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My ex-girlfriend’s boy could solve a Rubik’s cube faster than I can clean a gun. You know; if I didn’t have Nick and Jon clean them for me. I have the same aversion to most fiddly things. So I appreciate this “solution” to the world famous multi-part puzzle. Although it does leave me with another question: how stupid does Bullet Safe think I am? A Desert Eagle is way too much gun for a puzzle. And then there’s the one I keep asking myself: what is that gun for? 

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  1. “…what is that gun for?”

    Having fun at the range, which includes watching other people smile when they get to pop a round.

    • I’m thinking of buying a Desert Eagle for the same reason I bought a .454 Casull, Ruger Super Red Hawk. For hand gun hunting and carrying back country for dealing with two and four legged predators..

      Except with a Desert Eagle, I can get change out barrels to have the option of shooting .50 AE, .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. (Pretty cool!)

      And if someone asks “why buy a Desert Eagle if you already have .454 Casull?” I would say, “You wouldn’t understand”.

  2. Self Defense obviously (#sarc), but mostly for having fun at the range and turning heads.

  3. I’m no doctor, though I may have played one when I was a kid. I appreciate BPV’s stopping power and wouldn’t hesitate wearing one if I could but…….. If the vest disperses the energy from a 50 AE round, is there going to be “other” damage, like do ribs break? What I’m wondering is even if the vest stops the bullet, are internal organs crushed by the force and you’re dead anyway? Thoughts from Doctors on here or Jon Wayne Taylor would be appreciated. Because I’m too lazy to google it. There, I said it before anyone else might have.

    • Why, yes, there can be a great deal of trauma even if the vest stops the round completely. One cop with experience of the ‘event’, said it felt like being hit in the ribs with a baseball bat. If you’re lucky, you just get bruises. Some have ended up being hospitalized with more severe injuries. So getting hit in the vest still sucks, just not as much as being hit without a vest.

      • Yup, take a slug like that you should expect some cracked ribs.

        And cracked ribs suck *bigtime*.

        They hurt like hell and heal *very* slowly. Like a few months. It hurts when you breathe, and coughing is agony.

        Pretty much any movement is something you just don’t want to do, and if you twist your torso you can feel the bones grinding together.

        Avoid cracking your ribs unless you are into pain…

    • There is a certain amount of ‘backface deformation’ allowed under NIJ/FBI/DEA protocols for each caliber and vest rating.

      That said, it still sucks getting tagged in the vest. There’s a video somewhere of a Medic getting hit in the rifle plate by a Drugonov (approx. .30-06 power) and it stuns him and drops him flat. He gets back up, then gets behind his 1151 and falls down again.

  4. Changing the subject a bit, I found a good way to solve the original Rubik’s Cube very quickly. (This may not work on the current versions, but go ahead and try it if you are terminally frustrated.) Take a flat-blade, thin tip screwdriver, insert under one edge of an outside corner cube and pry that cube out of the larger mass. The whole thing comes apart, and you can then re-assemble it in the completed alignment. Then never touch it again.

    Admittedly, the .50 cal solution would be more fun.

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