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The First Amendment is just as sacred as the Second, no matter how inane the speech . . . Florida taxpayers owe $1.1 million for ‘docs vs. glocks’ legal fight

Florida will pay $1.1 million in legal fees to attorneys who challenged a controversial state law that sought to prevent doctors from asking patients about guns, a group representing opponents said Monday.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced the legal-fees agreement more than five months after a federal appeals court sided with doctors and medical groups in striking down key parts of the 2011 law — which became known as the “docs vs. glocks” law. The state did not appeal the Feb. 16 decision by the full 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Don’t know him or his music, but we think we like him . . . Jamey Johnson House of Blues Concert Cancelled After He Refused to Disarm

Country artist Jamey Johnson’s July 23 concert at House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, (HOBMB) was cancelled after he apparently refused to disarm while in the venue.

HOBMB said they would issue refunds to ticket holders beginning at 12 pm Eastern on July 24.

On Sunday, HOBMB announced the cancellation via a Facebook post: “As always, the safety and security of our guests is our number one priority. Tonight’s artist refused to adhere to our safety and security guidelines and would not enter the building. Unfortunately, tonight’s show is cancelled.”

The local MSM hate him! They really hate him! . . . Adam Putnam sells out to the NRA

If you want to get elected to office in Florida, a politician is obligated to grovel before the great and powerful National Rifle Association, which views Tallahassee as a wholly owned subsidiary of its interests.

So Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, a Republican candidate for governor, went on an NRA boot-licking tour a few days ago. He noted what a swell idea it is to permit gun owners to carry their little friends on college campuses, as well as endorsing proposals to allow the open carry of weapons in public places.

Yep, this chap is really running for governor. It is entirely possible by the time the 2018 campaign gets into full swing, the Opie of open carry will be suggesting that any newborn infant in the state should be given a Glock in the maternity ward.

Help Support Freedom Hunters at 3rd Annual Benelli USA Invitational

Benelli USA invites the outdoor industry to join in support of Freedom Hunters at this year’s Benelli USA Invitational. Slated for September 15 at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet in Glen Dale, Maryland, the event will raise money for Freedom Hunters through a team-based sporting clays competition, silent auction and raffle.

“We are very excited to be hosting The Benelli Invitational for the third year. It is great to see so many of our industry partners at this event and hope to see even more this year. The day combines great food, terrific auction items, friendly competition on the clays course and, ultimately, vital funds to help Freedom Hunters,” said Benelli USA Vice President of Brand Marketing Tim Joseph. “We are proud to support the work that Freedom Hunters does to honor our active duty military, combat veterans and their families. We invite those in the industry to join us in the cause by attending the event, making donations or providing a sponsorship.”

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family . . . Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s grandson indicted on gun charges

Jackson was the passenger of a Ford pick-up truck that was blocking traffic on Green Court near East 40th Street about 4:30 p.m. June 9, according to court records. The 17-year-old driver did not have a valid license, court records say.

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority officers pulled up behind the truck and Jackson jumped, according to court records. Officers reported finding a .40-caliber bullet and loose marijuana on the floor behind where Jackson was sitting, court records say.

Jackson told the officers he had a clip in his pocket, records say, and officers found a .40-caliber Glock in the center console of the car, according to court records.

2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules Tannerite = bomb . . . Court nixes rifle target maker’s defamation suit against NBC

A federal appeals court says a rifle target maker missed its mark when it said in a lawsuit that NBC mischaracterized its exploding targets as bombs.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday, saying an NBC “Today” show segment’s description of the product as a “bomb” was substantially true. The ruling rejects a 2015 lawsuit Tannerite Sports LLC brought against NBCUniversal News Group.

In the lawsuit, Tannerite said the March 2015 report mischaracterized its targets as bombs on a shelf. The court said NBC made clear the target’s ingredients must be mixed and shot before they explode. The court also criticized Tannerite’s claims that NBC associated its product with terrorists.

