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 Rolling Stone chronicles cocks, GLOCKs and the push for campus carry . . . Inside the Fight Over Guns on Campus – “More than 200 colleges across the U.S. allow campus carry. Since (Texas’s) SB 11 became law, statutes have gained a foothold in two more states, Tennessee and Ohio, and various legal actions have inched versions of campus carry into five others – including Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia. This year, 12 other states are considering similar legislation. ‘It’s a disturbing trend,’ says Andy Pelosi, executive director of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus. ‘They’re picking up one state a year.'”


Fudds go full Zumbo on why semi-auto rifles just aren’t right for hunting in the Keystone State. . . Deer Hunters Relieved Over Semi-Automatic Weapons Law Change – “On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Game Commission made a last-minute change and decided not to legalize semi-automatic rifles for hunting big game like deer, black bear, elk, and turkey. The change is a relief to some hunters like Alex Sotak from Stroudsburg. ‘I think it’s a great thing that they didn’t pass it because it will keep population numbers going up and that’s good for the area,’ said Sotak.

Receive an FN-branded dual colored roll up shooting mat constructed of durable Cordura® nylon with your purchase of an eligible new FN 15™ rifle, see Terms & Conditions for full details. Select consumer & law enforcement models qualify and are eligible for this promotion. A copy of valid receipt and a copy of page 3 on the 4473 will be required to submit for this promotion.

Helga Glock (left) and Gaston with the latest Mrs. Glock courtesy

Gaston defeats his ex . . . Glock Defeats Ex-Wife’s $500 Million ‘Shotgun’ Racketeering Suit – “A legal feud between pistol tycoon Gaston Glock and his ex-wife, Helga, has ended with a resounding victory for the legendary gunmaker. A federal judge in Atlanta dismissed a racketeering lawsuit filed by Helga Glock in which she accused her former husband of siphoning off millions of dollars from the family firearm empire.”

You can always make a good gun better. In this case, Manticore Arms‘ improvements for the TAVOR X95.

The only other item he needed was a shovel . . . Police: Dad confronts sex offender at daughter’s window with gun – “Authorities say a sex offender accused of using Facebook to lure innocent victims thought he was being invited to a 13-year-old girl’s house in Knox County for secret sex. He found her father – and her father’s gun – instead, federal court records allege. … Phelps allegedly was climbing into the girl’s bedroom through an open window when the girl’s mother first realized something was wrong and spooked him off in March. When he showed up a second at the same window hours later – this time through the girl’s parents’ own trickery on Facebook – her father was waiting with a gun, according to a complaint filed by Knoxville Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Agent Chris L. Jones.”

“Finding” a shotgun in the trash…in the UK? What are the odds? . . . Alcoholic couple remanded in custody over possession of shotgun – An alcoholic couple described as ‘crazy dipso-maniacs’, who showed off a sawn-off shotgun they found in a rubbish bin to a group of teenagers before one of them offered to sell it, have been remanded back into custody. In court of Thursday, Judge Gordon Kerr QC said he wanted to review the complex case and to ascertain if it involved a degree of ‘exceptionality’, without which the couple face an immediate sentence of at least five years. The pair, 28-year-old Simon Frederick Thomas Larmour with an address in Causeway Meadows, Lisburn, and 36-year-old Tatjana Glusecenka, whose address was given Verner Street, Belfast, admit possessing the firearm without a firearms certificate on July 2, 2015.

Ben Wheatley’s next film Freakshift is about ‘women with shotguns fighting giant crabs’ – “Alicia Vikander is reportedly in talks for (Ben Wheatley’s) next projectFreakshift, and appearing on our podcast this week Wheatley told us a little more about the film (you can listen in full below). ‘We should be making Freakshift this year which is a sci-fi film that Amy [Jump] and I have written and has been in development for about five or six years,’ he said, ‘so it looks like that’s finally going to happen. It’s about women with shotguns fighting giant crabs.’ he added. “There you go, it sells itself.’” Who could argue with that?

Nosler Announces Brand New M48 Long Range Rifle – Nosler, Inc. is excited announce a new offering to their semi-custom, bolt-action rifle lineup with the Nosler Model 48 Long Range. Designed from the ground up with the serious hunter and target shooter in mind, Nosler’s robust action is machined from a solid block of steel and built to provide a rigid platform for the utmost in tack driving accuracy.







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  1. “A copy of valid receipt and a copy of page 3 on the 4473 will be required to submit for this promotion.”

    I’ve never once been offered a copy of page 3 any time I’ve purchased a firearm. Seems a bit odd to me.

    • Uh, is there a page 3? I seem to remember only one sheet, front and back. Of course, it has been months since I bought a gun …

      • I thought people were complaining the new one was 6 pages, including instructions, and BATFE is/was late in getting them to the FFLs…

  2. Women with shotguns fighting crabs…that jarred a long repressed memory 🙂 Ah miss spent youth.

  3. Is there anyone else on here old enough that they’ll understand “Helga tried but didn’t ‘Beat the Glock'”? And I’d much rather see a “Freakshift” movie about women killing itty-bitty crabs like the kind which caused me a great deal of itchy misery after passing through Okinawa on my way back to “The World” from South Vietnam!

