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Sorry to be such a bummer, but the truth about gunfights is that sometimes you lose. No matter how well-prepared you are, no matter how hard you train or what gun you use, you lose. On the positive side, any gunfight you don’t have goes in the win column. As you’ve spent the vast majority of your life not having a gunfight, you’re already a winner! However . . .  Supposedly this is a case of mistaken identity. I seriously doubt it. Take it from a Rhode Islander: it’s a hit. Number one with a bullet. The trick to not being shot like a dog is A) not be worthy of assassination and B) avoid making enemies. Which is kinda like saying the same thing twice, only you can violate A just by being a success. Conspicuous consumption is not your friend. Lifestyles of the Rich and . . . oh dear. So not worth it. And self-defense is an excellent way to say no to your wife. Sorry dear, I’m just thinking of your safety.

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  1. While Mayor Blamebag is railing about legal guns, it seems nobody in Hizzoner’s gun-free paradise is watching the bad guys.

  2. “Supposedly this is a case of mistaken identity. I seriously doubt it”

    I think you’ve called it. Notice the guy that walks by…he looks directly at the “victim” and then when shots are fired he keeps walking away, very calmly it seems to me. I think he identified the target to the shooter….just MHO

    • I noticed that, too. I think the “walker” was in on it because he seems to have little reaction to the gunshots. It looked like 3 shots… I think that would get my attention.

      It’s possible, though, that the other folks in this neighborhood wouldn’t want to turn around and become witnesses that need to be “handled” by the killers.

    • When I hear shots where I’m not supposed to hear them, I duck and cover. The guy “just passing through” didn’t even flinch, like it he knew the shots were coming. I’m thinking that the guy walking by was the finger man and the shooter was the button man, and this was a classic assassination. Either that or the guy walking past is as deaf as a post.

    • He also had his phone in his hand, which was clearly on. My guess is he had his finger on a button, which must have sent some kind of signal to the shooter. Given the near-instant reaction of the shooter, my guess is he had his phone play a ring-tone or some other audible signal. A text message would have taken a few seconds longer.


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