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Maybe selling arms to Islamist thugs isn’t such a good idea after all . . . Gun Deal in Jeopardy for Turkish Guards Who Beat Protesters – “The day before armed guards from the Turkish president’s security detail violently attacked a group of peaceful protesters here last month, the State Department notified Congress of its intention to license the sale of $1.2 million worth of semiautomatic handguns to the security force. Two weeks later, with mounting outrage over the episode among American lawmakers and a continuing investigation by the State Department that could lead to criminal charges against some of the guards involved, the future of the sale now appears to be in question.”

God bless Texas . . . Countless Gun Control Measures Pushed by Bloomberg-Backed Groups Fail – “During a session marked by inaction on issues and public disagreement between the two legislative chambers, the Senate and House still managed to approve a number of pro-Second Amendment measures (the Governor has until June 18 to act on bills he has not yet signed).”

Meanwhile on the other end of the political spectrum . . . California: One-Gun-a-Month Bill Passes Senate as House of Origin Deadline Approaches – “The deadline to pass bills from their house of origin is this Friday, June 2. Yesterday, May 30, the Senate passed anti-gun bill, Senate Bill 497, which extends California’s one-handgun-a-month limitation to all guns, by a vote of 25 – 13.  It is obvious this legislation is another attempt to place more barriers on those exercising their rights and does nothing to address the criminal misuse of firearms or firearm trafficking. Criminals who generally acquire their firearms through illicit means will continue to ignore California’s stringent laws including limitations on the number of firearms that can be acquired within a 30 day time period. SB 497 will now move to the state Assembly.”

The GOA sees problems for hunters . . . Gun owners fear regulation from unlikely place: Hearing aids – “A proposal designed to make hearing aids more affordable has generated resistance from an unlikely quarter: gun owners. A gun rights group is organizing opposition, because it believes the measure would change the way certain hunting products are regulated. A bipartisan group of senators introduced the measure. It would allow hearing aids intended to compensate for mild to moderate hearing impairment to be sold over the counter, rather than by prescription.”

It’s so much easier when the morons self-identify . . . Stockton Teen Arrested With Gun On Campus After Snapchat – “It was the social media app Snapchat where students saw pictures of their fellow classmate with a handgun and quickly notified the principal. Jadin Sharma, 18, a student at Plaza Robles High School is now facing charges after bringing a loaded gun to school. ‘The principal called the student in, a search was done and they located a loaded a 9mm handgun,’ said Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.”

Fun at the Stop ‘n Rob . . . Fight involving gun caught on convenience store surveillance video – “Tattoo artist David Calk said he had just walked across the street and into the store when a guy at the counter gave him a look and the two exchanged words. ‘He looked at me like, what’s up? And I was like, ‘What’s up?’ And he was like, ‘You got a problem?” Things quickly escalated, Calk said, when the other guy pulled a gun on him not just once, but twice.”

An Open Letter to Everytown Authors Council – “As a supporter of freedom of speech and the Second Amendment, I was disturbed to hear about the Everytown Authors Council, wherein writers are encouraged to peddle propaganda against firearms. Over 130 writers have stated, “we pledge to use our voices wherever and whenever we can, doing our part to help mobilize more Americans to help save lives from gun violence.” This video presents an opportunity for those writers to honor that pledge and to discuss their views on firearms.”

Don’t expect Julianne to take Eric up on his offer . . . How Julianne Moore’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Inspired Her to Speak Out Against Gun Violence – “When the Sandy Hook shooting happened on Dec. 14, 2012, my daughter was 10 and was coming to work with me on a movie set. I asked hair, makeup, crew and other actors, ‘Please don’t mention this to her.’ I was going to wait to tell her with her dad. But somebody posted something about it on her monitored Instagram account. She said, ‘Mommy, did a bunch of little kids get shot today?’ It occurred to me that I wasn’t protecting my daughter by trying to keep the news away from her, so I wanted to get involved.”

The New York Times sees California as a model for us all . . . Disarming the Domestic Abuser – While Congress ducks this life-and-death issue, laws that could disarm domestic abusers before they can kill have been enacted in New Jersey, North Dakota, Tennessee and Utah. Those states join 19 others that have shown a bipartisan resolve to keep guns from domestic abusers. California’s law is particularly important because it gives standing to concerned family members, not just the police, to seek a court ruling against possession of a gun by a violent abuser.

Your Gunbroker listing of the day . . . Leopard 1A5BE Main Battle Tank, king of the DD’s – “This listing is for a Leopard 1A5BE. Not every day you see something like this come up for sale, and with the current climate in Germany this may be the last chance you’ll ever get to buy something like this. This unit is in full operational condition, all systems work, the tank has working fire control units, optics, thermals, etc. You have to be very careful when you look at units like these, some sellers are offering a unit that has been demilled and as part of that process they remove ALL fire control units and optics. That’s a huge waste, you loose all the cool parts of the tank. The first photo is to show what a restored tank will look like. We can arrange to have your unit repainted if you would like for an added cost.” I’m thinking Muddy Girl camo would work well.

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  1. Absent a firearm, most domestic abusers will simply use a different tool. Ball peen hammer, chainsaw, claw hammer, ax, hatchet, fists, rock, baseball bat, beer bottle, meat cleaver, brick, whatever is handy.
    There is no law restricting domestic abuse to firearms only.

