Anti-Gun Legislators Resorting to Unorthodox Measures in a Post-Bruen World

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    • This IS the government our Founders warned about….and, for which they penned the Second Amendment. They can give us the tools, direction, and examples to emulate, but today’s We The Little Peeps Patriots have to implement the cure for today. Sadly, we are merely keyboard warriors, blusterous pontificators. Our Founders shake their heads, roll their eyes, cry their asses off, spinning in their graves yelling…”We told you so!!!!”

    • Why isn’t the “Lawyers hire…” at the top of the picture?
      Why do you want us to read the punchline first?
      Someone needs to retake their Meme 101 coarse.

  1. Great work, Grace!! Funny!!!

    Hey, why did the chicken go to a seance?

    To get to the other side.

  2. James Madison sent me a text via the time machine smart phone that reads, “Kind sir, how do you propose I clarify ‘shall not be infringed'”?

  3. LOL
    Our new age lawmakers dont care what the Constitution declares.
    The Right to Wear Shoes Shall Not Be Infringed.
    I’m still quite concerned about that ATF raid in Oklahoma. “And tell your FFL buddies we’re coming after them.”
    Pretty scary sht right there I tell yah.
    It’s like our givernment has declared war on its people.

    • “The Right to Wear Shoes Shall Not Be Infringed.”

      Easy for you to say, you down on all fours in that ditch.

      Speaking of all fours, I need to give a certain someone a call on this Saturday evening, for a little recreational activities… 😉

      • I’m not joking about that ATF sht. In a possums eyes my government has declared war on legal citizens that happen to exercise a constitutional right. We are being punished through a corrupt legal system. Having been an outlaw I ask for it, this time No. It’s not going to stop with the FFL holders, ATF has already made clear anything besides a shotgunm is ” gangster” Capone was a gangster, they have put , you me, us in the same category as Al Capone public enemy number one and if they could have gotten to him he would be dead. Its different this time, there is no accountability , your death, my death, our death, hindrances eliminated, with family remorse but no repercussions . We Are The Enemy. The BATFE has said so itself with the statement We’re coming to get you, or something to that effect if you substitute FFL holders to law abiding gunm owners.
        General Fcknuts is going on about war with Xhina when the war in America has started and We The People had nothing to do with its progession other then to exercise a Constitutional Right.
        And if dot giv is going to war over that it might be time to throw a blanket on the Paint ,put feathers on our heads, and make the Little Big Horn is going to look like a picnic.

        • “my government has declared war on legal citizens that happen to exercise a constitutional right.”

          No. They declared war against anyone who doesn’t support the regime. Look around.

  4. Just imagine the riots in the streets if conservative legislatures similarly ignored other SCOTUS rulings, like Obergefell.

  5. Liberals yammer on constantly about “right wing insurrectionists” but it’s the Left that has been on their own insurrectionist jihad since at least 2016. Since they’re the ones doing it, it’s OK. They call it “resistance.”

    Now, Liberals are engaging in another form of insurrection where they just disregard Court decisions they don’t like. Whether it’s Bruen, or SCOTUS telling Biden he doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to forgive student loans, liberals flip off the courts and pass even worse laws than the ones they were told were unconstitutional.

    I don’t see how this Country survives when a political party goes rogue and doesn’t recognize any limits on its power to push unconstitutional policies.

    • “Liberals yammer on constantly about ‘right wing insurrectionists’ but it’s the Left that has been on their own insurrectionist jihad since at least 2016.”

      In the period 2020, since the election, to present: Liberal left wing ‘political violence’ has accounted for 97% of ‘political violence’ in the United States. Starting with the BLM ‘mostly peaceful’ riots where they ‘peacefully’ burned down and damaged property, burned down black neighborhoods, looted, attacked innocent people’, then continuing with the use of violent force and intimidation by ANTIFA against innocent people and an attempted insurrection in Atlanta, then continuing with the over 1,900 innocent people assaulted by members of the LGBTQ+ community and their supporting ‘activists’ in and around ‘pro-pride demonstrations’ in 2022 and many more before 2022, then the almost 18,000 kids in schools nationwide that have been attacked or harassed by ‘student LGBTQ+ activists’, to the organization of and projection of force by violent militant LGBTQ+ community members for an agenda, to even the Nashville shooter.

      And in all that time there has been exactly one act of ‘political violence’ by right-wing.

      • But also, lets not the forget the left-wing politicians inflicting violence upon millions of innocent people by emboldening and facilitating violent criminals by de-funding police and passing laws that use threat of force to remove firearms from law abiding innocent people and creating zones that specifically attract violent mentally ill killers while disarming the victims inside the zones.

