Dick's Sporting Goods by Boch
Dick's has plenty of free parking available. (Photo by John Boch)
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Long ago, in The Time Before, Dick’s Sporting Goods sold guns. Lots of guns. And then the son of the founder decided to get woke and stop selling guns at all but a handful of the chain’s stores. After being hailed as a progressive, forward-thinking responsible retailer, the company now admits that going woke and kicking guns to the curb cost it (and its shareholders) $250 million in revenue.

That’s probably an understatement. When the pandemic hit, gun stores saw lines of people waiting to buy firearms, ammo, and accessories. Meanwhile, over at No-Guns Dick’s, corporate was furloughing employees as fast as their printers could pump out the pink slips. They sent 40,000 employees home when sales fell off a cliff and gun retailers were doing land office business.

Rather than rolling in profits, Dick’s now touts its new “Public Lands” chain which it has created to replace many of its former Field & Stream stores. The new woke outlet sells premium-priced, socially-conscious outdoor apparel and gear (don’t tell their customers a lot of it is actually petroleum-based) representing the company’s latest new vision for a firm’s firearm-free sales strategy.

A Fast Company story about the new brand covers now-former CEO Ed Stack’s fateful decision, following the Parkland shooting, to stop selling what author Talib Visram calls “automatic” weapons.

America is used to the “thoughts and prayers” routine that follows a mass shooting. But when a gunman murdered 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, in 2018—and Dick’s discovered that he had purchased a shotgun from one of its stores—the company abandoned the typical corporate script. Instead, then-CEO Ed Stack (son of founder Dick Stack) decided to permanently stop selling semiautomatic weapons.

Stack joined gun-reform group Everytown for Gun Safety, as part of its council of business leaders, and urged Congress to act on gun control. His stores, meanwhile, began systematically pulling all guns off their shelves. Today, just 13% of Dick’s stores sell firearms, and only those made specifically for hunting, and the company has drawn down its Field & Stream stores from 35 in 2018 to 21.

That was “a momentous time in our company’s history,” recalled Dick’s then-president and current CEO Lauren Hobart, speaking at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival in October. But it certainly wasn’t easy. Major gun companies cut ties, and the NRA proclaimed that the retailer was “punishing law-abiding citizens.” Dick’s was also the subject of a sustained, if not broad, customer boycott. “People who are angry have a longer memory, perhaps, than people who are supportive,” said Hobart. The company estimates that its decision to stop selling automatic weapons cost it about $250 million in revenue.

I’m not sure Dick’s ever sold automatic weapons, but I know they sold guns, especially at their Field & Stream stores.  They also unilaterally began discriminating against younger Americans — where they still sold firearms — refusing to sell them guns or ammunition, even where state and local allows allowed it.

John Boch for TTAG

Even to the casual observer, it was easy to see how clumsily they tried to hide the empty shelf space formerly occupied by brisk-selling firearms and related gear.

John Boch for TTAG

After Stack abandoned the business of America’s gun owners and officially pulled the guns, magazines, and firearm accessories from its shelves, the stores became ghost towns in the midwest.

John Boch for TTAG

It’s no mystery why the company had to find another concept for it’s Field & Stream stores.

Image by Boch

Obviously sales and foot traffic, ahem, sagged. And the company’s new anti-gun policy led to the decline.

Recently, while killing time, I stopped by my local Dick’s in Bloomington, Illiniois to see what’s what. I didn’t recognize the interior. You would never have guessed they ever carried hunting, fishing or camping gear at all. It looked as though they were catering to youth sports participants and affluent yuppies buying trendy brand-name workout gear and expensive coats priced at $500 and up.

You have to wonder what Dick’s shareholders think about foregoing a quarter billion dollars of revenue, all to indulge the progressive ideals of the company’s ex CEO and ingratiate himself with the gun control industry.

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    • On the positive side Bi-Mart (which is a smaller Oregon, Washington chain of employee owned, department stores) started selling handguns a couple years ago. I remember they also sold them back in the 80s-90s when I was a kid. They have always sold shotguns, rifles, and ammo, but had stopped selling handguns.

      I’m glad the handguns are back, and they have pretty good prices too. I noted that while they had a few Springfields, Glocks, S&W’s and Sigs, they mainly had Ruger and Taurus (including Rossi and Heritage) products. They have pretty much the full line up of Ruger and Taurus.

      I recently bought a G3C there for $258, which seems pretty legit. The G3C really represents a solid bargain assuming the price is in that ballpark.