    • There is also a “study,” which TTAG dutifully fisked earlier this month, which found that domestic abusers were actually less likely to kill or injure their victims if they had a gun, versus not. That, and most domestic abusers don’t use guns, anyway, as they almost always beat their victims to death.

    • What is particularly disturbing–and misleading–about the article is that the California GVRO (gun violence restraining order) is and was enacted to take guns away from people who are a threat to themselves or others because of mental disease. For domestic abusers, the DVRO has been around for like decades, and is usually issued along with restraining order that is entered into a computer system called CLETS that allows police officers to immediately determine if an individual is violating a DVRO.

    • It is my understanding that currently, under federal rules, if you are the target of a domestic abuse protective order, you are a prohibited person, and can’t posses a firearm,which would make this law kinda pointless.
      Am I wrong? (Hey, it’s happened before)

      • Irrelevant. These geniuses have discovered the obvious benefits of making such ownership yet (ever) more illegaler. Especially if we can add in a few “everybody knows”, “common sense”, “obviously”, “it has been repeatedly proven”, and so forth descriptors as well.

  2. Ummm…that make some fairly good semiautomatic pistols in Asia Minor. Why do they have to buy American ?!?

    • Oh yeah! That fact sailed right over my head as I read the article… and I have two or three Turkish guns in my gun case.

      • Whatta’ you got? I’ve had my eye on a Canik but don’t actually know anyone who has one(like service and mags)to pull the trigger…

        • I have a C100 with CZ75 meprolight night sights, VZ grips and CGW spring kit. Uses 16 round Mecgar magazines with sp01 base plates. Have around 800 rounds down the pipe and I like it. Just not a big fan of double stack carry, but when I do, it’s my carry gun. Trigger is better than most stock CZs, and other than the weight, is is identical to the steel frame compact externally. I did not buy it for cost, I bought it for what it is. Also have a 75 shadow, and to be honest, the machining is a touch better on the Canik.

        • I have a a Canik TP9SFX. It’s been a sweet shooter, but the slide doesn’t lock back properly anymore. Possible the gun didn’t like using the slide stop as a slide release. So far though, zero failures to feed, fire, or eject. It’s been sweet enough that I’m looking at the Elite as a carry option. Probably going to get the cz P10 though

        • Let’s see, if my dodgy memory holds, I have a Canik TP9v2 (DA/SA decocker), a Sarsilmaz SAR K-2 (.45 ACP), a 1911 made by someone in Turkey but I don’t remember the name off the top of my head, and I think a Tri-Star shotgun… but I may have sold that. I have nothing but good things to say about them all. I would, and have, recommend(ed) them one and all to friends.

    • Follow the money. My bet is that it is going to the districts of some important congressmen with whom the Turks would like good relations.

      And, indirectly, to the re-election campaigns of those same congressmen.

    • It can be cheaper to a foreign government to purchase weapons through our Foreign Military Sales apparatus, even if they can make them at home. Uncle Sam subsidizes part of the cost. Israeli Tavor production in the US (Pennsylvania) could be used to actually provide Tavors back to the IDF on Uncle Sam’s dime, depending on the amount of foreign content in the US made guns.

  3. That convenience store robbery video is hilarious and amazing to see that hill Billy’s speed. Worth the watch.

  4. So, what exactly is the problem with that hearing aid bill? The linked article offers zero explanation.

    • Apparently most of the fear comes from the fact that this is Elizabeth Warren’s idea. The bill aims to allow hearing aids to be sold w\out prescription but would apparently still require them to be regulated in certain ways. The GOA fears that this could bring hunting aids- which also help hearing and require no prescription but do not label themselves as hearing aids- under the regulation of the federal government somehow.

      • Thanks for the clarification, it helps a lot. Never mind the content, if Warren is involved, I oppose anything she supports.

        • No kidding, if Elizabeth Warren suggested we either put out the fire in the house or make good our escape, I’d likely have to get behind the stay and watch it burn camp.

      • As my brother always says about hearing aids, “consumer electronics at medical prices.” Consumer electronics just get cheaper and cheaper for what you are paying for. Something needs to be done about the cost of hearing aids, and I’m pretty sure less government interference the the something.

  5. Enjoy your caniks.

    Also we basically don’t have a country at this point.

    US police should have shot those Turkish “bodyguards” dead for attacking US citizens.

    Yes I’m serious.

  6. “God bless Texas” with his own hand*.

    That said, I’m not going to praise them for what they’ve done this session. They are moving forward on 2A issues, but they are moving at a snail’s pace. They had legislation proposed this session to make LTC’s feeless (not free because you still have to take a class and all that), to allow LTC holders to carry in all the state “gun free zones” (i.e., not federally mandated), and constitutional carry. That’s honestly about the best that we could ask for and expect to get. Everyone can carry, but only the most law abiding segment of the population, and cops, can carry everywhere not federally prohibited.

    There were also a bunch of other common sense gun laws** filed. An annual sales tax holiday for guns and gun stuff and a few other things were filed.


    **A common sense gun law is any law that makes it easier for law abiding citizens to get guns more easily.


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