Too soon? . . . Republican uses Virginia shooting to show commitment to gun rights in ad

In the immediate aftermath of the (baseball) shooting, Alabama representative Mo Brooks described crouching on the ground with other politicians and using his belt as a tourniquet to help the congressional staffer.

“There’s gunfire within about five, six, seven feet of my head,” Brooks told CNN. “There were some congressmen on phones screaming for reinforcements. Seemed like a long time, and we weren’t even hearing sirens from local police officers, which tells me they probably did not yet know what was going on.”

The 30-second campaign ad, released on Monday, is designed to show voters that Brooks has an unflinching commitment to protecting gun rights. It touts his effort to help the wounded, contains audio of shots being fired and refers to the gunman, James “Tom” Hodgkinson, as a “Bernie Sanders supporter” who “fires on Republican congressmen”.

The Pennsylvania State Capitol Police Upgrade to IWI US TAVOR X95

Harrisburg, Pa. (July 2017) – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is proud to announce that the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police have upgraded their firearms from the IWI US TAVOR SAR to the TAVOR X95. The Pennsylvania State Capitol Police were the first law enforcement agency in the United States to adopt the TAVOR SAR in 2013.

“We’re honored that the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police have chosen to stay with an IWI US firearm and have upgraded their rifle to the state-of-the-art X95,” said Michael Kassnar, vice president of sales & marketing for IWI US. “Just like its predecessor the SAR, the X95 is a reliable platform that is small enough to easily maneuver through urban settings while delivering full size rifle power, but provides the shooter with several upgrades over its precursor.”

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  1. George Zimmerman already proved that NBC can defame anybody on the 2A side and the courts will do nothing about it.

    I guess the Tannerite people just weren’t paying attention.

    • The legal standard for proving a defamation claim by someone who constitutes a “public figure” is extremely high, and has been for many decades. First, the defamed person must show falsity. Second, the defamed person must prove that the defamer acted with actual malice. Pretty hard for Tannerite to meet this standard when the facts broadcast by NBC were “essentially true.”

      • Perhaps, but Zimmerman had a legitimate lawsuit against them. They intentionally altered the 911 call to make him look like a racist. Pretty clear cut case of defamation right there. They knew what he said because they had the full recording, but chose to exclude the part where the 911 operator asked him the race of the suspect.

        • Sounds similar to the Katie Couric documentary where she altered the audio and made VCDL look like idiots. Judge said the content of their responses was not sufficient and Couric was justified in altering the video.

  2. Thankfully, this one’s 1A rights remain intact.

    Guess that vapes qualify as bombs too, along with cars and spray paint cans.

    • Bacon.

      All rights recited (not guaranteed) by The Bill of Rights amendments to The Constitution
      F R O M

      ONLY A POS BROKE (D)1<K would attempt bullshit you into thinking government is meant to protect you from government,

      satan's evil (D) and all Fbag POS gun grabbers of every ilk, will take your ability to act on your GOD GIVEN rights, then they will enslave you and take everything else.

      Debbie Wasserman Schultz's US SECRET stealing IT people were just arrested trying to flee the country. HOW MANY CLINTON CRONY's has that happened to? I lose count. Let's all hope that all get's broken open real quick so we can get on with getting some real MFs onnthe hot seat.

      Oh, and F ALL YOU EVIL (D).
      A L L
      O F
      Y O U.

      • Bacon? As in Francis Bacon, or is this in reference to a food that isn’t halal?

        The implications of this statement are quite cryptic to this one at this time. However, the hostility is somewhat unsettling as Esoteric Inanity is merely a simple country boy with no agenda to push other than earnest altruism for fellow pro rights advocates.

        Justice should be sought over vengeance, even if the price to pay is that some that are guilty get away with their transgressions. This is preferable to the toxin induced degeneration of moral society.

        • The explosives you can make from bacon, blow Tannerite products away.