      Bi-Mart also has no limit on the amount of .223, and 9mm ammo that you can buy, and have quite a bit of it.

      • When Dick’s stopped selling and Walmart pulled even ammo from all CA stores, all it did was move the proverbial stones in the stream, and the flow simply redirected to Turner’s and our two LGSs, who experienced a big growth curve. My go-to LGS has expanded their shop to accommodate the growth.

        The Boards at Dick’s and Walmart patted themselves on the back for a job well done on their phenomenal wokeness, and did not a single thing to stem the overall demand for guns or ammo.

        • Walmart sucks. We were there last night, and half the grocery shelves were bare. WinCo is pretty much business as usual.

        • WalMart pulled ammo off the shelves in California after the law was passed that required a mini instant background check against a California list of prohibited persons, and also required that only licensed ammunition sellers (or an FFL) could process sales. Add to that the transactions records that were required, and WalMart decided that compliance with the new law was too expensive.

        • That, too, Mark. From a corporate level, compliance was certainly a hurdle and I’m sure it was a major factor. The general manager of my closest Walmart told me, however, that she was informed by her direct higher-ups that ammo was becoming too politically sensitive.

        • WalMart stopping handgun ammo sales was awesome.
          I rolled shopping carts loaded with ammo out of a few WMs in the D/FW area of Texas.
          20rd boxes of defense ammo were $7, 50rs boxes of range ammo were $12.
          When they asked me how much I wanted, I asked them how much they had. 😄

        • @James,

          I was able to score only a dozen 20-rd boxes of American Eagle .300 BLK for $5/bx. All other cartridges and calibers were retained at full price, and soon removed to be shipped to other Walmarts outside CA. Or so a supervisor told me when the ammo disappeared from the store.

      • But they do prohibit sales to WA residents (the Oregon stores) even though it’s not federally illegal. They are sadly too afraid of Washingtonians crossing state lines to get legal guns, without going through the new anti-freedom laws WA has passed.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like bi-mart, I don’t like that they’ve decided to stop selling to WA residents even though it’s perfectly legal. Not that WA wouldn’t then sue them, but I’d like to see that end up at SCOTUS. Probably the same for all the other free states that border the Western Socialist Republic, just hate seeing it spread.

        • That is regretable about Oregon Bi-Marts not selling long guns to Washington residents. Interstate handgun sales already being limited by Federal law. I know there are a few Bi-Marts in Washington, but perhaps not in your local vicinity.

          It is also annoying that the worker has to walk the customer to the door before handing you the firearm (Walmart, Ace hardware, and Big5 also did that when I bought guns there). All in all, I’d rather just buy my guns from my LGS (and usually do). Still the fact that stores like Bi-Mart sell guns and ammo helps encourage the LGS not to push up prices too high.

          My LGS never closed due to covid (in spite of the governor telling them to), and never made customers wear the mask of nonsense. I love those people

    • About the same time they removed guns, they also stopped supporting Toys for Tots to the extreme of not allowing Marines to stand outside and collect toys.

      Never enter their stores again for any reason.

      • I feel the same way about those idiots. Never will my entire family enter a Dick’s store. I feel for the employees who suffer because of moronic decisions allowed by stock holders and carried out by management, PERIOD !

  1. Yeah, well, fuck ’em. BTW, Dick’s in Tallahassee is directly behind a restaurant named B.J.’s.

  2. Dick’s sux…they went woke quite awhile ago. After Newtown. I stopped in the Schererville,IN store & the dude there apologized how scant the merchandise was. And lamented his AR he was buying at a discount was not coming…it was as if no one worked there😕.

  3. And they’ll stand by their “ideals”, no matter how many people have to lose their job!!

    • Dennis Sumner,

      And Dick’s will stand by their ideals no matter how much revenue they have to lose.

      Note that revenue reductions also mean shareholder dividend reductions.

      I would love to see shareholders start a class-action lawsuit against the board of directors and former C.E.O. for fraud. (Share holders purchased Dick’s stock in part because of Dick’s merchandise portfolio which included firearms and ammunition. Removing that part of Dick’s merchandise portfolio fundamentally changes the nature of that retailer to something which investors did not buy into.)

  4. Our Dick’s here is a mile up the road from the Academy Sporting Goods. When Dick’s went woke, people quit going and the parking lot looked like a ghost town. The Academy was booming in the meantime. I vowed never to set foot in Dick’s again.

