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A snowflake contemplates his navel . . . The guilt of hating gun violence, but loving its movies – “Like any good beta male, I tend to get butthurt about the thousands of people who die as a result of guns every year. I am a snowflake, triggered by triggers, who wants nothing more than a “safe space” where no one can shoot me. I don’t like guns, and I think there should be fewer of them and much harder to get. From a pop culture perspective, however, I think guns are fucking cool.”

What color are you wearing today? . . . These Celebs Are All Rocking Orange in Honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day – “Today (June 2nd), VH1 is once again joining the fight against gun violence by supporting the Wear Orange campaign as part of Gun Violence Awareness Month in New York. You can raise your voice against gun violence by sporting your favorite orange number today, sharing a photo of yourself using the #WearOrange hashtag and encouraging your friends to do the same. Contributing your voice is a major key for the cause. We need you now more than ever!” And does anyone believe that’s a photo of Amy Schumer?

Another one that needs to be repealed . . . Releasing The Gun Industry From Obama’s Operation Choke Point – “The Obama administration perfected the use of government agencies against political enemies with Operation Choke Point. OCP was just as insidious as the IRS Tea Party targeting scandal because innocent victims couldn’t escape the ramifications of the government’s illegal actions against them. The Department of Justice utilized the banking industry to “choke off” the ability of certain “fraudulent” businesses in “high-risk” sectors to operate by cutting off their access to financial services. Businesses that were ill thought of or believed to operate as conduits for consumer exploitation were targeted as high risk.” Guess what kind of business they considered “high risk.”

Kansas lawmakers advance concealed gun bill, reject NRA plan – “Kansas legislators advanced a bill Thursday to keep concealed guns out of public hospitals and mental health centers after rejecting a narrower proposal from the National Rifle Association. The Senate approved the measure, 24-16, and the bill goes next to the House. Several senators said Republican Gov. Sam Brownback, a strong gun-rights supporter, would veto it, but the governor declined to say what language he supports.”

Special rules for special people . . . New Zealand officer who left gun in Parliament keeps job – “A New Zealand police officer assigned to protect the prime minister has managed to keep his job despite leaving his gun in a public bathroom at the nation’s Parliament and then enlisting a colleague to drive back and retrieve it. Police on Friday released the results of their yearlong investigation into the June 2016 incident. In their report, they said the officer made a genuine mistake by leaving his Glock service pistol in the bathroom, but should have dealt with it differently to minimize the risk to the public.” He could have just left the gun holstered.

That’s OK, I’m sure all the guns he sold were on California’s list of approved firearms . . . Pasadena police lieutenant may have sold dozens of guns on Calguns in last four years – “A Pasadena police lieutenant, whose Sierra Madre home was raided by federal authorities in February, may have sold dozens of guns online in the last four years, potentially violating state and federal laws barring officers from making a profit from certain firearm sales, according to dozens of posts on the message board Calguns. An account profile on the Calguns website with the name ‘vgourdik’ posted information indicating the user was a police officer in the San Gabriel Valley. The person behind that account has not logged on since the night before the Feb. 16 raid on Pasadena Police Lt. Vasken Gourdikian’s home.”

Who knew we were exporting to Brazil? . . . Fighter jet: 60 assault rifles found hidden onboard Miami-Rio flight – “Brazilian police seized 60 assault rifles hidden in a shipment of swimming pool heaters on a plane flying into Rio de Janeiro’s Galeao International Airport from Miami on Thursday. The cargo included 45 AK-47’s, 14 AR15’s and one G3 rifle – all high-caliber military grade weapons. The bust is reported to be the biggest of its kind in Brazil for a decade.”

Taking your life in your hands cycling through the Big Easy . . . Nearly 17,000 cyclists sign petition demanding protection from attacks – “(A) group called the Semi-Tough Cycling Club – of which Weiss is a member — posted an online petition that has collected nearly 17,000 signatures. It demands Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Michael Harrison and the City Council take increased action to better protect bicyclists and aggressively prosecute those behind the assaults. ‘In the past year, members of our club and other folks who ride bikes in New Orleans have been purposefully run off the road, shot at with paintball guns, (and) beaten with baseball bats,’ the petition states. ‘Those committing these crimes are doing so because they know that they likely won’t be investigated or caught.'”

