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“Tracy St Clair Pearce, 50, [above] was confronted by four men carrying a chainsaw and a knife, who warned her they would kill her cattle at her farm in Colchester, Essex,” reports. “She called police late on Good Friday to report the threat, but was left gobsmacked [surprised] when officers took 35 minutes to get to her home, before telling her they would confiscate her shotguns.” The local constabulary confirmed the pre-emptive policing maneuver. “Inspector Jim White of Essex Police said: ‘In order to prevent any public order incidents, and to keep members of the public safe, we obtained a warrant to remove firearms.” Go figure. I reckon Trace took the hump at the Old Bill for doing sweet FA about the “travelers” (11 call outs) and gave Plod a right earful. Rather than nick her, they took her gun.

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  1. See what we (gun owners), have to look forward to here in America, if we continue to lose our 2nd amendment right to ‘keep and bear arms’!? John Wayne (or Charles Bronson), might have said something like – ‘Well, you’re welcome to try it’, as they cocked the action on a winchester ’94 or wildey magnum. Is it any wonder our world is so screwed up?

  2. I have found stories like this one(and that one from many years ago about the guy who shot the robbers and then was sued by one of them) to be one of the best ways of influencing anti-gun or undecided individuals of how far gun control can go. Stories like this one, of gun control and reduction of personal liberty, are the best ammo we have in attempting to sway others towards the right side of the argument.

    • They will now.

      Be interesting to see if the press in the U.K follow-up this story to see what transpires. I rather doubt it, given that they’re busier feeding the public’s apparent appetite for more news about Katie Price.

  3. Remember; when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns… and knives, and clubs, and chainsaws, and…

    Recently, there was another- similarly absurd – story in the U.K. Press wherein the residents of a rural community were instructed by officials of the government’s “Health & Safety” administration to remove wire mesh that they had put over the windows of their sheds and outbuildings after a spate of burglaries. The good people from H&S were concerned that thieves entering the sheds could be scratched, cut, or otherwise injured by the mesh in the course of breaking and entering! Apparently, things in the U.K have now reached such a state that “thief” and “thug” are now regarded as legitimate occupations. Given the comparatively short sentences handed out to convicted felons in the U.K. these days – and the high incidence of very early parole even for those convicted of violent crimes – perhaps this is indeed the case. Instead of calling it “remand” or “imprisonment”, maybe the courts in Britain should rename it “Occupational Education”.

    Yet another story for that large and growing file labeled “BRITAIN, formerly ‘Great'”.

    • “Apparently, things in the U.K have now reached such a state that “thief” and “thug” are now regarded as legitimate occupations.”

      Much like “Senator” and “Congressman” in the US.

  4. David mentioned stories like this are good for undecided individuals.
    The NRA’s Youtube channel has some good videos about other countries such as
    “UK Gun Ban Update”
    “To see where gun licensing leads, look to Great Britain”
    “Australia Protests Gun Ban”
    “A legacy of injustice: California assault weapons ban 20 years later.”

    I think those stories are good for undecided individuals, too. Check ’em out if you haven’t.
    And, yes, I put the California one in there. California is basically another country.

  5. She will now have to defend herself with farm implements. Or perhaps she can train a farm animal to serve as her protector. But not an assault goat. They’ve been banned.

  6. I think the coppers may have done the right thing here.

    After watching a recent documentary called Hot Fuzz, I’m convinced that Britain is awash with Bren guns, Sterlings, Shotguns, and Lee-Enfields, and that most town councils are staffed with homicidal do-gooders. Simon Pegg is the Ken Burns of British documentary filmmakers.

  7. Clearly this is an atempt by UK police to discourage reporting of crime statistics.

    What sane person would contact the police if the tools upon which their life would depend will be confiscated?

    The attempt to discourage crime reports by UK citizens and fudge the numbers for political purposes should not go unnoticed by the International community.

  8. Disgraceful. Why do British courts even bother prosecuting criminals these days? The entire legal system seems bent on protecting them from harm. I was born in Britain, but have lived in the U.S. most of my life, and I wouldn’t live permanently in my country of birth for a million dollars (or a million pounds.)

    Things are better in most parts of the U.S., at least now, but this should serve as a warning to us.

  9. I’d like somebody to try that with me. They’ll find themselves on the ground with 17+1 bullets in their worthless hides before they even realize what’s going on. Makes me sick to my fucking stomach. The sooner Europe sinks into the ocean, the better. Same goes with the California Capitol (in session), and Congress over here.

  10. And, the Brit authorities don’t even realize, apparently, how truly crazy they are. Well, someone once said that the citizens of a democracy get the government they deserve, so empathy for the ‘plight’ of the Brits isn’t high on my list.

  11. We’ll not have subjects of the Crown protecting themselves. That would simply not do at all.
    Oh, how I pitty the Britts. I love them, but I do pitty them. I only hope we do not allow things to get that retarded here.

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