    • The same here, Academy is about a mile away and it’s crowded most days. The only reason Dick’s gets any foot traffic is because there is a Kohl’s next door. To be sure Dick’s did this to themselves with the woke BS. I hope the shareholders wake up for real. Until then I will not pass through the door. I do have a .Savage I bought from Dick’s before the non-sense.

      • Manse Jolly,

        Same for me. I purchased a lot firearms/ammunition and hunting gear as well as other miscellaneous stuff from Dick’s before their fateful decision. I have not purchased anything from Dick’s since their decision.

      • Dicks basically is a Kohl’s that happens to sell a few sporting items. It is mainly a clothing store.

        No disrespect towards Kohls is intended. I’ve never had any bad experience with Kohl’s.

  5. In Va, specifically Charlottesville, Field and Stream never stopped selling guns and ammo. Certain things became very hard to locate but my latest Henry came from the local field and stream. I

      • I do know that I don’t have unlimited pockets and funding, so when I can find a deal on a firearm or ammo I’ll get them where I can.

        • Look around a bit more and stop being part of the “problem”. While you’re reforming, stop buying crap made by the PLA in chicomland.

        • Ammoseek dot com is pretty nice for avoiding shopping at Dick’s subsidiaries for ammo and just about any federally regulated firearm can be shipped to any FFL in your area (Brownells makes it super easy to find one for transfer).

          You are NOT limited to shopping at Dick’s subsidiaries.

      • Not necessarily. The board has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of shareholders, that may or may not involve profit.

        • .40 cal Booger,

          Uh, I think you are wrong in this particular case. When someone purchases shares of stock in a company, the de facto expectation is that said company maximizes the shareholder’s return on investment–where the investment is obviously a monetary investment.

          When the company chooses a direction that will obviously reduce that return on investment, they have violated their duty to maximize the shareholders’ return on investment.

          In this case Dick’s threw away a significant amount of sales (revenue) of lawful merchandise in support of some bizarre agenda which has nothing to do with monetary profit. That is a clear violation of their financial/fiduciary duty in my opinion.

        • In this case the board severely abused minority stock owners. As I recall, that POS Stack owned/control more than 50% so was doing WTH he wanted. Everyone else was along for the ride/to get fleeced.

        • Uncommon_sense

          that’s what I said with “a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of shareholders”

          unfortunately that may or may not involve profit, which is why the stock market is a gamble as well.

        • its been a long time that ceo gave a dam about most shareholders only themselves the equity co or largest stockholder and much stock is owned by funds since its the only way many can get in the market since stock price not dividend matters and they rarely split

      • jwtaylor, Pray tell, how a company make a profit when their sales drops appreciably even though their stock price doubles? Somehow, it looks like a crash is in their future.

        • Walter E Beverly III,

          Well, it depends on exactly what Dick’s did.

          If Dick’s decision drove away 10 million dyed-in-the-wool Second Amendment customers and brought in 12 million dyed-in-the-wool “Karens” whose purchases generated more revenue, then it was a good financial decision.

          There are other potential scenarios as well which could explain how losing $250 million in sales had no significant effect on their profitability. See jwtaylor’s response below.

        • uncommon_sense That is a lot of gobbeldy-gook. You use “if”‘s to set up a possible scenario. The facts don’t bear that out.

          For your edification, jwtaylor have not responded.

  6. “You have to wonder what Dick’s shareholders think about foregoing a quarter billion dollars of revenue”

    I don’t have to wonder. DSG’s stock price has doubled in the last year. And since Covid began, Dick’s stock is up an amazing 280%. Are you fvcking kidding me!

    So if you think that Dick’s stockholders are unhappy, you’ve been inhaling waaay to much Hoppe’s. Or you’ve been drinking the Kool Aid.

    • Big box stores made out like bandits… mom and pop’s not so much. The stock market is now disconnected from Main Street. People thought those government checks were for them as they turned around and gave it to Bezos and Company. Pay no attention to how much money went directly from tax payers (via the government) to big corporations, wealthy private schools and non-profits. Now we’re making interest payments on it every time we go to the grocery store. Get used to it. We’ll never pay it off.

    • Thank you, Ralph. The headline is extremely misleading. Dicks lost 250 million dollars in revenue from gun sales, but they increased their revenue from online sales and shoe sales dramatically. An easy argument can be made that guns are low margin items that take a lot of customer care. Shoes are higher margin items that require almost no customer interaction. Swapping those two out only makes sense. Shareholders made out great. The CEO probably got a massive bonus, and deserved it.

    • Yet another example of too much money in Wall Street chasing too little value = massive over priced stocks. Buying 50%+ blue ski/BS.

