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AI Is Getting Really Good At Detecting Handguns – “In the end, the researchers say their system successfully activated an alarm in 27 of the 30 scenes they tested, correctly detecting a gun in less than two-tenths of a second each time. Overall, the optimized model achieved 84% accuracy, with zero false negatives (meaning the system never failed to detect a gun when one was actually present) and 57 false positives. Systems like these still have a ways to go, especially since those false alarms could have deadly consequences for civilians being approached by body camera-wielding cops.”

Is that a trick question? . . . Why Is It So Impossible for the Media to Be Honest About Guns? – “Most intelligent people can watch a movie and recognize that much of what’s being depicted is not real. Car chases don’t work like that. Romances based on lies will fail. Val Kilmer isn’t a leading man. But for some reason, despite knowing that Hollywood takes liberties with physics and storytelling, one Hollywood depiction seems to be taken at face value: guns. The latest misrepresentation about guns from the mainstream media revolves around “silencers.” In movies, James Bond or Jason Bourne attach a “silencer” to a gun and are instantly able to shoot anyone without being heard. The gun makes a quiet “pew” that seems to only exist so the audience knows it was fired. Anyone else in the house—or even the room—wouldn’t know a gun went off. In reality, that’s not how “silencers”—more accurately called “suppressors”—work.”

Have you seen this psycho keyboard commando? . . . Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist who threatened the father of one six-year-old victim fails to appear in court to change her plea – “A Florida woman charged with threatening the parent of a boy killed in the 2012 mass shooting of Sandy Hook elementary school was a no-show in court on Wednesday. Lucy Richards was set to appear at a change-of-plea hearing on Wednesday, but did not show up, and now faces a more severe punishment if convicted. The 57-year-old was set to plead guilty to a charge of interstate transmission of a threat to injure for threatening Lenny Pozner, the father of six-year-old Noah Pozner who died in the tragic mass shooting at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut.”

Just an innocent victim of auto-correct? . . . NYPD Officer In Hot Water Over ‘#Blacklivesmatter’ Tweet – “A Brooklyn police officer is facing punishment after she responded to her department’s Twitter post with the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter. According to an exclusive report by the New York Daily News, officer Gwendolyn Bishop replied to February 2016 tweet posted on the NYPD 76th Precinct’s official Twitter page. The tweet announced a gun arrest made by the Special Ops team. Bishop responded to the post on her personal account, which has since been deleted. She wrote: “Sad day for the 76th Pct. #Blacklivesmatter,” the Daily News reports.” If auto-correct was the culprit, why was it a ‘sad day’ for the precinct?

Taylor’s & Company Announces New Lever-Action Rifle – “Taylor’s & Company unveiled a new lightweight carbine built with speed and comfort in mind. The 1892 Taylor’s Huntsman was constructed like a traditional lever-action rifle but with a few modern twists. The most notable features of the 1892 are its manageable size and upgraded sights. The Huntsman now boasts high-visibility fluorescent front sights and deluxe Skinner rear sights.”

Yeah, this is hardly the first time . . . TSA Screener Allegedly Allowed Loaded Handgun Through Security – “According to an Atlanta police incident report obtained by WSB-TV Channel 2, a female passenger from Alabama discovered the handgun as she checked her purse for her passport while at the terminal gate. The report states the passenger then self-reported the discovery to nearby a police officer, who quickly called additional officers to the area before confiscating the weapon and the woman’s bag. She claimed to be a concealed permit holder in Alabama, but allegedly said she had forgotten to bring it with her on her trip.  Though, it is doubtful the permit would have made any difference. Federal law prohibits passengers from taking firearms in airport security areas.”

He chose…poorly . . . Tennessee teen tries to steal handgun from gun show, promptly stopped by good Samaritans – “An Antioch teen found himself behind bars on Sunday after allegedly trying to steal a handgun from a gun show at the Middle Tennessee Expo Center. According to the arrest report, Murfreesboro Police arrived to the R.K. Gun Show and found 19-year-old Shenoda Riad being held on the floor by several good Samaritans and the owner of the stolen gun. According to witnesses, Riad was walking around with a black and silver Springfield XD-S holstered on his hip at the show when he took the vendor’s revolver, and tried to conceal it while exiting the premises.”