Meanwhile, in news of the blindingly obvious . . . Study: Guns for protection more common with rural residents – “A recent Pew Research Study indicates that rural residents like Roberts are disproportionately more likely than other Americans to have a gun at home for protection. The study also revealed that rural Americans are more than twice as likely to have a gun in the home than those living in large cities. After Monday’s captive situation, firearms experts weighed in on why rural residents tend to have more guns and why Roberts’ actions were legally appropriate.”

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      • Ohhh….Amy Schumer…..she lifts her politics from her cousin, steals her jokes from other comedians, and now she’s scamming someone else’s hot body as her own.

        Outside of her drunkenness and harpy-like personality, is there anything about her that is her own?

    • Just playing devil’s advocate here, but it’s possible that that was Amy Schumer’s body 10 years ago. She used to go on Red Eye with Greg Gutfield and wasn’t completely gross back then. Of course, like now she had absolutely nothing to talk about other than her vagina, but she was probably a hundred pounds lighter, so it didn’t seem quite as gross back then.

      • Or it’s a bogarted anonymous photo from the internet, and likely under-age. Don’t get caught looking at it too closely or twice.

    • Doing some research with TinEye the image is almost certainly not Schumer.

      The first instances of this image show up on Tumblr anonymously on 3 June 2016. Open source pictures of Amy Schumer from that time make it clear that the person in this picture simply cannot be Ms. Schumer.

      However, three days later pictures that are exactly the same appear on Twitter, with one set claiming to by Amy Schumer.

      As said, that can’t be true because here’s Amy on 7/16/2016:


      • Eye bleach! Brain bleach! You fucker, I clicked that! I want to cut my finger off for doing that!

        (collapses into corner, sobbing)

        • “Eye bleach! Brain bleach! You fucker, I clicked that!”

          Oh, I don’t know, she doesn’t look *that* bad.

          Excuse me, I’ll be back in about 10 min…

          *cough* 😉

      • Thanks for the link. Now do you have any tips for getting the puke off my keyboard?

        • Disconnect it, run it under the shower, blow it out with air duster and then let it air dry for 12 hours unless you can put it in a sunny spot, then like three hours.

  1. Regarding the N.O. cyclist that was “shot”; am I the only one who noticed the unmarked police car that drove by right before that guy felt the wound?? Hmmm…..

    • If you listen carefully, you can hear three (quiet) shots being fired, the last one of which catches the bicyclist. The passenger side windows of both the po9lice car and the pickup were rolled up, and the shot would have had to have come from that side of the car to even hope to get the angle right. I’m thinking someone with a silenced .22 rifle did the shooting from some distance behind and out of the frame.

    • The whole thing sounds like a mess. Specifically, it sounds like no one bothered to call the police about the whole thing until well after the fact (maybe because the doctor who was riding with them figured she could handle it?) or the police… didn’t respond to a shooting?

      Then the police said it was a pellet wound, then they retracted it and said it wasn’t… who knows.

  2. Wearing an orange bra under your shirt. Wow, what a courageous statement! Way to stand up for your beliefs, Amy! And panties are optional!

    Wait a minute… that’s not…

    Sorry I missed the orange day thing. I have a blaze orange NRA cap I could have worn. Maybe next year.

    • A couple of women at work were wearing orange accoutrements. I didn’t know today was Everytown’s official virtue signal day…now I’m wondering if they were part of it. I hope not. I like most of my coworkers, and I’d hate to have to think less of them.

    • I wore orange to the range yesterday, and brought a stack of Kathy Griffin photos. I gave them out as targets.

      • We’re not allowed to shoot at human photos at our range anymore. However, I do have a real nice collection from some years back of Chuck Schumer standing with the Brady’s that have some well placed holes in them. I miss those days.

  3. “than other Americans”. Not, “Urban Americans”, but “other Americans”, thereby implying that there are groups other than rural or urban in this classification, and that “rural Americans” are outliers on the subject of gun ownership

  4. ” From a pop culture perspective, however, I think guns are fucking cool.”

    That my gunny friends, is why we have *won* the culture war.

    ” The Department of Justice utilized the banking industry to “choke off” the ability of certain “fraudulent” businesses in “high-risk” sectors to operate by cutting off their access to financial services.”

    This is something that must be cured, ASAP. It’s causing some some real problems to folks I know in the gun and pawn biz.

    Perhaps some form of “Protection in lawful banking commerce act” or something?

  5. Even in Louisiana no one likes road cyclists….

    I really have to wonder why that is.

    Oh wait, no I don’t. While no one deserves to be shot over stuff like this, road cyclists are 95% annoying douchbag elitists who want all the rights of a car but to take none of the responsibilities.