  7. The Dick’s in my town had a tiny little corner of the store devoted to ammunition and long arms sales. I haven’t been in there in so long I have no idea if it is still there. The rest of the store was sporting goods, shoes, and high end clothing, cheap bicycles, and golf gear.

  8. required a mini instant background check against a California list of prohibited persons, and also required that only licensed ammunition sellers (or an FFL)
    bet the felons list in CA is oh so long, and FFLs so short heh?

    • “Dicks sure blew a wad…”

      Heh… 😉

  9. Based on annual revenue, it’s not a big deal. Dick’s 2021 revenue was $9.5B, and 2020 was $8.7B. $250M is under 3% of their revenue.

    But I’m more than happy that local gun stores will be picking up that $250M instead of some faceless big-box store.

    • “Based on annual revenue, it’s not a big deal. Dick’s 2021 revenue was $9.5B, and 2020 was $8.7B. $250M is under 3% of their revenue.”

      Not a big deal?

      Underperforming your competitors by a few % will have your investors/shareholders/lenders losing confidence. It causes a snowball effect.

      Miner and lil’d like snowballing before they share the swallow. 🍆💧🤪

      Dance trolls, I command you!

  10. Long ago in Oregon, Dicks used to be called G.I. Joes. At that time it was a full on outdoorsman paradise. Then when Dick’s bought them out it went downhill. Haven’t been there for several years and last time like another was saying it had nothing to do with outdoors, just expensive stuff.

    I do love the Bi-marts in Oregon though, not a large selection of guns and ammo, but a good spot for getting items at a fair price. The Cabella’s not far from me is a joke. Guns are over priced, counter guys are fudds or worse. The sales guy was trying to push a semi auto onto a guy who clearly stated he only wanted a revolver.

  11. Dicks was trading in the 30s in 2018. It’s now trading 113 after hitting a high of 140 late last year. I think shareholders are pretty happy with a quadrupling of share value. Sales also have increased greatly since 2018. I don’t like that they stopped selling firearms but the business has boomed in the past 30 years.

    • @ Zach……Golf, exercise gear etc., and overpriced clothing lines bring in the dollar$!

  12. Make no mistake about Mr. Stacks actions. He proved that he had a conscience even though he was a businessman, something as rare as a hen with teeth in the world of Capitlavania where blind greed rules and human beings are always considered expendable.

    Yes it will take some time for Dick’s to replace the revenue guns formerly brought in but in time Mr. Stack will find new merchandise to sell that he formerly did not carry in his inventory.

    Stack followed his conscience so he could sleep easier at night and no one can blame a man for that especially when he was following perhaps what he believed was a “higher calling” in the land of Capitalvania were usually blind greed rules. Stack may have decided to become a true Christian not the blasphemous fake Christians often found on the Far Right who go to church on Sunday and then screw their own mothers out of every penny they can get from them the rest of the week. He did not believe in phrases and actions like “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo and AR-15’s” so we can gun down our fellow man who is of a different race or religion or political party.

    So ends the sermon by the Right Reverend Willie A. Tucker Dacian the holly rollin fire and brimstone preacher of the Apostolic 3rd church of the Brethren.

    • dacian, Dick’s has lost more than just “gun sales”. It has lost hundreds of thousands of customers if not millions. I use to have a Dick’s credit card. As soon as Dick’s made the announcement about AR’s, I paid it off and sent them the card to their corporate HQ in pieces. “Higher calling” my posterior. He’s a Lefty like you.
      You are about as much a “”reverend” as I am. Do yourself a favor. Keep your day job, because you will never make it as a comedian.

      • Walt as usual you do not know your ass from a hole in the ground.

        Dicks was trading in the 30s in 2018. It’s now trading 113 after hitting a high of 140 late last year.

      • I might add Walt that selfish blind greed mongers like yourself never think for a moment that Mr. Stacks does not care if revenue’s dropped because his conscience and his morality took priority in his life. Something totally unfathomable to a creature of your ilk. And he knows that revenue will eventually recover. Yes everything that is right about America is because of people like Stacks and everything that is wrong about America is because of filth like you Walt.

        • dacian, Selfish”? ROFLAMO. Wanting to keep what I own is not selfish, lefty, It’s called HUMAN NATURE. What is “unfathomable” is your desire to confiscate legally owned property. I suggest that you read the Constitution. You also might want to take a course called Constitution 101 at Hillsdale College. It’s right up your alley. It’s free. You just might learn something. (I doubt it, but…)

      • dacian, did your mother bounce you on your head when you were a baby? Everything I said is FACTUAL. So you resort to your only defense, ad hominem response. Dick’s stock may be up but their sales are WAY down. Let me explain something to your Lefty mind. Stockholders expect a decent return for their investment. When sales go down so does that return on their investment. I have to wonder what is propping up the Dick’s stock?

