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Last week our fearless leader called me up and asked me if I wanted to go represent TTAG at the Lucky Gunner Gunnie Awards in Knoxville, TN over Memorial Day Weekend. (Click here to vote for your favorite no-holds-barred firearms-focused website; you have until the end of Friday to do so.) TTAG’s been nominated in both Politics and Gear Reviews. “Roger that,” I said, figuring I’d go to the awards shindig, do a little schmoozing and report live from the red carpet. Turns out I was wrong about what the weekend would entail, but in the best possible way . . .

RF went on to explain to me that my affirmation to his request also meant I was going to Lucky Gunner’s annual blogger shoot: two days full of shooting class III’s like the Ma Deuce, the MG42, Browning 1919, H&K G3 and a German Pak38 Anti Tank Cannon. Classes on combat pistol and shotgun technique and more ammo then you can shake a stick at.

Then I got the registration info from the folks at Lucky Gunner and my jaw dropped. We were told to bring excellent ear protection because there will be tanks firing and we also would be firing a 12 lb Napoleon Field Howitzer at a minivan. Basically all my firearms related dreams were going to come true (I hate minivans.)

So while you’re enjoying your cookouts, camping trips or waterskiing excursions this Memorial Day, rest assured that this intrepid writer will be bringing you YouTubery and journalistic excellence of the large and fully automatic kind all weekend. Watch this space.

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  1. Why you lucky gunner (see how I did that?). If you could hear what I saying about you now, you’d triple up on that ear protection. Have fun for all of us.

    • You know as well as I that the participants could be naked and no one would notice very much. Heck, pick your favorite supermodel and let her walk naked through various tanks guns, machine guns, canons. She would probably get looked at a bit, but come on, scoping out a naked model versus scoping out and shooting a Ma Deuce?

      Speaking for myself, the Ma Deuce wins hands down.

      • Haha, Blake, the ma deuce would definitely win (and in no way was this answer influenced by the Mrs. Finn 😉 )


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