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“I’m pissed. I don’t like being lied about.” – Ed Garcia, creator of the Facebook group GunSenseVT Exposed in Rumor of guns cancels event [via]

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  1. So much fail.
    If they are true believers an open carry protest would have only reinforced their belief.
    If this was all fabricated one wonders if it was intentionally set up to make them look like poor victims or was it unintentionally set up by their own hysterical paranoia?
    So. Much. Fail.

    • They’ve got the same advisory panel as Kathy Griffin, I see. Refugeees from Hiliary’s campaign?

  2. Anybody else think Ron Stancliff is just another civil rights opponent claiming to speak for our side?

    The film was to be followed by a panel discussion among Ann Braden, president of GunSenseVT; Clai Lasher-Sommers, a domestic violence survivor; and Ron Stancliff, a gun owner and lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and treasurer of the Lamoille County Democratic Committee.

    And the real reason they changed their plans was to avoid having facts get in the way of their narrative:

    Braden acknowledged the location of the Manchester event had been moved to avoid having “gun owners show up to tell us we were completely off base.”

  3. Wow! Reading that article, I got dizzy and heard the theme from the Twilight Zone. Starting over and reading it again, I realized that I was reading a fair account of what happened. Weird. Refreshing.

  4. “That is unless facts on paper are weapons and bringing up discrepancies is intimidation.”

    You say this ironically but it’s actually true, the communist, uh I mean democrats believes anyone who disagrees is dissenting and intimidating their sheeple.

    Well written article, usually you can judge the strength of a position by its willingness to stand against scrutiny, I think we have an answer

  5. I guess that the guns got together and decided to protest on their own.

    And what the hell is “Hoplohobia?” I think someone forgot to P.

  6. The Group Gun Sense made the right move. America today is more divided than it was during the days of the early 20th Century. With the recent attack in Portland Oregon by a Right Wing Nut Case only proved the people at the event would not have been safe. Despite denials by some pro-gun groups other people did indeed claim they were going to bring loaded weapons to the meeting and it would of only taken just one nut case to cause a tragedy. I personally would not have attended even though I am pro-Second Amendment and certainly not if I was on the other side of the fence. You certainly cannot blame the Group Gun Sense for cancelling the event which was a shame considering that both sides could have learned much from the event but that is the reality of “Herr Trumps” “New America” where “hate, racism and political intolerance” is now “cool” with the Far Right.

    • “You certainly cannot blame the Group Gun Sense for cancelling the event which was a shame considering that both sides could have learned much from the event but that is the reality of “Herr Trumps” “New America” where “hate, racism and political intolerance” is now “cool” with the Far Right.”
      Source please.
      One attack in Portland does not equal “the new reality”. Last I checked, antifa were still the ones doing most of the rioting, destruction of property, and assaults on people who disagree with them.

      • Quote————————One attack in Portland does not equal “the new reality”. Last I checked, antifa were still the ones doing most of the rioting, destruction of property, and assaults on people who disagree with them.—————-quote

        Where do you live in a cave. Just today there was another hangman’s noose found in front of a school. There have been over 60 attacks against Jews in the last 6 months. Cemeteries have been vandalized etc. etc. Am American man wearing turbine was gunned down while pumping gas. The list goes on and on.

        • And just where do you live, again? Certainly not in the same reality that the rest of us ADULTS live in, that’s for sure. Probably not even in America, either, for that matter. Just the other day, a lefty like you hung a noose in front of a sk00l. There have been over sixty attacks against Jews mostly perpetrated by other Jews as well as yet more lefties like you in the last six months.

          Yes, the hoaxes go on, all right — all by people like YOU. There’s such a lack of racism, sexism, classism, and other such hate in America that people like you are in FACT simply making shit up to virtue signal and get attention. That is it, that is all. Period. You are what you can only pretend to hate, and you are wont to project it onto everyone else you disagree with to draw attention away from your own GUILT of literally everything bad you’ve ever accused anyone here of thinking, saying, doing, or being.