This is pretty much a full-time job . . . John Lott Q&A: Debunking Gun Lies – “A headline at last week read: ‘The Cincinnati nightclub shooting shows how more guns lead to more gun violence.’ Since the idea that “more guns lead to more violence” is prevalent in the anti-gun community, we decided to ask author and criminologist John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, about that headline and some other aspects of the story.”

Because gun-free zone laws have always worked so well . . . Rep. Johnson reintroduces gun law for airports – “Continuing his efforts to make airports around the nation safer for the general public and the law enforcement officers who patrol them, Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-04), has reintroduced the “Airport Security Act of 2017.” The Airport Security Act of 2017 makes it illegal to carry loaded guns onto airport property.” Oh, and here’s who Rep Johnson lists as supporters of his bill: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The Violence Policy Center, Center for American Violence, States United to Prevent Gun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the GunSense Georgia Coalition.

There aren’t enough latex gloves in the world . . . Stolen gun falls from inmate’s body cavity during search at north Alabama jail – “It’s not yet clear whether the owner wants it back, but Limestone County authorities recovered a stolen gun when it fell from an inmate’s body cavity during a search at the jail. Jesse O’Neal Roberts, 23, of Elkmont, was being booked into the Limestone County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication when the weapon fell from his body, said sheriff’s spokesman Stephen Young. This is a stock photo of the Jimenez .380-caliber pistol, like the one that fell from an inmate’s body cavity in Limestone County.  ‘I immediately considered that he defecated on himself before noticing a familiar shape in the form of a pistol in his boxers,’ a corrections officer said in a report.”

Disagree with someone’s politics? Brand them a Nazi! The media in Canada is every bit as objective, reliable and accurate as it is down here. But they got Kellie Leitch, Conservative Party and the word ‘Nazi’ out there in the same headline. Mission accomplished.


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    • Yes he is. One of the local talk radio guys is fond of playing the clip, including the pause before the Admiral responds “We don’t anticipate that happening.” How that man managed to not burst out laughing at the stupidity is beyond me.

      • I think he was trolling, and/or was on some monster good-good. Besides in Congress, most often the only other people I hear talking like that are people who are seriously blazed out.

  1. So would they have EVER discovered the gals loaded 38? Selfreporting did her no good…yes they have gunshot detection in Chiraq as it was reported last week they nabbed a 17year old perp. Oh and it was a horrible day today with a mass murder of 4,a pregnant woman killed and middle of the day expressway shooting…

  2. That’s the thing about the LCP, you can stash one of those anywhere. And I mean A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

  3. The Taylor comes in the usual calibers (.357, 45 Colt, .44 Mag), but with that matte finish is way overpriced. For just a few dollars more, you can get the same rifle from the same manufacturer (Uberti) with a blue finish and a case hardened receiver–which is a much nicer looking gun. And being a 16″ gun, it has a lower capacity than the 10 round 20″ guns. Unlike the other Ubertis, it does not come in .44-40. The upsides (for some) are the lighter 16″ barrel and a loop large enough for a gloved hand. I don’t know why they put a rubber pad on the back. In these calibers it isn’t particularly needed, and takes away the classic crescent shaped buttstock.

    • I noticed that too. It looks like it had either a serious malfuntion or was exposed to flame for a short but intense time. Either way, it’s in rough shape.

      • That ‘frosted’ look is the zinc alloy oxidizing, IE, ‘rusting’, so to speak.

        If you were to touch it, it would have an unpleasant ‘gritty’ feel to it. If you try to cure the gritty feel by sanding it down or polishing it, you just expose more of the metal to the air and it corrodes faster.

        Repainting it is the best choice, but who wants to spend the money to Cerekote it?

        Much like that particular 57 year-old woman above, Zinc alloys just don’t age gracefully…

  4. Regarding the lady (Katrina Jackson) who tried to do the right thing at ATL airport. I’m going to assume she has a valid permit, just made an innocent mistake and was just trying to do the right thing.

    Wow! So in today’s world the solution is to arrest and charge her? Thus send the message to others that find themselves in this same situation that they might as well just shut their mouth, get on the plane, and act like it never happened? Since she is now past security screening all she had to do was get on the plane and no one would of been the wiser.

    If the next stop is her destination then she just gets off the plane and walks out of the airport. Now if she faced a connecting flight or otherwise has to go through security again then things get dicey. Still all she had to do is not go through security again, go find a taxi, go to a local FedEx/UPS store, sneak the gun into a small box, mail it to herself, take taxi back to airport, and she’s good to go.