  4. The Nosler is a $2500 rifle. I suspect it is great for those who can afford it. Pretty slick write-up too.

  5. I’m currently in Bend until Sunday night.

    Was planning on going to local gun show on Saturday but if I had the time and money would be calling Nosler on Monday. Looks quite interesting rifle.

    • Our Fudds are just the worst – MUH TRADISHUNZ… It was allegedly popular opinion that made the PGC change its mind at the last minute on semiautos for big game. I have no idea how xbows got through this nonsense. And lifting the Sunday hunting ban is likely going to have to wait until many dumb Fudds are in the dirt.

  6. “says Andy Pelosi, executive director of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus.”

    Was that really a necessary quote, Rolling Stone? Gee, I wonder how he feels about Campus Carry?

  7. …….and it kills more than 30,000 and injures an additional 70,000 annually.”

    Only 30,000? If you are going to use numbers without any context (betcha some of the 30,000 are suicides and gang violence), why not make the body count more shocking by padding them a bit? Maybe 30 billion trilliony deaths!! By unstoppable killing black guns-o-death!! 88 magnums!! Shoots through school houses!!

    • “88 magnum”

      I hadn’t thought of Danny in Johnny Dangerously in years, thanks for the memory! Great film.

  8. “The costs of southern gun culture”? The writer states that 5 of the 10 states with the highest gun murder rate are in the south.

    Want to know what other factor is common among 10 of 10 states/cities with the highest gun murder rate? They all have high black populations, and the majority of the murders are black on black, or black on white.

    But if somebody wrote an article titled “The Cost of American Blacks and Guns” or “The Cost of Hip-Hop Culture and the Failed Black Family on America”, the left would FREAK out.

    Look, 51% of the murders in the US are committed by 13% of the population. Murder in America is a majority black thing. Black people are why Memphis, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Miami, Jackson, Selma, Chicago, Newark, Oakland, Houston, Birmingham, Gary, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and every other city in America with a sizable black population is also riddled with violent crime.

    But hey, we can’t say that….

    • Dems do! Remember Osama laid out the entire argument for outlawing of all firearm possession by all blacks, then looked like he suddenly realized what he was saying, went back to demanding UBC, instead, pretended he didn’t realize what he’d done?

  9. Gang-bangers in the aforementioned cities don’t even hold a candle to Planned Parenthood in the number of black lives prematurely snuffed out.

    But hey, black lives only matter when they’ve been ended by a white cop.

    • Can you imagine how much worse things would be in the aforementioned cities if there was no abortion?

      Black people are on a murder rampage nationwide, and the cities where the most gun crime is happening are also really quick to NOT prosecute gun crime.

      • As witnessed by the current and continuing drop in violent crime, started around 18 years after Roe v Wade. It’s only a couple pages in “Freakonomics”, guys, take a minute to read it.

        • Fun fact – one of the main critics of that study is none other then John Lott, of _More Guns, Less Crime_ fame. There was a whole academic snarkfest a few years back over this thing. If you like academic snarkfests like I do, it makes for good reading.

  10. I wish people would pull their heads out of dark stinky holes. Now don’t get me wrong here. I have no problem with open carry, I have no problem with CCW. I have no problem with gun ownership. At least for legal law-abiding sane folks. HOWEVER, open carry rifles is just outright stupid. Makes gun owners of all types look bad. Wake up!

    • I completely agree with you K but I’d never admit it in public. Those gun fools that insist on open carry of black rifles are damaged goods just itch’n to prove the other ~100% of gun owners are wrong.

      One such nutball wanted to light up a high school with a bolt action just to prove that semi autos weren’t necessary to commit mass murder.

    • I love the fact this is the first time I’ve seen that with a mag installed, you can at least imagine the thing is actually loaded. And I don’t mind seeing that at all, though I’d have a sidearm to protect it with.

    • Very few open carriers, outside of a venue like hunting, are serious about carrying a long gun for self-defense. The vast majority are protesting the infringement of their rights to open handgun carry or constitutional carry.

      It’s no more about carrying the long gun itself, than sitting unserved at a Woolworth’s lunch counter was about eating lunch. Those guys were called all manner of invective at the time, too. Now they’re heros.

  11. ‘It’s a disturbing trend,’ says Andy Pelosi, executive director of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus. ‘They’re picking up one state a year.’”

    That *is* disturbing! Why can’t 2 or 3 a year do it?

  12. “Freakshift is about ‘women with shotguns fighting giant crabs’”

    Isn’t there a blue ointment for that?

  13. Rolling Stone went all apoplectic about the number of colleges with campus carry, and more coming every year. However, they failed to ask the one important question that would end all the arguments about that subject:

    We have enough test cases now that we should be able to reach a conclusion based on the facts, not on fear-mongering theories. So when will we start seeing “rivers of blood in the classrooms”, like was predicted by all the folks opposing campus carry? Could it be that the whole thing is a non-issue? Could it be that guns on campus are NOT dangerous? The facts sure seem to indicate that.

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