        The left-wing since 2020 has been the greatest single source and/or ‘prompter and facilitator’ of violence against the American people, and it continues daily to victimize millions of American citizens, every hour of every day since Biden took office. And that violence, origination with the Bidens, even extends to ’emotional and psychological life long harm’ to their own Grandchild and even extends to the intentional infliction of physical harm to children through facilitating the LGBTQ agenda.

        • and… BLM still continues too > Black Lives Matter movement marks 10 years of activism and renews its call to defund the police >

          Yes, the left wing agenda of violence still continues – this time by BLM continuing to call for defunding police which is an action (if done) that has been proven to increase violent crime which disproportionately affects black communities because ~90% of violent crime in black communities is conducted by violent black criminals who also conduct ~70% of violent crime nation wide.

        • Example of left-wing violence creating or facilitating:

          How The Transgender Lobby’s Obsession With Its Own Victimhood Breeds Violence >

          “The Left’s Rhetoric Encourages Violence

          Leftists have also taken the opportunity to redefine the meaning of violence. They push the idea that a person’s thoughts about someone can pose an existential threat to his life, and the media have been active accomplices in amplifying the trans lobby’s fever dream that legislation barring child mutilation amounts to genocide.

          This incendiary rhetoric is designed to convince vulnerable people, some of whom are mentally ill, that they are at risk of extermination. Unwelcome opinions, faiths, and ideas are considered violence against someone. In the minds of people who buy into such twisted logic, this helps to excuse why a transgender-identifying psychopath, who felt invalidated or offended by traditional religious values, shot up a school.”

        • As an example to show the mental illness driven violence runing rampant in the LGBTQ community (mostly against their own members but sometimes not) … the below (watch for the update to the initial story – notice how in the initial story he poses as a victim)

          GAY MAN Does the UNTHINKABLE

    • “Liberals yammer on constantly about “right wing insurrectionists” but it’s the Left that has been…”

      Gaslighting 101.

    • In other countries, if you could transplant our liberal left-wing movement into another country, for example, Europe, and they did the same thing they are doing here in the U.S. with inciting violence that European country would declare them ‘terrorists’ and start hunting them down and getting rid of them. But here in the U.S. we have them all over the place and its become a basically defacto ‘crime’ to oppose them and they continue to try to overthrow the country and put in place a tyranny with a socialist-communist foundation. We even have a few of these ‘terrorist’ here at TTAG called dacian and Miner49er.

  6. Our founding fathers were all lawyers. They knew what they were saying. Thank god we have some Originalists on the courts. Without them, we would be screwed and fighting for our rights using other methods.

    • Maybe lawyers and courts and arguing over words is what has got us to where we are now.
      Do the guilty fear the courts or the hangman?

      • Hangings ain’t pretty. They had the poor bastard wrapped up in canvas and he was still fighting, they had a hell of a time getting the noose around his neck. Soon as they got it sinched the guy pulled the lever. Gunny sack hit the end , jerked a couple times with a quiver and that was it.
        The dieing part wasn’t so bad, the fighting to stay alive when it was hopeless was.

  7. For you folks in Florida 18-20 years old, good news…The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order vacating a panel decision, which upheld a Florida law banning the purchase of firearms by 18-20 year olds.

  8. Biden’s Granddaughter Relieved To Have Been Disowned After Seeing Biden Eat Baby >

    D.C. Residents Concerned Crack House On Pennsylvania Avenue Will Drag Down Housing Market >

    Black Lives Matter Celebrates 10th Anniversary By Burning Down 10 More Black Neighborhoods >

    There are three genders… naturally biological male, naturally biological female, and mentally ill …

  9. Girl Too Young For Tattoo Offered Irreversible Gender Surgery. (note: on a serious note … at age 14 kids, according to law, are too young to have tattoo’s, alcohol, tobacco, guns, military service, contracts, video games, and a whole lot more …but for some reason the liberal left wing wants laws that makes it OK for them to be ‘indoctrinated’ and ‘trained’ and ‘groomed’ to ‘choose’ to have ‘gender reassignment’ and wants the tax payer to pay for it.)

      • I think a lot of it is just a fad for kids.
        My granddaughter has a “girlfriend ” instead of just a frien and now instead of just hanging out with her girl friend they call it “going on a date” my sons all worried about it but I told him ” Hey, at least she ain’t going to get knocked up.” He said he had thought about that.

        • Some of it is a ‘fad’ for kids, they see it as ‘cool’ to say they identity as the opposite sex thus are ‘trans’. But there is a large percentage that is pure intentional faker, and then there are the real things.

          Being able to simply claim to be ‘trans’ makes it even more confusing and stupid, because how do you determine if what they are claiming is true? A person can claim to be ‘trans’ without ever really ‘transitioning’, in other words can claim it for some ‘benefit to them’ ‘socially or personally’. For example, a male pervert/stalker/rapist/human-trafficker claiming to be ‘trans’ can enter a female restroom if its not illegal in that state (e.g. California).