      • @cisco kid — Gun Sense made the wrong move, you mean, and that is the correct answer regardless of whatever gun-grabbing mongrels like you say. America is certainly more divided today than it has been in a long time, though I personally wouldn’t go back to the turn of the last century. Maybe that’s because I actually have some working knowledge of social upheaval here in These United States over the last century or so, unlike you. With the recent attacks on Drumpf supporters by Left Wing nut cases — to include college “professors” and staff — only proves that opponents of gun control would not have been safe. Despite denials by some anti-gun groups, other people bringing loaded guns to the meeting would have been completely irrelevant. Unless, say, someone opposed to guns decided to lash out at their ideological opposites, like that one Left Wint nut job did at the Milo protest in Washington, and was rightly shot for his trouble. And no, you are NOT pro-Second Amendment anything. If you are for gun control of ANY kind outside of prohibitions already found in Common Law, you are not what you claim to be. At all. So, yes, we certainly can — and will — blame Gun Sesne for cancelling the event. Their fears, as well as yours, ARE in fact unfounded and unsubstantiated. But, that is the reality of you “Herr Shillaries” “Utopian America,” where “hate, racism, and political intolerance” is now mandatory with the Far LEFT.

        • The Brady Bill has proven over the last several decades to have stopped thousands of gun sales to criminals and nut cases and including second hand sales would stop tens of thousands more. You can scream in ignorance from the rooftops but history has made a fool of you. Of course that is nothing new in your case. Situation normal.

          MSNBC News reported today that the Right Wing Nut Case in Portland was a self declared White Supremacist so where do all these Hill Jacks come up with the idea he is left wing. It makes about as much sense as calling Herr Trump a liberal and a Muslim lover. This whole thread could not be any more ridiculous and is turning out to be the most absurd thread ever put on The Truth about Guns as the Right Wing Geniuses are not only desperately grasping at straws their statements about the Portland White Supremacist being liberal would be more believable if they said he was from another planet as well.

        • quote————————– There have been over sixty attacks against Jews mostly perpetrated by other Jews as well in the last six months.——————Quote

          Brother you have made some very bizarre statements on this forum but this is so far over the top you have proven to everyone on this forum you need to get some mental help. So now you claim the Jews are attacking themselves? I have never in my life heard such a psychotic statement even from the “true believers” who fly the Nazi flag here in the U.S.

          Your other statements were crazy enough when you claimed that a self pro-claimed White Supremacist (his own words to the police) is a liberal and a lover of Bernie Sanders but the statement about Jews attacking Jews proves you are not only a danger to the American people but even a danger to yourself as well. It cannot get any more serious than that.

        • quote————–Gun Sense made the wrong move, you mean, and that is the correct answer regardless of whatever gun-grabbing mongrels like you say.———————

          Ok Genius provide me with info that the Brady Bill has banned guns in the decades it has been in force. In reality it has banned none. History has proven it in several decades of use.

          Would an extension of the Brady Bill ban the ownership or confiscate second hand guns since it has not done so in decades of use with new gun sales. No one but a paranoid nut case would argue that it would. History has proven the Brandy Bill never has banned law abiding citizens from buying any gun they wanted that was legal in their State to own. Again History proves you wrong. Several decades of History. Now try and say that is fake news.

          How would a new Federal Law that mandated safes ban any guns. As a matter of fact it just could and probably eventually would save your own gun collection from being stolen.

          How would a security alarm system ban guns, it would not but it could and eventually would save your own gun collection from being stolen.

