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Leave it to the media anti-gunners to find the silver lining in a terrorist attack . . . Zakaria’s ‘Silver Lining’: At Least London Terrorists Didn’t Have Guns! – “Zakaria opposes the Second Amendment’s codification of the right to keep and bear arms. Last October, he postured as a data-driven policy analyst by claiming that “data clearly proves” that household firearm possession “makes people less safe.” He will not, however, openly call for repealing the Second Amendment. Despite hosting a weekly flagship show ostensibly dedicated to in-depth analyses of global affairs and international relations, Zakaria did not inquire about the overlaps between Islamic terrorism and Islam as a religion and ideology. He similarly neglected to examine the overlaps between Islamic terrorism and Muslims, or the calibration of contemporary immigration and refugee admission policies pertaining to Muslims.”

But it looks like at least some coppers are having a change of heart . . . When I joined the police, I resolved never to carry a gun. But I’ve changed my mind – “There is no doubting the impressive eight-minute response to the London Bridge attacks but outside our large cities the response time would be significantly longer. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to reveal what the time would be to a market, seaside or rural town in my force, but it would shock you. There are simply insufficient officers carrying guns to turn out quickly to these places. But that is not the only problem. The first officers at London Bridge arrived within two minutes. These brave officers tackled the terrorists armed with only batons and chairs. It is amazing that they were not killed. But they were overpowered and the terrorists moved on and continued to stab other people.”

Good guy with a gun saves two infants . . . Oklahoma father tries to drown twin babies. Neighbor shoots him. – “Police in Oklahoma say a father held his estranged wife at knifepoint while he tried to drown their 3-month-old twins in a bathtub. A neighbor was alerted and killed the father. Leland Foster, 27 years old, of Ada, Okla. allegedly went to the home of his estranged wife, Michelle Forrells, and their twins. Foster pulled Forrells into a bathroom, threatened her at knifepoint and began trying to drown the children — a boy and a girl, according to Ada Public Information Officer Lisa Bratcher. A 12-year-girl inside the home at the time ran to a neighbor’s house for help. That neighbor, Cash Freeman (above), grabbed his revolver, entered the house and shot Foster in the back twice. He later died of his injuries.”

This won’t make the powers that be down under very happy . . . Going Viral: Female Australian Pro-Surfer Turns In Her Surfboard For A Rifle While In US – “Professional Australian surfer and model Ellie-Jean Coffey elected to spend time firing a semi-automatic rifle while in Texas, as opposed to spending time in the United States on the beaches. The 22-year-old posted a video on her Instagram account firing off a round from a LaRue Tactical Rifle equipped with a suppressor. The video has been seen more than 107,000 times as of Wednesday on her Instagram account, which has more than 775,000 followers. The caption for the post read, ‘We’re not in Australia anymore, Toto.’”

Impressive…Shannon drew almost two dozen people from the seven million who live in the Bay Area . . . Walkers cross Golden Gate Bridge in march against gun violence – “Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, an organization pushing for legislative action and gun reform, came to San Francisco Friday evening from Colorado to lead the march. She said similar marches and events were planned for cities across the nation. … Demonstrators carried signs that read ‘Gun violence is a public health issue’ and ‘Background checks save lives.’ California has the most stringent gun laws in the country, Watts said, but it’s not enough. Her work won’t be over until federal regulations are passed that require background checks and restrict sales of guns to people with mental health issues and those with a history of domestic violence.”

Advice from a former gang banger . . . ScHoolboy Q Thinks No One Should Own Guns — Not Even Police – “ScHoolboy Q, the former Hoover Crips gang member and Blank Face rapper, has some thoughts on guns — namely, that no one should own them, not even police. The rapper revealed those thoughts today (June 5) in an interview with artist interview channel Montreality, where he was asked which one evil he wishes to rid the world of. ‘Guns, man. That gun law s–t is real man, it will never stop,’ Q responded. “That’s one thing — probably the only thing I agree [with] about the law and all that political s–t that’s been going on…from officers, from everybody. It should be no guns.’”

Clearly, not everyone agrees with ScHoolboy Q . . . New record: America arms itself, ‘necessary steps to defend selves’ – “The spurt in terror attacks, including the recent two in England, are pushing gun sales into record territory just months after predictions that the election of a pro-gun president would end the rush. The FBI just reported that the number of gun sales background checks for May was the highest ever for that month, 1,942,677, a trend that will make 2017 the first or second highest year for gun sales.”



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    • You know that at least one of them actually DID, right? The boxcutter story was amplified and only partially confirmed.

  1. “Her work won’t be over until federal regulations are passed that require background checks and restrict sales of guns to people with mental health issues and those with a history of domestic violence.”

    So … Ms Watts should be done then, as such laws are already on the books. Have been for some time, in fact.