    Again, no one should be running them off the road, shooting them or beating them but it would be nice if your average road cyclist had a social IQ over 40, didn’t dangerously hog lanes and wasn’t generally a twatwaffle about the rules of the road. Holding up traffic on a 65mph highway by doing 15-20mph for miles uphill in the center of a lane in a no passing zone… just so that you can get your heart rate up for peak cardo time… yeah, fuck you. Other people have to work and stuff, not peddle around on a $3000 bike during business hours. Use the damn shoulder.

    Again, no one should harm them but… well, may many a nail find your tires! Jerkwads.

    • I second this. It may not be 95%, but it is a significant amount of riders that are total asshats. They create some dangerous situations on roads that are not meant for sharing with automobiles.

      • I third it. A few weeks ago, while driving through a busy intersection, a cyclist ran the red light. 5,000 lbs vs 200 lbs (estimated with bike) and my reflexes is an equation *I* wouldn’t bet a life on.

        I have no idea what was going through his mind but it had absolutely nothing to do with physics.

    • Don’t forget riding side by side in packs to hold conversations during rush hour…

      I don’t know the actual fraction, but of two guys I know who bike to work one is a total jackass, to the point people won’t hold the door for him. (The office is at the top of a fairly steep hill.). There does seem to be a correlation between brightly colored sponsor-sticker bike clothing and asshattery however.

      But … This serves as a non gun example of how the actions of a few make all look bad, and can turn public opinion against the whole group.

    • Hear hear, all of the above. Show me a “share the road” stickered smug-tard, I’ll show you someone utterly convinced they are beyond the rules of the road. Physical attack may not be warranted, but they do themselves no favors by engaging in behavior that generates so much ill will.

    • Thank you for not saying “100%”. I’m one of the 5% who only rides on quiet country roads, wears bright colors, and quietly makes peace with God every time I hear a car approaching from behind.

      • I’m not big on the religion thing but when I cycle, which I do from time to time to vary my workouts, I am entirely respectful of traffic and go out of my way to avoid roads that have significant traffic.

        It’s not just being respectful of other people. It’s being respectful of the fact that most of those vehicles weigh 10x or more what my bike and I do so getting in a fight with one is a battle I’m pretty well guaranteed to lose.

      • I’m with you HP. The majority of riders make it difficult on those of use who know “our place” on the road and actually obey traffic laws. I hate riding sidewalks, because that’s just as dangerous, but I do enjoy some wide riding trails most of my way to work (when I ride). But when on the road…lot’s of prayers!

    • Even in Louisiana, specifically in orleans, cyclists routinely break the rules of the road and when they die, their buddies chain a white bike to the nearest light pole and crow to the media about how wrong the driver was that hit poor “so-and-so” while he ignored that red light for the cars because “bikes have right of way”. The narrative plays out so often, its formulaic. I’d really be more concerned about being shot or otherwise assaulted, like the guy above, especially if I were biking through that area of the city, or central city, or mid city, or the garden district, or treme, or the marigny, or the French quarter after dark. Bottom line, the non-white majority of residents generally are not pleased with the “urban renewal” post-Katrina that has pushed up property values, removed the obsolete government housing, and served to boldly draw a line between the haves and have-nots. Random acts tend to happen to the affluent transplants to the city, those smart enough and that don’t live check to check were gone 20 plus years ago or live in essentially gated area of the city that benefit from enhanced police protection and private details.

      • I know where your coming from. So many cycle snobs out there. On the other hand, my brother and I are hard core cyclists and have both dealt with road rage bullies in over sized vehicles, who try to bump you off the road.
        A local businessman was seriously injured last year in such an incident.

        My brother and I conceal carry when cycling and we ain’t the only ones who do.You never know when you will be attacked by an animal. (Four legged or two legged)

        Point being, concealed carry and cycling aren’t mutually exclusive. Lets all be nice.

        • “My brother and I conceal carry when cycling and we ain’t the only ones who do.”

          Same here. Out for a late-night rural ride a few years back, some good-ole-boy thought it was funny to sic his dog on me.