          The real gun grabber is you for you through your paranoia and totally ignorance do not realize that as the gun shootings and maiming’s get worse it will result in draconian laws being passed that will eventually confiscate and ban guns because we did nothing to stop the carnage when we had the chance. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to keeping your own guns. No new Federal laws, no safe to keep your guns in and not security alarm system either. If you have money to buy guns then you had money to begin with to buy a safe and a security alarm

          MSNBC News just this week released stats showing last year a horrific 20,000 children were rushed to hospitals with gun shot wounds some of which proved fatal and the balance often caused crippled children for life and or expensive, painful operations that often bankrupted their parents because we have no National Health Care System to pay for such horrendous expenses. Again showing people like you are your own worst enemy. I am sure you will say so what, it was not my kid so who cares and I am too cheap to buy a safe or a security alarm system and I do not want to be inconvenienced to sign for a second hand gun because I do not care that thousands of them end up in the wrong hands because anyone can get one even if he is a criminal or a nut case.

        • @cisco kid – you lost this argument simply by quoting MSNBC.

          That aside, the Brady Bill or any other gun control measure in place or proposed only limits the law abiding citizen. These bills do nothing to curb violence. And that’s the problem with your position – you see guns as violence, when in fact they are only tools, used by violent and non violent alike. ANYONE with any COMMON SENSE knows that laws don’t curtail the actions of criminals – PERIOD.

          You really want to solve the “gun problem” in America? It’s really very simple and doesn’t even involve a gun – stop sending criminals to luxury hotels when they do something wrong. Strip them of all but the right to life. Re-institute the chain gang and hard labor. Re-institute capital punishment. The only “career criminal” should be the one that hasn’t been caught yet. All the rest should either be rehabilitated and returned to society, if possible, or eradicated.

          The problem isn’t guns. The problem is evil and you can’t legislate it away. Evil people will do evil things with whatever implement is available for the purpose of evil.

      • My hobby has been firearms for over 50 years Genius and I have worked in the gun industry as well. I have forgotten more about weapons than you will ever know.

        • Your hobby has only been lying for the past dozen or so years, Einstein. You haven’t worked in the gun industry, either. Even the very greenest of us will have forgotten more about weapons in the last 24 hours than you or anyone even remotely akin to you will ever know in your thankfully short and absolutely miserable lifetimes.

        • Your comments prove me right. Mandatory safes with alarms, etc.

          If you’re claiming to be pro gun, you’re a liar.

    • … that is the reality of “Herr Trumps” “New America” where “hate, racism and political intolerance” is now “cool” with the Far Right.

      First of all, where is your evidence to support your statement?

      Second and more important, even if your assertion is true, it is about time that conservatives return the favor to the Communists … er, I mean Socialists, nope … uh, Progressives … yeah, yeah!

      In case there is any confusion: Progressives/Democrats are the most hateful, racist, and politically intolerant widespread demographic that I have ever seen.

      • Quote——————-First of all, where is your evidence to support your statement?—————–quote.

        I have a secret invention that you have never heard of. Its called a TV Set and every night practically we see Far Right Fanatics attacking minorities. As I said before there have been 60 attacks against the Jews alone just in the last 6 months and people murdered as well just because they were minorities. Were do you live in a cave? A man wearing a turban at a gas station was gunned down just recently just to name a few of the indictments against minorities.

        • We have a secret invention that you have clearly never heard of. It’s called the internet, and every night we see Far Left fanatics — just like you — attacking whites and minorities alike. As I’VE said before, there have been sixty attacks against Jews alone in the past six months, and most ALL of them have been perpetrated by other Jews and lefties like you. And that’s whether IF they even happened at all. So, I’ll ask YOU again: just where do you live, exactly? Wherever it is, it certainly isn’t in the same reality that the rest of us ADULTS have already long since come to terms with. Hell, you probably don’t even live in America, either, for that matter.

          You are everything you can only pretend to hate, and you are wont to simply project all of it onto everyone who even slightly disagrees with you. All to cover your own GUILT of thinking, saying, doing, and being everything bad that you’ve ever accused anyone else here of thinking, saying, doing, or being.

