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Never let the law get in the way of your desired outcome . . . Gun control advocates say Newtown ruling is bad precedent – “Gun control advocates are asking the Connecticut Supreme Court for permission to argue against a judge’s decision last year to dismiss a wrongful-death lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used in the 2012 Newtown school shooting, saying the ruling would set a bad precedent. State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled in October that the lawsuit filed by some of the Newtown victims’ families against Remington Arms wasn’t allowed because of a federal law that shields gun makers from liability, in most cases, when their products are used in crimes.”

Cops Stop Woman With Stroller Full Of Guns In Back Of The Yards – “An 18-year-old Back of the Yards woman faces weapons charges after she was stopped by Chicago Police as she pushed a baby stroller with a rifle, handgun and ammunition inside early Monday morning. Yarisma Martinez lived a few blocks down from a house in the 4500 block of South Hermitage, where a police surveillance camera spotted a man firing a rifle on the street around midnight, prosecutors said Tuesday.” She was probably just going from one 3-gun station to the next.

Apex Now Shipping New Flat Advanced Trigger for Sig P320 – “Apex Tactical Specialties is now shipping the all new Flat Advanced Trigger for the Sig Sauer P320 series of pistols. Designed to reduce trigger pull weight by approximately 2 lbs., the new trigger has an MSRP of $49.95.”

Representative Mary Felzkowski and Senator David Craig Release the “Right to Carry Act” – “Today, Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) and Representative Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) along with 39 co-authors released the ‘Right to Carry Act’, which simplifies Wisconsin law and expands the rights of law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon without a license. ‘At its essence, this bill does two things: removes barriers to the exercise of a constitutional right and simplifies the law,’ said Senator Craig. ‘If you decide to carry a weapon to protect yourself or your family, you should be able to do so easily – without bureaucratic hurdles and without cost. We want to empower people to decide the best ways to defend themselves,’ said Representative Felzkowski. ‘Whether it’s a taser in a purse or gun under a winter coat, we want to give more options for people to carry.’”

Your zero tolerance government school idiocy of the day . . . Girl, 5, suspended for playing with ‘stick gun’ during playground game – “A North Carolina mother says her 5-year-old daughter was suspended from school after she was found playing with a stick that resembled a gun. Brandy Miller said her daughter Caitlin was suspended for one day on Friday after she and her two friends were playing “King and Queen” at her school in Hoke County, North Carolina, ABC affiliate WTVD reported Tuesday. In the game, Caitlin played a guard, protecting the royals, and picked up the “stick gun” to imitate shooting an intruder into the kingdom.”

Woooo! Pig Sooooie! . .Guns in stadiums would devastate programs – “Failure to amend the act could mean trouble with the SEC for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. The conference cuts the UA a check for almost $40 million each year. The 14 members of the SEC do not have a contract, they work under an agreement. The presidents of the schools — citing safety for their students — have the right to vote a member out. That’s not to say the SEC has made a threat to the UA, but SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey did say it was the conference’s desire to see athletic events and sports venues free of concealed weapons. ‘House Bill 1249 creates concerns for the Southeastern Conference and its member institutions,’ Sankey said in a news release Tuesday. House Bill 1249 became Act 562 after it was signed by the governor.”

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  1. I’ve been in the Back of the Yards hood. That Spanglish gal NEEDED those guns?

    • Awww! She was just taking her steel n’ plastic babies out for some air! Just like the rest of us do occasionally!

  2. “desire to see athletic events and sports venues free of concealed weapons”

    What is this, softball? Obviously, insofar as concealed weapons are concerned, they can see everyplace free of them, right now, and always have been able to. I mean, I MEAN, they are CONCEALED!

    • Their whole argument is that they’re afraid that high emotions, alcohol, and guns will cause “blood in the streets.” Nevermind that alcohol is prohibited inside SEC stadiums, and they can’t regulate anything outside of their “event.”

