A Couple Of New Year’s Resolutions That Are Really Worth Keeping

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  1. I made resolution many decades ago to never make another New Years resolution. I have kept that resolution.

  2. Shared the meme. Tonight’s entertainment here is Unforgiven one of my fav Eastwood movies. Keeping last year’s resolution not to watch the ball drop in dumbazz democRat nyc, Happy New Year!

  3. Every day I resolve to be less like the me I do not like and more like the me I do like. I am never sure as to what extent I am succeeding.

  4. Really want to shoot more this year. We’ll see how it works out, I have to keep from being staunchy about the ammo.

    I’m also working on getting builds done that I have started.

  5. I made a new new years resolution,,,,NO MATTER HOW BAD I WANT TO IN NOT GETTING MAD BECAUSE I LOST MY HOUSE KEYS, MY CAR KEYS ,MY MAIBOX KEY AND THE LAUNDRYMAT KEY…. what I am getting mad about is I lost half the jug of whiskey I bought an hour ago, I think it was an hour ago, maybe it was yesterday,,, I dint know,,, it couldn’t have been the day before yesterday because I was drinking vodka that day, I think, pretty sure it was vodka that day? Who the fck knows?
    Where in the hell did I lose them keys?

  6. An hour till midnight here in LA ( Lower Alabama) Thinking about pouring myself a glass of good single malt and toasting the new year. Also thinking about saying screw it and going to bed. We’ll see.
    I wish health, wealth and happiness to all here and to all of the non “Woke” people out there.
    Happy New Year to all and good riddence to 2022.

  7. Tomorrow will be like yesterday. Except tomorrow it will be today. And Tuesday’s gone with the wind.

  8. I have a resolution not to buy any more guns and just buy more ammo. Dammit, I need a Ruger ranch rifle in 7.62×39. There is also that S&W ar15 pistol That I keep telling myself I need for home defense. Darn!

  9. Never pushed a pink revolver on anyone……..bad enough my wife found out about various coatings in rose gold and similar tones for firearms she owns.

  10. I shot more handgun this year than any year before by a massive margin. I used to go a couple of times a year and plink but then they opened a range much closer to where I live. I joined the day they opened and have shot there nearly every single week. The only weeks I have not was from shooting trap for the entire weekend. I think this year my goal is to shoot even more trap than I did last year.

  11. Happy New Year to everyone. I don’t make resolutions anymore, since I never could follow through on them for whatever reason.

    Gracie, You Need A TEAL Gun, Not Pink! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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