SIG SAUER Upgrades Their FOXTROT Weapon Mounted Lights

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SIG FOXTROT weapons lights

SIG SAUER is upgrading their pistol lights with two new models. The FOXTROT2R is made for standard 1913 rails on compact and full-size pistols. The FOXTROT365XR is made for SIG’s proprietary rails on their P365 line of pistols. Both models feature more output and longer battery life than earlier SIG weapons mounted lights.

SIG SAUER FOXTROT2R weapon light

With an increased output of 700 Lumens and 20,000 Candela, the all-new FOXTROT2R produces a bright yet focused beam capable of meeting the needs of tactical professionals and firearm enthusiasts alike.

FOXTROT2R Key Features:

– 700 Lumens / 20,000 Candela
– FlexCore allows for 1.5 hours of runtime and for the light to be powered by either the included rechargeable 16340 battery or standard CR123A battery
– Comes with 2 rail interface inserts for M1913 and non-M1913 rails

Price = $164.99

SIG SAUER FOXTROT365XR weapon light

Combining power and versatility in a compact solution designed specifically for SIG SAUER’S P365 Micro-Compact pistol line, the all-new FOXTROT365XR boasts an increased output of 550 Lumens with 17,000 Candela, providing the optimal brightness and throw for everyday carry applications.

FOXTROT365XR Key Features:<
– 550 Lumens / 17,000 Candela
– Designed to fit the proprietary SIG Rail found on P365 pistols
– Instant activation tact switch with user-configurable modes

Price = $164.99

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    • And why do they need to blind everything within 200 feet? My quite ordinary pistol mounted light’s blinds up to 30 feet. I’m also thinking a 200 feet shoot “may” be a mite hard to explain away🙄🙃 O

      • Caliber wars.
        Platform wars.
        EDC carry position wars.
        WML wars.

        So much gun stuff to argue over for those who like to do so. I myself prefer a smaller WML for handgun, and my installed items cast 600 lumens. I like that mid-range amount because it’s enough for me to see what I need to see, but not so much to blind me if I activate it indoors at 0-dark-thirty to investigate the bumps in the night. I have a high quality flashlight on the nightstand next to my gun that is capable of throwing an “emergency” 3500 lumens and blinding any opponent, but that’s separate from my WML.

  1. Whys everything Foxtrot Alpha Bravo Delta.
    Gunm stuff should be fuzzie bunnies and Unicorns. The heat’s on FoxtrotAlphaBravoDelta just adds more boiling.
    BlackDeath Arms AR’s

  2. oh joy, yet another weapon light to fill any gaps in the already over-saturated market for weapon lights.

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