  3. 1.) If your lawyers can read the PLCA and are still promising you’ll beat it this time, you probably need new lawyers.

    2.) That 5-year-old is ready for her first 10/22 I’d say. Her school administrators can go convulse in a corner.

  4. “Gun control advocates say Newtown ruling is bad precedent”

    …following the law as written AND intended = bad precedent I guess?

    • Since I was bored, I went over to the ‘Fairfield Citizen Online’ and read the comments, expecting a cacophony of wailing and gnashed teeth.

      I found a grand total of one (1) comment. Here it is in its entirety:

      Brian Jensen
      “If suing the maker is allowed it opens pandoras box to sue automakers and dealerships for drunk drivers (as well as brewers/distillers), Fast food places, ice cream makers, bakeries, candy makers, and retail sellers for being fat, having diabeties, etc”

      Could it be that there actually is, dare I say it, *sanity* in the state of Connecticut?

      The answer to that is, sadly, *NO*.

      The *FRONT PAGE* of the Fairfield-Citizen Online has *this* gem on it:

      “Reaching for wallet, diner shoots self in buttocks”

      “FAIRFIELD — A Bridgeport man said he was reaching for his wallet to pay his restaurant bill when he shot himself in the buttocks March 24.”

      *snicker* 🙂

      • Ummmm… I’m going with “No,” too. No sanity. I just bopped over to the Fairfield Online and see no , as in zero, comments. Either my browser is having a problem or the comments have now been turned off.

        You know you have a winning argument when the ability to discuss is suppressed. So much for the ‘Marketplace of Ideas.’

      • Adam Lanza wasn’t the owner of the rifle or even a legal gun owner. So these imbeciles are trying to set a legal precedent where someone without a drivers license could steal your car & somehow the auto maker is still responsible… I always laugh when I reach question 11 on the 4473, Liberals truly are mentally defective.

    • I was thinking that, too. If this court follows a constitutionally valid law, then what’s next? Another court might do so. And another! And ANOTHER! At some point, even the U.S. Supreme Court might start doing so. Then what would we have??!!


  5. Giving “Forbidden Fruit” status to guns merely makes the desire to possess one even stronger.
    Those poor abused kids are going to grow up to be the Gun Boom Generation.

  6. Re: Little girl and stick control.
    Idiot school administrators love “zero tolerance” because it allows them to apply zero intelligence.
    Even the ACLU will take this up with the political nitwits in charge of the idiot school administrators on occasion:
    Of course there is a major fail in the last paragraph since zero tolerance does in fact support zero common sense.

    School administrators who pursue this kind of stupid punishment of kids should be held up before the public and ridiculed. Public humiliation is the only tool we have to restrain them.

    • Some Farker said the mom should have turned the tables and sued the school for having a school yard full of firearms.

    • But the girl was playing the guard! That’s contravening gender norms! Good! But… guns… bad! And yet… Nomad is imperfect! Sterilize!

  7. The really amazing thing is that the school didn’t suspend the little girl for playing a game called “King and Queen”, which promotes gender-normative patriarchical oppression. She should have been playing the Progressive-approved game “Gender-Neutral Marxists”, in which all of the players sit around idly and wait for someone else to do the actual playing.

  8. It’s not so much that the school is hysterical about guns. It’s that they’re doing their level best to disabuse a five year-old of the notion that they, as professional educators, are wiser and more responsible than she is.

  9. “In the game, Caitlin played a guard, protecting the royals, and picked up the “stick gun” to imitate shooting an intruder into the kingdom.”
    So the schools are now teaching that when the barbarians are at the gate, you have to surrender.

  10. “Full of guns”?? It must be a very small stroller if it is filled up with 2 guns.

  11. About 20 years ago in Providence, RI, a woman was arrested for possession of a pistol without a license. She attempted to bring an unloaded .45 handgun into the RI Superior Court in a baby carriage. The Capital Police found it.

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