      • quote————In case there is any confusion: Progressives/Democrats are the most hateful, racist, and politically intolerant widespread demographic that I have ever seen.———————

        Your on LSD. If Liberals were hateful people then where were the mad dog racist Far Right when Herr Trump attempted to ban American Citizens from traveling to and from abroad. Answer: the hateful Racists waving the Herr Trump banner of racial hate and bigotry were no where to be seen at the Air Port protests which led to the Supreme Court declaring what the law really was, a racist, anti-religious law aimed at a minority who were legal American Citizens. That is everything that America DOES NOT STAND FOR AND NEVER HAS.

        I suppose the Far Right was not satisfied on just attacking Jews and Catholics all these years, now they have a few new bogie men i.e. refugees that history as proved have not attacked anyone for almost 50 years in this country or immigrants or the 6 million Muslims that live and work here every day. FACT: The majority of terrorist attacks in the U.S. has come from the Racist Far Right shooting up abortion clinics, schools and minority churches with Dillon Roof their star poster boy waving the Confederate Flag along with others waving the Nazi flag right next to it. Yea, you Right Wing Fanatics are filled with love in your heart every time you wave the Nazi and Confederate flags at your rallies and you dare to call Liberals hateful people. I find it chilling that when you listed to the Far Right they are literally quoting their racist ideology right out of Hitler’s Mein Kampf word for word.

        If the Far Right were not completely ignorant of History they would know it was and still is Immigrants that have made America Great not some Demagogue wearing a read tie and mouthing off promises he cannot and never intended on keeping. As just one of thousands of examples the man who invented the cell phone was a Syrian Immigrant, the very people Trump is trying to ban as Refugees and some of them are Christians and Catholics, oops I forgot momentarily, the Far Right hates Catholics too.

        And lets not forget the other bogie man, the immigrants from Latin America. If the Far right were not so totally ignorant they would realize that their grocery bills are far cheaper because the corrupt Conservative Businessmen lure these people here and pay them starvation below minimum wages and then pay off the Republicans to prevent any meaningful immigration reform from passing Congress and ditto for no guest worker programs either as that would mean the corrupt Businessmen would have to at least pay minimum wages and workers compensation and later even give them paid holidays, or retirement. And lets not forget your tax bills. If you were not totally ignorant on how the system works these illegal immigrants are paying taxes and are not eligible to collect social security when they retire and they are keeping the system solvent and paying your social security benefits because they get none and they lower your Federal and State and Local income taxes as well because they are not eligible for refunds. And you have the arrogance to follow a Demagogue like Trump who calls them all rapists and murders. Trump even called a Supreme Court Justice that was of Latino descent unfit to rule on the court because he was Latino and not approved by Herr Trump because Trump even hates American Born Latino’s.

        If the Liberals were so hateful than why did Obama not discriminate against Latino American Citizens and why did Obama bring Muslims to the White house to award them for outstanding contributions to America through their accomplishments here while the Jack Booted Racist Right Wing Ted Cruz refused to even meet with the American Muslim Community when he was running for President. Yea, tell me how loving the Far Right Racists are.

        If Liberals hate the Far Right its because Liberals believe the Constitution protects all the people in the U.S. not just White Anglo Saxon Protestants. And it was Conservatives that denied equal rights to Gays, Trans genders, and racial and religious minorities as well. Again tell me how loving the jack booted Far Right is.

        It was Conservatives that have prevented minorities from having a meaningful vote both in the past and recently. Just today the Supreme Court Called North Carolina’s redistricting new law to nullify the minority vote in the state totally unconstitutional. A recent study in South Carolina proved Democracy was such a joke there because of Conservative Politics that the Middle East Country of Iran actually has a more democratic government when someone runs for election. In the U.S. we have now have had not 1 but 2 Presidential Elections were the people voted Decorate but the corrupt Electoral College elected a Republican President. The entire Electoral College was put in place because they corrupt Politicians did not want the American people to have true Democracy, they actually wanted them NOT to have a Democracy. The Far Right knows it would not have a chance in many elections if it was by popular vote as is done in civilized industrial countries like France where the people elect the President not the corrupt politicians as is done here.