        You are right about one thing, Mr Stacks does not give a damn about his stockholders. Only his image with you Lefties. Now be a good little boy and just remember the 5th Amendment. You have the right to remain silent and we have the right to have you remain silent. 😀

      • Oh, I disagree, Walter. I think dacian the stupid is funny as hell. His pathetic inability to use the English language, his fatuous style of “argument”, his lack of understanding of . . . well, just about anything, his pathetic pretensions to “education”. All that s*** just cracks me up.

        dacian puts me in mind of a saying my father used to use when someone thought themselves witty and intelligent when real-world evidence proved otherwise: “That boy’s like a monkey with a hard on, floating down the river on his back yelling ‘Raise the drawbridge!'” Our dacian the stupid IS that monkey.

        What is your degree in, dacian the uneducated??

  13. A quarter of a billion dollars *so far*. Remember: we’re still not going there and they’re still losing that revenue every single year.

  14. In addition to the $250 mil, didn’t they take the guns they already had and literally destroy them? How many millions did that amount to?

    • Just the black ones, several million worth, IIRC…

      • and ones on layaway IIRC, or ones people had ordered and were waiting to be picked up. Might be misremembering. Scr3w those guys,

        • I recall that the day after the Sandy Hook shooting, Dec. 14,2012, they announced they would no longer sell “military type” rifles. A couple of weeks earlier they had blown the doors off with Black Friday sale of an Ar15 at the low, low, low price {which I don’t remember, but it was low}. On the forums and discussion groups at the time it was a frequent comment about how many rain checks they had had to issue and whether they would be able to provide the product before Christmas. I do remember commenters stating that they had been assured by individual stores and corporate offices that they would indeed honor the coupon. But on the 15th, they stated that they would no longer honor the Black Friday rainchecks and would not release lay away items in this category. I do not remember how long it took for those previously bought items to be refunded, but I do know that there was a stampede to locate alternative sources for those who had counted on Dick’s providing the rifle which was the Pet Rock, hot item of that year. I think that the ill will over how they handled that debacle went a long way towards the harsh feelings against their company. I for one have not been inside of one of their stores since I delivered to the manager of the Alpharetta Georgia store a letter detailing why I would never shop there again. I returned my Dick’s loyalty card so that they would be able to tell how much I had previously spent with them. I never heard from them, but at least I had the pleasure of the manager having to squirm for a few minutes as I politely stated my position.

    • They didn’t destroy them, they moved that inventory to their Field & Stream stores and sold them at a markup from the listed Black Friday price recouping their loss from the refunds.

  15. The “shareholders who actually matter” don’t see a $250m loss to be of significance to their bottom lines; now, or going forward.

    Individual shareholders do not own a company; executive management and corporate shareholders own a publicly traded company.

  16. Nobody should be upset that Dicks stopped selling guns, that is unless you enjoyed paying too much for them. What I found was that most of the local gun stores would sell guns at the street price. However, I mostly found that Dicks was selling all their guns at full MSRP and the same with ammo.

  17. Stopped even looking at their ads years ago after two different bait and switch episodes. Said never again, and never have. F them.

  18. “It looked as though they were catering to youth sports participants and affluent yuppies buying trendy brand-name workout gear and expensive coats priced at $500 and up.”


  19. Stock is up 116% over 5 years, I suppose you could argue their stock would go higher if they sold guns

  20. I have never had a Dicks Catalog!
    I was working at a Wal-Mart in Alaska when they stopped all Handgun sales, and handgun and .223/5.56mm ammo, the local manager had just been transferred to this store from California, and was fine with it, and they hung signs to declare no weapons were allowed on premises.

  21. I havent been to a dicks since they pulled this carp, and by the look of their parking lot, not many others have either. There are other stores that sell guns, so Dicks is free to go bankrupt if they like. Maybe next time they will hire leadership that puts the company before a bunch of social justice commies.
    Our Wal mart has very rarely had ammo for years now. They stopped carrying .223 and most any other caliber worth having. I found a few boxes of .308 there a couple months ago. Ha! I shoot it out of an FAL and a CETME. Take that, you commie pukes! But really, wal mart is getting a lot less traffic these days. People are sick of being forced into the self checkout line. I’m finding other stores are just fine.