    “There is no doubting the impressive eight-minute response to the London Bridge attacks…”

    The opinion of the Orlando police notwithstanding, I do not think that word means what he thinks it does. Or, rather, it is an appropriate word but not in the way he intended.

  2. ‘There is no doubting the impressive eight-minute response to the Lon don Bri dge attacks…’

    A lot can happen in 8 minutes. I’d think the average jihadi would exhaust himself from stabbing so many people before the police showed up. And that’s the best they can do anywhere in the whole country!

      • Exactly what I was thinking, and in those days I was in peak shape, nowadays…. not quite

        I doubt I could even fight for my life for 8 minutes now. Hence why I carry a gun even with 30 seconds of residual blood pressure the entire affair is over in a minute or two

  3. Good luck on no gunz buckwheat. Pay no attention to that Zakaria behind the curtain…duh.

  4. “There is no doubting the impressive eight-minute response to the London Bridge attacks but outside our large cities the response time would be significantly longer.””

    Really? Central London on a Saturday evening. 8 minutes. How far away were the nearest police? 4 miles? 2 miles?

  5. Here’s a story.
    About a man named Fareed.
    Who was bringing up 4 pundits on his own.

    • Thanks to quotas he found a cash hose he could suck on,
      It was the most profitable thing that he could do,
      Couldn’t program or do phone support,
      So propaganda he’d spew,

      The lyin’ bunch…

  6. Fareed is, according to UK law enforcement data, totally wrong about the availability of guns. Throughout Europe, guns are easily obtained on the illegal market. England has seen a serious rise in the use of handguns in robberies by UK nationals. Robbers are also using replica guns which are quite hard to differentiate from real by the average shopkeeper. Australia, too, says that there are tons of guns among the citizenry, many of them are guns which were never turned in. Radical Islamists are very capable of obtaining firearms in the same way the IRA used to get arms; boats delivered them along the coastline.

    • +1 this.

      Gun ownership is also very restricted in France, Mr. Zakaria, but that didn’t stop a few Muslim terrorists from obtaining and using guns on a comparatively defenseless public and police force. The British terrorists just had a lack of patience and funds, otherwise I’m sure they could’ve have similarly armed themselves.

      Zakaria has no fondness for individual firearm ownership/rights because it doesn’t jive with his “altruistic” globalist POV. Dude’s also a serial plagiarizer and buckraker, for what it’s worth.

  7. Wait, a good guy with a gun saves babies while cops without guns fail to stop bad guys? Where is “The Resistance” to tell us how the defensive gun use is a myth and every other country has it so much better?

    Let’s be honest about what “The Resistance” is really saying. He, she, or it is saying that those kids should have died and no one has the right to self defense.

    You stay classy gun control freaks. We’ll stay awake

        • I might have that mixed up with the number of spices in the Heinz sauce, but it’s right up there.

        • Actually, a marketing gimmick from Heinz. Supposedly he was riding a train or some such and saw a show ad that said “21 styles” of shoes IIRC, and thought it would be good to pimp his primary line – pickles. (Which was only 20-ish varieties when he came up with the idea, but turned into a variety of over 60 products by the time the idea dropped.)

          Picayune minutiae, for your enjoyment….

    • “Good guy with gun”? What you smokin’? White racist pigdog murders a brother dindunuffin? Just because Trump hate, hands up don’t shoot, shot him right in the BACK! We should loot a liquor store, burndamofo!

  8. I mean, of course that gang banger would say that. He doesn’t actually mean EVERYONE, just everyone who doesn’t have the black market contacts he does. Bangers tend not to like having to deal with armed cops or citizens. Much easier, and safer, for them to ply their trade if they’re the only ones armed.

  9. Ouch¡!
    Ellie-Jean’s host/hostess/instructor (RO?) should work on the trigger discipline.
    And probably the 4 Rules…

  10. I suspect those gun sales numbers for May probably have a lot more to do with rock-bottom prices and the generous rebates that many manufacturers are offering than it has to do with fears of terrorism.

    • That’s my guess. I was at the gun show this weekend, and lower range firearms were being sold at fire sale prices. Oddly, older ones that might go in a collection seemed overpriced. I saw a Winchester 1906 at $650.00 in worse condition than mine, which appraised at $325.00 three years ago. Of course, mine is not for sale, as it belonged to my grandfather and will in a few years be given to my grandson – if I can let it go :). I’m slowly reconditioning it, which will kill the collector’s value, but hey – it’s a shooter.

    • Yep.

      Walther $100 back on PPS and PPQ models
      Marlin $75 back on 336s, $100 back on 1895s
      S&W $75 back on Shields
      DPMS, Savage, Remington models rebated too.

      I’m in save mode though so kinda lost on me.