        Down through history Far Right Fanatics have always caused the majority of not only wars but mass genocide as well. Its called Nationalism and Populism and its far right hate that teaches its children to hate everyone that is not of their tribe and their religion. All others are sub-human and its morally right to send them to gas chambers as the poster boy of all Right Wingers Was Hitler who is still the God of the Far Right and they never get tired of waving his Nazi flag at their rallies. Strange the so called hateful Liberals loath such a flag and what it stands for. Yea once again tell me how loving the far right is.

    • First of all I believe in your right to get on here and make comments because of free speech but I think you should also put the names of the groups up here that made threats to bring guns to this forum….
      In all honesty I think The Cisco Kid is Ann Braden using a pseudo name trying to backup the lies that she slung regarding her reason for not going through with the movie and the discussion..

      Ann Braden and The Cisco Kid need to name the people who claim to be bringing guns and Open Carry at this event or you will be forever labeled the Liars you are.

      Calling the hard-working honest people who support the 2nd Amendment and the constitution of Vermont is really a disgraceful position for you to hold.

      These statements that you made are as disgusting as the fall statistics you use during your meetings trying to deceive honest people into believing your lies.

      • Their/her story has already evolved to someone told her that someone else told them that they were going to go and protest with guns. A perfect example of hearsay and absolutely nothing to back it up. It would be the same as me saying a friend of mine told me that gun control advocates told her that they were going to shoot up a school if they don’t get their way. Complete baseless rubbish.

    • The state of Maryland adopted sweeping gun control provisions in 2013 and Baltimore just witnessed the highest January through May murder rate of any year on record.

      • Precisely my point. Without Federal Laws passed all the state laws you pass are totally meaningless. That is why we need Federal Laws that mandate the use of gun safes, security alarm systems and the vetting of all gun sales, not just new gun sales, to cut off the flow of second hand guns into states that have strict laws.

        • Exactly our pint, you mean. Whether it’s federal or state is completely irrelevant. We don’t need any more federal laws that mandate anything, whether it be gun safes, alarm systems, or “vetting” of all guns sales. Oh, and at least half of all crime guns found in states with strict gun control laws are eventually traced to somewhere WITHIN that state. And take an average of 11.2 YEARS to get there, too. Not that you’ve EVER taken the time to actually study BATFE trace data for yourself, instead of having “interpretations” of the same simply spoon-fed to you, sight unseen, by chronically incorrect gun-grabbing mongrels like you and taking it as gospel. And all without even one moment of hesitation, reflection, or investigation.

          Gun control laws do not meaningfully hamper criminals in any way, shape, or form on any conceivable level, whatsoever. They never have, and never will. Don’t even bother bringing up other places, either, because we are not anything like other places, and what goes on in those places is not relevant or even applicable to here. It gets worse because, by your own admission in a previous comment thread, that is for a whole constellation of reasons that cannot be properly accounted for in ANY kind of “study.”

          Also, gun control IS at its very core racist, sexist, and classist. Always was, always will be.

          Clayton E. Cramer, Master of Arts in History from Sonoma State University, whose works informed the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas in United States v. Emerson, 46 F.Supp.2d 598 (N.D.Tex. 1999) and District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), as well as McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010).

          David Kopel, Bachelor of Arts in History from Brown University, won the National Geographic Society Prize for best History thesis with a biography of Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. He graduated magna com laude from the University of Michigan Law School. He was also a contributing editor of the Michigan Law Review.

          ALL gun control laws are only meant to price, harass, and harange people — especially the poor and minoroties of ALL kinds across the board — out of their birthright to own a gun.

          THAT is all gun control can accomplish. THAT is literally what the very first gun control laws were written specifically to do, for crying out loud. With that being said, and incontrovertibly true, that would make you — by your own lefty “logic” (if you can even call it that) — ALL of those things and FOR all of those things, too. Just like you love to pretend that we are, but know damned-well that you’re guilty of ALL of it yourself and cannot find a lick of it here.

    • The so-called right wing nutcase in Portland, was actually a left wing racist Bernie Sanders voter.