          I discovered speed I never knew I had. *shudder* That’s what motivated me to carry…

    • Wow! Cycling – Good. Getting shot – BAD. Respectfully disagree on everything you said about cyclist. Revisit your driver’s ed days to relearn what rights a cyclist has in reference to any and all public roads. Or you can Google it. Your negative comments about cyclist paints you in a negative light. One could correlate that ALL gun people would be as insensitive as you which would be incorrect. Yes there are @$$#0/& in every niche. Cycling included. I’ve been threatened, nearly ran off the road too many times to mention, hit once. Even had a guy cut me off , then came back to pick a fight at 6 a.m. He left when he realized that I had called the LEOs. I would love to carry but NJ doesn’t allow it. Like driving, cycling , and gun ownership, I follow the law because I have to and not when it is convenient. BTW, my cycling collection is 2x my gun collection and my friends consider me a SHTF Prepper.

      • Come to Colorado and go for a scenic drive. You will quickly recant what you’ve said here.

        Just drive around the Boulder area (not even the city, just like within 20 miles) and you will quickly see that the cyclists in the area, while obeying the letter of the law, are abusing their legal rights to the point that everyone hates them.

        I bike too, but you know what I DON’T do? I don’t back up half a mile of cars behind me because I haven’t gotten enough peak cardio time on my Fitbit yet. These assholes do exactly that. If forced to cycle on such a road, I pull over for cars because that’s the decent thing to do.

        Sorry, you can be well within your rights and still be a total fucking douchebag about it. That’s how a lot of cyclists are. It’s called “common courtesy” and they ain’t got it.

    • New Orleans is an awful cesspool. Cyclists who think the laws of traffic are more important than the laws of physics are dumb. Cyclists who think the traffic laws are more important than being polite and not obstructing traffic are assholes. Cyclists who ignore physics and traffic laws are dumb assholes.

  6. I can’t understand everyone leaving guns in bathrooms. Particularly cops, because if your training doesn’t include WTF to do with your gun when you gotta drop a deuce, then you have NOT been adequately trained.

  7. Am I the only one who hates the “all guns are always loaded” rule?

    Yeah, yeah, it’s somewhat like the 9mm v 45AVP debate, but….

    If all guns are always loaded, you could never: clean them, dry fire them, unholster them to put them in a safe (depending on where you lived (i.e., apartment building)), handle them in a gun shop, repair them, etc.. If a round was in the chamber and could “go off” 8>), what _could_ you do with them?

    • This is how it was explained to me: Once you have dropped the mag and locked the slide back on an empty chamber (or are showin an open and unloaded cylinder, in case of a revolver) it is not a “gun” as it is not assembled. As soon as you close the chamber, it is a gun.
      EDIT: Went back and started to watch the unwatchable GLOCK brand GLOCK safety video. “Handle all firearms as if they are loaded at all times.” Including when you pull the trigger to field strip it, I assume.

    • It’s not a literal rule. It’s a mindset rule.

      Because stories about accidental shooting usually always start with, ” I thought the weapon was unloaded…”

  8. Excerpt: “From a pop culture perspective, however, I think guns are f __ _ _ _ cool.”

    The family reads these articles………can we skip the “F” word in these articles.

    • Dan, if they don’t know what it means it won’t matter if they read it.

      If they do know what it means, they’ve already read it somewhere else.

      Life goes on.

  9. Meh, nice of the beta male to admit it. Look, nobody is going to throw us a parade, doing as I please is its own reward, nothing else needed.

    Someone admitting he can’t handle guns but thinks their cool is a bonus, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Like that there’s this zeitgeist I’m part of that others look at with wonder.

  10. Cyclists are the only reason I would ever consider driving a diesel. Every time I see a pack of douche bags running stop signs, I wish I could “Roll Coal” on them as I pass.

  11. Guns are more common in rural areas?
    How many rural areas do you know of that have rampant gun control laws?

  12. I had heard about gun stores having their bank accounts and business credit cards canceled by large banks
    It seem to me that he was a perfect opportunity for one of the smaller players to jump in and specialize in credit cards and business banking for legal gun stores

  13. So young males of today actually think it’s good to be beta… Sad, they will never be men. I’ve never met a women that is looking for a beta male to date. It’s like always just being friends, but never getting the puss and thinking that’s good. Alpha females and beta males a progressive dream.

  14. I hate Amy Schumer. She looks like Miss Piggy, and I didn’t think she was funny even before I learned of her political views, but to be fair… did she ever claim that picture was of her? She could have just chosen that photo to grab attention. Whatever. Who knows, and who gives a shit.

  15. Watched John Wick II last night.
    The only thing higher than the body count was the number of times he press checked in the middle of a gun fight.
    He even did it with the AR.


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