  11. Zakaria, Watts, and that never-heard-of-him “rapper” can all wish in one hand and spit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

    • If it were possible to remove all evil from the world, it would become a perfect world, and then no one would need a gun. However, the only way to create such a perfect world would be to remove EVERY single human from the world, all 7 plus Billion of them, and I don’t think anyone, even Michael Bloomberg, believes that extinction of the human race would be a viable strategy for promoting their gun control agenda.

      “In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need guns. This is not a perfect world.” ― Sheriff Ben Johnson, Volusia County, Florida

      • Well hold on not so fast, if that’s the only way for complete gun control Bloomberg won’t be above it. Some of those pictures of him would make some Bond villains proud

        He just probably hasn’t gotten far enough to consider extinction yet

        • Bloomberg has most definitely considered extinction. He just rejected it because he can’t figure out who pissant busybodyies like himself would boss around if everybody were dead.

      • Yeah, but if you add in the fight against the weather, murdering the entire species starts making sense, right? RIGHT? //sarc//

  12. “At Least London Terrorists Didn’t Have Guns! ” … because the people killed with the van and the knives would be so much more dead if they had been killed by a gun, right? Fareed Zakaria just showed everyone what an idiot he is.

    • If you don’t think three men armed with guns instead of knives couldn’t have done more damage after disembarking the van then you are the fool here.

      There’s a reason we arm our military and police with guns. There’s a reason that the Constitution defends guns. There’s a reason that we don’t say “well, it’s okay to ban guns because I can just carry a knife.”

      • Not if they started taking fire the second they got out. The point is that if the muzrats had guns, so would the people they were attacking.

        • I genuinely don’t know why you would think that.
          Maybe not enough coffee yet.
          A criminal actually has easier access to guns than a law-abiding citizen here in the US, let alone Britain.
          All a criminal needs is brass balls, something they don’t lack. The number of stolen guns in circulation has to be in the millions. Even lacking the BBs, a little cash will get him a gun. No background checks, not even a need to flash a DL.
          The idea that an armed terrorist equals armed would-be victims is disproved here in the US all the time.

      • That’s why I carry a nice buck knife as backup and my primary defense at work. In case my gun fails or runs out of ammo, my knife has this cheat code for infinite ammo

        Have you ever seen brutal multiple knife wounds? Or someone who was plowed over by a van at highway speeds? Spend some time in an ER and you’ll think gun wounds are much preferable to either of those

        • Asked several friends who are in the Medical field what they would rather patch up; knife or gun shot wounds; ALL said gun shot, knife wounds were far worse.

      • Constitution protects owning and carrying of all arms. Knives and swords, pikes and maces, guns and even freeking lasers and phased plasma rifles in 40 W range when they become available.

    • “Geez little goil would you be happier if more people were pushed out of windows?”
      – Archie Bunker

  13. At least the London terrorists didn’t have guns… Yeah, I’m sure all the people who were run over and then stabbed are feeling great about that. And the unlucky seven who died, well, they’re not so dead as they would have been. Hooray for silver linings! (Yeesh…what a ficking tool that Zakaria cretin is.)

  14. If you are a cop in London and you’re not willing to carry a gun, you should have your ‘cop’ card revoked. You can still be a metermaid and pose with tourists.

    But you obviously cannot protect them.

  15. More officers should be armed, but “arming every single officer is impossible”. I guess that shows the difference between US and UK.

    The bobbies pictured here, do those outfits scream “aim at my belt buckle” to you?

    • I recently read an article about military uniforms that were more of a liability than advantage. Something about red uniforms sticking out like a sore thumb and making the British soldier a huge target. It took forever for the British Military to finally admit that the way they saw battles and regalia had no real bearing on how battles were actually fought. Those damn rebels shot from the treeline and refused to line up on the commons for a rousing step and shoot parade. They finally accepted the inevitable and went with the olive drab.

      I see the British police are in the same boat with regards to guns. The friendly image of a Bobby carrying just a truncheon is completely out of step with modern policing in a “terrorism is the new normal” and getting them killed. Eventually they’ll accept the inevitable, at the cost of lots of lives.

  16. I’ve asked before, and don’t remember getting a response.
    ” Her work won’t be over until federal regulations are passed that require background checks and restrict sales of guns to people with mental health issues and those with a history of domestic violence.” ”
    AIUI, if you have been convicted of any domestic violence charge, and even if you are the object of a domestic violence restraining order, you are a prohibited person. Exactly what is being asked for here? Are we going to call any argument, domestic violence?

    As well as, just who gets to define “mental health issues”?

  17. Shannon would be the 1st one they would restrict firearms possession too with her mental health issues, obviously. Too bad the bridge didn’t collapse about that time, probably would have solved some problems……….

  18. read the story about the Oklahoma incident. Headline on some other news source read “Man breaks into home and murders father drowning children in tub”. Love the editors who let these headlines fly


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