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Now that 2013 is officially in the rear view mirror, we can take a moment to reflect on the turd sandwich that was last year. It started off on an awful foot, the ripples from Newtown lasting the entire year. It derailed not only the civil rights advocacy that has been going strong for years, but also a major part of a president’s agenda and caused no small amount of sturm und drang in congress. Throughout it all we were there, reporting from the trenches (seen here in the SHOT Show press room in 2013) bringing you the latest firearms news. Here are some of the most read articles of the year, broken out into three categories . . .

General Gun Related Stuff

  1. Oops: Red Jacket Firearms Loses Their FFL
  2. 9mm Subcompact Pistol Roundup – Because You Asked for It
  3. Lever-Action Ballistics: .30-30 vs. .357 Magnum
  4. Mossberg Unveils $276 “Tactical .22″
  5. Ask Foghorn: What’s Up With the Ammo Shortage?
  6. VA Man Arrested for Following “Double Barrel” Biden’s Armed Defense Advise
  7. Ralph’s Guide to Buying Your First Mosin Nagant 91/30 Pt. 1
  8. Bottom Drops Out of AR-15 Market
  9. Guns & Ammo Supports Gun Control
  10. Ask Foghorn: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?


  1. And So It Begins: New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices
  2. BREAKING: Illinois Bill to Ban All Modern Firearms
  3. Black Man Shoots White Teen, Jury says Self Defense. And Nobody Cares
  4. Feinstein: Veterans Have PTSD, Shouldn’t Own “Assault” Rifles
  5. List of Proposed California Gun Control Measures — 500 Round Max, No Grandfathering, No Detachable Mags, Mandatory License…


  1. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport
  2. Gun Review: Ruger LC9
  3. Gun Review: Hi-Point C9 9mm Pistol
  4. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield
  5. Gun Review: Beretta Nano
  6. Gun Review: Glock 19 Gen4 9X19mm
  7. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD 38 and BODYGUARD 380
  8. Gun Review: FN Five-SeveN
  9. Gun Review: SIG SAUER P226
  10. Gun Review: Mosin-Nagant

I cut the “Politics” posts short because while there were definitely a few in the top slots, in general politics posts don’t have a long shelf life. They’re interesting for a day or so, then they tend to drop off the radar. Looking over the full 100 article list, it’s gun review after gun review racking up the pageviews. And boy, do we have a lot of those.

For anyone interested, the top article of the year was Oops: Red Jacket Firearms Loses Their FFL with 202,301 pageviews.

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    • dirk. A praxis on how to search websites like WhoIs and trace ownership via Form990s and the other tools you used to background check the Bloomberg Paid Sockpuppet For GunGrabbing. ( AKA Ms Watts ) would be a highly useful artcle in itself useful for other citizen journolists and worthy of much linkage here asxa future resource. Share your legacy.

      • I think the last statement is a quote from Manhunter (the prequel to the prequel for Silence of the Lambs)

        as for your request, well, . . . I reckon I could put something together, but that would take time. Really just got to know how to use the Interwebz and figure out that mortgages, deeds, corporate docs, traffic tixs, etc get recorded. Once you know what to look for, just kinda look everywhere. I ain’t hard, just tedious

    • You need to account for all the johnny-come-lately’s to TTAG. I’ve only been following this site closely since about October 2012, and I’ve found lots of story nuggets buried in the history.

      Maybe they need to make two lists, one only for articles published in calendar year 2013, and another for all-time page views.

      • Yep. And what happens to a great/highly read article published the last day of the year? A ‘Best of’ post such as this coming on the 2nd day of the new year won’t accurately reflect the article’s popularity. I also tend to revisit certain posts I’ve read before when I’m looking for data in debates/discussions.

        I may go ahead and post something in the forums in the complaints/suggestions department. Seems like an important distinction.

    • If you type “red jacket firearms” (with or without the quotes) into the Googles, that post is the fourth link, last I checked.

      It still continues to get 2-300 hits a day, day in, day out.

  1. Grat job Nick and All others at TTAG. Having been a serious readers of the blogosphere starting mostly with Instapundit in Feb 2001 and seen the speed and breadth of outstanding analysis and organic spread of centrist and conservative thinking that talk radio proved was clamoring for an audience my gut tells me TTAG is on a similar roll. Thanks for being a source of truth. Its much needed.

  2. Is there a feature on this site where a reader can find the view count of particular posts? I would have a particular interest in how my efforts here were received and the only measure I can go by is the number of comments posted before they passed “under the fold.”

    • No, there’s not, not without going to and looking at the individual posts. It’s visible and sortable on the back end, but not anything on the front.


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