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FNH USA has been working on an experimental “personal defense weapon” version of the SCAR, and was showing it off at the NDIA symposium this week. With a little help from David Crane at Defense Review (who also doubled as cameraman for this video) I was able to fire off a couple shots. What did I think? Well, it’s uncomfortable to hold, pretty hard to control, and felt like there were some gasses escaping the back of theĀ receiverĀ and hitting my cheek. But for close quarters combat it seems pretty useful. David has a really good write up of the gun on his website.

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    • Yep, 5.56.

      Given the distance it’s designed to be effective at I’d expect it would still be lethal. I’d still stick with a 16″ M4 or a pistol.

      • Does the round burn off all of the powder in the barrel or does it have a muzzle flash like a 10 inch Mosin?

        • The round comes nowhere near burning off all the powder. Remember, the 5.56x45mm NATO round was originally designed to have a luxurious 20 inches of barrel to combust all of its powder, and this gun is cutting it off at around six and a half. While some USGI ammo may be optimized for the 10.5″ M4, I doubt anything is designed to completely combust in this small space.

          There was a rather large muzzle flash at the end of the video, but that was about it. The flash suppressor did a really good job of… um… suppressing the flash.

  1. Nice scoop man. Judging by your grin I’m guessing you weren’t kidding about the “giggle switches”

    • Defense Review and us are the only people I’ve ever seen post video of it. And DR posted theirs well after we posted ours. How do I know? Because I took their video for them, and was still transferring it to their server long after I had posted ours on YouTube.

      Nice guy, that David Crane.

  2. I think an impersonally offensive weapon would be even better. All seriousness aside, what caliber is it?

  3. I didn’t like the SCAR. In my heart, the M4 is always going to be the best. *Abnormally wide smile*.

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