    In the future may I suggest just take her into a room. She’s definitely missing her flight LOL. Question her while running her background through the various systems. Find out if she has a valid AL permit? Has she ever been in any trouble before? Yes I know the permit doesn’t let her carry in the secure area of the airport, but if she was a mile away out in public would her and her possession of that loaded handgun be legal if she had her permit with her? If all appears legit and she just made an innocent mistake then issue a firm backside chewing, unload her gun, give it to her, and escort her to the door. Tell her to go rent a car and drive home. Or she can go to a FedEx or UPS store and mail the dang thing home then come catch another flight.

    I mean have we lost our freaking minds when it comes to incidents like this? Have we gone so far down the dark hole of zero tolerance that our officials can’t begin to exercise the slightest bit of good judgment and discretion?

    Charging her is not justice. It doesn’t make any of us safer. It doesn’t make airline travel more secure. One could argue that this story makes airline travel less secure. Why? When word gets out that “doing the right thing gets you arrested” the next person in this situation will not come forward. They’ll just get on the airplane, walk out of the airport on the other end and no one will ever know. By not coming forward security weaknesses are not revealed and incompetent employees get left in place.

    Sorry for the rant, but this silliness is getting way out of hand.

    • Seems to me you’re on target. If trying to make it right just makes things worse, then there’s no reason to try and make it right. Hopefully she has a good lawyer.

    • It says in the article she was looking for her passport at the gate, which in my experience, indicates she’s boarding an international flight. It would not have been very prudent to fly into a foreign country and go through customs with a gun. I agree, I do believe TSA is out of control on how these incidents are handled at times. Her mistake was being honest I guess.

      • Good point. In that case she could of just missed her flight and left. If asked just tell them she had a family emergency (wouldn’t be lying LOL) come up. Then walk out of the airport. If she drove there, go to her car and lock her gun up in the trunk, come back and go through security again without it. If dropped off, call someone to get her, rent a car home, take a taxi, or went somewhere and mailed it home. Several ways to handle this and no one would of been the wiser. Instead she tries to do the right thing and gets arrested.

    • Cops: Remember that when you punish citizens for “doing the right thing,” fewer citizens will.

    • I cannot imagine *ever* having a gun and taking it into an airport security area without realizing it. Can’t even imagine. But, if I found myself in her position, I would turn around and exit the airport, forget the flight and the money involved and disappear. This is either a complete lie or *unbelievably* stupid, the woman should not be allowed out in public without a controller.

      • She won’t get a controller/babysitter, but I’m sure she’s got a track-for-life from the .gov on every electron she influences.

    • The last time I flew (about 8 years ago), I was leaving Colorado after going on a walkabout, and had to fly out of Denver. I was travelling light; a 3-day pack as my carry-on, rucksack, and duffle. I organised everything & made extra sure nothing I had would draw TSA’s attention so I would have to rush through the airport to make the flight.

      Went through the line & body-scanner pretty quick, but coming out the other side I was met by TSA and a cop, holding my pack. They took me over to the little waiting area and started digging through it, and I was told they had seen live ammo in it. WTF?

      But sure enough, there were 3 loose .22lr rounds that had worked themselves down into the seams of the backpack, and I missed them while emptying/packing it the night before. Those things had probably been there for years…. and on multiple other flights.

      Anyhow, the TSA supervisor was pretty competent, and let me go after having been given a you’ve-been-a-bad-boy form letter showing what they confiscated, which ominously said that I could be fined & prosecuted. While I waited, he told me they find loose .22s all the time, and that the fine threshold was “between 7 & 10 rounds”.

      The whole process took maybe an extra 10 minutes, and impressed me as a very rare exception to the TSA rule. Hell, they spotted those rounds when multiple other airports had missed them. But I haven’t flown since, and take Amtrak for long trips instead. It’s far less stressful and a lot more fun. I’ll never fly again unless it’s a time-critical emergency…. the TSA and airlines can suck it soft.

  5. Regarding the rectal Jimenez – David Codrea reported on this, with the headline:

    “Constipational Carry.”

    I don’t care who you are. That’s funny right there.

  6. “Shenoda Riad,” you say? Huh. I wonder if his heritage is from a certain sandy/mountainous region of the world, and could he possibly be a member of a certain global death cult?

    Nah, just another MALE planning on committing a violent crime!

  7. “Skynet” is just the Hollywierd name. The real thing (or Phase 1 data net work) is very real and under construction. See “FirstNet”.


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