          My first post on TTAG included an FU to the evil (D) as will my last, if it’s timed right. If you need to change sides too late, you are already them.

          If you live in a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, globalist, or rino, the problem is part of you. You are a scourge, and your mother owes us an abortion.

        • “The explosives you can make from bacon, blow Tannerite products away.”

          Joe, did you forget to take your meds today? 🙂

        • Well, he IS correct. . . During World Wars I and II, there were ‘fat drives’ to collect used home cooking fats, bacon fat included, from which fats glycerin was produced, which when treated with nitric acid creates nitroglycerin–which by itself is FAR more energetically explosive than Tannerite. Plus, it’s not binary–no mixing required. And you can shoot it with a .22 short, it’ll still go off. Or maybe a BB gun. Or if you just shake it a bit. Or get it a bit too warm. Or let it crystallize and then just drop it. Or sneeze on it.
          Think of THAT the next time you eat a BLT!

        • I don’t know about all of that chemistry – but I know that I can take a BLT and a six-pack and convert it into methane that’s downright deadly.

        • You can even make the Nitric Acid from bacon.

          But I do understand why people judge. They’re “smarter” and they’re just not paying attention.

      • Esoteric Inanity makes use of a phrasing technique that is based on Illeism, meaning that he only uses third-person references (With very few exceptions). This, he believes, makes for more productive dialogue as it removes a personal aspect, and ideally only leaves room for a more impersonal and conducive discourse. Granted that this can make for some challenge in articulating points, but is largely unrestrictive.

      • Esoteric Inanity makes use of a phrasing technique that is based on illeism, meaning that he only uses third-person references (With very limited exceptions). This, he believes, makes for more productive and auspicious discourse. Granted that such a thing can create some challenges in articulating points, but is for the most part, unrestrictive.

        • TAD is picking up some interesting commentary and personalities! Maybe you should consider a TAG After Dark radio show that runs from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM and is broadcast from a hidden bunker in an unknown desert. I’d listen.

  3. Tampa Bay Times is against Adam Putnam for Florida Governor? I’ll make it easy for you. When the Tampa Bay Times endorses a candidate just vote for the other one since that’s always the better choice, or the least worse choice depending on how you view things.

    • ^+1million
      That rag sucks. Run by special snowflakes that hire writers (not journalists) that follow the same drum beat of “feelings” and “I think that…” equals facts.
      Tampa should be relocated to Californistan.
      Our state would be improved.
      And yes, they can take all the unicorns, fuzzy bunnies, and sparkle dust with them.

  4. “In the lawsuit, Tannerite said the March 2015 report mischaracterized its targets as bombs on a shelf. The court said NBC made clear the target’s ingredients must be mixed and shot before they explode…”

    So I can write an article with a headline that calls the judge a pedophile if I follow it up by explaining that, by my definition, anyone attracted to women under 50 counts?

    • Umm, no. Pedophilia is defined by statute; you do not get to use your own special definition. Moreover, falsely suggesting that someone has committed crimes of moral depravity, especially sexual crimes, is defamatory per se.

      But Tannerite is a binary explosive. True, it cannot be detonated until mixed, but apparently NBC made that clear. I am sure you have seen the videos of cars or pickups being blown to thousands of pieces, or the great barn demolition film.

  5. What the courts don’t recognize is that shielding the fake news industrial complex is a losing proposition. If people can’t get a redress of their grievances in court, they’ll simply take it outside of court. I give it six months before CNN or MSNBC gets firebombed. You can only hide behind the 1st amendment from the government. Not from you fellow citizens who have had just about enough of your bullshit.

    • I suggest you read Sullivan v. New York times, a case decided in 1964 by the U.S. Supreme Court, which is the law of the land to this day. (It shows up on google, so easy to find.) In a unanimous decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the New York Times. In order to prove libel, a “public official” must show that the newspaper acted “with ‘actual malice’–that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard” for truth. It is VERY hard for a plaintiff to win one of these suits.