        • Quoting “The Daily Caller” is about as laughable as quoting Breitbart News or Rush Limbaugh. The rest of the educated world is laughing at you. Here is just one of many reports by The Daily Caller that as usual was a complete fabrication.

          Quote from the Daily Caller:

          Disputed prostitution allegations[edit]

          In March 2013 The Daily Caller posted interviews with two women claiming that New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez had paid them for sex while he was a guest of a campaign donor.[24] The allegation came five days before the 2012 New Jersey senate election. News organizations such as ABC News, which had also interviewed the women, the New York Times, and the New York Post declined to publish the allegations, viewing them as unsubstantiated and lacking credibility.[25][26][27] Subsequently, one of the women who accused Menendez stated that she had been paid to falsely implicate the senator and had never met him.[25][28] Menendez’s office described the allegations as “manufactured” by a right-wing blog as a politically motivated smear.[29]

      • More rubbish. The Portland nut case was 100 per cent Right Wing Racist and showed up at more than one Right Wing Rally. The last one tried to ban him because he was such an embarrassment to them, although they did agree with him they did not want it flaunted in front of all the news media cameras. Sanders stood for the opposite of everything this right wing nut case was screaming on camera.

        • More rubbish from you, maybe. The Portlandia nut case was 110% Left Wing Racist and showed up at more than one Left Wing rally. And if any supposedly “Right” Wing rally would try to ban him because he was allegedly such an embarrassment, that must be because he doesn’t actually represent the “Right” Wing at all. So, no, they really didn’t agree with him after all. Sanders stood EXACTLY for what that Left Wing nut believed in — otherwise he wouldn’t have supported him.

    • The “planned protest” was completely fabricated, there were no threats made and we specifically planned to attend unarmed. Gun (non)sense VT planned to stage a “panel discussion” using their own plant as a “gunowner”. They’ve also stated they will not publicize the next event as to not attract undesired attention. Bloombergs gunsenseVT is barely hanging on by a thread, we’ve completely shut them down for the last 3 legislative sessions. This was an act of desperation.

      • If they can’t even advertise their next propaganda event, then I guess the gun owners of Vermont have done their job. Not much chance their going to expand their numbers with secret meetings held in Ann Braden’s closet. Good job.

    • “even though I am pro-Second Amendment”
      No. I think what you meant was
      “even though I am pro-Second Amendment but…”.

      You’re welcome!

    • Cisco as one of the organizers of the pro gun side of this supposed discussion you might want to reread the article. Ann Braden herself said we at the Gun Owners of Vermont have never showed up at there events. For the past 4 years I have been asking them to debate them and they have always refused. The reason is we bring fliers siting the F.B.I. and State of Vermont numbers showing that we are the safest state in the union. We even offered to pay for the sheriff’s department to do security. The only thing they are really afraid of is the truth. Gunnonsense Vt has a 4 year history of lies deceit and false statistics. They even lie about there funding which comes from Michael Bloomberg.
      If you want to see what this group is all about watch this vid.
      Ed Cutler
      Gun Owners of Vermont

      • Eddie, you’re calling the cisco kid pro gun? Not the cisco kid that comes here spouting off about the hundreds of thousands of mass shootings every day in America?

        If you think this guy is pro gun you must rival hillary in her hatred of us.

    • Keep repeating the lies that the media has invented about Donald Trump. Congratulations! Your programming is complete. I hope you have a personal experience in cultural diversity with one of Obama’s sons or one of his muslim brothers. To spineless worms like you, it would be better for us to be conquered by muslims and Mexicans than to be called racist or whatever other insults you morons think still wields some sort of power over us.

      • I would imagine you do not even realize your diatribe simply proved what I was saying about the Far Right and Trumps influence over you is indeed an accurate statement in regards to America becoming more divided with hate than it has been since the beginning of the 20th century.