  22. no- guns dick’s made me think of noah dyck and his wife anita on letterkenny. and daughter lovina.

  23. Ok, for Dick’s, its not about a shooting with a gun purchased at Dick’s or some sort of ‘conscience’ suddenly realized.

    Dick’s for years sold and supplied firearms, not only to the public but to other retail outlets and still does firearms sales to other retail outlets today. In other were Dick’s is using their FFL license to become a supplier for the firearms market via other retail outlets. Ask yourself about Dicks’s decision – to stop selling firearms yet still sell firearms in some of its stores? Not much of a ‘conscience’ there Dick’s.

    There is a reason some of their stores still sell firearms, its so they can maintain an FFL to continue with their little side business of supplying firearms off to other retail outlets who in turn sell them to the public. You can’t maintain an FFL license to sell firearms unless you are actually in the business of selling firearms. If they were really serious about not selling firearms they would not be selling any firearms in any of their stores and would have surrendered their FFL license.

    Dick’s has not stopped selling firearms, they just stopped broad firearms sales to the public and used it as an excuse to change to and appeal to a younger ‘yuppiesh’ market while supplying into the retail firearms market.

  24. I haven’t been inside one of their stores in at least a dozen years, maybe more. They’d opened a big one near me and in I went chasing a big sale price on Winchester white box in .38 Special. They were out of it instantly, maybe never had it in the store.

    The gun counter guy was great about it. He openly admitted his own unhappiness about sale ads going out they could not support with the stock they were getting in. I didn’t have to ask or complain he upfront offered to substitute any other brand in the store at the same mark-down. Walked out with a bunch of Remington.

    But that was it for Dick’s Sporting Goods and my gun stuff buying budget. They never had another thing for me at a price that beat all the other sources. Never had the variety of other sellers either. Never had the stock or would honor a sale price on a backorder like other big box outlets would

    Good service in that store, at that gun counter, just could not compete with bad leadership from the top!

  25. The loss of gun sale revenue is a small amount compared to the revenue they have lost on other sales to people who care for the 2nd amendment. I did not like their decision to stop selling firearms, but I was angered by their gun control advocacy. As a result of the advocacy, my wife and I refused to purchase anything from Dick’s ever again. Those sales would have been much more $ than gun sales to me would have been. They have lost millions of potential customers like me for all of their other products. That is the real measure of the harm to those Dicks.

  26. I have not set foot in a Dick’s store since the CEO decided to turn his back on me and my fellow hunters. Although I would never be considered a “big spender”, I am a big fan of shooting clay birds and would generally purchase 15 to 20 cases of birds and hundreds of 12 gauge shells every year. In the Spring, I used to stop at Dick’s to buy some new golf shirts and several dozen golf balls and a new golf glove or two. Occasionally, I would also stop in to purchase a new pair of golf shoes and sneakers. Never again.


  28. Hard truth time. While I’ll never shop there, Dick’s isn’t in any trouble as this article implies. A look at their financials shows the company is doing fine. Net income for 2021 was up 78% over 2020, and way up over pre Parkland levels. Gross profits dipped in 2019, but have been up every year since. Revenue growth was negative in only 4 quarters in the last 15 years and has exploded in 2021.

    Revenue is about 9 billion a year, so that 250 mil (which is spread over multiple years) is just a tiny piece of total income, and it seems as if they’ve made it up elsewhere. Probably selling Polar Fleece to liberals.

    While I’d love to see them driven out of business for their abandonment of gun owners, that just isn’t happening. Sorry.

  29. I stopped going to Dicks and their sports store because of this and will never go back! They are not American stores obviously!

  30. You can triple that loss, since not only have so many quit buying guns there, they also don’t buy other items they would have while buying or even just looking at guns.

  31. Since Dick’s got woke and caved to the anti-gun crowd…I have not entered any of their stores and I never will again….I pass by 2 of them everyday on my way to and from work…most days, their parking lots are near empty !

  32. Do better research. That $250 million was the estimate when they made the decision, not their actual losses. Their revenues recovered much faster than anticipated and are as healthy as ever. The CEO is a gun owner and gun rights supporter. Dick’s still sells shotguns and some rifles, just no combat weapons. They don’t support blindly selling assault rifles to kids who can’t legally buy a beer yet. A billion is a small price to pay to avoid facilitating the slaughter of innocents.

  33. you guys should just close your doors trust me it’s going to happen your sales are going down now not selling gun and ammo

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