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Our man Zimmerman has pointed this out before: don’t “plink” into, in front of or over a body of standing water. The rounds can skip off the surface and go in a radically different direction than the one intended. Anyway, kudos to FPSRussia for wearing eye and ear protection—outdoors! BTW: the most recent video on the FPSRussia channel has our pseudo-Slav playing paintball. And there I was ready for him to demo a backpack nuke. And FYI: I specifically instructed Foghorn not to use his fake Serbo-Croatian accent to narrate his grenade-launching videos (to follow).

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  1. People hate on this guy so much, and I agree he is a bit of an idiot…

    But I’m just jealous of the toys he gets to play with.

  2. The FPSRussia mystery deepens, and proves my suspicions wrong yet again. We’re not wrong about him not actually being Russian (I’m pretty confident Russians don’t say “fire in the hole”) but he’s clearly not just a tosser with a camera phone, a bad accent, and a Romanian AK.

  3. I wonder if you have to take out a new mortgage every time you want to fire that thing? Ammunition cost must be outrageous.

  4. What I want to know is how long until FPSRussia has a show on the Discovery Channel?

  5. Wasn’t that muzzle elevating during the burst that started at about 2 min 20 sec? What was beyond that impact area? How far do those rounds travel?

  6. As I recall from my (long ago) service, 40mm has about a 3,500 yard effective range and a 4,250 yard actual range.

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