      • Tanneeite is not a public officicial, and I don’t want the NYT firebombed, I want the MFs to walk twelve blocks to the soup kitchen. They are happy for sll the fake news lately, because their sliding into a nuclear winter before the mid-term elections, and the DNC is relatively hurting financially. Reap what you sew b1t<, and good riddence. All the news that's fit. . . UP YOUR A_ _.
        NBC is a loss leader cash suck circling the drain, and it's a wound that needs some hemophelia.

      • At what point, we should ask, does willing and continued ignorance of any facts upon with they purport to report on, become indistinguishable from malicious lying?

      • Way to miss the point. What I was pointing out is that if the courts aren’t seen to offer a method to deal with “journalists” who think nothing of destroying people’s lives and destabilizing our democracy, people will simply seek other methods. In sheltering blatant propagandists, the courts aren’t doing anybody any favors.

        The 1st amendment is not a right to publish anything you want about anybody with no evidence other than entirely fictional “anonymous sources”. It’s about damn time somebody beat that into the fake news industrial complex’s face.

  6. Putnam for PRESIDENT?! So where did the Republican pol fib when he invoked the Scalise shooting?!? He just states the facts ma’am…

  7. If Rep. Mo Brooks didn’t hear the sirens from responding local officers, it more than likely means that they had learned that you don’t announce your presence at an active shooter or any other hazardous call by arriving with a blaring siren. That tends to paste a target to your ass, Congressman.

  8. ” It is entirely possible by the time the 2018 campaign gets into full swing, the Opie of open carry will be suggesting that any newborn infant in the state should be given a Glock in the maternity ward.”


    They’ll still be drooling all over them, and corrosion issues aren’t to be trifled with.

    They get the gun when they can work the slide…


    • Glocks are nearly corrosion-proof; Unless the little darlings are drooling blood, and if they refrain from burping up stomach acids, the guns’ finish should be fine.

  9. Surprise, Surprise!

    That newspaper article was written by none other than Daniel Ruth, a Progressive POS who loves to write in a snide, condescending matter about *anyone* not Progressive enough for him.

    The good news is, 90 percent of the comments are ripping Dan a new one…

  10. Putnam is an easy Democratic target. If Levine, Miami Mayor and godfather if medicinal weed, runs for the Dems, the State will go blue. Putnam needs to be the non-alienator to win and statements like that make him not get votes

    • As far as I know, Putnam hasn’t made a real enemy yet in politics.

      I think he’s gonna do just fine.

      A news update for TTAG: In a poll, Kid Rock is leading every Republican contender for Michigan Senate.

      He’s for real, and he has *lots* of positive name recognition in Michigan…

  11. Harrisburg is broke. I’m sure there was no need to upgrade rifles that only get fired during qualification training and are a few years old.

    • Are you referring to the city or the state government? Both are in the hole, but since IWI is right up the road in Linglestown maybe there was some goodwill reciprocity, crony capitalism going on.

    • I was wondering about that, too.
      Given their geographical area of responsibility, I think replacing four year old weapons with new ones is a little over the top.

  12. Jamey Johnson is the real deal. Maryland is not, I try to spend as little money in that state as possible and so should Benelli.

  13. Can’t say I’m shocked to hear this story about Jame Johnson. Former marine, longtime contrarian, helluva songwriter, brilliant artist. Ask any Nashville label exec, he does not like to be told what to do. Some would say it has hurt his career after a major hit “In Color.”
    In regard to the metal detectors back stage, that began last year after a couple of shooting incidents back-of-house, in private artist or fan club areas. Promoters are trying to make venues secure and the venue perimeter is expanding. In the meantime, artists like Johnson are taking personal responsibility for their security.

  14. Every child should be issued a fireatm at birth and government education should include firearms training. The gun issued should be the greatest American designed weapon ever made that fires .45 acp and that would be the full auto Thompson M1928.


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