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From Tyrant, CNC

Tyrant CNC, an industry leader in firearm upgrade components, proudly presents their latest product release: Glock Compatible Tritium Night Sights. Engineered to exceed the expectations of Glock enthusiasts, these sights combine meticulous craftsmanship, advanced technology, and unrivaled visibility, revolutionizing low-light shooting performance.

Harnessing the power of Night Fision’s industry-leading tritium inserts, the front sight delivers exceptional visibility with its self-illuminating properties. Eliminating the need for external power sources, it provides a constant glow in low-light environments, ensuring effortless and swift target acquisition.

What sets these sights apart is Tyrant CNC’s exclusive neon green insert and “Home Plate” sight picture. Carefully crafted for utmost effectiveness, this proprietary design enhances focus and expedites target acquisition with remarkable ease. Its intuitive shape and vibrant color empower shooters, enabling rapid target acquisition even under high-stress scenarios.

Crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, these sights seamlessly integrate with all Glock models, from full-size to compact. With hassle-free installation and exceptional durability, they are meticulously engineered to endure the rigors of daily hard-use.

Key Features of the Glock Compatible Tritium Night Sights:

  • 30% brighter tritium illumination than the average competitor
  • Experience unmatched brilliance with the patented domed lens system, ensuring a uniform glow
  • Achieve unparalleled target acquisition with the distinctive, proprietary front sight design
  • Enhance daytime visibility through the addition of fluorescent pigment for high reflectivity
  • Universal compatibility with all Glock models
  • Solidify your trust with a lifetime warranty

Elevate your shooting experience and gain a decisive edge with Tyrant CNC’s Glock Compatible Tritium Night Sights. Don’t settle for average sights when you can equip your Glock with something truly unique.. Visit to explore the extensive selection of Glock sights and other upgrade components.

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  1. I’m sure glad someone somewhere makes parts and accessories for Glock. I was starting to thing the world had forgotten them.

    • Like you, I prefer my sarcasm on the painfully-dry side.

      I needed the chuckle… 😉

      • The truth is that there just isn’t much that Tyrant CNC makes that I’d really be interested in. So much of it just seems over the top bling.

  2. I don’t know how that home plate design is supposed to be an improvement, but I’ll reserve judgement until I handle a pistol with them mounted. My initial impression is that it looks too busy. Price?

        • For only one insert it’s a bit pricey but might not be too overpriced if it works well for your eyes with the design.

    • “I don’t know how that home plate design is supposed to be an improvement…”

      It most likely isn’t, that’s an old marketing trick. Something the company can point to and differentiate their product as being supposedly ‘better’ than the competition.

      “Certs, With Retsyn”…

  3. I put tritium sights on my .9mm Eargetsplittenloudenboomer however I found they were useless when hunting lightning bugs

    • The bats they attracted down here to control the mosquito population ate all the lightning bugs… 🙁

      • Shoot the Bats, great sport, them sucker are fluttery.
        Actually not so much the bats although they do have an impact it’s mostly city light and habit that are fucking with the lightening bugs,pesticides play a part too.

  4. Night sights are a talisman.
    If your tritium is glowing, it’s time to use a flashlight for PID.

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