          Then there is the legal and social-programs aspect; In some blue states a person simply claiming to be ‘trans’ means they are a ‘protected class’ and even though affirmative-action has been stuck down it does not apply to ‘trans’ and in those states a person identifying as ‘trans’ must be given preference in hiring for jobs in some cases or may be eligible for ‘financial’ benefits from the state under some circumstances (e.g. tuition and other financial aid for school), and in some cases may qualify for ‘disability’ financial payments from the state. And the reason they may qualify for these things is because the underlying justification is its a mental illness of ‘gender dysphoria’ thus they have a ‘disability’.

          And sure, in some cases there may be some type of ‘qualification’ needed from a medical professional to say you are trans to get these ‘benefits’. But its not a difficult thing to do because over 90% of ‘mental health professionals’ automatically put their stamp of approval on it the second the person says ‘hey doc, I’m trans’ – its such a sure thing that the average first and only-time visit to a mental health professional lasts less than 10 minutes to get this ‘verified’, and get this if you live in a blue state the ‘trans claiming’ person can get the state to pay for that office visit, and there is no requirement for recurring visits.

          A person simply being able to claim they are ‘trans’ is part of the plan, it doesn’t matter if they are actually ‘trans’ or not because the LGBTQ organizations count them. Then there are people that claim it to simply falsely inflate the numbers of ‘trans’ people, to make the movement seem bigger than it really is and these organizations recruit them. Then you need to look at the numbers the trans movement claims, for example, say a mom contacts an LGBTQ organization for support for their ‘trans’ kid and mom supports their ‘trans’ child being ‘trans’ (even if the kid is not actually ‘trans’ but simply claiming it cause its ‘cool’) then the LGBTQ groups count that as two ‘trans’ people with both the kid and the mom even though the mom is not claiming to be ‘trans’ and the kid may be claiming it because its a ‘faddish cool thing to do’ and they are not really trans.

          Now guess what the liberal democrats point at to support their claims – they look at the numbers of those ‘claiming’ to be trans supplied by these LGBTQ organizations. For example, In 2017 California was claiming ~78% of their population were adults of which they claimed ~0.77% were ‘transgendered’. And based upon less than 1% of their population, in 2018 they enacted the ‘Gender Recognition Act’ which removed the requirement that a person must have undergone physical treatment (e.g. at least visiting a mental health professional), and declared that gender identification was a matter of personal attestation (all they had to do was simply say they were ‘trans’ in some way even non-binary) and the law required they be treated as they identified. With that the number of male ‘trans’ people in California suddenly went up 5% and the number of reported natural biological female rapes in female restrooms and other traditionally female locations (e.g. spas, beauty salons, female locker rooms, etc…) went up 5%.

          Yeah, there are lots of problems because a person can simply say they are ‘trans’.

          Its all about ‘feelz’ for actual trans people. Its about how they ‘feel’, if they ‘feel’ they are the opposite gender they ‘identify’ as that opposite gender because they say so and ‘feel’ that way. And if you hurt their feelings by not treating them like they ‘feel’ they become very upset and emotionally unstable. They will even tell you this in their actions…. look at any trans person public incident where their feelings were hurt when they were not addressed by the pronouns for how they identified (lots of them on youtube) – they get visibly upset and emotionally unstable, for example, they may start crying or express anger or frustration or may become violent. There is a reason this is a classed as a ‘mental illness’ in the DSM 5, these are not mentally stable people and sure they may at times act like they are stable but acting and being are two different things and they are not mentally stable people.

  10. Politics. I’m a conservative independent. I’m one of those swing voters that decides the outcomes of general elections. Convince me that your positions on policy are productive and positive, and you’ll earn my vote. But you’ll have to earn it at every election.

    Flame suit on.

    • “Conservative independent “. Yeah, right, champ.

      Who, exactly, are you going to turn to for “positions on policy [that] are productive and positive”?

      I definitely know your type: nothing will ever please you and you’ll still be here pounding the table. You can keep your vote.

  11. “The founding fathers want to know whether or not you can read.”

    The founders cared very much about literacy. To the point, when they wrote the founding documents, they were written in a style that the average citizen could understand it…

    • I guess we cant consider those in office average citezens then.
      Even I know what the word Infringed means. Somehow Supreme Court Judges and Presidents do not.

  12. Not just “guns”. The word the founders used is “arms”.

    ALL arms are protected by the second amendment. Language matters and the founders used the word “arms” to include weapons yet to be developed at the time of the writing of the constitution.

    The left uses language to their advantage. It’s past time we did the same.

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