Sgt. Stephen Florea said.

The home’s occupant told police she was sitting on her bed when the  window was broken. She retrieved a handgun and fired one shot out the window toward the prowler, scaring her off, Florea said.

All you have to do is get them to the range . . . Cassie’s got a gun: Take out your aggression at Philly Gun Range

I was flying high until one of the casings kicked back and pinged me in the neck. Another flew back and burnt me as it seared its way down my arm. Perhaps wearing a summer onesie wasn’t the best idea (hey, I had multiple events that day).

Like Pavlov’s dogs, I was now trained to be scared of the flying, burning casings, and I assumed that was not a good mental state for shooting guns. Plus, we were running late for the next adventure. So after two rounds each, we called it quits and were on our way.

I still have the burn marks, which will fade eventually, and I am not mad about it. And I have, not surprisingly, fallen in love with shooting. But next time, it will be outside. Perhaps in the country, where my roots run deep and guns are plentiful. Maybe if I’m lucky, my dad will even let me in his gun closet, finally!

I think she’s missing more than just a nugget . . . Teen accused of pulling gun on Jack in the Box employees over missing nugget

The Jack in the Box on Meridian Ave. S. in South Hill was busy Monday afternoon, and there was a long wait at the drive-thru. When the car in question got to the window, the teenagers copped an attitude with employees.

After she got her food, the 19-year-old woman who was driving said workers forgot her drink and didn’t give her enough nuggets. She then said there was something in her drink and threw the cup through the window at an employee.

The employee closed the window, and the driver and a 14-year-old girl who was a passenger got out of the car and began punching the window and cursing. A group of employees finally went to the window to see if the car had left, and the passenger pulled a handgun and pointed it at them.

The AJC can barely contain its glee . . . No Trump bump for the gun industry

President Donald Trump may yet rejuvenate coal mining or bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. But his election already seems to have been detrimental to at least one economic sector: the gun industry.

With the new president firmly aligned with gun-rights advocates, the FBI performed 9 percent fewer firearms background checks in the first half of this year compared to January through June 2016, according to newly released data.

In Georgia, the decrease was even greater. From January to June, the FBI performed about 269,000 background checks in Georgia – 11 percent fewer than the 302,000 it logged in the first half of 2016.

Gun store employee doing some moonlighting . . . He sold guns in parking lots near shops, a school, and even a church, feds say

Sharod Gibbons had a thing for selling guns, federal agents say, handing them over for cash payments in shopping center parking lots, near a Sacramento middle school, even once in a church on Arden Way.

Unfortunately for Gibbons, one of his best customers was a government informant, who is described in court papers as purchasing dozens of firearms for tens of thousands of dollars over a nine-month period that ended in March 2014, when Gibbons and two other men were charged with federal firearms violations.

The case was part of an undercover crackdown by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento on black market gun sales, including rifles being assembled in homes and shops without serial numbers that are known as “ghost guns.”

Our Bloomberg-funded friends at The Trace are trolling for disaffected NRA members to tell them their tales of woe. So they can politicize them. And promote their anti-gun agenda. Just FYI.

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  1. “Packing heat”… The interview comments were well thought out and well presented, the comments under the
    article not so much. Lots of projection and penis size comments. How does one live and interact within a society when you are so mad (insane?) with over 50% of the people all the time?

    • There has always been a chasm between country western music and the rest of the bigoted intolerant entertainment industry. CW has and still is the bulkward representing and protecting the broader american culture. The people in LA and NYC hate “fly over country” values.

      It seems the liberals have quickly forgotten the Pulse Night club and the Bataclan in France. But conservative entertainers have not. What will the liberal bands do when their armed private security is eliminated by a dedicated terrorist force???

      The events at the Bataclan would have been very different if every band member had a primary and backup gun concealed.
      I have been to this very same House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. I will be burning my House of Blues T shirt.

      • Why burn it? Hang it on an IDPA cardboard target next time you go to the range.

      • “The events at the Bataclan would have been very different if every band member had a primary and backup gun concealed.”

        That’s a bit debatable, the band was onstage when the attack began. They dove for cover.

        The Bataclan staff and the audience are the ones who should have been armed, they could have stopped that crap real fast.

        I know the band wishes they were armed, the lead singer had this to say about French gun control:

        And take a look at the crap the band took from ‘Spin’ magazine when they gave that interview:

        Read the Disqus comments at the bottom, 95 percent of them ripped that ‘Spin’ article’s author a well-deserved a new one.

