VA Man Arrested for Following “Double Barrel” Biden’s Armed Defense Advise

“A 22-year-old man found himself facing a summons after he told officers he fired his shotgun repeatedly upon finding masked suspects leaning in his window.” Huh? But the Vice President of these here U-Nited States said firing warning shots with a shotgun is the sine qua non in home defense strategy. Ol’ Double Barrel Joe even confided that he advised his own wife to do just that if she ever felt threatened in their home. Guess that doesn’t apply in Virginia. Trevor Snowden of Virginia Beach “told police his dog was acting strange. When he walked to his bedroom, he said he saw two masked suspects leaning in his open window” . . .


Snowden told police the suspects pointed weapons at him and told him to shut the bedroom door. Thinking the suspects were going to rob him, he moved into the hallway and retrieved a shotgun.

Moyers said Snowden fired through his bedroom door, then opened the door and fired several more rounds toward the window. Any suspects fled the area and could not be located by officers.

Snowden’s been charged with reckless handling of a firearm. Since this was all just a misunderstanding – Trevor was obviously just following government sanctioned advice –  we’re sure the Veep will be glad to cover his attorney’s fees and any fines that may be assessed.