  7. Wow! How much fail can be pointed exposed in a single article. It says the event was organized as “a discussion about gun laws and safety” and that “discussion is welcome”. The problem is that as with all stateist/leftist, the only discussion that is welcome, is discussion of (and agreement with) their viewpoint. The organizer even states that they wanted to avoid having “gun owners show up to tell us we were completely off base.” and that in doing so gun owners would “derail the purpose of the meeting”. If that’s the case, then what is the purpose of the “discussion” ? Oh yeah that’s right, the the purpose is to make sure that only their viewpoint is expressed.The anti-gun organizer of the “discussion” also states how debate is about “trying to understand the other person’s point of view,” but yet they clearly don’t even want to hear other points of view, much less try to understand them.

  8. Is it Hoplophobia when someone calls you a FEG?

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

    (Yes, that was super lame. I regret nothing!)

  9. When I worked in Vermont, the first Monday of Deer season was an official holiday at work. We could not staff the factory and reworking the schedule was a mess. The elites think they control the state, but there is a strong libertarian bent in the rural areas of the state. Note that the citizens elected a Republican who races cars (and continues to race) as Governor last November.

  10. What gives you more publicity?

    1) . A movie and monologue disguised as a open discussion.
    2). A presser saying that you were going to put on a movie and a “dialogue” (but lead with a straw-man argument), but had to cancel because of an unsubstantiated rumor about guns?

  11. Quote from Excedrine—————–Gun control laws do not meaningfully hamper criminals in any way, shape, or form on any conceivable level, whatsoever. ——————–

    The Brady Bill has proved for decades it stops thousands of gun sales to criminals and nut cases and including secone hand sales would stop 100 times more people. Now I cannot make in any more simply than that. History has proved you wrong. Its irrefutable.

    • Links to stats showing how this stopped one criminal from obtaining a firearm? That’s right – it’s impossible because there aren’t any stats like that. Let me make this as plain as I can, because you seem to be having a hard time with this concept…


      Meditate on that for a while and then every time you want to tell someone how the Brady Bill or some other “gun control” measure thwarted a criminal – repeat that mantra. I promise you will feel so much better that you thought twice before saying something stupid!

      • Your ignorance totally surpasses all human logic and understanding. Yes the Brandy Bill continues to stop hundreds of people often per day from buying NEW GUNS. NOW LET THAT SING IN YOUR THICK HEAD A MOMENT. If the Brady Bill was expanded to cover second hand guns which are actually the bulk of gun sales it would prevent tens of thousands of gun sales to criminals and nut cases. Again as I have repeatedly stated History has proved that Nations that thoroughly vet all guns sales have on average 3 times less homicides and robberies with guns than we do. No law is perfect but History has proved what has worked and what the U.S. has right now is pure insanity and is not working even superficially. We were on the right track with the Brady Bill but we need to go the rest of the distance and soon because if we do not cut down on all the mayhem with guns in the U.S. the bulk of the American People who are the majority of people who do not even own a gun are going to demand something be done and that is when the anti-gun crowd will gleefully step in, panic the public, and start confiscation and complete bans of entire categories of weapons and all because we had a bunch of ignorant Hill Jacks would not do anything because they did not understand what had to be done and what has worked with other Nations.

        I have also stated that Brady was a Federal Law, that is why it worked and why it would work much better if it vetted all guns. When the Far Right Screams about all the State Laws on the books they surpass any semblance of understanding that State Gun Laws are meaningless because guns are funneled into States with tough laws from States that have few gun laws.

        Over and over history has proven “A Conservative is always his own worst enemy”.

        • Dude you don’t get it…criminals aren’t going to gun stores to buy firearms. Every major city with strict “gun control” has the least control of their guns. FACT. Chicago, LA, NYC. Look ’em up. But you have a lot of helpless citizens getting shot up.

          “But that can’t be cuz police!” Yes police show up to nearly every shooting, to call the coroner and file the paper work.

          Come for my guns and you’ll see why I have them. Which is why the 2nd Amendment is in place.

          Let that sing (sic) into your thick head.


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