        ‘Spin’ is read heavily by the Millennial crowd, it was nice to see the vast majority of the commenters supported gun rights…

        • Geoff PR
          I will bet anyone that the Jamey Johnson Band goes to the range at least once a month as a group training event. In addition to individual training. I know some previous band members were involved with drugs.

          The terrorist at the Bataclan went there to torture people. They carried no bombs. The bombs were used elsewhere in Paris. Six band members with guns and seven road crew members with guns. I think training and good guy gun numbers would have made a big difference.

          It was one man with a 38 revolver in a South African church that stopped seven men with full auto AK-47s plus grenades. There were about 400 people in that church. I believe 20 were killed. I don’t remember the name of the book that spoke about the church attack.

          You need a gun, training and the well to fight back.

        • i did same, mid nineties. an extremely rare performance due to the fact that zero neville brothers were incarcerated for most of the performance.

    • First comment was my favs:

      “It’s all about sex and power. Guns make up for a lot of penile insufficiency and penis envy. Also, owning a gun means you can defend your family when the bucks from city come to take your stuff and rape your daughters. AmeriKKKa at its finest.”

      Look at those lil’ dicked, gun owning racist, not wanting their daughters raped and property taken. Ladies, call off the search, this guy is a keeper.

  2. Hey Trace… can contact me about the NRA. I’ll give you an ear full, but I guarantee you won’t like what I have to say!

    • Isn’t the guy they already featured the one that complained about getting about an email per month, and the NRA “lost” him over “constant spamming?” Did he give out his email address only once?

  3. Yup I cover up when I go to the range. One pistola(it’s Brazilian) has a habit of landing brass on top of my head-or down my shirt. You it took FEDS dozens of sales to charge the gun store dude?!? Hey ONE is a felony 🙂

    • A federal CI was a customer…I wonder if the feds were the ONLY customers.
      Federal law enforcement, protecting you by solving the crimes they instigated…

    • They want to get enough that the defendant will plead out or be hit by a maximum of like 400 years given all the individual charges.

      One has to wonder, though, in the meantime, how many guns were sold to other people who made not have had the best of intentions with them. And how many of those guns will be used in crimes and then held up as an example of why stronger gun laws are needed.

  4. I worked backstage at a live nation venue for many years and was always strapped. Now, If anyone else ever found out I would have been fired on the spot and escorted from the venue…in theory. It was also the one place where I would have secured my immediate area and kept myself safe in a “active shooter” type situation. EVERYONE else would be on their own, period.
    On a side note, they DO however tollerate blatent and rampant drug use backstage, not only by the talent, but also (more so) by their employees.

  5. Well, I guess the Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers reunion show will not be there. I was looking forward to that!

    • Man, what I wouldn’t give for Dr. Banzai and the HKC to come back. I still have my hachimaki!

  6. The comments section after the Salon article tells you everything you need to know about liberals and what they want. I’ve never read such panty wetting, pearl clutching drivel as I’ve read there.

    • Some years ago I was taught the difference between a drinking establishment and an elephant fart. The former is a “barroom” and the latter is a “barrrrrooom!”. In this particular case, an inverse métier applies, i.e., a “salon” is a place of fatuous conversation and a “saloon” is a gathering place for those of superior acumen.

      I like your posts and am gratified that I can help out.

  7. Gun stores are an “underground community”? WTF? Oh, right, I forgot…these doofuses (doofi?) are from San Francisco.

    • They probably consider any community that isn’t “mainstream” underground. And since they don’t personally know anyone who is a shooter, it isn’t mainstream.

  8. “… but there has been little conversation around why someone might choose to own a firearm.”

    Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because the reasons why someone might want to own a tool that could possibly save their life one day and also happens to be a tremendous amount of fun to use are totally fucking self-evident?

  9. “Another flew back and burnt me as it seared its way down my arm. ”

    I often shoot with a short sleeve shirt (usually, actually), and I’ve never, ever, had a casing take it’s sweet time going down my arm such that it was able to leave a burn mark. I don’t even think that’s possible.
    OTOH, it only took two rounds to discover she likes shooting.

    • I think she meant two rounds as in she and her friend were taking turns, so each got two “rounds” of shooting in. Not that she only fired two cartridges.

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